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[The train will depart soon] [HAPPINESS TRAIN X GOT7] This is the announcement for departure For a more radiant and beautiful, if you’re dreaming of a more glorious moment, here’s a romantic train just for you Happiness Train will depart soon If you’d like to escape from your daily routine and depart to the shadow of night where the moon and stars shine please get on board What’s up! – How about a hello? – Okay – 2, 3. Come and get it – GOT 7. Hello, we’re GOT 7 I think this would be our first and last time to say hello inside a train For me and other members, – it’s our first time to be on a train trip, right? – I think so You’ve never been with your family? No, never been Did you Me neither – Jinyoung, have you? – I think you have – Did I say I did? I didn’t – No, I just said that – Trains these days are so fast that it takes only about 2,5 hours to go anywhere. – Right – We recently went to Busan – Right – They’re having a festival there – The train was fast. – Right It took us only 2 hours – It was so fast – Right We hardly ever have the chance to ride the train – to go anywhere, so – Yes What comes to your mind when you hear the word train trip? – Snack cart! – Snack cart – Food for sure. – Harry Potter -We’d have to do rock-paper-scissors for the snack cart raid. – We gotta see the movie – Why Harry Potter? – Harry rides on a train in the first movie – Going through the wall – Yeah, that That brings back memories When we were young You know? This train is not that kind of train It’s called the happiness train Why do you think it’s named happiness, Mark? Because you become so happy when riding this train…? – What do you think, Yugyeom? – Seeking for happiness…? – BamBam? – Happiness You get happy when you ride this train? – It’s the same answer as mine – Yeah? Do I need to give a different answer? – Just, happiness. People should be happy – Right – Jinyoung, what do you think? – Are you happy now? I think all the answers are the same – It’s like seeking for happiness? – Ask me again – Ask me again. I wanna change my answer – Mark, what do you think? – Mark, what do you think? – Because, when I ride this train I’m so happy – A comment please – Need to make a comment Before we got on, we were given an explanation of what the Happiness Train is Regardless of time and space, this train takes you anywhere you want It’s the only one of its kind in the world And we’re riding on that special train – How does it feel? – How is it? We’re gonna fly even later – Yeah? – We haven’t departed yet – We haven’t departed – It’s still at the station? – No, they’re waiting for our comments – Is that it? – It will naturally depart when a certain comment is made. – Right – By the way – How is it, BamBam? – By the way, this Happiness Train – No, how does it feel to ride this? – What? – How does it feel to ride this train – This train? – Gotta answer – I’m so happy When we say the word “happy,” we should do it in a cute way – Today’s rule! – You do it at home. – No, I Give us the AC here, AC AC please – As soon as it departs – AC! Is it just the five of us in the train? – No way! – Of course not – Never – Today… – I heard BamBam rented this whole space – Because BamBam is young & rich – Young & rich – We’re going on a trip – Right In the compartments at the front, back, below, and adjacent, and everywhere, – those who are precious to us are there – Youngjae, do what you did during the rehearsal Front compartment, right. Back compartment, right. Adjacent compartment, right – The precious ones, right! – Right! – They’re all on here Who is it? Yugyeom? IGOT7 – IGOT7 is here? – Yes! Right! I wonder everyone’s boarded the Happiness Train – Let’s take a look at the comments – OK. – Let’s – Look – We have “AC, lol.” – “Give them the AC.” – “Young & Rich.” “I love you.” – “Cute.” – BamBam is really young & rich. – Why? You look through the big one

– We’re looking at the same one – Yeah? Can we turn this around? – Anymore – Guess it doesn’t work Everyone seems happy – I think – – There are some unfamiliar words – Look at this. – What? “Train ride is all about boiled eggs and soda, right?” Soda? Right – Is that how people usually eat? – Yeah, eggs and – Eggs. – Right – Eggs? – Eggs? Right? – They’re similar. – Where would you want to go if you could go anywhere? – 100 years later. Into the future! – To the space! 100 years from now on I don’t think we’ll exist then – Why? – I’m gonna live long – I mean, in this state – In this state? – Like this… – The way we are now? – You wanna just be like this? 100 years from now on, but in this age? – You wanna know how the world will change? – I’m curious I want to go 100 years before After 100 years, Yugyeom probably would have become a legend – Musical – A statue of him will be there – Music legend – Like this – A comment says… – I think going back to the past isn’t bad Go back and fix your mistakes and all – BamBam wants to do that, huh? – BamBam made You made many mistakes, huh? – Really – A comment says we’re on 2nd floor – There’s no 2nd floor – There is There is. You said up, before Up? I’m talking about this Just kidding. I hope we’ll have a fun ride together – I think everyone’s on – Yes – Everyone… Anyone can come on board – What floor is this? – This is – 7th floor – Because we’re GOT7? – GOT7? – Nice thinking – It’s leaving – We’re leaving There’s no ticket here You can ride on the train if you press the heart. Hurry and get on Hearts are the pass to this train It’s an excellent way to ride the train – We’re leaving – Let’s go – Let’s go – They’ve prepared a lot – I know! – It looks beautiful – It looks as if we’re moving. – Isn’t this pretty? – BamBam, why do you think this is closed? Right. There are only two TVs – Don’t! – So one was closed GOT knows where we’re going, right? – Of course – But does IGOT7 knows? They probably knew before getting on I don’t know. Do you all know? Looking at the comments shows me that people are just pressing hearts without knowing where GOT7 is going Today’s destination! Tell us Yugyeom We can’t just tell easily We will give you a hint IGOT7 should try to figure it out – From Youngjae. – Let’s get it – Let’s get it? That was already a hint Yes, my first – Where we’re going right now – Youngjae’s hometown? Or the second hometown The second hometown BamBam’s hint. Let’s get it – We had a tour here last year – Right We had a tour Jinyoung! JB dances well in this style It’s the place where we shot the album jacket picture and music video Not the music video – Right – You can’t just read off the script Look and think You need to think – Sorry – Where we shot the jacket picture – I think my hint is too easy. – Yeah – Do something else – Think in a more difficult way – Mark is difficult to comprehend. – Difficult? – Difficult – Isn’t it west side? – West side, east side. – The place where they twist the middle finger often – Yes, yes. – Yes, yes – Let’s see the comments – We’ll try to look for it – It says “paradise.” – Thank you – The comments – We have… – “Japan.” – Right – “LA.” – “Malaysia.” – It’s right – “New York.” – “USA.” – Right. – I was wrong – It was too short – – “New York,” “USA.” – “USA.” – It all says “LA” and “USA.” – “USA.” – “LA.” – Almost everyone says USA – “Hong Kong.” “USA.” – “Mark’s hometown.” “It’s the US…” – “LA,” “LA.” – “It’s the US…” They’re confident – They’re confident about it – It’s too easy. Let’s say it – Yes Where are we going with GOT7? – That is! [USA] It’s the States

– Good – USA… I knew now – That we can go to the States on a Korean train – They have underwater railway these days We go underneath the ocean – Underneath the ocean – No, later you’ll see that we’ll be flying – Right. – I got it all arranged – Right. Everything’s arranged – Why the US? – The reason is He and I voted for a place that we want to go – And we had 2 votes for the US – You chose the US, too? – Yes Where did you each choose? – Me, the US. – Huh? – 100 years into the future – Really? – That questionnaire – When we wrote the questionnaire – BamBam? – The space. The moon You all wrote the impossibles – You two… – Jinyoung? – A certain place in Japan – A certain place? – Everyone, wait We all brought something for this trip Let’s show them what’s inside our bags [What’s in there?] – Let’s see. – Yugyeom brought something with him in the beginning – This changes into a gun – Kingsman? Kingsman? BamBam, do that Manner You have to latch it like this – No one’s looking at me – Sorry. – Sorry It’s okay. You made me do it, but then you didn’t see me do it I had to open this, sorry – I shall open the lid – Okay – Open please – Manner. Was that OK? – Yeah. The voice wasn’t bad – Thanks – Manner. – Manner, what? – Garlic – Garlic – Onion. Garlic – Garlic – Onion. – Onion Here we go. 1, 2, 3! – Nothing much. – A lot is in here – The necessities. – Wait I smell something bad. Let me throw this away – No – Oh my god! Slippers? Let’s do this one by one Who brought this? – This is… – I think it’s Mark’s – I think it’s you This? From what I know, there are some stuff that belongs to no one – Not, no one but – To fill in the space! – The members who are not here! – I see – Right. Something that JB or Jackson would have wanted. – Whose is this? If it were JB’s, the color would have been unique Anyway, this belongs to no one Can I use this? – It’s fine – I’m curious about other stuff! – This – Then Wait. This is very old – Whose is this? – So obvious – Whose? – Youngjae’s I always carry – Not just carry but wear them around – Right. Because when traveling – You’d need nice shoes – Slippers are a must You need nice-looking shoes And you also need them to be – comfortable – Maybe you’re just too comfortable? – Right. They’re very old – So when you travel during summer? – Right. Summer or whenever! – You wear them during winter? No, just to be comfortable while traveling – I’ve worn these for 4 years – 4 years? – Really? – They’ve been around since our debut – Right. – They were? – Yes – Four years… – Very old – Then is this…? – Anyone can tell that – I think it belongs to the guy next to you – A speaker – Young & rich, yet. – No – No. You really need a speaker – Can you connect it? – Yes. – We’ll have time later – Is this the switch? – The battery is in – Then later we’ll – Later… – You’re so frugal – He’s very frugal, in case of others – Why? Because, no battery so you can’t use it The battery is there when I use it, but it’s not there when others do What kind of logic is that? When I went on a vacation to Thailand, I went up a mountain and took this with me – Good job. – It didn’t break? – It didn’t – You did well – I did well. – Good job – That was a nice story – Whose is this? – This? – We’ll do this later – Whose is this? – Me! Yellow! – Yugyeom? – Yellow? – Yes – Whose is the purple one? – I don’t know – Maybe it’s one of those – That – Without an owner? – Is the yellow yours? – It’s for washing your face? – Cute! My forehead is so exposed I look funny – Hey, hey – Your forehead, the language – Your hair stylist worked so hard on that hair. – Yes To ruin it like that – You should be on stage like that – Looks okay – Anyway… – Do we really do it? – Do it. – Why did you bring it? – Let’s do it. – Why did you bring it? – No I won’t – Yugyeom – Yugyeom is so cute – Just keep it like that – Why did you bring it? Your hair’s a bit weird – You carry this with you while traveling? – We dye our hair a lot. – Right

And right after the dye, we can’t wash our hair And it’s useful when you don’t want to wash your hair – and wash your face only – I thought Yugyeom’s hair smells bad This.. Let’s just pass – Anyone want this? – I’ll wear it – Cute, cute. – Okay Goal in! – What’s this? Jinyoung, what did you bring? – What’s this? – What’s this? Let’s say that this is also Jackson’s – It’s a cape! – Cape? – I wish this were JB’s – This is totally Halloween! – Yes – Yes. – Anyway, thank you for preparing – Thank you – Jinyoung, what did you bring? – I’ll wear this. Matches my hair – I’m curious about Jinyoung’s – I wanna know Jinyoung’s. – A headphone – He always wear that – You didn’t cover up the name of the brand – He always wears that – Why do you bring it with you all the time? Why use it? Excuse me. It’s pretty much the same as your item I have a speaker because I want other people to enjoy music, too But there’s no battery This is for playing the music out loud – It could create noise. – Right – To other people it’s noise – Because he’s selfish – I agree with you Right? You know what I mean, especially if your room is next to his Mine is about listening to the music alone – It’s good – Not being a nuisance to other people! Because BamBam is a nuisance It’s my hobby to be a nuisance to others – Is this Yugyeom’s? – No – This – Then you want this too? – The character looks like Yugyeom – It does. – Yeah We have that, you know… IGOT7 – Candle – Why carry a candle around? – Who carries a candle around? – I honestly carry this around – Mark, how come you didn’t bring anything – It’s in there. – It is? – Then yours – We have a few left still! – Did you bring this? – Yeah. – Right – Amazing – Amazing, right? – Everyone carries this around, right? – Right – Everyone, right? – BamBam doesn’t I think – I do – You don’t brush your teeth? – Not this but… – Electric one. – The electric one – Yeah, young & rich – No – I’m different, huh? – Toothbrush and toothpaste for me So that was everyone’s – Whose is the selfie stick? – Okay – Whose? – No need to introduce that – No need. – No need If you open it, it’s young & rich – Here… – This – It’s okay – It’s.. – Show it off – Then let’s do it last – I brought a camera – It’s similar to mine! – I think we have similar taste – Mine is – Now this is where they’re different – This bothers no one, while this – This bothers no one! – That’s the different – Why does this bother others while taking pictures? – What is it? – That’s a drone – This is too much… – Is it? – No, it’s not too much – One has a big speaker and a drone The other has a small headphone and digital camera – A huge different. – I just want to take pictures of pretty landscapes… – Take it out – A drone – Even the color is gold Isn’t this from the movie? The one from the JJ project showcase – The one you took pictures with – Right. It’s this one – You don’t know how it was, right? – I saw – Did you see. – I didn’t see – Let me tell you – We each had a video, right? – Yes – But BamBam, with this drone gave this special effect for himself You did that there? – I took that much care. – Is that so? – I wanted the JJ project showcase video – to look fantastic – I accidentally turned this one – This shouldn’t fly here – No remote though – There is… – It’s scary – Hey! Hey! There’s no battery. It’s out of battery Anyway, we can’t fly it here. Thank you – So anyway – Thank you for what? I’m in charge of it – So I’ll clean it and close it – Let’s read some comments You should do it because you’re the youngest – Yes. – Yes – The comments say – Take picture of me. – These items are not appropriate for a travel to the US – Why? – How can these be items for the US? Why not? We can fly drones in the US – The slippers please – Mark left a famous quote – I won’t take things with me – Because I have everything No, he’s gonna take an empty carrier and buy everything there – That’s… – Is it BamBam? – What is? It’s not me – The drone – Drone please – “Battery, lol.” – Gotta put this in now. – Go ahead – We can’t put this in – This is JB can’t see us well – I hope JB opens his eyes – Do you know why I buy stuff there? – Why? – Do you know why I buy stuff there? – Why live there? – Because, look – Isn’t JB tall though? – You shop when traveling, right? – Yeah But there’s no space to put those things in

After shopping. Right? – So you’ll shop there? – I’m right, right? – So… – Right – If you pack your bag full, you don’t have a space for your shopped items – Anyway, you’re young & rich – No no! Now we If you look at the movie Harry Potter, – inside the train to Hogwarts – Wait – Wait – We didn’t put this in – How come you didn’t give it to me? – No! – This is also still here – It’s OK. – Keep it with you – There’s something in the train – Honestly, this is the – The snack cart – Let’s call it out – 1, 2, 3! – Come in Give us food You’ve changed your clothes – He’s become so luxurious-looking – This train is awesome – I’m not sure if you remember, but during out last eating broadcast… – Wait His shoes. They’re the same as Youngjae’s with the peace symbol I don’t know if you remember, – But her was there… – The sauna – During the sauna eating broadcast! Can you wave to them? Can you wave? – Each members – Put your hands up! Let’s each explain what menu he’s chosen – From Jinyoung? – Let’s just take them Take what you’ve picked – Because he’ll get awkward just by standing there. – Everyone’s chosen, right? – Yeah – I chose pizza – Here – What did I choose? – Go ahead and take yours What’s the drink? I’m not sure what I Wet tissue You said wet tissue? I think we need we tissue – You didn’t choose one? – No, I think I didn’t – What did you choose Youngjae – I’ll just eat other people’s – Can I drink this? – Friends! – Grape juice – Thank you I use my hands – Go ahead – Why chopsticks? – Why chopsticks? – Nah – Let’s introduce the food one by one – I’ve already shown mine – Explain the reason! I was very specific – Pepperoni pizza – You have the intention to share? – Of course – Thank you – Mark? – Me? Chocolate – Why? – Why what? – Youngjae, do you not remember? – I think I said wet tissue – BamBam, what did you choose? – Chicken wings – Jinyoung? – Takoyaki – Should we eat? – Yes Wait, Youngjae chose wet tissue – Then Youngjae should eat wet tissue – How does it taste? It’s eco-friendly And it smells like Aloe vera extract – So good! – So it’s for yourself – Yes. And I’m gonna take yours – Have a taste – Pizza is popular right now Wait, Jinyoung here We should say “Shall we eat” first, but how come you’re already eating? – Because we’re hungry – Should we dig in? – Yes When we did the eating broadcast, we only ate without talking for 3 minutes you know And that’s what will happen tonight – Can we really do that? – These are expensive chocolates. – Let’s have some time to eat. – OK Then on a count of 3, we’ll begin 1, 2, 3. Food broadcast, begin! And we’ll read comments while eating – OK everyone? – OK Gotta eat this spicy chicken We’re always hungry, during performance and during practice – Yeah, we get hungry – Do you have something specific you wanna during performance or practice? – In the middle of performance? – It could happen – Me – The so-and-so Bros! – The brother brand, huh? But then our choreographer hates the smell of that food – So I’m definitely gonna… – So you eat more on purpose, right? – Yes I’ve been eating too hard – Who’s the most particular about food? – Yugyeom. – I’d say Youngjae – Isn’t it Youngjae? – Youngjae – Yugyeom also – No I eat everything. – No – Yugyeom’s just – Just what? – Just doesn’t wanna eat with us – He only eats what he likes – Then who eats everything? – JB. – JB – I think JB really eats everything – But then he doesn’t like pizza – and things like that – Yeah, he doesn’t like greasy food – Not greasy food – Not Western-style food – I think it’s Mark who eats everything – Yeah, it’s Mark

– It’s good – Jinyoung doesn’t do well with flour-based food I eat them – Huh? – I eat them. – Then what was the most delicious food you’ve had during a trip? During a trip? A long time ago It’s all about pork – Huh? – What? – While traveling? – Don’t people eat pork during vacations – Right. When they’re doing barbecue – Right? – For me – Isn’t that more like a menu for after party? – It’s the time I went to Singapore Pepper crab. It was really good – What food do you not like? – I see – Really. – Why ask?! – I even eat burnet – How about Youngjae? – Huh? – You’ve recently been to NY – Yes – What food was good in NY? – What did you eat? – Pizza’s really good in NY. There’s a superb place. – Burrito Yeah, Burrito. Chi-something, that Mexican food is very good And the shake shake burger, that’s really good too – Shake shake? – Shake shake? That to, inside and out Inside and out brand is not there It’s in your hometown – You have something you don’t like? – Cucumbers – Eggplants – Eggplants! – Eggplants for me too – I hate eggplants You do all sorts of things – That was nice – Good – Good – This.. – Why? This drink makes me burp – You’re so honest – I’m hone – I’m eating so much – They’re good. I was hungry – BamBam is so enjoying his food – “Jinyoung, are you on a diet?” – Huh? Why? – How come you’re not eating your takoyaki? – “Are you on a diet?” I can’t pronounce this – Me? – I’m just not eating – Why? Just because, dude – How about Yugyeom cleans up afterwards? – Of course. – Why? I want Jinyoung to clean it up – OK, Jinyoung… – I – Say it again. – Why? – Louder – My next hurts. – You know what? JB pretends he doesn’t, but he actually – monitors these shows – Right. He could be watching alone He gets very satisfied while watching – Where could he be now? – He watches and becomes satisfied in secret – Where could JB be? – He should’ve arrived I think he’s probably at the dorm by now – I think so – Or with Nora.. – Having a good time Excuse me. You all need to talk – I’m sorry, too busy eating – They’re so good – Especially BamBam – You’re suddenly not speaking at all Since we gotta clean up anyway, – let’s pick one person to do it – OK – OK, good. – The one who eats the food with the least amount of sexiness – Okay. – Deal? – Really? – Yes Gimme the drumstick, please The least amount of sexiness You have to eat it in a sexy way Yugyeom first – Me? – Yes – Go – How do I eat sexy? – Let’s do it. – Go – Sexy? Go Yugyeom should clean up He’s not gonna make it – Nice. – That was a bit sexy – Really? – Mark? – I’m up? – Yeah. – Mark – Chocolate? Drink? – Me, drink – The easiest one – Go – I can feel it – His Adam’s apple – The sound! – Sexy – Good – It was sexy? It was OK? – Good. – Youngjae, come on! – Youngjae’s getting ready – I’ve been ready – Yugyeom, good? – Good. – You can do it – I can do it – BamBam, gimme that chicken – That one. – Which one? – That – The spicy one? – Spicy one? – No, just gimme the dish – He wants the dish – He wants the dish – Excuse me, we gotta eat too – My chopsticks – Chopsticks? OK – Go Youngjae – Go You can’t hesitate – Nice – I like, I like

– BamBam, let’s see it – Let’s do this – I’ll show you – Show us for real – You’re already out – OK, I’ll begin Here’s the chicken Where do I look? There? Look closely – You’re not trying to be not sexy – This isn’t about eating well It looked as if he was eating chicken soup – In one bite… – Just – Let’s move on to Jinyoung – My comment for you. You ate very well – Yeah, very well – Ate very well – You agree that BamBam ate very well? – Agree – No – Agree – “Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine.” – I’ll go. – What are we doing. What kind of language is that? – Me go? – Yes Jinyoung, show us – 1, 2, 3 – This is how it should be done, BamBam! BamBam should go – Honestly, it was BamBam. – BamBam! – The verdict has already been made – 1, 2, 3 – BamBam! Nothing. Just “Lol.” – I ate it in one bite – People are calling you a snake – All comments say BamBam – OK. I’ll clean – Monitor the show later – I just did – Take a look at our eyes – Why? – Man. – But then we didn’t need to give that eye signal anyway Did you give that eye to the fans? – Huh? – Did you do that to the fans, too? – We don’t know – No – He says “we don’t know.” So the eating show – Delicious – BamBam, please begin cleaning up – OK. Clean up begins. Finish! – He’s here You here? Since he’s here, shouldn’t he clean up? No way Mark, leave it – BamBam, clean up – Leave the chocolates – It’s hot, right? – Good. – But it’s so good – BamBam, clean this up please – Takoyaki – I’m gonna finish this BamBam, clean this up We agreed on it – OK – BamBam, this too Man, this isn’t my day Wet tissue BamBam, you can clean the pizza now What are you doing?! – A promise is a promise – Right Leave the chocolate. I want it Thank you – It’s just that he doesn’t wanna clean – I’m full. – Are there any more? No Mark, cup. And the wet tissues should be cleaned too – I think the chopsticks and the trash will do. – Chopsticks, too. Hurry BamBam – Right. – The fans are watching – There are a lot here – You shouldn’t lie. – Right – BamBam, watch your facial expression – Here, BamBam – This is how life is – That was nice. I’m so full – Right? – BamBam, wipe my mouth for me – Man! – Cleaning up the mouth – Clean up my mouth for me – Do I really need to do that? – Huh? – Do I really need to do that? – No – That’s how life is – Why? I want to – No. – Really? – Sorry, but I don’t want it – OK – There we go – Thank you – Thank you. – Thank you for the meal – Chocolates are mine – Take care We just had a meal in here This is the first train trip between GOT7 and IGOT7 – Right – So I prepared something – What is it, BamBam? – Right One sentence Music in Happiness [Music in Happiness] – We – Wait, do it again. It wasn’t that impressive How? Music in Happiness! We’ve chosen songs that we’d like to listen to in the Happiness Train Let’s play them one by one – Shall we? – Let’s use this – I think “You Are” is definitely in here – Go to – This? – Yes. Go to Naver Music – OK. Here goes the first song. – Excuse me, this could be a great shot without the tissue – The tissue was on the camera, too? – Why throw it away? It’s playing, but no sound’s coming out – Ah, this one – Who chose this? – Nice choice – Isn’t it obviously Mark? – So Mark – This song is good Look, look Read the comments

“Song.” “Let Me.” – What? – No “It’s a great song, right?” – It says like that in the comment – I read something worse Which one? – Let’s move on to the second song – Yes First song, “You Are” by Mark What’s the second song? – Isn’t it Jinyoung’s style? – It’s awesome. I love this song – It’s so amazing – What’s the title? – Charlie Puth – The singer’s name is Charlie Puth – The title is “Attention” – “Attention” – Did Jinyoung choose this? – No – Not yours? – Who chose this? – I chose this – Oh, you did. Why? – I love the hook part – When I visited NY for the first time, I heard this song as soon as I arrived there – So? – Whenever I hear this, I feel like I’m in NY – It’s a bit – The hook is amazing – It becomes suddenly quiet – Right In most songs, the hook part becomes louder. But it’s quiet. Here it comes How? – It has only bass sound – It’s amazing – Cool. – It sounds cool – I guess you enjoyed an amazing trip – Right, I heard it at the airport – I guess you would have walked like this Thinking “I’ll take a tour in NY” – Cool – What’s the next song? – Next song – This is – I guess it’s you. – Not BamBam? – It’s you, huh? – Right When BamBam went overseas, he always heard this song – I love to see the nature – Well, I think – this will make a perfect BGM for a video clip. – Video clips! This is likable Please shoot this He wants to dance in the free style It has been so popular for a while, right? – I could hear it anywhere – It was really hot – Right, very hot – At cafes, drugstores, – I was able to hear it anywhere – Let’s go – You can’t stop it? – Sorry? – I can’t stop it – BamBam, live – Me? – Yes – Why? – Shall we move on to the next one? – Let’s enjoy the hook. – Right – Right? – Yes – Will you turn the volume up? This is the max 5, 6, 7 Sorry I love this song This makes me feel excited It makes me feel excited when I am on a trip. I love this That’s good, that’s good Let’s check out the next song Who chose this? – Oh, my gosh – I feel tired as soon as I hear this – A tough trip – Yugyeom chose this song – Will you hard carry the trip? – How do you enjoy a trip? – I do like this – You do like that? – So passionately It’s really – This is an amazing song – GOT7’s amazing song Yugyeom, what do you hard carry while traveling? – Sorry? – What do you hard carry during a trip? When I travel, I focus on having fun I think it’s the best to have fun Let’s hear the next song This goes well with this broadcast – Jinyoung! You chose this – This is… My style – Very old sentiment – Isn’t it a song of old memories? I guess everyone has sung it at karaoke bars Singer Ssamja Not this song? It’s not the hard rock genre

Because I don’t know this song – It was the best song ever – Unexpected part will come up in the hook? Yes, right – Hang on – This is an announcement – Why now? – The train is now passing through a tunnel slowly – Wow. What’s this? – It’s getting dark – To prevent an incident – What’s this? – Wow. – Please stay seated in your seat – It feels like a real trip – Please be careful when you move – Behind! – Hard rock – It’s going slowly – As the train passes through a tunnel, it will take some time Is there anything fun to do? – Right – So I prepared this – Really? – Hang on. Jinyoung, please bring it out Why did you prepare this? I hate this – Then, don’t join – I see – Let’s do this excluding Mark – Really? You said so – No, I will withdraw it – No, you said so. I won’t do this – Mark will not join this again? – I’m not an official from V LIVE – I’ve done it before. – I see You may not do this if you don’t want to show Jinyoung, what’s that? (Without honorific forms) – Jinyoung, what’s that? – I mean, my older brother Jinyoung – This? – Yes – It’s for “Truth or Dare” – Yugyeom, please introduce as you prepared It’s for GOT7’s “Truth or Dare!” [Truth or Dare] We have 10 questions So each one of us can answer two questions – Are you ready? – We’re always ready. – Sure. Always – Let’s take two – All right – I want to choose – Sorry. Take yours as distributed Oh, I see Jinyoung is carefully choosing There’s no point, as he can’t read what’s inside Anyone who has 3? Because I got one – Let’s start – I think I have 2. Me, too – I have 3! – This. – No – No? – I have 3 – Everyone has 2 – I have 3 questions . – Really? – Why can’t you trust me? – Because you fooled me so many times – Hey, Mark. Give me one – Mark, give him one – I should’ve given a strange one – “Truth or Dare!” – My voice is going after singing hard-rock songs. – Do you know how to do this? – I don’t know how – I think I know – You can’t do this – Shall we decide the order first? – Then… – Starting from Jinyoung – That’s a good idea – Shall we reduce the shock level? – Hang on! – Where can I do that? – Because it’s too strong, it may surprise us and we may say inappropriate things But it needs to be at the medium If it’s too weak, it’s not funny Hey, please make it weak for me – There’s no button here – Hang on – No – I guess we can’t reduce it – Give mine to Youngjae – It’s an old version and we can’t do that I guess we can – There’s a button to adjust but it doesn’t have one. – Right? – No adjustment? – No – Oh, my – Then, let’s… – Let’s just do that – Youngjae, are you OK with 4 questions? No, sorry – It has only vibration and electricity modes – Let’s do with the vibration mode – Because – Let’s try electricity. It’s going to be fun – All right. Whatever you want – It will not kill us – Then, let’s do this – I see – Jinyoung, please put your hand on me – I hope you do not turn it up for me – and down for others – There’s no function to adjust. – No way – We can’t adjust – There’s a button to turn it down – Nope. – I checked it out but there’s none. – It has none – No function to adjust? – No Come on, man. Be a man – Did you want us to go through this? – Give me that – Sorry? – Let me see – It’s OK. Let’s do this – OK. First question, please – Hang on. I’m scared – Brother – Brother! – Well, – He talks like a Korean – Well, “Among GOT7 albums, 7 for 7 album is my best favorite” – What’s the point of this question? – Do you think so or not? – Me? – Yes – You need to put your hand in the machine – Then you need to answer – Right Let’s update the question Among songs of “7 for 7,” – my song is the best – No, I can’t answer that question – Because you don’t think so? – Because that’s true Let’s get started – So, is it your best favorite? – Yes, it’s my best favorite – Does it work right away? – We need to wait – It’s your best favorite – I feel a bit nervous – True? – True! – You liked it most? – Yes, it’s my best favorite We need to do this again This is not the right way

– Do we need to press it now? – Right – That’s true. I like “7 for 7” most – After our debut? – Yes – I hope he got shocked – It’s the best favorite – It will electrify me – Yes – Really? – Let’s see – Isn’t it like a horror movie? True – It has 3 circles – It’s a lie. – Blue It’s a lie It didn’t hurt you? Did it vibrate? Did you feel the electricity? How much is it? Or shall we give a clout instead of using this? – Or this – Let’s do that – Well – Let’s use it for a test – As I answered my question – It was a lie. So you need to be hit All right. Go ahead – Go ahead? – Go ahead Let the next one hit – Cool – It may take some time, if all of us hit. – Go – How? Hard? – Sorry – As much as you love me – OK – Just do it – May I? – No – Sorry – Let’s move on to the next question – All right – This much – He shouted before Bambam hit him BamBam, Youngjae will hit you so hard – I have 2 questions – Oh, 2? Right “Nobody can match my appealing performance on the stage” Nobody – Let’s do this – Please start Go ahead Nobody – Don’t you feel anything? – Because it just start working – Not yet – Don’t you feel any? You need to press your fingers tightly Tightly Did you do like this? You got it? I got it. A bit of feeling What was your answer? I’m the best performer on the stage It turned out not to be true – It was not true – I always said so If I’m with Yugyeom of our team, – he makes me feel humble – This is scary BamBam, let me read yours Please set this up This Why? I got shocked Serious? – No, just – Over-reacting You need to press your fingers tightly – OK. – Press tightly – I’m doing it “If I were born again, I would be GOT7” This is an awesome question – Yes or no? – If I were born again Hang on. Don’t say the answer Yes or now? – Yes. If I have a chance. Yes – Press it. – This? – This? – Yes. – No You didn’t work, bro Then, it needs to scan again – Yes? – Yes – Yes – Yes? – Let’s see – It’s a bit scary. Why is it scary? Because I said yes – Yes? – YEs – Youngjae, please press it – Press it hard – Let’s see whether he lied or not – Lined? Lied? – Scared – True – It was true – Really – What’s up, man. You know – One more time – He’s so lucky I guess it’s out of order – I think it’s out of order – Please carefully pronounce when you say Because BamBam looks so happy now – What’s the question? – The 2nd question This – You need to tell the truth – OK. What’s that? – Don’t tell a lie – Sure “Even though I don’t admit officially, I’m the sexy king (the hottest one) in JYP” Why do I have such questions? – Yes or no. Tell us that – Sexy king? I don’t think I’m the sexy king – No? – Not in JYP – No? – No. – All right – You said no. – No – That’s a lie Lie – He thinks he’s the sexy king – No way – He believes he’s the sexy king – You need to hit me – Sorry? – Your turn to hit me – But it hurts – It didn’t hurt. – It hurt – It hurt for me – Then, we can skip the punishment – Why? The machine is out of order Sorry, we broke it Yugyeom, please read one – Give me one – OK – Done – One more. – Not vibration mode It doesn’t hurt – You can go ahead wearing it – I will take off my ring – The ring can be electrified – It’s OK Youngjae What if it starts burning? – OK. Put your hand into it – Right

– Put it in the machine – Turn it on Youngjae is easily frightened This BamBam, please read – I will read this – You need to hear the question with your hand on it Put your hand first and press it – Ready – What if I curse? You won’t Because you’re so professional – Hang on – Scanning. Scan Scan I’m so scared – Even though I know it doesn’t hurt, it’s still scary. – You may feel nervous Don’t use any slang Youngjae. “Once, I was amazed by how handsome I looked in the mirror” No – Will it electrify me? – Yes – You can’t move your hand – No? Never You were! This is bearable – You were! – So glad – The 2nd question – Youngjae, how do you feel when you look into the mirror? – You were amazed by your look? – I don’t do that. Just – Feeling like “I’m handsome?” Or “I’m not that bad today” I’ve never thought that I’m handsome What do you think about yourself when you take a shower? I need to lose some weight What’s wrong with questions for Youngjae? The 2nd question “I’m the best visual member of GOT7” This is not true, really – Not true.- No? – No No – I’m the best visual member among GOT7 – Nope Mark, you can’t match me – No… – He lied twice! – It’s out of order, I guess How much is it? Mark is not as handsome as me OK – No way – Why do you mention my name? If he believes so, it means he’s better looking than everyone else As we don’t have time, I will answer just one Please start scanning – This is really – I will ask this – We need to do this – No. I want to ask one Mark hates We need to do this – Let’s see which one is better – Let’s see We need to do this – This is better. – This is better – Right. – OK – Close – Scanning Hang on. Now Didn’t it hurt? – It didn’t hurt. – It didn’t – Really? Are you worried? I felt the same way But it’s OK if you go through once I guess there’s something stronger. No option to adjust? “I’ve imagined how it looks if I were a leader” – Sure – Do you think the team would be better if you were a leader? Why did you change the question? Let’s not change the question Sometimes, we are asked during an interview “What if someone else were a leader…” I’ve imagined about that when asked True – But it’s a question that we can think about. – Sure – We can imagine – Sure, we can It doesn’t hurt – You have never thought about it? – No? – Well, now – He has never thought about it Hang on. But this Speaking of which, as we talked about the leader, – I guess fans missed him so much – Right JB is here Right Hey, come out – What are you doing? – Hey, come out to join us It’s a lie He’s there – Good. Good – I see – His doll is there – Right – Anyways, we will call him – OK – To JB – Shall we? – I will – Hang on. We have only 10 minutes And we need to ask questions to Yugyeom Shall we move on after asking questions to Yugyeom? Go – What? – I want to turn it up all the way – Will it hurt? – Mark, please read – Will it hurt? Nervous – Press it first This? – I’m so nervous – Let’s do this. – I turned it up Which one would be better? This one? Or that one? – No, this – Yellow one – Pink – Yellow “I’ve wanted to have something owned by other members” – Want… Like clothes? – I guess everyone has done that – Everyone has done that, I guess – Or you wanted to steal – Why are you – Why are you so extreme? – I’ll say. – Press – He’s ruining the mood Yes It hurts! That much? Is it that strong? For me, it never stings – The train moved – No – Yugyeom is not greedy – Hey, it wasn’t that strong

I set it to the electricity mode You guys did this with the vibration mode We all did with the electricity mode I did it, too – Really? – We did. – Right? I changed it to the vibration mode – But he changed it to the electricity – We don’t have much time. Let’s call JB Don’t we? – Let’s call him – We’re calling JB. – Hurry up Let me call JB It’s ringing! Ringing! – Hello – Hello Hello Where are you going? – Hello – Hello Please understand that we’re on V LIVE Yes, I was watching you – Right? – I told you so! He was watching. – Were you watching us? Lim Jae Beom! – No – One more time Are you back in Korea? Really Yes, I’m back – Congratulations – Congratulations – Lim Jae Beom – I saw your face got tanned. – Here – Yes. It was not that challenging to survive in the jungle. – 1, 2, 3 Hey, bro. BamBam wants to say something. 1, 2, 3 Way to go, JB BamBam, first You did a great job Where were you watching us? I am going to have dinner with my parents – Are your parents with you? – YEs How did you feel? Did you miss GOT7 in the jungle? I didn’t miss BamBam I didn’t miss BamBam because he makes me tired But I missed other friends I want to ask a question Who did you miss the most? Who did you miss the most? I missed everyone equally No bias – Smart answer – He handled a tricky question well Great job, leader! – Amazing leader. Admit that? – Sure! All right. Thank you I have one thing to tell you While you had been away, they have gone weird – I guess they are weird – Right JB, what will you have for dinner? Well… Why? Why are you so curious about it? I will join you after this show Sorry. Enjoy your broadcast – Indeed – I won’t accept you. – JB Please say hi to IGOT7s Because you’re back after a while Please say hi IGOT7, everyone, nice to see you I guess you’ve worried about me while I was in the jungle I finished shooting safely and I did my best I did my best thinking about GOT7 Please look forward to seeing it Great leader Lim. Great Please enjoy your dinner with parents We’re going to NY See you later What are you doing? – We’re going to NY – We’re going to NY – Are you going to NY? – Yes – What does it man? – You can ignore that No, we’re going actually – Well, it’s from BamBam I think I can ignore that Anyways, enjoy dinner with your parents and see you at the dorm tomorrow – All right. See you there – Bye. – Bye – Bye – Bye Shortly, this train – Surprised. I thought I played a song – will be arriving to the utopia full of dream, miracle and romance – Already? – To go to anywhere – It felt really nice – The world’s one and only express train – Right – Thank you for traveling via the happiness train – It feels like when a train really arrives – Thank you – I hope you can enjoy the trip – Shining – Well, – Look. Sky. It’s in the sky – Sky! – I think we need to get off – Beautiful sky! I think we need to get off We need to get off soon Hang on. I found something here Throwing like this – Great job, Yugyeom – Why? You know, a post card says something It’s a secret. We can’t tell you about what this postcard says – Why? – Nope [Happiness Train’s special postal service] For you who is on the first-ever train trip, [we will send a post card for recollection] Please draw a person’s face that you miss now – Shall we draw one? – Give me a pen – Shall we start drawing? – I’ll use the sky blue one – Will you draw the blue sky? – Give me all So, do we draw a person’s face or things now? – Face. Face of the one you miss now – Face of a person – Let’s draw – It doesn’t need to be a person’s face No, it says so. Bam Please hear carefully – What should I draw? – It’s been a long time since I used colored pencils – I don’t know what to draw – Me, neither I used to love drawing when I was young

– These colors – Give me more Color in the drawing Give me the box Thank you I don’t know what to draw What are you drawing? I’m just drawing – I know what you’re drawing – What’s that? – Right? – That’s too obvious Why is it so obvious? What should I draw? I guess everyone is drawing the same thing Excluding him Everyone is drawing the same thing What’s wrong with the teeth? Everyone, please speed up – Only the face, right? – Please draw it well I can finish after drawing a face, right? – I am not good at drawing – Right Sorry This looks a bit weird I finished Me, too I think it will be remembered as a piece of art 100 years later You have a lot of nerve – I finished – I’m done I combined two things A comment said, “I thought Jinyoung was taking an exam” – Are you ready? – Yes – Let’s show one by one Starting from Yugyeom. – All right 1, 2, 3 – Who is that? – IGOT7 We were told to draw a person – IGOT7s are – We were told to draw a person’s face Because we call them IGOT7s – But they are people – So… – Right – In reality, they’re people – Sure All right. Let us see your drawing, Mark 1, 2, 3 What’s this? – It’s a bird – So cute But I draw its eye too big If fans look like that, it may surprise us Really Like at the fan signing events – If they come wearing bird masks – With bird masks on – There’s no one who tried that – Right – As they’re called IGOT7s – I look forward to seeing it I know who Youngjae drew I combined I thought this person would be one of IGOT7s – But it’s scary – No This is a IGOT7 who has JB’s face I thought about him, too This character has JB’s face but it also has wings like IGOT7s – Go ahead – 1, 2, 3 I drew JB’s face – That’s… – Don’t you think his earrings are too big? – And very bad dark circles It’s his eye balls Eye movement? – Eye movement? – Yes I thought he would be exhausted after going back from the jungle I hope to treat him to dinner or something – Will you buy that? – Yes – What’s wrong with you? – I treated Yugyeom to dinner, too! – Way to go – Great job Good boy, BamBam Well First, sorry Did you draw 3 people? Jackson – And our fans – IGOT7s (IGOT7s) And JB You drew the bird a bit – Because I had to draw a person – I hope it doesn’t sound offensive – Do you know the villain bird in the “Ranger” series? – A monster? No way – Didn’t it look too fierce? – No way To draw a person, so I drew a standing bird It looks like JB’s hair style when he was a trainee – You know that – I know. – Bushy hair This is Jackson when he used to wear snapbacks Even though I’m a good painter Sorry You feel sorry even though you’re good at drawing? – I’ll put them into the mailbox – There, please Give me yours Who should we send it to? We can just put these in to the box They will send these well Someone said she would wear a bird mask for a fan signing event – Really? – You need to do that – I hope to see that There has been no one who dressed up like that What if 100 fans come up wearing birds masks? It’s going to be fun! – I want to take a pic – Me, too I’m so curious – Let me put them in – OK This is a magical mailbox If you put a post card in it, it will be sent right away – To where? – Are you sure? – Really? – Can we check it out? Do as you want

– Let me put them into the mailbox – OK Letters Good – Done – Really? – Sent, already? – Have a seat Like this Oh, it’s arriving It’s hilarious to see us reacting to such stuffs May I have your attention, please? – This train is arriving – Starry night On this special night, the Happiness Train wants to bring dream and romance to your life – If there’s a train like this, – The Happiness Train’s doors will open – it will be very famous – Be careful not to leave – any belongings behind you – From Korea to NY. – 1 hour Via train for an hour It’s like a time machine – If it takes 1 hour between Korea to NY, it will take 1 second from Seoul to Busan – Right We will depart Arrived now? – Go – How can I do this? Like this. Go We will depart – Is this going to Busan? – We are departing now Did we arrive now, Mark? Based on the landscape outside the window, I guess so – From now on, Youngjae will be our tour guide. – Right Let’s say how you felt about this Happiness Train It’s not something super exciting Was it? Even though it wasn’t super exciting, it showed things about us Like our career, or our thoughts – so it was fun as we did things that we haven’t done before. – Right BamBam, how do you feel? Well, I’m glad that the train arrived safely – It was fun. Really fun – The funniest one was that From Busan to Seoul. Go I liked hard rock more Anyways, it was fun I think I had a great time after a while. Thanks Mark, what do you think about this? – Me? – Yes Youngjae might skip his turn again – I think it was so fast – Right? – Right You can go your parent’s every day, if this train exists – I will use this during my break – It’s so fast. – Right – I will use this train many times – Right Yugyeom, what do you think? I enjoyed talking with fans and members together, We also had some delicious snacks. I had a great time – Good – And Youngjae? If this train exists, I will always use this train – Right. – If this train exists, it will be so popular. – Sure – How can we go to NY within an hour? – Right – Then now… – 100 years later, our descendants may say “We have that one now!” – It could happen – People in the past never imagined they could carry a paper-thin computer – or use a mobile phone for everything – This would be a video history This will make one of the video history I loved everything But it felt too short It was too short, as we can talk for a long time Right, we arrived too early thanks to the advanced technologies Then, everyone in the front of, next to, behind and below us, and IGOT7s, get ready to get off Let’s promise that we will enjoy another trip together and say bye – All right – OK – You will – Let’s say bye. – Shall we say bye? – I can’t understand his nuance – Next time, – let’s be with Jackson and JB – Right Let’s do this all together OK – IGOT7s – Good night Have fun in the states See you in Korea Shall we say bye? We’re GOT7! Thank you! Good night – Bye. – Good night – Bye – Good night – Bye Have fun! See you in Korea – Let’s go to Korea – Where’s the ticket? – Here it is I lost mine – There’s only one – Really? BamBam! Yugyeom, let’s go Everyone, bye! Bye, good night Good night! I’ll leave last