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Hello everyone, my name is Vlad A4 Kobyakov. Glent And welcome to the video “Who builds the best plane challenge” Yes, guys, today we will build airplanes They should fly, be nice, run on …How it’s called? On flight strip Yes, it is We’ll represent 3 different countries to build our planes We’ll write the names of countries on our planes Now we should choose an aircrat I prefer this one I choose this one, in the center Look, it’ll be USA, I’m sure And what? It’s no t possible! China I will represent USA I’ll represent India Each country has its own building material We’ll see them in hangars And also, guys, there is something more Subscribers, get ready Of course, each country should have its own image What is going on? I’m ready to compete! Guys, there are almost 20 million on the channel, and we are striving a lot Costumes, sets, everything becomes more spectacular due to the subscribers Your subscriptions motivate A4 production team to level up Guys, just look at this! We covered the floor in hangar with asphalt for the sake of this video! Guys, we’ve grown grass! So what I have to say This subsription, I mean the red button becoming gray, it’s an important resource for us It’s like food. We eat it, we’re not hungry and we shoot cool videos for you Guys, the button subscribe below, click on it, and let’s watch the video So guys, our building materials are here Let’s start. One, two America will build its plane out of plastic I have bottles, folders and a bunch of such transparent sheets And also I have a lot of things to fasten it: tape, clips, stapler, scissors, superglue and two packs of toothpicks Finally they gave me the material that I wanted Cardboard is the best material to build an airplane I have an idea! Also I have empty juice boxes, superglue, scissors and tape I am satisfied I have nothing. It’s China I have some small wheels that I don’t understand how to fasten with a plane. It’s China! A rug and nothing else No basics, no juice boxes as guys said I don’t know what it will be Let’s try Also, guys, there is one thing to motivate us in this game You, subscribers, you’ll estimate our planes according to 4 criteria It’s exterior, it’s capability to go on runway It’s capability to fly and air defense Our plane will be fired from anti-aircraft guns, and it must survive So, guys, I’m timing half an hour I have an idea: to make the frame of these Chinese bamboo sticks Then sheathe it with these sheets Well, let’s make a plane out of it. Let’s fasten it I divided this sheet of cardboard. I’ve got a square I want to split the square in half again I’ll have two sidewalls for the plane I can’t wait to make a winning plane to beat my opponents Why wait? I have a cool idea Well, my flight will begin right here and now That was interesting. War Thunder is a large online action game Aircraft, helicopters, tanks of different countries can participate in battle at once It’s like in ouк video Only in War Thunder you can fly both on classic plane and on modern supersonic aircraft with homing missiles That’s what I’m going to build Improve your equipment with additional modules Upgrade your crew and customize your equipment So I really like to customize and improve something

You know Advanced graphics, realistic sound and these realistic movements provide maximum immersion in the atmosphere of war Millions of people are already fighting in War Thunder Join too. While watching the video, download the game Follow the link in the description. Watch the video until the end and play in War Thunder See you on the battlefield By the way, War Thunder requires any hardware Follow the link in the description Hey, guys, do you hear me? Guys, I remembered that it’s possible to make small wooden models There is a frame, wings, and then you should cut out Then you should make a plane from this parts So I’m trying to draw again Then I’ll cut it, put there a wing and a tail And it will be a plane! I have already made a wing for my fighter plane This is the right side, I’m going to cut the left one And then I’ll do the central part I want to make it like in a paper plane It is very important. I have to des… dis… ? To design it, Glent Well, China helped me I made such a frame and attached wheels I’m going to fix more wheels and then to cover it somehow with this material I guess it will not be too big But it will be stable, solid and the most important, fast I could not cut out this parts It breaks all the time, I can’t saw it or cut it American development Let’s warm up the knife to cut it. Maybe it’ll work I think it’s a good idea I’m going to try this stuff I’m trying to make wings out of this material, cause China has nothing, I’m doing it by eye I hope it will work I do not trust this thread, so I will superglue it to strengthen the structure I’ll use it for the cenrtral part I also have a question for you: are you afraid to fly ? Leave comments Do you afraid? I don’t. Leave comments I can’t glue this material I found toothpicks, so I’m trying to fix the frame In theory, I should strengthen the structure and make it less fragile I have only to raise the wings, fix them and it will be ready And then I’ll decorate it 7 minutes later I cut off the bottom I hope to cut it all, and then I’m going to break it without any tools I will find two perfect wings and I’ll tape them It’ll be such a nice transparent frame I continue to build the fuselage, then I’ll cut it all neatly I’ll get the shape of an airplane I’ll attach it to the frame and it’ll fly. It’s so simple Come on! I’m so tired of doing it Look, it’s a real plane I spent a lot to make the frame, iI have to quickly get out I have an idea how can I use the runway for my plane I need sandpaper Done. I can attach the wing now I wanted to stick a strip here To be honest, I wanted to glue it in the middle, but it’s stuck and I can’t tear it off Let’s try one more time Look, it look almost like a plane Now we will stick the back of the fuselage You can see that I’ve used this tape, so that it looks like this material Maybe I could make a wing from this? Maybe. I really don’t have time to figure it out I guess that the wings are perfect. Look, bam Bam! From another side This plane is so cool, isn’t it? Thanks I made it quite quickly I want to make a test run. If it falls apart, I will find the cause and fix it Let’s go! So, well, it outweighs somewhere I think this button outweighs on this side As an Indian genius, I come back to do all better It looks like a plane I guess Let’s make a test run

It flows Look, my plane is so brand new, all the details are so brand new, that’s there is even covered up Let’s unwrap all the details If only it would be so in real life Now it has become transparent. It’s invisible! Let’s fix the first wing, and then we’ll see how to strengthen it So guys, I think, wings are too sharp They hold air I think I should cut off the wings And then I’ll try one more time The wing is too heavy, why I hadn’t thought of it? I’m taking the bottle to cut a half, like this Then I’m taking my plane, I’m picking it up Quicker! I should cut it there It looks like a shark That’s it, my plane looks like a plane The wings are fixed so it’s unreal to break them It’s firm. I’m going to paint my plane It’s smoothed now, I think the wind will push my plane even stronger Let’s try to launch it I don’t understand why it rises sharply and then does a somersault I have to fix it In short, I’m trying to fasten the wings to the frame in every possible way I even put the sticks there, I glued it It’s a crazy mix. I hope it’ll hold on As they say, there is never much glue Clipmakers, put a brazier here, okay? Now I am returning to the burner and the nail You’ll see I remembered that I need some wheels and they should be fixed somehow Let’s do like this And then let’s fasten the wheels Some kind of this You’ll see Well, my plane is ready, I guess I painted it, I leave it and I’m going to prepare for the tests This fire is so nice It’s orange Let’s make another hole Now it’s up to this baby Let’s tape it I put the bottle again so that the plane looks like a fighter So, I set two pairs of chassis on my plane It’s easy to accelerate my plane The plane is taking off! Not bad The most important advantage of my plane is that I can drive it from behind It can really turn and it will equalize the balance between the front and back of the plane It’ll fly good I will wait for the final check, I hope it’ll support it and fly Now I have to decorate it. I want to paint my plane I think it’ll be nice I’m not afraid to take it in hands anymore I have to attach some bombs or rackets I have to attach something, anyway This is actually needed so that it will falls on the bottles I’ve already applied the first coat of paint on the wings, my plane looks better now I want to paint two yellow points There will be Indian points Explain me please, how is it possible to move on these wheels? Too funny Let’s put the last layer of paint on my plane My plane is ready, I can test it I always thought that taping is crap in such games It’s unfair, but I have no choice, guys I tapes wheels, let’s test them You know, it’s not so bad as i thought Now I can officially declare: my plane is ready, I can test it Is this stuff to wash dishes? This is a cargo plane, you don’t understand No, this is a cargo plane Is it a buggy? Look, didn’t you see this in Lego? It’s Stels, guys

No tape I will try not to use tape, but it’s too hard to work with this material, it was cracking The only thing I’m not sure about is that it will move far It will fly and win the audience’s prize, I’m sure! My plane is very nice and it looks like a fighter Subscribers, do you remember that you decide who wins in the first round? It depends only on you Write in comments, whose plane is the finest It’ll get the audience’s prize Write the name in comments, or leave likes on other comments I’m voting for A4 The second test is a race, right? They built a special construction It will help to launch our planes Let’s test it Look, there is a slingshot It’ll help the plane to gain speed But it can also help to fall apart. Anything can happen Look, my plane can roll out of the runway You can here there It’s important that the plane gets until the end It’s easy, look Come on! Faster! Are you ready? Come on! One, two, three! I thought it would worse The wheels are okay It’s okay, Kobyakov. It’s further than the Kobyakov’s one I think you don’t want even to try In this round, I do not need victory. What for? This is a plane It should fly Well it was a drift I wanted to miss this contest Congrats, Glent, it’s you first victory! Look, I won in beauty and wheels You don’t know. But I agree that you won in speed Let’s wait So guys, what’s now? Let’s fly! Look, there is a red zone ahead of the runaway It can be used for acceleration, for anything I will launched it from here Kobyakov decided to make a running start One, two, three! Well, if you do not take into account that he did a triple Arab flip, then, it’s okay I didn’t do a single test of my plane at all So that I can’t imagine, how it’s going to fly Unfortunately, I have not found the balance of my plane It’s depends of my throw Two, one That’s the flight! I didn’t expect it from myself It’s terrible! It flew around the cloud! Well done! It looked so cool It was flying like this, then it tucked wings and flew around the operator Sorry, major should not do this Engines warmed up, fuel loaded, it’s time to take off One, two, three Something is broken Wait Wait… do you want to say that it’s because of the long distance? I wonder, what did you say? Long? I liked it When my plane lands down, that’s fine But when the plane lands on them, after it hit by its top part Look at this balance in the center! The passengers are applausing We’re rating the flight The viewers will rate it too I guess Kobyakov should get 3 points, 4,5 are for A4, Glent should get 5 points It flew off somewhere, so it should also get 4,5 But guys, subscribers, we can’t decide It’s up to you Write whose plane do you prefer Estimate our planes Guys, you have to leave likes So that we’ll compete one more time And we’re moving on to the next test So, guys, this gun is loaded with 5 anti-aircraft balls 5 shots from America, 5 shots from India You can’t go over this line USA starts Hey, do not step over the line You missed ! Try to hit the wing Missed! USA, where is you precision? We have self-navigation India sees the enemy on the horizon, it takes aim Missed! Shot! Stop it! It’s clear Not bad, damn Look, it’s holed, all fuel will flow out But in general It looks okay, but it’ll not fly more If only to make this I’m not too afraid that you will hit my plane Cause India builds good things Well, I’m aiming at the tank Let’s go, China!

Got it? Come on, no! What do you mean? It passed right through It didn’t care. You may do what you want It’ll fly further, it’s a really cool device It’ll not fly like in War Thunder, but it’s okay too Look through these holes It’s okay I’ll be smarter My island is there Oh, yank, you’re a fox One, two, three, four, five That’s it, stop You demolished the cap of the tank, fuel is leeking No, it was just an antenna It’ll fly without an antenna It’s killed After such damages the plane goes down I strongly disagree Please demonstrate us You’re a rat! I think you have problems because my plane is invisible, you don’t even see where to shoot Kobyakov! China needs to reprimand, since there were clearly more than 5 missiles Yank was a rat last time, I have to do the same I want to shoot from the side Look, the frame is crumpled Aerodynamics is completely broken What have you done here? Let’s see, you did nothing Aerodynamics is broken It’s holed here To be honest, Vlad A4 had some advantage here No damage Maybe it will fly Smooth landing, guys Guys, do you remember, that your rate is the most important? So write in comments what do you think about our planes Of course, leave likes so that shoot another competition It was me, Vlad A4 Kobyakov. Glent Bye-bye! Check it War Thunder is installed on your PC It’s installed on mine And on yours? Follow the link in the description to download it The captain of the A4 ship asks you to click on this round button Click on it and find out what will happen And these are videos that YouTube advises you to watch You’ll like them Click!