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today we are going to meet up with a friend to explore a waterfall and the most charming town that we have seen in taiwan so far wow that’s been the theme of today but before we head on up into the mountains there is one more thing we have to get out of the way first good morning good morning it’s about 7 30 a.m now we are on our way to the hospital to the hospital don’t panic don’t bang everything’s okay in a few days we are flying out of taiwan yep we’re actually heading to the hospital to get a covet test done uh don’t worry we’re not displaying any government symptoms yet no we’re not displaying any centers it would be highly unlikely since we’re here in taiwan where there haven’t been any confirmation for over 100 days but our airline that we are flying with requires us emirates requires us to have a negative covet test which is no older than four days when we board the plane so it’s now three days before we board the plane or three and a half kind of sucks a little bit because well it kind of it costs a lot of money here in taiwan it’s really expensive it’s 7 000 nt more than 200 us dollars to get go with that’s done here it’s really really expensive i think in belgium it only costs 50 or 60 dollars but then we also have funded and stuff like that so so it kind of makes our flying back to belgium plan quite expensive we bought the tickets and then about 10 days later they decided well now everybody needs to get tested to fly through dubai airport on the other hand that also means that everyone who board that plane needs to get tested and let the chances of us contracting the coronavirus on the flight are much much much lower so safety first people safety first good morning hey i catch you yeah because we need to get a test for our flight yeah what’s your name my name is nice to meet you this place seems to be hospital color and hospital shape so i think we have arrived at the qatari pacific no no no pacific is an airline qatar general hospital a few days ago we posted a on our youtube community to ask some help from you guys uh where we could go for a test and lots of people pointed to this one so thanks a lot because it’s also very close to our to our apartment hopefully it won’t take too long dr naik is ready for surgery oh patience is still uh is still alive and she’s still conscious sedation please i’m pretty sure this is the right counter that check-in process went smooth no we’re not at the hospital anymore just in case you’re wondering it would have been cool though getting an iced latte and a coffee place in the hospital but now we are we just came to a coffee shop down the street because we checked in at around 8 30 but our test is only at 10 am so we have to go back at 10am and the price of this test is 70 almost back at the hospital to be honest i’m slightly nervous about this you know slightly i’ve seen some pictures of how they do the swap at least oh i know a while ago and i purposely didn’t look at them again you know they put like this really long cotton swatch up your nose let’s not elaborate before the test is over but anyway i’m pretty nervous how was it it was just a throat swap actually it wasn’t like the no swab so it took like three seconds oh i got so nervous for nothing i thought it was literally like the long swap that they put in your nose oh that’s excellent i can’t feel my heart beating in my throat it really wasn’t a big deal no it was really an anti-climax when you look it up on the internet it’s like a 10 centimeter swap that they shove up your nose that’s what they’re but even then i read that it’s just it’s just a little bit uncomfortable yeah but here they just did the sport swap so i just you just had to open up say on and they swapped it at the back of your throat we weren’t really allowed to film but basically the man just goes behind this glass

we weren’t really excited we were really not allowed to film yeah i started filming and he was like no and i was like um anyway he just goes behind his glass panel puts on these gloves that are like integrated into the panel you have to open the swab yourself he takes it with the gloves he swabs you he lets you go now takes like 10 seconds i have to admit for 7 000 mtd a pop i did expect a little bit more of a spectacle you know yeah there could have been some juggling or the full treatment for that money i was expecting a whole lot anyway if all goes well tomorrow and we’ll take you with us when we come back for the results tomorrow at noon you’ll have the results hopefully we will not test positive because um for many for many different reasons basically the reason one well we’ll have to spend a long time in quarantine and two will not be getting home anytime soon we’ll lose a lot of money we lose a lot of money and also yeah i recently uh a foreigner here european guy here in taiwan here in taiwan got tested belgian guy he got tested positive and he had been here for he’d been here since may and he tested positive a few weeks ago and there haven’t been looks like there might be some local spread so you never know then it’s time to go exploring for the day today we’re exploring a bit around taipei uh we are now near shifan waterfall we’re going to explore the area here a bit i heard it’s a really nice waterfall and then afterwards we’re going to explore juventus joyfun trufant nice historic era here beautiful mountains and today we are exploring with juno we met her a couple of days ago here in taipei at the train station and she uh brought us some gifts actually and brought us some bubble milk she’s actually the person who introduced us to their really good bubble milk that we had which you will have seen in one of our previous videos because we went to have it again and we’ve concluded that it’s actually the best bubble multi that we’ve had in taiwan so thank you for introducing us to the best bubba meal tea and then today she’s uh introducing us to some of the beautiful areas here around taipei and what’s the name of the town we’re going to later is it juvent joyfun that sounds a lot more correct than what we recall it does doesn’t it the sky is pretty overcast today and it was raining a little bit on the way here so we’re taking our umbrella out of waterfall not gonna be caught off guard by a thunderstorm or whatever but look at those views really nice here even just off this random little bridge that we’re crossing on the way to the waterfall you can see the river super green and this is just like 30 minutes maybe one hour depending on traffic outside of taipei so a really big change of scenery it’s actually slightly bouncy if you jump up and down it’s just a little bit but you can feel it i thought it would just be like a short walk off the road and then we would get to a waterfall but you can see over here you have like a couple of these nice bridges over the river it’s pretty tranquil here by the way this is not the waterfall we’re going to just a small little stream here wow whoa that’s pretty big we just got a glimpse of the waterfall from up here we’re gonna try and get down there it looks really impressive wow it makes a lot i mean i know that sounds silly but it makes a lot of noise you can really hear like the roaring sound of the water tumbling down so you were just here we’re now gonna walk this way to try to get closer to the waterfall whoa that is crazy you can see it from here now that you’ve come down to one of the lower levels you’re at the same height as a waterfall now it suddenly looks a lot bigger no very impressive and there’s a lot of spray coming off the waterfall you can see it pretty much everywhere in the air all right that’s crazy it’s almost like it’s raining a little bit yeah if you look a little bit foggy or cluttery it’s a good fog or the fogger

that’s free so this is the tallest waterfall i think this is the biggest the biggest one the biggest one okay it certainly looks very impressive made it to joe fan yep starting to rain a little bit it’s supposed to be a really beautiful traditional town here so we’re looking forward to seeing because i think it’s going to be something we haven’t really seen before this is the view look at that thank you for taking us here yes so beautiful have you been here a lot because this is my third time here first time third time here also also my third time this year so you loved it the first time and then you were like i’m gonna come back twice so basically you discovered it this year and you’re like oh i’m just gonna keep on coming back nice it is beautiful i can see how you would want to keep coming back and this isn’t leaving the town yet yeah this is about one hour drive from taipei right yes it’s about one hour drive it looks like you’re in a completely different world what is the what is that isn’t taipei but i mean that’s something else that’s timon city it is starting to rain so think we’re gonna get a move on because judging by those clouds it could get pretty pretty wet yeah and there can be like lots and lots of rain but we have our trusty blue umbrella and usually don’t put my eye out usually when we open it it stops raining in thailand which is why we kept it around has magic power it was one other time in taipei i think when we carried it around it’s like oh it’s going to be raining and then they predicted rain then we took out the umbrella so it should oh brought out the umbrella appropriate i always go through here the traditional part of the town this is fish bowl soup soup oh careful it’s pretty hot yeah it looks hot this this shop tastes really really good and it’s really cheap yeah it smells good like the soup really smells good this is a pretty famous one yeah this is one of if you look at some introduction of joke a lot of people write about this one this is the token and what is it it’s tofu outside and inside it’s filled with minced meat it’s foamed with fish i wasn’t really hungry like i wasn’t aware that i was hungry but now did i see and smell the food now that i see it suddenly i’m super long yeah these are like sweet and spicy sauce so it makes food hungry perfect wow so junior just explained me that i should start with off with this one what was the name again in chinese so this one is designed to open up your stomach actually which is more sweet and sour and add a little bit of chili to it and start off with this first to start your appetite to make food that makes you more hungry as if i needed that oh it’s really good you’re still a bit chewy actually makes a bit spicy and you have a sweet and sour taste it’s really good actually this is a really famous shop this day is really really good we had some beautiful views we had some waterfalls we got some good food so i feel like i need to say this again thank you so much for taking us on this day trip and the food really looks amazing so i’m gonna stop filming and just enjoy it so a couple of videos ago well actually by now many videos ago when we were still in tainan we bought a bunch of postcards for our patreon and we still have one of the spare ones which is this one and then juno brought us here to this exact spot where this picture was taken i think if you wait i can line it up you should line it up it’s over here come here it’s over here

line them up it’s almost like this it’s like magic postcard real postcards like a little bit more like this postcard real i could play this game all day obviously that was so cool because i really love this picture and for me it was like oh i really want to go there i really want to see this because it looks like traditional taiwanese and now we’re here it’s even better though i mean this picture does not i think this picture was taken in like harsh daylight or something and this is in the evening yes it looks a lot more beautiful so and we are even going to have tea at this place apparently this is the entrance look how beautiful it is apparently this is the best spot to have some tea and wait for the sunshine houses here i love this place i’ve been showing all these beautiful places oh there she is wow what have you it has been the theme of today great spots great views good food is this the menu part of the menu yeah this is the part of the wedding oh i thought this was literally like a placemat i think they gave you the menu oh that’s so cool that looks so cool my bamboo is not so good though do you speak bamboo no not really something this is the this is the direction you read it right it’s facing your way oh it’s this one it’s from here oops yeah that’s right oh yeah now i see with the now it all makes sense now you can read everything very cool so what do you think we should have um i would suggest this one because every time i come here then i will have um some bun sweet plum okay and some sesame cracker oh yeah and also green bean cake or one for each person okay so we’re gonna have some tea time here afternoon tea and we’re gonna watch the sunset with this beautiful view and juno just told us that the city gets a lot more beautiful at night when it’s dark and all the lanterns come on so we’re looking forward to that a special way of preparing it right yeah so the temperature needs to be also just dried yeah the temperature the first um it needs to be boiling hot and first of all you need to wash and warm the pot all the cups and also the pot at first okay so that’s the first step you need to do to warm everything up and the amount of tea leaves you need to put down is like about just to cover the bottom okay so you cover the bottom with one layer so you need to put it in for 20 seconds so the first the first thing he did was to waken up the tea leaves and to also wash it a bit and then the second time is the when it really starts so you sift it through here after 20 seconds and the long cuffs are for you to take a sniff of it to smell to smell it and then the shorter cups are for you to drink take it like this take it like this sorry we’ll push it it’s gonna lie for you

oh yeah created 10 out of 10. that’s very very smooth i think it’s supposed to be like this right so it’s like very soft very subtle so we have the snacks here and they are going to try pick up the most difficult to pick up snacks official snack taste green bean green bean cake it’s really good but it seems like to make my mouth very very dry it’s weird that’s why they give you it with with the tea it goes really well with the tea it’s not like the cookie isn’t even that dry but just like this really dry impression i think i need to have some tea with this like my mouth had been turned into a desert better oh yeah it’s a real real sensation hey who turned off lights it’s gotten dark now it’s best sunset and we’re now entering back into the streets of joffan here all these beautiful lanterns here lighting all the staircases it almost looks like a fairy tale though i don’t know which view i prefer to be honest look at this this is the same earlier it looks so christmassy so which view do you prefer the nighttime or the daytime nighttime i think it’s really really nice it gives it such a great atmosphere with all the lights especially like the red lantern it’s a very like glow very low much slower every night yeah it’s really close to it beautiful yeah these are cookies from elam which is to the east of taipei and we got them as gifts actually from juno i’m not sure if it’s a cookie or it’s if it’s cooking is something sweet and this has pork floss in them so i’m not really sure okay yeah it’s not really sweet it’s not really savory either somewhere in between it’s got pork floss red bean paste but red bean based it’s kind of sweet there’s something in between as well i like it though it’s good do you know if you see us a really big thank you for hanging out with us today we had a really nice time thank you so much for the gifts um we really appreciate it and you all will see juno again tomorrow i think it is tomorrow we’re gonna hang out together and visit the taipei 101 together first we go get our results for the covet 19 test which we’re guessing is gonna be negative because i think if it turned out not to be they probably already processed the results then they would have found us by now and we would actually be in some sort of isolation or quarantine by now we hope you enjoyed this video if you did please leave a big thumbs up and we will see you i enjoyed it see you in the next one bye