Road trip to SYLVAN LAKE

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Road trip to SYLVAN LAKE

– These are the flags you were talking about – Where’s the Philippines? – Where’s the Philippines? – There! – There’s so many – Of course – There’s so many Canada flags at the end – There’s lots of cows – It’s pretty – Lots of people here – Here? – No. There – We can park here too. So we’ll just walk from here – If you want it a little bit far – We can walk around here – Are we going to bring the food or are we gonna walk first? – Let’s walk first – It’s not that cold – It’s not that cold – No – We should have brought our mat and sat there

– So we could eat – Then we’ll sit under the tree – I don’t know. Looks like it’s going to rain though – While it’s not yet raining – It’s drizzling already. Don’t you feel it? – I can feel it already – It’s raining already – Yeah. It’s getting stronger – We’ll have to eat first so we’ll have energy to walk – Rain’s getting stronger – We just got here and it’s already raining – I know – Because there’s so many people

– We should have just stayed here – Where? – Here at the side – Oh yeah – We should have park there and walked here – Right there. Going down – These houses must be expensive – They’re expensive – They might be equal to the big houses in Red Deer – It’s the location too – So guys, we’re going home. The weather is not nice – Just about right – The moment we went home – I’m right

– I thought there’s another town in between – It’s just like 20 minutes – Yeah – We’re going home. Not a good weather – It’s raining. Dark clouds – It’s cold now too – We might get COVID too – We might not have a next video if that happens (lol) – Racing – Just kidding. We can only go up to 110 because might get caught by the police – 110 kmh only. Police might arrest us It’s getting stronger (rain) – The one at the back is fast. We have to move – Looks like they want to overtake us. They can’t wait – Do you want me to go after it? – There might be police (lol) – That car might be a police – Good thing we went home – Yeah. We were supposed to walk little bit more – Rain is pouring down – Are these canola fields or not? – What? – These ones. These are not canola, right? – They’re different types. There’s canola – There’s rice. I don’t know – It would be nice to see those canola fields – There’s no more canola – Oh right – Here in – Here in Canada, you’ll see long straight roads – Just steady – It’s just straight for how many kilometers – There’s even 100 km long and just straight – All you see are green, no houses, no structures on the side – Just like this. Steady – For one hour, your speed is 110 or 120 kmh – We’re almost in Red Deer – It’s just less than 20 mins – While it’s raining, let’s play some music – Play some rain music – I did not connect my phone *Sings an old Filipino song*

– We’re almost there right? – Just straight, right? – Radio music is upbeat – Where’s our music? -I can’t connect my phone – Road was bumpy there