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Fruits Train | Fruits Song | Animal Train | kids trains from bob the train

let’s learn about fruits apple hair grace mango banana custard apple orange Sherri’s let’s learn about the animals elephant Panda giraffe monkey lion tiger sheep pig cow dog let’s learn about transport aeroplanes bus cycle ambulance car rocket ship fire engine taxi let’s learn about vegetables tomato [Applause] carrot capsicum eggplant mushrooms potato broccoli cucumber let’s learn about shapes square rectangle circle oval triangle Pentagon hexagon octagon diamond star you let’s learn the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

9 hey I involved the train I Drive on the tracks passengers can sit inside me and travel to faraway places I also carry goods from one place to another let’s go and meet the other modes of transport look there is a car hey Bob I am going out for a picnic we’ll see you soon Bob look kids that’s a police car what do you do mr. police car police men sit inside me to catch thieves that’s a brave job fighting against injustice where are you going fire truck in so much hay there are people trapped in a fire I’m going to save them with the help book firefighters know there comes an ambulance I’m going to carry the sick and injured people to the hospital what are you doing garbage truck I’m collecting garbage look there its grain and bulldozer hey guys what are you doing hey Bob I’m helping crane by moving the obstacle hey Bob I’m helping with loading and unloading good work you guys look at the helicopter fly away bye Bob hey tow truck what do you do i towing and disabled cars I hope you kids had fun learning the different modes of transport hi kids I’m Bob today we’re going to learn the alphabets a is the first letter we need to find let’s go and find a kids can you see a he is hiding behind the lamppost ooh hi Bob hey will you join me yes Bob what are you doing up there be my was looking for you and here you are look kids there C is he seems to be going somewhere hi Bob I see where are you going I’m going to the park why don’t you join us instead d what are you doing behind the trees we playing hide and seek will you join me on a fun ride yes ie how are you would you like to join us hi Bob I’m fine thank you yes I would love to join you kids what is that oh my goodness it’s F hi Bob hi G where are you going I’m going to meet

H come on hi h hi Bob G let’s go n Bob yes kids the next letters are I and J we are waiting for the bus that will take us to the floating islands I’m going to the floating islands to both of you join us kids look at K he is on the swing Bob can I join my friends I and J yes I am what are you doing hi Bob I’m going home why don’t you join us instead hi Ann hi oh hi P where is Q hi Bob I’m trying to find Q can you help me find Q where Q is hiding behind the house look kids there’s s hi Bob I am waiting for our hi Bob i T are you going somewhere hi Bob I’m going to the city to meet you and me let’s go meet you and me together hi you and me will you come with me to meet w yes hi w hi Bob I’m waiting for my friends D me and you have you seen them yes they’re aboard why don’t you join them look at all our friends and we join them too Bob yes X Y & Z this was fun see you next time hello kids do you want to see something cool today okay off to the army camp we go hurry up now don’t be slow what do you see kids yes indeed in the army camp he is top rank hello mr. tank what do you do I protect the country and our border too look there’s the army truck hello army truck how are you doing hello Bob I have to deliver goods to the soldiers so I must get going high ambulance you do look tired hey Bob that’s because I’m always required what do you do all through the day I help carry the wounded soldiers away such a great job what’s that coming out of the water a minute ago it could hardly be seen hi there Bob I am mr. submarine my name means under the sea both inside and outside the water I can be hello submarine hello Bob how do you do greetings mr. Navy have you been sailing the water blue yes we

sail on the sea and keep safe the coast and that’s certainly something of which you can boast look out there that’s an aircraft carrier oh yes that I am hello my dear I am the military’s base on the see all these aircrafts all alone I carry here comes the fighter aircraft oh my I fly very high so I can protect the sky look up that’s a transport helicopter what do you do hello Bob how do you do I carry troops through the air and take them places far or near here comes the bomber watches hello Bob my name is Bob ER and my enemies fear me my bombs can destroy all targets on the land or in the sea high armored personnel carrier what have you got concealed hello I am carrying military forces to the battlefield hi Bob how are you hello helicopter what do you do I am a lot like the army truck and I give everyone a helping hand my job is to connect areas difficult to reach by land kids look there which army transport is that can you guess no that’s an army hovercraft oh goodness me here it comes I can drive on any kind of surface and I go where there are big problems look over there kids here comes the army jeep hi Bob I can easily drive over rough roads no matter how high or deep kids I hope at the army camp you had fun bye-bye now I have got to run hi kids how are you doing today let’s all get ready because today we’re going to play with colorful shapes and have lots of fun let all shapes introduce themselves one by one square is my name my four sides are just the same turn me around I don’t care I’m always the same I’m a square circle is my name watch me turn round and round and soon you will learn my outside edges never end I’m a circle I’m a circle rectangle is my name my four sides are not the same so you are short and true are long count my sides and come along one two three four triangle is my name and to the top down the hill and then you stop straight across tell me what you’ve got a triangle yes I’m a triangle okay kids now let’s go play with shapes and build something more now let’s show our wonderful skills a beautiful house of shapes we will build my four sides are the same what’s my name yes let’s put it there now look aloof and tell me the shape of a roof yes let’s place it at a perfect angle we’re going strong now name me a shape with four sides too short too long yes a rectangle it is and such a beautiful house we have built well that was fun now let’s make another one we might want to go someplace far so let’s all of us build a car which shape goes round and round with no end can you tell yes a circle it is let’s place it like this a shape with two long sides and two short sides we need for our ride yes it’s a rectangle and let’s place it so which shape with four equal sides shall we place on the top yes it’s

a square in place let it drop using all the shapes a wonderful car we have made for resting let’s make a tree why kids don’t you agree let’s start with a rectangle this time now doesn’t that look fine which other shapes should we use okay some triangles we shall choose wow that looks like a beautiful tree kids don’t you agree kids now let’s build something more how about a pretty little seesaw yes okay which shape should we start with now a triangle will be perfect for our seesaw now we need a shape with two sides shorts and two sides long yes now let’s gently place it down look we have made a seesaw on our own I’m having so much fun today hey we need to sit and eat somewhere let’s build a table and some chairs we’ll use four rectangles for the legs let’s place them all at this angle that looks great thank you rectangle now let’s take a shape that’s round kids can you tell me where that can be found yes it’s a circle let’s place it on the top there’s our lovely table even prettier than from a shop now let’s call squares and rectangles to build our chairs that looks wonderful now we can all sit somewhere thank you shapes I had so much fun today see you next time for more fun and play started at the crack of dawn a day the children would never forget the children woke up as early as their eyes would allow excited they ran out but what they saw outside turn their smiles upside down look at what the color monster has done it’s stolen all of the lovely colors from our land our holidays are terribly ruined we cannot possibly play in a land without color what are we going to do they all sat down disappointed at the old antics of the color monster and before they could settle down there came a voice from behind damn hello children did someone call for me we did look at what the color monster has done he took away all the bright lovely colors from our playground how can we play now don’t worry children Bob doesn’t like to see his friends upset and I’m going to help you fix this just leave the worries to me and you think about enjoying your holidays do you trust me as old the children eagerly awaited Bob he came by his coach full of surprise goodies for them please toss very well kids I have here for each of you a coloring book with all the lovely colors you children have been missing so much nothing is impossible then fob the train is around these books are no ordinary coloring books children their magical coloring books this made Bob smile he lowered his voice like he was about to tell the children a secret well children this is only between us but anything you draw and color in this book springs to life so you kids can draw anything you like in these books and your dull lifeless playground will spring a life in no time

this is no joke my lovely friends it’s as true as the day and night absolutely anything you want this playground to be now the kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on these magical coloring books the hole ran to Bob bob was surrounded with lovely hyper children and this is something he enjoyed more than anything in the world with a coloring book in each of their hands and a bunch of crayons the little kids sat down with the dusk of renovating their playground the little one wasted no time in coloring the lifeless ground with each stroke of her crayon the ground came alive one green stroke at a time and in four seconds flat the white ground was greener than ever she exclaimed in joy Bob travelled through the ground to see what his lovely friends were drawing what are you drawing Holly but there’s something still missing in the blue sky my dear what is it Bob well can you think of something that’s yellow in color with bright orange rays that light up the morning sky sounds lovely Johnny my naughty little friend what are you drawing your coloring seems so rushed it looks like someone is having trouble staying inside the lines I can’t wait to play on the swing and decide on where the colors of red and yellow and boil it and all the nice colors I can think of bob was standing next to Mary and looking into her book what are you drawing my little friend that’s mighty smart of you little one Bob laughed and walked away just in time because an apple fell down right where pop was standing whoops just missed me Jack was so engrossed in his drawing he did not notice Bob standing right next to him I enjoyed watching you draw with such attention may I ask what masterpiece are you in the process of making Jack blushed a bit everyone knew he was the best artist among all of them but he never liked flaunting his what about other children that want to play in this new colorful Park Bob looked around proudly at his little artist friends while Bob was in his own thoughts the little one came up to him with a book in her hand bob was ecstatic to see his little friends happy at last well I hope you kids are happy now this playground wouldn’t look so beautiful without all your efforts so kudos to you all and I promise the color monster won’t be here

to trouble you children bob was in the middle of all the fanfare he looked around and saw all the children enjoying themselves they had forgotten about the color monster they had forgotten that only a few hours ago their playground was colorless and with their little creative hands and talented minds they restored it to its full glory