Japan Hour: Road Trip On Ou Main Line (Part 1)

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Japan Hour: Road Trip On Ou Main Line (Part 1)

Local lines Trains travelling through beautiful places of Japan make us feel nostalgic Season by season, we enquire local residents to find breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and wonderful accommodation It’s a journey to reveal the gems only locals know about All aboard to find the home in our hearts This time, the journey takes place on the JR Ou Main Line, starting from Fukushima Prefecture and continuing to Yamagata Prefecture Outside of the train window spreads the rural view of brilliant greenery As long as the sun exists in the sky Akira! They encounter a tree house with a great view where a famous star appears Our travellers continue to find great secret spots recommended by locals They’re also impressed by the local specialties -This is very good -Yes -This is amazing -Isn’t it? It’s a spontaneous trip They even visit a luxurious hotel without a reservation Our travellers also enjoy a soothing hot spring Wonderful. This feels great However, unexpected events happen one after another -Are you okay? -My blisters hurt Let’s put a bandage on -How is it? -It hurts -There it is -Do you see it? It’s not open Is this a ramen shop? Oh no, the shop curtains aren’t out They face a series of challenges I wish this was a different program Will he be the first person to quit the show? Let’s go! It’s an unpredictable two-day journey filled with surprises and excitement Let’s get started All aboard the journey of enquiry and discovery! The journey begins in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture For this journey on the JR Ou Main Line, Fukushima Station will be the first station Who are our travellers? “As long as the sun exists in the sky.” Look at this -Sometimes I love the sun -Sure But sometimes, it’s just too much Too much of it isn’t good, you know? Really What about my Spring Samba? “Light casts from behind the clouds.” By the way, it’s been a long time since we saw each other -Long time no see. Thank you -It’s us two The very first record that I bought as a kid was yours -Sure -I never expected this to happen -I mean it -It’s like travelling with my daughter But I’m already 60 years old -Not “already” but “only.” -Only -Thank you very much -For me too I’m only 70 years old For a 70-year-old, his appearance and voice haven’t aged a bit This is Akira Nishikino, a famous star Along with Kumiko Oba, a former idol who’s now an actress The very first record that she bought as a fourth grader was the debut song of Mr Nishikino She’s been a huge fan of Mr Nishikino ever since she was a little girl On this trip on the JR Ou Main Line, our duo departs from Fukushima Station and head to Shinjo Station in Yamagata Prefecture There are 36 stations in total and the total distance is 148.6 kilometres Their goal is to get recommendations from local residents and create an original travel guide with 10 entries We’re in Fukushima now Which station? How far should we go? If we leave from here, we can go up to Niwasaka Station -Only two stations away? Are you sure? -Well Why did you pick this station? There are no other trains that work with our schedule Seriously Our duo first heads to Niwasaka Station For this trip, Mr Nishikino decided in advance on where and when to get off -Receipt! Receipts are important -Right Okay, thank you very much They buy tickets and head to Niwasaka Or so they thought Oh, that won’t work That’s the receipt Mr Nishikino put the receipt in the ticket gate instead of the ticket Mr Nishikino, the star, rarely takes the train Of course the receipt won’t work with this machine -I’m sorry about that -I’m sorry The train is already here

-It’s here? -Yes To admire the scenery After eight minutes on the train, our duo arrives at their first stop, two stations away at Niwasaka (Niwasaka Station) Let’s get off Thank you very much Great (8:41 am) Hello. Hi I see many houses here -Which way? There are two exits -I’m not sure Driver’s license centre? We don’t need that -Wait. Look at this -Which way? This is a fateful moment for us Which way to go? -This way might be better? -The mountain side? Oh, wait, I don’t know Which way would be better? It looks like there are more things over here Well Wait, before we go, we need to check the train time -Is this the time schedule? -Yes, that’s right This? There’s one at seven -Wait a minute -What? We have this one It leaves at 12:59 pm -There are only Yonezawa-bound trains -Yeah -Yeah, Yonezawa -Yonezawa-bound -Four hours? Really? -It’s at 1 pm What kind of store is it? They do a variety of things including an orchard and a pottery store That’s what I heard They continue to enquire for more information Can we talk to you? -I’m Akira Nishikino -Hi Hello -Hello -He’d like a handshake We’re on a journey -I’m Kumiko Oba -You look familiar Someone told us about a place called Anzai -It’s that way -Okay Go along the Fruit Line Do you see the road where cars are passing now? That’s Fruit Line It’s over that way -I see -We can ask there again The Fruit Line is a prefectural road that stretches along the Ou Main Line There are several touristic orchards near the road Can I ask you something? If you have a place to recommend or if you know of a great place, -could you let us know? -Any place you’re proud of? I know a place that’s famous in this area If you keep going a bit farther, there’s a park called Umenoki Park Near that park, there’s a two-story building called Seiyokan, which is quite old It’s a Western-style structure -Umenoki…? -Umenoki Park Keep going straight on this street, and it’ll be on your right It’s about 700 metres away Should we go there first, or Should we go to Anzai’s? You can make a circle A circle? Okay, so we’ll go to Umenoki Park first We’ll then go to Anzai’s We’ll circle around We hope to find a couple of entries here Is there any good food or specialities in Niwasaka? Pears, but they’re not in season now -Okay, pears -Do you ever go out to eat? When we go out to eat There’s a Korean cafe -Someone else said that -We heard that earlier -They said that the cafe has kimchi? -Yes That sounds interesting In Niwasaka -A Korean person -Are they from Korea? Opened a cafe here When you go out to eat, do you usually go there? -That’s the only restaurant around -Is that so? Is it on this road? You have to take this road, and It’s a bit complicated It’s the block after next Okay, we’ll ask more people in the area as we go -Thank you -Thank you -Thank you -Thank you They were such wonderful people They first go see the Western-style structure near Umenoki Park I see a structure that matches the description On the journey of enquiry and discovery on the JR Ou Main Line, our duo goes to see a Western-style structure near Umenoki Park in Niwasaka I see a structure that matches the description -Do you mean the park? -That house It looks Western -Hello -Hello Which way should we go to get to Umenoki Park? Keep going straight and turn right when the road ends -A tunnel? -You’ll see -Will there be a tunnel? -Yes, then it’ll be on your right

-Thank you -Thank you We’ve also heard about a kimchi place -Yeah, the kimchi place -Yes, we heard about it It’s a bit far It’s called Iyashi Cafe -Iyashi? -Iyashi Cafe -Iyashi Cafe -Yes About Seiyokan, -what makes it so famous? -What makes it famous? It’s a Western-style building They’re the second or third generation Interesting It’s impressive that a Western-style house was built that long ago People in the area call it Seiyokan -It’s the nickname -Are they Japanese? Are the owners Japanese? Yes, they are So it’s been two generations since the unique building was constructed Two or three generations. You’ll see -Thank you very much -Thank you very much -Seiyokan seems to be full of mysteries -Nice -Yes, a little -It’s a mystery If we talk to the owner of the building, maybe we can see the interior Oh, my voice is echoing This isn’t a dinner show I love you Ms Oba can’t be happier with her favourite star singing in front of her -You’re too slow -I can’t What happened to you? That wasn’t fair -That was -I’ll carry this for you -I’m okay -Are you sure? -That wasn’t fair -Well Please wait for me Please wait for me This must be Umenoki Park -There it is -Do you see it? But this is someone’s house If we ring the doorbell suddenly, we might surprise them -This is wonderful -Let’s go in Let’s go in Is this it? It’s their first time asking for permission to film on this trip What will they say? -Hello? -Hello? -Hi -Sorry for the sudden visit My name is Akira Nishikino -Sorry for the sudden visit -Is it okay? How many generations have lived in this house? For 100 years -100 years? -100 years! -Impressive -We repair different parts as we go I see We maintain it constantly Why did your family decide to build -a Western-style house 100 years ago? -Well My great-grandpa was a member of the Diet He would take a steaming locomotive and go to Tokyo -Did he take Dekoichi? -Yes Would it be possible for us to see the inside of the house? -Sorry, it’s a bit messy right now -It’s messy? -Quickly, just to get an idea? -Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t I hope you understand -Sure, okay -Sorry Thank you very much Looking at the exterior is great You also have a wonderful garden -It’s a large garden with many flowers -Not really I wasn’t expecting to see this I’m glad we got off at the station here The house was built in the Taisho period by their great grandfather, a Diet member He was inspired by the modern western culture that he saw in Tokyo They let us film the interior later At the seams between the ceiling and the walls, they added a structure called cornice Their staircase also looks historical and has a dignified feel to it The first entry in the guidebook is Seiyokan, a historical building with a modern Taisho atmosphere We’re going to Anzai’s next -There’s an orchard named Anzai -Yeah, Anzai Kajuen They also have a pottery shop It’d be closer if you take this narrow path -There’s a narrow path? -Yes, behind this place -Should we cut through here? -Yes You can cut though here -Thank you very much -Can we pass through? Sure, I just cut the grass so you should be able to walk through Thank you -Thank you -You can take this path You’ll come to a street right away -Thank you very much -Go ahead What a wonderful garden, with these pine trees -You might get dirty -No problem at all -Everyone is so nice here -They are. Everyone was very kind It says “Anzai” there Is he Mr Anzai? I see someone working in the orchard Our duo finds the recommended orchard -Hello -Hello. Are you Mr Anzai? Great, we’d like to ask you some questions

We heard that you do various things -We’d love to see them -Sure What exactly do you do? -I have a gallery -You have a gallery? It’s over there I also have a tree house there Really? -May I ask -Can we film this place? How long have you had your business here? I’ve had the orchard for a very long time -Can we film it? -Sure We’d like to talk to you inside -and ask some questions -Thank you -Wonderful -I saw this place from outside -This is wonderful -Amazing I also have a tree house This was a project by Mr Itoi -Shigesato Itoi -Sure He had a project to build tree houses -in the Tohoku Region -Oh, I see Six years ago, a project to build 100 tree houses in Tohoku Region was started As a part of the project, this tree house in the orchard was built The deck around the tree is a stage where people can have concerts The tree house is named Juliet as it looks like a tree house where Romeo and Juliet would meet -The concert has begun -Go up -Wait -Is this a solo show? I’m scared of heights -I don’t think I can do it -It’s fine -Hold my hand -I’m scared -I’m scared! -Take my hand I can’t. Please tell me how it looks from there -I love you -I love you Very much Your key is too high -I love you -I love you Very much I’ll take a photo As long as the sun exists in the sky Akira! I’m sorry This is a hammock Please give it a try -Give it a try -Okay -Like this? -Yeah Hammocks are nice Darn it! The orchard was established more than 100 years ago for three generations They harvest peaches in the summer and apples between fall and winter Their products made with fruit juice are very popular There’s also a gallery in the orchard They sell carefully selected pottery made by potters from all over Japan as well as household goods They also have a lodging facility where travellers can come and relax The second entry in the guidebook is Anzai Kajuen with their charming tree house -Thank you very much -Thank you very much -It was wonderful -Take care of yourself -Thank you -We’re heading to Shinjo now Our journey has just begun, and we already saw wonderful things -Thank you -Take care -Have a nice trip -Thank you -Thank you very much -Thank you very much -Safe travels -Thank you Is Iyashi Cafe this way? Oh, this way Do we turn there? Thank you They now head to the third recommended place Look at the grand nature I forgot to check the time We should check what time it is It’s 11:05 am. When is the next train? It’s at 12:59 pm Oh, okay We’ve walked far from the station -Let’s get back 30 to 40 minutes before -Yeah That looks impressive -I love places like this -Very peaceful Is this the right street? Wait -There’s nobody here -Nobody -I’ll go check -Thank you He’s so assertive. So cool There it is You knew, didn’t you? No, I really had no idea But we need to get permission to film first -A permission to film -Go ahead After walking for 10 minutes from the orchard, they find the cafe they were looking for Most importantly, will the owner give them permission to film? -Oh, wow, what should I do? -Hello -Hello -Hello -Hi -Hello I’m a huge fan of yours -Thank you -Thank you I always listened to your songs in Korea -Really? Thank you -Thank you

She willingly gave permission to film The owner is a Korean lady who moved to Japan 35 years ago It’s a buffet-style Korean restaurant opened after the Great Earthquake She wanted to create a place for the locals to come so they can talk about their problems and feel relaxed She serves 20 different kinds of authentic and healthy Korean dishes It’s Korean pancakes. I’ll have some Look at these Korean pancakes There’s even sauce for it I love this sauce These are locally produced pears -Pears? -In a salad -You put pears in a salad? -Yes, pears Pears -Are they pears? -Yes, they are You’re funny -Look at that -This looks great I can’t believe you’re here in such a rural area This is onion kimchi I’ve never had that before Please enjoy Our duo picks Yakuzen curry, chicken, and kimchi Thank you for it -Very good -I’m glad to hear that I’ll eat it with rice -So good -Great -I’ve got some curry -Okay That’s Yakuzen curry, a medicinal recipe That sounds good What’s in it? -Jerusalem artichokes and other things -Okay She also adds some home-grown herbs to the curry -It has a gentle taste -Yeah What was this again? Pickled pear? It’s impressive that you can make pickles with fruits Now I know why Korean people have such nice skin Very good Yeah These healthy dishes will give our duo energy for the rest of the day The third entry in the guidebook is Iyashi Cafe, a Korean Yakuzen restaurant -Thank you very much -Thank you very much -Take care of yourself -See you again Keep making great food Thank you -Take care -Sure Which way is the station? -This way -This way -That way -No, this way This way? Where should we turn to take a shortcut? Keep going straight and go over the railway track -Then circle towards the left -Cross the tracks -I understand. Thank you -Thank you The journey just begun and we’ve already found great places -Three of them! -That’s right -That’s impressive -I wanted four entries in four hours -You have strong luck -Yes, I do You really do Our duo is in high spirits when they get back to the station Where will we go next? -Right now, we’re in -The next station The next station is Akaiwa But we’ll pass Akaiwa I’d like to go to Yonezawa Station because it’s a famous place -True -Do you know what it’s known for? Beef. Cows -Cows -Oh, and Ms Eiko Segawa Are you okay? “Do you play pachinko?” “Yes, I do.” Okay Let’s go to Yonezawa and explore the area Yes, let’s explore Yonezawa Now our duo heads to Yonezawa Station, six stations ahead An outbound train is arriving at Platform 2 Is this what we’re taking? -Yes, outbound -That’s right -Hi -Nice to meet you Nice to meet you Our duo arrives at Yonezawa Station (Yonezawa Station) We’re here (1:38 pm) So this is Yonezawa I’ve never gotten off at Yonezawa before It’s over here It’s 1:40 pm right now -Let’s see -It’s 1:40 pm

Here are the trains we can take There’s one at 2:38 pm -That’s it -We have less than an hour? Yes, we have about an hour Thank you very much What does the station look like? Let’s check that before anything Before anything It’s huge Very big It’s the journey of enquiry and discovery on the JR Ou Main Line Our duo gets off at Yonezawa Station Before anything It’s huge! There’s nobody around to enquire Isn’t this a famous person? Shall we ask him? It’s a statue of a young man Yes, a young man I can’t see it well because of the reflection He has underwear on You only have to wear underwear Are you drunk? He’s acting like he’s drunk Is he okay? Is he okay? Excuse me, miss Can we speak to you? -Hi, I’m Nishikino -Hi there -Well -Hello We’re taking a local line and exploring each station I know that Yonezawa is a famous city, but we don’t have a lot of time here -Do you know any famous places? -Or good food? -Yes, good food -Or a famous spot -Is there anything? -We only have 20 minutes left Is there any place where we can buy some great food? -Great food? Yonezawa beef, as you know -Yes, the beef -To eat -Lunchbox shop, too Gyuniku Domannaka Gyuniku Domannaka? -Is it good? -I’ve heard that name -That sounds good -What’s Gyuniku Domannaka? It’s a lunchbox -It’s famous -How did it get famous? How? I’m not sure It has Yonezawa beef They sold it at an event Yes -It won the first prize -Something like a Grand Prix Wait a minute Can we go take a look? A lunchbox shop worker recommends the lunchbox, so our duo goes to the shop Thank you very much -We don’t have a lot of time -Look at that Station lunchbox -This is it -That’s an award What kind of an award was it? It was a lunchbox competition called Ekiben Aji no Jin It was a station lunchbox competition by the JR We won the first prize at the competition Impressive That’s perfect for us Okay, let’s get these, then Do you still have them left? Yes, we do. We have a lot of them Oh, hello They’re cooking inside Yes, we cook and sell them here -Is that so? -Yes The speciality food here is a popular lunchbox that’s very well-known among station lunchbox fans It’s a lunchbox called Gyuniku Domannaka It uses beef and local brand rice called Domannaka A tasty beef bowl lunchbox But unfortunately, this can’t be an entry since they discovered it themselves -Thank you -Thank you very much This can’t be an entry He’s disappointed that this can’t be an entry Shall we return these, then? He’s disappointed This lunchbox is quite unique -Yes, it is -There’s a lot of meat In any case, I’m glad that we were able to buy some beef -while we’re in Yonezawa -Right? I’m glad that we got Yonezawa beef They couldn’t find any entries at Yonezawa Station -Okay, let’s see where should we go next -Okay From Yonezawa, it’s one, two, three stations away Akayu Station? -Look, among these stations -Why did you pick Akayu? The name has the character for “hot water” and I like hot springs I thought maybe there are hot springs with red water in Akayu It says Akayu, but it doesn’t say that there’s a hot spring There might not be a hot spring. I’m sure there’s one in Kaminoyama Onsen Let’s go to Akayu, and if there aren’t any hot springs, we’ll go to Kaminoyama Onsen -So we’ll go to Akayu first? -Yes Okay, got it Hoping to find a hot spring, our duo heads to Akayu, three stations away Hopefully they’ll find some entries at the next station (2:38 pm) Outside of the train windows spreads a nostalgic Japanese landscape Rice paddy fields continue endlessly -They’ll grow into delicious rice -That’s right

Hopefully After 15 minutes on the train, our duo arrives at Akayu Station Mr Nishikino loves hot springs, but will they find one here? -There’s a photo with great food -Oh, yeah It’s ramen Does this town have good ramen? -Do they have good ramen? -I wonder Look at that (2:53 pm) That looks good Which one would you like? I like salt ramen This one looks good, too We need to check the timetable or we’ll be in trouble -Okay -Let’s check -We just took this -This Which one should we take next? Maybe around 4 pm? This one. This one won’t work -This one -So we’ll have two hours? One hour A little over one hour A little over one hour? 2… 3 pm They have about two hours until the next train Since they have a lot more time at this station, they hope to find incredible places I see a mark that indicates a hot spring Having a hot spring might be something normal for the local residents But it’s something special for us As Mr Nishikino guessed, Akayu is a hot spring town -It’s getting hot -Yeah The sunlight is so strong -Not many people are out around this time -Yeah Today It’s 25 degrees Celsius today An unseasonably hot day Let’s hope this doesn’t affect them too much This place looks nice It’s a hair salon -What is it? -It’s not open Hello Hello Hi, my name is Akira Nishikino -Any great places in Akayu? -Hi there We’re not really looking for food Any places that you’d recommend us to visit? -In Akayu? -Yes It needs to be around here Within a 20- to 30-minute walk -Any place? -Hachiman -Hachiman? How far is it? -It’s a shrine How far is it? I’m not exactly sure how far it is from here It’ll take about 20 to 30 minutes -20 to 30 minutes on foot? -Will you walk? -Well -Maybe not Keep going straight on this road Oh, sorry. There are so many people It’s a famous place in Akayu with 1,000 cherry trees planted -Do you see the hill over there? -Yes That’s Hachiman Shrine, so it shouldn’t take 20 minutes -Really? -Yeah, you have long legs Well -She’s going, too -You should help her Help her? You’re a man. You should help her -Go straight and I’ll see it? -Yes -Thank you very much -Thank you, bye Our duo heads to the recommended shrine But under the intense sunlight, Ms Oba is gradually slowing down Then Akira! -I’ve got good news -What is it? About the shrine -Do you see the green part? -Yes The lady told us that we have to climb up the stairs to the shrine So I was thinking That this is a path for men So I’ll be waiting here If I come with you, we won’t make it back in time Yeah, you can’t run Enquire more people here, then See if this can be an entry There’s no point of me going there if it can’t be an entry Under the intense sunlight like this, -I’m not confident that I can keep up -Sure -You can wait over there -Would that be okay? It’s Hachiman Shrine? Yes, but you have to climb up many steps to get there Please come back in 30 minutes, or we’ll miss the train Ms Oba is worried about missing the train, so she’s leaving it to Mr Nishikino to complete the task This shrine has always been a part of Akayu’s history The shrine was built in 1890 The shrine and its 1,000 cherry trees are loved by the local residents The most symbolic part of the shrine is the large torii made of stone This is the largest seamless torii made from one piece of stone in all of Japan

The fourth entry in the guidebook is Eboshiyama Hachimangu that watches over the town of Akayu The train is leaving in 15 minutes He rushes back to the station (15 minutes to the 4:45 pm train) I might fall down in front of a hospital Are you okay? Thank you for going there Was it far? They said 20 minutes I thought I wouldn’t make it in time, so I ran It’s tight but we’ll still make it Now, we can slowly walk back to the station -How was it? -Incredible -Incredible? -Yes Can I ask you one thing? Was it considered as an entry? Of course Seriously. It had to be -Or I’d have run for nothing -Thank you very much The director looked like he was dying when we were running But we had to run -We didn’t have time -Amazing Oh, wait We need to go or we’ll miss the train Our duo is back at Akayu Station How far do we go next? -Next, I’d like to go to a hot spring -We’re in Akayu now Let’s go to Kaminoyama Onsen Kaminoyama Onsen, 320 yen -Kaminoyama -Three stations away They now head to Kaminoyama Onsen, three stations ahead of them Let’s find a hot spring this time In 18 minutes, the train arrives at Kaminoyama Onsen Station (Kaminoyama Onsen Station) -The door opens automatically -Yeah Look at this (5:03 pm) Let’s find a nice hot spring hotel with great food Great, we’re in Kaminoyama Let’s look for a place to stay tonight It’s 5 pm now but it’s still so hot and bright How about the gas station? -Shall we ask them there? -Sure Maybe there’s a luxurious hotel around here Hi, can I ask you a question? We’re taking a trip on a local line -We’re traveling around this area -Sorry to bother you -Can we talk to you? -Can we? We’d like to stay for the night in this town Are there any good hotels or a Japanese hotel? Any recommendations? There’s a famous hotel named Koyo -Koyo? -Koyo? What are they known for? Well -It’s the second best hotel after Kagaya -What? -Is it a large hotel? -Yes, it is How is their food? -It’s the best -How is it the best? A lot of food? How is it good? Seasonal food They serve seasonal food! How many rooms do they have in the hotel? -Please tell us about Koyo -That’s Koyo! It’s the journey on the JR Ou Main Line At Kaminoyama Onsen Station, our duo asks enquires for hotels Then Tell us about Koyo Oh, that’s Koyo! -That’s Koyo -That? We can talk to them about reservations -The bus picks people up from the station -I see Oh, I see We’re actually travelling on foot -It has to be within a walkable distance -Hey, Koyo! -See you later -See you later? Since we don’t have reservations, we’ll call the hotel and ask Do you have Koyo’s phone number? It’s 672 -You have it memorised? 672 -It’s 5454 It’s 672 -5454 -5454 -We have a phone here -We’ll call there We’ll let you get back to your work Thank you very much Let’s ask if they can stay at the hotel tonight They must be busy around this time Thank you for waiting This is Koyo, a Japanese hotel Is this Koyo? – Yes -I’d like to stay at your hotel tonight My name is Akira Nishikino Great, thank you for calling We’re on a journey today, and we’ve arrived at Kaminoyama Onsen -Today -Really? we heard that you are the best hotel around here We’d love to stay at your hotel tonight Other than myself, there’s also Ms Kumiko Oba

If possible, we would love to stay at your hotel tonight I apologise for this sudden request I’ll connect you to the receptionist Could you please hold? Sure. Now? Thank you for waiting Hi, my name is Akira Nishikino -Hello? -Thank you very much Were you looking for two rooms? I’m very sorry for the trouble, but we’re visiting this town to film a TV show I was wondering if we could film your hotel -It’ll be two rooms -Understood The rooms were available and they also gave us permission to film Our duo takes the shuttle bus that leaves from the station Do you work for Koyo? Hello Thank you very much -Hello -Sorry to keep you waiting -Thank you -Sorry for the trouble Our duo heads to the hotel that they’re staying tonight It’s amazing. He said that it’s the second best hotel after Kagaya They arrive at the hotel in six minutes Sorry for the suddenness -Sorry -We apologise Thank you very much Thank you very much We’ll stay here tonight The hotel they’re staying tonight has repeatedly been chosen by different professionals as one of Japan’s 100 best hotels It’s a popular hot spring hotel called Koyo Wow, this is fantastic There’s a large moth orchid -Look at this. I’ve been here before -Really? You’ve been here before? You mean this? -I’ve been here before -You don’t remember? I’ve been here In the lobby, they have a ceramic plate that Mr Nishikino made He’s stayed at this hotel before on a business trip As the name Koyo indicates, this hotel is built on an old kiln which was used during the Nara period to make pottery to be offered to gods The hotel is known for pottery where people write words or draw on plates Many celebrities who stayed here joined the pottery workshop There are about 3,000 plates on display This is the room for Mr Nishikino Nishikino is the best. Thank you -Can I come in? -Sure, come in and take a look Thank you, I’m coming in It has the great smell typical of a Japanese room -Japanese-style Akira -Great -Look, -Japanese-style Akira it’s a proper drawing room Look Japanese-style Akira What a wonderful room Look at this It has a spacious deck Wow, the view from here is incredible It’s fantastic Doesn’t this feel like we’re on our honeymoon? -This is great -Nice -This is a large hotel -Yeah Despite the hot weather during the day, -the air is cooling down now -That’s true There are more than 130 rooms in this hotel, and they offer 18 different types of rooms Our duo is staying in the Japanese-style modern twin rooms There’s a half open-air bath connected to the deck with a great view Now, it’s time to take a hot spring bath Ms Oba has a soothing moment in the hot spring bath in her room This feels amazing The window is open here It’s not an open-air bath, but I can still feel the cool air coming from outside This feels very nice Akira? I hear a lady’s voice Hey, Ku? -Yes -How is it? -It’s a great bath -Yeah Are you already in the bath? Yes, I am This is incredible It feels great, with the air coming in from outside Yes, this is nice -I’ll see you later at dinner -Sure, thank you I’ll take another bath before going to bed, and again tomorrow morning I’ll keep taking baths so I’ll have energy to walk tomorrow (8:00 pm) -Here we are -Yeah Wait

-Hi there -Hello Thank you very much for having us -Sorry for the sudden request -Please follow me This looks incredible -Wow, look! -Hi there Amazing! Our duo will enjoy dinner in a private dining room What do you think? Isn’t this incredible? This is too nice Look at all this I appreciate this a lot Yeah, me too The dinner table is packed with dishes cooked with seasonal ingredients from Yamagata They serve masu salmon, Yamagata’s prefectural fish, along with locally grown edible wild plants, and Yonezawa beef, one of the three high-quality Japanese beef brands This is the A5 sirloin Furthermore there’s also a thick abalone steak There are 12 dishes in total What will they enjoy first? -We recommend this sake -Great -Nice -Earlier, you recommended us some sake This is it? It says Koyo Juyondai and Koyo are the hotel’s original sake Thank you very much Thank you very much -They look fancy -Thank you Thank you very much In Yamagata, they have to try their famous sake First they try Koyo, the hotel’s original and local sake -It’s good -It’s fruity This is truly incredible Subtitles: SDI Media Group