11 Plane Gemini Jets MASSIVE UNBOXING and review! 1:400 Airport updates coming soon-read description

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11 Plane Gemini Jets MASSIVE UNBOXING and review! 1:400 Airport updates coming soon-read description

Hello everybody! ACS777x here and today the massive Gemini Jets unboxing for you there’s 11 planes both of them are from Diecastjets this one is the February releases pre-orders, I pre-ordered them back in January and this is from past releases think there’s one February release in here but anyways let’s just get started ok I just cut them open and my cutting skills aren’t the best as you can kind of see there but yeah oh well but let’s open the February releases first We have some paper, lots of paper, more paper, more paper, ok there’s a smaller box in here that’s weird but okay well and I’m just gonna cut this one open. Okay now let’s open this smaller box and looks like we presented with the models so we have the United A319, I got two of them as you can see there, we can look at them and stuff looks good, looks good I’ll unbox them in a little bit, next we have the Southwest then, I got three oops! I got three United Embraer 175s, let’s just get them out real quick, all look good, alright, so I’ll put all of those off to the side then next I’ll open this box, More paper, hooray, so here we have United CRJ-550, another one then an Air Canada CRJ-200 and we have the Icelandair 737 MAX 8, then we have the FedEx MD-11 I already have three of these CRJ-550s but since there are so many at O’Hare I just decided to get two more, Air Canada this is actually for Indianapolis and Milwaukee when I start them so this doesn’t fly to Chicago, and the Icelandair MAX, this flies to O’Hare obviously not right now because it’s grounded but it has and it will, and FedEx MD-11 I just need another FedEx plane so why not Indianapolis is a big FedEx hub, so now we’ll open these models, first we can start with the FedEx looks good I will do a close-up in a little bit, next, the Icelandair MAX 8

I also heard that the Gemini MAX 8 mold was pretty good so that’s another reason why I got this Wow, that is good mold, look at that put that right there next the Air Canada CRJ-200, wow this is a tiny model, that’s for sure show more views of it, put it right there next for the two United CRJ-550s If I can open this here, there’s one, these are hard to open there’s two, okay so I’ll just move these a little bit to make room, next I will guess open the E175 first there we go, looks good, oops!, we’ll open that in a bit get this open, there we go, there’s number two, let’s open this one, and there’s number three, so now let’s open the Southwest looks good, this is Tennessee One, I’m gonna put that right there United A319s, I thought there was a paint chip on there but it’s just something on there don’t know what it was, but there it is and here’s the second one, put that right there

alright so there’s the unboxing part now, I will get up close with the models and show all the details so let’s get started! Ok, so first we’ll start with the United Express Bombardier CRJ-550 so first we have the gear door right there, sorry, then that says 504 then that’s our slogan, connecting people uniting the world, and the Star Alliance logo, cockpit windows the door, operated by GoJet Airlines, then United Express titles as you move back we have the registration, November-5-0-4-Golf-Juliet, then we have the wings right here with the winglet and the gear, then here we have the engines, then there’s the tail right there there we go, so then, here’s the other side for you, there we go then here’s a bottom, there’s the gear, then the main landing gear sorry it’s not focusing, Gemini Jets there’s the back, next we will start with the Air Canada CRJ-200, if it wants to focus, there we go, so we have the cockpit windows here, Star Alliance titles, then the door, then, the Air Canada Express Bombardier CRJ-200 right, we have the winglets here, their black on the outside but on the inside they have the Air Canada logo, there we go, and then we have the engines right here, sorry that’s not focusing, it’s probably, there we go, there’s the tail, 165 and then, Charlie-Foxtrot-Indigo Juliet-Alpha, that’s the registration, and yeah there’s the, here’s the other side for you, then here’s the top, kind of, If it wants the focus, there we go, and here’s the bottom there’s the Air Canada logo, Gemini Jets, and there are the engines and the tail, alright next we will do the United Express Embraer E175, so there’s the, sorry, their slogan, connecting people, uniting the world then, Star Alliance logo, there’s the door, United Express titles then there’s the engine right there, and they’re the E175 winglets, let’s see if it will focus on that one, there we go, they’re blue on both sides, then here’s the registration, if it wants to focus, there we go, November-6-0-5-Uniform-X-ray then the U.S. flag, then there’s the new United tail, then, the other side, there we go there’s their slogan again, it says ExpressJet Airlines right there, then there’s the tail again, here’s the top, if it wants to focus, there we go and the bottom, there’s the gear if it wants to focus, there we go, then there’s the main gear, Gemini Jets, then there’s the tail, so next we’ll move

to the United A319, all right, let’s just get the whole thing in frame, there we go, so there’s the gear right there, connecting people uniting the world, then cockpit, Star Alliance logo, then the door, then, United titles right there, and here’s the wing with the engines there’s the Airbus winglet, lost focus, there we go blue on both sides, and here’s the registration, November-8-7-6-Uniform-Alpha, and that says 4876, I think right there, then there’s the new United tail right there, looks like a paint chip right there, that’s not good but, here’s the other side, then, there is the tail again, no paint chip on that side and here’s the top, then the bottom, sorry guys there we go, it says A319 right there and then Gemini Jets, then there’s the tail again, alright, next we will do the Southwest 737-700 in Tennessee One there we go, so, Tennessee One, and then there’s the door, the heart logo, then here’s the Tennessee flag right here, you can kind of match it with the engine like that pretty cool, then there’s the winglets, they’re gray on both sides, as you can see, sorry this plane is pretty tail heavy, it likes to do that, here’s the registration, November-9-2-2-Whiskey-November, then Southwest titles, and there’s a rest of the tail, if it wants to focus, there we go then, the other side, sorry, here’s the other side, there you go sorry guys, here’s the top, then, the bottom, if it wants to focus, there is the gear, Tennessee flag, Gemini Jets, and there’s the tail again alright, 2 more planes, next we have the Icelandair 737 MAX 8 so, that says Indigo-Charlie-Echo right there, and I’m not gonna try to pronounce that, then there’s the door, Icelandair titles there’s the MAX 8 engine right there, there’s something on there, don’t know what that is, yeah it’s gone now, yep, there’s the engine, there are the MAX 8 winglets right there, they are blue on the outside but on the inside they say Icelandair and have their logo, so moving on we have the registration, Tango-Foxtrot- Indigo-Charlie-Echo, then we have the Icelandair tail right here, then, sorry, the on the other side, pretty much have the same thing there we go here is the top, pretty straightforward sorry it’s not focusing, then the bottom, bottom is grey there is the wheel Gemini Jets right there, and then there’s the tail again, so one more model, hopefully I can fit the whole thing in this frame, no I can’t

so I’m just gonna reposition and I’ll be right back, Hi! I’m back, so, here we here we have the front of the MD-11, so there’s the cockpit, the world on time,, that’s their slogan, 625 right there, FedEx Express titles, there’s a cargo door, and there’s the engine right there, then the MD-11 winglit, then the registration which is November-6-2-5-Foxtrot-Echo, then the tail right here, there’s FedEx on the engine, then it is just a purple tail, now, let’s turn it around, here’s the other side there’s a cargo door right there, sorry, right there, then FedEx, then, there’s the tail again here’s the top of this model, if it will focus, kind of, I don’t know it does kind of say FedEx right there, oh that’s weird, all right, so looks like Gemini Jets made a printing error on this one, so see on this engine it says FedEx on the inside but it doesn’t say it on the outside but on this engine it doesn’t say on the inside it says it on the outside so, looks like Gemini Jets made an error there, but, oh well, it’s not too noticeable here’s the bottom there’s a front landing gear, it’s silver, Gemini jets there’s the back landing gear, and there’s the tail, well guys that’s it for this unboxing and review, I hope you enjoyed it, I sure did! except for that printing error right there but oh well it’s not too bad it’s not like it came broken or anything but, oh well, I hope you guys enjoyed and see you next time, bye!!