INDIAN VISA RUN to #Malaysia | #AIRASIA + #INDIGO Airlines (Goa, Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore)

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INDIAN VISA RUN to #Malaysia | #AIRASIA + #INDIGO Airlines (Goa, Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore)

so we got the first two boarding passes and two for each for our flight to Hyderabad and then from there we’re gonna have to wait some hours in Hyderabad yeah whatever, I’m a bit sleepy we’ve passed the security check. it was longer than I think that’s maybe because it’s Friday many people go out for the weekend but it should be the opposite, no? people coming to Goa for the weekend since it’s a holiday destination I wanna check the prices of this bar Oh my . goodness it’s like three times the price from outside. yeah, whiskeys of course luckily there is a foot court with things like curry and idly. in case you don’t know what’s idly. it’s kind of a rice flour, very fluffy thing, very delicious, but we’re not on the mood for that. Subway Wrapfella might be like wraps and biryani I see. a lot of things there there’s also a KFC for those who want their chicken so far we don’t have any delays or any issues. everything is OK you doing like the kids? you don’t read? just look at the photos?

Jordi is so tired right now so if I wake him up, he’s will be super pissed but i’m going to record it’s not true. i’m just saying let me sleep it’s not “so tired” or “so pissed” Just I respect when you want to sleep, do the same for me are you pissed already? i’m . not pissed! i’m just respect the same I respect when you want to sleep ok…ok… go back to sleep jesus! your mouth breeath we arrived in Hyderabad the flight was peaceful and punctual now we have a few hours here in the airport until our next flight which is at 11PM we didn’t eat or drink anything here because we were already full and because we travel on a budget! so apparently we have to change the terminal we were in the domestic terminal we have to move to international terminal but we don’t have to take any bus or train we just walk here it’s. pretty cool, they say wait. that’s strange! One officer just told me that there’s no need to take any bus or train but now we saw this banner announcing like free shuttle between terminals I don’t know! we were right there’s no need to take the bus, it is quite big. I like this airport it’s kind of… we are outdoors but all these part is indoors. take a look so next flight is at 11:15 so we don’t need to hurry, we can just go and find the gates Remember to follow us on Facebook Twitter, Youtube, of course. And Instagram they are renovating or making this terminal bigger. look at all this construction going on Ok, one small negative thing If you have a transfer between domestic and international flight it’s okay you don’t have to take a flight (bus😅) or a train but walking. you have to go outside, so consider that if your next flight is very soon Ours no Ours it’s in a few hours. So we could explore a little bit city Hyderabad maybe eat some mandi Ah, you don’t know what’s mandi? Check this video here! 154 check-in counters, 45 bridges 34 million passengers per year that is how the new terminal will look nice!

but now it looks like this and Hyekyong is there waiting for me What did he say, Jordi? He said we have to go to the airline counter to get our boarding pass stamped Ah, ok! then let’s go we were trying to go through the immigration to transfer to International flight. but they say we need to get a stamp on the boarding pass and the check-in counter hasn’t opened yet. so we cannot get the stamp on the boarding pass so, we have to wait until the check-in counter opens. which is like 1 hour and 30 minutes later so we need to kill some time in this arport we had some unexpected problem or delay at the immigration control here in the Hyderabad Airport they stopped Hyekyong and I don’t know why! What…what did they ask you? they’re just asking like how come you are staying this long, and and actually this was our second time to stay in India last year we stayed in India for 6 months cos we got a 6 month visa and you know, India is huge. so we travel as long as we can, India is huge so we traveled as long as we can so that’s what we did last year we traveled 6 months so probably he checked the record and then found out I stayed in India for 6 months last year and then he asked me, ok, so last time why did you stay this long? and then I don’t know, he just said: “just one month is enough” he got pissed yeah plus you are saying something like looking at the screen saying something like 2018? and now? 2018 she stayed 6 months and now this time she is staying long again, and then and then why do you need this a long time to travel and then he he looked at me like very suspicious and like but it never happened to Jordi every time Jordi goes through immigration especially in India cos I look very friendly! when Jordi meets immigration officer especially in India He never had this kind of problem. They never doubt, they never ask why are you saying this long, why did you get this a long term visa. why did you get six months visa.they didn’t ask any question but every time I meet immigration officer they just ask: why are you staying this long? where are you staying? what’s your plan? what are you going to do? so, it’s so frustrating every time I have to explain I mean it’s been a job but like Jordi was right next to me and then he was like you know chit chatting with the immigration officer and then I was kind of suffering to explain all the things and then at the end I mean he let let me go but he was still pissed when I was leaving, he was saying like “one month is enough” and then I was like: who are you to decide how long I stay? that was ridiculous ! ok, ok, don’t cry after this episode with the immigration office, it’s time to eat it’s 9:30 here in the HYD airport and I ordered the veg thali which has nice very good smelling parata, a bit burnt by the way white rice white rice I don’t know what’s this some kind of potato and some pepper curry this one is lentils. “dhal” “dhal fry” nice. salty! paneer, cottage cheese but on a masala sauce? oooh, smells spicy it’s not so spicy fine and finally, raita a kind of yogur with some usually it has some tomato, some veggies, coriander kinda sweet nah, more like sour Strangely, is the first time I see a thali with this snacks, and this. i got two parathas! it smells so nice! a bit burnt, tho let’s break it and dip it to some with this even it’s airport food it’s still so goood! what do you have here? mixed vegetables in hot garlic sauce and then I asked them to give me one bowl of rice

this is gonna be so spicy no…come on maybe I shouldn’t have mm! spicy? good? it’s not really spicy some broccoli i’m gonna mix it a little bit look at this! whaaaat? this is not even a flight to Seoul Korea it’s a flight from Hyderabad, India to Malaysia, Kuala Loomp 🤣🤣🤣 “Kuala Loomp.” 🤣 what is this shit? 🤣 Kuala Lumpur! Don’t make new cities! “Kuala Loomp” 🤣🤣🤣 that definitely shows that I’m quite sleepy oh, interesting, no? These are our faces after this second flight. We landed at Kuala Lumpur. it’s 4:30, in the night and we are a bit tired, we couldn’t sleep very well in this flight, and we have to stay here until our next flight departs, which is at 11 a.m we hope we can find some seats, some chairs to sleep on No, it’s actually 7:00 AM, not 4:30 It’s super dark still! Strange! Oh my god, we waited two hours and thirty minutes! where? just to go through immigration there are so many people I don’t know why maybe it’s the chinese new year or I don’t know I don’t know it took forever and finally we got out and have to go to the check-in counter and check-in and take another flight to India yeah two hours and a half waiting for immigration control there was half of the officers there! it was a bit…I don’t know, annoying so we got our flights back to India: Kuala Lumpur to Bangalore and Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur now it’s time to eat. we are starving! we don’t have much time. we just came here to get some The chicken rice shop I got some noodles with the chicken let’s put some soy sauce and what did you get? I got the same thing but with rice instead of noodle yeah, mix it with the soy sauce and chili sauce oh no it’s very good and then this soup is Wow very nice the chicken is very soft! I’m very hungry, so, it tastes very good! Ok, no more waiting Time to board! we are gonna take this Indigo flight to Bangalore and from Bangalore we are gonna wait a few hours and then back to Goa let’s see how the flight goes! we found our seats and it’s one row behind the galley and one thing I really like about Air India is that INDIGO! sorry. one thing i really like about INDIGO is that the leg space is large yeah, because your legs are short 😂 no, no no! normally when I take the low cost airlines, the legs are like this it’s pretty good yeah it’s pretty quite large. and then somehow, the color… i don’t know

the dark blue color…i like i don’t know i can feel more…trust I’d like better this color than red color it’s personal taste so we landed in Bangalore, it’s 1:30 and we have about six hours til our next flight we have no baggage to collect, so, i guess we’ll have to eat! so how was the immigration this time immigration was not as bad as before but longer than usual and this lady was: “purpose of…” of course what they always ask my “purpose of visit” travel it’s “6 months travel?” yes, India is very big, right? he, he but yeah we were close, she had even she had to ask her co-worker like: “is it right? “to be like six months he’s a tourist visa six months after 90 days living and coming” apparently they didn’t know the well she didn’t know this new law and had to was the co-worker, co-worker said “yeah it’s okay” but man! it’s it’s a lottery, i think! I don’t know It’s a pain in the ass, that’s what it is! look at this cool system that you can order from this machine and we order and pay here and we collect it at whatever shop KFC or Italian pizza Taste of India How long has this been running? One month One month? yeah. I’m gonna go for this KFC fine working? yeah! wow! it’s very good! you don’t to need to wait in line and you can see all the restaurants here and choose the restaurant, order…and you just pick it up! Oh! you got a phone call? got a phone call i though it would appear on the screen, but these guys are really putting an effort on presenting the system, this service! finally we are boarding our fourth and last flight of the day and we are back home who is here? who is here? who are these babies? 🐈 ooh hiii! 🐈 so home sweet home! after a few hours, a bit more than 24 hours we did this visa run, and we are home back with our cats so if you like this video please click like and subscribe to the channel for more cats see you on the next one prrrrrrrrr and prrrrrrrr and more prrrrrr let me stretch before I clean myself and while I’m cleaning you can serve me some food