Married at First Sight: "Let's Get It OUT!" (Season 8, Episode 15) | Full Episode | Lifetime

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Married at First Sight: "Let's Get It OUT!" (Season 8, Episode 15) | Full Episode | Lifetime

This has been the biggest and most surprising season of “Married at First Sight” ever – I now pronounce you married – For the first time, eight brave singles took a leap of faith for love and married complete strangers – Whoo! – Well, it’s been three months since decision day when two of the couples chose to stay married – I want to stay married to you – I can really say that I love you – And two of the couples chose to get a divorce – I want a divorce ♪ ♪ – It would be best to go our separate ways ♪ ♪ – Tonight is the night we get all the answers that we’ve been waiting for Welcome, welcome, welcome What’s happened since decision day – I’m sorry – When the cameras turned off and the experts went home? There’s a little rumor floating around – Oh, that? – Could the couples make it on their own? – Frustrations kept building, and they came out – But you pull up your list on your phone of 40 reasons that I’m gay – Your Facebook page still says to this day that you’re in a relationship with a man. I’m sorry ♪ ♪ – Is there any chance for a reconciliation? – After the cameras and everything left, I mean, we define our relationship from here – And the fact that it took so long to end is a shame – As we know, a lot can change in three months That’s why the big question today is, “Are you still married?” ♪ ♪ This is the “Married at First Sight” finale – ♪ It’s all or nothing ♪ ♪ It’s all or nothing ♪ ♪ And there is no other way ♪ ♪ It’s all or nothing ♪ Welcome to the “Married at First Sight” finale I’m your host, Kevin Frazier, and right now let’s jump right in and bring out our first couple, Stephanie and AJ – Hi – Good to see you – Good to see you – How you doing? – Good, thank you – Why don’t you sit right there AJ, what’s up? – How’s it going? – How’re you guys doing? – Okay – Yeah? – Good – Now, when you first decided to participate in “Married at First Sight,” did you really think you’d find love? Did you think that you would find the person and that connection? – I did, so I genuinely truly thought, “Yes, “I’m doing this to find love, to find the partner that I want to be with the rest of my life.” – AJ? – I’ve–I haven’t succeeded in my own life finding love, and I’ve been single for five years, and I said, “Eh, if I can get someone to do the legwork for me…” – Mm-hmm. Yeah. I get that – “Why not? They’re experts at the top of their profession,” so– – Let’s be honest You hit a home run, didn’t you? – I did – Yeah? – Nailed it out of the park – Yeah You’re happy, aren’t you? – Yeah Here’s a look – [inhaling and exhaling rapidly] [bottle pops] – Whoo. Best sound ever – That’s the sound of marriage right there [cheers and applause] – Dude, go eat – I don’t want to eat without her, you know? I’ve been eating dinner alone for so long I refuse to do it on my wedding night – I think he likes me – I think I might just a little bit – AJ has a very big personality – Don’t get ahead of yourself – I haven’t been with anyone that has as big of a personality as AJ before – Last night, Stephanie and I slept together for the first time [laughs] The timing just felt right, On the beach at sunset gazing into each other’s eyes – It’s manchego cheesy Oh, my gosh, you are too stinkin’ cute Walking around the street holding hands, and it’s really cool being a tourist in our own city together – This is exactly why I chose to be married at first sight – The airport is that way See the airport left? – It’s–I can–no, I can go this way. Stop, please – His attitude can change really fast Okay He doesn’t know when he’s crossing my line yet – I feel like she hasn’t seen the absolute best version of me at all times – That’s ice – Yeah, but how are you gonna get it out of there? – Cut the bottle – Damn, you’re smart I feel like we’re really becoming a power couple – What color do you want on me? – Any activity that involves me getting to check out my hot wife in a bikini, it’s okay in my book – [laughs] Ahh! [laughs] – It’s so weird to have a wife and wake up every morning and be like, “I really, really like you.” – Really like you – I really like those pants on you – You like these pants off me too, don’t you? – They look really good in the corner – Everyone who is married knows that there are days where you love your spouse, and there are days where you’re like, “I don’t really like you that much today “You’re not going anywhere, but you’re getting on my nerves today.” Have you guys had any of those? ‘Cause everything is so– – Everybody’s question is always, “Have you had your first fight yet?” – Yeah, have you? – And that’s like asking a couple that just got married, “When are you having children?” Or a couple that’s been together for five years, “When are you getting engaged?” It’s rude to ask – AJ, everybody has a little drama Everybody has a little drama, AJ – I mean, we didn’t – AJ AJ, you’re talking to a man who’s been married twice – Yeah, I understand – Everybody has a little drama in their marriage – I did have frustrations, but none of them were to here It was all with the producers, lack of skills, lack of organization – Wait, wait, wait It’s your marriage – It’s your marriage Look–what did you just say? Right now you were trying to straighten your husband out,

weren’t you? You were trying to calm your husband down a little bit – Well there’s– so there’s a difference between–you know, when things get out of hand or when emotions go sky-high, it’s sparked by something Also, sometimes when he would get upset, it’s because he’s protecting me because I’m not okay with something, but I’m not as verbal about it, so if he sees that I’m upset, then he’ll try to protect me, and so then it comes out that he’s the angry one – You’re learning about each other You’re learning about– – I got very defensive of our marriage multiple times throughout You know, all I want to do is defend the marriage – Mm-hmm. Okay, let me ask you another question What was the biggest obstacle of your married life? – Um, after wedding day? – Yeah, in the beginning – I think probably the biggest obstacle in the beginning was moving in together I mean– – It’s funny you mention the moving in together, ’cause you got a little snappy at first You had a moment there where you were less-than-happy about someone coming in and changing all your stuff around – Yeah – And I have the best version of myself, and as some people probably already saw, I have a bad version of myself and everything in between, but– – But he knows it’s there – I know it’s there – And you can acknowledge it, yeah – And I have to acknowledge it – It’s also known that it’s okay to say, “Snip it! – Yeah – Calm down. Now let’s talk.” – That’s okay – Yeah – So see, there, that is what I think I was asking earlier, that you two do have a kind of a communication where you understand how to deal with each other – And we believe in marriage ultimately, and the commitment of that, and I think that’s what helps us get along too We fight for ourselves, but we fight for marriage in general – And marriage is easier when cameras are gone? – Yeah. Much – You’re much less frustrated – I have zero frustration Since the cameras left, zero frustration, zero outbursts, zero anger, happy-go-lucky AJ just like I was before the cameras ever arrived – So clearly you two have this great connection, and on decision day, you guys decided to stay together But that was three months ago, and as we know, a lot can change in three months That’s why the big question today is, “Are you still married?” ♪ ♪ – Yeah – Yeah – Okay – Happily married – Yeah, we are – Happily married as can be – I was gonna say, if you say you’re not married – That would’ve been the shock of the world – You actually kiss each other like you like each other Wow – We do, yeah Some might even say we love each other – Has anyone dropped the L-word? Have you–are you saying it to each other? – Yes – It just–It comes out natural, you know? – Yeah, yeah, yeah And it seems like a love story ♪ ♪ By the way, Steph, you’re a world traveler You love to travel – Yes – And you’ve been taking AJ on some of your adventures – Yeah. One of the things that I was looking for was someone who can travel the world with me It’s a hobby of mine I love to just get on a plane and go somewhere – So your wife is taking you on some adventures, huh? – We went on an adventure together – All right, let’s check it out – So since decision day, it’s been super busy We’ve really been all over the place We shopped for new apartments This is our master bedroom – It’s where the magic happens – [laughs] – This is our couch and a rug we just bought – Our wedding album – This is our wedding shrine Whoo – And then we left for Africa two days after we moved in Happy Thanksgiving from Africa – We went to Zimbabwe and Zambia, and we did safaris, and we visited the Zambezi River Ahh! After moving and after filming and just– we just wanted to get out of here and do something for ourselves by ourselves to reconnect, so yeah We’re gonna focus our next year or two on traveling, seeing the world, and then probably have a family, a bigger family after that But that’s it for us, yeah, so thanks for watching our journey, and hopefully you’ll see more of us later – Bye – Bye – You guys mentioned “bigger family” in that clip – Yes – What does that mean? – Well, we definitely want to have kids, but not right now, maybe a year or two years after we take some time to ourselves – Looking forward to lots of years together, huh? – Yeah, we have lots of trips We’ve got many more trips already planned – All right, well, you two, congratulations for everything We’re gonna bring you back a little bit later We have to talk to the other couples, okay? – Okay – Thank you – Next up are Jasmine and Will Now, here’s what happened in their relationship that left them on two completely different pages Take a look – Will, meet for the very first time, Jasmine – Hi – How are you? – Good – It’s gonna be very hard today I hope they’ll just find happiness together ♪ ♪ – So where you went to school? Or where’d you– – Lincoln – No I went to Lincoln – We both attended Lincoln University, so the marriage and relationship will be fine – I love Lincoln I love my baby, and, Will, I’m gonna find time to love you, too, bro, all right, man? – Thank you. Thank you – It feels great to be a wife We’re starting to click,

so tonight we’re gonna let things flow ♪ ♪ [laughs] – Brake, brake, brake, brake, brake! – Whoo I’m literally about to fall, and you’re doing nothing – Hopefully, you know, she’s not mad I don’t know how to put it in park – I did not feel protected I did not feel that I was married – Everyone’s just sharing laughs, fun, and she’s like, “Over it.” – I don’t want any mud on me – That was a missed opportunity to connect – How do you feel about just, like, gender roles? – Taking out trash? – Paying bills? – No, that’s 50/50 – No. It’s not gonna work He’s a man – What’s–well, what does that have to do with– – That would be like me saying, “You’re the woman You should be in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.” – That’s fine – Oh – Well, I don’t even know how to come back from that – Yeah, I don’t know how to combat that either – So have you guys been intimate yet? – I need some affection – I’m just gonna fall asleep here [snoring] – Not only do I want to flip his switch, but I want him to flip mine ♪ ♪ So what would you rate me as a wife? – 6.8 – Whatever – Jasmine, Will – Hi – Hi, how are you? – Very good. How are you? – So good to meet you Will, how you doing, man? – I’m good. I’m good – How are you? How’re you guys–how’re you all doing? How’re you doing? – We’re good – Good – How is it being out here together right now? What’s that like? – I mean, it’s–it’s good It feels, like, bittersweet, but we’re still friends, and I think we overall still had good times even though, you know, we both aren’t the happiest with the outcome ♪ ♪ – Even though things didn’t seem dire, these two opted to get a divorce We want to know what is happening now in their lives, so take a look – It’s time ♪ ♪ You got to fill it out And the final papers, it’s all done – How do you feel about everything now that it’s done? – Sad at first, but I think it’s, like, a a lesson well-learned – Have you talked to Will? Has–you know, has he reached out to you or– – He’s reached out, and he wanted us to remain friends and then start dating – Oh. How do you feel about that? Like, are you open to, like– – It’s stupid I just feel like that I understand, like, the friendship thing, but I don’t understand us getting a divorce and then being friends with the intention of being in a relationship – So it’s kind of backwards – Yeah – Okay – Whoo. Jas, have you started dating anybody? – I have not started to date again just to give myself a chance to heal and– – You were really hurt when he said “no,” weren’t you? – I wouldn’t say “angry.” I would say “disappointed.” – Will, have you started to date anyone? – No You kind of just need to take a step back I guess digest all the stuff that I learned about myself as an individual – Have you guys communicated in the last three months? – Yeah, we talk here and there Mm-hmm – Yeah? – Mm-hmm – Is there any chance for a reconciliation? – Will? ♪ ♪ – I don’t know ♪ ♪ – I just asked a kind of simple question Just give me that answer “Yes. No.” – Life isn’t as simple as “yes” or “no,” Kevin, you know? – Oh, boy. Oh, boy – [laughs] – Is there any chance for a reconciliation? ♪ ♪ – I mean, I think, like, if–you know, if we keep in contact, who knows what’ll happen? I mean, I told her after the cameras and everything left, I mean, we define our relationship from here, so–I mean, whether it’s us being friends, I mean, whether it’s us–I don’t know–two years from now going on date, who knows? ♪ ♪ – Okay, Jas, is there any chance for a reconciliation? ♪ ♪ – I feel like no – No? Okay – Yeah ♪ ♪ – Do you feel like you two entered the friend zone too fast? – Um, it was a part of it And while becoming friends in this process is very important, I think in certain aspects it kind of, like, delayed the other parts of our relationship

♪ ♪ – I don’t think so I think friendship is the foundation of a good relationship I just think other issues came into play – What were those other issues? – Like, even with a simple kiss, I’m like, you know, it needs to be some, like, emotion tied to it, and she’s just like, “Well, no Like, you can just kiss me.” You know what I mean? And– – It’s your wife – Yeah – It’s your wife – And she’s not ugly I’m just saying So it’s just “Come on.” So I’m like, “Okay, I’m gonna set the mood I’m gonna wear, like, nice lingerie.” Like, I’m thinking all of this is gonna be flipping his switch, like, and apparently it just wasn’t, so that was the, I think, disconnect for me where it just– – To jump in, it actually did – Did…wh – I didn’t – No, you did – Clearly she didn’t, ’cause it didn’t lead to what she was hoping for with– – That night didn’t end that way – Right It didn’t end that way – It didn’t end with switch-flipping – No, it didn’t It didn’t end that way – The switch was flipped It–it truly was – Here’s–this is the thing that I get confused about Were you attracted to your wife? – Yes – Okay ♪ ♪ – I think it was just compatibility issues I think it was just, you know, just being two different people, and so it was just like we couldn’t get on the same page as far as communication – I think you had a relationship that a lot of people thought would work out, and I think there were a lot of people who thought this was, you know, gonna be a beautiful story, and it was kind of sad to see you guys fall apart Thanks for joining us So far, we’ve spoken to two of the couples Now, let’s look back at the marriage of Kate and Luke ♪ ♪ Oh, my God I’ve met this girl before [laughs] – It’s our first night together, and it’s more awkward than I thought it was gonna be [laughs] I don’t know what to do right now – Yeah, same – Luke said that he’s not attracted to me at all – When you kissed her, and you responded, “I feel repulsed and I’m dead inside” – Yeah – But if you can’t respect this woman and be the man that I’m expecting you to be, then you need to get the heck up out of here – Do you think she has a drinking problem? Yes or no? She’s– – Yes – Okay – He was like, “The reason that I was concerned is because my best friend was killed by a drunk driver.” After he opened up and was honest, like, I do feel like I trust him more ♪ ♪ I woke up today just hoping there’s, like, a little sliver that, “It’s our anniversary Maybe we can do something nice today, and…” [sobbing] I thought about the divorce option – I don’t want to get a divorce – Sometimes you say you are attracted to me, but why can’t you kiss me? I just want you to be honest – Right now I’d like to invite Kate and Luke to join us on stage so we can talk about their very confusing relationship – Hi – Hi, how are you? – Good. How are you? – Good to see you – Good to see you too – Good to see you, Luke What’s going on, man? How are you? Let’s sit down Let’s talk, and–it was a tough journey for both of you, wasn’t it? – Oh, yeah – What do you mean like, “Oh, yeah?” – Oh, yeah. Um, I would say we definitely did not click immediately like all the other couples, so it was tough – Okay, let me ask you this When she came down the aisle, did you feel an attraction to her? ♪ ♪ – I was attracted to Kate. I– – You can say–you can be honest, Luke – Hold on Let’s just–and, Kate, hold on Let me save you Let me save you from you having to ask that question Let me say this This is the last time America really sees you on TV, right? – Yeah – So this is your chance to really be open and honest and say what was the truth – We went over this a hundred times, but I had figured out who it was beforehand, and I had already known, and already–I don’t know It was– – Already what? – Can you just answer the question please? – Already what? – Please? – Disappointed – You were disappointed? You were dis–and that’s okay That’s okay to say – It’s okay – Nobody’s mad Nobody’s gonna come running out here and beat you up because you said, “I was disappointed.” – Mm-hmm – But I have a big question for you ♪ ♪ Why did you have sex with someone that you weren’t attracted to? ♪ ♪ – Do you want to get–do you want to do the whole thing? – This is what we’re here for – Okay. All right – Let’s get it Let’s get it out – We’ll start – Let’s go – We’ll – Let’s go – So we’ll start way back in the beginning – Let’s start – We’ll just get it here So we’re out at the dinner – This is on the honeymoon? – Yes – Okay, go ahead – We’re back–We probably wrap up at 12:00, right? While we’re in the room, you’re, you know, you were, like, kind of coming at me real hard, and you can’t go to sleep when you’re horny unless you have relief – No, we were in bed cuddling You were only wearing boxers

You were always the one that initiates cuddling with me, so I just thought that maybe we could have sex on our honeymoon So we talked about it for, like, five minutes, and then at the end of the conversation he’s like, “Okay, so do you want to have sex?” And you said, “Yes,” and then you went up, got a condom, and we had sex And I noticed something was off, so I asked you if you were okay, and you said, “No, I feel dead inside,” and then you got up, went to the bathroom, and you said, “I feel repulsed.” I know that, like, I’m not your type, but like, “repulsed and dead inside? We need to talk.” And your first answer after I said, “We need to talk,” was, “Do you think that I’m a homosexual?” ♪ ♪ So – Okay – So you guys were using– and I just want to clarify this before we go forward You were using kissing as a code word for sex between the two of you? – Sometimes – Yeah – Go ahead – So you pull up your list on your phone of 40 reasons that I’m gay – No. You said–I’m sorry – Let him go. Let him go – [laughs] – Got to let him talk Go ahead. She pulls up a list – A list kind of, and I felt the entire night, for however many hours, you were kind of coming after my manhood You know what I mean? – No. That is not– – But it’s okay – He’s lying – It’s okay We’re gonna let you talk, okay? – I’m not–did you have a list? – Yes, but I only brought it up because you said, “What, do you think that I’m a homosexual?” And I was like, “What? Are you?” – And you were like, “Yes, I have 40 reasons.” – No, I said–I asked you, “Are you?” Your Facebook page said, “Interested in men and women,” and it still says to this day that you’re in a relationship with a man I’m sorry. I would just– – You saw that already before we were on the honeymoon? – My cousin texted me that – What was the title of the list? – I didn’t have a title I just was taking notes – You were just taking notes of reasons why you thought your husband may have been gay? Did you want to ask him about those reasons? – Yes, but I thought it was inappropriate, so I waited until he said, “Do you think that I’m homosexual?” Like, why would he say that? – Let’s clarify right now Does your Facebook say you are interested in men and women? – I changed it, ’cause she asked me to halfway through the season – I didn’t ask you to change it – Oh, or you brought it up, and it was so insignificant to me – What was the reason for saying that? – My friend thought it was funny in college to change it – I don’t understand how that’s funny to say that you’re interested in men – ‘Cause you’re 18, and you’re dumb – I don’t think that’s funny – ‘Cause you’re not a guy – Well, let– – How–okay – First, have you dated men before? ♪ ♪ – I’ve never dated men before – I don’t believe it – Okay – I mean, I just–I don’t think that– – What made you want to write that list? What made you want to write– – You have a lot of friends that are gay, and I don’t understand how it could be funny for you to put on your Facebook– – When I was 18 – Okay – I think the point she’s trying to make is that if you have friends – Gay friends – Who are gay, is it almost mocking them if you would put something on there to say, “Oh, it’s funny for a man to have a partner.” – I didn’t do it – I don’t understand why you would leave it up there, but I don’t– – ‘Cause I didn’t even know it was a thing – Okay. Okay – It happened 13 years or 14 years ago – Okay – Okay. Let’s get back to the two of you So you’re having sex with this woman, and you did not want to have sex with her? – No – And you’re ashamed that you did that? – I–I was really mad at myself – But after that, you continued to have sex with her Why did you keep doing it? – I wanted her to be happy – To make her happy? – Yeah You said you couldn’t go to sleep, and you’d get all wound up, and I–I don’t know I wanted to go– – But you initiated it too sometimes – Once – No, not–more than once – Twice? – I would say it was, like, 60/40 – Really? – Okay, let me get to this So you two are having this relationship Why did you hide the fact that you were having sex with him? – Because he asked me not to talk about it, and I tried to respect that – Why didn’t you want her to talk about it? You’re married That’s your wife – I–I didn’t want that to be on TV, and I was very guarded about that conversation – So you pressured her to lie about you two having sex? – Just asked her not to – You finally told Dr. Pepper the truth because – Because we were continuing to have sex, and Luke was– he was being– he was being weird afterwards, not – What are you–no, what? Let’s talk about it Let’s talk about it This is the time ♪ ♪ – I wasn’t having normal reactions

that you normally have after sex ♪ ♪ – I I wasn’t happy – What do you mean? – Sad – Were you emotional? Were you crying? – Very, yeah, sometimes – Why? This is what’s so confusing What’s it about? Let’s–hold it. Stop You just said–listen, what is this about? – I was upset that I was having sex and didn’t want to have sex That’s what I was mad about – But you kept doing it – Okay. All right – I–Initially – Besides sex, besides sex, let’s just talk about the marriage in general – Look, I’m–Oh, no, wait We were about a month in, and I–I definitely had feelings for you, like, a month in when I thought we were– – What? – You didn’t–We were, like, getting better No? Nothing? – Oh, okay – All right Like, I still think your eyes are beautiful, and when you came down in your wedding dress, you looked beautiful – I don’t believe anything that you say, ’cause you’re always changing your words, and that’s just–It would mess with my mind for the entire marriage, and it drove me crazy, and it wasn’t fair – Okay, and do you think you responded with any behavior in that way? – I think that you need to think about how you treated me and stop putting it back on me – I don’t think I treated you amazing at all, but I don’t think you’ve treated me amazing at all either – How did she treat you? What did she do to you? – It was just that, like, after the cameras stopped, you would just–What? – Luke, come on – Look, you got– – I think I deserve an apology Can you just do that? – I apologize. I’m so sorry I didn’t want either one of us to have such a terrible experience, and watching it is painful for me to see you that sad – When you were living with her and you saw her that sad, was it painful for you then? – It was absolutely that painful – Then why didn’t you do something? Why didn’t you treat her better? – All I ever wanted to do was have a nice day – “Why didn’t you treat me nicer” was the question ♪ ♪ – I…I I guess I thought I was acting in a certain way, and it was coming off and being perceived differently than it was ♪ ♪ – But what I’m asking you is not that processed answer you had inside your heads, because what’s happening right now is, you’re sitting back, and you’re repeating what you think will sound really good for TV I’m telling you as a person who does TV every single day, it doesn’t look good on TV, so I’m giving you the opportunity now to say what was going on – I don’t even know at this point – I want you to think about this, because when you sit there and you look and you don’t answer and you give me that blank stare, that’s how it goes out to America – That’s fine. You’re winning – No, you’re winning I’m not winning – You are clearly winning – No, I’m not – What is– – I’m just here asking you questions I’m not–I’m not here to win or lose You lost when you got divorced – Well, you’re not losing – I’m just here to talk to you about your divorce That’s it. I’m not winning I don’t understand that – This isn’t a game, Luke – Then why is he telling me I’m not winning? – Ugh – Okay. Let’s talk about this Even though there were some really, really, really, really, really rough times – Really, really, really, really rough – And a lot of problems, since decision day, have you two had any contact between each other? – Oh, yeah – Yeah? – Not very often – The day after, you came over You came over. You were, like, knocking on my door and you came in, and you were like– – No, you texted me earlier that night, and you–Oh, wait – I didn’t invite you over that night – Yes, you did – After decision day? You said, “I really want to come over,” and I said, “Okay.” – No – Did you go over? Did you go over? – Yes, ’cause he invited me – Yeah – And then I said, “Never mind I’m not coming,” and you said, “No, you can come.” – And you were together? – Yeah, I put her to bed ♪ ♪ – He put you to bed? – Yeah – [laughs] – Had she been drinking? – Yeah – Yeah? – It was Halloween night – One of the big storylines, Luke, was that you have said that she has a drinking problem – Just–I think on the show, it was because I was making her so unhappy that she was using it to cope – So, Kate, it seems like you have come back to life Do you feel like you’re Kate again? – I do. I feel happy to just be around people that I know that love and care about me – Do you know what? We actually have a sneak peek of how life has been for you since the cameras went away – Oh, there you go – Here you go. Take a look – Hi, it’s Kate from beautiful Huatulco, Mexico So life after “Married at First Sight,” unfortunately during my marriage with Luke, I wasn’t able to focus as much on my job as I’d like to because I love it, so I’m back in the swing of things on a video shoot in Huatulco, and I just got promoted from marketing specialist to associate brand manager,

so things are going really well – Wow. Thank you for sharing that – Yeah – Do you notice, and do you notice that that’s a different girl? – Oh, yeah. Absolutely – You see the sparkle in her eye and the happiness? I want to know about your current status right now – Ooh – [laughs] I’ve actually been seeing someone for, like, two months now actually – Oh, really? – Yeah – Oh, and how’s that going? – It’s going great, yeah We like each other a lot Jasmine has met him too He’s a teacher and also a writer, really handsome, and very genuine Yeah, we have a great time together, so We’re just gonna see where it goes We’re taking things slow – Luke, are you seeing somebody right now? – No – Do you want to see anybody? – I mean, eventually, yes – But I meant right now for– – Right now? – Yeah – No – So I’m assuming then that your decision from decision day stands that you two are definitely going to be divorced – Oh, yeah – Yeah – Yeah? – Yeah. Yeah – It was tough. It was tough All right Look, we all hope going into a marriage that it will last a lifetime, but unfortunately for some people, it doesn’t work that way Kate and Luke, thank you for sharing your story It was a–It was a bumpy journey But you know what? You both have made it out on the other side, and I wish you well We’re gonna talk to the other couples, but we’re gonna bring you back in a little while, okay? – Okay – Now, let’s look back at the marriage of Kristine and Keith – Kristine, meet Keith – Hi, Keith – Hi, Kristine It was an instant attraction I saw her, and–whew – Oh, my God My husband is so attractive We should race – You ready? – Yeah – ♪ We are dedicated tonight ♪ – Kristine makes me feel like a virgin. I’m doing new things – Baby, this is beautiful – Like, she’s given me everything I wanted and needed And it feels like she’s my best friend already – You’re not about to fart, are you? – Yes, I am – No, get out of the car Get out of the car Stop the car. Oh, my God – This is nice This smells good You’re earning your way to my heart, girl – If it’s only based on food, then we’ll be together forever – [indistinct] – Whose boobs are those? – That is my ex ♪ ♪ – Are you still holding on to any of that? – Umm – Where do you see us in the next five years? – I see kids – So we’ll talk about it after you get out of school – Ooh – My goals are very important to me I don’t feel like he has to, like, hit any goal for him to be ready to have a child, and, you know, as I definitely said from the beginning that I’ve wanted someone ambitious So you can start cooking more, and I’ll definitely help with the cleaning – So wait, you want me to cook? – It’s almost sexist, and, like, and it bothers me I feel like he wants me to be, like, this 1950s housewife [sighs] [light music] You look so nice Hi, baby – I made dinner – You made dinner? – I made dinner – I don’t believe it – You don’t believe it? – Mm-mm Keith is amazing Like, if he’s not too careful and he keeps doing things like this, then I just might fall in love with him – ♪ I love you just the way ♪ ♪ Just the way ♪ ♪ Just the way you are ♪ – Welcome. Welcome – Thank you – It’s good to talk to you all – What’s going on? – How you doing? Now, three months ago on decision day, both Keith and Kristine chose to stay married I have to ask ♪ ♪ Are you still married? ♪ ♪ – Of course we are – You know you’re married – Yeah, we’re married. Come on, man – Of course we are – [laughs] – It seems like things have been sizzling since day one between you two – Yeah – Oh, yeah – And have not cooled off, have they? – Not too much, no – Still hot – Mmm, is it? – It started off great It never died down – It never stopped – Just gonna let this flame keep burning, you know? – Yeah. Yeah – Why not? – But there were a couple of bumps in the road early on Can we go back and talk about those pictures in the cell phone? – Oh – You didn’t clear your cell phone before you got married? – I didn’t even know they were in there – I feel like you knew they were in there You just didn’t care – But you’ve worked that out now? – Yeah – He understands now, doesn’t he? – Oh, he learned – Oh, yeah – The hard way – Those pictures are gone, right? – Those pictures are gone – Okay I also want to ask about Keith’s perception of a wife’s role Have you guys worked that out? – He had to go through, you know, like, the motions of him understanding that–I don’t know– certain roles needed to be shared – You know, it’s a process

We’re still growing as humans, and, you know, this is our new marriage skin, and it just feels good – He helps out a lot more, so he’s definitely stepping up – When did you know this was gonna work? – When you took it upon yourself to learn how to cook, that was the turning point – And clearly you cook a hell of a steak – Yes, I do – Okay – It’s getting better every time – Keith, how did it make you feel when you realized that Kristine was more financially successful than you? – Well, I mean, I didn’t– clearly I didn’t mind I just wanted a wife that can, you know, have my back when I don’t have it – So what is the timeline for kids? – Ooh, pushed that thing – Pushed it? She just pushed it? – She pushed it. That’s right – He’ll be four years older It’s not like he’ll be old at that point You know what I mean? – And I’m gonna be shooting dust I don’t know about four years, but I can wait a few years – What do you want to–You want to wait long enough to make sure everything’s good? – Yeah, I just want to make sure everything’s good I want him to finish a little bit more of schooling You know, I want to be just a little bit more stable – Nothing wrong with that – But I really just want my husband to myself for a few years – Yeah, [inaudible] [laughter] – I know Dr. Pepper had a conversation with y’all about contraceptives and all that stuff – Oh, yeah – You know, she was like, “Y’all being safe?” ‘Cause the way he sound – Nah, nah. We’re using it Contraception’s our way to go – Yeah, yeah – Yeah – Look, it sounds like everything’s great This is fantastic, and, Kristine and Keith, we wish you happiness, a long-lasting marriage Thank you for being here and sharing your love story – Thank you – Thanks for having us – And up next, the group talks ab and a chance to get together one more time Here’s what I want to ask you As you watch this season unfold, watched the other couples, were there things in their marriages that you wish you had in yours? I’m gonna start on this side of the panel ’cause that’s an obvious question – Oh, this was strategically done Okay. Look at you – Yeah, I do I think there’s a lot of things, but I guess my first thing was, I noticed Stephanie and AJ I noticed AJ immediately had this, like, appreciation and respect for Stephanie, and I just–I really like that about you guys – Aw – Thank you – Very good – Will, is there anything that you saw in the other couples? – Um – Why you looking at Luke? You wanted something from Luke? Is there something Luke had that you wanted? – You’re taking cues from the wrong person – Keep it over here, Will – Um, no, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head – No? – No – How ’bout, like, a marriage? Would you– – Oh! – That’s a joke Luke, how about you? You said you were surprised that the other couples weren’t as awkward, or their situation wasn’t as awkward, as yours was on the wedding night Why is that? – I just thought everyone was gonna kind of have that– I guess a little guarded or a little reserved with someone you just met on the wedding night – It’s “Married at First Sight,” not Dating at First Sight – I’m aware – AJ, Steph, looking at the other relationships, are you relieved that your marriage is very different from the other couples? – Yeah I mean, I value what we have, but we worked our asses off to have what we have I mean, we lost a lot of hours of sleep in order to devote the time and the communication to each other that we needed to make this work – You sure did – It wasn’t luck It was a lot of work – Yeah – How about you, Jas? Is there something that you saw in the other couples that could’ve helped with your relationship with Will? – Of course. We always talk about intimacy and chemistry, and we know the couple with the crazy chemistry is K and K – Oh, look at them And she sticks her tongue out on that moment She’s like, “You doggone right.” [laughter] And so you wish you had a little of that chemistry? – Absolutely – Any couple has the potential to not work out That’s just the way it goes Even though these couples are matchable scientifically and with the experience of the experts, sometimes this journey can bring out frustrations that are unexpected Let’s take a look – I mean, you’re gonna throw me on the spot right now, I’m gonna have nothing for you – Yeah, and I understand that – Homework is normally done at home for the next day – We can do Misconduct, City Tap Yeah, that’s fine – Let’s just go somewhere We’ve been talking about it for 20 minutes We’re gonna end up not eating anything I’m very outspoken What are you doing at our house? What the [bleep]? The mini-moon is supposed to be a chance to reconnect Going to, like, seriously grab a hotel room This is [bleep] up We have to share bathrooms [laughter] I just got used to that in my marriage Now I got to get used to it with six other strangers? ♪ ♪ – Kristine, how would you have reacted if Keith had those types of frustrations? – Can you see Keith– – [inaudible] – Yeah, it would’ve a been war – You know what?

Yeah, it would’ve been– I know Everyone says we’re like magnets now, but, you know, like, the opposites, and we would’ve exploded, because if he even thought he was gonna sit there and like, raise his voice, he would’ve had another thing coming – I have to raise it in a different tone, and it’s, like, a happy tone – Very happy tone – It’s like, “This is for dinner?” [laughter] “Oh, hooray.” – AJ, all jokes aside, what did you think of that of what you just saw? – Watching myself back now, I realize that I got very protective of my marriage early on, and my guard was up for much of the show Frustrations kept building, and they came out It happened throughout a lot of times as you see in the clip, and am I proud of it? No, but I mean, it is what it is – I think you were shooting a show about being “Married at First Sight,” and I think that it–You know, it’s part of the experiment You have to put the two things together– you know what I mean? The production of it and the experiment, ’cause it’s all one, you know? It’s like marriage There aren’t always perfect days, but it’s a damn good thing Luke, you did most of the cooking up in the Poconos for the group trip Was that to keep the peace? – It was a good way, I thought, to kind of help smooth everything out ’cause we were a little rocky We were going to the Poconos “together,” but some people didn’t grasp that “together” meant “together.” – Together – Together – All together – Yeah – As you learned, when you were like– – I mean, you stick eight adults in a house, and what do you expect? I mean, we’re not in high school, you know? I mean, treat us like adults – We’ve been talking about the differences in relationships, and one of the most confusing marriages this season was, let’s be honest, Kate and Luke’s. Take a look – Kiss – I just think it’s, like, odd that you haven’t kissed me yet, like, at all We had no idea what was gonna happen He kissed me last night, and then he said it made him feel repulsed and dead inside It came out that, “No, I’m not his type.” Luke asked me not to talk about this with the experts, but I can’t keep it a secret anymore Luke and I have been having sex since the honeymoon, and it’s been a little bit awkward I told Dr. Pepper that we actually have been having sex since the honeymoon – This is–I hate all of this How can I trust you? ‘Cause you’re like, “Oh, I swear to God, I’m never gonna whatever,” and it’s not changing ♪ ♪ – It’s very painful to watch you guys ♪ ♪ – But how did this affect the group watching this relationship and all the things unfold? – Everybody’s marriage is different I don’t have any input on it Like, I’m not an expert I’m not a professional Who am I to say anything about someone else’s marriage? – I mean, from an outside view, you could clearly tell she was in pain And the fact that it took so long to end is a shame It–It shouldn’t have gotten as bad as it did If you knew early on it’s impossible to make it work, then pull out ♪ ♪ – I’m sorry, but as far as, like, relationships, priority is right here, not–You know, Pastor Cal told me the husbands are the ring around a relationship, so we got to block everything, so I’m just focused right here – [sighs] – What? What are you thinking, Kate? What made you sigh like that? – Oh, I didn’t even realize I did that out loud, but just your responses, like the husbands over here, like, “My priority is my wife, and that’s what you put first,” and then the first thing that Luke asked me was about the other brides Our wedding night, when the cameras finally leave, you say, “Give me the dirt on the other brides.” I’m like, “Why would–” – I was wondering – Oh, yeah? – Do you feel like he might have done this to be on TV – Kate, do you feel like he might have done this to be on TV and not to find love? ♪ ♪ – Yes, I do – Really? – Yes – Did anybody come to you and say, “Get out?” ♪ ♪ – No – I didn’t tell her to get out – What did you say? – But I did tell her she should throw a right hook every now and then – Did you? – I sure did You know, knock a little sense into him every once and a while – Yeah, look at me [laughter] – Really, it works for Keith well though Working it on Keith – Did you know the full extent of things? ♪ ♪ – No I don’t think the full extent – I feel like he was playing a game of mental warfare

♪ ♪ – I–I’m so sorry ♪ ♪ I–I don’t know – What do you want to say, Luke? What do you want to say here? – That I’m embarrassed by all the behavior and the terrible way I treated you ♪ ♪ I’m sorry I really do want you to be happy ♪ ♪ – Thanks – Thanks ♪ ♪ – Does this day give you some closure? ♪ ♪ – Definitely – That’s good, and it’s great to see the sparkle back in your eyes All right, let’s switch gears On a much lighter note, I’m gonna read a few social media posts and give you all an opportunity to respond If you don’t want to respond, I’m gonna open it up to everyone Let’s start with Steph, AJ Well, here’s a tweet for you guys “I love that Stephanie is committed to the process “She’s choosing to see the bright side “in what others would see as AJ’s flaws “He’s got a dad bod. She’s like, I’ve never been into gym guys.” By the way, Dave, don’t flip that I’m rocking a dad bod too I don’t feel bad about it at all – You can–Okay – So first of all, I didn’t get “Married at First Sight” to have a rock star model That’s not why I was doing this I wanted a husband, and everything that I asked for in a husband personality-wise, career-wise, family-wise, religion-wise is what he is, and so that’s what made me grow to love him – AJ, what do you say to that tweet? – Um, as long as it’s not my personality that needs to be changed, I’m okay – Yeah. Absolutely – You’ll suck it in more, man It works – I thought I did, bro, and then I saw that stuff I was like, “[bleep].” – Okay, let’s move on to the next one “Jasmine and Will look really good together I hope it works out.” – Big fan – You love this couple together, don’t you? – Yes, I do – Yeah – I really do. I was like, you know, I’m cheering for the–I’m cheering for everybody, but I’m like “Oh.” [laughter] – Y’all are gorgeous together – I’m telling you – That’s all I’m saying – When you hear that, how’s that make you feel, Will? Um, it’s not like I’m happy to, you know, be sitting here, you know, without a ring on I signed up to find my forever I just wanted a partnership as opposed to the man just saying, “Oh, yeah, I’ll pay all the bills.” – I want to tell you, your stance sparked a huge argument at my job – Oh, yes – But will this change your view as you see men in the future? The next guy you date, will there be–will you say, “Hey, we can be 50/50”? – Absolutely not, but I just think [laughter] – You got to love her for sticking to her guns, right? That’s who she is – I still don’t believe in the 50/50 However, however, however, I’m happy that it sparked a debate, and when you talk about divorce, one of the top reasons why people divorce is because of financial concerns ♪ ♪ – Moving along, when you marry someone at first sight, there may be some surprises that you weren’t ready for and that you would have more time to come to terms with in a traditional relationship Kristine, was it a big shock Keith was immediately comfortable burping, farting, doing all those things on camera? ♪ ♪ – Now, on three, you all know what to do, right? – [burps] Excuse me [laughter] – Fan that that way, like All right, so we officially have a problem now This one over here just made our first fart ♪ ♪ – [farts] Sorry. Sorry. Big head alert Big head alert [laughter] – The first one was a shock You know what I mean? Like, ’cause it’s just like, “Yo, did you really do that? Like, you didn’t even wait until, like–You didn’t even want to go in the hall.” – It’s not like I farted on her I just, like, away from her – You smell it from the other side of the room You don’t have to fart on me for it to bother me – Anybody else have this issue like this? – No – No? – No – Nobody? – No – Oh, man, I’m sorry, baby – You’re the only one You’re the only one – My apologies – I’ve never farted in front of a female in my life, except my mother ♪ ♪ I still get up in the middle of the night and run out to the kitchen – What? – What? – You won’t fart in the bed? – I don’t know what it is It’s a mental block that I have – Man, you got to live, man – I know. I want to I want to so bad, but I can’t I’ll even roll over and I’ll see if she’s sleeping, and I’ll still get up and run out to the kitchen

It’ll be 3:00 a.m – And fart, and then you go back to sleep? – And fart and–Yep – Okay, it’ll get there It’ll get there one day – I’ll let you all know what happens – America will be waiting You know, this season the couples got a chance Listen, this has been a blast, but up to spend plenty of time together, but the group activities also highlight some of the personality differences between the participants Let’s take a look – AJ’s a stand-up guy No I don’t know He’s so over-the-top Not a fan of it – I got 20s. He’ll come back – I think he kind of–He’s– I don’t want to sound like an ass[bleep] – So how’d the Pastor Cal visit go for you guys? – Not that best I said, you know, some stupid stuff – You kissed her, and then you responded, “I feel repulsed, and I’m dead inside”? – I see it as disrespectful If I was Kate, I would say, “I want a divorce,” and get out of it Can we talk about Luke? You’re straight-up like “Teen Wolf.” I mean, look at your knuckles Can I shave your arms? – No, I just have to accept who I am as a person Okay, I’m gonna go to bed – Whoo! Lighten the [bleep] up You’re such a [bleep] – But I love drunk AJ – I was–I was wound up in the Poconos – Yeah – I was livid – Did anybody feel the tension between those two? – Yes – Oh, you did? – Oh, yes – I mean, our bachelor party, I didn’t feel it then But our first night back from the honeymoon, I kind of felt it then – I just think they’re two opposites, so I mean, without this process, they would just walk by each other in the street You know what I mean? They wouldn’t even talk at a bar – I mean, it’s clear that Luke and I have never been a fan of each other We’re so– – Oh, really? I misread that situation then – We have very, very opposite personalities – I thought we had become friends You were really helpful during the whole process – I mean, you called me ass[bleep] this episode – I told you – I deserved it, but you still said it – But you did I mean, it seemed like every time you commented about him, you were not a fan of his You were kind of like, “This dude’s over the top.” – If he was being over the top, yeah, I would say it I mean, I don’t like when he slaps my ass and says “whoo” in my ear – That’s not what you said that night. No, I’m kidding [laughter] – Any tension between the ladies? It seemed like you guys really kind of– – We love each other – Yeah – Yeah – This is, like, the best group here, like, support system – We do have our little bride tribe, and we talk often – Yeah – We all get along We feel open enough to talk to each other about all the issues that we’ve had – I mean, you seem to have formed a bond with these women Will they be your friends for the rest of your life? – Yes. Yes – Absolutely – I love all of you You really supported me, and I hope I supported you in everything, and I think you all are just the kindest, the most awesome women ♪ ♪ – Yeah – Okay, let me ask you another question One of the toughest things about participating in “Married at First Sight” is dealing with people’s reactions in watching the show Anyone get any weird unsolicited advice that you were like, “What?” – I’ve gotten a lot of messages from fans that are watching that have really just made me so happy Like, I’ve gotten someone that wrote me a prayer – There’s a lot of prayer people – Oh, yeah, that prayer was serious. Yeah – Yeah – It was very thoughtful though – Everyone I met in person has been so nice to me, like, over-the-top nice, like, pictures and just very, very nice – I got a couple random DMs saying, “Hey, are you still married? If not, I’ll marry you,” from, like, middle-aged women in the Midwest, but that’s it Like, that was really it We were laughing about it I mean, I showed her It’s nothing new – Kristine, I want to ask you about watching the matchmaking episode, and Keith and your dad sitting together and Keith saying that he liked doggy-style – So tell me, what’s off limits when it comes to sex? – I’m willing to try something new, but I do what I can do right, so I try to stick to it – What are your ways? – Doggy-style. That’s my thing [laughs] [laughter] – I saw it I didn’t even look at my dad I got up I walked out the room – Yeah, she walks out and leaves me–leaves me here – You deal with that – What is the reaction? Because not only when it happens, but when it, again, plays on TV? – Oh, gosh – And what were you thinking? That’s her daddy – Well, I–I didn’t ask him to sit next to me I sat next to him, and, you know– – Did you know that was coming? – No, I didn’t know I did not know that was coming – By the way, Kristine and Keith, after decision day, there was a little rumor floating around – Oh, God – About you all – What rumor? – Is that true, in the room that you were like, “We’re married, and you know what? We’re staying together.” – You know, we had a little excitement, yeah – A little – What? – You had a little moment? – Yeah, we had a little moment – You know, sort of, like, the excitement and adrenaline running in – And she looked so good on decision day, man

– Oh, I didn’t know where this was going – Wait, you were– – Yeah, our decision day – What? – You guys are married, so – So the crew was at lunch They’re like, “Oh, we’ll be back in, like, a half hour.” I was like, “Oh, I got enough time.” – Oh, my God – So decision day bed is – So TMI. Oh, my God One couple has a big, big, big, big, big announcement to make ♪ ♪ Kristine and Keith, would you like to share your big, big news? ♪ ♪ – So we’ve been doing a lot of work ♪ ♪ And, you know ♪ ♪ We are buying a house – We’re buying a house – We’re buying a house – I didn’t know where that was going [laughter] – ♪ I’m living a dream ♪ – So just the house and just the two of you in the house? – Yes, just the two of us – For now. For now – We were all looking I was like–I was like, “Oh, they’re getting the…” ♪ ♪ – ♪ I’m living the life ♪ – I was so ready. Like [laughter] – Okay, now that you are all “Married at First Sight” veterans, looking back on when you started this experiment, who here believes they were really ready for marriage? – I’m gonna go half – You know, I was ready for it, but I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for marrying a stranger – Yeah – Luke, you did not raise your hand. Tell us why – I feel like going in I believed I was ready, but in hindsight, I feel differently – Mm-hmm I have a question Do you feel like you learned a lot about yourself, so I guess, like – Moving forward – Yeah, moving forward it’ll be a completely different– – Yeah, absolutely I feel like this whole process has been really informative It’s definitely taught me that marriage is not easy, and you really need to be super clear with what you’re communicating to your partner and be very open to hear what they mean when they say their words – I think it’s very rough, and it’s tough, but if you can believe in yourself and you can handle it, then you can get through anything I mean, it’s–It’s a very short portion of your life to possibly have the outcome of your rest of your life with someone else – So the experts are actually starting their search for participants in Charlotte What advice do you have for future participants? AJ, I’m starting with you – Definitely go into this with an open mind, but I think that it all boils down to being comfortable and knowing who you are in the vetting process to begin with, and let them truly pair you with somebody – For who you are – For who you are and not for who you want to be or who you want to portray yourself as – If you’re doing this process, one thing, you definitely have to be honest, and I just think that if you are a type of person that it takes you forever to open up, or you know that it takes a lot to get you out of, like, your comfort zone, this may not be the best process for you – You have to think for two You’re no longer yourself You’re a unit together, and everything you do, everything you say is gonna affect the other person, so you need to think as a partnership now – Absolutely – I think that falls under “know who you are,” because I mean, some people are by nature selfish, and they can’t get past that They don’t even think they’re selfish, and that flaw will come out in this process – Yep – Don’t be throwing shade – I’m–I wasn’t–You’re making me feel guilty. I wasn’t– – Well, I mean, I agree with everyone’s advice here I think honesty is one of the number one things that you have to have in this process, because we’re being filmed constantly, and the truth always comes out And this is really intense, and this is really hard, but if–You know, sometimes it doesn’t work out, but I think that you should just don’t ever give up on love even, like, when you’re still in this process Like, there’s always a chance that you don’t still know that person fully, that there’s a chance that you could still fall in love with them, so even if it’s not going the right way, like, a month in to the process, like, I’d still suggest to everyone to ride it out to the end – Just go all in You know, go all in Give it everything you have Give it your best shot You know, like, push yourself really to your limit because it can be worth it at the end – All right, I like that I like that You know, this has been the biggest season of “Married at First Sight” ever I want to thank you all for being here and participating in this experiment and taking a gigantic leap of faith for love I’m your host, Kevin Frazier Good night We’ll see you next time ♪ ♪

– Amazing guy – [laughs] ♪ ♪ – Hey, come here, kid Give me some love, girl – Yeah, yeah, yeah