Road trip in Vietnam. The most scenic coastal road in the world? Natural spring+Historical Tomb!

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Road trip in Vietnam. The most scenic coastal road in the world? Natural spring+Historical Tomb!

after a few weeks of stay in our apartment during the quarantine for you we finally get to go on an adventure we decided to go to the town away and engage yourselves in the longest trip of our lives here in Vietnam hoping to see beautiful places in this country so we started our trip early drove our bike for long hours and made a random stops on some amazing places until we reach our destination along the way we so spectacular deserted beaches islands and tropical cliff sites covered with rushes that are truly eye-catching this is the hybrid pass the highest pass in the whole Vietnam and the most scenic coast road in the country I was ten seeing this breathtaking coastal road but driving here is a bit risky so you always need to be extra careful I’m lucky I’m not the driver on this trip so I get to enjoy the scenic views along the way at the top of the heaven path there are coffee shops where you can sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery the weather is cold here but it didn’t stop us to get ourselves a chilled coffee too much condensed milk in here you put too much condensed now but I like the view I’m not gonna finish my coffee cuz it’s too sweet we’re not selling the coffee they’re selling window with a bit of coffee ah it’s really sweet you don’t like sweet too much it’s too much English mother not speaking English right now I don’t know why they are all English speakers but they are not speaking English now National Park or waterfall I’m more interested on National Park knowing that there is already beautiful so National Park must be more beautiful waterfalls in the way discussing earlier there’s also wonderful we decided to just go to the National

let’s continue our trainer have fun enjoy your freedom oh sweet but it’s closed right now I’m we cannot go inside they’re saying we’re gonna go inside guys let’s just enjoy watching this those monkeys those monkeys so unfortunately guys the cars are so closed today it will be all pending tomorrow but right now we’re going to another part of the part they’re saying that there’s also an interesting and interesting made somewhere news reports implemented two kilometers away from the particle we’re going there right now since the park will open tomorrow we might stay here oven Albert Aiello go back tomorrow might be the part [Applause] I think you drop your money nice for us so we finally arrived this is green here I don’t know if it’s cold or hot but it oh so I think I can jump from here you wanna jump you can jump from here so beautiful here there are a lot of guns man the water is clean beautiful glaze cheese thinner so if we consider my bonnet completely like what other days you being it’s hotter it’s cold because there’s a lot of fish so we will find a place now for where we can see it and have fun and eat I like this place

the boys never setting up tada all right cold golden boys over there catching fish I love this place so much guys it’s just like a place in Valencia a river in valachia but there is also a little bit but I can see some underwater some pliers and some some garbage I want to go swimming but we forget to bring towel later the water is so you can swim in town I almost hit my head butterflies this this yellow butterflies also like yellow okay I’ll go swimming now I’m already wet and jump as far as you can [Applause] it’s so I’m left-handed right away I can do this your power I don’t know gee Oh perform she just doesn’t want to share you know in Thailand in town everything is spiced

and it’s my select your eyes popping my build-a-bear yeah especially that they painted a famous salad my hair is always ripe for eating chicken guys it’s your play roasted chicken I still like the chicken in the Philippines the roasted chicken in the Philippines sticker says long and they also include the head of the chicken scary I’m not gonna eat the net [Applause] [Applause] there’s a waterfall there this is over where it yeah that that is a waterfall over there I just meeting we found an interesting temple here inside you then we made a stop at the mausoleum of emperor gaiden this dome was built in 1916 to 1925 and took 11 years to complete you you hmm you outside the tool it looks dark and gray but in the inside it’s decorated with different ceramic mosaic or persillade tiles so that is the Emperor of this I don’t know what is amazing

this simple is really cool outside it looks so dark and gray and it looks really old but inside it’s really colorful with different decoration beautiful that table is the people of the Emperor and it’s still alive till today it’s still you can also see the exhibit of the Emperor guidance personal effects including a gold chair table antique gifts from France photographs of the life and times and the Emperor’s statues sitting on the throne at his the fun adventure doesn’t end here and the next part of the video I will show you how we ran and hide from the security guard in an abandoned water park Dima and I even get separated