a subpar guide to nct dream: take two

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a subpar guide to nct dream: take two

Hello, and welcome back to my shitty NCT DREAM guide Today, I’ll be giving you updates on all the crazy stuff that’s changed since my first guide of the dreamies Let’s get into it, shall we? NCT DREAM is the third subunit of the group NCT, which is under SM Entertainment The fandom name is NCTzen, and they’re often called czennies or seasonies by the members The group debuted with seven members on the 24th of August, 2016 with the single Chewing Gum All the members of the group were in their teens, With Mark, the oldest, being 17 at the time, and Jisung, the youngest, being just 14 years old Because of their age, they had a very young, fresh concept NCT DREAM are one of the most well-loved units of NCT, and they actually earned NCT’s first ever music show win with their February 2017 comeback, My First and Last The unit originally had a graduation concept, meaning that as the members of the group grew older, they would graduate when they became adults, which is 20 years old in Korea Because of this, the oldest member, Mark, graduated from the unit at the end of 2018 It was all very emotional for the fans, but the group continued having comebacks and promoting as 6 members afterwards At the end of 2019, the 20-year-old members didn’t end up graduating because it would have left DREAM as a two-member unit, lmao So, in April of 2020, SM Entertainment finally addressed the issue and announced that the graduation concept would be canceled, and that NCT DREAM would once again be able to promote as a seven-member group, including Mark, who had previously graduated And that’s where we’re at with that now Before getting into the individual members, here’s a quick guide on how to pronounce their names in Korean since Daniel always butchers them Mark Lee is the oldest member of NCT DREAM, and the only member to graduate then rejoin the group In addition to DREAM, he’s also a member of NCT 127 and SuperM His positions within the group are main rapper and main dancer Mark is Canadian, clear from his common catch phrases and endearing social media posts He’s always laughing, to the point where I’m surprised he’s never broken a rib or pulled a muscle Mark is super hardworking and kind, and as a result he’s basically universally loved by everyone who meets him He’s the dreamies’ personal punching bag Mark is perpetually cringing I’ve honestly never seen someone so easily embarrassed The next member is Huang Renjun

His positions are main vocalist and lead dancer Renjun is from Jilin, China, so he’s fluent in Mandarin He likes to sing at random times, which is just such a blessing because, I mean, have you heard him? Renjun is honestly really insightful and wise, and often likes to give advice on his radio show He’s really creative, and enjoys drawing and painting Renjun can be quite straightforward and savage when he wants to be Next up is Lee Jeno His positions are lead dancer and lead rapper Jeno is in charge of duality within NCT DREAM The difference between his persona when performing and his everyday personality is crazy He has a unique humor that is hugely underappreciated Jeno is often overlooked as a performer

and I think we should just all appreciate how stable his voice is He’s a really dependable person that his members can rely on Jeno is a really engaging entertainer, having been an MC and the host of his own ASMR series Haechan, or Lee Donghyuck, is the next member Like Mark, he is also a member of NCT 127 His position within DREAM is main vocalist Haechan’s stage name translates to full sun, which is fitting due to his sunny personality He has big younger brother energy, even though he’s technically one of the older members of DREAM Even though he talks big, Haechan can be a big baby when it comes to certain things But despite acting younger at times, he is also quite caring and also likes babying the other members I’m honestly just waiting for him to become an MC, because Haechan loves hosting his own segments on the NCT YouTube channel The next member is Na Jaemin His position is lead dancer Jaemin is full of love for his members, friends, and people in general Jaemin loves to nag his members and complain endlessly lol it’s really cute

He still loves NCTzens more than anything in the world, and often types out whole essays to czennies on the fan cafe He has a few iconic catchphrases that often spread to the rest of the group Jaemin is downright shameless when it comes to acting cute Next up is Zhong Chenle His position within the group is main vocalist Chenle is from Shanghai, making him the second Chinese dreamie Before joining NCT, he was actually a child star in China He’s a whole NCTzen himself It’s really cute how he genuinely loves and supports the music the different units release He’s such a giggly boy, which is great because he has the cutest laugh Chenle loves imitating what people say He’s a whole parrot Chenle has a really blunt way of speaking sometimes that is very effective for delivering burns The final, youngest member of NCT DREAM, and NCT as a whole, is Park Jisung

His position is main dancer Since Jisung debuted at 14, it’s pretty obvious that he’s definitely changed the most among the members That voice tho He definitely doesn’t respect his elders, taking every opportunity to roast them Jisung is very jumpy He’s a whole scaredy cat He has a few really cute habits, like scrunching his nose and touching his hair I struggle to think of anything Jisung detests more than watching his members do aegyo Before we close out the guide, I’d like to briefly take a moment to appreciate the honorary member of NCT DREAM: none other than Lucas of WayV His position would be Tree, and he’s a dreamie in spirit Well, we’ve reached the end of the guide Hopefully it was helpful, or at least a little entertaining Stan talent Stan NCT DREAM