We Had a Fake Wedding 👰🏻🤵🏾 [ Road Trip, Cabin Stay + Weird Animals 🐓] | Blasian Couple | Chimaican

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We Had a Fake Wedding 👰🏻🤵🏾 [ Road Trip, Cabin Stay + Weird Animals 🐓] | Blasian Couple | Chimaican

hi guys hope you’re good hope you all had a good week and you’re enjoying your sunday or your monday or tuesday or wednesday or whatever day you’re watching i have just picked up the rental car grace and i are going on a trip i’m going back to get grace now who should hopefully be awake by now so we’re going on a trip to wales we’ve got actually got some modeling work booked i’ve never been to wales before i think grace has but we thought we’d vlog the whole trip for you because we know how you enjoy our vlogs a lot of you said you enjoy our vlogs so we’re going to vlog the whole trip for you so hope you enjoy the video and i will see you when i get home good morning good morning oh my god you got a haircut you love to play games surprise.. oh my gosh im so suprised you gotta keep things interesting you know so we’re on the m1 right now heading up to wales got our boost juice we stopped off at white city to get a boost um yeah oh there’s a funny story why don’t you tell them about this story why i have a metal straw so the reason grace has a metal straw we’ll start from the beginning so what happened was all right all right long story short grace opened her drink and it was like half full so i said excuse me can we get some more in there it’s only like half full so in doing so she’s taking away the lid this is the lady she was taking away the lid and the straw threw in the bin and filled the cup up more and then put a new lid on it as she’s about to put a straw in or as she’s bringing the straw over she drops it on the side and then tries to continue to bring it over and i was like no no no no no no no you dropped on the side so therefore it’s a dirty straw now that’s unhygienic so yeah as like can we can we get another straw we don’t have any other straws we don’t have that so i was like long story short i had to kind of because he was there for a couple of minutes yeah so josh was like oh so so what do you expect us to do about it how do you expect me to drink it she goes just gotta wait for the next person to come on shift and we were like it’s not really our problem and then and then she was like josh oh you can go over there and get a straw and josh was like so you want me to go over there go get a straw from another establishment and in the end i’ll just like share a little straw yeah reluctantly she gave us a little straw so that’s why it has a metal straw that’s why i have emotion but i think it’s better straw so yeah save the turtles thank you so we’re currently on the motorway and i hope that we can grab some nice scenic views for you guys as well also editing the vlog well this week’s video which would probably be out already which is tuesday so hopefully you guys enjoyed that one it’s one of me speaking to josh in cantonese all day so it’s quite funny so make sure you guys don’t watch that if you haven’t already so i was asking josh what is the deal with the relationship that you have with your father like is it more than a friendship or is it just it’s it’s a it’s like a level of trust in it that your barber has you have to trust your barber so i don’t know it’s a very long time relationship you know you’ve been in a long-term relationship with your barber for how long like 20 years 20 plus years yeah my name you say they can’t commit don’t listen to the ladies because they can commit to their barber they can commit to you don’t take anything less but yeah no it is it is a thing because you can’t just regard any barber to cut your head because not everyone knows your head shape some barbers might you know do a madness you know once someone knows how to cut your hair and make you look from a five to a ten you stick with them so what if you find someone bitter but you want to try them out don’t what if what if someone is just as good but they’re slightly cheaper there’s gonna be no one that’s really cheaper because everybody all the barbers are operating at the same price point and furthermore i don’t know would i be happy to pay you know 12 pounds for a haircut oh true i don’t know if you pay too bad for a haircut you have to expect a 12 pound haircut in it like i paid my 20 pound knowing that there’s no one’s making no mistakes on my head didn’t it so for a good two weeks i almost gonna look at me and be like hmm no rah why is your why is your head why is your hair like so far back yeah so yeah

so we’ve been driving now for about well joshua’s been driving we we’re in this together for about how long now two hours yeah i mean we left at like 11 i’m sure if not before then it’s not almost three o’clock i don’t know what we’ve been doing but yes we are now coming up to coventry um which is just a little far off from london and then we’ll be going through birmingham yeah and then through to wales fun fun yeah the weather’s been crazy though it’s been sunny but then it’s also been raining at the same time and we’ve been like squeezing in between lorries so it’s been scary hopefully nearly there but unless you stop off in birmingham we still have another what’s that 94 miles yeah unless we decide to take another pit stop which would be more than likely in birmingham where i’ve been to birmingham you’ve been i’ve been i don’t remember when i was younger yesterday i went when i was really young as well disturbing birmingham soon come soon land touchdown we missed the turning to go to birmingham driver one night you missed it no no like we didn’t put the we didn’t put the destination in the set now so we’re just going to go straight there and you might touch merman tomorrow instead maybe maybe in one mile move to the right i see trees and greens red roses too and i think to myself what a wonderful world so it’s currently pouring down with rain oh my gosh but you know what i feel like the reason why this place is so nice and green is because it has so much damn rain yeah everything’s nice and watered yeah it’s like valley everything’s grey in london yeah i’ve never seen a sheep yet though i saw three sheep yeah maybe they’re shooting from the rain because they don’t want to have to go curly yeah they might get frizzy here trust me like you see look it’s like a valley wow you smell that josh the smell of poo it’s the great outdoors voodoo smell sheeps oh man i’ve gone off frazzles it’s nature that’s quite natural i think we are here guys free range eggs i think yeah the cottage is up there oh no in the distance they’re not gonna like the way i give this car back boy oh my god look you have little apple trees they have little apples and cherries no no no apples apples apples nice nice look guys sheep we have made it long drive hi josh very long drive well this is us it’s really quiet so this is our cabin this is where we’re staying the bed everything’s cabiny have a little

some toilet lights some toilet lines got the bathroom in here squeegee squeegee shower yep in the toilet but yeah this is the view from the kitchen got a nice little i don’t know what they call it you know when you have tea and coffee what they call it tea and coffee station one more time then if the camera will pick up put anything on there in fact it’s so nice and peaceful out here you have to you have the shit i just said it’s nice and peaceful and you’re ruining the ambiance uh anyway there’s sheep there’s chickens i thought these guys were flamingos or emus or something what are they mini ostriches geese now geese don’t have long necks like that and all long legs this one’s them why is it why is that sheep standing like that though which one there’s someone here you want you maybe needs a poo it’s so nice and peaceful okay so this is our mini audio yep so tonight we are going to cook some steak oh sugar so sirloin steak from audi what was that oh that’s six pounds it’s not bad 28-day matured 100 british yeah so can’t complain we bought apple um some of this tea as well i don’t know i found it for just um english tea but i don’t think they had english tea so they had roast tea so i thought we could give it a go and also some peppermint as well if anyone’s feeling bloated i’m salmon flakes because you know breakfast tomorrow bitch fancy bliss and spaghetti and meatballs so we’ve got that too i fancied a lazy meal guys microwavable meal some veg add some chips that we can’t actually cook because there’s no oven in here you can you can cook it in a pan it says though okay but we don’t have an oven so we have to make do chocolate chip josh loves brioche i don’t know why you’re obsessed with brioche these look really nice actually sweet chili porn crackers but they look authentic-ish some oat milk 85 p 85 p 85p i hope it’s nice though because if it’s like watery like only oh during the soft bake oh i bought this soft bakes as well just in case we get peckish when we’re on set tomorrow so you know all right finally some croissants for breakfast tomorrow we’re gonna get some free range eggs as well yeah um so yeah so there’s chickens on the farm so we thought why not just have the eggs why not and also we picked this up as well so i can finally spray paint my cotton pole because the cotton pole at home is like half sprayed gold so i was like yes i can upcycle everything just everything will just be gold i’m gonna come home but everything’s gonna be gone i also bought these um biodegradable face wipes it was like 80p yeah and this shampoo was like 79p again i was like yes please it’s got sodium lauryl sulfate though so i would be using that yeah so all that came to around 32 pounds so yeah deals vikings bargains bargains oh seasoning but they got seasoned in here too oh all purpose seasoning but they got seasoned they have seasoning we definitely have season in there but she’s in there so yeah that’s audi who always eating huh you’re always eating that’s that shame josh is seasoning the meat so superstitiously watch that video yet go watch the video

if he’s full basically it’s what’s the front of your left shoulder i see so firstly what we’re doing we’re gonna you know season the steak a bit and we’ll see what they got here we got our own obviously about crushed chili turmeric thyme ginger parsley paprika or pepper seasoning all-purpose seasoning that’s all you need i’m using all their fancy ingredients that don’t actually mean anything yeah they don’t actually taste like much that’s how i was especially when they’re dried there’s no point i’ve got a lot of everything but nothing that’s not anything you know we’re just gonna really massage it in and make sure we get there you want to get the flavors infused in the steak you see you don’t want the flavor to be on your outside you’re going to be on the inside you’re on the outside there’s no point there’s no point mate no point it’s not washing the car on the outside and on the inside look guys they took all the animals inside plus they were quite noisy actually like our neighboring cabins they’re just out here doing the math so i’m just putting some onions on it now i’m gonna give it a little bit of flavor and then we’ll leave that to kind of rest in the fridge for a bit obviously you’ve got to do both sides so don’t get onto me anyone’s watching that thinking why are you just doing one side there’s already bad thing about onion josh you’re suffering guys the culprit hey yo if anyone knows any remedies to stop your eyes from burning out let me know in the comments below thank you appreciate you already ah missing about this kitchen though what is that scratcher no it’s a potato mushroom it’s a back scratcher look ew so i told josh to put the blanket over the sofa because i didn’t want to sit on it look how he covers it sit down why you put it nicely okay fine i see what you mean job’s done what happens when you have no oven i tried to test it and it was just taking ages we’re legit trying to make oven chips we use we’re frying oven chips so we’re hoping for the best maybe i should add more chips in yeah yeah yeah yeah hopefully we will look at the more than one chip so i was testing to see if the oil was hot it looked hot to me and it wasn’t okay i need to cook so grace is currently making oven chips with the frying pan listen we’ve had no tourists there’s no oven here it’s true it’s taking ages grace is being resourceful and trying not not to get her new top smelling like oil i’m gonna smell like oil that’s all right you worth it when your chips are ready the whole room’s gonna smell like all right it’s fine i’ll get it get rid of the flies have you get on the ground tour yet have you given the grand tour yet um no okay so this is the bedroom this is the bathroom and that’s it that’s literally here that’s it two rooms still bigger than most houses in london yeah so come on you should be ready within the next three hours so i’m gonna wait patiently okay so it turns out i was wrong which these chips are like basically done they look really good they taste good too grace i was wrong you were right i would never doubt you again okay they just take extra long that’s all just standing here like my hands are all greasy but they taste good yeah we got there we did so like i said to josh imagine we come to the end of the world and you have a bag of chips left that’s the only food you have left and there’s no oven what are you going to do not eat so yeah give it another couple of hours and i think we’ll be

we’ll be ready to eat five hours later chips are done now it’s time for the steak the bracelet pairs medium rare and dinner is served so josh you want to talk us through what we have so we have steak we have some obviously onions that’s cooked in the steaks juices marinated with the steak as well got some steak juices on top of it we’ve got some oven fries that we pan fried and then we’ve got some uh runner beans that we’ve cooked in the steak juices as well it’s nice oh yeah can’t wait to tuck in bon appetit thank you for cooking it’s okay thank you looking too cool let’s see that’s them guys we have a toilet like handle above our bed it sounds so mad as well there’s like three toilet plug handles in this little cabin and there’s like 53 lights there’s one there there’s one there there’s two there there’s there’s like three in the bathroom so crazy guys i am so baffled to what this animal is if anyone knows please let us know i’m sure it’s like an emu or something josh said it was a swan that’s not a geese look at the legs it’s raining we wanted to take a nice stroll in the morning it’s like eight o’clock right now but it’s raining but it’s raining and my hair will go freezing yes josh’s hair will be frizzy my hair will great problems so we thought these ducks were coming to say hello they weren’t but they might okay they’re coming right towards us actually they don’t want they want to come over here you want to come over here you want this bread bruh the sheep fully saw me coming and now i wanted to cross across the road i shake at you too my brother but she was staying away as well it’s just out here just literally just yeah staring at you are you saying cuz oh my gosh he’s staring at you like what opting yeah these are my ends it’s my farm you’ll need your suit around here yeah i’d actually put that chicken why are they probably like guinea pig deeney fowl or something maybe i don’t follow the know for two miles it’s nearly ten o’clock we are on the way to the location uh for filming um hopefully we’ll get there just on time i’m trying not to crash grace give me funny looks but she won’t say why because she shook no no so yeah see when we get it we have made it to the venue oh i think it was meant to do that yeah i think so too and then you so grace is about to get her hair done so

i’m so gracious getting the picture taken by herself damn girl there’s josh in his suit looking nice looking sharp pre the shoe i say all the time how did you find it yeah it was okay were probably like newer yeah there are a lot of people learning um everything learning everything as well so i guess that’s probably you know i guess that’s what it was about um but just reading pictures excited to see how they came out i only saw one picture it looked good did you um what are me carrying you oh from here oh one of them probably i think it was was it it’s me oh is it that’s nice she was really nice thank you esme for hooking us up with a job yeah it’s good ma’am oh you’re tired now yes now guys we have the long journey home we’ll see you guys back in london i think this is enough for the vlog we’ve gotten so much footage we don’t want to drag it out so thank you guys for watching till the very end and thank you for joining us for yet another vlog hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it give us a like leave us a comment as well make sure you subscribe to the channel and if you haven’t already and stay tuned for more videos make sure you check out our last vlog and our last video and let us know what you want to see more of as well thank you for watching you