[Vlog] Adelaide Road Trip ft. my friends

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[Vlog] Adelaide Road Trip ft. my friends

Sissi: Welcome to Akubi’s channel you got your nose piercing Fiona: I got it yesterday Subscribe Fiona’s Channel Fiona: Hello everyone Sissi: Welcome back to Akubi’s channel This is my first video Sissi: Yea this is the first video please support her Fiona: I don’t know what to say Sissi: Subscribe Fiona’s channel Fiona: and she just keep blocking me Sissi, Nat: subscribe and like Fiona’s channel Fiona: Fironaaaa introduce today’s motorcade Yoyo: you like a reporter Fiona: this one is mine which is Oswin’s Sam’s car is over there and his gf is there There is another one at the back and here is another one and there is another one This is our first driver Good morning Sam: Good morning, I’m so sleepy and then, where’s the other driver Ah there’s other one and here is another one and here is another one and where is the last one, where’s Roy ok we are now today I’m going to be in this car driver Roy: what’s up, it’s me again and at the back we have Yolly and Natalie Yolly: two beauties at the back what….? Nat: Yeah where is our first location Roy: Strathalbyn Yolly: what’s that? Roy: a little village in the hills Now, we arrived the first location what it’s called again? I forgot Roy: Strathalbyn Strathalbyn we arrived, Hiiii Coleson: Do you know he hit somthing? Sam: I hit a koala Coleson: he hit a koala It’s damaged Sam: here is broken and concave he hit a koala and now the car is damaged Jamie: the koala rolled out like the movies and stand back up everyone is here and watching his car we’re at the first location and I still forgot the name of this place and then and we are here to walk around and there are some beautiful I don’t know what bridge is that what is this place called again? you look like people who had cancer Jamie: Like this Jamie: today is the last day of my life so you come out here to enjoy your last Jamie: Yep Jamie: today is actually my last stage of cancer The last day, wait there is no last day we have to give him applause we can actually see him at the back Fiona: and I’m safe to be here Now we represent you two stupid chasing birds (Fiona and Jamie) and Yolly taking photos Now we are gonna go to the next location Roy, where is the next location Fiona: oh actually this is a toilet break Roy: take the boat across the river I totally can’t see where is Fiona Oswin: I tried to keep up say that again why do you need location Oswin: incase I get lost Nat: incase he get lost Fiona: what an idiot Fiona: do you just realise it? Jamie: put it in the middle Fiona: NO Jamie: why? Fiona: cuz I can’t pull it out Jamie: why u can’t pull it out? Fiona: cuz it’s real Fiona: are you joking? Jamie: did she got it on yesterday? Sissi: Yea Yolly: cuz her 18th birthday Fiona: isn’t cool? Jamie: why don’t you just put in the middle and be a cow cya later we’re back in the car and we are ready to go to the next spot what it’s called? the next spot Roy: I don’t really remember Roy: but it’s like a village we need to go across a river right? Roy: Yes, we need to go across the river first Yolly: a village? Roy: there a lot of old stuff to look at Now we’re in the car and on the boat and we are crossing the river smile ! from there and go across to there we arrived Thank you we are now arrived to the second location what is this village called again? Roy: old tailem old tailem village town?? Something like that here are full of vintage stuffs like houses and transports are we gonna go inside?

This thing cute and inside is a souvenir shop and a village it’s very vintage and pretty here Oswin: Hi Coleson Coleson’s there say that again? Jamie: *swearing* Fiona: Woah damn Heather: Jamie lower Sissi: JAMIE !!!!!! Sam: lower Jamie: I did Oswin: what pose is this? 1, 2, 3 Yolly: it looks soooo good ! Now we are here somewhere near Murray bridge to have lunch I’m actually quit hungry now are we gonna eat here? Sam: I think so Sam: I think you can see me like this for the whole video you’ll be fine it’s you again when it come to you, I have to put my camera up are u awake? Sissi: do u know u use a lot of my data Me? Sissi: to receive ur photos Fiona: SCARY!!! Jamie: don’t you watch a lot of horror movies? Fiona: but u can’t like rawrawblabla like that Roy: super Juni Yoyo: Super yoyo we’re gonna have lunch we have pineapple with sausages tea eggs sandwiches DELICIOUS everyone we are at Murray bridge at the back here we are gonna take some photos here not far away from the picnic spot Jamie: I can’t Fiona: you can’t stop laughing even u exhale Jamie: fk I can’t Jamie: fk Oswin: the fkboys on instagram take photo like this as well Oswin: and they pull up their shirt as well Fiona: Huh? No from the bottom Jamie: Huh? Why? To show their abs Jamie: I don’t have abs New P plater Sam: Jamie: omg Oswin Sam: GO! Fiona, Sam: this way Sam: straight Fiona: nice Sam: let’s see the different between full license and P plater Next Fiona: he just go straight in we are at a coffee shop from a friend of Roy and we’re just gonna get some coffee to enjoy then we will start driving to the next location where is our next location? Sam: the next location is at Sam: the rocking horse Good Sam: and winery and also Savior I don’t know can u see it or not, hold on yep got it Sam: yep we’re now suddenly stop by the road and take photos and the view is soo nice *Hi Truck* it is very beautiful sunny day with clouds

it’s actually really pretty she is taking photo for instagram and they’re taking a couple selfie taking selfie by herself we just got back in the car finally suddenly we just get off and take photo of a view that looks like window we’re here at the rocking horse huge rocking horse there’s a peacock running away OMG SAM (sam hates birds) we came into this souvenir shop in here there is some old fashion toys Ah, there is the rocking horse oh wait is a sheep hold on is a horse oh that horse outside and here are lots of different souvenir what are u playing make it back to a cube there are different kind of toys that make out of wood that’s the big horse outside there but yeah that’s the one outside Yolly: I could do it straight away *oopies well, that doesn’t count they have Hong Kong up there this is the side of the big rocking horse that is the rocking horse No one cares about me bye bye horsey Sissi: why don’t you say bye to me yeah bye bye, leave now Fiona: jankeahbushikamabikalubaahlaahlalucame Fiona: this is my rap what language is that??? we’re back in the car again after visiting the big rocking horse we are now going to where are we going again?? Roy: chocolate factory chocolate factory Nat, Yolly: can we eat the chocolate? Roy: nah you can’t Roy: you have to buy it Now we’re arrived at the chocolate shop SO MANY CHOCOLATES !!!!!!! Coleson: fatty what did you just say?? say that again?? Coleson: FATTY NON OF YOUR BUSINESS Coleson: fk u Hey Oswin are you gonna buy some for me Oswin: u crazy?? why not Fiona: I like white chocolate Oswin: why I have to buy me the chocolate cuz I wanna eat it cuz I wanna eat it that’s the reason Oswin: no he said he’s gonna pay for us Fiona: really?! Yeah All: THANK YOU Juni: thank you daddy we just finished visiting the chocolate shop this one and yes I’m buying stuff again *ilysmdad and mum I bought a Turkish delight and a pack of chocolate what’s that called again?? it’s like something with raisin cover with chocolate we’re gonna try this chocolate GO Roy: Woah, It’s sooooo good *a bunch of actors* Nat: sooo smooth Roy: um… the chocolate is sooo smooth Nat: It’s not that sweet But yeah it’s actually really good I think The chocolate is quit thick and inside there’s the raisin at the end I think it’s really good rate them 10 points is the maximum Roy: 9 Yolly: 9.5 Nat: 9.5 I’ll give it 10 cuz it’s chocolate also actually today is Chocolate day and they have 10% off I forgot to record the Turkish delight It’s a six for me, what do u think Nat: better then I expected I’ll rate 6 out 10, 6 -7 Nat: the texture is quite fine agree Nat: the taste is a bit weird Yolly: strawberry? um.. I don’t know it taste little bit like liquorice Yolly: can you give me a small piece just tear it Nat: it’s kinda like cherry with strawberry the flavour doesn’t really please me

but it’s not that bad I like the texture Nat: I’ll give it a 6 6.5 for me we’re here to take some photo what is this place called look at this view This beautiful view ur blocking the sun Oswin: I’m here to block the sun this is a big winery is it?? yeah is a winery wait hold on 1, 2, 3 Oswin: what even is this song I don’t know RUN I’m coming father Roy: we might not have enough time to see the sunset we just finished taking photos and we’re back in the car the next location is the last one right? Roy: yep the last one Our last location, Mount Lofty and take photos Roy: hope we could get there in time hope we could Yolly: hey, hurry up OSWIN Oh My God uneasy person now we set off to Mount Lofty Yolly: just went down Yolly: we still saw it when we’re here Nat: we saw the sunset we’re here at Mount Lofty the sun just when down and isn’t that a possum there’s a possum dunno can u see it or nor there it is Coleson: it’s not a possum isn’t it a possum? it is ok now we’re at Mount Lofty Finally the last location take a look at the view beautiful view the sun just went down the lighting is soo good and we’re here and taking some photos Actually is pretty cold here I’m soo cold we’re sitting on a high tower Hi Jamie Oswin: how did you guys get up there Jump Jamie: my skin tone is lighter then u?! Jamie: I mean like Jamie: just saying Just saying Jamie: like this Jamie: then ur skin tone is lighter then me Jamie: I totally can’t see any thing like that I forgot the lyrics I totally can’t see anything now we’re Sissi: now we’re leaving Mount Lofty Sissi: leaving Mount Lofty can you stop imitating what I said like a baby Sissi: I have a free rickshaw Do you know ur heavy Sissi: ok I’ll come down now can you show the view again the view not you Sissi: I am the view Fk it is very beautiful Yolly: can you carry me as well? do you think I can? Nat: me as well Yolly: carry both of us my double chin is gonna come out Sissi: I’m gonna get down now Sissi: 1, 2, 3 *discharging* just jump 1, 2, 3 it’s too dark that I can’t film anything Sissi: yes you can, a little bit actually can you check the temperature for me it’s soo cold the temperature right now is 7° it’s 7° and i’m freezing I’m just wearing a jacket and a jumper Sissi: but Akubi never say that she’s cold very hot , very hot who’s afraid getting sick? Nat: Me Yolly: just have a hot bath when u get home there’s light now we’re going to have dinner we going to eat dinner Sissi: we’re gonna have Vietnamese we’re gonna have Vietnamese? Sissi: yep Vietnamese Let’s Go we left Mount Lofty Woah, this road is very dark and now we’re going to a Vietnamese restaurant we’re going to the toilet first can you see me now we’re here at a gas station Oswin needs some petrol

and others need to go to the toilet Nat: there’s a strange at the back Two strangers later, we’ll be set off to have dinner we’re here at the restaurant this Vietnamese restaurant and now only two group arrived and will wait for others so now we wait for them cuz they’re went the main road and we’re in the hills and the hills are faster Congrats Congrats Congrats what’s your feeling for today Fiona: I wanna say that when we at the hills Fiona: I keep painiking Fiona: I keep looking at the google map Fiona: I didn’t even listen to any songs Fiona: and just keep an eye on the map Fiona: then I say sharp turn Fiona: then he said OK Fiona: turn left Fiona: turn right Fiona: I just wanna say woah Fiona: do you know since morning Fiona: from “is it turn right?” Fiona: turn like that Fiona: from turning like this Fiona: to turning with confidence Fiona: do u understan me? Fiona: I just wanna say Congrats Congrats Congrats Fiona: the mother is very proud of her son Oswin: it is very tiring Nat: you can tell from his eyes a person that can’t even drive to colonnades before drives all day *Confusing* ok I was gonna film the out-tro when we finish our dinner but I TOTALLY forgot about it so I’ll just film it when I got home now it’s 8:15pm and our road trip finally comes to the end yep I’m really tired right now I think I need to have a shower immediately then have a good rest or else I’ll be exhausted yep that’s all