Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island – Crazy In Love (S1, E5) | Full Episode | Lifetime

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Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island – Crazy In Love (S1, E5) | Full Episode | Lifetime

– Over 50,000 amazing people have applied to be married at first sight But most of them are still single [upbeat music] Now we scientifically selected 16 singles who have applied to be married at first sight and invited them to the only island where you can have your honeymoon before your wedding On “Married at First Sight,” we make the matches However, we never know whether there’s going to be chemistry So now we’re here to help you match yourselves [cheering] During this three week process, we’ll be there to apply the exact same principles that we use on “Married at First Sight” as we help each couple figure out whether they’re meant to be married Previously on “Honeymoon Island.” [cork pops] – Ooh! – Katie and Eric – I think my friends are hoping that I find someone that’s more my equal You definitely fit the bill – Jada and Chris – When I look at Jada, I think that she would be the perfect woman to introduce to my daughter ♪ Yes, I met an angel ♪ – You’re so sweet [cheers and applause] – Brandin and Jona – Do you think Brandin is really feeling you? – Yeah, man, and I’m, like– and I’m really attracted to her that way I’m feeling like I’m where I belong ♪ ♪ – But it wasn’t easy for all of our couples – Kimber and Shannon – I don’t want kids – It kind of scares me and it could be a potential deal breaker – Isabella and Tyler – I know Isabella is furious with me right now I just don’t know how I’m gonna handle that Not one of those other couples over there is taking it this seriously – You’re just arguing with me like a child And I won’t have that I’m done [dramatic music] – Coming up, the couples get hot and heavy when they explore sexology – How did that feel? – Great [upbeat music] – I never felt like I met my match until now – You think I’m your match? – Yeah – Honeymoon Island is pushing me way outside my comfort zone But I really trust Eric at this point – How does that feel? – You don’t have to be worried You can break me – Okay – Sex is super important to me – Mm-hmm I would love to just have that with just one person that I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with – But while some couples are getting frisky, another is falling apart – This is just something I’m not okay with – I feel like you might be overreacting a little bit – What was it like for you to hear Tyler tell you he was falling in love with you? – It was nice – My heart is just shattered – Do you feel the same way? [dramatic music] At the end of this day on Honeymoon Island, each couple will have to decide for themselves, will they leave heartbroken or will they fall in love and propose marriage? [upbeat music] [seagulls cawing] ♪ ♪ Our couples are halfway through this fast tracked experiment All 16 singles came to Honeymoon Island looking for a husband or wife And they matched themselves based on chemistry Now they need to decide if they want to get married To help them, we’ve applied two disciplines from “Married at First Sight.” Now it’s time to focus on sexology Ultimately it’s up to the couples to decide their stance on sex We’re just encouraging them to have the dialogue now – Good morning [laughs] – I’m not a big morning person I think I’ve told you this, a little bit – At least you make your bed in the morning – Yeah, well, who wants to look at that? Come down here – [groans] – I feel like Brandin and I had this real slow start – If we’re walking down the road and you’re holding my hand, like, that’s cool But, like, I just don’t like the excessive coddling – And now we’re holding hands We’ve kissed now We’re doing all the right things But I want even more and I’m not sure what’s gonna happen It’s nice seeing you when I first wake up – [laughs] You told me you don’t like seeing anyone when you first wake up – Yeah, I mean, go figure, here I am, telling you something different – [laughs] – Mm-hmm – Sex makes things more difficult With Jona and I, I want to make sure that we have a mental connection before we have a sexual relationship I feel like it should be, like, a slow progression – Mm-hmm, for now – In a marriage, sex and intimacy play a very important role Without that physical component, the relationship goes from romantic to platonic, which leaves both partners feeling unsatisfied – Do you have enough space in the living room? – I do, actually – Enough drawers and stuff? – Yeah – Okay – Everything’s been pretty easy so far – Eric and I stay in different beds, but we are physical in other respects So I just wanna have fun with Eric as much as possible And at the end of the day, I think I’m worth it – Personally I’m glad with our situation

– Yeah ♪ ♪ – Good morning Rise and shine How did you sleep? – Still tired – [laughs] You’re still asleep And I know a lot of people don’t believe that Chris and I haven’t had sex because we’re so physical with each other We can’t keep our hands off of each other My hands are always on Chris We’re just not having sex – It’s cool, though, waking up to you – You’re sweet ♪ ♪ – Okay, you gotta wake up – I am waking up You woke me up from a really good dream – Yeah, what was the dream about? – It was a dirty one – About me? – It was a sex dream, but I’m not gonna tell you the details I’m too embarrassed – You’re too embarrassed? – Yeah – It must have been really good, then – It was really good – While most are growing closer and deepening that connection, not everyone is feeling the love – At the group activity yesterday, Isabella and I lost and then we had a bad fight – Okay, left, left, left, left – Use your words, Isabella – Left, left, left Okay – You happy, babe? – I’m happy I lost, yeah – Oh Sore loser over here – I’m not a sore loser You don’t listen – Where’s Issy? – We lost I don’t know how she’s taking the–the losing situation – We were fourth and fifth You were third – What in the [bleep] is your deal right now? ♪ ♪ [knocking] Yep Well, that’s how that’s gonna go ♪ ♪ [knocking] – I’m so glad that we didn’t move too quickly and, like, hook up, because last night Tyler and I did not share a room at all ♪ ♪ – Good morning Can I come in? – Yeah ♪ ♪ He slept somewhere else I don’t know where So I’m not sure what the future has in store for us – How much longer do you got? – You mean, am I almost finished? Yes – Okay This is the first time that I saw her since last night Like, we’re not doing very well Like, it’s kind of like the cold shoulder Like, I don’t feel like she missed me at all I don’t know Like, I don’t wanna fight I don’t wanna do this I just want to go talk to the experts Ready? – So, is this your decision to go to the experts or were they the ones calling in? – It was mine – Okay – I thought it would be a good thing for us to go talk, get an outside perspective coming in – I agree ♪ ♪ So, where’d you sleep last night? – Got my own room Felt after you slammed the door in my face, it was probably the best thing to do – I didn’t slam the door in your face – I was right behind you You shut the door Knocked a couple times You didn’t answer So I turned around and left ♪ ♪ – Well, I wasn’t aware of that Sorry – Probably was for the best at that point, anyways – I agree ♪ ♪ – Today our couples are supposed to be learning about sexology and incorporating it in their relationship But right now we’re gonna meet with Tyler and Isabella to discuss some issues that have come up We need to figure out what’s going on here – So I definitely think there’s some things we need to talk out and I think that you guys would, like, be the best one to talk it through So, sorry to get you up so early – Hey, not a problem – It’s no problem – Tell us, what’s going on? – Yesterday after the relay, and, I don’t know– it was supposed to be a– a game and I don’t know why you got so upset with me – We lost because of your lack of communication and your listening skills, I guess – This is about a relay race? Seriously? [sighs] – I was frustrated because I felt like we were not making any progress and this activity has showed that And then you kept saying, “It was just a stupid game It was just a stupid game.” And I said, “It’s not about the game “I don’t care that we lost “It’s about the communication thing and the listening and you trusting me.” ♪ ♪ – Do you remember the first thing you said to me after that race was done? – What? – You lost because I didn’t listen It was my fault – Okay I did say that – I felt like I was scolded like a child – Because you were resisting and getting defensive – Okay, with that being said, you can also tell in somebody’s mannerisms when they’re pissed off at you – So let’s stop here I wonder if it makes sense for us to meet separately for a little bit? I don’t know – Yeah, that would be good Uh, I’d like to talk with you, Tyler, just the two of us – Let’s do it, man – Okay, let’s come on Let’s–let’s go talk I’m not sure what’s happening here This is a little ridiculous But they need to get together and decide whether they want to work towards marriage or call it quits – So, how are you? – I was upset because, you know, like, we failed at this because of our lack of communication Um, there have been instances where I have to communicate

to him, like, “Hey, like, remember I–I said this doesn’t make me comfortable?” Or, “Remember, you know, to, like, put the toilet seat back down after you use it.” – [laughs] Isabella has a tendency to place very high, if not unrealistic, expectations on her partner, like she did with David on “Second Chances.” – My luffa was on the shower floor – I’m telling you, I nev–I didn’t touch your luffa at all – But you left it there, and that’s– – Because I’m too busy showering and trying to get to work on time [dramatic music] – If it was your luffa, I would have picked it up I’m just saying – Well, I don’t use a luffa – Well, if you did, I would have picked it up So you should have the same courtesy for me That’s just–that’s that – Nobody’s perfect 100% of the time But things like leaving the toilet seat up or losing a game should not be deal breakers in a relationship Otherwise, her chances for having a satisfying, healthy relationship long term is pretty low – The chemistry, all of that is still there Um, so as a person, he’s great But as a partner, I want him to do better – The problem with that and thinking that this is my– my perfect match is there is no perfect match What we wanna make sure we do is you wanna reinforce the behavior you want to see more of – Okay – So the more you do that, instead of, “When you don’t listen to me, and, you know– you do this and you do that and you lost the race,” he’s gonna shut down – Okay – And then you’re not gonna get what you want – Yeah, that’s something that I could have done differently – And all he heard was that he– – Failed, yeah – He failed And it’s hard for anybody to hear that I think for a guy in that situation, it probably felt a bit emasculating But this actually could be an opportunity for the two of you to get closer if you can figure out how to get to the other side of this Does that make sense? ♪ ♪ – Yeah, it does ♪ ♪ – In my mind, I’m sitting here like, “What did I do that was that bad?” – You have to look at it from her perspective also – Mm-hmm – She’s indicating that you’re not listening, that you’re not paying attention “If you’re not zoned in on me, then you don’t care.” And she takes offense Am I right? Does that sound right? – Oh, yeah No, you– hammer on the nail, man – Yeah – Perfect – If she thinks it’s a big deal, then it’s a big deal – I think I belittled it – Yeah – And it pissed her off – Yeah On an intensity level from one to ten, Tyler and Isabella started their relationship at an 11, believing that they had discovered love at first sight Even though this is their first real argument, what should have been sort of a level-three tiff has now blown up into a level-ten all and out fight We’ve gotta help them ease it back and realize that they can get through this That is as long as they both want to continue to work towards marriage Where are you now in the relationship, though? I mean, are you guys thinking about maybe some kind of permanent life together? – Yeah, we’d, like– That was the game plan since day one – Yeah – Once we set that commitment, it was just like, “Okay, we’re in this.” No matter how angry I am right now, I really want our relationship to work I don’t think I can do better, man She’s gorgeous – Yeah – We want the same thing We want the same house We want the same amount of kids We want, like– we want everything so much that it’s so perfect that, like, we’re letting these little things– – Yeah, yeah – Like, eat at us – And it’s just like, it’s just a lot – It’s a lot. It’s a lot It takes time – The biggest thing I want is not be giving 90% and receiving 10% [upbeat music] – ♪ Hey yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Hey yeah, yeah ♪ – This is amazing, right? – Yeah – Beautiful – I love it – Same here – [laughs] ♪ ♪ – Wanna get in? – Yeah [laughs] ♪ ♪ – Kimber and Shannon are the only couple on the island that are actually having sex Which is why for their date, we’re sending them to a romantic waterfall to encourage intimacy beyond the bedroom – ♪ Oh I like it crazy, crazy, crazy boy ♪ – There’s perfect sexual chemistry between us But our relationship is way past the physical I mean, the physical’s a good thing But when you have somebody that actually connects with you emotionally, that’s what’s really making me fall for her – ♪ Crazy boy ♪ – Getting in the waterfall with Shannon is pretty romantic – ♪ Hey I kind of like it crazy ♪ – This might be the hottest date we’ve been on so far – [indistinct] for a minute? – Yeah [smooth music] That was fun – Yeah? Definitely – [laughs] You’re pretty sexy – I couldn’t keep my tongue out of your mouth, right? – [laughs] I noticed – You noticed? – You seem like you’re pretty sexually open – Yes You could tell me pretty much anything you want to do and if it’s reasonable, I’ll do it – Yeah – You know? – I love that ’cause I feel like most of the relationships I’ve been in,

that kind of thing wasn’t even addressed Like, it wasn’t a goal to take care of each other’s fantasies – Right – With Shannon, he just makes me feel comfortable and really cared about I could see myself being in love with Shannon forever I was raised in a culture where it’s, like, wrong to be openly sexual as a female So it wasn’t an area that I really explored or was comfortable with until super recently So you met me at a really good time – Clearly – [laughs] – I’m super comfortable with Kimber when it comes to intimacy and sex because we’re able to talk We have open dialogue The more and more I get to know this woman, the more and more I’m feeling her I just wanna explore the world You know, have sex, make love, in, like, every place possible – [laughs] Never felt like I met my match until now – You think I’m your match? – Yeah ♪ ♪ – ♪ Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ♪ ♪ No place I’d rather be ♪ – Are you excited? This is so pretty I feel like we’ve been going on, like, some of the best dates – Oh, wow Look at all the smoke that’s coming out of there – Yeah, that is crazy – Like, it just intensified – Chris and Jada come from two very different backgrounds He has a reputation for being a playboy while she has only been in one serious relationship her entire life The ability to talk about sex is crucial for any romantic relationship In order for them to be successful, they have to determine what their boundaries are as far as intimacy and moving forward – You look cute – Thank you So do you – Thank you – You always look cute, though, you always got your nice little smile on – You’re sweet – It’s just dope being on an island and being able to share these moments with each other – I agree – A lot of things that we’ve done already, I haven’t really done with other girls Glad to be sharing these with you, boo – Aww – Sex is very important to me But, um, at this point, me and Jada haven’t taken it to that level quite yet I know it’s something that needs to be discussed You’re a romantic woman and I’m a romantic man, so– – Yeah – My fantasy with you would be more of a sensual thing Like, get a room for a night – Mm-hmm – And have the candles lit around the tub and – [laughs] – You know, maybe a little foreplay thing – You’re making me blush right now – I’m just being real Like, what? And then obviously we’re grown – Yeah, yeah, absolutely – We gonna have sex – My gosh Hearing Chris talk all about this romantic fantasy, all I’m thinking about is, like, a dude that’s like a player But I don’t want him to feel like I’m not attracted to him even though it’s making me a little uncomfortable – Like, sex is super important to me – Mm-hmm – I think like, that connection, if it’s–if it’s terrible, like, that’s, like, a huge – Yeah – Huge thing for me Like, you have to have a compatibility in the–in the bedroom, too – Mm-hmm – So how important is sex to you in a relationship? – For me personally, I don’t take it for granted and just, you know, have it with anybody That–I would love to just have that with just one person that I’m gonna spend, like, the rest of my life with Like, if I’m sleeping with you then you know that, like, there–I basically am in love with you My goal is always to wait until marriage to have sex simply because of how permanent that attachment is when you do sleep with someone And it’s important to me that he knows what my goal is If you have no intentions to build something, like, long term outside of this experience – Mm-hmm – Then, yeah, I do think twice about sleeping together [quirky music] Realistically, do you think that that’s something that, like, you would want to do? – What? – Well, taking your time with everything – I feel like that’s what we are doing, is taking our time Um In my past, there was times where I moved a little quicker – Okay – Instead of taking it slow I’m open to that because I think it’s cool just waiting and then just seeing if we build It’ll be a lot stronger connection – That’s exactly what I think, too – I think sex is very important in a relationship If it’s bad, that’s a deal breaker But the reason I came here was to find the right woman Me and Jada have a very strong connection So I don’t wanna rush anything I wanna take my time with this Eventually we’ll get to the point that we need to be Oh – [kisses] Okay [The Aftershow’s “It’s Never Enough”] – ♪ It’s all that we’ve got it’s all that we’ve got ♪ ♪ What is there left to lose ♪ ♪ ♪ – Oh, look Let’s see Ooh Chocolate-covered strawberries – Those blindfolds? – Oh, my god I am not okay with this – We’ve given everyone except Tyler and Isabella an exercise to promote physical intimacy – ♪ We give it we take it ♪ – “Blindfold each other one at a time.” – “The person that isn’t blindfolded will feed their partner foods.” – “The blindfolded person will describe their experience.” – “Touch you partner while they’re blindfolded in a loving way.” What the [bleep]? – “Folded person should express

“what they like and don’t like This is all about communication and intimacy.” – And also very strange – ♪ Boy get on it on it ♪ ♪ Stop the games and ask for my number ♪ – Open wide [laughs] – That’s so sweet That’s sweet – Now you can suck my fingers and this is gonna be our intimacy, ready? Oh! [laughs] – It’s got a horrible texture – Open wide – It smells so bad [both laughing] – This is so intimate – You’re not touching me in a loving way at all [both laughing] – Oh, hold on, apricot – There–you know, there were things on that plate that I liked This exercise is getting a little frustrating in a sense that she’s making a joke but I would rather have intimacy I’m feeling it not help us grow [laughs] I feel like that was just torture There was, like, a lot of really good stuff on that plate – All right, my turn – Hold on Where’d all the [bleep] go that was on this plate? You literally took it and threw it out? – Yeah I’m a really picky eater He is not about to put that dirty ass cheese in my mouth – All right, this stuff actually looks good – I know That’s why I saved it – She’s really taking advantage of this opportunity to mess with me It’s so Brandin – Yecch [smooth R&B music] ♪ ♪ – So nice Luckily the bathtubs at St. James’s Club Morgan Bay are huge, and Shannon and I have sexual chemistry from moment one It’s very apparent that that’s a real thing for both of us I wanted to come here and find someone that I was super attracted to It’s an important thing to me, and I’m still just hoping that that’s not the only thing that we have in common I don’t think there’s any way that you can touch me that I won’t like ♪ ♪ – I’m a savory guy, so let’s go there – Well, I don’t care You’re gonna get what you’re gonna get – Okay – Open – Uh-huh Oh, yeah – Savory and sweet – Yeah, both Okay – Take a big bite – Oh – [laughs] – Oh. Ooh – [laughs] – Are we on step two now? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Okay – Your arms are so– Those big muscles of yours “Honeymoon Island” is pushing me way outside my comfort zone But Eric is just a smart guy He’s driven He’s got a lot of passion And I really find that attractive I really trust Eric at this point – What are we gonna start with here? – [laughs] – Okay, open wide [smooth R&B music] – Mmm, mmm Mmm That’s a chocolate strawberry It’s really good – How’s that feel? – Good – Good? – Mm-hmm – Okay, um – Yeah, it’s interesting, like, having my eyes closed Like, the senses – Yeah, you’re kind of going by senses, okay – Of touch, yeah It’s like more intense – Cool. How’s that feel? Good? – Mm, kay – Good? – I’m a little bit guarded at first but I can feel that Eric and I have something real and I’d be an idiot not to explore that with him – How does that feel? – It’s a little light – Now? – You have more muscle than that – Really? Okay – You don’t have to be worried You can break me – Okay, okay – Stop moving – We have tons of time by ourselves, so don’t– – Put your hands down – Chris, don’t– – Do you trust me? – Yes, go ahead [laughs] – Are you uncomfortable with that? [kisses] – [laughs] You can’t do that – I can’t do what? – Can’t [romantic music] – How did that feel? – Great – Jada’s a little bit more conservative when it comes to sex I’m hoping that Jada’s more willing to open up with this exercise – Oh! – I just want her to feel comfortable and relaxed and just go with the flow One of the important things of love is the sensual side of things I just feel like you’re just a little timid – Okay, that’s fair As we get closer, I’m letting you see a side of me that I want you to see But you’re not gonna get, like, all of it so soon – I respect that – Baby steps Chris really makes me feel comfortable I see a future with him – All right, give me a strawberry – And sex is a temptation But I’m worried that Chris is such a player I don’t wanna give too much too soon Slow, okay? – Mmm – [laughs] ♪ ♪ [quirky music] – [laughs] – Mmm Give me another strawberry and we can call it a night – All right, there’s caramel dripping ♪ ♪ That’s a huge one [both laughing] – That is a juicy strawberry I’m not that girl that’s gonna try and be, like, sensual and sexy, like, no – [laughing] – I know I’ve been putting you on the couch at night, but–but I was thinking I know that the couch is uncomfortable And I know that this big, comfy, cozy bed is big enough for both of us So You can move into my room, if you want – You inviting me into the big bed?

– Um, yeah Like I told you before, the bed will be for sleeping only – Yeah, we can do this And it’s not gonna change anything It’s just gonna bring us closer I’m hoping you’re knowing me well enough to know that I share the same values I’m in it for the right reasons – You know, at the end of the day, I know that he is a safe space for me With that being said, there’s an invisible line, and don’t cross it I’d kiss you right now, but this isn’t the place for intimacy – This is the place for high fives? – At this point – ♪ We’re simply complicated ♪ [upbeat music] – ♪ Na, na, na, na, na, na ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Na, na, na, na, na, na oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Na, na, na, na, na, na ♪ – Y’all look great – Thank you – Thank you. You, too – You guys as well, man – Excited to go to a beach party? – Yes, very much so – I’m hoping that tonight we can just have fun – Hey – Hey, guys. How are you? – Hey, what’s up, y’all? – Hello – Look who it is – Hi – St. James’s Club Morgan Bay is having a beach party tonight, and Tyler and I are just, like, ready to come back to the group, like, being a real couple again He’s the love of my life He’s gorgeous and tall and nice hair and nice teeth A nice toosh [mimics sqeezing sounds] [laughs] – So you guys obviously had a good day – Yes, we had a one-on-one with the experts today And they really, you know, helped coach us through our–our issue yesterday – They’re so smart – They really are I’m feeling very happy that we’re not arguing anymore We’re, like, loving on each other I know I wanna be with this girl because this girl’s so beautiful Those eyes The big old poofy hair Everything about that woman I think is just absolutely amazing – I know in my heart that’s a girl that I want to be with I’m like a hound dog on a scent, and I’m–I’m going for it Like, I know, like, there’s no way you’re gonna stop me – ♪ Let me see you shake it shake it ♪ ♪ I wanna see you move your body ♪ ♪ I wanna get the party started ♪ [cheering] – ♪ I wanna see you move your body ♪ ♪ Let me see you shake it shake it ♪ – Dude, did you see that guy breathing fire? – What? – Holy [bleep], that’s crazy – ♪ Let me see you shake it shake it ♪ [energetic music playing] [all laughing] – I seen the [indistinct] too! – I was like, “Wait, is she getting Shannon?” – Brandin was very cold with Jona in the beginning And it took her a long time to warm up to him But she was very quick to be touchy-feely with other people’s partners – She doesn’t understand personal space – Tyler seems to be friends with her and she has mentioned in the past that she thought Tyler was cute So if she’s trying to take my man, she needs to keep away from us – ♪ We can fall or we fly ♪ ♪ We can fall or we fly ♪ [dramatic music] – Some stuff happened last night Brandin, she came up, grabbed my butt, and after that, Isabella just flipped And rather than saying something to Brandin, she took it out all on me and I feel at this point I have done everything I can to make that woman happy but it’s not enough ♪ ♪ – So last night when we were on the dance floor, um, Brandin spanked Tyler on the ass And not only that, but she was literally touching his tattoo yesterday like–like that, and then, like, after spanking him, I’m like, “No.” But he didn’t distance himself after that happened And he didn’t say anything to her So that’s when I stepped in and I was like, “Okay, let’s go. We’re leaving Like, it’s time to go.” – Last night Isabella got really upset because she claims that she saw Brandin hit Tyler on the butt and also touch his tattoo that is close to his whoo-hoo I’m not really too sure on, um, how serious to take it because we all know that Isabella just is a little bit extra – If he didn’t, like, respond at all to it, then maybe he viewed it as, like, a friendly playful– – Mm-hmm – No, we spoke about it immediately afterwards – So he was uncomfortable with whatever happened last night? – He–yes – He says that he completely agrees with you and that it’s an inappropriate touch? – Yeah, but, like, that’s where I was like, “You know, I think you should say something.” And then he’s like, “Well, you as a woman should tell her that it’s making you feel uncomfortable.” And I said, “It’s your body, and it’s obviously creating “tension between us, so I wish you would address it “in a way that establishes boundaries and reinforces that you need to respect our relationship.” – I’m completely dumbfounded Brandin touches all of us like that Well, maybe not Jona [laughs] But Isabella’s acting at this point as if Tyler literally cheated on her – The crazy thing that he just told me yesterday, like, while we were dancing, like, “Oh, I’m just falling more and more in love with you.” And I’m just like, “In love?” And he’s like, “Yeah.” – This seems like a– not a big deal

– I completely agree with Kimber – But that’s my partner and someone is touching him in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable – But does it not matter to you at all, like, to consider Brandin’s intention? Like, you know she’s not trying to get with Tyler [quirky music] Right? – I mean, honestly, it’s just boundaries – I feel like you might be over- reacting a little bit, dude – I don’t think I am This is just something I’m not okay with ♪ ♪ – Hi – Hi – How’s it going? – It’s going. What’s up? – I honestly wasn’t expecting her to join the conversation I’m just not really ready to talk to her Um, the feelings are so fresh But she just shows up, so Tyler and I had an argument last night, and it happened because I saw you smack his ass on the dance floor and I didn’t like it And I also saw you touch his tat, which makes me uncomfortable ♪ ♪ – I understand and I’m sorry that it made you uncomfortable Like, that obviously wasn’t my intention I’m a very playful person I do it to everyone here And it wasn’t sexual – Yeah – It was just like, “Bye.” – If I feel like I wanna touch somebody’s butt, I’ll touch it If someone says, “Hey, it makes me uncomfortable,” I’ll definitely stop But I’m not gonna change who I am over one silly reaction that someone had – I do have, like, certain boundaries in my own relationships Like, I don’t want other people touching my partner in certain places, and I wouldn’t do that to your partner, either – I didn’t realize that you felt like I was, like, stepping out of my boundaries I do apologize for that But y’all are gonna end it over me touching his butt? That’s silly – When you got here, you guys had this instant connection, and you’re losing that over something that is so insignificant – I think that you probably, even without admitting it, know that you overreacted I have seen when you guys have argued, you refuse to communicate And you’ll sit there like this – Close down a little bit, yeah – And, like, everyone in the room knows that you’re pissed, and everyone can feel the tension But he tries to communicate and then you shut him down – You don’t know–but you don’t know ’cause you weren’t there – But we witnessed it in the park – We’ve seen this, though – I’ve seen it – No, we have – You don’t know what happens behind closed doors You just don’t – Look at the real problem here, because it’s not me [quirky music] – So the Issy and Tyler situation Uh, I walked outside earlier and the girls were sitting at the picnic tables talking about it And she said, “You smacked my partner’s ass,” which obviously even that is blown out of proportion – I was wondering if she was gonna actually come at you about it Like, if she had the problem with you or if it was just, like, something in–within Tyler and her’s relationship and she was looking for a reason to kind of latch onto something Brandin’s very touchy-feely with the other guys That’s Brandin She’s very playful She just likes goosing people But with me, that ain’t happening. [laughs] Right now, we’re still holding hands and that’s a little frustrating – I just hope that they both see the bigger picture and why they’re here and remember why all of this started in the first place – Yeah, I think anyone here would make a mistake not to take full advantage of this opportunity – Right, you have this gift that you’ve been given – Gift? – And then–yeah – Did you get a gift here? – I do – Yeah [both laughing] Let’s make it more about us [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – Oh, my gosh This is so beautiful I think St. James’s Club Morgan Bay is one of the nicer resorts that I’ve been to I really am enjoying it – Hey, Tyler – What’s going on, man? Tyler has asked Dr. Jessica and me to meet up because he wants to discuss new issues that have come up between him and Isabella You all right, man? – I’m not, really Not really at all – Oh, gosh – What’s been happening? – Last night we were all, like, dancing at the luau and everything that was going on and, you know, everything was so perfect I couldn’t ask for a better night And then as we’re leaving, Brandin slapped me on the butt And Isabella looks at me like, “Why did you not say anything to Brandin?” and just, like, absolutely wigs out on me She just goes instantly into the room, slams the door I packed up all my stuff I took everything out of the room, and I stayed the night in, like, the hotel by myself I’m just so confused I care so much about her and, like, I want this to work more than anything in this world But, like, I don’t know if that’s somebody I wanna be with But really that one, just, “I’m sorry, I messed up,” would go so far Is this what love is like? I don’t wanna have to do this – Relationships are work But at this– at this stage, it should not be this hard – Hi, Isabella – Hello – Wow. Isabella just showed up out of the blue You never know what you’re gonna get with these two – Welcome – How are you doing? – I’m okay Walking into the conversation with the experts and Tyler, it makes me feel kind of nervous I don’t know what has been said, you know, previously to my arrival I just–I felt like I had been talked about all day Everyone was discussing our business and Tyler had his chance to tell his side of the story – Heard a little bit about what happened yesterday, but you wanna tell us a little bit about your perspective? – Yes So, at the beach party, um, he was dancing and Brandin came up and smacked him on the butt

It’s something that bothered me a lot It became an argument, and it escalated – Back up a little bit ’cause I–do you– do you feel, Isabella, that Tyler was flirting with Brandin? – I don’t think he was necessarily going out of his way to flirt, but, um, instead of setting a boundary and saying, “Please don’t do that,” or, “That makes me feel uncomfortable.” You didn’t do that and you put the responsibility on me saying that, “As a woman, I should be the one to confront her.” Which I felt was unfair – And then afterwards did I not tell you that I saw your perspective and in the morning I would tell Brandin not to touch me again? – No – Yes, I did – I don’t remember you saying that to me – Oh, God – I just remember you not understanding my point of view and, you know, just resisting – Oh, my gosh This is what I mean She was lying to the experts there, lying to their face that I wasn’t trying to do these things She only says things that she wants people to hear You also said right after that that all the anger that you would have given to Brandin now you’re already going to take out on me, and that’s when you grabbed the key and left – I did, yeah – At this point it was just like, I just wanted to leave – You just wanted to give up just because of that? – There’s no– – That’s all it takes for you? I mean, if you wanna pack your bags up and leave and go home and you’re so certain of that, then I can’t – The first thing I told you– – I’m not gonna stop you If you truly feel that this is not for you and you really wanna leave, I’m not gonna stop you You have free will – 20 minutes before this happened, I told you I was falling in love with you Is that why you freaked out so much about it? ♪ ♪ – No Not– I was confused as to, like, why you were packing up and leaving and ready to go home after you were telling me that you were falling in love with me on the beach Like, I–it just didn’t make any sense ♪ ♪ – What was it like for you to hear Tyler tell you he was falling in love with you? – It was nice – Did you feel the same way? ♪ ♪ [dramatic music] – What was it like for you to hear Tyler tell you he was falling in love with you? – It was nice ♪ ♪ – Did you feel the same way? ♪ ♪ – I don’t want to comment on that ♪ ♪ – Okay, at any time during this conflict, this could have been resolved simply by someone saying, “Hey, look, let’s talk.” And starting with, “I’m sorry.” ♪ ♪ – I feel like Isabella owes me a huge apology I completely put myself out there for somebody and when you do that and you don’t, like, even have the respect to say a sorry I’m heartbroken, man After all this, not one thing you wanna say? ♪ ♪ There were so many opportunities that you had to just say, “I’m sorry.” – I felt uncomfortable And it hurt me So what did you expect me to do? Run to you and hug you and say, “I’m sorry?” Like, no – “I’m sorry, Tyler, that yesterday happened.” Actually saying, “I’m sorry for not seeing your point.” ♪ ♪ She literally had nothing to say Like, that shattered me inside Like, literally after everything I did for her, after all of this experience that we’ve shared together, I feel like an absolute fool right now for falling in love with somebody that does not even give two [bleep] about me – Where do you guys feel that your relationship is now? – I don’t wanna talk about that anymore – That’s me exactly Can we wrap this up? I’m gonna go home Honestly at this point, like, I wanna go home This is not the woman I wanna spend the rest of my life with I never wanna feel this pain again – There anything else either one of you want to say to each other? ♪ ♪ – I wanted things to work between Tyler and I, I really did I still thought that Tyler was my soul mate, but for some reason we can’t work through our issues And it’s just a shame to watch it all go down the drain [sighs] – Tyler and Isabella just took things to a whole new level Now, I believe they were sincere about wanting to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with Maybe they just weren’t ready Hopefully they will be at a future time in their lives Here’s the thing I want you to remember You’re not bad people It’s just that sometimes personalities don’t click ♪ ♪ – I don’t think I did anything wrong ♪ ♪ I’m going home ♪ ♪ [soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪ – The moment I saw Isabella, I felt the instant connection I didn’t feel a doubt in my mind that it was just love at first sight I haven’t felt that way about anybody ever And two arguments just ruined all of that If I could tell Isabella, like, one thing, I’d just tell her, like, my heart is just shattered My eyes hurt I haven’t cried this much since I was born [sniffs] [groans] ♪ ♪ Saint Lucia, you’ve been real [beeps] Out I believe that God put one person on this planet that is for you That’s why this is so hard to leave right now I came to “Honeymoon Island” to try to find the love of my life And I thought that I found that with her ♪ ♪ I was wrong – Next time on “Honeymoon Island.” We’re going to put you in some situations that may cause some fear – Oh, [bleep] – I’m freaking out I don’t think I can do this [bleep] – Why are you running away from me as I’m asking you a question? – I don’t think that it’s a conversation that I’m scared to have with you I just try to avoid those conversations – I wanna hear your thoughts – Okay It’s over now – How does that not scare you? – I can’t live my life being scared But I can help you kind of, like, cope with stuff Me and Kimber are really building deep connections This is a good step in the right direction – It’s honestly been tough – Do you see each other as a potential marriage partner? – Uh How am I gonna give quality time to someone? – I am wondering how that would look – That actually has dismantled prior relationships