WSU Pullman Student Town Hall | August 12

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WSU Pullman Student Town Hall | August 12

good afternoon and welcome to washington state university pullman and our adventure with you today my name is mary jo gonzales and if you can’t imagine it i’m wearing all of my cougar very excited to spend time with you today um i’m as the vice president of student affairs i’m also called mj so today we’re going to be very informal and talk first names i want to welcome you um from my lamp as well apparently my lamp has is deciding between a tick tock account and a discord group so you’ll have to let me know what you think we should do part of what we’re going to talk to you about today is our new cougar experience we’re going to share lots of information with you from some of my favorite people here at wsu i also want to acknowledge that there is a little bit of sadness because this would be the time where i would be helping you getting ready for move-in i’d be packing up and gathering some of your belongings and helping you get them to your room i’d be singing the could fight song with our cougar marching band and i’d be taking pictures with butch t cougar learning um teaching all of you how to do the goku’s fight song in martin stadium so many other things and those are things that we’ve lost this year and i want to take a minute to acknowledge that but one of the messages that we want you to hear is that in spite of all of those things that we won’t have we’ve got plenty of other opportunities for you we’ve got you and we didn’t want to start fall like this but as tenacious cougs we are going to do what we need to do to get in together i also want to take a minute to congratulate you and you’re like mary jo what are you congratulating me for it’s because you did one of the first things that we need you to do and that is to read your email and click on the link from me and from your fellow cougs to learn about all that’s available for you including um cougs that are sending you information about student organizations on social media all of these different platforms that are available to you so congratulations for doing that because that’s how you are going to build the environment that you need to do to be successful the other part of that is as you’re building your community whether it’s here or remotely we need you to do this which is wear your damn mask really important in order for the health and safety for our entire cougar community wear your damn mask and it’s really funny because i’ve gotten several cheat tweets and several social media comments about how important that message is for all of us um the good news is i also talked with our aswsu and gpsa leaders today they need you to be involved as well there are so many committees and organizations and groups um so no matter where you are whether you’re sitting here in pullman or with your family by blood and by choice um whoever you are carson coog muro coug you’re the college of engineering arts and sciences education or even graduate students finishing your masters or phds we need you to be a part of our community so we know you have questions and i’ve got a great panel and i’m going to introduce you to them in a moment the chat function is really important you have your chat questions there you’ve seen the little blue wrench i’m going to ask you all to be very respectful of those individuals who are answering your questions we’ve seen some not so good comments not a part of our cougar community and not acceptable in our cougar community but these are the faculty and staff who’ve been working really hard to make sure that your experience is pretty amazing and we want to make sure that you’re respectful of them so let me take a moment and introduce you to some important folks we have kirk schultz who’s our president of washington state university we have elizabeth chilton who is our executive vice president in provost we have therese king who is our director and she’s the executive director right of the academic success and career center and then we have jill creighton our associate dean our associate vice president and dean of students um dominic funga tao who is our student services coordinator for multicultural student services shaka dadan and then arturo gal gavin gabilanes uh who’s the coordinator of our challenge program at the university recreation and you’ll hear the abbreviation urec we tend to like a lot of those acronyms here at wsu um and then we have our amazing brian dixon who is our assistant vice president for student financial services so kirk i’m going to ask you to go ahead and give a little bit of an introduction uh about uh what you’ve been hearing around tuition and fees what are some of the concerns that students have been talking about well good afternoon or good evening everybody depending on where you are that you’re joining us i’m thrilled that people have taken the time this evening to interact with us learn a little bit more get your questions answered and if nothing else

you know start feeling a little bit of that fall semester spirit that’s all part of the new coug experience so a couple things i want to visit with you about today and uh these are no particular order uh but uh first there’s the sense sometimes of loss that mary jo mentioned um and we’re feeling it too all of us are used to uh interacting with you all in person and that’s part of the joy of fall semester is seeing people kind of come back in waves um i’ve always get to participate in move-in day and last year or two years ago i was there with our athletic director pat chun and we helped a family move in and they were all super excited at the end of it they asked us if we worked at the university and what i love about that is nobody knew who we were we were just there to help and we got to know a family that didn’t know that it was the president university and athletic director that were helping them get their stuff to the dorm room so it’s a fun time and we’re missing that as much as you’re missing here that being said though we have worked really hard and when i say we all the people on this call faculty and staff at all of our campuses to make sure that even though we’re going to a remote educational opportunity and experience we want it to be the best it can possibly be so while it’s different it’s not a lesser experience it’s simply a different way of doing that and that means a couple things we’re going to ask you to maybe be a little more assertive and aggressive about being involved and engaged so i know when i send things to my children they’re like dad email is so old you know that’s what you do that’s what your parents do we’re going to ask you to make sure you keep up with that email take a look at it when you see something for the university or you see an opportunity to do something new grab it embrace it learn a little bit about it you can have more than just a classwork experience this fall and we want to bring you those opportunities across campus you’re going to hear about those today i know i’ve heard lots of things about well since we’re going online why is tuition the same why won’t it be cheaper because guess what you don’t have to heat all those buildings uh you’ve got expenses that aren’t there so therefore those tuition uh should be less it turns out that we actually have to pay we have more expenses when we go uh online and part of the reason for that is it’s still the same world-class faculty uh working with you they’re doing it for their offices they’re doing it from their home but they’re using technology we’re not bringing back old lectures and classes and things like that so it costs us more to deliver a great experience not just an experience but a great experience and that’s why those dollars are there and i know people are upset with that some people disagree with it but we felt that it’s appropriate to let you know ahead of the semester not in the middle of it what your expenses are going to be and we want to work with you on that i know many families are hurting through covet 19 don’t have the same financial resources maybe they thought they would have had several months ago you don’t hear today from some of our outstanding folks at wsu how we can continue to work with you to make sure that we keep that experience a part of what you need for this fall i’m also going to ask your help uh we we’re gonna need your help mary jo uh with the hashtag wear your damn mask is exactly one of the things that we need you to do um i was walking through pullman just a day or two ago saw a group of students having a great time and not a single person was wearing a mask this is not hard to do it means you keep it in your pocket i have three or four masks i keep some of my car i keep it in my briefcase or my backpack you’re just gonna have to get used to doing that and it’s not always about you or your personal freedom it’s about the people around you and making sure that we want to be back in person in the spring and to be back in person in the spring we’re going to have to figure out great ways to manage this coven 19 environment we also want to ask if you don’t feel well stay home stay in your apartment stay in your residence hall room but don’t go out and this is one of the things i have the most difficulty with i’m like i don’t care if i can stand up i’m going to go and i’ve had to discipline myself to say if i don’t feel well it is not good to the people around me so you really got to help us with that when you see a fellow coup not wearing a mask you don’t have to be a jerk but you do need to say hey would you mind putting on a mask and let’s support each other but also hold each other accountable and then the final thing i want to say is if you need help ask we are all here to help you and we can’t solve problems that we don’t know are are there so if you’ve got an issue with your financial aid if you don’t know about a student organization if you’re just not sure how your classes are going if you need some academic advising and you just can’t get a hold of your advisor and you go hey i need some help reach out to us anybody on this particular call we’re going to get you to the right place because we want your cougar experience this fall to be the best it

absolutely can be and we’re all committed to doing that so i look forward to hearing your questions i look forward to hearing my colleagues interact but thank you for choosing wsu thank you for choosing this type of environment and we’re going to have a great time and as always go cougs absolutely kirk we definitely got students saying those three hearts i need those three words i need help are like the hardest words even for us to say so we’re here we got you um and elizabeth i am noticing this gorgeous little cube blanket that you’ve got going on um i know that your remote world you’re excited to talk about um question for you um there’s a lot of questions about how is this remote world different but also i heard a little coog told me that you have a really exciting news that you want to share yes absolutely well first hello and welcome i’ve realized that yesterday was my fourth week anniversary as provost at wsu um and i do want to say i’m also a faculty member in the department of anthropology and and so is my husband and uh i know one of the questions that a lot of folks have been asking uh is about it as president schultz just mentioned the sort of the quality of the experience is this going to be less than in terms of quality and what i will say is you know when we went to the all of us nationwide went to the online pivot in the spring um you know i watched both my college freshman son at home taking remote courses while in the other room my anthropology professor husband was teaching courses remotely and i watched them both really try hard and struggle with something that we were really unprepared for this summer at wsu when i arrived i i discovered that first of all you know we were planning a lot of extra summer workshops and training for faculty because we had already been planning to have what i call a hybrid semester which was a lot of our larger classes were going to be delivered remotely and there was a small portion that we were trying to do face-to-face given changes in the way the virus was spreading it just became really clear that we weren’t going to be able to do that safely so um we’ve been working double time to get resources to our faculty whether it’s that they need new equipment or that they need training on thinking through how to convert lab sections into remote sections our graduate students our faculty our teaching assistants are all working really hard with through our academic outreach and innovation office to help them make sure that those courses are as absolutely high quality as they can be we’re working with our students as well to make sure they have the technology and they have the um the training to be able to access those resources so those are all available online on our wsu covid resource website but to get to the exciting news um i’ve been working really with it closely with our faculty and as we realized we were going remote a lot of people were asking questions about um course fees course and lab fees if my courses are you know these are special course fees they’re not the fees that uh kirk was just talking about that are for facilities and for all of the activities but they’re tied to specific courses if you’re taking a fine arts course or you’re taking a science course there might be a specific course fee and a number of departments were already waiving these for the semester but we decided as a university system that we are going to waive all course fees for the fall 2020 semester um that will make a big difference to a number of students and their families and we are going to work on on covering that internally some of those courses still do have costs but we feel like it’s important to do we can to support students and their families if those happen to be charged to your bill already they will be reversed so we’re in the process of making sure no one has charged those fees elizabeth thank you for that i know so many of our students commented on the questions that they submitted they’re worried about finances their families have lost positions and so thank you for that work we’ll be sending out just so that you know we will be sending out um information about some of the things you’re gonna hear today you’re just getting a preview of them you get the news before everybody else does really elizabeth thank you for that work hey jill i know there’s a lot of questions that are going on about what’s open and what kind of activities are available for students do you want to kind of give a sense of what you what we have planned for and all the work that our teams have been doing to help with that thanks mary jo so for those of you who are in pullman and again if you are able to stay at your permanent addresses we really want you to do that for the

fall semester we know we do know we are the permanent home for many of our students and so when you do come to us if you’re going to be here for the fall we will have things open and available for you but it is going to look a little bit different than what you’re used to so the first thing to know is that our recreational facilities will be open with capacity limits and also in alignment with the governor’s orders and so that means that you will have to work out with a face mask on if you enter the university recreation center or the chinook student center and that does take some getting used to i was trying to exercise the other day with the mask on and i had to play around with a different style of mask to make sure that i could breathe and i know that that is a tricky thing to get used to but it’s how we’re going to keep ourselves safe we also are going to have open limited dining facilities and so for our retail locations on campus you’re still going to be able to buy a burrito from carlita’s in the cub you just won’t be able to eat that burrito in the food court and so those are going to be some of the differences we’re also going to have study spaces open in the spark and in the queue and so those study spaces will be physically set up such that they’re they’re distanced everywhere inside right now you do need to keep that mask on that covers both your nose and your mouth i see a lot of folks kind of playing with that nose angle a little bit so uh be like butch and and keep it over your nose as well for those of you who are not in pullman we are going to keep you part of our crew community and we also need your help to do that by having you sign up for things engage with things and find your peers if this is your first year at wsu i strongly encourage you to find a study group in any of your online classes that’ll be a great way to meet cougs that are near to you in terms of academic interest or core classes and things like that and also to join a registered student organization if you can we have over 400 registered student organizations you can find something that interests you and if you can’t you just need a couple of other friends to come together to sign up for a common interest and we can help you get started as well but there are just a large number of virtual offerings that are coming your direction from all over the university everything from our access center which is our center that works with students with disabilities they’re starting a speaker series for all campus community members about disability and intersectionality that’s going to be a great series coming up this fall our multicultural student services area is running our mentorship program as usual this year along with our connexion orientation it’s not too late to get signed up and involved with those things if that is something that speaks to you uh we have our keyhort coming out of our gsorc and we say a lot of acronyms in higher education so g sorc stands for gender identity expression and sexual orientation resource center and i know that we have our director of g sororic also chat modding who can share a little bit more about those programs and services we also have opportunities coming forth for virtual sports not just esports but also virtual rec leagues are coming our direction this year so if that’s something that’s interesting to you those offerings will be available but our rec center’s really expanding some things this year too and you’re going to be able to do art nights on zoom and other really neat and interesting things that are coming forward so that’s just a light smattering of what we can expect and you know i know our team in the chat box can give you a whole lot more uh so i just wanted to start with that preview and let you know that the staff has been working relentlessly to make sure that our cougs are still connected as cougs this fall yeah so ferdinand’s is still open ferdinand is also still shipping cheese so if you’re not here you can order cheese and i promise that when we do come back to campus we will have a ferdinand’s evening slash night and make sure that we’re all enjoying that ice cream i had it for breakfast the other day it really helped after a long day um and so brian one of the things that i’m hearing also too is a lot of questions about financial aid and students struggling right parents have lost jobs students may not have been able to complete like the positions that they had available and i know that you and your team i know that you and the finance administration find stacey and the finance and administration team have done a lot of work to make sure that we can help students financially do you want to talk a little bit about what what you’re seeing and what this the needs that students are expressing but also what kind of support we’re going to be providing to them yeah thank you um cougs it’s great to be able to talk to you this evening we know a lot of people are struggling or having a really difficult time and know that we are here trying to help you continue your your academic journey and we appreciate your resiliency and your patience the first thing i would say is uh we have staff here sometimes surprises people working in the financial aid office all year round so if you do have questions you do have concerns you can certainly give us a phone call you can you can get a hold of us that way you can send us an email we’ll be happy to get a hold of you but as far as some of the adjustments that we have have been doing is we’ve repackaged about 24

000 students and so students with additional additional washington college grant funds students where where we can make adjustments to their loans we gave out over 10 000 10 million dollars in cares act funds and hundreds of thousands of other dollars in emergency funds we continue to work with our legislative folks and our foundation to get emergency funds to help assist students the other piece that’s really important is tuition did get calculated yesterday and we’re getting a lot of questions around the idea of am i going to get a late fee because that’s usually tuition’s usually do the first day of class we’ve delayed that late fee for a month to try to help assist students and families so they can get a clear picture financial aid is scheduled to disperse on monday so that’s when the process will begin the funds will go ahead and apply um to the students charges if everything is there in place so we encourage you to be logging into mywsu and and looking at your information and if you’re having questions or concerns to get a hold of us set an appointment up with a financial aid advisor via zoom and we’d be happy to talk and share with you about that in addition to that we have been going out and looking at students who haven’t had enough financial aid to cover everything and we’ve identified additional scholarships additional grants where possible and we’re trying to extend those to students to just try to to try to alleviate some of the financial burdens unlike other not unlike other years we do hear a lot of folks saying it costs too much i don’t have enough and we do our very best to help them if you’ve lost your job if you’ve had a difficult time we really do encourage you to reach out and i know there are a number of students who maybe haven’t applied for financial aid yet and the way that the washington college grant worked historically you would have missed the deadline but because it’s fully funded it’s not too late to apply and if you’re someone who’s never applied for financial aid we encourage you to do that as well just so you know what your options are just in case you need it at some point during the semester and then finally the scholarship application for next year is opening up this week so it’s not too late to start thinking about the next year as well yeah and brian we also um have right emergency funds for students and that’s at do you want to talk a little bit about that process for students who are finding themselves in that situation yeah so on our so on our main page we try to make it easy for students we have faqs we have the application we have community help resources uh there’s there’s four things right there and available i’m sure one of our moderators will plug that link into there uh so you fill out the application you open it up and it will ask you questions about um what your needs are what your additional expenses uh might be and we will do our best to fund those we have about 800 000 or so left in that so we are looking to prioritize that and like i said we are very hopeful that congress will act and there will be additional funds that will come available through that part of the process as well so yeah thank you for that that that’s really important that you have that out there and if that’s not the right opportunity we’ll let you know we have laptop loaner programs we have hot spot programs all different ways to be able to serve you help you assist you and as mary jo said we do work collectively as a team so if you let one of us know we’ll get you connected to the right person you don’t have to ask the right person we’ll get you there and just saying the words i need help we’ll get you connected and jill this brings up an issue that we hear a lot about too right which is around food security and maybe not having enough money do you want to talk a little bit about what the services are available there from our food pantries absolutely so again for those of you who are going to be located in pullman and you might need support with food resources we have modified our food pantry operations to create what we call go bags and so you just sign up ahead of time at and we’ll curate a food bag for you and then we’ll drop it curbside right outside french administration and lighting administrative services building but that website is a wealth of resources and it also contains resources for students that are located at other campuses so if you are physically in the state of washington but not near pullman you might be close to another one of our locations and you can take advantage of many of the resources that are listed for those students including local food resources i’m seeing some comments in the chat here about the emergency loans as well and so i do want to clarify that the emergency funding that we have available through the student care website is twofold we have some cares act funding that was disbursed in the spring that money has been completely distributed at this time and we are waiting to see if congress will give us additional resources but we also have an emergency grant program out of the office of the dean of students in non-coveted times this is a program that’s existed for a while it used to be

a loan program it’s now a grant program and we do have some limitations on that but we are very pleased that we were able to give students some emergency funding in small increments that no longer has to be paid back and so we saw we saw a lot of students take advantage of that this spring and we do have some criteria for that but the first step if you need that extra emergency funding beyond your financial aid package is to set up an appointment with us and then we’ll go through your individual circumstance and figure out if you’re a good candidate for that funding yeah thank you for jill thank you for that jill i think it’s really important again uh no judgment we’re here to help and that here to help means just saying what you need letting us know what you need so we can assist with that i think the and i i have to tell you i’m really excited cougs that i’m seeing a lot of questions about steady spaces and um teresa i’m going to come to you in a minute but like i hated math in college and it just wasn’t my thing and i did have a lot of study groups who helped but i also had some online support and frankly i wouldn’t have seen i wouldn’t have received that coup diploma cover that’s behind you in your screen if i didn’t get that help yeah so teresa i think you need to point it out once it goes to you because then they’ll actually see you but yes can you talk to us a little about some of the support um because i’m also going to talk about some available study spaces as we go into the semester yes all right cougs this is the diploma frame here diploma cover and keep your eye on the prize that’s the prize right there and we look forward to seeing you graduate and we know you’re just getting started so um yes i too could not have gotten where i am had i not gotten some tutoring in math in particular but other subjects as well and we have a peer tutoring program on campus and we’re delivering tutoring virtually this year and it’s actually available to students across the wsu system any campus can participate in tutoring math tutoring chemistry tutoring any of those so a lot of our tutoring resources are our lower division courses what we call you core courses that you may be taking and tutoring as i said is free you can look at the availability of tutoring and who the tutor is it’s all through a portal that we’re going to drop in the chat it’s and if you go on that portal now you’ll see some courses listed some stem courses listed for our inter session that students are doing right now and then we’re going to transition over into the beginning of the fall semester so tutoring in stem courses which you know math science engineering technology begins the first week of classes on wednesday so most of uh students will have class monday wednesday friday and we’re beginning on wednesday because we don’t want you to get behind in math or if something seems like oh i’m not really sure we really want you to do well in your courses and again our tutors are trained to answer your questions they’re doing a variety of things that they’ve done learned over the summer to help tutor you in those courses um they’re getting information on whiteboards if it’s easier for you to write something out and and show it to us um or they’re doing doing some polling exercises and things like that to for more study groups when students come in but check out that website we offer the tutoring during the afternoons anytime from noon on and evenings as well as weekends so check that out the rest of the courses outside of the sciences and math will come on after labor day about the third week of classes is when that schedule will come on so our tutors are there for you they can also point you to resources like academic coaching which is an opportunity for you to meet with somebody and talk about any anxiety you’re having about courses or how to take notes better time management how to use a planner any of those sorts of things and in some cases academic motivation might be a concern too of you know this just isn’t the class that i thought it was going to be what do i do and how do i stay engaged and interested so really encourage you your the peer tutors can refer you to those resources to our coaches to our advisors and we can help you out yeah and that’s a important point right motivation and i know that there’s a lot of questions about spaces i do want to clarify a few things there’s a reason why we are doing this graded opening and phased opening is because we need to protect the community so like if you’re living in a residence hall there’s going to be a closure of the kitchen and a closure of those land spaces until we can manage the environment so please know we have a limited spacing opening now study spaces and teresa i’m going to have you talk a little bit about what is available um but i also know that they’re going to it’s going to change over the course of the semester as students learn how to come together in safe spaces and where we’re not transmitting the disease so teresa do you want to talk a little bit about what those study spaces will be available around campus and maybe some

ideas that students could use as well sure among the study spaces for students who are living on campus certainly there’s study spaces available in your residence hall and you’ll be learning about those spaces as you’re moving in and joining us in the community we also have study spaces available in two of our major academic buildings the smith center which we call the queue or some people in the schedule it will look at like skew s-c-u-e um and also the spark building and those are spaces uh that are available for students you don’t need to go and reserve a spot we have the furniture moved around for social distancing we have sanitation stations available for you but those are some of the locations certainly the chinook and we’re also using in our union building the compton union building we call the cub we have spaces available in our ballroom and in our junior ballroom so those are all places that you can gather with other students and you know we know that as it gets colder here in pullman for those of you that are here we’re going to see more students drawing to those inside locations but certainly sitting outside on our picnic tables or some of the benches and furniture that we have outside is a great thing to do right now too so exactly studying outside on terrell mall would be great um thinking about an apartment land if you’re here in pullman how do you do it six feet apart at least outside the best strategy and making sure you do that um but this brings me to another question and another issue that we seem to face a lot right the community that’s here in pullman and the environment that we create for cougars it’s really difficult and dom if you remember you know we were in seattle what a year year and a half ago spending time with our american samoa alum and they said how important the coug community was how important the community they built like their peers their staff their the faculty right their support network while they were here and we have some students who are wondering how they’re going to build that you know remotely in person if they’re here what are some of the ideas you have what are some of the programs that y’all are working on thanks mary jo uh good afternoon everyone shoot shotgun please please um but i just wanted to let you all know that wsu really prides itself on building communities for all of our wgc students across all campuses and that’s if it’s a virtual or in pers person um being part of part of the cook community means being part of the cougar family and being part of the cougar cookie family cougs help coo cooks in the words of one of my great great colleagues miss lucy we got you uh what do i mean by that that law student leaders and staff staff members have planned all summer to try to provide the best experience possible for all of our students being part of a community is very important because you get to build rapport with other students you go through these life experiences together and being part of the cooker nation means you’ll be part of this uh uh coming forever ever so we want to make sure you guys are part of this family for forever um some of the great stuff stuff for me next week which will be our welcome um check out some of the dates on our website but we definitely want to talk about some about some of the happening currently right now we have a rep your face mask challenge at wsu where we want to promote healthy usages but also that is cool to wear your face mask i’m i have about 60 plus students that send me photos of awesome creations or i bought one they kind of showcase to all of our cougar community we have open houses for a lot of our offices and department departments where you have the opportunity community student leaders student mentors staff members to kind of help get some get some of your students answered we also have an event called coconut connection which is on sunday august august 23rd at 3 p.m where we have about ever about 30-year student organizations that have different zoom links but you will have the opportunity to jump in and out of those meetings now if you might be shy or if you might not want to go alone we have lots of student mentors to be able to help you to kind of introduce themselves and to jump in and out of those meetings with you during that event but lots of stuff happening during the week of welcome welcome um all that i ask is you give us to help you all out to get you all connected and stay engaged throughout this academic year and so um plenty of stuff new but i want to want to make sure you uh bring you guys to our weekly welcome website yeah and dom you also have some programs around first gen college students right because i was a first gen student i think many of us are on this call um and really didn’t know like what is the best piece of advice you could give to a student who’s like sitting at home and really fearful about even jumping in to the resource fair what would you say to them um give it a chance uh if i can give you any advice is it you know you know if you’re whatever try to put yourself up out there a lot of our student leaders and current staff members our viewers are really wanting to go out to make sure that you get connected um i didn’t do it by myself and neither did any of my friends and so i’m very thankful to have some of our student leaders go through summer

trainings to make sure that we’re able to get you connected to where you are connected um if we don’t have the answers at the time uh we will get them for you to make sure we get you connected i like to say my nickname is mr verizon because i’m connected worldwide and so i want to make sure you guys know if you guys need any help we want to make sure that we get you guys connected connected to the decision department yeah right and it’s just making sure that hey this is that learning to figure out what your new community is in this new environment is really important um and this goes to arturo one of those places like i missed the gym at 5 30. i know people are like what um i’ve gained covered 25 not cova 19 um and i miss those by missing those out those 5 30 am workouts at the src by the way that’s the student recreation center just to get rid of the acronyms our u rec staff university recreation staff have done a lot of things uh to make it different right including ramon who does this great foam roller video and some live student classes do you want to talk a little bit about what you’re offering um at urec and some of the unique ways that people can get engaged um and involved thank you marine joe um shout out to being a first gen cook as well and before i get into that which we do offer a lot of programming at the src through university recreation um i just do want to shout out one of the people in the chat i’ve been kind of watching the chat this entire time and it’s making me feel like i’m living my dream of being a twitch streamer even though this is more work um but someone said something about account of transparency equals accountability equals trust and that’s what our goal here is today um i know that as a coug it can be frustrating to navigate a university as large as wsu but i really want to give everybody here in the chat kudos for being present because this is the step to getting involved and figuring out how this all works out so with that said what can you do at wsu through university of recreation we have a ton of programming online and in person so some of our fitness classes have had to shift to be online so that we can serve the student population that is not going to be here on campus and for those that are here on campus that we will still offer socially distanced fitness classes i’ve seen in the chat a lot of questions about what’s capacity is it worth going to the facility if i can’t even get a spot and yeah you might have to plan a little bit more i’m certainly not a person who’s like i’m going to work out on wednesday i just like used to go now you’re going to have to think through when you want to work and work out and what you specifically want to do so that means reserving spaces and depending on the location of that space the capacity is going to vary so for example in a room that’s as small as say your average living room of course i’m not going to have 30 people but if i take the basketball courts which we have three that are right next to each other the distancing measures are going to be a little bit different there and so we do have quite a bit to offer i know through our intramurals and competitive sports program we’re offering some competitive sports opportunities to connect in online so even though right now say the equestrian club can’t meet and do their typical thing we’re still offering them opportunities to connect remotely through our challenge and team building program we’re also offering intramural leagues that are more tethered to esports such as rocket league league of legends nba 2k league all the leagues that you can think of but we’re still also trying to shoot for some in-person leagues now a lot of this stuff is going to vary depending on what our state regulations allow we do have very strict regulations and that’s all with the emphasis of keeping students safe here on campus that’s going to be our biggest priority if we’re going to provide you services we want to do so in a way that is going to be safe for you safe for us as staff members safe for the faculty and safe for the community it’s going to be a big piece about cougs helping foods the last thing i want to throw out there is in terms of additional programming that we’re doing mj just mentioned it about even our our weight room might be offering things like video foam rolling there’s a lot of remote programming that’s being offered and i would really direct everybody here in this call to go towards our website i know it’s kind of cheeky to say like visit our website but like that’s really going to be the best resource for us if you go visit that you can register there you can reserve all your space there there’s a welcome new cougs page there’s a registrations page all your answers can be addressed through that page and you can also find the people to contact because there’s a lot of moving pieces there’s a lot of staff who contribute to the success of these programs so you might have to reach out and ask your specific questions to those specific staff yeah even it’s in my mind it’s also like the the registration process to

get online space is actually really easy it’s fill in the form you can also call the front desk number to reserve those spaces again it’s a part of what we call the biosecurity measures that’s the fancy word for everything to temperature checks um to making sure that you are at testing when you come to campus if you come to campus that you’re not showing any signs and symptoms it’s also about testing i’m going to talk really briefly about cougar health services and then i’m going to ask kirk to talk about our testing program and what we think we’re going to be doing in the future around testing um one of the things that we know is that students who are on campus can go to cougar health services they’ve been open this entire time what we do ask is that you call first if you’re having symptoms because what they will do is they will direct you in a certain direction and a certain mechanism in order to make sure that you’re getting the help that you need we are working with pullman regional hospital and making sure that they have testing back behind the emergency room um in order if you are symptomatic in order to get you tested and working on it as a university we are thinking about a testing process and a testing strategy kirk i’m going to have you talk a little bit about what that looks like for us in the future well hello cougs again and i appreciate all the the questions around testing what that means what it’s going to look like cost all those sort of things so let me just give a few things and i’m going to ask mary jo to sort of fill in some of the gaps first we’ve been working all summer to stand up a lab to do the testing right in pullman washington in the college of veterinary medicine and you can say well you know order some lab equipment i mean how hard can that be right well it’s taken several months of really concerted effort to make sure that we’re certified and that we can do that so while that doesn’t seem very glamorous that’s a really important step because we can do testing locally and we can get turnaround times much quicker than we could in other places there are some concerns nationally though around testing and many of you probably seen this about whether they can get all the chemicals and reagents that we need in a timely fashion for testing what the turnaround time is on testing so what we’re doing is we have some of the best people in the country that are on uh a group that we have at wsu working on what testing protocols could look like um how much of our population we test what that needs to look like and so that’s still in process and we’re still working on what that needs to look like and we have to balance intrusion personal privacy those sorts of things along with keeping our community safe and we want to make sure we do this in a way that people say yes that makes sense i understand why you’re doing it and it helps us to keep everybody in our community faculty staff and students safe so that will come out in the next several weeks we’re going to get more details on what that’s going to look like but please know we take this seriously we want it to be the type of thing that we do as unobtrusively as possible but as mary jo mentioned if any of you are worried about the ability to be tested in pullman we can do that if you’re worried about do we have a hospital that can accommodate anybody that has more severe covered 19 symptoms the answer that is absolutely we have that medical care uh right here locally in our community we cannot accommodate huge numbers of people but we can accommodate what we need to and that’s part of the reason we emphasize all the public health measures on wearing mass and so on so bottom line from my perspective is we’re going to get more information to you that will be out there watch for a cobia 19 site mary jo you can fill in some gaps and maybe give some more information than what i gave absolutely so as we look at testing we know that is one of the biosecurity measures is to measure the prevalence of coven 19 in the community and what we’re doing and i’m going to use some examples of some offices some of those offices that are going to be opening you will see that there will be six feet distance you will see that you will have to wait or even call in for an appointment to get that appointment to limit the number of people in those spaces and all of that is because we currently don’t have an active surveillance test testing program we are putting that in place in the spring we’re going to do some piloting in the fall with some of the groups that are currently on campus including those students who are living in a variety of places we also need you to participate in those biosecurity measures so it is about wearing your mask it’s also about washing your hands and as jill said make sure that the mask covers your nose because we often see people who are missing the chin or missing the nose or even have it on their forehead sometimes and it’s difficult and trust me it’s hard i go out and i’m like oh i forgot my mask and i run back in but this is a part of our whole strategy of really making sure limiting the number of students on campus right now so that we can build up the testing program for the way that we need to so for those of you in the pullman community

um expect to be getting some information about the testing process as we want you to be a pilot for that process moving forward um i do want to go there with some questions about synchronous and asynchronous um what does that mean and i think elizabeth you’re probably the right person to answer um because it’s a pretty big deal and students don’t really understand the difference between the two sometimes yes well thank you for that um so essentially synchronous just means that everyone who would have been there physically in the classroom is all there at exactly the same time looking at each other for better for worse on little squares on the screen and and talking and and listening to the professor and discussing asynchronous is when a faculty member might put materials up online whether it be a video or activities that students can do whenever they have time to do that the faculty vary on depending on what the subject matter is depending on the size of the class and we have emphasized the faculty and they’ve been enormously flexible and also recognizing that you know on the one hand i can tell you for my son that the synchronous classes meaning every wednesday he had italian at 10 10 it kept him in a routine and he could count on that and he knew that other classes were not going to meet there but we’ve also asked faculty to be very flexible in for students for example who may not be able to log on at that time because they don’t have a good internet connection they might be sharing with family members they might not have uh they might be sharing a computer or they may have jobs so faculty are providing backup especially if someone were to get sick or or just not be able to log in for that short period of time so there’s going to be flexible between flexibility between no synchronous meaning all at the same time and also for allowing for other time zones and travel we need to be able to also combine that with asynchronous course delivery tip and sometimes faculty may switch out what that may look like depending for example on exercises or activities for groups getting together right it could look very different for all of those classes um i also you know as we talk about this you’ve been here a few weeks right um and how’s your how are you enjoying like living in pullman and even though you’re a little bit remote right you’re still remote how are you enjoying it and engaging it what are you thinking oh well you know my family and i we absolutely love being washington residents you know a lot of our friends and family think we’re crazy to move cross-country in the middle of a global pandemic and you know it was challenging there’s there’s no question uh but i i feel like we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be i’m really loving the cougar family everyone’s been so warm um you know this is important work obviously great team members who are the present company included who are working on some of these tough issues for higher ed but i love the pullman area i love eastern washington um i’m really happy to be here exactly and so elizabeth you’re going through the same experience as many of our first-year students all right learning all of the language and the terminology um so that you know when elizabeth and are talking i stop and i’m like oh that acronym means this because it’s important as we transition people into a community that we not it’s about just talking about acronyms but it’s also helping them to understand some of what we think and some of what we do so arthur i heard a question about week of welcome right and what does that typically look like and what is it engaged in do you want to feel you feel comfortable filled on that question yeah absolutely all right thank you um so i’ve seen some stuff in the chat and i’m also realizing we can talk about we could welcome a bit first off i want to emphasize that not everything on the week of welcome calendar is mandatory i believe there are a few things that are mandatory um but week of welcome is a way for you to engage and get to meet your students or some of your fellow coops now some of that stuff is going to be in person but the majority of it’s going to be remote and we want to make sure that we provide a venue for you all to engage in some way it might be via zoom but we’re still going to look towards getting folks participating and so from the student recreation side it’s going to be fitness classes to locations where you can potentially stop by and participate in a short activity i know other parts of our our division are also looking towards engaging students throughout week of welcome by providing those opportunities i think the biggest shout out that i can do for week of welcome is check out that events page on on wsu’s website i think i believe and someone here can correct me if i’m wrong i’m wrong it’s and there’s a list of everything that is available

for week of welcome now you don’t have to attend all of it you don’t have to attend any of it except the mandatory stuff um but i really do encourage you like just to take a look and maybe you find something maybe you don’t but at least you could stay you and one of the special things that we will be offering during um our convocation and after our convocation will be kind of a food truck rally at different locations because we don’t want to put them together free things like free tacos free tater tots um so we’re gonna be excited to do some of that but again look at the website and you’ll be getting more information as you go jill i think we also had some questions around caps and um cougar health services do you want to talk a little bit about that yeah absolutely i want to say unequivocally that our cougar health services will remain open this semester to help meet your basic health needs physical and mental so right now our programs are really asking that you call first for an appointment call before you do anything because we do have very limited walk-in capabilities right now but one of the biggest things that you know we’re wanting to make sure that we still have available for students this fall is mental health support services so caps is an acronym caps it stands for counseling and psychological services and our counseling and psychological services team is able to provide mental health services via zoom so you could have an appointment with a counselor via zoom assuming you are in the state of washington there are some licensure borders that means you have to be in the state for the most part but if you have an urgent or unique circumstance and you’re not in the state of washington they will be very equipped to help you find someone that’s either local to your area or help to get you through that moment in order to get you connected with someone who is licensed to see you in your area so our health services are available for students whether you are in pullman or not but it will look a little bit different depending on where you are in the country or in the state cougar health services is basically our primary care option for students on the pullman campus in our washington building and they can meet most of our basic student health needs including things like a flu shot if you are a student we’re going to be looking to run our flu shot friday clinics starting in the fall semester for anyone who might be in pullman but they can also see you for other things as well so if you want to see their full offerings it’s on our website the last thing we’ll talk about in the cooper health services vein is uh cougs cancel covid which i think is a really exciting new program that’s coming out this fall our director of health promotion along with many other partners on the wsu campus are going to be rolling out an educational campaign to help our kooks understand how we can do our part as a community to combat the virus so cougs cancel covid you can hashtag that now speaking of social media and cougs cancel covid dom what are your thoughts on social media and how students can engage there um thanks mary jo uh we want to be able to connect with you guys the best and we noticed a lot of your strength working through your social media media um definitely check out a lot of updates on all of our social media platforms if it’s if it’s instagram twitter or facebook a lot of our student clubs and student leaders are doing a great job updating that information and we want to make sure that you get that stuff and so definitely check out your social media um check out our information on our website and we definitely want to share that with you so we get you all more connected so yeah and that goes to an issue that came up briefly on the last town hall was about student employment brain do you want to talk a little bit about what it means to have a work-study allocation and you know how to go about finding a job for students even remotely yeah absolutely we are we are certainly trying to stay busy and active with that uh we’ve seen i’ve seen some of the questions on the chat whether or not students will continue to get paid at the same rate uh so there are no plans to reduce the rates that students um are going to be um working at we we hire people in student financial services i know that’s where my wife and i we met in the financial aid office um so a big big fan of looking for a job so we have um our handshake so you can either go to the financial aid site and you can click on student employment in the in the left column and they’ll plug a link also to handshake you can look there and you can find some some job opportunities if you have been offered work study um we know that there still are a significant number of jobs and we continue to reach out to employers i know mary jo we will continue to have some conversations what student affairs can do to continue to provide some opportunities maybe it looks a little different than what you guys have been providing before but we’re really excited about that and my son works for he’s a wsu student he’ll be graduating this december so ray and i we’re very excited we have a kook and he works for the rec center so if you if you see him out there give him a shout out he’s a cool guy yeah so student employment is still happening in a variety of office

including some remote services where students and i’m i refer to the social media because we have a lot of student positions that are working on social media graphic design um many of the opportunities that students have are still available to do remotely but there are some that need to be here physically like for example those who work in the rec center or those who work in our dining facilities and our housing facilities so please know that there’s options for that um again it’s han it’s handshake right brian yeah it’s handshake and i’m sure the moderators will put the put that link in the chat also um we’ll make sure that you have all the equipment that you need so i know sometimes students worry about that but i know we’re going to make sure you have your computers and whatever equipment that you need to be able to do your job and we’re even doing training remotely as well so i know that there are plenty of employers out there excited to work with you and to engage with you please just reach out you have any concerns at all you can always call the financial aid office and we will help you but it’s important to act quickly on those jobs because those work study jobs are often very very popular yeah and so the other piece of that too is again ask for help if you don’t know think about some jobs that you want and move forward and theresa i’m going to come back to you because there is one question that keeps coming up can i get remote tutoring and i know you said it but sometimes those of us who struggle in certain subject areas are really afraid to say it so the fact that they’re saying it is important do you want to talk a little bit again about remote uh tutoring and what kind of support services are available at a distance absolutely um there is remote tutoring available it is online and you just need to go to the academic success and career center website um which we can drop in the chat as well as the other website is and check it out you can find tutoring in a variety of subjects all of the tutors are your peers upperclassmen and in some cases running start students who just graduated from high school and have already mastered the subject area and we do also have jobs and tutoring available i wanted to mention that as we’re talking about jobs on handshake right now remote tutoring positions across different departments as available as well as urac positions dining positions all of that so check it out there’s plenty of tutoring opportunities nine hours a day tutoring monday through thursday we also tutor on sunday nights so there is a variety of times if you do better one-on-one with a tutor talk to the tutor when you go into the first session and you know have that conversation with them about here’s what works for me and we can juggle some things around and help you out with that we want to make sure you’re doing well in your classes and mary jo i just want to say one more thing i think is really important for our students i know that the president mentioned you know checking your email on a daily basis i want to mention a a little prep thing that you can do right now is um participate in the vtech ready program we can drop that into the chat the btec ready program is going to talk about your learning management systems blackboard canvas and how to get ready for your classes so prepping for that is really important so that when you go to the first day of classes you’re there on time you’re there ahead of time your equipment’s all working you can check your equipment to make sure everything is is lined up check your computer and we’ll drop all of that into the chat so check that out it’s really important well and therese i absolutely good point about how to get ready for the first day do you want to just come drop some wisdom pearls of wisdom for these students for students who are like what does this mean for me what are some of the things you recommend um to help them be successful yeah i think you know we all think about when we’re you know physically going to go to something really important we always want to show up early same thing online i think it’s really important to think about that be looking at your schedule check your email on a daily basis or a couple times a day and when we say check your email we mean your wsu email so you know whatever your wsu email is start checking that now because professors faculty may already be communicating with you on that and talking about their courses that’s how we’re going to communicate with you if you’re on a wait list for a course um so if you’re wondering you know i was wait listed for this course i’m number two on that wait list or number six am i going to get in check your email because we will be doing that constantly sending out those reminders um faculty will be doing that check your schedule definitely check your schedule so that you’re enrolled in the classes you think are enrolled in check the times of day a weekly schedule view is a really good thing to do too and if you’re looking at getting ahead on some of your some things that you want to do you want to do a little reading ahead of time i recommend the trevor noah book it’s our common reading book for this year

born a crime check it out and you can do some reading on that ahead of time and we’re going to have a lot of programming throughout the semester i am beyond excited about that book and about all the common read programs that we’re going to have i do want to talk very briefly about student fees i know that has come up in the chat and want to address that pretty directly last week you received an email and it indicated exactly our processes students are a significant portion of the work that we do when we talk about student fees they often generate the initiatives they purposefully think about what it would mean to tax other students including those future students to have these kinds of buildings and facilities that we have and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to consult students and have those boards who made those decisions and made those decisions about how they’re allocated we’re going to have them be a part of your that process so i want to make sure you know check your email please feel free to give input into aswsu which is your associated students of washington state university president vice president as well as all the leadership that they have as well as our graduate and professional student association also known as gpsa to talk about those fees we hear you we’re concerned as well as much as you are but we want to make sure that students who are leading those charges sometimes managing 10 million 80 million dollar budgets to make some of those decisions with us and so we want to make sure you know that and if you’re a finance major or even if you’re not a finance major and want to learn about it that’s a great place to get involved we are going to have a town hall um when that time comes and so want to make sure that you’re going to join us i’m going to make sure that we’re in gallery view rob and i want to thank all of my wonderful colleagues here who again have given everything that they can to make your experience we will continue to host town halls for specific groups for students in the future we want to make sure that you focus on cougs canceling covid absolutely correct we have a responsibility to take one and take care of one another and don’t forget that this friday is fight song friday um you’re going to hear a lot more about that in the coming year is that we sing the cough fight sound whenever we can and i want to say thank you for spending time with us we look forward to seeing you again soon and go cougs