Time Traveling | Sawara Historic Town 4K July, 2020

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Time Traveling | Sawara Historic Town 4K July, 2020

Sawara, Chiba at 1:00 P.M. July 18, 2020 Walk in sawara old town. There are many old buildings along the river and the oldest one from 1832 still remains This house is a rest stop and tourist information center From this point, walk northward along the river This is Ono river If the weather is good, you can enjoy boat tours Ristrante Casa Alberata At first glance, it looks like a Japanese restaurant, but it is an Italian restaurant It’s a very beautiful Japanese garden In the Kanto region, you can see these old buildings in Kawagoe and Kamakura, but both are far from Narita Airport Sawara can be reached in about 40 minutes by train from Narita Airport I guess it’s a great place to stop by at the beginning or end of your trip 宮定 (Miyasada), Japanese Kappo restaurant, established in 1807 珈琲遅歩庵, Coffee shop

This is a tourist boat stop You can take a boat ride here 佐原千与福 (Sawara chiyofuku), Kaiseki restaurant Tadataka Dori Street There are old buildings along this street as well Found a hidden alley 🙂

This would be the Inari Shrine In Japan, there are often small shrines in private places The willow trees, the river, and the old houses, That’s so picturesque

I don’t see cylindrical post boxes in Tokyo anymore A big festival is held in summer and autumn in Sawara

It is called “佐原の大祭 (Sawara no taisai)” A very unique mikoshi (portable shrine) goes around the city The festival has 300 years of history and in 2016 it was declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage The festival seems to have been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus 正上醤油店 (Syoujou soy sauce shop), Established in 1800

A long-established business that has been brewing soy sauce since the Edo period The store is still there as it was. Just wow! ANTIQUE ANTIQUE, cafe and bar They are running a cafe in a renovated warehouse from the late Edo period NIPPONIA Hotel A storehouse built in the Meiji era was renovated and turned into a hotel 中村屋商店 (Nakamuraya shoten), It’s a general store. The store is from 1855

伊能忠敬旧宅 (Ino Tadataka old residence ) Ino Tadataka was a merchant, astronomer and surveyor in the Edo period He is known for completing the first map of Japan using modern surveying techniques inside the house The house where Ino Tadataka lived for more than 30 years, from the age of 17 to 50 It’s a very old building, so it’s reinforced with rebar