We Did an RV Rental Road Trip in Florida – RV Travel and Lessons! | RV Travel + RV Tour + Key West

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We Did an RV Rental Road Trip in Florida – RV Travel and Lessons! | RV Travel + RV Tour + Key West

(upbeat music) – [Marc] In January 2020, we left our motorhome in Arizona and flew to Florida to travel in a rental RV for two weeks We drove from Tampa to Key West and back again Staying in eight different locations along the way – [Julie] We give you a tour of the RV, share where we stayed and what we learned in our first RV rental experience – So whether you’re planning to rent or buy an RV, looking for great places to visit in Florida or just want to come along for the ride, you’ll find something for you in this video We’ll get all this organized once we get to the campground – Please note we filmed this video in January before the pandemic hit the US and delayed release of this video until it was appropriate to start sharing travel content again (upbeat music) (car honking) – Are you ready? – Let’s hit the road (upbeat music) – Hey there good looking you need a ride (laughs) Alright Julie’s ready for an adventure? – Yep, let’s go! – This is fun, I love being able to take an actual RV to pick you up at the airport It’s so easy and nimble to drive I was parking in the cell phone lot Parked in an actual regular parking space for a car That’s pretty darn cool (indicator ticking) (guitar music) (car engine roaring) (laughs) – How’s it drive? – This good, this is on the Ram ProMaster chassis and it’s got really good acceleration for as big as it is, I just, it’s quite zippy Quite a bit of power for a gas powered RV (slow music) – This is really fun I wasn’t quite sure what to expect But this is cute, it’s a cute RV I like the layout We’re gonna give you guys a tour shortly when we get settled into the campground but now we’re just enjoying zipping around the roads in a much smaller RV than what we’re used to because, as you may know, we live full time in a 40 foot Class A motorhome So these is a really fun change to just mix things up And, what a great way to be experiencing the Florida RV super show this week, staying in a rental RV instead of hotels There’s the RV show getting all set up Here’s the WingHouse where we’re having a big party on Thursday night – Right across the street – This is small and nimble enough that we can get around and use this as our daily driver But of course we’ve got everything with us, we’re not having a haul suitcases around anymore for the next two weeks while we’re here in this rental RV So I just love being able to travel and have everything that we want with us, cook meals, get snacks, use the bathroom And I think Marc’s probably gonna be very happy not to be lugging all the suitcases around, in and out of hotels rooms – I’m really happy, especially not lugging cases of books around and all of our luggage – Yeah So first stop, we’re gonna find a supermarket to stock up on food and beverages for our RV adventure And, yeah we could just park in the parking lot and load it straight in the RV (upbeat music) – I hope all this fits in the RV Crazy fast (indicator ticking) – (chuckles) Well, how’s the turning circle on that? – That is amazing I just did a U turn on a two lane road (laughs) That’s amazing, definitely never able to consider that in a bigger coach I usually need at least six lanes to do a U turn in our motorhome (upbeat music) Time to go to the show So if you saw our video about borrowing our friend’s van, you’ll know this is part two of our trying on RV’s for size series – We’ve been trying out different kinds of RVs as we consider what might be next for us at RV Love So we stayed on site and headed into the Florida RV Super Show We always like to see what’s new (upbeat music) – We got to meet up with some of our RV Love community and sign copies of our book, “Living the RV Life: “Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road” (upbeat music) And finished up, with an after party,

with some of our favorite RVers (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – After a very social few days it was great to chill out for a night in this peaceful boondocking spot (guitar music) – Next we headed to St. Petersburg area, where we spent a few nights in a campground with full hookups (guitar music) I do love how easy this is to park – Just give you a quick little view of our campsite here where it’s a KOA in St. Petersburg Madeira Beach You can see there’s lots of room on this side Really easy to back this in We’ve been coming in at night the last two nights A very nice campground with, underneath a lovely tree here with some Spanish moss These campsites that we’re looking at now, actually are backing on to the water (guitar music) Welcome to our little rental RV for this next couple of weeks It’s a Winnebago Trend 23L, 24 feet long, no slides So come on in and let me show you around This is like an L shaped kitchen It’s got a really deep sink in here which is really cool I haven’t seen this before It’s a really nice shape and it’s got a little lid on here that pops up and pops down, so you can hide all your messy dishes We’ve got a two burner propane stove Reasonable amount of storage actually, this big cupboard up here which I can’t reach very well but there’s another one here, so we keep all our chips (laughs) We’ve got another pantry over here which handy right by the door and that, that’s what we also have the controls here for like the water heater and the water pump and to check the levels on the tank and the battery and that kind of a thing Stereo here and this is the microwave Again, out of my reach This is our no cold fridge and it’s pretty well stocked but I can tell you we completely filled this thing up, fridge and freezer, separate freezer up here So this fit tons of food for the two weeks that we’re renting this RV and to be honest, I don’t think we’re gonna get through it all, so I’m really happy with the capacities of that The corner bed you can see it’s got a curve here which is a little strange for Marc who sleeps on the side but it’s been fairly comfortable I think if we were to have an RV like this, first thing we would do is replace the mattress with a custom mattress but it’s a rental for, we’re just dealing with it (chuckles) Three cabinets up here and that’s where Marc is keeping his clothes Closet here (closet doors opening) Would be nice if there’s some extra drawers in here but we’re making it work For the pans and our plates (drawer closing) and another drawer where I have my clothes And it’s a dry bath, which means that you can take a shower and the toilet won’t get wet Interesting little shower screen (shower screen closing) Just clear plastic Regular shower nozzle It’s pretty good actually, it definitely passes our toilet test Got plenty of room here for things There’s a storage cabinet up here and also another cupboard down here So bathroom’s been working pretty well One thing that is annoying is this handle We’ve been catching ourselves on this multiple times a day So this could be really easily changed out for just one of those round knob handles and there would be far less injuries (giggles) So this is probably my favorite part of this little RV I love this big table because it’s deep enough to be able to have your work stuff which is what we’re doing this week But then when it’s time to eat, you can just push it to the side, and you’ve still got plenty of room to eat as well – If you just pull this pin, you can swing out this section (joints clicking) And now it’s even larger and brings in this separate couch So and it’s a lower workspace so it’s easier ergonomics for Julie And it’s got an additional drop down bed if you have additional people needing sleeping arrangements (motors running) I’m not putting it all the way down so I don’t crash my computer terminal, but you get the point (motors running) (laughs) – I think this RV would be great for a couple, definitely great for a family, you know But this has got, I think it’s a shoulder harness seatbelt, no? This are two people? – There’s two – (laughs) Well you can still wear it like this – It’s not a back pack honey (laughing) – It’s nice, I mean, it’s still got a bit of brown and beige going on but it’s still pretty modern and contemporary for an RV Quite a bit of storage actually just all the way around There is another little TV hidden up here in this cabinet

So I like that it’s tucked away We would never watch that (cabinet closes) So right above me here is a skylight which is awesome for bringing in extra light and we close that up when we trying to reduce heat gain coming into the RV This has actually been really livable I’ve been really happy with how it’s working the floor plan, the layout, it’s a nice model They only made this apparently for two years Don’t know why they stopped making them because it’s a really nice livable floor plan We’re enjoying it and we’ll see how we feel after our two weeks stay (upbeat music) (pan sizzling) Food looks awesome (upbeat music) – All right, ready to eat (upbeat music) So as far as the cabin area of this RV, it’s based on a Ram ProMaster chassis and so it drives really easy It’s very car like in how it drives The seats are reasonably comfortable, the adjustments are a little funny, you can’t really recline them very well And what I think is a big mess is these don’t spin around I’ve seen Ram ProMasters with these chairs spinning around, which would allow them to be more of a part of the living space, but these do not have that option But it’s drive’s super easy The controls I think’d be very easy for Julie to drive as well I’m looking forward to her get behind the wheel and giving a try And so we’ve had this for about six days, we’ve been running all around town, and I’ve actually did have to fill it up with gas once It’s gasoline powered 3.5 liter V6 It’s about 260 horsepower And, but it’s actually pretty good power for this fairly lightweight 9000 pound RV From what I can tell it’s gonna get somewhere between 10 and 14 miles per gallon You can see how compact it is It doesn’t, it has so much space in this RV site, ’cause it’s only 24 feet long You can park it in a regular parking space which is really convenient Super easy to drive, super easy to parking into space Let me show you some of the features out here It has a couple storage spaces outside This one is bigger than it looks It looks like it’s just small but it does drop down Same thing back here You’ve got folding chairs back there This one drops down all the way to here So I’ve got big totes, I’ve got our luggage in here It’s quite large and they do have thoughtful things like little clamps to hold the door up when you’re, so you keep both your hands free And this storage area is still accessible from inside when you lift up the bed This little pocket door is for a sewer hose You see it has a small receiver hitch ’cause this is not meant to tow much of anything It has I think a 2000 pound towing limit, not much It’s only the one inch hitch Feels really modern with the styling of it and with the LED lights It’s got a backup camera up top So the sewer connections are down here at the back and they are off the ground a little more than a length of a hand so you gotta be mindful of that if you’re backing up over something as long as it’s shorter than this, you can back up quite far It does have an onboard generator I believe it’s a 2600 watt generator It’s propane powered This is an external shower This is the freshwater inlet when you’re hooked up to a campground full city water connection This tank fill is separate from the regular city connection And it has a 26 gallon fresh tank, 35 gallon gray tank and 40 gallon black tank This is the propane connection I like that the propane connection is here in a fairly safe spot Sometimes I’ve seen these propanes in the back, behind the rear tires, which I think is more likely to get debris thrown on it and more likely to back up onto something So this feels safer here Pretty quick tour of the outside of this, right back to the cab entry It’s really great that you can just jump in and drive off Assuming you’ve already unhooked everything, of course (upbeat music) (seatbelt buckle snapping) – RV sites and then over to cute little cabins And then at the end of that a tent camping area, boat launch dock – The pool, area is actually really nice It’s got little fat roof umbrellas, and it’s got a pool and a separate hot tub Two separate 24 hour laundries It’s a pretty big park It’s about 444 sites counting the cabins and the RV sites – You’ll find a comprehensive review of this campground at our website rvlove.com – No sunroof though – After a few days it was time to move on So we headed to a gas station to check the RV tire pressure before heading to our next destination And well ended up witnessing a hit and run accident (tire pump running) So I walked away from the RV so you can actually hear me ’cause that compressors really loud and it takes a long time so I got plenty of time to film a video, but

Fortunately, they did include a nice tire pressure gauge And they did include a compressor, which I’ve actually used twice in the week we’ve had it Once to help somebody else and then here today to top up my pressures But again, I’m missing my via right now ’cause this is taking a really long time just for a simple single tire And it’s so noisy which is why I didn’t wanna use it in the campground this morning I’m just a big stickler on tire safety, hopefully another 10 minutes or so this’ll be done pumping up the tire and then I’ll top up the other ones (chuckles) and we’ll be on the road (tire pump running) – Oh my God! She’s driving like a maniac! That was an eventful (chuckles) morning, here’s dubbing to get reef reef What are we, what were we doing (laughs)? – This has been a very eventful morning– – Airing the tires, witnessing an accident that ended up being someone fleeing the scene of the accident, dealing with this sheriff and we captured it on video and in photographic footage So that is one of the advantages of being a YouTuber I guess (laughs) – Yes, we were able to help some people with some very solid evidence for the case – Very, very solid, so, anyway, after all that excitement, we’re heading down now to our reservation at Oscar Scherer State Park down just about an hour and 45 minute drive south today We are going to be just a little bit north of Venice Which we hear is a really cute town Have never been to Venice We’re of course on the west side on the Gulf Coast side of Florida So it’s a beautiful day today for drive So we just focus on driving and enjoying that for the rest of the day I think and get settled into a campsite (upbeat music) – Next to, is off to one of Florida’s famous state parks Oscar Scherer State Park campground Located between Sarasota and Venice (upbeat music) I heard a huge sploosh and came over to look No fish makes waves that big, that was a gator – No, really? – No small pets at this site – Now we know why (upbeat music) (footsteps on gravel) – Nice having a small rig ’cause it increases the accessibility and availability of sites because there’s a lot more small sites than big sites Easy to park So tonight we’ve got chicken fajitas and this came together really easy ’cause you just cut up the peppers, the onions, a little bit of jalapeno as well And then this was a pre packaged grilled chicken from Costco, put it in there with some fajita sauce, Heat it up and we’re done It was super simple and easy And this smells amazing (upbeat music) – Can you see us? Lets eat – Brisk morning here, gotta watch out for falling iguanas They fall out of the trees when it gets this cold – That’s not true – It is so true (laughs) See their cold blooded, they fallout of trees – No – If you’re interested in learning more about this Camp Calm, we have a Camp Calm review on our website at rvlove.com (upbeat music) – We’re getting ready to pack down and hit the road and head to the Florida Keys So this is our pack down in a 24 foot motorhome Let me show you what this entails Ready to pack down – Yep, let’s do it – Let’s time it – Sure, I’ll hit start I just gotta put the fan down (rumbling) Make sure the door’s shut I’ll put the laptop off of that desk Turn off the light, go unplug our power and pretty much will be rolling Let me go, do that – Be right out, hang on What are we doing? – You’re causing me to have a huge delay (laughs) Waiting for you to come out here I would have already been driving, so unplugged it from power Put it back in here,

We weren’t hooked up to sewer at this site, we only had water power So I just filled the tank We’ve only been here a couple days It’s plenty, just unplug the power I’ll go around, dump the tank on the way out and we’re rolling – Let’s go (RV door closing) Two minutes, but it was probably about one minute – If I wasn’t filming, it would have been 45 seconds (car key turning) (car engine starting) (beeping) (seatbelt clicking) (gear lever changing) – Bump. So we have friends about half an hour from here that are dry camping and invited us to come and visit with them This’ll be our second night boondocking in the motorhome I’ve been able to stay for free And who said there was no such thing as boondocking in Florida – That’s right (upbeat music) – We made a quick stop to visit Venice, Florida A beautiful little town with loads of charm, restaurants and boutiques Were even able to find a parking spot for the RV, right on the main street (upbeat music) – Someone else brought their RV downtown today (upbeat music) Next it was off to visit Venice Beach, just a few minutes down the road from the downtown area – And we got another rock star parking spot for the RV (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – We’ve got to admit, we’re feeling pretty spoiled by where we’re able to park our RV and to be able to just walk up and access some of the best places in Florida I think we could get used to this (dramatic music) We’ve loved visiting the town and beach in Venice and it’s definitely a place we plan to make return visit (dramatic music) – Then it was off to our next boondocking site and our last night before heading all the way down to the Florida Keys (upbeat music) – All right, we’ve had this rental for 10 days now and I’m finally getting a chance to jump in the driver’s seat I don’t usually drive our 40 foot motorhome So I’m looking forward though to giving this a try being only 24 feet, and, (car key turning) (car engine starting) you know, we’re not driving with our whole life in this one That makes all the difference So far, so good (laughing) This is fine, it’s just like driving a car I just have to be mindful of the length and the height

and, but I feel good You can see my feet are dangling a bit here They’re not straight on the ground so– – Yeah, that’s gonna be a problem – With my feet dangling that’s gonna pull on my back, it’s gonna hurt now (gear lever changing) We’ll her for a little bit, get used to it, get into the groove, who knows it might get back to Arizona to pick up CC and I’ll wanna taker over driving the big diesel pusher motorhome What do you think Marc? (laughs) – Maybe (upbeat music) Look how just much easier to drive, oh my gosh (upbeat music) – The guy at the rental shop said the 87 grade is best for this RV so that’s what we’re using (pump running) – Here we go, I said 50 bucks and it was $49 and four cents 2.39 a gallon, took like 19 or 20 gallons, so, yeah, not too bad, that’s gonna be, get us down to the Keys – The range on this is only 300 miles Our other coach will do eight or 900 miles on a tank (chilled music) Not as pretty as normal but still pretty (chilled music) – So even though it was January in peak season in Florida, we still managed to find some great campsites We used our RV Life app to explore our options and managed to score a couple of nights at Leo’s Campground in Key West – Of course, having a smaller RV made that much easier We did have to change sights for the second night, but it was no big deal (chilled music) Happy hour (chuckles) (chilled music) (crowd conversing) Oh, it was on it (crowd conversing) (chilled music) Yay! It would be easy to just hang out and relax at the campground but we were ready to head downtown to explore Key West It wasn’t our first visit and we knew parking is always a challenge Don’t try to park your RV or even a van downtown Luckily we had a back up plan – Taking a little cruise down to Key West today 74 degrees – How cool is this? We show up in us and our friends say, “Hey, here’s our car “You can borrow it for a couple days, we got an extra.” How, that’s fantastic It’s actually a car I’ve wanted to drive for a long time ’cause I think they’re really interesting It’s a smart car, but it’s the newer version of it It’s actually drives pretty fun It’s more zippy than I expected And the turning on it is phenomenal I feel like I can turn around in a circle, you know, in a parking space, it’s just amazing (chill music) – We only had about 24 hours in Key West but we did manage to visit a few highlights Hitting up the markets, Duval Street, the mile zero sign of highway one Followed up by happy hour and watching the sunset at Mallory Square with friends (chilled music) Fun fact, Bob and Veronica are actually featured as one of the RV the case study stories in our book, “Living the RV Life” You’ll find them in chapter eight, talking about their experience changing domicile (crowd cheering) (salsa music) (chill music) – On Sunday morning we packed up the RV and left the campground to start our 400 mile drive back up to town But first, breakfast, RV style – We’re in Key West, we got a free parking spot right here,

by the water it is gorgeous, free parking It’s about a mile from downtown Marc whipping up a bit of a scenic breakfast this morning – Yeah, you gotta love looking out over that crystal blue water of Key West Cooking breakfast That’s what RV’s about (whisking) (pan sizzling) – Well with sausages and eggs and potatoes – Breakfast in Key West – Okay – A little soft, tossed and scrumble (chill music) (upbeat music) It was time to hit the road again and make the most of our last full day of driving in our rental RV We took it nice and easy and the weather was perfect Welcome to the spectacular Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys (chill music) – We spent our last night at Lazy Days RV campground in Seffner, Florida Before returning our rental RV That’s where they did a final walk around and check to make sure that everything was okay (chill music) We are returning our rental RV after two weeks, exploring around Florida and this has worked really well for us Floor plan, layout, drivability, been really happy with these – And it says 1159 for trip mileage, average economy 15.3 – [Inspector] This looks really good – So in two weeks time, we did about three hours on the generator and about 1200 miles, which is about 30 hours of driving Definitely put it through its paces this couple weeks – This is a great little unit Enjoyed our rental and if you want more information, go over to our blog, rvlove.com We’ve got loads of information, whether you’re somebody who wants to rent an RV or somebody who has an RV and you’re thinking about renting it out So hop on over, thanks I hope you enjoyed the video And until next time, we’ll see you on the road – Have you heard about the hit the road RV summit It’s a one day virtual event with over 15 RV travel and lifestyle experts including us Find out more at HitTheRoadRVSummit.com and we hope to see you there (upbeat music)