THE BLUE MOON TRAIN | Cimarron Strip | Stuart Whitman | Broderick Crawford | English

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THE BLUE MOON TRAIN | Cimarron Strip | Stuart Whitman | Broderick Crawford | English

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the pride of the railroad police preparing your usual hearty welcome for the necks of the road it’s gonna collect some fares sky sail Jack since he left Chicago Sam from the look of the register I’d say you missed a few the last month or two I perish for bid one poor devil should ride the luxury of a freight car for a single mile without givin the railroad it’s to dominate him whether you prefer to punch their tickets over the head or across the kidneys why ain’t you sir either why they pay [Applause] all right come on out of there come on out if I have to come and get you come out lumps so god we can’t expect gold from the road bonus the end of the line I’ll gather somebody got three right oh man yes come in you need a smaller room Buster of pearl diner I beg your pardon oh we got any jobs I can do no I’m afraid not I got four hands no really wait I bet you’re hungry I want a job not a handout well let’s see what we can do coming you know something your ass free in UI is what it’s hot what it smells a meal in itself Oh Rosie got my settled eggs back I packed enough for three days because that’s when you said you’d be back oh this is mr. Lee hi I’m just kidding the office side of Pullman there’s one on the prowl yeah that’s it Bobo trap on the road by using the more trap than you are a parson you got jailbird plastered all over I just want to stay around the wild so not here I’m squirrel with John long pregnant full lay it out all right you’ll check the chutes against anyway I graduated from dental excellence Lehigh a1 Joe Castle Jim Crow Marshall Crum you need a night hike I know the ropes

tonight I never sleep I’ve got a night jailer well I was only foolin I never could turn against my own kind all right much left for a guy my age I just thought I thought you might need an expert boomer some other time Joe the farsighted tenses well guy tries horses are ready Marshall thanks for the feedback Josie he’ll be back Friday night and later module under the old Lex jailbird spooky day one Joe Castle Gessle prison slang means first class outlaw Raynor be absolutely dependent one yeah yeah him but his name should have been as big as Quantrill Jesse James anyone home when I never hurt him yeah I run the weakness taking care of his buddies I’m a good story man where’s his whole life helping his pals out yeah Jim you surprised me no you don’t surprise me you shocked me that I leaned too hard on mr. Li hi you were positively rude just because a man was once in jail does does he there isn’t a crime that con man hasn’t committed not a face he hasn’t hidden behind that a lie he hasn’t told not a grift he hasn’t ground now you’d be better off hiring on a Gila monster even the meanest creatures deserve another chance so you’ll want to give him that chance huh I very well might you’ll see you own this place no hope when I get back you still do [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Morning Joe they still play cool hair Michael welcome home those who told me it took Ruth there’s him I came in last night we choose you over until 4:00 in the morning but what he didn’t spend the night outside of my door I slept with one eye open so which one are you using tonight you like this job Joe you planning on staying a while I sure AM maybe does he’ll prove me

wrong you always play it safe don’t you Marshall lock all the doors kill all the buckets I trust you as far as I can reach build the walls higher mushroom get more handcuffs more leg irons more hacks more laws more sheep tip chance you’ve had to go straight you paid back with bad news I’m giving you nothing I ain’t a bug marshal look out you don’t get stepped on just came in close train stop Zimmern water only during the 22nd use maximum force for train safety last tomorrow we’ll have to take on 10 deputies shot guns loaded with del agua all right one train might only be carrying guaranteed before government dynamite call a guaranteed dynamite the name of red stay on Maxima rails so Piz pike Stratford Harry tracked Dylan PK Plummer no wonder they want maximum force the last of the Denver Jail birth being transferred to Atlanta all his blade oh well now he’s gonna try it he went Joe tonight what try Rustin his pals off that train Joe why don’t you take the day off you’ve been cooped up here too long all right all right I want to do air and swap out the wafers in and do exactly what you tell me to do well I tell you exactly to take the off oh you gotta be joking oh it’s only $2.00 I don’t know look you’ll keep it buy yourself something pretty why don’t mean nothing to me now you’ve gotten the value of your work now take it all right you know this is the nicest time I ever spent in my life you ever need anything you yell free one Joe care so yummy oh and be sure to turn up tomorrow morning with a clear head [Applause] sure why not that is guaranteed genuine Wild Oats pitch will back them up no offense intended I could use me a fairy stretchers yes sir you’re two days late business was good up not here yes sir I get me a better buy you want to take delivery here learn that no and talk nothing to talk about just want to cut up a few touches you and me and dum-dum McCandless some dumb he ain’t gonna talk unless he’s got a new clapper well he listens good tonight the hotel room 22 No Deal I’ll meet you in the jungle I like the smell of the air so low it’s the only way I play it do you hear me eight o’clock [Applause] step right up folks got the latest what’s the matter Joe I was just thinking about home but Denver Penn know I spent more time in Kansas well they got some old-time sharpshooters in both places yeah that’s right the best we got some here too you’d be surprised that’s your problem not mine now there’s no reason why we should have any problems Joe dum-dum and me we just

want to help who are you what are you ever done boost a couple of drunks push your bandwagon I’m gonna care so I work alone well a job like this is too big for a single what do you know about it well for one thing I know these you got a stickybeak you’re paid to deliver not to read when the best pen artists this side of the Mississippi sends his samples to the KS oh I just naturally got an itch max Morel Pike Stratford tracting Nancy stagger and plumber big names Joe they make a lot of noise the cell block dura squeak present transfers they’re moving when we’re like I said Joe me and dum-dum we’re gonna help are you – you can’t even couch with class you know what these transfers you take us know by until I lap these are beautiful I’m gonna have him do my headstone someday I’ll keep him I changed my mind no by given to me don’t ever draw on me again this next time it’ll be the blade not the knuckles nobody minding the store good night mush are you Francis it’s a little late for swimming we’re working Francis got a bit behind schedule we’re helping him out well you’re not exactly the the time for the police Gazette no no this is for the Kessler’s young ladies magazine they’re having a contest as to can design the most fetching bathing costume or what can you win two tickets in Hydra Falls all right Denver area we got an early start in the morning I want a complete shakedown in the freight yard would be ready Jim well since when are you the new photographer around here oh just helping out uh this is what all the best-dressed fox hunters are wearing a skirt and a pink coat that’s as pretty as a pink petunia in Virginia I think you look Brandon well I don’t chase fox I do my best to keep the rattling scoop done it is something wrong around here where’s Francis Francis Francis Oh Francis I I heard you’re Marshall huh first thing in the morning check the play chart what are you up to me up – yeah you now come on out of there let out the air you’re turnin blue well I offered the pose the physique would have been more mature never suit didn’t fit you take the pose Francis it’s getting late

Jim Jenna do you mind getting out of the way you’re spoiling my masterpiece [Applause] obviously Francis you mr. Carlin could have been a first-class closed of me right now Francis take one of those flowers take a violet right now awful it I don’t see but try and look civilized that’s right now put your big toe forward a little more right now show the lovely handle of your pony knee I don’t live to heal a little higher that’s right alright now bend over a little more sit a little more what happened Lord you gave I caught by surprise you never had a chance what was it burglar that’s nothing around here anybody won’t steal drugs well I mean we hadn’t got any rich or important gifts or anything we got one what’s the charge protective custody make any difference oh damn who are you Joe or even the dogs your rights you get your rights back when a train goes by what sir your night yo where’s my wait a minute you didn’t get the spare I’m a cautious man I’ll take it over fair eight-to-one you should be able to understand it was ours now I know why you’re so lying yet [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] [Applause] take care Francis what do you want what’s ours about a half an hour too dull well they say some breakfast to get some done nothing to 7 o’clock where you give me some water so I can wash up sorry I interrupted your ride again what were you lying about this time I’d write about stealing mail on a wooden line down the hill in the grapevine stage that’s right you mind moving to the back I suppose you said to him kill the stage driver it’s right here did that shows how much you know I fold that job you yeah that’s right oh boy [Applause] [Applause] go out the door bill to sensitize I doesn’t make sense anything joke does make sense to him well he could have killed Frances or just left him he didn’t well he isn’t out on a pleasant morning Canton Francis didn’t just go along for the ride ah whatever we’re not more than hour behind and there’s four of us he’s just about gutters where he was they’re gonna have to be awful dumb to miss that trail [Applause] [Applause] you don’t want to blow away dear what do you want a marshal Isis then we’re gonna trail that blend man he did follow you right drag the right point from here on [Applause] come along just fine I’ll wash up help yourself [Applause]

why don’t you just put flags up signs with arrows pointing away don’t make no difference in our just about in my pocket it’s your first mistake you look like a smart young fellow why don’t you just watch and remember maybe you’ll live to tell your grandchildren I you’ve seen a one Joe make his moves you know if I take some notes I might be able to get a newspaper or magazine story please Cosette may be good I’d rather see the truths in the usual lies move [Applause] [Applause] in South not too long ago one big sweeping curve Eastern bugs not about his branches leaving all that sight what’s he do it sharpen or what ever you need [Applause] pay attention kid I learned this the hard way the plan right everything comes out right now get back get back – ordinarily I take the one riding point but I need him so I’m going to take the one on the right somebody’s always trying for a medal [Applause] look after him what what what he wants me that’s what he wants better got me first DZ are you gonna have to take them back to someone Jackie he’s our dad what about Joe he’s mind me mine too I can’t get back in their own you’re gonna have to run the hurt on that garden when that train pulls in I your anything Francis was hit they look that way to me maybe not too bad why’s Joe will still be holdin on to who can say what that’s graphic bush whistling will do go find out

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Glen Jill hello Marshall your lady is this as far as we go that’s the end of the line there’s some variants crackers and sardines over they help yourself you know I’ve been debating this younger generation although beans from whistle worries about us old-timers this is a lot of trash I wonder why these paper fighters and it’ll run down to McCoy and print the truth for a change there a pack of hollers man gonna fight like a bass steer always like nobody gets a fax oh yeah that’s exactly my idea I’ve written with the biggest and best of them nobody knows the truth except maybe you so I’m gonna set the facts straight I thought that’s why you want to Francis that’s his sightlessness right now gospel about you old-timer yeah something like that two hours to go even an old tramp wants to know the time you ought to I guess you’ve done there 30 years on the toll but at that time that’s just jailhouse arithmetic practice Tyler that’s 20 years ago they had big plans for it but that’s history time big money big plan all that’s not announces windy rat’s nest train stop once and bring sometimes it stops long enough what took you so long crowd come along they have to go easy around the blind corners cause they liable to get dusted like those two boys I brought with me the other two forget it I’m simpler now why don’t you take me out when I was riding point descender you and nobody else everything’s going according to plan what plan I’ll fill you in a couple of hours you fill me in right now you’re the best for that only giving it’s me [Applause] that’s a shameful waste five years pay on the rock pile friend iron like that

break in jail kidnapping which wagon two deputies why he’ll be back on the payroll and no time at all Joe hand me over Francis and I’ll call everything even after talking your second wind well you keep in shape don’t you marshal Francis where is he you peep the town did you see him don’t push me tough day and undertaken and in it and you figured on some hell for leather stunt to bust your old pals off that train well let’s no go what I’m talking about trains I was talking about Francis you’re bluffing I don’t believe you got Francis and I don’t believe he’s hurt I can do this all day you ain’t got all day we deal first all right Marshall take a look fresh blood the best kind deputy blood I got him you better believe that muscle I got him good clock is ticking away and Francis is bleeding the way Francis will run out of blood before the clock runs out it ticks by you much more often no more muscle you’ll get tired now get hurt you’ll get no never Francis give me a couple of hours I’ll deliver him on the Barrelhead I’ll give you the rest of your life in your letter pinned right [Applause] oh come on mushroom now Francis is still very good fit in there yes yeah there’s spare clothes thought maybe I’d like to stick around awhile land ahead well like I told Francis before if you plan things right

everything works out right [Applause] [Applause] we’re gonna find him up there come on in don’t let me stop you why don’t you look in the feed box Marshall that’s right count to ten fix it good Joe it’s the only way you’ll get to leave town plate loss to touch on the button wait you even got time for a little celebrating mush with a blue moon train so you’re finally figured the whole thing out just making a guess it’s been a month since she was sprung out of Denver I figured you had enough time looked like that dynamite rest of the gear stash it here in town set up that tumbleweed wagon and ride blind baggage in a simmer on that in a guest crown that’s a fact I’m coming on similar and trainers going these for Lana now we’re right in between that train will be coming through here a little after 2:00 and I’m going to stop it no I that you are crowned that you are your dreamer that train will never stop here it’s better and when it does they’ll turn over the prisoners to you you’ll turn them over to me I’ll turn Francis over to you and we’ll shake hands and say goodbye my job is to see that that train gets through after that I worry about people just everything with me train first then the kid I break

no law from muhkam like you a ragpicker I’ve lost so many times I’m used to it but if I losers find a kid loses its curious on that train strong snap as high binders turn over listen it’s old territory become ty ot pay for yeah I know I’ll be leading them leading them right to the picking you dungeon right on the run not anymore I’ll be with my pals we’ll be free and loose and riding like hurricanes ok win a ton it’s gonna take more than me and my dad to stop that train there’s too much at stake you say stop it better stop now come on give me a hand miss come on come on I’m not saying stop to that train Jill after all that come on you’re gonna let the Kid die you know here very good do you Joe my job so see that that train gets through except this Francis I’ll be back here tonight with 50 men take this town apart you’ll find him stiff with his eyes wide open staring at you and saying where you been why didn’t you help me maybe I ain’t bluffin now come kids hurt bad I believe you you’re gonna run out on him oh come on Joe go Madison he’s dyin crowd you rag picker at least we stick by our own but you the March from a high and mighty with a big star you got a dress in love weasel you leak your own I don’t fault on that for taking care of his powers but you’re loyal to the wrong people that’s the difference between us people like me have to stop people like you sometimes it’s hard but that’s the job it goes with a star Francis who are you nobody just a dry land sailor on the move always called me while a while the Dan where’d you come from I tossed off a boom stick mine eight miles back figured I’d move up aways grab a handful rods west rather don’t go through here but once in a blue moon I roll out of here I figured unrest up it’s been eight miles slow pop now yes sir I’ll go over and put my moniker on the register that ain’t too much asked for pal no listen mister I leave you all you leave me alone that’s everybody’s railroad if you can write it I’m going to register nobody cooks my room but you suspect bum I just register names on the water teller watch out Harry Marshall you’ve got no place to go back inside yeah Joe this is your work you always worth it with a sticker and in the back that’s murder right Marshall well that’s one sentence Joe’s always missed hey I wish I could let you take him in Fresno’s these stupid dimwits you want another mouth in the back of your head I’d call that murder – I’ll see your neck stretched it’s going to be just as easy putting away – Marshall they’ll let him sweat your crown he’s got no stomach for killer not even a cockroach dum-dum takes care of details they dump them drop and go to details – like that time he blew it on Grady stone – the Abilene Sheriff hey dum-dum it’s uncertainty better since it’s been shortened holla jump down when we get him it’ll be in the gut it takes longer they’ll be quicker with you Marshall and blow the whole guard you taking it over Joe I asked him nice do you got an honorary cell so you think you can pull this off well there’s nothing special about blowing track to stop a train you ever see such cactus heads in your life that train is carrying a small army two men every prisoner a squad in each car

any sign of trouble unscheduled stop the log come out shootin then you’re gonna take them on there just the two of you yeah we’re gonna do it sing along with what I got here in crown I got enough to flummox the whole army is that right crown right right Joe just like you’re trying to flummox me what do you think I want to do with those transfer papers the marshals taking over the prisoners Oh and he’s gonna turn them over to you well that’s the biggest flummox yet marshal crown big lava loading the glass straight and he’s teaming up with a cheap Gandy Dancer like you luna glass straight gives me $30 a month and a free bearing sooner than most what I’m walking out what I still got a jet yeah come on marshal come on join us boys are gonna cut up that strip like a fat steer and I get prime could you believe that man now you’re selling me a bill of goods I swear you’re serious selling yourself out of the whole play now don’t debate it that train will be through here and a half hour you’ll go ahead don’t all right but we’re in let’s stay out from underfoot yeah [Applause] okay look I thought you said you weren’t gonna blow the tracks this is just in case okay so what here’s the Train don’t answer the signal you’ll wreck the Train some of our boys might get away it’s worth the chance yeah well I this up to the detonator I’ll give it to appeal [Applause] hold it Joe I got a wire these two the rails when the engine wheels go over to explode the engine it’ll start to slow down yeah where what a half mile down the track I’ll do it I hurried up we got less than five minutes dum-dum he blinks wrong you forget the whole Dodge and give it to him right in the gut Berkowitz for sure and they think I’m gonna blow this job all right I’ll take over you rigged the flags you stay with a playground we’ll take them out later don’t better I got a rig this after the detonator in a shack I’ll write them don’t make up your mind hey mommy here mommy

Frances hold I know you’re there let’s hold me up drunk why it leaves that a high ball up here the trends gonna go right on throw well they only got a couple of minutes we’re gonna make this look legit when the train stops here to transfer offenders for juries and all beautifully and sure I got friends on the inside and on the outside for my G Quantrell them thar Peter’s are set right now no you say I’m going over to Shaq with a debt minute you’ll stay out here well here in the shack watching you I’m running the show wanted to bait it alright get the horse out of here don’t touch that dead middle I give the signal you hear me you’re doing what’s right Joe that’s all you got to worry about now wait a minute I’m the marshal I have two handles prisoners over me right that’s the way Joe said you’d play it you ever see a lawman on the job without his hardware you know something he’s right strictly spell damn down [Applause] I’ll ring it up at least you’ll look like a marshal no you’re figuring it figure all of a sudden a couple of scissor bulls walk in and mess up the whole deal watch when we get the men off the train these two they found under up you’ll give it up a half mile down the track no those are the took be two teaspoons put on the back for both of us you think those buzzards are gonna let you take the glory they’ll pick the fat meat off your bones first their play their idea they’ll get the glad-hand why should i figure this whole thing out for myself well how will they know that because I’m the chaos all wait a minute

[Laughter] [Applause] run growler aya no jail crowd no deal without that train I keep my word still with us and after the second shot everyone Joe pulled me off my pony into the Mesquite didn’t seem to bother the old outlaw posture was all smooth waiting how do you spell Mesquite with a see over the K make that bushes and coffee no no I’ll get it you sit down LZ what’s going on well you know I just don’t understand it for the past few days people have been coming to the back door asking for handouts and another act as if I ought to them tabbed you were nice to Joe and now you’ve been marked well please Jim I can’t bear not to feed them oh no see they’ll eat you right out of house and home well there’s always something if they’re hungry okay okay