Lylia Guide 1 | How to use Lylia Properly | Master the Basics | Lylia Gameplay | MLBB

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Lylia Guide 1 | How to use Lylia Properly | Master the Basics | Lylia Gameplay | MLBB

how to use Lylia Properly ? in this mobile legends guide we are going to talk about how to use Lylia properly and do the 5 bombs on her also included here the right and wrong decisions that I did before we start I wanted to invite all streamers for a Collab I’m doing livestream on my Facebook Page every other day around 6 to 8pm we are going to make a content during Liverstream, it can be Rank Game, Challenges, 1v1 or any idea from you we are also going to promote your Youtube Channel or Facebook Page then you can also post our stream on Youtube we are going to do this to help each other Grow we are going to call this #LetsGrowTogether to everyone who are intersted just message me on the social media accounts on the description of this video ok, Let’s Go! in this game, this is the Emblem that I used Mage Emblem with movement speed, Magic Pen and Mystery Shop Cooldown Reduction is important on Lylia but because we are going to build CDR items that’s why I chose movement speed to be able to rotate faster Mystery shop is good in order to build up her item because we are gonna do the Support Lylia here the first thing you need to remember when you are using Lylia, she is strong in early game because she has 2 skills at level 1 that’s why you can harass the enemy early you just need to remember on her skill, before using 1st skill you must already used the 2nd skill her 2nd skill will put a bomb on a location and it has small damage and slow and in order to detonate that bomb you must use your first skill the 2nd skill will deal more damage if it explodes using 1st skill her 2nd skill stacks up to 5 times it’s good for her bomb to deal damage continuously when it comes to this game, we are gonna do the No Mask Support because Lylia is fast in clearing lane and fast in rotating that’s why she can go for No Mask Support you just need to remember, you should not just share the farm of your Core as much as possible if you can stay away from far just stay away from it so you won’t share the gold with Core and because Karrie goes straight to red buff that’s why I can clear the lane and gank my plan is to rotate top lane but when I notice Xborg is on top lane I decided to go bottom lane because it’s easier to kill Helcurt because Lylia is strong on early game that’s why you can gank even on early game and because Karrie will take bottom Crab that’s why I can clear the mid then back them up on bottom lane you must remember as a support as much as possible you must be on the teamfight the trade there was good but the only problem there, our Core died when it comes to Lylia’s skills, it’s important to do the 5 bombs specially on teamfights in order to do that you need to understand her skills whenever you put 2nd skill you must detonate it using 1st skill that’s the 1st bomb when you use 2nd skill again inside the range of the 2nd skill the bomb will transfer there are 2 advantages when transferring those bombs 1st, when Lylia is inside the range of the 2nd skill her movement speed increases next, for every stack of the bomb the 2nd skill increases it’s damage you will see here, when you use your 2nd + 1st skill the first damage is 1822

when you use the 2nd + 1st inside the range of the 2nd skill the damage increases it stacks up to 5 times and at the 5 bomb that’s the maximum damage that her 2nd skill can deal aside from that the movement speed of Lylia also increases if there are more stacks of 2nd skill that means Lylia will deal more damage when you continuously explode the bombs it’s good to do specially on teamfight you will see later how we are going to do it when it comes to Lylia’s 1st skill, it has damage and slow but the main purpose of it is to detonate her 2nd skill you need to remember, if you won’t be able to explode her 2nd skill it won’t deal much damage Chang was able to steal our Blue but because she died we can take the turtle because they are lacking I wasn’t able to use my ultimate that’s why I died quickly when using Lylia’s Ultimate will make you go back to where she was 4 seconds ago you will notice there’s a boots following Lylia, You can also see that on the minimap and when you click her ultimate that’s where you will go it’s a good counter for Burst damage because whatever your life is 4 seconds ago will be your HP after using her ultimate aside from that you will also receive 10% Hp and movement speed for 2 seconds but Lylia’s ultimate is not only counter for Burst damage you can also use it if you don’t have stacks of 2nd skill because whenever you use her ultimate, her 2nd skill will have 5 stacks so if the enemies can’t catch you, you can use her ultimate to recharge her 2nd skill another advantage of Lylia’s 2nd skill, it’s not only for damage you can also use it for Vision when you use it inside the bush, you’ll be able to see the enemies inside the bush if you notice there, we’re not able to make the bombs up to 5 times because Xborg was able to get far faster that’s why only stack it up to the number of times you can hit it’s still important to make your 2nd + 1st skill to hit rather than stacking it up to 5 times here, 3 enemies are dead and my allies was able to take the 1st tower on top lane it’s better if we just push mid lane tower then Turtle but because they chose to push the 2nd tower on top lane that’s why this happen they died on top lane but we’re able to take the Turtle what I’m not sure if it’s right for Thamuz to go on top lane even if our bottom lane is being pressured because Chou is already on top lane and I can back up there that’s why I think it’s better for Thamuz to go bot this is one of the things you need to remember when you are in side lane as much as possible if you are going to other lane don’t forget your lane so it won’t be destroyed easily it’s also important to get back to your lane in order to pressure it even more when it comes to item build, this is the items that I think suits her because we’re gonna to do the Support Lylia Cooldown Reduction is important on her to be able to use her 2nd skill more times and for her not to have low mana Enchanted Talisman is good if you need Necklace of Durance you can change the Ice Queen Wand and when it comes to the last 3 items, you can change it depending on the situation

in this teamfight you will see we are gonna do the 5 bombs on Lylia in order to do that as much as possible our next 2nd skill must be inside our first 2nd skill before we continue the video, I want to shoutout Earl Kent, Jaysonyabut31 and Dumble Door whoever is the 1st three comments on every video, I will shoutout on the next video

so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell I hope you learn a lot from that Guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make, just comment down below and I’ll try to make one about it so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember, if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out