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Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about the fighter hero, Yu Zhong Yu Zhong has a good set of area-of-effect, charge, and transformation skills Our Black Dragon, Yu Zhong, is a fighter hero I consider Yu Zhong as a team fighter since most of his skill will deal damage to enemies nearby him Not only that, his ultimate skill lets you become a Black Dragon that can soar to the heavens Now, let me share some tips and tricks on how to use Yu Zhong based on our experience We will also teach you some combos and techniques on the latter part of this boot camp But before that, let me explain his skills one by one for further understanding Yu Zhong’s passive, Cursing Touch, lets Yu Zhong deal extra damage to enemies and heal himself in return Every time he deals damage to an enemy hero, he applies Sha Residue to the target which indicator is found on the target’s foot He also gains Sha Essences everytime he deals damage to a target which indicator is found below his health bar When the target obtains 5 stacks of Sha Residue, it erupts continuously until the 5 stacks has been consumed Each consumption of the Sha Residue will deal Physical Damage to the target based on Yu Zhong’s Physical Attack, and a percentage from the target’s Health Points lost The consumption of the Residue also restores health to Yu Zhong and grants him Sha Essences When the Sha Essence counter above his head is fully charged, he is granted additional movement speed and additional Spell Vamp for a few seconds Yu Zhong’s first skill, Dragon Tail, lets Yu Zhong turn his cloak into a weapon Using this skill will have his cloak attack nearby enemies after a short delay Enemies hit in the inner circle area will receive Physical Damage Enemies hit by the sharpened edge on the outer circle receives more damage, and will be applies with double stacks of Sha Residue This skill doesn’t fully benefit from Spell Vamp on minions Yu Zhong’s second skill, Soul Grip, lets Yu Zhong unleash the Dragon Soul towards the specified direction Upon using this skill, the Dragon Soul will shoot towards the specified direction Enemies hit will receive Physical Damage and will have their movement speed reduced When the Dragon Soul hits a target, his next Basic Attack will be enhanced Enemies hit will receive another Physical damage If multiple enemies are hit by the Dragon Soul, the enhanced attack will deal more damage Yu Zhong’s third skill, Furious Drive, lets Yu Zhong knock up enemies after a few while Using this skill will let him leap towards the designated area Enemies in the area of impact will receive Physical Damage After the impact, he will dash on more time towards the direction of your directional pad After a short delay, enemies in the area of impact will be knocked airborne, and they will receive Physical Damage Yu Zhong’s ultimate skill, Black Dragon Form, lets Yu Zhong turn into Black Dragon Using this skill will let Yu Zhong transform into an elegant Black Dragon after a short channeling While in Dragon Form, he gains crowd control immunity He also ignores obstacles His maximum health points is also increased while being a Black Dragon Enemies along the path of your flight will receive Physical Damage and will be knocked back Upon exiting the Black Dragon form, Yu Zhong deals Physical Damage to enemies nearby, and he now enters Dragonoid Form While on this form, the range of his skills is increased There are so many items that you can buy for Yu Zhong You can focus on items that grants Physical Damage, Physical Penetration, Spell Vamp, and items that grants durability You can actually consider the “Yurable” build, if you want to focus on being more durable but still a damage dealer You can also consider the “Zhong-gle” build, if you chose to be a mythical creature farming in the jungle

But let’s talk about the Kurumi Way further As a starting item, you might wanna consider buying Hunter Knife This will grant you additional experience and damage to jungle monsters This is a great item in early game, since it will help you level up faster while killing jungle monsters For your kicks, you can consider Warrior Boots This item grants you additional Physical Defense and movement speed Its unique passive grants additional Physical Defense as buff on each basic attack received The Physical Defense received can stack, and can reach to a maximum of 25 points This lasts for a few moments Buying attack items such as Endless Battle, can boost your damage effectively This item gives you additional physical attack, health, mana regen, lifesteal, movement speed, and cooldown reduction Its unique passive grants you additional true damage on your next basic attack, after using a skill Triggering the passive of this skill also grants you additional movement speed Buying attack items such as Bloodlust Axe, will let you sustain your health in team fights This item grants Physical Attack and Cool Down reduction Its unique passive grants spell vamp Spell vamp regenerates health points from damage dealt by skills You might want to consider Oracle This grants Health Points, Magical Defense, and Cool Down Reduction Its unique passive increases shield absorption and HP regeneration effects This can significantly boost the regeneration effects you receive from your passive skill, and this also affects health gained from Spell Vamp You might want to consider Queen’s Wings This item grants Physical Damage, Health points, and cool down reduction Its unique passive reduces damage taken by 50%, when your health is less than 40%, and also increases your Physical Lifesteal by 30% This lasts for 5 seconds Lastly, you might also want to consider Blade of Despair This item grants additional physical attack and movement speed Its unique passive will give you additional physical attack, when the target’s health is below a certain percentage The movement speed bonus can also help you chase enemies, or escape death The item build for Yu Zhong really depends on the enemy’s line up So make sure to read each item’s description so you can adapt in-game One of the best spells to be used on Yu Zhong is Purify This will help you to be immune to crowd-control skills for a short period This will let you use your skills or basic attacks without the worry of being stunned and also reducing the target’s movement speed You can also consider Petrify You can use petrify to deal magic damage to enemies around you, and petrifies them for a few moments This can really help you attack enemies peacefully when they are petrified In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used is the Custom Fighter Emblem set Custom Fighter Emblem could provide extra stats according to your needs as a skill-type Fighter Set Bravery to its Max level because it can give you extra Physical Damage Higher Physical Damage means higher damage for your attacks Setting Invasion to max level will provide you Physical Penetration Higher Physical Penetration means higher damage on your basic attacks and skills Get Festival of Blood to be granted 8% of Spell Vamp Killing an enemy hero grants an extra 1% Spell Vamp This Spell Vamp is really helpful in the early game, since your skills will regenerate some health for you Set First skill to max level first Prioritizing this makes the damage higher and the cool down lower That means, you can use it often to deal massive damage in the area Prioritize 3rd skill next since this is what you need for leaping in and out of team fights Prioritize Second skill less since this skill has a long cooldown even if you max this out first Always upgrade his ultimate skill when available for upgrading Yu Zhong’s Passive skill is what you need to deal mini damage to enemies and gain health in return Take note that when you stack the enemy with full stacks of Sha Residue, they receive damage from each consumption of the Sha Residue continuously This is a great addition of damage that can let you easily kill the target Not only that, the residues consumed will also heal you and grant you Sha Essences The health points regenerated can let you sustain more in team fights, since you can apply Sha Residues to all enemies hit in the team fight When the Sha Essences above your head becomes full, you are granted additional movement speed and spell vamp for a short period Since you deal area-of-effect damage from your skills, it’s easy to further sustain better in team fights Yu Zhong’s First skill is what you need to deal burst damage to the enemies around you Take note that this skill deals 2 different damage

The inner circle will deal less damage, while the sharpened edges on the outer circle deal more damage So whenever casting this skill, make the enemy be hit by the sharpened edges as much as possible This is just easy to achieve specially when the enemy is trying to escape away, or chase you Because when they try escaping away, the sharpened edges will be the most likely thing that’s gonna hit them This skill is also best used when inside the team fights with lots of enemies With Spell Vamp from emblems, items, and Sha Essences, this is definitely going to give you lots of health to sustain Yu Zhong’s second skill is what you need to slow down enemies and chase them after When an enemy is hit with the Dragon Soul, they have their movement speed reduced After that, your next basic attack is enhanced The enhanced basic attack damage is boosted depending on the number of enemies hit by the Dragon Soul This enhanced basic attack will let you leap towards the target to deal the enhanced basic attack So this is best to put in your combo specially when you are trying to chase an enemy, so that there will be an extra leap The range of the Dragon Soul is also not bad to be used when chasing enemies from a distance It’s either they die from the Dragon Soul, or die from the enhanced attack you will deal after being slowed Yu Zhong’s third skill is what you need to go in team fights, or get out of it Using this will let you leap a fixed distance towards the specified area Enemies hit by the impact will receive Physical Damage After a few seconds, the area of impact will knock up enemies within the area This can hit targets easily when you slow them down with your 2nd skill after your leap I know you are thinking of using your 1st skill first before your 3rd skill That should also work, but remember that when doing that, there is a high probability the inner circle damage is what’s gonna hit them instead of the sharpened edges You can also use this skill to escape from death by leaping away from the enemies Yu Zhong’s Ultimate skill is what you need in team fights, escaping death, or probably social distancing Using this skill will let you channel for a while and become a Black Dragon During this form, your maximum health is boosted and you are immune to all crowd-control effects We have tested some crowd-control effects against the Black Dragon which can be found later on the experiments section Anyway, while in this form, enemies you collide with will receive Physical Damage and will be knocked back, and somehow have a short mini stun This is helpful when you go in team fights on this form to further push them towards your team mates When the duration ends or when you click on the ultimate skill button again, you will transform into Dragonoid form which lasts for a few seconds, and deal Physical Damage in the area Being on this form will boost the range of your skills For your 1st skill, the radius is bigger For your 2nd skill, instead of just a straight line, it is now casted in a fan-shaped area For your 3rd skill, the radius is also bigger You may use this skill if ever you need to chase a dying enemy You can also use this to escape death since you can pass through obstacles, are immune to crowd-control, and have your movement speed boosted somehow Here we are again with our experiments Since our favorite Lab Rat, Rackatan, has an outdated server version, we now have our emergency Lab Rat, Yssa, to demonstrate with us some heroes that can greatly affect Yu Zhong’s performance in-game We will be testing Yu Zhong’s social distancing skills with his Black Dragon form For a teaser, there is one hero we tested that was able to stop the Black Dragon Anyway, first, let’s test if the whole Black Dragon body can be hit by skills Let’s try if Franco can hit the body of the Black Dragon As you can see, it didn’t do anything to Yu Zhong and we weren’t even damaged at all So basically, you just have to hit the head of the dragon because hitting the body won’t do anything good Next, we have Akai Let’s see whose social distancing skill is stronger As you can see, instead of Akai pushing us, we are knocking back Akai instead Now this is a higher level of social distancing that Akai’s! Next, we have Silvanna Let’s see if we can escape out of her ultimate skill with the Black Dragon form As you can see, we got out of it without any worries Next, we have Jawhead Let’s see if Jawhead’s ultimate skill can stop us Same goes with Jawhead Black Dragon didn’t flinch at all Now let’s have Nana Let’s see if Molina can turn us into a cute little fellow As you can see, we are on an unstoppable streak in terms of crowd-control immunity Okay, so let’s have Johnson next Let’s see if Johnson’s Mustang even stop us As you can see, even if we were flying, we were still hit But we weren’t stopped by the car crash and left Johnson in tears Next we have Kaja Kaja’s ultimate skill has suppression which should be absolute Let’s see what’s gonna happen As you can see, Kaja wasn’t able to pull the Black Dragon Now if Kaja wasn’t able to stop him, I wonder who could stop this Black Dragon

Next we have Aldous Let’s see what’s gonna happen after Aldous uses his ultimate skill against us As you can see, he just bounced off us It’s just like nothing happened and he just wasted his ultimate skill Next, we have Pharsa Let’s see if Black Dragon’s knock back can cancel her ultimate skill As you can see, her ultimate skill was stopped because of the knock back Now, let’s have Gord Let’s see if we can stop Gord’s ultimate skill As you can see, he is still persistent on puking rainbows after we knock him back Next, we have Khufra Let’s see if his 2nd skill can stop us from flying above him As you can see, he even just bounced off from us That’s a double bounce for our bouncing baby boy Even his first skill can’t knock up Black Dragon because it’s already up You can’t put someone if they’re already there Next, we have Lolita Let’s see if we can pass through Lolita’s shield As you can see, Lolita was just startled and her shield did nothing Next up, we have Chou Let’s see if his kick can stop us from flying As you can see, Chou was able to kick us, but he was just able to deal damage but not able to kick us away So far, Yu Zhong is on Legendary streak on being crowd-control immune Last but not the least, we have Franco Is he the counter hero we are looking for? Let’s see if Franco can hook us while flying As you can see, Franco hit our head with his hook but still wasn’t able to pull us Now I wonder if we use Franco’s ultimate skill on Yu Zhong Is this finally the real deal? OMG Did you see that? As you can see, while Franco’s hook was attached to Yu Zhong, Yu Zhong still continued on flying But, if you didn’t notice, we can’t steer Yu Zhong’s flight So in short, while on Franco’s ultimate skill, Yu Zhong won’t be able to steer his flight This is just to show that Franco’s hugs are really tight In terms of his combo, you can execute different combos since he has 4 active skills But we will teach you the usual combo we execute during team fights This is the first combo we are going to teach First, we use our Black Dragon form to go in team fights This will also help you to be unstoppable because of your crowd-control immunity Then, use again your ultimate skill on the spot you want to transform into Dragonoid Transforming will deal another damage within a radius Then, use your 3rd skill towards your predicted spot the enemies will go to when they try to escape On this one, Roddick miscalculated the jump, but this is not too bad Then, use your first skill This is helpful since it is expected for enemies to run away from the impact area of your 3rd skill, which will make them fall within the radius of the sharpened edges instead Remember that the sharpened edges will deal more damage and grant more Sha Residue Then, use your 2nd skill to slow down enemies Then, use the enhanced basic attack to leap towards the target you are aiming for This is gonna help you chase him further Then use basic attacks or your skills whenever available For the other combo, this is also the same combo we use but just without using the Black Dragon form So here, we just used our favorite combo 3rd skill, 1st skill, 2nd skill, and then basic attack Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy Additional Tip: Even if you are dominating the game, always make sure not to get too ahead of yourself This is specially when the enemies got crowd-controls and you don’t have Purify This will definitely end up to no good So still better be careful The tips I mentioned are just some of the ways you can use Yu Zhong This video just guides you on how to use Yu Zhong, the Kurumi way We would like to thank our emergency Lab Rat cutie, Yssa, for being our lab rat for this boot camp You can search for her in-game and tell them how much you appreciate her, willing to sacrifice her pride and honor to be a lab rat Watch her in-game streams and send some flowers and hearts So, once again This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Yu Zhong Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video Also subscribe to our channel for more contents by clicking on the subscribe button below For our skin giveaway events, check out the Community Tab for the giveaway post We have our Ko-fi account just in case you want to donate us some coffee funds Check our Ko-fi link on the description of this video Please, only trust Boot Camp videos from our official accounts See you on the next Mobile Legends Boot Camp! Cheers!