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Good Morning everyone watching this video Today is 29th March 2019 Its 7.30 AM now We are set for a new trip now So stay tuned watching this video To know where am going This is a seven day trip I am going to visit a new country This is a well known tourist destination for everyone So i will be showing you the places to visit there and things to do around I have my flight by 11.30 AM I may need to start from here I have reached Airport Guess which side i will be going So which side to go? Lets Go !! You may think where am i going, but not speaking about that Just wait few minutes Let me finish my Check in and Security checks Finally am done with my security checks This is my small bag Water bottle This is my Passport anf boarding pass Done with everything See here i its visible You all might be knowing well about this place Most of you might have visited already In this trip I will be exploring the places around Malaysia So till be a 7 days Trip By this 7 days, i will be visiting some states around Malaysia So follow my videos to see me exploring the places This Series will be completely different and interesting Leave your feedback in comments Lets now see VISA Regulations Malaysia VISA for Indians is now under VISA Waiver Program There is no separate VISA Charges When you apply online, you will need to pay a processing fee of 20$ Once after payment, VISA will be instantly generated To apply this type of VISA Visit First register into the site with your details Then Login with your credentials and select Enroll for VISA Waiver Program Once you click that You will get the application Form Photo Specification is mandatory System accepts only the specified format To make this perfect Click a snap in Photo studio And get the Soft copy and upload the same in application form Scanned copies are not accepted Apart from that Provide your Stay details Complete Flight bookings and Passport details Once all done, VISA will be generated after payment Charges are around 20$ Which comes around Rs.1600 to Rs.1700 The VISA Waiver program is valid only if you come through a direct flight to Malaysia From any place in India The other allowed option is reaching via Singapore or Bangkok Take a Printout of VISA copy as it is needed

While passing through Passport control Provide your passport along with this VISA The other important thing is Travel SIM You can get either in Airport or through online booking I have already booked it Online Will show you how i did To book the travel SIM Open a App called Klook Once done, search for Malaysia You have different options here of that choose Airport pickup Click on Wifi and SIM Card You will be able to see different options This would be ~ Rs.391 This will be more sufficient for a short trip You will get a barcode once booked successfullly Scan the barcode in the store and get the SIM card This is the card that i have booked I will be reaching KL and from there i will be going to Bukit bintang I have booked my hotel there Bukit bintang is the city center and most happening place in KL My hotel name is This will be completely a budget trip Will spend as lesser as possible Tickets were Rs.14900 when i booked I booked in Malaysian Airlines I booked in short time So it costed me higher Advance booking can make tickets more cheaper 4 hours from chennai There are more options to book tickets Airasia, Singapore Airlines Scoot and others provide offers So if you can check advance, you can pick the best option Flight are cheap from Kochi and Bangalore If you are from Chennai I have share you most of the information Comment your doubts I will clarify ASAP Kindly watch the video till the end Sorry for bad voice I was affected with cold My throat was completely affected Goggled with Salt water to clear throat infection Hope this should clear This trip will be little different Not like the videos before Totally 7 days in Malaysia Will take You wherever i go and whichever i see around in my upcoming videos One important thing is Do watch all my videos till the end I will be giving important travel updates

and some travel tips Will post all the informationa at the end of every video So please do watch till the end I have planned to try some different things in this trip Definitely i will be hitchhiking Do support me to reach 1000 subscribers This is the 5th Country that i am visiting Just got out from my flight Will meet you after immigration and security check Already my flight was delayed by 35 minutes Its past 7’o clock I gust got my travel SIM When you come via exit after customs You can find this Tune talk shop gave them the barcode which i got from Klook Took a photo of my passport and gave me the SIM I took just 5 minutes to get my SIM It was activated immediately I checked the internet and started working This SIM is for 7 days with 15 GB of data Also 8RM was pre loaded in it Not sure about TuneTalk As far as i enquired , heard it was good So now we will be heading to My hotel To reach my hotel, i need to take a BUS I am heading to bus station Come down to Level 2 from arrivals to reach bus station From there you have many buses to KL city center Even here i see lots of buses but not sure about that Feeling very tired, no proper sleep The flight which i came produced more noise inside Not experienced this before Tremendous vibration inside the cabin

My seat was just above the wing I felt disturbed die to that I can see lots of Tamil people here You can freely speak Tamil Let me see where to get my bus Google maps shows Star bus to my destination Here is the display to check I need to reach Pudu Central Will get the ticket now Finally got a cheapest option 12 RM from airport This is more cheaper than KL Express My bus in by 8.30 on PF 2 This bus station is very clean and neat The gate here is called Pintu Its more than 50 kms from here Probably takes more than 1.30 hours As per Maps my hotel is walkable from Pudu central Feeling hungry planning to eat something This is the best cheapest option to reach city You can try this option if you come solo or with friends Airport express is too costlier Grab Taxi charges around 65 RM from here Its around 1200 INR Do get aware of your platform for the bus

Else you may miss the bus Just 10 minutes more for my bus I did not order any food because i need to rush if my bus arrives Planning to get a Juice I had a bad experience by missing a bus in London Missed even we reached the gate This bus station resembles the Victoria coach station in London Even that had similar gates like airport The only problem there is The gate closes 2 minutes before departure They never open at any cost The bus is quite nice No seat numbers, guess can sit anywhere It should take more than an hour from here Going to have a small nap So Finally reached the destination approx 1.15 hrs Had only one stop at KLIA2 Then directly reached here I didn’t expect that my hotel is just opposite to my bus station Taught i will walk long from bus station I can see KL tower from here This is the hotel i booked I got cheap option here for 800rs per night I am going to stay 3 nights here Make my trip finally gave me the best option