How To Apply For American US Visitor Tourist VISA 2019 – No Show Money Required | 10 YEARS VALIDITY

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How To Apply For American US Visitor Tourist VISA 2019 – No Show Money Required | 10 YEARS VALIDITY

u.s. visa yeah sorry I need to cover some information KIA ORA!!! it’s your boy Michael and welcome back to my channel today I’m just gonna show you guys how I managed to get my US visitor visa approved for just few weeks I think two weeks more than a month ago I just recently went to Canada and before I actually go to Canada I needed to pass through U.S. because there’s not really much of a direct flight from New Zealand going to Canada so I needed to have a visa a transit visa New Zealand going to U.S and U.S. going to Canada well I only applied for Class C which is I think for transit visa but apparently I was lucky enough to have my visa approved for 10 years visitor visa so with that visa I am eligible to stay and go to the US for six months as far as I know I won’t be able to work I can just go there and visit family or friends which is actually valid for 10 years and also later on but in this clip I’m also gonna give you my feedback and experience during the interview process and Consul by the way here are the things that you will be needing during the interview process but first thing you need to do is basically to apply online which I did of course it’s your choice if you want to do it via an agency which I think would be more costly so when you’ll be going to the interview you’ll be needing to bring few things one of which would be the appointment confirmation which is something like this this is what I have I printed with this barcode it shows that I really have paid the fees the fees that I paid is basically 240 New Zealand dollars for the appointment for the processing of my visa a u.s. visa the next thing you need to also bring would be the online visa application DS-160 it’s just a confirmation that you already have filled up or completed the form which of course I’m going to show you later as well Hawaii which site you need to go to and what are things that you need to put in this is not something that you need to bring but this is the instructions on what you’re gonna do during the interview process what are the things that’s necessary there are things in here that says please don’t bring suitcases or large bags during appointment mobile telephones and other electronic devices including camera or even watch because I have maybe I watched you and I went there and the guard told me to remove it also head wear such as baseball caps must be removed while in the consulate but religious head wear success hijab or I’m sorry I don’t know how to pronounce it I think it’s hijab is allowed but you need to bring a five by five passport photo full-frontal it doesn’t really matter with a background but as long as it has a plain background it’s good to go need to bring your passport this is my old passport and this is my new passport then is my Canada and if you are interested to know how I managed to get my Canadian visitor visa prove you should just click on the link in here u.s. visa yeah sorry I need to cover some information but yeah does it look like so you need to have at least two blank pages on your current visa because that’s where of course to get a put in the sticker and also you need to bring additional supporting documents some people say that you need to bring your bank details but I didn’t but if you want you can just get it so if in case that they will be needing it then you already have it prepared for the appointment so this one the appointment the appointment confirmation already includes the barcode this barcode actually already says that i already have made payment for the fees they also put a note in here in bold letters it says please do not pay for travel arrangements such as airfare without having a US visa in your possession the consulate bears no responsibility if you do so we are unable to guarantee the issuance of a visa before any fixed travel date so it makes sense because it’s not really part of supporting documents if you they don’t really ask you to have booking of your hotel or airfare because it doesn’t really work that way some some countries might actually be needing those but in the u.s. doesn’t really guarantee that you’ll be given a visa letter of invitation from my sister so just in case that the u.s. immigration officer would ask why I’m going through US then at least I already have a letter from my sister saying that’s a reason why I’ll be going to Canada they might ask you this information so at least I really have this information ready also the things that you might need to bring for as the supporting documents would be

proof that you are tied in the country that you are currently staying for example you’re working in you’re currently working so that’s one way of showing them that you will be going back to the country because you are currently working one good thing is the COE or certificate of employment which includes your company name or the position that you’re currently holding also the start date because if you really stayed there for a long time then they might that’s the last point you know additional is of course a salary the u.s. immigration officer will basically look into why are you going to the US what is the purpose so the second might be is there any reason why you’re not gonna go back to the current our country that you’re residinb so you need to prove them that you’re just gonna go there for the intended stay so this is how I completed my ds-160 form the link should be on the description down below just check it out and let’s go through it so today I’m gonna show you how I managed to get my transit visa / visitor visa which is valid for ten years so first of course you need to choose the language and then select a location where you’re playing so I’m currently here in New Zealand auckland enter the code yeah just fine kd8 and then okay there’s visa application I should upload a digital photo of yourself I have that okay so please record your application not ID number in a safe and secure place so this is your application ID it will be sent to your email but it’s better for you to just write it down it’s just couple of letters and numbers so this since this is just a dummy account I’ll just answer question randomly here major major Surname I will put here Delacruz Juan full name in native alphabet it’s that’s it I don’t have doesn’t apply have you ever used other names maiden, religous that’s for married or female no do you have telecode that represents your name I don’t know so what is your gender male status I’m other okay I’m single date of birth January 1 2000. City put in here Manila state province doesn’t apply country Philippines so next to is a personal information page to country or region of origin Philippines do you hold or how have you held any nationality other than the one that’s indicated above no currently I’m here in New Zealand but I’m still be working working visa are you a permanent resident of a country other than no do you have any national identification number doesn’t apply there’s an apply us it’s U.S. I don’t have any okay so that’s travel next page what is the purpose of your trip so as I told you earlier initially the plan was just transit so that’s what I’m gonna show you guys but if you plan to go of course for visitor or pleasure that’s gonna be B I searched it here so these are the categories B 2 or B would be tourism vacation pleasure C if it’d transit. E for treaty investor and training in a program that primarily for employment it H 3 so here I’ll just be here for transit visa have you made specific travel plans no that’s just myself. intended length of stay it’s less than 24 hours intended date of arrival I’ll jst put January 2020 okay who pays it’s gonna be me next travel companions so personal travelimg with are you or are there any other person traveling I’m just gonna be going there alone u.s. have you ever been in the US this I already have I went through Texas and California but for first-timer it’s just

like before when I applied for my u.s visa so no have you ever been issued no have you ever been refused you know how you have anyone ever filed it immigrant petition on your behalf no reason phone so what is your address I’m just gonna put something here 100 Chadwick Road I don’t even know I’m Auckland if there’s any Chadwick Road here doesn’t apply postal is 1010 this is still her in New Zealand mailing address this is gonna be the same primary phone number here 020202000 it’s my only number email address okay I’m just gonna blur this out just for me of course to send something to my mail my email I mean okay next one is social media do you have a social media presence Facebook then put your Facebook ID here I think that’s dope that’s the link so just go to your Facebook account and then just put your link in here get the link from here if you have also Instagram get your link as well from there but I’m just gonna make it simple for now so I’m just gonna remove it so passport information just regular okay I’ll put here something NZ 1000 1000 passport number doesn’t apply country authority that issue your passport okay let me just get this pH so where was the passport travel document issued issued. Manila Philippines, issuance date just put it here during my birthday this year expiration would be the same again January 2029 – 10 years have you ever lost a passport family information or relatives father’s name surname de la Cruz Marco there of birth we have the same birthday time hurry up put in 1950 is your father in the US no okay your mom that’s modest full name and date of birth Dela Cruz Amy their birth we all have the same birth dates don’t make her a little one year younger 1951 no do you have any immediate relatives not including parents okay so it says here it means fiancĂ© spouse husband wife child son or sibling I don’t have I have my uncles cousins but it doesn’t say that it’s an immediate relative so no okay so work education training again something’s missing here sorry do you have any relatives in the u.s. yes I have I have a relative but not an immediate relative does it make sense so primary occupation I am in healthcare medicine huh okay so present your psn address I’ll just put 1,000 Chadwick Road again Manurewa something stay doesn’t apply and then phone number let’s leave it news even start date I’ll start it in my birthday as well which is 2017 monthly income five thousand okay

something like that 5000 nzd briefly discuss your duties answer phone, coordinate support workers and clients something next okay so where you previously employed yes employees name that’s just with him I work with Google and they’re just neighbours that’s 200 Chadwick Road, Manurewa okay it’s New Zealand telephone number 0202020201- so job title I was working as IT manager something supervises renamed let’s put in Andrews given name Ronron employment date from 2015 to 2017 briefly supervised have you attended any educational institutions as a secondary yes so we’d ask you some information okay so do you belong to a clan or tribe no provide a list of languages you speak have you traveled to any countries or regions with the last five years years have you belonged to okay so which one went to China and I went to Canada okay have you belonged to or contributed to or work for any professional social or charitable organization no do you have any specialized skills or training such as firearms explosives have you served in the military no have you ever served being a member of or been involved in a so you review so these are all the information that you’ve answered so it’s just a review for everything just make sure if you think that there is something that you need to to edit though this is just edit is some every thing there’s I needed passport information but you can just click so edit edit okay so that’s it this next next just double-check everything when you go through this these questions so current location Auckland New Zealand sign and submit did anyone assist no do itself E-signature so enter your passport document number okay

I think it’s pH 1000 1000 yeah code is 91 365 sign in and submit application to read the following information carefully before dating electronically signing and submitting the application so your application is now ready to submit at least note that this does not necessarily mean that your application for non-immigrant visa is complete Monday July 22nd 9:58pm EDT you have successfully sign okay sir confirmation okay so this is what it looks like you will be needing to print this out but I think it will be sent to your email anyway but if you have a photo or a camera with you just take a photo of this which is very old information most of the information you need here confirmation number purpose of travel your passport number your name and everything here so this it says you must bring a confirmation page and the following documents this is all all sent to your email confirmation page is basically a confirmation page let’s pray it out and then of course bring your passport with you if you have two passports then might as well just bring those you may also provide any additional documents that you feel it will support your case so you might be able to you want to bring maybe your bank details or certificate of employment or if you’re currently studying it is actually a good proof that you’re not gonna be over staying in you in the u.s. so showing them the purpose of the document additional documents is for you to show that you are not really staying in the US for a long time and you’re only staying there or intended stay which is less than three months so any documents that show that you are currently studying or here the business then that shows that you’re gonna go back to your resident country country of residency okay I’m gonna go to the US consulate this is it all right my u.s. visa is approved that was pretty intense actually I don’t have my passport yet finally the interview process for my u.s. visa transit visas approved the moment you obviously US consulate they’ll want you to close your telephone and you’re not allowed to have it inside well during the interview he won’t tell The interview is quite easy questions basic question Why you go into the u.s. how long you staying in the U.S. but since I’m just going for a transit visa it’s just a smooth question and not really a very in-depth interview How long have I been in New Zealand my work do I have a family here in New Zealand or something like that but anyway the guy told me that it’s approved and it will take three three to five I’m not sure three three business days I think three business days for me to be able to get it I’m not sure if they’re gonna print something my visa my passport one thing as well I’m not sure if I’m needing to go back to the consulate again to the US consulate to pick it up or would they be sending it to my home home address definitely they do have my address one thing’s for sure they will send a text message confirmation and an email confirmation that it’s ready to be picked up or if they’re gonna send it for maybe it’s just saying that’s already in all its way to my place if they’re gonna

send it I’m excited yes I’ve been waiting for quite a while intervene at all it’s a long process Oh would I go there okay later