road trip to Ipoh vlog..

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road trip to Ipoh vlog..

hey guys it’s my Fastlane welcome back to another vlog from me how are guys doing I hope you guys are doing fine I never guys love watching my vlogs so here we go another vlog from my youtube channel yo I am actually so excited to vlog today actually because I am going for a road trip to Perak I’m so excited actually after so long of you know staying at home because of the quarantine corona 19 or something like that I’m just trapped at home finally I am going for another road trip with my family with my sisters with everyone so I’m so pumped you know and I’m so excited we’re going to perak we’re staying there for only one night actually but I’m still so excited like I really cannot wait like can we go now so I’m gonna pack all of this stuff and I am going to bring y’all with me which I am so excited to bring guys with me you would never know okay are you guys decided to follow me around yes I know you are doing right now make sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram aireenfadzli and please like this video and share this video with your friends or family and ask them to subscribe you guys let’s do it I gotta pack oh and I just want to update y’all that just now I painted my nails with a light pink color. it’s kinda ugly I’m so bad at painting my nails actually but I just painted my nails kind of ugly but whatever I feel like it yeah and I also got something you know in one of my vlogs I told guys that I have this like mine a problematic backbone you wish I have like sciolosis that’s like my spine damage am saying it or something and I just want to update y’all that I actually got I got this sciolosis brace and it’s plastic I have to wear it for 24 hours every day and I just want to tell you guys that I got this and it’s not comfortable at all I’m telling you it is not comfortable but I just gonna wear it no matter what you know yeah and this is how we just use it it’s gonna cook that skit so it will fit my spine right here yeah that’s all it a little update about my sciolosis it’s not that comfortable every day knowing actually but I kind of like heard you got can if not fits my spine so yeah it’s okay it’s gonna read da okay so what I gotta do is everything is literally everywhere because it’s everywhere oh my god I gotta transfer everything to this mac book actually eventhough I’m staying there only one night I still gotta bring my macbook is important oh my god I messed up I don’t know where to start which one to bring about after so long I’m going traveling my god. okay it’s gonna be okay yeah I’ll do this and just know by pairing the music and I’ll do it no matter what okay I can do this pray for me you guys I’m gonna do a simple magic three two one look at this I prepared up right thing already and this is my outfit for tomorrow I’m wearing this hoodie I think it is pretty cute and there’s simple tights I’m bringing this shoe with me tomorrow and my mac book transfer everything back like fully so I gonna do that and then I bring this back actually inside i have my makeup bag where you put my makeup my headphone it is very important and then my camera charger and as for battery inside this does for everything that is all it. it’s very simple. it’s pretty late at night and I got transfer things to my macbook and we’re done. I’m very sleepy though I’m tired it’s like so late at night like so I’m gonna go to sleep because I have to wake up pretty early tomorrow so yeah good night everyone yes oh my good morning everyone event here we go good morning everyone

we’re going right now and I get my coffee and everything yeah let’s go and I am going to go outside while we’re just waiting for everyone actually okay but Ned and I have all the stuff with me this is my space I’m sitting over there yeah and I bring two bags actually even though we’re going there only one night but why never you know I’m gonna wait for everyone I’m gonna go out for a sec and wait for everyone because it’s pretty hot in here and I’m wearing a hoodie it’s freaking hot I’m sweating hey guys we have arrived and we’re going to makan.let’s do it. I slept a bit I think I am I hit a wake hey guys finally how was it and this is my abc I ordered these demise away how about you by I’m going to Philly Wow Wow so nice I was a CEO which is this bet I want to be in the middle for the apartment where when you walk in there is a kitchen and then the table

hello and this big mirror comfy and then this is the what is it called so could be oh my god Wow oh this is the parents bedroom what the purse not that bad so big the toilets here oh and this is our room is not that bad actually that is all 840 of comments word karma is something good 5:15 and we’re going out but before that I am going to my makeup Coco I made this one month but I need a second opinion Kodama nevermind I can do it so I am actually just wearing the same outfit that I wore just know so but at the balm I just hung it so I was wearing this hoodie and this time yeah be simple I am going to do a simple makeup and I’m currently to cut my parents room actually so but my sister’s is very very very loud and other music and everything so I don’t want my butt to be copyrighted you know all right guys let’s get into makeup comrades you guys we are here to take Instagram pictures so something go slay slay so right now your wasn’t called to like I cannot wait though I talked about by this chair with a folder with it is currently Oh right now gonna see you oh my god you where are you that’s all happening right now I also not be confident hungry actually powerful a highly Buy how was your day who is not mine is this my right but mine okay

what is this is a butter chicken boy how was it good or not oh my god Oh so good all about the Tina yeah I thought wait wish my rise I got I like to it woohoo my rice is finally cured I like to my I’m hungry I don’t know why I invited to be better right number one so Thailand so like in the morning sometimes I don’t do this every single day but like in the morning I always just go outside and take a deep breath before I officially started dating right now it’s very very cold so what is where my coat like the best yeah it’s good chill a bit before I go shower everything so I stopped at my time pretty early actually well not really but I’m still tired I gonna rain I’m gonna do my makeup Oh my makeup I guess so we are actually going I’m not going to do a happy wake up for the breakfast then you see you want to do my eyebrows I’m actually I’m trying this jeans is from – oh my gasps and this t-shirt thing I’m only sure that this is to this bit it is inspired by narrow Fatiha okay let’s go we’re going right now might I take a little start the bottle I leave I know I know Wow I’m eating this chocolate now it’s my life hey guys so breakfast is

done and we’re going back to the apartment we’re going to check how never going back no we’re going somewhere and we’re going bad so we’ll see how it goes but I’m so full you just over no okay all right if I not even I’m so full well I don’t buy it though oh and there’s life thing you I’m a gamma like that you know hey guys we’re back at the apartment and it is currently 10:14 a.m right now and I’m so glad I got fired because just now I don’t wanna fly so hang on to that by the way right now my friends they’re doing tic TOCs so like your art what my future is like so this is a big buck bye-bye sweet apartment we’re checking out right now guys hey guys so right now we’re just walking and Papa mama thought oh my god my battery’s dying what is there something caramel pudding yeah so where are we rapido so hi we are going to the caramel pudding I feel slow by Instagram pics like I’m so sad about it we’re at Plan B to take pictures you know don’t know isn’t it enough so we are currently having I cook I want this one the I’ve also seen