Is China the most RACIST country in the world?

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Is China the most RACIST country in the world?

is China the most racist country in the world racism it’s a word that many are afraid of it’s a powerful word that’s often used to assert dominance over people wielded incorrectly as a weapon by the weak of character to win unwinnable arguments and to besmirch the character of people they dislike or are afraid of let’s get one thing straight real racism is nasty and I know what real racism is I grew up in South Africa during the abolishment of apartheid and I witnessed some of the most savage acts of violence death and inhumanity possible inflicted on both sides of the struggle I’m not talking about petty perceived discrimination name-calling or entitlement here I’m talking about necklacing setting people on fire stoning of pregnant women bombing of train stations and public places revenge attacks against the innocent and random violence against people based solely on the color of their skin I have been exposed to racism and discrimination my entire life and I can cut through the shit and know how to separate a real racism from the now very common bullshit outrage culture of you said something which hurt someone’s feelings style of racism and I’m talking about the white people getting offended on behalf of other random races and other races getting you know offended on behalf of some other races that kind of thing that’s what we’re seeing a lot of these days after leaving South Africa I thought that I would no longer have to deal with a society riddled with hate and discrimination I was however incredibly shocked when moving to China to see just how blatantly open racism was and I’m going to give you a couple of examples it shocked me because I was used to having to walk on eggshells when discussing the topic of race but in China it’s just something that’s out there in the open so for instance when introducing myself to Chinese people I would be asked where I’m from actually I’d usually be told you’re from X Y Z they would say things like Nisha Alice order or Jamaica and my you know that kind of thing which means are you Russian or you’re American aren’t you you know that kind of thing but when I would say that I was South African I would 100% of the time get a very confused but you’re not black response and you know after a lengthy explanation as to why I wasn’t black I’d usually get a good because black people are bad type of response I was very uncomfortable with this and unfortunately this was the attitude of the vast majority of people in mainland China and yes I said it the vast majority you see usually in cases of open racism like this you can always kind of say oh it’s only a few people you know it’s a couple of bad eggs that have this kind of idea the outliers you know and that way you can kind of exclude an entire group of people from being bad or having a bad trait because it’s only a few nasty ones however in this case this kind of discrimination this kind of open discrimination specifically against black people and Indian people and we’ll get into some of the others later is actually the vast majority of mainland Chinese people and I’m saying 99% of all Chinese people that I spoke to from all different walks of life would have something derogatory to say about black people when I mentioned that I was South African me being white meant that I was the kind of foreigner that they liked and almost immediately I be told how other races are inferior and they have all sorts of things are quite common to here in China like Oh Indian people smell bad black people are scary and look like this etc etc the fact of the matter is though I would still receive discrimination now I’ve mentioned it before a lot of it was positive discrimination because I was a white foreigner I would be invited to people’s tables invited to drink for free I’d be given special attention this however is not something that I was looking for and not something that I enjoyed especially after a while it starts to grate and it leads to situations where you can’t even have a meal peacefully with your wife at a restaurant being accosted by a shirtless man trying to kiss you now the reason I talk about all of this is because I would like to talk about the current signs and attitudes towards foreigners right now in mainland China there’s always been discrimination and like I said though it can be positive discrimination but a very tried-and-true tactic used by the Communist Party of China is that whenever they make a mistake they will lay the blame solely on the shoulders of foreigners it’s something that’s been

going on for centuries and if you read up about the Boxer Rebellion you’ll see it was started in a very similar way basically when there’s a problem domestically in China the easiest way to deflect the anger of the local populace is to point fingers at someone else so what happens in a crisis like this well the CCP made a huge mistake and really bungled and mishandled the whole thing in the beginning when it comes to the coronavirus the Wuhan coronavirus so what do they do easy they start to plant little seeds of doubt and they start to plant these little conspiracy theories about Oh guess what it probably came from America and when they don’t blatantly plant these seeds they secretly fan the flames of these conspiracies by not taking down these posts by not doing anything about them allowing them to spread and remember this is a government that will immediately purge the Internet of any kind of conspiracy or bad talk about the Communist Party of China or China however when there’s things going viral with millions and millions of views saying that oh the virus probably came from America it gets left alone it gets shared and it gets allowed to just grow out of proportion and that’s what they secretly want to happen you see what happens is when the government allows this kind of rhetoric to grow and these ideas and these conspiracy theories and especially now that they’re saying that they’ve eradicated the virus and all the new cases of the virus are in quotation marks imported cases foreigners bringing the virus back into China what they fail to mention is that nine 89% of those so-called imported cases are actually Chinese nationals returning to China running to China because China is now being seen as the safe place to go that’s another thing that they keep telling everyone hey the rest of the world is now completely infected come back to China where the only safe place in the world so of course a lot of Chinese nationals around the world are believing this 100% and they hop on a plane and they fly back to China this so-called safe haven bringing infections along with them so now what’s happening is businesses and public facilities many places are not actually allowing foreigners to enter the premises or to use their facilities which is absolute nonsense because unfortunately the majority of the foreigners who are now victim to this discrimination are actually foreigners who didn’t leave China in the first place these are the guys who’s stuck it through when China was going through the tough times these are the foreigners that say do you know what China I’ve got your back I’m gonna stay here you know we’re in this together and they sat through the quarantine and they did everything that they were told and now they’re being told sorry it doesn’t matter even if you have a clean bill of health even if you have your little Star of David QR code that proves that you’re a healthy and non sick foreigner you’re not allowed into a karaoke hey what can we go in why cannot why can’t we go in you’re not allowed into our supermarket you’re not allowed into our hairdresser you know our barber shop my family is inside eating lunch because they are Chinese they can eat at time I need to say outside because of a poor ignorant see maybe one give me a bowl first I was sitting outside next to the trash because they didn’t let me inside but now they do give me a chair outside I can sit so my husband is giving me food thank you sorry but you’re just not allowed into our restaurant you’re a foreigner you get to sit outside your Chinese husband and Chinese child can sit inside the restaurant but you because you’re a foreign I have to sit outside your family can bring you a little dog bowl of food you know this is stuff that’s happening right now you’re getting banners put up where they are encouraging the spread of the virus in America and Japan this banner which I posted on my Instagram you know last week says we are we warmly congratulate the spread of the virus in America and may it last for a very very long time in Japan these kind of racist openly racist things no foreigners allowed posters on businesses hotels saying even through official tweets that they’ve been given a mandate from the government not to

allow foreigners from different countries regardless of their medical history to stay you need to wake up as someone who knows what real racism is this is real racism you’re not Chinese you’re not allowed so let me put this into perspective for you if you are a returning Chinese citizen who has been in Italy or has been in the United States or any of the current hot spots where the virus is spreading you go back you said three or 14-day quarantine and then you can go into a restaurant or you can go into a hotel however a foreigner who didn’t leave China sat through the quarantine has a clean bill of health has this little cure code and everything he may not enter that same restaurant or that same hotel because they say no one from the USA who has a u.s. a nationality or 21 other countries is allowed to enter our hotel this is nothing more than blatant racism and discrimination if we were to put up a sign saying no Chinese allowed no blacks allowed no White’s allowed no Indians allowed no anything allowed on a restaurant or a hotel or a barber shop pretty much anywhere in the world the entire collective Western civilization would have an aneurysm that particular place would receive so much crap it would be shut down people would be out in the streets protesting you know people would get arrested people would lose their jobs you know how it goes and we do see this kind of reaction to even minor incidents of perceived racism around the world so why is it that in China they can blatantly say no foreigners allowed and that means you anyone who’s not Chinese why is it that we accept this why are we not calling them out why is it that we’re constantly being told that it’s actually the poor Chinese people around the world who are suffering from discrimination at the moment and racism I’m going to tell you why because the Chinese Communist Party wants it to be this way the Chinese Communist Party will punch you and at the same time cry out why are you punching me look at what they’ve done with this entire crisis they unleashed this virus on the world and make no mistake it is China’s fault the Chinese Communist Party I should say and again when I say China I mean the government so please I’m never directing my anger or any of my criticisms towards Chinese people in general because usually the bad behavior that’s put forth by the Chinese people is their only because it’s been directed or allowed to happen by Chinese society which is directly under control of the Chinese government so they unleashed this virus on the world by number one keeping it under wraps destroying evidence silencing whistleblowers fudging the numbers bending the arm of the w-h-o to say that it wasn’t a big thing don’t stop trade don’t stop flights when countries were starting to talk about banning flights coming in from China’s screaming racism and discrimination the same thing that they themselves have been doing of course so they unleash this virus in the world and what do they do look at them now they’re blaming the rest of the world for bringing the virus back into China they’re trying to promote conspiracy theories that it is in fact America that created this virus and so once again they accuse others of doing what they are very blatantly and out in the open doing so yes they’re discriminating against foreigners they’re being xenophobic and racist but what do they do they cry racism as if every Chinese person around the world is suddenly being discriminated against which by the way is a bunch of bollocks I’m not going to downplay these incidents of racism that some Asians have been experiencing around the globe but I’m going to point one very very special and poignant thing out these acts of racism towards Asians around the world are not condoned by society as a whole when you hear about people being called names in America because they’re of Asian descent and it makes them feel uncomfortable what happens the entire mainstream media erupts condemning this society as a whole condemns it I don’t know anyone who agrees with this

being a good thing if someone has been racially abused spat at sworn at anything like that everybody myself included condemns whichever jerk has gone out and done that this is the big difference is that when there’s discrimination and racism in China it is condoned it is tacitly approved by the government because nothing is done about it these restaurants these hotels these supermarkets are actively told by the government’s not to let foreigners in and we know this because we’ve seen actual mandates here is an example of a hotel that was told by the government that they’re not to allow people of different certain nationalities and they have a list to stay there regardless of whether or not they have a clean bill of health regardless of whether they’ve been tested negative and gone through quarantine they’re still not allowed to stay and that’s the big difference so while you get people on the internet now constantly crying racism and xenophobia because they’ve been some racial incidences against Asians in America and various other places what they fail to mention is that nobody is supporting them those attacks nobody is saying that those attacks are good or should be certainly aren’t any government’s going out there and saying yes you should have a racial bias against people of Asian descent however in China the government is saying you should exclude foreigners from these facilities yes foreigners are the ones bringing the virus back in society as a whole is actually encouraging these people putting these signs up because nobody says anything in Chinese society the way things work is people do not like confrontation and to be honest because of the rhetoric from the government I’m sure that most people think it’s safer not to allow foreigners into bars and restaurants and things anyway so they’re probably quite happy about it so you’ve got a society that’s condoning the Sena fobian racism and you’ve got a government that is allowing it to continue and allowing these biases to be put forth and allowing the xenophobia and this racism and you know how they’re allowing it is because they’re not putting a stop to it and we all know that the Chinese government has the power to put a stop to anything I’ve seen it with my own eyes countless times if they decide that they’re going to be no street vendors this week they will put a stop to the street vendors this week they will go out and clean up the streets if they decide businesses are not allowed to be racist and xenophobic against foreigners they will stop businesses from being racist and xenophobic against foreigners so once again to make it clear the difference between these acts of racial discrimination that we’ve been seeing in the Western world against Asians compared to these acts of racial discrimination we’re seeing against foreigners of all different ethnicities other than Chinese of course in China the difference is that one is condoned by both the state and society and actively encouraged and the other is condemned by society as a whole and looked down upon now let’s not fall into the trap of hatred here being the target of racial discrimination and racism is one of the most dehumanizing things that can ever happen to a person I’ve had to deal with it my entire life in one form or the other in fact even in my adult years I still deal with it all that all the time people say well you’re a white South African so you must be racist it must be a part of you now if that’s not a form of racial discrimination I don’t know what is what if I was a Chinese South African would people say the same thing to me or if I was an Indian South African I’d say not that is in itself the definition of racism I got over it a long time ago because sometimes you just have to deal with the fact that the majority of the world is ignorant to your own experiences and they will judge you based on the color of your skin and your nationality what we don’t want to do here is we don’t want to get into a situation where we allow this kind of state and society condoned racism to flourish we cannot sit back and accept it we have to hold the Chinese Communist Party to task they must clean their own house before they go out screaming and shouting racism right now I firmly believe that China out of all the countries I’ve ever lived in is the only country that openly condones racism and as such I will call it the most racist country in the world