Sen. Stern: Town Hall (9/10/20)

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Sen. Stern: Town Hall (9/10/20)

Are. I’m welcome back. This

Thursday afternoon thanks for

joining us Henry Stern. Some of your state senators who may be tuning in we were important discussion here today and I really want to thank. Danielle in particular- with the impending resource center for Pushing us to really reach out to communities that I don’t think often get enough hands on treatment and enough attention in how we do. That we do our urgency planning and those of you been going through notches these wildfires but also with the power shut offs in the sort of greedy issues is still seated both with. Extreme heat events going on Ben the wildfires burning toward backyard and then some of the preemptive measures that so in California Edison is somewhere in the utilities had to take to actually shut off. Parts of the greed. More fires. You can you can I’m sure how- disruptive and potentially. A life altering can be just for people in their normal lives but if you have a life for you depends on power for your actual health and safety- if you have a quip instead. Allows you to be mobile it your greeting is and in almost. Our system being up- if your medicine is dependent on that refrigeration this becomes a life and death issue very quickly so I’m really honored today at Sirius doers are on this is the only. Who are trying to proactively Solve this challenge that. I hate to say it but it isn’t going away- I think that D ease their risk factors that we’re facing. In this year of climate change. They can be minimized the risk can be minimized we can mitigate and a lot of today’s gonna be about getting you tools. To make yourself and your life is resilient so you don’t get the short end of the stick and you don’t get hurt through this I don’t think that the underlying conditions are. Are gonna go away- and I know that our supervisor here who’s co hosted an event with me here today supervisor is keen. Aware that There’s been. Leading in for way too many seasons now going through crisis after crisis- along with the rise of parks and we have Michael powers on our trusted trusted CEO of Ventura county here- as well as get you some some sort of lead people from his team on emergency services that we Patrick Maine arts on and then Danielle Anderson’s- Daniel entertainers with. I. R. C. and- really helped us do a lot outrage but is being a huge resource not just to the client she service but also legislature. Bring us- started director work and then last but not least I Rudy Gonzales joined us from so in California

Edison who’s got. I just portable in managing the greed and preventing more fires but also in some of the solutions that we’re gonna be talking about today- some of the self generation that we want people to be taking more advantage of- helping people understand the risks around state backup power in different choices they’re gonna have to make. And the notification process and we want to really keep improving on I will say very briefly- we’ve been through a few advanced. Over the last week or so and- I there’s a- there Very wide swaths of notification given throughout our Ventura county sort of north LA county region. I really appreciated that proactive notification to get people ready. In the end we there have been I had to be a wide number of those sort of power shut offs and we called in P. S. P. S. you’ll learn more about it today. But but less degree days been. It spot for many people not just for that reason but also because of. Our failure to balance power properly at the state level we frankly just need to procure more- in my view but- but there’s a there’s a number of issues facing us luckily we haven’t had anyone in what we call our medical baseline community impacted through these most recent P. S. P. S incidents. So that’s a positive piece of news but- we know that the anxiety it causes and you try to play in your life for a life without power is very disempowering so hopefully the next hour or so is something that is. In power are you and- and we know we’ve got a lot more work to do G. so we’ll get into more details but I wanted to. Just check it off- hi handing over to surprise our parts and- let you. Yes you’ve been through. I don’t know how many now catastrophic wildfires- season after season ends trying to. Read cleaner and more resilient three work also- your clean power alliance so Linda thank you for just being there for us and I don’t want to think about missing you yet. I’m not ready to. Do that so we just need you leading Joel the very end. Thanks guys Thank you senator Stern the I want to get them bang of my last. Thank here on the border super. I you what you said is so true I’ve been Terry county particularly has been through so much we have and so. The worst fire in the state’s history at one point. Which has been surpassed right because there are so many wildfires. I want to thank Danny and for putting this together she’s done a wonderful job and you know we started planning this Like way back last year. And here we are. Having this forum at the same time that we are experiencing M. T. S. P. S. as you know so it’s very timely- you look outside your window and you can see it you can smell it we are. Really in fire season now. And while we have the as discomfort yes yes certainly and to some people it is. It affects them a lot worse than other people on. We also have the situation where you can have the APS yes. The power shut off in an emergency. And that to me is where we really need to step up our game and I’m really glad that we have Patrick Maynard here also and he’s the head of our office of emergency services. And Mike powers it. Just it. I’ll be able to. Real you know we may to make sure that in the worst circumstance and- and that can be fires and the same thing as a power shut off. At the same time and- you’ve got called it And so there’s that whole complication and the smoke makes it worse for people who could potentially get code so there’s a lot of things coming together that really we need to do our share and do the best we can. Critically for vulnerable populations so I’m really delighted that we have this opportunity to discuss what we can do together. Government private sector as well as those individuals who who are out there going look I want to be prepared what can I do what do you recommend and I’m hoping with this session that you’ll get some good take away is that you will be able to use. And be better prepared because as a senator said it’s not you know yeah but when and- unfortunately we are in a situation now we’re doing all

we can to avoid fires. But the chances of that happening are great and the potential for a PSP S. as we know it’s already happening so we need to do all we can’t it be great to end these P. SPSS and I know the Senate and I would like to see a better policy out there because of all the things you can do. To avoid a fiery shouldn’t be shut off all the electricity in on there should be something better that we can do- that’s kind of a another discussion but I know. There is a reality here we need to face it and I’m really delighted that we have the opportunity today to talk about this and see what we can do to make it- so that we will be safer in the end when these situations occur. Thank you Danny for putting this together. You’re here and D. any before jump. I was gonna send it over to for a brief overview from- from my powers if that’s alright. Hi my kick us off here. Would you mind Mike just giving us an overview from- just accounting perspectives. How you guys are approaching sure. Right she was. Great it what. Yeah yeah I was just I was as you’re both senator and supervisor that you know we’re preparing for disaster while we’re preparing for the potential of PS because to be Senate prevent another disaster during another pandemic disaster so layer by layer but that’s okay right we’re a resilient community and this is when we show our strength and our compassion for one another and- and thank you senator and supervisor for hosting this event and Andy as you say. What a difference one person can make just your positive a warm spirit it’s from it is making such a difference bring all this together. And that’s what we need in these times because it is about preparation September is disaster preparedness month and so we know what a perfect time to host this this conference because yeah there’s so. Many moving parts when there’s a disaster. Rations U you don’t to be tried. Figure out how to- deal with situations at the last minute when you’re scrambling Preparation is the key and so it’s great to have a conference like this it’s super timely You know and that’s our community to we come together This is a perfect example partnering with- with Edison was Rudy with independent living with community organizations. To make raise awareness about the medical baseline program. Sure there’s a lot of people who don’t know what it is how it works I don’t know all of the different elements. Of what it means. But just having in a lifesaving medical equipment at home- is critical said that you’re on that list of people signed up but also in terms of notifications. And all the other impacts to go along with it. It’s important to have this to raise awareness to plan better. After all of the best and you’ve outlined them well senators and survivors that we had here- you know what it one of the things that we do a lot of M. is after action reports too because we like to look at what your strengths what we’ve done well do some things really well but we’re also open to Say Hey you know what we could have done this better. And this is one of those opportunities where we embrace continuous improvement and- let’s take advantage of these situations and try to make. Ourselves better and safer and- particularly for vulnerable populations- and so just to settle. A baseline to yes so we have something in the county that people might not realize call the emergency planning council. And this is a pretty unique thing to happen is actually it’s got the chair of our board of supervisors that sits on it. I’ve also got a share of fire. Leadership Irma’s core intact it’s- community base on. That base you name into. Do justice coordinate. Plan strategy in advance so that when disasters happen we’re ready and we’re coordinated and we’re very pleased that- there’s actually a disaster and an extremely detailed and functional needs subcommittee of that EPC. And that’s a robust committee that’s actually doing a lot of strategy and improve planning right now they had two hundred and fifty applicants for this committee I think we have fifty five members on the on the subcommittee- and so there’s a lot of great planning going on as we speak- but it’s things like. You’re the assessment of the meat- you know is everybody signed up how many. Of the Beth and community are the community Making sure we assessed need Alert warning system suite doing a lot in terms of it would be C. alert texting and all those good things- but also sometimes it comes under the human resource of. Yes I was going to meetings or aren’t sure of so what going door to door you have to go multiple tiers. And that’s what we do but there. There’s even other ways of. Improving those warning system but I know we’re working on evacuation plans transportation. And shelter. So critical. I was folks are sheltering making sure that we have all the resources there For everyone in our computer you know in our community especially the most vulnerable so- it’s just a ties and it dovetails perfectly with the kind of efforts that were engaged in and I think with our community. It comes together to prepare and- yes it did does It gives you peace of mind and

comfort and that’s good. But it could also be lifesaving. So thank you again everybody in that for hosting this and for your your great partnership Thank you Mike thanks for leading us and being a steady Hannah Taylor here thank you supervisor I think you get the next honor by. Should I begin my presentation and what day on yeah. I yeah. Robert as Mike was talking we realised adventure county because we have had so much experience with disasters are getting kind of good other counties look to us because we’ve had those experiences we’ve done after action reports well we’re always looking at continuous improvement we do have a pretty robust system unfortunately because we had to right- and I just begin I know I have some slides I don’t know if we can get them up but I am. We are certainly seeing a lot more wild fires and I bring up wildfires because of that is the basis for the PS yes this is to pre vent of those electric bills overhead electricity lines from- igniting a fire so they- it the operator in here at Sam’s southern California Edison and they will turn off the power to avoid the electricity overhead electricity lines from starting fires. And as a side says that fifteen of the twenty most wildfires. In California. Have a great Jeff Steve. With ten Of them just while. Occurring just since twenty fifteen so you just see the wild fires are getting worse. And now as it says fire season is basically year round. And we’re finding that a quarter of the California’s population live in high fire risk areas in Ventura county we have a lot of our lands in these high fire and a very high fire risk areas and we need to work as a county to ensure that. We don’t. Put development out in these areas which and then also because fire so there’s things we need to do and the developments that do go in these high fire hazard areas should be the most fire hardened the buildings that you can do four point two million wooden utility poles. Over two hundred thousand miles of power lines this is what we have and this is our infrastructure lots of wooden poles. Millions of wooden calls hundreds of thousands of miles of these power lines so lots of opportunities for fighters to become ignited when you have these for example Santa Ana winds. And it into these devastating fires you know- our a lot there are a lot of things that because often times we see them dig it being ignited near freeways for example cars backfiring or throwing a cigarette out the window of but in the end of the worst that we have is the fact that people can actually die and that’s the worst that can happen so I’m well we have lots of property and that I realized from being evacuated myself during the- the will C. fire. I came to the realization that yeah my house could go but the most important thing our people’s lives and so even are you know our firefighters are out there doing all they can to protect property. But first priority among us all is to ensure. That people’s lives are protected and billions of dollars in property damage have occurred just over the last decade or so because of these fires and then next slide. Knowing that we have these high fire risks and we also realize that. And there is things that we all need to do the L. we have a rickety here Gonzales with southern California Edison who can talk about the things that Edison is doing to try to prevent fires There’s a state law and to reduce wildfire risk and the- California public utilities commission requires that electric utilities like Edison Develop mitigation plans wildfire mitigation plans and these are road maps to systematically reduce. Over the next decade the potential for fire. But one of the key strategies while they you know vegetation management is important really important you

don’t want to have these lines follow near vegetation that’s dry and start a fire- there also as he’ll talk about doing things in the system so those cables are insulated and you know if they follow. The may not start a fire sh but what they have relied upon is this de energizing the system. And that- they are basic yes yes does your your power shut offs and- it said very- it’s less expensive I think over all for Anderson to do that and it’s relied on- more than I would like to see at. It’s unfortunate we ever have to have PSP esses- if you go to the next slide. But we also know that by starting off the power you have reduced the risk and that and that’s really important and we want to ensure that we don’t have wildfires Starting I’m when show off the power. What are the- and I we were a earlier the M. of under the extra vulnerable populations understanding how important it is to save lives and we know that some people have critical medical devices at their homes but even some people are particularly sensitive to heat and they have to have air conditioning. So turning out that power it I’m expecting and your you know if you are heat sensitive you need to make sure that you as a Mike houses saying sign up for that medical baseline because that qualifies to. Hospitals I think- initially we act at a hospital that was I’m going to be impacted by a P. S. P. S. I know that we make sure that we have generators at hospitals but that is such a critical facility can you imagine what could happen if you’re Electricity goes off in a hospital. And also our fire stations. Water pumps we seize you know there’s no electricity you can’t pump water. And if that was your whole back up is that you were going to use the electricity to pump water to put out a fire. A lot of people are going to generators M. but still I’m that is an and it has its own issues to. Gas stations right if there’s no electricity how D. a pump gas at a gas. How can you get gas so that’s you know that’s for example one thing that we know you could do. You know that there’s going to be a PS yes make sure you have a full tank of gas Grocery stores you know C can’t rely on being able to go to a grocery store- and communications that is something we found to be one of the most at. Aspects of our emerging system. Is that if you can’t communicate that the fire is coming. If you can’t get that notification. That is a huge problem and so we have found that broadband can get knocked out our phones can get knocked out so again I know this state is working and I’m sure we’ll hear some more about that how important that is to be able to get that notification. That is key to saving lives. I we also saw traffic signals go out and again you can have a PS PS but when you have it during an emergency like having to evacuate and the traffic signals are out and makes it really difficult to evacuate large amounts of cars people it’s don’t have your traffic signals working so again. This is something our local governments also have to work on to make sure that we aren’t in that situation where we lose that power when we need it particularly in areas that need to be evacuated. You have to think to those areas that need to be. Is that how the wind and the fire so there is more likely having it PS PS in those areas where you need to evacuate so. Lots of planning needs to be done in advance as Mike Harris said preparation is key. So some of the recommendations and will I know we’ll hear more but some that I’m I put together like I said still up your car with gas in advance. One reason also is because if you’re going to evacuate. You may have to go to evacuation center. And because of coded we can’t have large gatherings in our evacuation center so you may have to stay in your car a little longer you want that nine you want to make sure that you have the ability to have that car working and running for you and you may have to go to a different evacuation centers such the all that is really important- and I know at no time Morrell can now it is so important to have that- evacuation kit your

emergency kit put together really need to have that because- particularly with code you want to make sure that. You have the ability to have your own food supply your own water make sure of course you’ve got your medications and all of that but I’m just these additional complications that were seen and specific to coded- and that that’s one reason why we really have to make sure we have our own each individual has their own emergency kit and that’s ready to go- I was reading the article in the paper I think it was two days ago and it’s by the head this quote that I took You go to the next slide is from the president of the California independent system operator they. Are the or- that basically you put the power into our bread. And his quote was if you’re in going to if you’re going to have these continued heat waves. You’re going to have Lara these outages so again not only do you have the wildfire aspect we are now facing these tremendous heat waves. Which as senator Stern said it’s going to unfortunately continue. More than likely get worse so we’re gonna have these heat waves you’re going to have more of these additives and that is the problem with the system that we have in place so we need to have a better more resilient system and I know senator Stern I myself have been really strong proponents. Of looking at clean energy solutions add to avoid- having these situations you need to have that back at and it’s not necessarily a diesel generator which actually is terrible for our air quality. And you would be absolutely amazed to know how many diesel generators are out there. Just hundreds and hundreds of them in our county near schools these are huge industrial ones- to run power plants and others there’s just a lot of diesel generators that can. All the stands IBM released from restrictions of air pollution so in addition to all these other things you’re going to have worse air quality so having a more resilient grid and being able to have battery storage- and those kind of Abilities is really going in the future make this- and easier those still difficult time I loved it when Danny came to my office- she was talking about a great program they have there it with the independent living resource center which I’m sure she can talk about the idea that we can. Loan out and these corded power supplies and now I believe the state is actually quite understand to provide these portable power supplies to people in their program you are signed up because of medical need. And those- portable power supplies can be real lifesavers and they can be electric. Which I wonder if and I hope that. When you have the opportunity to get a I’m essentially a power supply If you in any way didn’t without making it D. is which is. For greeting. We will all be better off and this last flight as was mentioned and I think we’re all very much going to point this out a lot and you need to sign up for VC alert in Ventura county you will get a call. And that’s so important and then there’s other other ways of getting that information to you to but signing up for VC alert and I agree with the registration information up there. You visit W. W. W. dot DC alert .org However you can call eight oh five six four eight. Nine two eight three. And that gets you into our counties. I will make sure and give you a call whenever there is an emergency You’re also at the medical baseline registration which I hope will will definitely emphasized to hear. But you can just visit W. W. W. dot S. T E. dot com or call. One eight hundred six five. Four five five five. And I’ll tell you everyone who needs to be and medical Bates register. In the medical baseline program. Is it At you need to register you need to be in this program because it is going to be a real lifesaver to have that benefit so I’m gonna pass this on now- I appreciate the opportunity to hear from everyone I look forward to

hearing questions to of what people have and- so at C. I think our now I turn it back over to. Senator Stern is that right. Okay good sure okay Thank you for the presentation sobering L. a lot of read very resource rich I did want to give a shout out by the way to all of our attendees online- waiting area Jean. Read everyone is jumping in and commenting Janet Rachel I we will get there are your comment there’s been a lot of questions raised in- Rudy I’m gonna let you- go next and give us. An overview of the editing perspective but there’ve been a bunch of questions already about. Some didn’t some is portable generator options help people get access to that- how to get more permanent generation solutions to what self generation option people have- and there’s a there’s a few more certain guys keep your comments coming that we will get some. But everybody you wanna you wanna take it from here. Well thank you senator Bridget. And I do appreciate the opportunity to share information tonight. With the attendees- we you don’t want to capitalize and on every out. To get information out there to the communities. A lot of concern. I I’ve I’ve been with the company for going on Thirty eight years now and I can tell you by far the last Last couple of years have been among my most challenging and so- I’m looking forward to a work continuing our work and I partners. With your office and with the county and with the office of emergency services. I go to the next slide please. So just. To provide particles mentioning there are many things we can do as individuals to. Ensure that we’re prepared for any emergency that that might come up. On the left hand side you’ll see that we’re looking at creating a defensible space around your home to make your home. More more hardened against the possibility of. Fires at also Your you’re your family or the possibility of having to evacuate. I am is qi. M. we want to make sure that folks under that you know it’s not only a public safety power set up it could be any one of a number of disasters. Because a family they have to pack up and leave at a moment’s notice I yeah my family just like supervisor park said you’re backing away during the rules require so- we all we all know too well. That they need to be prepared and that you have to leave at a moment’s notice I’m not not for a minute. I think that might when the fire started back. Up in the Chatsworth area that it would you know run his way through our area and all the way to go so and it was a real. Eye opener for us- again you know but we are. Reiterated that those need to have a supply kit and you have supplies ready and available in the M. S. they have to vacate their homes That’s life. This study shows Just you. Barger same that the bottom. Of our C. your- it located with. A high fire rate Area we Stern us hello. Edison shares that area of about fifty thousand square miles. And just about 45% of it is considered high fire risk area. You can see on the map. It’s quite an area we- I sign. So many measures that were conducting in order to be prepared and you address the issue of Wednesday and catastrophic weather is he in situational awareness we do that through a couple of means one is through- installing weather stations throughout our service territory. We not only rely on information from the National Weather Service weather stations but we’ve install our own network of weather stations and we expect to have about eight hundred fifty eight of our own weather stations installed on our equipment in those particular areas where we know they’re susceptible to high winds so that we have a very granular data. When we’re making the decision as to whether or not Howard you certain areas. In addition we are. Is playing do Sixty one wildfire cameras that will give us about 90% Visual at the on the high fire risk area and the information for

both the weather stations and the wildfire cameras are both publicly available and you go to B. S. C. dot com website and get the link for the camera Visuals from cameras as well as data from the weather stations are supervisor price mentioned that we’re doing a lot of work in the area of hardening our system to make it more resilient to. Jim Owens that we’re experiencing. We are looking to install upwards of twelve hundred miles of coverage conductor in the hi fi highest fire risk areas in our service territory and by the end of this year will have well over two thousand miles insulated wires our system and we’re going to continue the aggressive installation of insulated wires because we know that. Especially those high fire risk areas is the vegetation and debris blowing into our lines that causes a great rest and we can eliminate that rest we can potentially minimize the need for public safety power shut offs in those areas. Over the years we- in the incident management system- Jeff is a county does and so whenever we have the potential for. A widespread demand we have a crew- folks you are part of that incident management team will report. Out to you our emergency operations center I serve as an agency rep in that system and if we had a widespread demand I would typically report to the county And provide information through My involvement you have C we’ve also increased and in our- on our still should that your is fire safe as possible we’ve- utilize both helicopters and drones and we know when folks see helicopters flying low and head. Yeah that causes great concern us before you realize it social media like next door Facebook to inform neighborhoods that were coming with our drones and your helicopters so yeah yeah. The residents are are aware of the kind of work that we’re doing in their neighborhoods in addition we’ve installed. What we refer to as fast acting fuses our system these are protective devices that are much more sensitive than they historically had banned show that yes a piece of. Or a degree or a piece vegetation you are lines the protective devices will trigger more quickly therefore minimizing the possibility of an arc or spark that could lead to a wildfire. Next slide please She is a supervisor mention we have a huge. Effort the area of Man and we’ve actually gone out and identified hazardous trees that we have been pointed for removal. And we always work with the property owner before we consider any removal of any tree and we offer those property owners the Opportunity to replace a free that could has a with that in a more a more tree that listed below are our power lines of you know we have twenty in house certified arborist we conduct well over a million tree tree inspections per year including a half a million in the high fire risk areas. And we prune close to three quarters of a million trees per year and we realize this is a very sensitive issue with property owners specially in those communities where they treasure their trees and so none of this is done. In a forceful manner we communicate with property owners ahead of any pruning and we work with them. And it’s only a last resort that may to that because eight eight removal of the tree yeah and that’s only as a result of a tree being identified as high hazard in the area. Next slide please This depicts a circuit that that’s a red community district circuit is a circuit that feeds me let’s suppose the state area in the Cameri L. location. And it was a- a very sensitive issue with us last year we continually took down the list sisterly hills. Senate way Country Club area because of

high winds along highway one eighteen in this particular area the substation the circuit originates. In an area on the corner of LA Avenue Balchem canyon and the traverse is down Los Angeles Avenue highway when eighteen westward. Towards the camera area and what we did is we would take down the entire circuit because because of the threat of the overhead lines that ran down the highway a G the residents in the last post is the state’s area sterling hills were wondering. Why is Mike Howard being taken offline all my all my disabilities are underground and so what we did is we came in and we identified areas where we could. The circuits so that we only took down the part of the circuit that was the highest rad and we were able to she- the underground portion of the sort of get up and running with ourselves. We’ve done a lot of evaluation all of our Stern yes do you determine where we can implement this type of the plan so that we can minimize the number of- customers who would be otherwise impacted. By a public safety power shut off and as a result of all that word. We Jack that will have about 30% of your customers impacted- in similar conditions last year. By public safety power shut off and our goal is to continue to have. And continue to work necessary be able to. Our there in two and to minimize the to our rest And our cash. Are less likely So public safety shut off what are they it’s a tool that utilities have in their pocket as a last resort. When conditions are are such that we can expect that debris whether it’s meditation or other debris. Flying into our our lines therefore causing Because ignoring parked could lay to a wildfire. We have methods of notifying people in affected areas both before during and after a de energized the energy adjacent about and I will go into those- into that communication process shortly This site please. Longer decision points that we utilize to determine whether we go forward with a public safety power shut off a red flag warnings however just because there is a red flag warning doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s going to be a public safety power shut off the van Is just one tool that we utilize we also have meteorologists on staff there at around the clock monitoring strong one when J. ditions in our service area we actually have a fire sciences that the on staff that completes the assessment of fire potential that includes consideration of whether individuals on the ground in a particular area. We send our our technicians out to various locations locations we know it’s the highest rest and they’re standing on the ground with handheld when monitors she would determine what the conditions are on the ground any more appointments hi before we make that decision to de energize the lines and among the considerations that we make when we do de energized our you know how does that impact first responders and essential services like hospitals. And traffic signals and how’s that going to impact the ability of a community to evacuate if they have to leave on a moment’s notice. Next slide please. This is line that. You’ll when what are were. Monitoring public safety shut off we did have an incident. This past yesterday more after. Where we had to de energize a section of the line- just north of Moorpark and as I mentioned rather than de energizing the entire circuit that we haven’t we de energized that’s just the- overhead. I just read or snow that circuit so as a result. We had we had In addition to the more park outage we had seven circuits throughout the Ventura county north LA county area that were impacted in only two hundred and fifty eight told customers were impacted. And that’s a result of the sectional icing that we’re doing. On the circuits as you complete the evaluations so as I mentioned our meteorologists are monitoring when conditions around the clock you start the

process of evaluating for potential yes yes four to seven days. Ahead of the process three days out if the conditions are tracking stocks that we expect that we’re gonna have to implement he asked he asked we’ll send a notification to local governments. Amarjit facials and transponders two days ahead of the- Exencial for P. S. P. S. we will send out a notification to all customers on the circuit that could be impacted. In that same notification it is repeated twenty four hours prior to attentional public safety power shut off and then if we have the opportunity to this is all dependent on the immediate conditions. Send out a notification just prior. To shutting down the power. Next slide please sure. Okay follow the you can of yes yes we actually go out and monitor or- instead our facilities before re energizing the lines and once we re energize alliance and the dish all final communications sent out to impacted customers. We have increased and enhanced the visibility of information on our PS PS website. Customers now have the opportunity to go online and check on the status of a potential yes yes- they can look at fire weather image and get public safety Powersoft information on the website. We have issues with- the volume of people getting online last year and we’ve increased the capacity of the website to handle that additional. Volume we have improved our maps and- we shared those maps with our local government agency partners so that. They have better better visual. Of the areas could be a by. ESPN we have- worked with local governments and nonprofit organizations. To identify. The illusion we can cite community resource centers and community crew vehicle. These the is That provide she a resident you my be able by almost a barbershop for extended of time And I some of the things that we provide at these resource centers in and the community through vehicles are Bob Belcher’s. For I used. Small charging at charging. Portable charging facilities hand out water snack so is something that we that we send out a communication ahead of time so folks know where they can go is there going to be impacted by a public safety power shut off and they can also get information regarding the latest status and published eighteen hours. At including Estimated restoration times That’s slide please. She yeah this is just the more information on the community resource that we provide again the community resource centers which are would typically be located at a community center or some other facilities. Great west provide water I just like a solar power USB Chargers and then other information I want to talk a little bit about some of the rebate programs that we have available for those particularly those vulnerable residents who might be impacted by public safety our shut off we have the self generation incentive program which is a rebate for a whole home energy storage system. We made a commitment to provide clean energy solutions and particularly in those low Income and disadvantaged communities. And in and we want customer. In high pro areas and just your support goal this self generation incentive program been modernized with enhanced incentives for low income customers and resiliency related wildfires and I encourage. Folks on the- program tonight you got it yes C. E. doc website to get additional information on the self generation incentive program we also have rebate programs for a small appliance and device battery backups. Of your existing website to get information on electric portable power stations that come with the fifty dollar rebate and these are these are a small our stations that are gonna break the bank the prices for the start at about a- little over a hundred dollars And they go as high as eighty three thousand dollars that you know you basically you’re looking for a device that will Help you operate a critical Piece of equipment that you

need to have well the out during published a- our C. in addition we have a- our Jim. Re for water because you dependent all well. And program I will provide a- of anywhere from to five hundred dollars depending upon your income qualifications and then. We also have a critical care- backup battery program that is completely free to customers if they meet certain qualifications and among the qualifications is they have to be identified. As a critical care customer if you’re Addison’s medical baseline program. And must be enrolled in either the one of the Jew low income. Rate program Edison offers chair or pharaoh. Then they must live in an area that’s- needed is a high fire risk area and this program provides but a portable backup battery as well as a solar panel. And it includes a technician to come out and install the facilities so if you think you might be the qualifications for that program I encourage you to. Go on to the S. C. dot com website and get additional. Information on that. Unless I was. I think there will one more so I don’t want I wanted to talk about it is reaching community and ensure that our communication Calls for- making notifications to those residents and local governments that could be impacted by public safety power shut off in addition to the normal communication means for those customers on medical baseline they will receive. A special call to insure that they’re aware that they could lose our therefore impacting on medical equipment and for those critical care customers should been identified we share this information with the county. If we’re not able to those customers personally through either a text message or a phone call we will actually send. One of our representatives to their joy Judge that there aware of the fact that should. Be without for sign up this last slide is just a- Robert. You’re going to go back on to the next slide this last flight is- the- wire for the critical care backup battery program that I mentioned just a moment ago so again I encourage. All or just read your you’re listening to this tonight and please share this information with your friends and anyone you think might be an eight and a boulder bold position. You go to S. C E. dot com slash outage is and- you should research on information. Regarding the- a rebate programs we have a for our- and that is as you all know- I’m always available. I don’t know that there’s many people that don’t have my cell phone number and I answered it at all hours of the day and night so. If there’s any questions that anyone may have I’m happy to sure that number is eight oh five. Four zero two four four zero three eight if we don’t get your questions answered tonight please me a call and I’m happy to. Do research and get an answer for you. Thank you. Thanks everybody and your brave man to save your save share your cellphone on live on I’ve been there before. But you have been working overtime and we appreciated I know we did have some follow up questions- but I want to first we will come back he is on. Exactly how to you have to wait for the events to sign up they for the great care by. Up program little more about it yeah. But I know we do have- Patrick Maynard waiting On deck here so maybe Patrick People have been asking is basically that the maps and understanding the circuit and- at that sort of broader approach that you guys are taking it off the merging the services so. Would you mind- step in and doing your presentation and then we’ll will pop back over to the chat and try to build. Some of these questions I know. I also. Our mayor Mike you in for Malibu joined. We’re gonna do a more tailored form I think with With that community- but we also had- exciting- but in the listening night being. Planning deputy pers brides are kewl over in the LA county thank we appreciate you guys- chime in here- but- Patrick if you’re ready take it away. Did you go good evening and that. Everyone for G. and big thank the Danny compilers you for working so hard to put this together just been a great partnership and how did you get to work with you. For those that don’t know me my name is Patrick Maynard of the director of the Ventura

county sheriff’s office of emergency services. You can go to the next slide B. that appreciate it. Thank you a little bit about our office we are the how many- emergency management agency it stocked full time with eight. Emergency management. Professionals that work on a variety of projects on the dated in the- when something big happens like a public safety car shopper brushed. Or each of those staff members jump into action the Bill- a number of key roles within our emergency operations center. One of our key functions in the office of emergency third Austin ridge de services. This actually operate the county emergency operations center. A little bit about our activation level- all day every day and we’re at a level three if nothing going on and not just include. The duty officer that’s available twenty four seven to monitor what’s going on county wide- most anything back. At a level to be bring intersection coordinators which are primarily are our goal time only a staff member at a level one during a large incident Will bring in upwards of thirty individuals to our emergency operations. Center to stop the number of D. section. Words supporting the response in in Very important to bring up is our emergency operations center is not there to command and control the response to an incident Beth actually done out. In the field at the scene of the incident we’re here to support them and help coordinate and bring the various agencies are. Involved in responding together and ensure that there’s good communication going on. Of course we coordinate with our state partners with you go back one blood by. Recording with our state partners of the hello yeah the there there are C contact. We of course coordinate with all ten Ventura county thirty. All public safety agencies. Local state and federal and many special districts and community based organizations and other non government organizations Thanks bye. Again Sir is that the primary of Courtney. During PS DS defense we work very well With that it then have a great really with them and I’m for We as to provide the park highlighted earlier we’ve become pretty good at this process just because they’ve been through it so much unfortunately. But what I kind of take you through the process of for us when it comes to PS PS in Ventura county and what that looks like in alternately what you can expect as D. you know the end user of this process. Jean it’s G. grandma so that begins this whole process with information that we receive from Edison. On the PS yeah. Right we look to the church who made the entire by knowledge to be a very detailed maps that show us. What circuits are impacted and those maps also have. Layers underneath and that shows critical infrastructure they show things like schools fire station- other types of critical infrastructure hospitals. You name it it’s all in there but once we do that analysis we’ve been. Began a notification process you heard really good television earlier that added to make the decisions. In addition to those that are notifications were actually making notifications as well we wanna make sure that. Anyone that may be impacted by it yet PFT meant As much time to plan and prepare for that. With that in mind we leverage our DC alert emergency notification system also talk a bit more. About the second. We leverage our website dedicated to disseminating emergency information which is the C. emergency dot com. The website is active all day every day in both English and Spanish. And we conduct the number of notifications the other jurisdictions special districts and- operators of critical. Infrastructure that slightly. On the map you see here in the something that actually. Earlier is Bates it out in the city of Pan Am all of the circuit name as cash And within that circuit you may see that blew in the middle of the agent at the hospital. So one of the things that I mentioned earlier we actually do is when we received notification of a potential PS PS we quickly analyze what’s within that circuit area. And make a determination as to the potential impact we communicate those impacts- not just to the impact. A staple about. A high In this case. We actually communicate backwards that though because I didn’t they hate. I realize there’s a danger in the area but you do realize that there is a hospital potentially impacted By a P. S. P. S. in the area so. We try to make sure that if they do you have to turn off the power- it one of those areas. But if there’s any way to contextualize the grid around that critical infrastructure that they have an opportunity to do that. I have to say that that process is evolved over the last two years. We’ve had a couple of cases where the power in this particular area has to be turned off. And that was some good communication between our office and- then they were able to isolate the power around the hospital and a re energized Yeah a good example of the use

of technology in partnership to. Ensure that we. Minimize the impact of the situation Our next life we- so here’s the a timeline as you of events that the words were read talked about really in our but you it so we really learned of weather systems- you know five to seven days out of the closer you get to a weather system arriving in a region the more accurate that information becomes but we really started Janet pay attention around the seventy two hour mark. Coincidently that’s around the same time frame that we received our initial notification from socal Edison or a potential D. yes even in our area Edison’s really get about contacting us and how he conquered calls Even on Labor Day we have one And they agree regional letting us know what they’re looking at giving us as much notice as far so we get that initial notification. Around the seventy two hour mark which takes off. Our analysis process Forty eight hours prior to the D. S. P. is reaching Ventura county. Office of emergency services will host- an initial operational area coordination call degree for stakeholders begin those stakeholders the fire service all law enforcement agencies a number of- other organizations that are active in responding to incidents like that. All of our cities are represented on this call and really the goal of this call forty eight hours out is to ensure that everyone understands the potential impact of what we’re facing Not just the PS PS but also the high priority really that Dangerous we’re looking. As we walk into a PS PS about. After twenty hour mark. We’ll start with the- from off the registry services on the emerge. Web are you may wonder why did they wait until twenty four hours before and I will tell you. And Rudy can attest to this as well there are a lot. Of changes in both the forecast analysts That are being my- and- potentially energize. Between the seventy two hour mark and when the actual weather system arrives so to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to our residents and any confusion we kind of wait until the twenty four hour market the okay. We think we got a really good idea of what’s going on here. We will start pushing out our alerts at that point in time. In updating your PC emergency website. When it comes to Notre. After four hour mark we- the number of the we use our VC alert system to notify residents in our county With all the a listed and unlisted landlines hello Numbers individuals that have provided their cell phone numbers for us to notify. We also reach out to any client of the Ventura county Human Services agency are great partners over the Human Services agency- worked very closely with us during PTSD Wants to identify any of their- a see. That may potentially be M. in. Out to them the special notification. Medical Bates Blanco we also reach out to those. Folks as well so cal added then. The medical program that was about Rudy in addition that there’s a subset of customers that are critical care customers and- we actually leverage. Assistance from our public health nurses out of our- public health office. To reach out to those individuals and again there’s multiple layers of contact here just to ensure that any individual that may be impacted. By it PS PS is. Notified in advance what’s great about this critical care customers registering information is we’ve had a few cases where our nurses that reached out and actually gone out and made house with that because- the consumer has been without power for a period of time in. The fatigue set then- for some people you can go without air conditioning or you know six hours eight hours by hour twelve. You’re trying to add your within and the start being a struggle so it’s great that our public health nurses Have the ability to reach out to those individuals not once but multiple times to ensure their safety and well being And then of course the peer to peer dimensionally if we get there is initiated I will tell you that we monitor a lot of circuit this last event- that was- yesterday will Tuesday and Wednesday. We monitored upwards of twelve circuit the Ventura county with only one circuit ultimately being de energized Judicial circuits were in imminent danger of being shut off but ultimately they were not a de energized so. We tend to monitor a lot of circuit But we don’t know it. Yet he has M. to a severe the- there have been J. where we have had A few. Off account we had a times last where we had upwards of fifty circuit that were actually de energized in our county. Or monitored and or de energize it was a- a pretty painful. Process but ultimately I think the longest. Yeah you bet we saw. Through that incident was around fifty hours or so the vast majority of these. Events are very short in duration and that is to work hard to get your power back on As quickly as. Possible next slide please. You may be wondering your powers off now what and most importantly. Our emergency notification impacted by T. S. P. S. there’s been some great work by. A number of

elected officials over the last years we’ve gone through many of the devastating fires in our state. To ensure that their backup power. Sources and all over cellular telephone sites- just not too long ago that was not required so it’s up to the- individual telephone company to decide whether or not. They want to put a backup power source. Out there still right Now so Gates we all know Pretty much the- in life it’s important that they can. To despite. Our being available so. Right now some site you are back up power some. Bates do not. There is an effort to ensure the they all within the next couple of years I can tell you. With a notice. Be made in a- it does give you tell. And all. To get. Out NO eighteen and Verizon will work very to ensure that. Their infrastructure stayed up despite yes yes M. packing them- if there is a P. S. P. S even. In a particular area we experience this last year with the Maria fire you may recall out and- the city of Santa Paula started up on southbound If we use need a PS PS event and then a subsequent fire kickoff. We quickly look to where the fire is burning to determine if the I. the power has been shut off in that area We do become very concerned about our emergency notification being impacted by a P. S. P. S. and if we do see an opportunity. We do ask though because they consider be energized in those areas to ensure that our emergency messages. You go through. In the case of the marina fire out instead of all at the card is going to be able to do just that we quickly identified that the circuit and that area had been shut off preventative Lee We made a phone call they were able to do something on their end and restore power to most of the very. Beginning sharing building with. The dealer to get through. I’m very. I just But to make ballot of techno That they could Beth into Hopefully make best decision off and again injured as alerts for. Into one of the big. We get how thank my W. it’s all often. That the power shut in the wind blowing in the words inside then it’s sunny and outside in just what we want get back to normal and Turner Back on and watch our nightly TV show the whatever it is we’re doing- one Bates remember just because the way stops why does that mean the danger subsides the editing. Through a very detailed inspection process once the wind stops. To ensure that their lines are suitable for the energy based we energy efficient so that process does take some time But we try to list those times on our website to ensure that individuals know what’s going on- and know what to expect very important. What if you were. Assistance it offers some short so. To long term solutions. So if you find yourself in a situation where you have some type of. Medical device that requires electricity in maybe the battery backup. Is not functioning- there’s no battery backup at all and it turns into an emergency situation. You have a few people. To turn Jean Christophe foremost public safety. If you rely upon the device my device is critical to your health and safety it is an emergency to us. Reach out you have to call nine one one if not worse than. Some other things to do in advance if you have the opportunity to plan. I talked to your family talk to your friends reach out I’ll always be in the bar- battery pack your- Jean a battery pack in advance. Those are all things that you should think about ahead of time to be planning- for this case. The long term solution again already talked about medical baseline registration. Great program I highly encourage you to register for that program not just for the financial benefits before the actual notifications that you receive And of course implementing battery backup devices. Next likely. I’m just going to given that shameless plug the card been talked. But again the my Bates pro. Thursday below you can often on it these websites as he actually has made the process of registering for the medical baseline program even easier. I did require a doctor’s verification that they have go by the crosses now again you can find that on their website. As C. E. .com next slide. Coupled vital tools I want to share with you do you think that we a lot of effort into and- take a lot of pride in. One of the first things that he will talk about is our DC emergency website. Noticed the very simplistic website not a lot of stuff going on there just a couple of. Very simple- graphics at the top we work very hard to update this website. Anytime we have an incident going on and we want to make sure that the most up to date information is on its website. In English and Spanish During a kia yesterday. You’ll be able to I. this website by the- of impacted circuit. As well as the weather. Summary so you can kind of better understand what it is so how are things looking at and what we’re looking at. During a fire. You’ll find evacuation information on this website as

well sheltered commission. It looks like the. This was the Josh ward is something I was actually hoping to be able to debut tonight at this town hall meeting unfortunately we actually did get it earlier this week it appears yes. This is the new all in one dashboard we just created and released that is really your one stop shop for information over on the left you see a detailed list of every circuit that we are monitoring- this past week so I took this snapshot you can be downloaded on. It looks like ninety eight- around one o’clock in those those are all the circuit that we are monitoring you see that- down at the bottom towards the center- we hold up as number of circuits and alternately if those circuits are de energized you look at those numbers reflected on- this dashboard In this book circuit with the energy which is it should zero in customer about. Another feature of this task if we do have a fire or some other type of incident that requires evacuation. On top of the circuit you see here you also the evacuation perimeters you’ll see road closures and you’ll see a symbology for all of our soldiers again we really wanted this dash works D. a one stop shop for you. To find out information about what’s going on you may notice- and it’s been restarted data. We’ve a lot of work to really make that the clearest possible we’re pretty crowded the dashboard- you can see a lot more detail on this map of verses the espionage so. Don’t hesitate to use ours again we put a lot of work into it we take a lot of pride in it we think it’s a good tool. It’s there for a you Are you. An expert. The last certainly not least is the again another shameless plug or are you merging notification system which should be C alert. We’ve had these dealer or oh gosh it’s been several years now since two thousand eleven- prior to that we had a system called reverse title one and does. Those names are still used interchangeably. What is that what this is about mass notification system. Other systems screen and it could be any messages. Several different ways we use it primarily for emergency notifications only So we won’t use it for anything that’s non emergency. Our system has the ability to alert you on your telephone both landline and cellular- it can send you text messages with your expression. Especially helpful for deaf and hard of hearing community. Text messaging is used for them- emails and then believe it or not it can stop back. And even send you a message on a pager Bob the pager. And yet they still exist out there. Again you can register by going to our website or the Steelers legends BC alert .org or if you need assistance. It can be a little difficult for some people don’t be shy please give us a call numbers eight oh five. Six four eight. Nine two eight three. And it’s likely Since all other things I wanted take up. To talk about the Jim our- actuation terminal. The state this past embarked upon a process to review the language used- to discuss evacuations and depending on where you live you may or may not hear- had different ways of explaining like tuition some people though mandatory evacuations voluntary evacuation. Up in Santa Barbara county they use order and warning what the state did is the group together and really review what was being used state wide and try to make it big wide standard and they did just that published at. In an effort to be consistent across the state your locally we have adopted that you terminology Sony valuation order in Ventura county is what you used to know as- a mandatory evacuation and that means the threat is imminent. And the conditions exist that majors- curler Gaines relies another words if you get an evacuation order you need to leave don’t hesitate I will tell you- you’ve accusations are a very large part of what we do. And it’s something that we take very seriously we do not- on a whim like to evacuate people a lot of books sometimes question whether it’s necessary I will tell you if we are issuing evacuation orders we please listen to what we’re asking you to do. Is. Very important to not wait. Thank you war. Are what you to be a volley Evacuation that means that the threat lives not yet imminent But you should begin preparing M. S. the pandemic that we’re dealing with right now that means that you should prepare early. You should not wait until it turns into an evacuation order but when you get that warning. That’s your opportunity to start packing your belongings. Make a plan and get on the road and get out of there. You do not wait too long within a number of impacts. Either trafficking people waiting to the last minute thing. No they’re just being overly cautious I don’t need to leave. And then they find themselves in a tough situation with this stuck in traffic trying to get out of an area. Of great shooting that evacuation warning please look into it. And make sure that you take action early. And not wait

too long. And if I. Well I think I’ll talk about is temporary points get a lot of questions about this and it’s something that’s depicted on a map it again just wanted to take the opportunity to talk about it a little bit tonight with cove in nineteen- sheltering is a bit more complex typically if you’ve ever been to a red cross evacuation shelter you seeing how the shelters operate often they’re inside a gymnasium. A large congregate setting a walk in your yeah a number of- Scott spread throughout the room because of trouble nineteen you had to reevaluate how we do sheltering it’s been a great learning process and partnership that we’ve had with the American red cross Richard John Human Services agency to come up with some new plans so for this fire season in particular at least until the code nineteen pandemics inside hopefully soon- we’ve come up with a process of how the Jim Evacuation points what does evacuation points are our rally point that we will publicise added I never merging C. or people to respond to and instead of responding to those- that gymnasium that leader used to responding to an active in your vehicle and go inside you’re actually pulling your pain your vehicle and one of our staff members from red cross to the Human Services agency will put a placard. On your vehicle and advise you where to park and they’ll actually come to your vehicle and conducting needs assessment as well the medical assessment to ensure that you’re healthy you don’t have any extra ordinary needs and if appropriate no actually provide you a voucher to go stay in a hotel or motel somewhere again that’s all in partnership. With the American red cross. You may be one if there are any hotel Rooms are most rooms our our B is to go. To Congress shelter as though I do described However we just the daily with The of our Congress. Church location so where we used to be able to fit a hundred people we’ve actually reduced- capacity to approximately 36% of what it was before. Begin the goal to just ensure social distancing. Of course we have a number of- hand washing stations are hand sanitizer stations. Medical assessment at the doorway more. Actually throughout the day if you are a shelter. At the core Jean area at a congregational dinner began. Please do not hesitate to evacuate if you are asked to evacuate because of code in nineteen. Please do not hesitate to go to one of our shelters or whatever Jim parade actuation points because the over nineteen. I will assure you we have taken a ton of precaution we’ve done a lot of training and invested a lot of resources and ensuring that we can handle the situation. There safe manner and minimize. The spread of the code nineteen buyers. Yeah believe that well I fly. And with that I’ll hand it back you senators thank you Hey thank you. True setting the bar Sir I’m already hearing Colin by the way in the in our live. The people who asked When LA county is going to get that dashboard so. You’ve created a really good case of- follow here- three year innovative spirit in Ventura county for those who don’t know how to access that dashboard by the way- war post that link in our- in our street here but- Danny you’ve been crazy patient here for over an hour. You’re you’re the reason that even came together in the first place. Can you please jump in You are what I. R. C. years and L. and what kind of resource you guys are in our region I M. one thank you but you can’t do it enough so. Thank you yeah absolutely I would love to talk about I understand all of the brief so that we can get you questions because I know that we have several- so that Living resource center is- a small private nonprofit that serves the interests in a barber in slope county. And we help people with disabilities and older adults to either remain or become more independent. We have several programs that we do this through around housing assistance technology benefits- and most recently- we realized that we needed to have a seat at the table when it came to emergency preparedness- I will I would like to just say that that’s nice weapon are. Is totally proof that grassroots advocacy works because this really started with me during a public comment as he council meeting and- getting in contact with Edison and then now it’s grown into statewide partnerships with. Multiple utility companies and senator and a supervisor at a C. E. O here so thank you so much for that I really really appreciate it- I always C. has several programs. Ben tricounty is. I had another thing not just the dashboard that. Unveiled also we are engaging in disability resource center so we are a

core partner with the tri county area agency on aging And we’re able to work together seamlessly to address the needs of older adults and people with disabilities. We know it’s proven are disproportionately affected by disaster- we- provide a lot of ca. Of to make sure that you accusation center are ex. You know we all hear as just which I am myself sitting in a power J. right now you can’t tell- you know just have a go bag ready and if they turn off the power if there’s a fire just. Hop in your car and run over to your house will be fine. But there’s so many significantly disabled people Who have to reserve. I excess will be you know ahead of what are they gonna do. And like or G. go to their friends and families homes because- there’s not an accessible restroom where they can’t get up the stairs you know there’s- all these different factors. In addition to the- thank you. And losing. For people with disabilities so that’s really what we’ve been trying to address with all of our emergency preparedness work- and we’re looking at the PS PS- issue. On its own we have several partnerships with. PG&E and SCE. And work we’re calling it the disabilities a disaster and access and resources program and the California foundation for independent living centers our membership organization. Is really- spearheading this statewide and what we are able to provide this program. Is a lot of information assistance- help with that medical baseline program which you guys have heard a lot about. I can you alert systems- very very importantly individualized preparedness plans right let’s not wait until it’s happening tomorrow. Let’s know what we’re gonna do when it happens because I. Understand the beginning it’s not an effort so when- and then public awareness we’re doing that through. You know events like this through our social media- and through media campaigns. They were all helping with the backup helped them assess perhaps the- that’s me for their devices- you need less of a backup power situation for yes C. pap and a cell phone. Then you do for maybe a oxygen concentrator or a mini fridge for your refrigerated medications so helping people figure out exactly what they need and helping them get what they need. As well as transportation connections so there’s a lot more that we deal but I know we’re running short on time and I really want to make sure that we get these important questions that we’ve gotten off of the Facebook- feel free to contact the independent living resource center- will put up the slide that has our information about our social media or website. And our phone numbers in the mentor office But thank you all for tuning in They bury her being. In nine three during that city council meeting and sort of being confused a lot of what the ten days that they are doing with them on Facebook live you know just sort of following their noses they M. comes out right here I have questions and there’s questions- yeah you made. That happen. We always we wouldn’t be here without you we got a bill through this year thanks for your help to make sure. Those who were and the most vulnerable on I Jeff says you’re now going to be notified about this technical medical baseline program opened the governor signs that- the help and support that you- I was before we get our priority queue and I did want to shadow isn’t school board members also joined us. In our live stream I really appreciate a nappy Wasserman I shoppers back there- over in LBUSD much Virginia and then- Janet said Cheryl from- Kaneto unified so You all. This beer right now I’m trying keep our this upload during the chaos and the if we set. Your on top of the it like it’s just I hear you it’s like almost two much to bear I didn’t want to- pinpoint that first second you see if Rudy You couldn’t give a little more color on that self generation incentive program. It give people still apply are there still subsidies and what what kind of subsidy- are we looking at here I mean. We I’m here with my understanding is you can be a person an individual living on your own- who needs access to your data solar backup battery systems all the way up to. The fire station or a school- you delete it you we’ve designed a program to scale can you. Just give us a- yeah I don’t have level detail again the two pro I think that would most benefit. The community that we’re we’re

addressing this evening is a critical care backup battery program and that’s a totally free- device. Is a battery and solar panels as well and so the criteria for a qualified for that program is you must be identified as a critical care customer. USC’s medical baseline program and after mention- enrolling for the medical baseline program is much simpler used to be used to require a doctor’s note but because of the Kobe situation that we’re in you have a year after until. After you. I up for medical Bates. To get that noted. For the doctor. And if you’re already exist. Medical Bates because- you have a need a year to get out of positions now. Regarding your renewal so in addition for the critical care backup battery programs three one. You also must be enrolled in our share or program and that program is the- the program that provides that rate assistance. To households- we were having difficulty no Pan electric bills the California alternate rates for energy to care program provides a 30% discount. In the a family electric right assistant provides about 18% discount and post can apply. Those programs online programs and it only about two. And if it’s all the honor system there’s no additional documentation they can go online and sign up and they start getting the- the benefits of the program immediately. And then after the critical care backup battery program you also must live in SD yeah that that’s- I fire risk. The actually a C designate high fire risk area and then beyond that there are Programs bills generation at the residential and at the commercial level and again I don’t have the expertise in either of those areas but I would de direct folks to our website. S. C. Josh .com and then just S. D. F. G. I. he you get additional information on those programs but- similar to the- critical care battery backup program- they must live They must have been enrolled in in our- in our- airfare programs and then they have to live. In a high risk area so Right through a great benefits Yeah thanks for that and based on our knowledge there’s no proof we saw it the PC. We’re talking a hundred millions of dollars of incentives out there so this is not a small program- at eight at least for both. S S. year is for both large and small Beth and like you said individual commercial but also government so we’re really hoping people. Take advantage of it we don’t always oversubscribed initially but the PC is actually talk about opening another round of I’ll be sending out for our region So we’ll be working on that we also we tried at the end of our legislative session gets now To get another hundred million dollars fine I had to help J O. E. S. get more of those Those backup battery systems out in the field and. Other resources. Orderly yeah building has at the and we have a funding plan the guy agreed on we could get it out of the S. M. and then. The clock ran out and I’m the- could be for I’m still wow pretty. Reporter is it under. That we’d let the lead just that without pushing wildfire meeting funding it’s something that we’re gonna be talking to governor about. I don’t think we can last till next January I think we’ve got to get more dollars in the field to spark more the kind of vacation that you guys are pushing out- make sure that both that Eilers dear okay and they- have the resources they need to get us through. The fall the winter- I do one just like. Just make one more comment. You the- this alert notifications from Edison for customers to receive the yes yes on occasions I forgot to mention. We are encouraging our customers to go on the S. C dot com website sign on to their their account. And log in and let us know how you want to be notified regarding the potential for public safety power shut off. We can do text message phone call email please let us know our ability to make contact with you is dependent on I’m having the most recent contact information. So I encourage you to do that tonight. Yeah let me. One of the- Senate released alert. And your C. seems like one of the key how. As I. In addition everyone. Out yourself or numbers they can keep. Awake at all I of the night. I will do that Henry. Said what else will- I yeah. I’ll be sorry I’m I’m joking or grow jobs for you we won’t really we got your cell number I’m sorry. Okay this is serious stuff. Hi

Jeremy my district director did put up a link by the way in our the- for more resources on this event. People are asking how they can get a hold of some of the slides. We’ll have all this is all the capture baseball page all the other Senate. As part got some she got hello nice plant did you really cute at our point sitting in you And that so anyway children and you can like that we will get you- more info as we go. But there’s a couple other sort of questions that have popped up- people are talking about rolling blackouts with you know a lot of comments in the in the in the chat your try to figure out exactly what we heard the flex alert the other day when it was. A hundred. Thousand agree I don’t know I did. Under twenty one degrees or whatever it was in your backyard- with that this gaming as PS yes and I just want to help you guys work through this is not the way it is in or your utility Powers down okay that that one section of the greater that one line they’re doing that proactively- not because of a lack of power the because they’re trying to not make that sparked a fire. But Bill some of the rolling blackouts we experienced a few in our region not too many but- they keep event that we were going through actually had a couple gas plant shut down. There was a fire added a big solar field at the same time and a bunch of the generators that were sort of supposed to be there weren’t so. Then I so which is this great operator for the state had to ask all of you conserve conserve conserve please you know put your he had seventy eight you. Everyone here at I we did it ourselves but people stepped up and really data but- that’s not a good strategy to me going for I think we got ever more resilient plans. I just wanted helpful Distinguished those lexulous in the role black. And then it the PSP alert. It’s a lot I. It more about the grisly you ever wanted to learn- but that’s the future we live in although the visible Bates that we just expect to work- you care You’ve got a really big big and if the baby and I was very very C. that dashboards of the effort carries been making. I know also we can venture M. LA county there’s been questions about micro greed. And other distributed you- clean energy resources we can do you’re going to back up and they really started that Gaines. Are putting some of these micro green and clean backup power projects in cities all throughout both counties actually- greenpower lines is also working on that server those have you signed up your local EPA they’re actually start doing that there. And in the state we put. Not enough in my view- about. Thirty five million dollars. Last year and another fifty this year- we are looking for a bigger pardon to really help bolster these efforts and not just put it on rate payers. But the state all of California at the back- investing better clean backup power you get that through and we also you know people been asking about the cell phone company. Telecommunications company yeah the other. That very badly when charities we you know we really were pushing the mandate- the cell phone companies to back up all their towers- with seventy two hours of power by law. That bill though that I was hearing along with your other members. From the northern area that’s all on fire right now that bill was killed in the assembly. So we still don’t have a hard mandate under state law but the public utilities commissions but a lot of pressure on the telecommunications companies And I hope you will- I hope you Really you know what you say I toppling calls call your- and J. unit a point for my re. His if it cell phone as work and you can get better. It becomes a lie or death. So we to see every single. Our know our whole region. Backed out. Two hours and I. Doing that was created we really think about can be done the last. Have questions was. Yeah our bodies preparing for the few and how much will get I was you know Anderson just told you there for their C. is do you need 230% less I thought that was. A really good gold silver department a great point which is you know I usually use this

not at all- the last last week- we did see more sexual invasion smaller and more surgical shut off not the wide swaps we saw so we’re learning as we go here- I don’t know to Rosa Parks with their any other big question you saw life through our chat- do you want to touch on I don’t wanna keep to you late into their yeah. I didn’t know that I read a lot had pointed out that it’s also important to your you know I Make sure you a full a guess is also you to make sure that your cellphone is fully charged and that you’ve got a backup charger. And that reminds me to that during PST **** we do have some portable stations that come out into the community and people can go and- charge yeah But that doesn’t really help people who are vulnerable how are they going to get there. If they need you know electricity to get there you know have their Wilk here- charged or whatever so. Those portable at power supplies are really important and while Edison is Required to provide them to people of lower income- in their program. Doesn’t matter what your income level is if you are needing a portable power supply that’s something really big get on your list and as you were saying. If we can do that at you. Know if you go to. Are you. You can go by these little. Supplies if you’re going camping for a week or something and they’ll how are your television. You don’t necessarily need that when you’re camping. But the idea that you can get these and then they are clean energy in the sense that they’re not diesel- that I think is a really important aspect but I know that. Patrick you know yes and S. T. E. are all we’ll focus on the fact that they can bring as a large portable power. For the community to come in charge into but that’s something we need to also as individuals figure out how we’re going to do it even M. sense. You know my charger to my cell phone so make sure that that’s working which is really important. I couldn’t agree more and they’re they’re incredibly cool I started. You know that. Gold zero I think is one of the tech Are out there even the company that would make in that the cooler than always couple good Ben yeti has the system Andy from what Danny told me you know that during the- mysterious one. Are you have to actually run the- a respirator or our medical devices but there’s respect version that won’t break the bank and have like a solar briefcase eventually. Along with a battery system you keep in your kitchen you know this is not the kind of thing where you’re like. Turn on the de diesel generator in the middle of your living room and get through it like. People have hurt themselves the last couple years doing that kind of stuff so. I would encourage you to do that too but if you’re not in need. Late on our and please put the pressure on the legs on the state legislature in particular. The gift he solution because we didn’t act on that this year and that’s all not. Like we can expect you to pay for all this your cell for all the repairs Bates brothers themselves inspected county the dollars themselves So please. Hello governor and tell the leaders of the state legislature we’ve got to act on the wildfire mitigation writ large really. Keep our lights on the key but they- are during these. Incredibly harrowing time- we would encourage you to do that- going forward and we were happy to help you all the super advocates like barely any day of the week- eight we need you all. Stay tuned at the state level. And is. This that we- them not and then enter. So I would what that’s storage whether solar it when kind energies. We are to close to the March where we and that has yes yes that is I think we learned and we need to get more robust and there are a lot of things like micro grids that we can do locally through our county and with working with others. Even Tesla’s out there helping so and I look forward to seeing where you get more battery storage so you can have those solar working. In the night time to. Robert and one more than I’ll remind you that you always remind me of the supervisory the undergrounding piece we shouldn’t forget about that priority we also we had a Bill bear this year where we tried to get- undergrounding prioritize for fire areas. He can’t be sort of for beautification reason and this sort of push those kind of project down the lane and push our kind of projects where you have lines in very high risk areas way up that list- again all our wildfire bills- died December we spent a lot of time working on it and it was a very disappointing- end of the

legislative session in that regard. Some really important things done you know the budget got through but we have a lot of work to do I the last thing I’ll just say if anyone Judy tonight and once the war sort of granular and detailed look at your community de LA started Gaines even your particular account or just how to get through some of these programs- you’ve got to amazing resources on this. Noon Facebook live here León- but let’s come back to us and tell us what we can do to help put them better programming together for you to we can be a little more inner acting and we can get into more detail you you could be shorter we can we can take all day- up to you but please give us Beth Because this is gonna be a tough few months- Joel are jurors all give you our last words were any closing remarks here I. You know I know I know we’ve run late and- I really appreciate what you say about undergrounding too we get billions of dollars in property damage from fires we could never have property damage if we would underground spend the money Andy grounding so- I would I really would love to see that happen and it did all the mayors around just in the we’ll see fire we all signed a letter. Pushing for undergrounding Holloway for I’m- fund. But you know we can we can do it are anti. And out there that don’t have over power lines know it can be done thank you every. So much for bringing together Danny of course within living. Center I really appreciate M. Mike powers being here for us too as well as active Wiener senator you’ve done such an excellent job I saw. A Rudy I know you’re having a hard time with S. T E. United. You know for this long wonderful career you’ve had I know these last couple years have been really tough And this. Final kudos to Patrick Maynard who just recently became our head. Of the operating center every C operating center and imagine you know just walking into this that you know. One of the hardest times of our county in in dealing with the refugees Doing a great job thank you all for participating and we are definitely here. To answer your questions thank you. Are you guys. Out there big to each other. We’ll be. All right thanks bye