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hello how about my youtube people welcome once again to this your channel this time I come to show you how be able to schedule what your interview is for the American embassy or how to buy the k1 visa remember that this step goes after you have fill out the form ds-160 if you have not seen the video I’ll leave you a little card up here where I explain how fill it properly good without much more preamble let’s start with the video well my people the first thing you should of to do is go to the page where you are going to create your profile you must put U.S travel docs and then go to the first option that you appears on this main screen gives you a news about the proclamation of donald trump and all what’s happening in the world of immigration then you can read this more ahead it’s a little long We are going to give the region where we were the continent or country let’s assume we are the region from the Caribbean here it appears the countries that are 0: 01: 39.010,0: 01: 45.280 the caribbean then we give to your choice then here automatically appears the language in your country of origin which is Spanish that is spoken in the Republic Dominican you can change it here to English if you want then we are going to enter to be able to create the profile already on the next page we are going to give where it says new user If you have a user, you will present here already saved but as we are new we are already being the visa k1 for the first time good my people already on the next page I have I previously filled all the fields already I don’t want to bore you with a video so extensive then i’ve already done it full and good basically just what goes here is your email an email where will you get the confirmation of how long this application ends then you must put your email must put here the name as it appears in your passport in the following you must put the last name as it appears in the passport here you must supply a password that has between number and letters in total 8 I already put one, let’s see if I it works here you must repeat the password confirm it and click here this box where you have read the privacy policy and here you must fill the captcha code that is to be show up here so let’s give to present oops a problem occurred it must be in mail format email or gmail then I’m going to put a Gmail and now let’s see if you want to accept it and indeed my people could accept it because this has to put a Gmail no you can put a hotmail the format that accept is in Gmail already on this page is where are you going to be able to start the new visa application in the first option that shows you attitude to power start visa application earlier of you enter now to fill out the application you must see this message that it says here what it says before entering the receipt number make sure the passport data and information ds match the U.S profile travel docs for all applicants scheduled during this session the discrepancy between the profile passport information and ds-160 information may require creating a new profile and purchase a new mrw fare receipt mrb fee are not refundable nor transferable after they have been assigned to a particular applicant They must confirm well that everything is correct that all data is the same as those of ds 160 your passport and this application already when I fill it because as he already tells you there they can’t refund your money back so they have to check very well when go to fill ok well already knowing this we will make the new request visa ok my people is already the next page here they are going to ask us the type of visa that we are requesting here says immigrant visa or visa non-immigrant we are going to select visas from immigrant those from k1 must select immigrant visa because

we are traveling like no immigrant but in the future we plan become immigrants then must be marked because we we intend to become immigrants ok then already marked here we give him to continue ok my people, on the next page we going to throw the three different options of the type of visa that we We are requesting the immigrant first option says all the visa of immigrant or diversity lottery visa the second tells you bail visas k and the third tells you a resident back sb-1 visa then obviously if we are doing the fiance immigrant visa k1 then we must give fiance visa k to the second and we go down and we continue ok my people on this page you go to ask who you are in the request The visa if you are the K-1 or K-2 means that you are the fiance citizen of the United States or the fiancé of a citizen of the states united and the k-2 means that he is the your son who is traveling with you who you are the k-1 to meet him couple there in the usa so if our In case we do not have children who is traveling with us then we are going to give k-1 and we are going to give the following option ok this is where you will supply all your personal data like your date your name and everything else and also what the number of your passport then to this page you send a first notice that says the information you provide in this page will be used to allow you to track your documents and if necessary use it to contact you in the future enter the information in Latin characters of the A to Z as it appears on your passport it is important that you enter your own email address and phone since these are two means by which you will receive news related to your appointments or documents make sure all information personal discrepancy is correct between the information profile of the passport and ds-160 information may require completion of a new profile and the purchase of a new fare receipt this is the message they put currently at the beginning of the video then repeat it here that if they make a new mistake they won’t to refund money then they must see well how they are filling it is fine important they must ensure that everything match your passport and your ds-160 what have you already done ok? then let’s go to accept the terms and conditions now is the next option will provide all the data of your passport is the number of your passport your date of birth and everything else what has to do with your information personal then is the first choice will indicate your passport number in the second option you will indicate your passport issuance dates in the month day and year format you are going to indicate your country of issue passport the expiration date on passport is yours date of birth and your nationality here it tells you please enter your name as it appears on the passport if you have already filled out a form ds-160 or that 260 uses exactly the same code, here it tells you what you have to fill your name just like you appears in the passport and must indicate the number of the ds-160 that already have filled as it appears as is in the passport they cannot have no mistake because already why you do this process and pay now there is no way back so if you haven’t paid yet they can leave where he was doing the application is can be left for right there they will stay and the they will continue doing but that is yes have not paid yet if you pay everything will stay like this then you are going to put your number where you want to be contacted your email so here you must fill your home address this is at in case you want have your passport arrive at your home they will charge you a fee of 10 dollars with 5 if you want your passport send it express directly to your home but you can also choose that you choose to pick it up in the center visa service that is in 360 gallery where you do the footprint and you can select another part that is close to your house that is certified by the American embassy that they are able to give document personal so then you they still have to fill in this address here already when you finish all the question of this application is already going to ask if you want send it to your house pick it up at your home or pick it up elsewhere on passport already with your visa ok? Then I’ll let’s continue on the next page they will ask if you want to add a name of your son who is requesting the same time a visa with you as I told you

at first if you come, your son will accompany you to travel to the United States by of the k-1 visa you can add it here the name of your child and the data then if it is not our case we give continue on the next page you they are going to ask me to specify the delivery of your passport where you want it if you want to pick it up or want to use the free premium service that will cost 10 dollars so in my case I I picked it up the passport and what I did was I gave him to pick up and select the city ​​where I want to pick it up then In Santo Domingo here you will throw the different mailboxes offices what is the office where you can go to pick up your passport and you can select the one closer you stay I’m going to select it’s there it’s going to throw away all those that are in holy Sunday already selected we will continue, ok my people now on this page you are going to throw the method of payment then they withdraw one warning that says visa fee no are refundable if you have found a mistake with your payment or believe that your payment it was not successful I did not pay the fee one second time as it will not be refunded please use the link to provide your suggestions on the left for register your concern and we will we will investigate note that if you request a chargeback that you return your payment your case will be investigated and may lead to a fine and other action legal we are going to confirm and here it will throw you the payment methods you can use if you want to pay in cash cash electronic for transfer here or card credit and in my case I pay it with credit card these are the different octions they give you give you a visa and mastercard then you give visa well what you have in my case I had visa and here you can confirm the payment says the visa costs $ 265 and here is the receipt of your payment where says your receipt number will be later after that they give you to confirm this page is going to leave another page that you must to provide the card all the all the card with which what they are going to make the payment of the k1 visa and then you confirm that payment the system will going to throw up some kind of calendar where are you going to be able to choose the day the time and date on which you want to schedule your interview as much as for the American embassy and for 360 gallery that is where they have to make footprints a very important piece of information and it is that you must program your appointments for at least one month of anticipation for example programs the now a month and now the moment that you are doing the interview because then you are going to have the enough time to do the medical exams since exams doctor when I did it took three three weeks to deliver it to me then you have to program it so less for three or two weeks which is what that they also demand then also have to have enough time for you to be able all your evidence put it into rule in case they need time for something also for what evidence you are going to bring that day to your interview should have enough time to go preparing it and I think that one month the enough time to go doing your interview in other words, to prepare all your documents that you are going to bring the day to your interview well my people like I’m not going to continue in this step because I am not going to schedule I am going to give you an appointment but now you have to continue and well now when you determine everything goes away to appear this page but instead of appear here new visa application You will seem to reschedule your appointment van a poder reprogramar la cita por ejemplo ustedes pueden cambiar el día y la hora que ustedes van a ir a su entrevista esta opción es limitada ustedes tienen un número de intento para poder programar lo que es la entrevista también tienen un número limitado de veces que ustedes van a entrar a esta página porque esta página se bloquea si ustedes entran varias veces en el día no pueden entrar tantas veces en el día sólo pueden entrar yo creo que un máximo de dos o tres veces y también no pueden equivocarse muchas veces intentando entrar a esta página por ejemplo si ustedes pusieron su correo electrónico y su contraseña que suministraron y se equivocaron de contraseña y vuelven y se equivocan esto se le va a bloquear y va dura tres días para desbloquearse ok? entonces ya aquí se le va a mostrar el proceso, el proceso por donde ustedes estan o por donde ustedes se han quedado en este lado se le va a mostrar la información de entrega o sea cuando ustedes den su pasaporte la entrevista que la embajada se quede con él aquí se va a mostrar cómo está su pasaporte si

todavía lo tienen la embajada o si ya lo mandaron ahy a donde ustedes lo van a ir a recoger al mail boxes o a su casa entonces aquí será mostrado se puede consultarlo aquí y en esta parte se le va a mostrar el día de su entrevista en la embajada americana o se me olvidó decirle también que en la parte aquí de la esquina izquierda se le va a mostrar un día próximo que haya disponible para la cita a la embajada o sea el día que esté disponible que ustedes pueden agendar esos días puede ser que sea muy cerca de lo que usted quiera agenda o puede ser que sea muy lejos depende eso actualiza cada dos días o un día ustedes pues estár pendiente ok mi gente luego que ya ustedes hayan terminado el proceso de llenado de la aplicación de su, perdón de su entrevista para la embajada americana aquí se le va a parecer los detalles la aplicación le va a arrojar un correo donde se van a aparecer todos los detalles del día que usted va a ir a su entrevista a la embajada americana ustedes deben de sacarle copia a ese correo imprimirlo y llevarlo ese día a la embajada es la confirmación de la cita eso es lo que ustedes deben de llevar junto con el ds-160 su pasaporte y todo lo demás que ustedes tienen que llevar a su embajada entonces mi gente le damos a dar hacia abajo y vamos a ver qué estan las instrucciones de lo que ustedes deben de llevar a su entrevista y la toma de huellas en galería 360 aquí está puesto ellos sólo indican aqui pero eso para lo que aplica com ustedes, ustedes se pueden guiar aquí tambien, también recuerdensé que como estamos pasando por una situación de la pandemia actualmente las embajadas a algunas en algunos países se encuentran cerradas y no sé si es recomendable comprar la entrevista o sea comprar la visa k-1 en estos momentos no sé no creo que sea recomendable pero ya eso queda a disposición de ustedes ustedes deben de averiguar

con su embajada en su país y preguntar sobre si ya pueden hacer este paso que yo pienso que no pero ya eso estará a disposición de ustedes y bueno mi gente si llegaron a este punto gracias por ver el vídeo completo recuerden que yo no soy un abogado de inmigración ni un oficial de inmigración sólo quiero servirle de ayuda a las personas que están en medio de este proceso y están buscando por una ayuda la cual yo le pueda dar recuerden que pueden dejar su comentario de cualquier duda que tenga en base a este vídeo o a su proceso que yo con mucho gusto les estaré respondiendo recuerden suscribirse dejar su like y seguir apoyando bueno mi gente gracias por su apoyo y hasta la próxima se le quiere mucho bye bye