Thomas the Train Trackmaster World's Strongest Engine Compilation

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Thomas the Train Trackmaster World's Strongest Engine Compilation

we’ve got a special outdoor track and the loser goes into water traps today let’s see Timothy Stephen yeah this is runaway Stephen is still in box and we just got on who you thinks gonna win Liam why don’t you pick your first two contestants Oh hyper glow Thomas Oh Thomas versus Nia who do you thinks gonna win Thomas I’ll pick me up he’s gonna win ready set go Nia comes off and she is going to need a tow there’s Thomas looking very aggressive he’s pushing here what’s gonna happen oh no he’s alright okay well I am here’s our second match who’s it gonna be curse you want to get brand new hyper go Percy versus Ashima hyper Glover’s is hyper glow very first look at Piper globe for see this is Ashima who’s totally gonna win oh there he comes a Shiva but hyperbole Percy is the Baba hi oh wow Percy is just dominating as she might see both take the plunge and right out of the box hyper go first makes it on to the next round next race who’s it gonna be buddy or you want to pick Steven and versus Merlin the invincible versus the rocket which one do you want to be yeah you want to be the brand new engines don’t you Liam show us what you can learn about this passenger car Oh nobody’s at home nobody’s home there Steven the crockett Oh Steve in the pocket student Steven the locket vs Merlin the invincible hey you know what and this breakdown look I can see my reflection in them like you’re completely visible I can see myself in you that’s how visible you are so they’re off you come smell them but the rocket and they collided it’s no rocket that’s pushing Merlin around you’re looking pretty visible now is your swash CO and Steven the space sprocket goes on to the next round are the best friends or in the rocket things are going great here on the water hazard track world’s strongest engine liam who do you have oh Emily and Lexi there’s an odd set flexy Lexi we’ll call her Lexi class and Emily already ripped prayer and ready to go Lexi and off she goes and here comes Emily you’re getting me in what’s gonna Wow I think maybe this is just a really one-sided try cuz all the winners seem to be on the same side as Emily and Lexi take the plunge and Emily the excellent she goes on to the next round who do you want next time mine Flynn RV all the red engines which way are you gonna pick all right you’re picking Harvey you’re gonna leave me you’re gonna leave me as with Flynn it’s my choice I hope you win help full Harvey hardly here’s the silly grindz of big Flynn’s gears and Flynn the worst fire hero in the existence of fire heroes so here comes Flynn from this side but he’s gonna meet up with Harvey and it’s a deadlock Wow look at this over what is actually winning this this is not kick furred oh look at this look o close your splash and then the outcome that nobody wanted Flynn goes on to the next round three more races in this run what do you got buddy hurricane okay hurricanes in a tornado whatever my name is well in the dark Thomas which one do you pick a pitch this guy whatever his name I forget you forgot Thomas’s name oh it’s Thomas who’s Thomas I’ve never heard of Thomas here is the mighty tornado Oh typhoon tsunami Oh hurricane and here in the brightest day we have glowing the dark Thomas I was glowing the dark track who’s not gonna glow at all so here comes the tidal wave and here’s some tsunami in Oh looks like glow-in-the-dark Thomas and hurricane er good meaning match Oh hurricane gets a little bit of the upper track here what’s gonna happen here folks oh here’s hurricane he goes on to the next round ok next race who do you have you get a big Charlie scruff scruff and Charlie yeah right on the side they’re their

names printed on there which one do you pick which one you think is gonna Charlie Hobbs destructor then I suppose Charlie who’s been getting a lot of track time here on kids toys play lately and with scruff who’s the cleanest engine also he is brilliant here is Charlie he’s getting aggressive it’s rough what why is Charlie getting scuff now this is just not good for scrub Oh and they’re both fell into the drink Charlie says laughing at scruff now because scruff has been eliminated by Charlie our final race to the first round Gator and Timothy Timothy and Gerald whose real name is Gator or is a gator whose real name is Gerald let’s call him croc red o’clock let’s go short are trying to clay pits ready go and here comes Timothy but here’s Gator now they’re gonna need it looks like Timothy finally someone on this side is winning and he’s gonna push Gator off it all they both dismissed the water all together to the– the dryest engine going into round 2 but it brings us right into round 2 William we’ve got the great eight which two do you think we’re gonna meet in the first race of the second round Steven at hyper globe Percy are two brand new engines we’ve got Steven and hyper glow which one is it going to beat you who are you gonna pick William going away and you’re gonna pick Stephen the rocket hyper globe person he’s gonna be on a hyper glow track I like his odds Stephen with his pretty little crown man let’s see if he can run away all over Percy so here’s hyper glow this should be our fastest race with these two brand new engines and Oh while we give you a thrashing on Stephen he is up and he’s just pushing hyper gold hyperbole is done in the Sun brand-new to kids toys play run away Stephen makes it under the third round next race William who are your picks glow in the dark Thomas and Timothy the bottle of blue Thomas the last of the hyper glow engines Timothy the last of the soda are played what are you – it is hyper glowing Timothy and it’s the standoff for those like Timothy unreeling and here he goes is he gonna push – glow Timothy representing the solar trying to clay pants on to the next round next race I hate you pick Charlie and Flynn that Charlie who’s gonna stick me with Flynn aren’t you Magoo Flynn who just won’t go away and Charlie looking really happy I hope you ran my friend oh here’s Flynn he’s gonna meet up with Charlie let’s see what happens Oh Charlie yeah get that sent right back to the solar trying to clay our search and rescue center we didn’t eat captain to come find you my friend Charlie is now dad’s favorite because he eliminated Flynn our final race to the second round will be Thai food and Emily and you pick tsunami tornado tidal wave earthquake hurricane Amelia my side has a big weirdo go hurricane coming on to Emily and what’s gonna there is even monster we’re just traveling back and forth but it looks like hurricane is just getting a little bit of the edge here oh yeah I see a slight uphill on there and that’s what hurricane is having a problem with now oh it’s happening looks like Emily’s might now have the upper hand now oh she spikes by yeah she pushes back and look at that she brought those front wheels off just a little bit and that’s all she needed to really take control that’s at 10:00 hurricane back – and Emily says – hurricane oh we’re down to the final four here William who would have thought that these four engines wouldn’t be in the final four but which one do you think has the best chance and who do you want them up against Stephen the rocket goes against Charlie Charlie the funniest engine w everywhere and everywher versus Stephen who takes himself a little bit too seriously go they’re off and here they are on the hyper go track what they meet oh yeah Stephen dominates pushing charlie arrow charlie oh wow unreal Charlie eliminated him whoa little hop in here he gets company pose and in a big surprise it’s Charlie who made it to the very final next race of the semi final is Emily and Timothy Liam which one do you think is gonna win team Timothy and dad will take Emily excellent Emily versus slightly below average Timothy go revelry she’s coming up but here comes charge Timothy sorry Timothy is pushing on charter I don’t hear well I’ll get my

names mixed up but it doesn’t matter because they all sync I don’t think anybody would have predicted this to be the final race charlie number 14 versus Timothy from the solar trying to claim liam which one do you think is going to win the final race Timothy ready to show Charlie who’s boss Charlie ready to probably play a practical joke on someone go and they’re off and let’s see where these two meters Timothy and Charlie oh wow Charlie it looks like Charlie and the final winner of everything is I would not have take him to be the world’s well he’s certainly not the world’s smartest engine race by color team red team purple pink salt it cost repair salty rocket and team White team red are you picking Harvey yeah no oh go to dark Thomas Harvey hardly here’s the other their engines cheers nice and they’re all four here comes going the dark Thomas as he meets Harvey halfway oh wow looks like Harvey is getting the better of him and he is this pushing ahead with this movie now and helpful Harvey with his mighty hook goes on to the next round Oh blue again verbally prank glow-in-the-dark Ashima glow-in-the-dark Edward versus hyper glows she MA they’re all four years closer guard Edward on the bow of the red strike already picks on hyper flora she MA this looks like a big push will she take a plunge and Edward blue can I be like you and move on to the next round oh good Oh yellow rocket King the railway Oh rad fiery Flynn Stephen the rocket the old battered engine vs. Flynn who everyone knows dad really just loves yeah they’re off and here comes flame iti hope Stephen winter oh yeah look at skiing up on his back tires pushing and what will happen Glenn takes the plunge and the ancient engine Stephen the rocket goes on yellow whew busy zabi James dizzy has a B James versus Luke and they’re off and here comes Luke and he will meet busy as it be James looks like busy as a bee is not been working very hard at all he pays the price and here’s Luke moving on to the next round Charlie our past champion and shooting star Gordon and they’re off and shooting star comes on down the miracle Charlie’s the past Charlie shows why he’s the past champion as he comes off a big win white finally andreen and steam finally to see the pursuit nice hyper glow crazy paint job insane tracks Percy versus Merlin

off and here comes rolling down the track it’s like the bow person oh man handles him this is gonna be a quick win for Percy and crazy paint job Percy wins I beat Gordon in a race once mmm purple pink is that what you’re calling the color Clank crash is the first salty this is gonna be fun to watch I think that he’s gonna crash and not be able to get caught on these pegs, but we’ll see versus Philip who has never ever beaten Gordon in race and they’re off and here comes fill up and down the hyper track is he goes cries repair Sullivan who immediately crashes I don’t know what will happen here oh but he got caught up on his wings and ends up going back and pushing Phil who goes to that one knock on his wings and now Philip this going back at version saltiness is a back and forth battle is so if he gets caught on the wins and goes back and third pushes up and riots hopes that so if he doesn’t get hot on his wings because who knows if Duff will not win talking he doesn’t he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going he’s looking very upset here and one of our weirdest RINs ever it looks like Philip has beaten crash in repair salty Oh green looks like it’s hangry white you go you go you go the engine of the future Hugo versus Henry who will never ever ever be replaced on the steam team ever and here’s Henry coming down as Hugo is going very slowly but steadily as he starts going after Henry look at this this is gonna be the slowest win in history I’m sure as the engine of the future takes out the ancient of the past not the most exciting way in but Hugo gets the job done and the final race at the fruit round is going to be young bowel of China versus Lexy of the mainland young ball of China old Lexi at the scrapyard often here he comes and he’s getting me up with Lexi who’s got her throat wheels off but she definitely has an advantage over she was pushing on young Bao now let’s race with the surprise Wang goes on to the next round it looks like every color has been represented to go to the next round right I choose red and then go to leader choices and it’s hopeful Harvey and Lane one versus Hugo Maximus and just look at that propeller fly folks they’re off and here goes Hugo it’s tossed this can be like a locket it’s curvy meets up and just pushes them right off man could you stop Fox pivot Junction I can’t believe you took you go out like that and the dryest win of the day Harvey is on to the third round white glow in the dark Edward Lexi fighting the lot of the scrap yard and glow in the dark Edward rip-roarin ready to go they’re off and here he goes ready to come by and there’s Lexi oh yes looks like ever blue is going to push on you it’s a refreshing splash for a glow in the dark Edward as he moves on to the next round yellow rockets Stephen the rocket purple purple Stephen is uneven but he is raring to go look at those tires go and Charlie are pass champion will he repeat here today let’s find out they’re off and here comes charlie down the Bakke believe truck as he hit Stephen at scheme it has caught him Stephen pushing on charlie now and it’s an offset old Steven stays out of the watery then it’s a huge win and upset as the rocket Steve and eliminates our champion Charlie green yellow luke crazy paint job tiger striped Percy and burps vs. number 68 on his side but number one in your hearts it’s Philip they’re off and here’s Philip now coming down the track is Piper go Percy Scout takes control and he is pushing over there Benji’s for

Gordon if you will Wow Piper go Percy also stays dry in that victory but he makes it into the final four well it looks like the little engine that could Luke is the odd engine out final four here and it’s gonna be exciting as its Harvey hi Peugeot Percy glow-in-the-dark Edward and also Stephen the rocket I don’t expect very much from him though yellow rocket King away whoo glow in the dark Edward Stephen the rocket about to be eliminated versus ever blue glow in the dark about to be the winner are you ready oh they’re off in here sacre bleu Steven coming to meet him soon and oh wow Steven with the upset is pushing whoa the dirt Edward and they made the plunge Steven in a Cinderella story the rocket making it to the final and the second semi final race shows hyper globe Percy versus Harvey Piper go Percy non hyper go Harvey are you ready whoa I like that they’re off on the hyperbola I guess Percy it looks like going after Harvey will it be enough oh no Harvey and the Percy they take the plunge here’s an interesting final nobody would have predicted as the rocket king of the railway a true underdog story goes up against hyper globe let’s see who the ultimate winner will be tonight rocket it’s a miracle he got this far folks hi Fergal Percy one win away from becoming today’s winner they’re off and here comes – Oh Percy extremely Charlotte Steven Mason just in the nick of time because it started raining hyper glow Percy has one I think that we’re gonna pack it up because it’s starting to rain here folks on kids toys play and we don’t want these engines to get wet