Dhaka to Chittagong – Car vs Plane Race | MG ZS Review Part 1 | DRVN

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Dhaka to Chittagong – Car vs Plane Race | MG ZS Review Part 1 | DRVN

Hello and welcome back. De Ja Vu, de Ja Vu this is not Hello everyone and welcome to DRVN episode 4 I heard you guys like my show We are in MG showroom today to review the MG ZS and they have brought me here at 9 am in the morning I don’t know why I am very cranky I but I hope to put on a good show MG is a brand who used to make two sitter convertibles which would be fun to drive cars But now the market trend has shifted and they are making SUVs Small SUV which is called SAV (sports activity vehicle) and our show’s first SAV review is MG ZS Because MG thought that this convertible, suppose you go out with this car you will be covered in dust in Dhaka You cannot go out with your wife and kids with this car You cannot do grocery shopping with this car Yes, it’s fun to drive but it’s not what people want anymore People want this SAV where there will everything from grocery shopping to travel with modern amenities And today we have a special challenge I don’t know what it is but they ask me to bring a co-host and who better to co-host than my longtime friend Joey Hasan Hi Joey! and the “walking part” is scripted Sorry to call you at 9 in the morning. Basically, we have a challenge for both of you you guys decide who will go in which transport I will see you there I will go out then What do you mean to see me there? I will see you there. Why won’t I get to drive? I am the race car driver bro Will race now? Of course I will take a flight I will see how will you go there before me Let me tell you how It’s only half an hour Public transport, right So first you have to call public transport from here, we can say who because we are not sponsored by them you have to buy a ticket at the airport we can’t say which airlines because we are not sponsored by them After landing you will can another public transport we can’t say who may be CNG or whoever we are not sponsored by Isn’t CNG sponsored? Fourth you will come to Chittagong after all the traffic You have a lot of waiting and many variables All I have to do is take fuel pay toll and fly. Are you finished? Yes, Bye Bye you mean you will lose They will face problem to get out of Dhaka I am just going to call digital public transport to take a flight and I will be there How much time will I need from here? Half an hour top in public transport I will go chill and relax there a bit and will go in half an hour flight and from there another half an hour maybe I got this man I will there in Chittagong before he gets out of Dhaka this is not a problem It’s time to beat Joey Hasan First I put on the seat belt to my brand placement I also put it on and now start Will show my driving skills time exactly is 9.30 we are currently on the route I don’t think Joey got public transport yet Yes, where are you? The leather seats are very comfortable for long drives Many of you don’t know that hard seats are actually better than softer seats and this car has the perfect balance of that Which route do I take? now it’s 9.30 in the morning I am thinking about taking Hatirjheel I will take Hatirjheel on the way out of Dhaka Did I make a mistake by choosing Hatirjheel? This car has a nifty feature that is the auto-lock doors So when you get inside the car and start the car the door will get automatically locked and this is an electronic lock (unlock and lock) Bro, I messed up but this a little traffic jam, But it’s a little jam in Dhaka there will be a bit of jam at 9.30 in the morning I can still take a U-turn and take Nabisco let me connect the Bluetooth from my phone and then let me call Joey So connecting the Bluetooth and calling Joey from the last dial list can be done from here Modern-day technology in modern-day Hatirjheel traffic This is such a bad route Hello Joey Hasan can you hear me? Hello Joey Hasan can you hear me?I can hear you Bro I messed up. I took Hatirjheel and you won’t believe the amount of traffic Where are you? I just got my public ride-sharing transport Right now, after so long Every day you can get it so easily but today it took so long

You haven’t taken public transport in rush hour that’s why Can you hear me crystal clear through my MG Bluetooth? Yes, I can hear you. Get used to it because I am going to be calling you Can you hear my public ride-sharing transport driving in the background? Yes, I can hear him Well, bro enjoys the ride. Yes, and I am also stuck in traffic just so you know I mean it has to be late today! This is just unbelievable I mean who would have thought like in other times the car comes so quickly but today it took a lot of time Plus, this is what Dhaka city is there is always traffic Quarter to ten our Hatirjheel route was not bad actually it’s pretty good We make up good ground after a short bit of traffic I will call Joey exactly at 10 when we will take petrol in the petrol pump with the money MG gave me Let’s see what happens But so far, the MG has been really great in Hatirjheel it handles well he breaks are good and because it’s automatic I can use two feet to drive this car Just like I drive my race car OH my GOD! Traffic again If we can be in Comilla by 11.30 there is a high chance I can beat them for sure But because of Dhaka’s brilliant traffic, we are still sitting ducks Why did MG call us 9 in the morning for this challenge It would better if it was 9 in the night So, it’s 10 now I think I will call Joey we are near to the gas pump Now we are in Shantinagar I am in front of Matsho Bhaban’s gas pump to take fuel hello, Hi Joey I am in the traffic now Almost near United Hospital OH, that sucks bro Where are you? I am in Matsho Bhaban’s gas pump to take fuel So you are inside of Dhaka till now so no point of saying that’s bad and from here I will get on to the main road from here so after that empty road Bro after this when I get on to the highway I hope it’s empty Goodluck first you get on the highway. yeah, I am trying my best, thank you for wishing me luck but I am not going to wish you luck. okay bye That was Avik again He is taking fuel now so he is not out of Dhaka till now so I am guessing it would take minimum 30 minutes plus to take fuel and to get out of Dhaka provided he is “lucky” So, I am also stuck in traffic near United Hospital and once we get on to the airport road it’s a clear shot, I just checked it So, I think we have clear shot of winning this right? We are here at the pump to take fuel. Very nice back camera We are done taking fuel. Full tank for 3000-taka fuel, 33 liters. The car had 10 liters of fuel before So, I am guessing it’s a 45-liter tank. Let’s see how much fuel will require to get to Chittagong I will push the car moderately cause where would I push it? So much traffic. Now we are crossing Matsho bhaban We will take Dhaka University’s shortcut route to get to Mayor Hanif flyover extension road As far as I know, Joey was in front of United Hospital and maybe now he is on the airport road Finally after 30 to 35 minutes later we are on the airport road and comparatively clear section I forgot we have to buy tickets. Let’s just hope we get a flight immediately Hi bro. how are you doing? You say first how are you doing? Finally, I am able to get on to the airport road and a bit clear section so we are going straight to the airport road You are going to lose because I am done taking fuel and I will get on to the Mayor Hanif flyover Oh okay, only time will tell that’s a race against time. Joey, what’s the actual time? What time is it on your watch? So viewers know we are not bullshitting them. The time on my watch right now is 10.15 am

10.15 right? Yes, it’s 10.15 now Yes, it’s 10.15 on my watch too So, we will see who reaches fast Let me know when you get out of Dhaka. Okay, bro you also let me know once you get the ticket Yes, sure I crossed Le Meridian I will let you know Okay, bye loser So, it’s 10.15 here and he is getting on to the Mayor Hanif flyover so he has not been able to get out of Dhaka till now and we have a clear section to get to the airport. I think we will make it The city needs to put attention to this road. The road beside Banga Bazar to Mayor hanif extension Our creator is hiding on the back. So, it’s just us We are on our beautiful mayor Hanif flyover the roads are pretty clear and let’s hope that it stays this way so that I can beat Joey MG’s highway acceleration is quite good But I have to tell you this is the non-CBT transmission the driving pleasure is good Driving this car is actually fun and because of the front-wheel-drive, it’s pretty easy to drive this car I am going through some bends on the flyover and the car is holding its ground very well This is a comfortable car for that the car doesn’t hold the ground that much but it does the job For the price of this car 23 – 25 lakhs a brand-new SUV unimaginable I will talk a bit about the engine Initially, the car might feel a bit slow but it’s actually not like that because this is a conventional transmission and the engine technology is from 2001 So, maintenance wise the car it would be pretty cheap And I have turned on the fuel economy mode and it’s showing it is going 10 kilometers per liter So that is pretty good. And we will know more once we are on the highway But today our purpose is not to save fuel but today our purpose is to show who wins between public vs private transport to you people Visibility is good. There are big windows around and there are not many blind spots in the back But just a little complain the acceleration initially it feels a little sluggish but once it picks up the car is smooth How much? This is a small car They charged 70 taka and we are off It’s showing Chittagong 232 kilometers and Cox’s Bazar 384 and Sylhet 200 something Time to call Joey. Hi is it Joey the loser Hasan? Why do you have to get carried away every time? Just so you know I reached the airport and I am standing at the ticket counter and I have to just buy tickets and get on the plane Bro, can you guess where I am right now? I am crossing Narayangong. Seriously? You are crossing Narayangong? Yes Did you the ticket yet? No, I am standing on the line. But I will get the tickets. What do I need to get the ticket? Okay call me when you get the ticket He just crossed Narayangong Kind of hard to believe so I was right I think they are messing with us They are quite ahead now but let’s see the time of the flight and would be an issue If we don’t get the next flight, we sort of lost so (keeping my fingers crossed), and let’s see Today is the 26th of February the weather is very nice it’s not sunny it’s pretty cloudy It seems to look like we might face rain on our journey Now we will get on to the Shitolokkha bridge this bridge has been redone recently Because of the traffic volume of Chittagong highway is very much and this bridge was very narrow and now it has expanded now I really hope we can neat Joey and if we can’t our show will be like And we are trying to keep it as real as possible. We are traveling along with the timestamp Finally, we managed to get the tickets although we wanted to get the 10.30 flight unfortunately the seats were all filled up so we couldn’t take that one The earliest flight is at 11.20 and we have to sit half an hour here

So, for now, I have to nothing to do without make a lot with the sandwiches we just bought I think this will do. one of the oldest bridges of the country To the left is Sylhet and on the right is Chittagong and I must say they did a brilliant job with the bridge cause the previous bridge was actually very narrow The government did a very good job of doing this highway I mean going to Chittagong by road was very tiring It was actually good to go by flight to Chittagong because traffic was less But now you can enjoy a nice drive if you have a good car like this or any other good car and reach faster And I love driving and the roads nowadays are like for driving and `you actually enjoy driving Now we got off the bridge and Infront is Modonpur Haha I know how it sounds Modonpur But it’s actually a name If we can save a little time and if all of us can eat in 15 minutes we will stop at Highway Inn on the Chittagong road Now we are close to Sonargaon so are doing pretty good timewise. Let me call Joey and see what flight he is on. It’s important to know It’s 5 minutes to 11 and you can see here also it’s 10.52 Let me ask my dear friend Can you hear the engine rev? Hi Joey (Joey) How far are you? Which flight did you get first to tell me that? Hey, you are not supposed to say the airline’s names they didn’t sponsor us (Joey) Oh sorry. We wanted to get the 10.30 flight but unfortunately, the flight was not available at that time. So, what I got was at 11.20 Okay of a certain non-sponsored airline, right? (Joey) hahaha yes So, we have some time to kill we have nothing to do. Loss of half an hour What is your update? No before my update how much did your ticket cost? How much money do you have left? Yes, that is a bit of a challenge because I have to get the last minute on spot ticket you how it is, it cost me more so it cost me around 3800 taka here So I have left with me 1200 taka to reach the hotel. After landing in Chittagong That’s a bit of a challenge. And interesting as well. How much did the fuel cost? Full tank for 3000-taka bro And so far, I paid Jatra bari Flyover toll which was 70 now I will cross the Meghna bridge where I will pay around 30 to 40 taka And what I think of your schedule we can stop by in Highway Inn for khichuri Okay, and there is another thing that I missed out that coming to the airport by public transport cost me 350 taka so technically I am down to less than 1000 taka Oh, man sucks to be you. But the thing is with less than 1000-taka I have to reach the hotel from Chittagong airport. Good Luck bro. Yes, Good luck to you too Looks like `it’s going to be a bit tight Call me when you get on to the plane Just so that the viewers know that we are not giving them any “BS” can you tell me what time is it on your watch Yes, right now it’s 11.05. Your watch is 10 minutes fast bro it’s 10.55 Sorry, 12 minutes fast my bad It’s 10.50 now Alright, have fun driving while I shout. And there is no lounge access here I thought of chilling in the lounge but that is not possible as well Oh, bro really sucks to be you today Bye bro. Yes, bye So, you can see and understand that we will reach first And in the CLA episode, the two seating in the back didn’t give any bujhtei parchen counter So, I won’t let them have khichuri. He is crossing Meghna so I think he actually made some good ground You were right they were bullshitt**ga lot with us and it’s going to be very tight I think because we have to wait more half an hour here for the next flight and more half an hour there so I am pretty sure we cannot be there before 12 pm in Chittagong and from airport to hotel it will take almost an hour in average Unless he takes a long break in Highway inn for Khichuri, we have a chance How much? This is a small car 1500cc! Everywhere toll is being taken of the “Jeep”

Though it’s a small SUV I don’t get it why? So now we are on the Meghna bridge The bridge which the government repaired This bridge actual story is that our reporter made a report that the Poles beneath the bridge were shaky and there was no soil below them. So, thanks to him He actually saved a lot of life he actually helped the government identify the problem and the bridge repaired now We can see one of our public transport Star line something he is driving like he is a race car driver We cannot catch him. This is the problem with our country’s bus culture They have no regard for public safety and they think they own the road We are getting off the Meghna bridge next bridge will be Daoud Kandi. It’s showing Comilla is 63 kilometers So, the 63 kilometers a food stop If we can reach there in time There were a lot of hiccups on the road all through the day The car was late, there was traffic, here we didn’t get the flight on the preferred time, but finally, from where we bought the ticket, we were lucky enough to get a ramp car so technically we can get on to the plane comfortably and separately Some cherry on top I think it’s a good thing After all these hassles and now we just have to get on to the flight and go to Chittagong We are at the Daoud Kandi bridge this is the second bridges that I like In childhood, I used to go to Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar a lot predominantly because my Dad was in the car business and I was always into cars and back then there was only one port that was the Chittagong port So, used to bring cars from Chittagong port. It was fun then and we had to cross these two bridges We did make up much ground. So, I think Khichuri is in our luck after all If not then I have to settle down on my protein bar We can see lots of boats near the bridge as usual I like this cynic view while crossing every bridge. And thanks to the Murgir Dim’s truck And `it’s actually safe after making it one lane We all maintain a speed limit. Because the buses here are crazy They will not give any side and will drive at high speed, dangers of highway driving in Bangladesh but now I am getting bored this is very slow so I am going to call Joey because I am bored Hello Lui. How are you? Where are you? I am waiting to get board on the flight in the ramp car Guess where I am? Okay, where? You guess man. Near Comilla, Shitakundo? Shitakundo! Am I flying? I crossed the Daud Kandi bridge So, I think we can have khichuri at the highway Inn You are making a good time actually We are still sitting here. No, but there is a lot of ground to cover I just came 50 kilometers from Dhaka another 200 kilometers which you will cover within half an hour But it will take a lot of time for me to cover I wouldn’t be too sure because we are sitting here there might be flight delays OH, nice Although after all these hiccups we got a ramp car so something good came out of all these. I think there are flight delays You are a celebrity. Tell me what will happen if they don’t give you a car? That was what I thought I came and say your name and they gave it to me. Good comeback bro Okay, call me when you get on the plane. So according to them they just got only 50 kilometers away from Dhaka I don’t think that’s true cause he is a very experienced driver right? So, I think he is making good ground. He is just bullshitt**g with us After getting off from the Daud Kandi bridge the roads are pretty decent and clear I am carrying a good average speed it 11.15 right now and there is only one thing in my mind that is khichuri I am gunning it I am driving fast and I have no shame admitting it and you can see the roads are beautiful Grambangla literally Grambangla and if we put a picture on Instagram it would be Instagram Last what I heard was Joey’s plane hasn’t boarded yet there might be a little delay It’s 11.15 exactly and I don’t think I have khichuri in my luck It suddenly started raining and the pace drops when it is raining

I hope his flight gets delayed because it’s raining but I doubt it Yes! but we can’t have khichuri because we might lose and I don’t want to lose to Joey least of all people But we have to take one for the team We are a car show. The car must win and we must win honestly So one thing I notice at 11.21 am that when the car is running from 100 to 120 speed at that time the car is stable but after crossing 120 the suspension feels a little lose and the steering so if we go here in the driving maintenance my setting was urban and I will change it to dynamic now Now the steering gets stiff and my highway feel is better Many reviewers might say especially the one on the plane right now. (Gibberish) But actually, if you change the setting then you see will the difference in the same car according to your driving style, driving mode and the speed you are carrying So, these small features are important in any car and I am getting the chance to drive this car for a long time so know what features this car has and what I can use optimally to my driving style and for the rain, we brake suddenly and the brakes are pretty good One thing in my mind that is khichuri So, you can understand and you guys will give “bujhtei parchen” counter So onwards and upwards we go for khichuri Driving at high speed I feel the car a little unstable Let me say from 100 to 120 it’s fine but after crossing 120 it’s a little unstable So, this car has some nifty features and as a reviewer, I should tell you guys what they are As I am spending more time with the car I need these features I am now in urban driving steering mode but I will not change it to normal but in dynamic so this does is makes this steering stiffer my road presence and road feel are more now close to the hand of my steering Now if I drive this car at high speed, I will feel the car is planted though the car is not that planted above 120 but still I would feel planted If I compare to the normal Axio which everyone buys and complains that it’s a light vehicle on the highway and Allion, Premio is much better on the highway I have huge driving experience with Allion and Premio on the highway and I would say after 130 – 140 speed Alion, Premio is also very unstable not that planted especially the CVT transmission generation ones before that suspension was a bit better Well, this car after I put to dynamic my steering feel response and suspension feel a response is much better That also has to do with the fact is the car is provided with a good all-season tire from the manufacturer and today we did see all season in Dhaka we saw dry and it’s raining in highway, and these are very slippery roads right now so I am trying to be very careful because if I wreck MG’ car I do have to buy it from them and their lives are also at stake so I have to be very safe Only one thing is in my right now that is khichuri and I am telling the time over and over again because I want to keep this as real as possible and MG got two clocks one in the dashboard and one here that pretty nice and one on my hand Yeah just look at this line. Here there is also a line. Now the concern is when the flight will depart there are delays everywhere today I hope we have a safe flight Hello, hello taking off Which seat did you get? Unfortunately, the very last seat That’s not unfortunate, you can get off first and that’s horrible Here it’s raining heavily and I had to drive slowly It’s showing Chittagong is 170 kilometers away and I want to have khichuri but I don’t think that’s possible anymore (Joey) be careful drive safe 170 kilometers okay Joey I will see you at Peninsula Joey called me at 11.27 their flight is taking off 7 minutes behind schedule it’s not going to help me but what will help me is the back wiper of this car because it’s all foggy in the back and we cannot see our cam car which is a Land Cruiser Back wiper does help Khichuri on my mind let’s khichurify It’s 11.37 now we just crossed a small Bazar before Comilla cantonment

and Chittagong is 163 kilometers from here and I am sure Joey’s flight has taken off so I don’t think I can have khichuri so I am having my protein bar Let’s hope for the best I want the car to win from heart and soul 11.48 now we are in Comilla Cantonment khichuri still in my mind but I don’t think it’s possible rain has stopped a little and Chittagong is 151 kilometers at least it will take two hours It’s another 30 minutes for Joey to get off So, it’s going to be very tight guys. It’s going to be very tight and sometimes we coordinate and take passing shots by stopping the car We are still hoping we are going to win this race Time right now is 12.01. We are 135 kilometers away from Chittagong The food is still on my mind which is khichuri and it’s still raining quite hard, roads are very slippery so I have to drive slow and in highway sometimes there are such conditions where I have to change the gear to trip tonic and downshift the gear manually for instant throttle response The thing said about the lag that is the lag of the gearbox not for throttle So, if I shift in manually through trip tonic transmission I can get the full use of 114 horsepower and 115-newton meters of torque Many people might think that so much less horsepower and all of that but it’s pretty sufficient I am not having any problems Actually, on a rainy day driving this car to Chittagong so comfortably and also stable I am getting a different feeling driving this car and changing the steering to dynamic making the steering hard I am not sensing the car light and one more thing khichuri still on my mind I hope Joey’s flight gets late because we checked on google maps and what did it show in google map? It will take 50 minutes from Chittagong airport to the hotel provided that they have a ride. If we can stretch that to one hour we are still going to lose according to our calculation If we stop for khichuri, we will lose 100% So, we are finally here at khichuri place and I am going to have my khichuri I think we can beat Joey even after khichuri Never been done footage. It’s 12.10 now. It took 2 hours 15 minutes for us to come here from Dhaka I am done eating and it’s raining again, finished my meal in 15 minutes and now we will run!