Road Trip dans les Andes d'Amérique du sud à moto tout terrain en solo. Épisode 8 par les chemins!

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Road Trip dans les Andes d'Amérique du sud à moto tout terrain en solo. Épisode 8 par les chemins!

Good friends of mine, very happy to be here with you for this new video Now that we’re in the Andes, we will try to reach Medellín, And as you know, only open road It’s a lot of miles and I’m going to take a few days on this! yaaa today we start very fast I feel like riding a bike yaaa Today I’m flying over the tracks, I feel like growing wings Look what you see front of the right side. It is banana production and the safest that the coffee bushes be close by The rain of the last few days is affecting traffic That’s what happens when you fly with your bike on the rocks… so it ends Things always come back to their place Luckily I manage to lift the bike with ease thanks to the side cases What you see me touch is the basis of the action chamber (Go Pro) which fortunately didn’t break Verifying that everything is this in its place Now to see if the bike turn it back on and pass the blow come on! OLE! It’s already lit, I’m sure I’m more cautious from now on As I was saying, it rained a lot in the last few days

and this floor is nothing to keep him in his place since there are no rocks Focus on the road! What comes from the front, It’s not just a 4*4, is a public transport of people, something unimaginable in Europe today If we get to Medellin alive, we’ll be lucky! All right, we take out the wings again to fly over the dirt tracks Look in the direction of my arm is the road we will follow Total change of landscape, We are now over 3,000 meters high The road is absolutely great for motorcycle riding, the only thing are the poor shock absorbers who must be suffering otherwise! Here is like advertising for natural juices, you have to mix well before taking! trusted the brakes if, trusted the brakes

Watch as bananas always accompany to coffee plantations A small piece of asphalt on the heights of Armenia and always these incredible highways of Colombia From here I’ve decided make a detour through the Ruiz Nature Park, known for its snow-capped peaks The detour isn’t that big and it’s potentially a lovely place Yeah, here we are 4,000 meters above sea level And better tell them that the bike has power loss for lack of oxygen 4200 meters high above the sea They don’t look for the snow-capped tops, I think I ran very bad the day to see them And we keep going up more and more Back on the tracks top of Colombia and let’s take advantage to commit some violations When I told them I’d dropped water sticks in the last few days, look at the main roads as they are

Has sometimes I feel some anarchy on the roads of Colombia to which I actively participate It is always said that foreigners must adapt to local practices I get to cut this shot along these lines Another of these free tolls for 2-wheelers in which one must transit to the right of the right channel Did you check if your children are at school? For perhaps they are loved behind a truck! For a European, nothing normal to change highway channel like this As I told you, I came to Medellin to meet a mechanical friend that will help me in fixing a thing to the bike. We are changing We’re changing the steering wheel tracks that had a hard point and here we change the chain kit with difficulty – as we do not have the tool to lock the chain link Those who follow me regularly realized that I am in the Cocoy Nature Park I’m fine, the weather is great, the ideal temperature Today I propose that we see what are the verifications I make daily bike to make sure I don’t crash You’re gonna tell me why every day? The answer is simple. When one uses his bike daily to make 20 or 30 kilometers, it doesn’t matter much. You have your trusty mechanical workshop that can help you

and it is not with these small journeys that they will harm something Now when you are on the other side of the planet and travelling distances of up to 1250km daily, which is my personal record, and this every day, that is after 15 days already has 10.000km, after a month can reach about 15.000km, comes the time for safety it is prudent to follow a simple check list, daily, of your bike It doesn’t take more than 10 min if all goes well, what is not usually my case, I always find things to fix So in this video I propose, stage by stage, everything I check daily with the bike in the morning when leaving the hotel, my tent or a hammock Ciaoooo