Another Sight stream – 6 – Time travel, or…?

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Another Sight stream – 6 – Time travel, or…?

Hmm. That didn’t seem to do anything Okay Cats can hop down, interact with things Uh. Basically have to get that pointing in the right direction? Hm Okay, another flower I have to deal with Actually… okay, let’s have her do the thing But Okay, so there’s a bunch of positions Interesting Oh, and I need to point it at the they called it a four o’clock flower? So ideally… uh I don’t know what the reflective side of that is I guess that’s it Can I…? Yeah, I can keep going down It is not good at indicating those paths [clears throat] [grunting] There we go! There. We. Go Nngh [grunting painfully] Nngh! I suppose Monsieur Monet must take an easier route when he visits his friend Aah! Ugh. Nothing broken, I think But I like this place less and less Erf! [grunting] Okay Sweet dreams, my dear blossom Oof Oh dear Definitely a lot goin’ on over there Nngh! That was death [chuckles] [mystical-electric hum] Lot of that electricity going on Woooo! Too far Could I… no Can’t just climb it Okay…?

It’s obviously not that one It looks like it oughtta be this one I have to get very close to the edge to get that All right. Look at this! Yeah. There’s not a lot of good communicating what’s death zones and what’s not All right, so do I wanna go to the left? Yeah This gets me towards… that guy Whatever it is Whoa [intermittent gusts of wind throughout] [fire crackling] Okay, I have no idea what that involves [grunts] Grass-covered ruins. I feel like I’m going back in time! If you’d gone back in time, they wouldn’t be in ruins [gasps] Wait! The grass is talking, in its own way Hup! Okay, if I move off this, does that turn it off? Looks like it [grunting] We’ll probably get her off at this section before we Hey! What— Ugh, I feel like I’ve already climbed Mount Everest more than once today [cracking] Okay Hup! Uwaa! Aah! [screams] So when I jumped, I accidentally hit the switch-over button, apparently that just kills ya straight-out Hup! Hup! Okay, that’s a path down All right, and I think that’s the end of it Ooh! Okay, that’s going deep Let’s, uh… get our cat movin’ along It does look like it keeps going

I guess maybe it just stops if we’re, uh, movin’ things Or… just as we press on it Okay [sighing] Okay, this time, we go this way No! Oh, wait Nope! Noo! Huh So in the first area, when you were jumping up, you could move left and right a little bit But apparently I can’t do that anymore Mmkay Oh! Okay, so… oh! She still has to move a thing, I guess [cracking] Oh Apparently she died at some point again and I didn’t notice Okay, let’s do this again While the wind is blowing Oh, right Let’s go down [grunting] Okay, cat…? Go ahead and activate the next whatever-it-is Oh. Is than an elevator? Did Okay, that one shuts off [laughs] All right I wonder what that log up there is for I dunno, but you’re about to get a little bit closer to it! Oh weird The gate is kind of howling Well, not howling like the wind, but Oh, it’s a… gong?

[clash] Okay All right Ooh Interesting Surely this can’t be Monsieur Monet’s friend’s lab But it doesn’t seem ancient, either [whispers] [scoffs] Cannot climb up on the table? You can interact with it Hello~? Or it says we can interact with it Oh my [gasps] Aah! Don’t touch it! Oh boy. [chuckles] Here we go [sighs] Oh! Okay Cannot switch back to Kit Waterloo Station Oh dear Okay? See, here I can move back and forth in a jump Grab on to one of those hooks Wow! Do I climb that, or do I… ascend? Okay… ooh! There’s a clock. It’s 6 PM Can I jump to that one real quick though? [clock tolling] Okay, it is about 3:52 At least that’s the current time where I am Oh. 3:45. 2:45. Well

Okay Aaah! Okay, so Now that all the machinery is more clearly clocks and clockwork, is this some kind of time-travel motif? What?! Hovering platforms? All right Noo! Oh Was about to say, if you drop me in that pit Aah Okay, how far down does it actually go? Okay Okay, anything good up here? No There we go [Hodge meows] Okay? All right, so there is something in that direction Something in this direction? Yes? Was I supposed to go in one direction or the other first? Creepy! Yeah, hmm… okay Machinery… bah [columns stamping] Oh no. This again?! We’ve already done this! [scoffs] All right Oh. It’s background All right This is going to kill me… frequently All right [electrical crackling] Are we like backtracking over areas we’ve been to? Ngaah! Okay. We just had a save done? Oh Conveniently, because probably about to die right here [laughs softly] Uwaa! [scoffs] [laughs] Hoowah! Ngaah! That ain’t gonna work All right, nope, that was too late [laughs softly] All right We’ll go up here

Get that one There is nothing to the left, is there? Whoa! [whoa-whoa-whoaing] Hey! I hit that one We don’t need arbitrary death zones Okay, so that’s not my surface, this is the surface we’re going for Is that my surface? Is that my surface? I think the upper one is my surface, the boat is too close Okay I’m gonna guess I open this later Probably death [chuckles] Okay…! Oh, fun What is the meaning of this interlude anyway? [laughs softly] Other than me missing platforms Hey! Okay, so I just run off? What— So I sometimes run and sometimes do not run off? [chuckles] Hey! Let’s just jump over that one Nope Noo! [laughs] All right Do the thing Hup! Do the thing… there we go [sighing] Okay. Hup! Okay And now we’re back in the room that we were in a minute ago…? And now there’s a vortex Oh dear That ain’t right [birds cawing] Okay. Don’t know where we are, but it’s 4:00, so it’s time to switch over to Mario [chuckles] Take a break of about 10-15 minutes and, uh, switch over some hardware, do the usual self-care break, and we’ll be back More Endless Easy! [chuckles] All right Where’s my cursor here