Married at First Sight: The PAST and The FURIOUS (Season 8, Episode 8) | Full Episode | Lifetime

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Married at First Sight: The PAST and The FURIOUS (Season 8, Episode 8) | Full Episode | Lifetime

[dramatic music] – Oh, my God This is about to happen I’m gonna be married at first sight – [exhales deeply] Holy [bleep] – 3 1/2 weeks ago, eight singles took a brave leap of faith in order to find love – Hi – They married as complete strangers – Kiss your bride [cheering] ♪ – Immediately I’m attracted to him This is good This is good. This is good – Last time, our couples tried to deepen the connection with their spouse Kate and Luke – You think she has a drinking problem? Yes or no? – Yes – He’s worried you’re drinking too much ♪ – I’m just completely shocked that he thinks that I drink too much – Stephanie and AJ – We’re going to make our own art ourselves with our bodies ♪ – There you go – [laughs] – Kristine and Keith – Who’s boobs are those? – That is my ex ♪ – Jasmine and Will – “How could I fill one of your romantic fantasies?” – You could wear some glasses ♪ – Tonight, with just 3 1/2 weeks until decision day, they will explore each other’s pasts to see if they’re compatible for their future – Hello – Hi – Hi – Hello – Hey, Stephanie – This is really nice here This is the first time in my marriage that I actually feel like Luke’s wife ♪ – What about king ball? – King ball? – What is that? both: Oh, my goodness – This has definitely been eye-opening for me because we didn’t grow up the same way – So you can start cooking more, and I’ll definitely help with the cleaning – So, wait, you want me to cook? – It’s almost sexist, like, and it bothers me I feel like he wants me to be, like, this 1950s housewife ♪ – Four couples were matched by experts and married as strangers Then after seven weeks, they must make the decision for themselves – So, at this moment, you have to decide – Do you want to stay married? – Or you do want to get a divorce? – ♪ No holding back ♪ No holding back ♪ – This is “Married at First Sight.” ♪ – ♪ It’s all or nothing – ♪ You’re not changing me ♪ Not changing me ♪ – Our couples have been married for just over three weeks, and they have been through so much in an extremely short period of time – We got a letter – Addressed to both of us? – Yeah – That’s new – Yeah, it’s a letter from Dr. Jessica – This week, I want them to give their spouses a tour through their lives before they were married at first sight Whether that means discussing a traumatic moment in their lives, bringing them to a place that’s important to them from their past, or introducing them to someone who was there during their early years, by exploring each other’s past, these couples will hopefully gain a deeper understanding of what makes their partners tick ♪ – I really like those pants on you – Oh – I like that color blue – You like these pants off me, too, don’t you? – They look really good in the corner Three weeks ago, I met and married a stranger, and I couldn’t be happier Stephanie brings me so much happiness She brings me laughter One of my biggest things is, I want somebody not only that I can laugh with but that makes me laugh, and, man, did I get what I asked for – Okay, so one of the exercises is to talk about a traumatic experience from our past that has shaped us, and one of mine was my first job out of college Everything was great, loving the new city that I was living in, Philly, but then all of a sudden, markets crash, everyone’s jobs gets laid off, and in my entire department, we’re all eliminated You know how I am with my career I’m very ambitious, and so having my job taken away from me for something that was completely out of my control, it was really traumatic for me – That’s good to know I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m glad it turned you into the person you are today – It feels so good to be sharing these things within our marriage to each other He pays attention to the little things He’s listening to everything I’m saying, and that’s what I want in life I would be empty without AJ in my life So, yeah, I’m just really happy Now it’s your turn – You know, I told you I grew up on dirt bikes and quads and trikes, and as soon as I was old enough, 18 years old, to get my motorcycle license, I got that, and I hopped right on a street bike And there was a guy on the side of the road with his wife and a small child waving his arms in the air very, very erratic ♪ There was this car broken down in the middle lane of I-95 I’m getting chills just talking about this every time I hit dead center of the back bumper and I was ejected from the motorcycle and I’m going over the car I remember hitting a windshield,

and because–with the forward motion of the car from it being hit, it propelled me further I remember standing up, and ♪ I looked down expecting to see my body laying there, ’cause I thought there–I knew what just happened, and I said, “There’s no way I could be alive.” That’s the last thing I remember I don’t know if I went into shock. Um – Did you feel pain? – No, no pain whatsoever I don’t even know how long I was out for ♪ When I stood up, and I still can’t say it without getting choked up because I–it puts me in that moment I looked down, and–I mean, when you think of a motorcycle accident of that magnitude, you expect mangled bodies everywhere For the most part, that’s why I’m so energetic and happy and smiling all the time, ’cause I truly am happy to be alive, and that’s why I take so many risks and chances, because why not? Life can be taken from you at any time, so take the risks Live your life Be happy That’s why I got married at first sight Now I have Stephanie in my life and by my side Take the risk Date that person, you know? Apply to that job Whatever it may be, do it You get one shot at life Make it the best And it always chokes me up a little bit talking about it, ’cause it was–I mean, it was a near-death experience – Yeah – It changed my life It reshaped the person I am – Yeah. Well, I like the person you are, so – That’s good. You married me [laughter] ♪ – ♪ If we were drunk on the moon ♪ ♪ I’d watch the Earth rise with you ♪ – “Think about an important person or place “Talk about how this person or place “has been significant to your growth and/or what they or it meant to your life.” Dr. Jessica gave us this assignment to talk with our spouse about a person or a place in our past that really shaped the people that we are today And I’m excited because Keith hasn’t really talked about his childhood and his background and, like, why he behaves the way he does or communicates the way he does – For me, I think it’ll probably be my dad, ’cause he’s coming in this weekend It’s just, you know, the things that he did in his past ♪ Kind of pushed me away from him, but, you know, you only get one dad, so – Yeah – You got to kind of take care of him or make sure he’s taking care of himself Growing up, I never knew why my mom and dad weren’t together, but my dad was pretty crazy back then, drinking too much or smoking too much It was just rough all the time just, you know, waiting on him to come down or– more like calm down, I should say It’s like–looking at him growing up, it’s like, “I don’t want to be that,” or it’s just, like, kind of not take the same kind of steps that he took and try to figure my way around stuff – Are these things still in his past, or is it, like, recurring? – You know, I don’t know if it’s still recurring or not So We will find out. I can notice if something’s up – Yeah – But I don’t know right now, so But we’ll see together, I guess ♪ – I want to meet his father because he’s a part of Keith’s life It really doesn’t concern me too much that his father has had abuse problems I feel like there’s someone in every family that has that misstep, but, at the end of the day, it’s still his father, and we’re really integrating and merging and really getting to know each other, and that’s a big part So I feel like we should at least meet, and I would like to know him – What about you? – I was actually engaged before He made a hell of a lot more than I did, so he took care of me, but he was very controlling Like, he just expected someone to cook all the time and clean all the time and have his kids right away – Mm-hmm – And it was the attitude of, “I’m paying all the bills, so you do what I want.” [ominous music] Like, a “his way or the highway” type of thing, and I’m a little too strong-willed for that type of personality, so As I’m telling Keith about my last relationship and how I was expected to do all the cooking and cleaning, I’m realizing that our marriage isn’t all that different I do all the cooking, and even though he say he clean, I end up doing all of that too This is not why I got married Do you feel like everything’s equal with me cooking and you cleaning? ♪ – Yes and no [suspenseful music] Yes, because you cook – Mm-hmm ♪ – No on–it’s like– It’s so many dishes ♪ I wasn’t expecting so many dishes

♪ – So I use too many pots and pans when I cook for you? – I’m trying to change some of your habits too, so I know that’s hard – I don’t think me cooking all the time and you cleaning all the time is working out I don’t know I feel like you think I replaced your grandma Get three meals a day, and all I ask you to do is clean [sighs] It’s just such a throwback mind-set It’s almost sexist, like, and it bothers me I feel like he wants me to be, like, this 1950s housewife, and, like, it’s just frustrating ’cause it’s 2018, you know what I mean? Like, there’s so much more– I have so much more going for myself, and this is all you’re focusing on [somber music] Like, how? Like, how? ‘Cause you keep saying you had this traditional upbringing I had a traditional upbringing, you know what I mean? My dad cooked, though My brother cooks. He supports Like [sighs] I don’t know – How about we– – So you can start cooking more, and I’ll definitely help with the cleaning I don’t want you to do all the dishes [dramatic music] – So wait, you want me to cook? – Yes What I want is a partner, what I felt like I was gonna have I don’t know, like, just teamwork Like, if I can’t do something, then you pick up the slack, or if you can’t, then I will, and it doesn’t feel like it’s that way It just feels like I’m doing everything and you’re complaining about anything else that’s not done I’m definitely not cooking three meals a day I’m not a housewife You know what I mean? – I seen that – This isn’t the ’50s, you know? – I see that ♪ – I’m not gonna be, like, the breadwinner and then come home and still have to take care of home too It doesn’t make any sense It’s not even fair to ask that – No, that’s not even where I was going at with that – Where were you going with it? ‘Cause that’s what I’m taking from it – That’s what you took from it, but that’s not really– – Clarify for me – I just wanted some help I mean ♪ – Help where, though? ‘Cause I feel like I’ve been doing everything ♪ – Mm-hmm ♪ You’ve been doing everything ♪ – I don’t like a guy feeling like he has the say-so just because he’s walking around with a [bleep] I don’t get it Like, seriously, if I don’t– I don’t think you appreciate what’s going on here and I feel like he’s still growing and he needs help with that growth and that’s not who ♪ [sighs] That’s not something I want to deal with I want an adult I don’t know how to move forward from here – ♪ Switch it up ♪ You got me watching you ♪ Switch it up ♪ I like the things you do ♪ Switch it up – One of the ways our couples can explore each other’s past is to bring them back to where it all started: their childhood home We want them to explore the places that shaped their outlook on life and to talk to the people who were there for their most formative years – Ain’t much. Nothin’ much, homey. Back home – Hey, baby – Oh, my God – Back home – Back to where it all started at? – Yeah, yeah, I want to show her, you know, how we came up I’m at Simons Playground Growing up, I had enough I mean, we weren’t rich, but I wouldn’t change my childhood for anything because I think it built character The playground was a microcosm of my life because it taught me so many things at a young age that became true as an adult It taught me that you have to earn everything that you get You know, no one’s gonna give you anything And I wanted to bring my wife out here to show her why it’s important to me and basically how I came up Playground’s over here This is where we spent most of our time – Yeah, we used to play wall ball right there We didn’t have rackets, so we just used our hands – Oh, wow – You played wall ball before, didn’t you? – No – She uppity She ain’t play wall ball She played racquetball – You like an uppity West Philly girl? Cool – I am learning more about Will’s childhood – What about king ball? – King ball? – What is that? both: Oh, my gosh – This has definitely been eye-opening for me because we didn’t grow up the same way It sounds like he was content at the time but that it still was a sense of poverty I grew up around family, around safety and love, and his friends became, like, his safe haven, and that playground became his safe haven [both laugh] – You have been inducted into our world – Yeah, you’ve been inducted – Oh, gosh – Yes – I’m an official member of, like, the – Yeah, an official member – The playground squad – I can’t even really put it in words what it means to have my wife here with my best friend that I met on this particular playground I mean, it’s just so nostalgic And this was just, like, the pillar of the community Like, everybody came here

And, I mean, sports are a lot of parallels to life That competitiveness, how I’m always pushing you, like, that’s what was instilled from here Like, it was, like, the older guys, like, pushing us to make us tougher and, like, really create who we are, like, you know what I mean? Where I got my sense of community and compassion and everything, and there’s just so many principles that I learned from being here, but, you know, this is what makes me the man that stands before you – Absolutely – It’s a little nippy out here – Yes, it is – Let’s get out of here Let’s go get some hot chocolate or something – Hot chocolate? – Yeah ♪ – ♪ I’ll take you up ♪ To where we belong ♪ – Hi – Today I brought Kate to the bay that I grew up in as a child We spent countless hours out on the waters just kind of exploring and growing up Butter pecan? – Definitely not butter pecan – What about butter pe-can? – No – How do you say it? Pe-can? Pecan? ♪ – Pecan – Okay. Really? – Yeah I had to think about that I haven’t said that word in a while Our marriage has so many ups and downs, but lately things have been going really well – Kate told me that her and Luke had a breakthrough yesterday – I feel like I trust him more and want to be around him more and I don’t have this, like, thing in the back of my head, like, “What is he not telling me?” – I don’t know – I’m worried about you ♪ – My friends don’t like him, but we just had this breakthrough that has been really important for me and our relationship And right now, this feels like the marriage that I’ve always wanted I needed more hugs in my life – I’m trying – It must be so hard, you throw up the ice cream – I hope my eyeballs pop out That would be the real– Like one of those squishy dolls where their eyes pop out Even though the marriage had a rocky start, I wanted to let her know that I’m very committed and I’m trying to make Kate a part of my life My home where I grew up, where there’s so many good memories, it’s so important to me, and I just want her to be a part of that And it’s not something that I’m fine showing to everyone There’s been relationships I’ve had for, like, six months that I don’t know if they’ve ever came to Lavallette You ever go crabbing? – Oh, no I’ve always wanted to – Really? This is where you measure them, see? – Yeah – These backwaters, where I spent literally all of my childhood – Nice, I like it – But, yeah – My hopes for the future are that we can really move past and forgive each other for things in the beginning of our marriage and become really, really close and happy together ♪ This is really nice here I’m just having a great time This is the first time in my marriage that I actually feel like Luke’s wife – ♪ Oh, you’re beautiful ♪ In the little things you do ♪ – ♪ Flashing lights ♪ We’re in the fast lane ♪ Do it with – Hi – Hey – Hey, you two. Welcome. Hi Good to see you – Good to see you – Keith and I have hit our first speed bump since we’ve been married No matter how much we talk about it, Keith still expects me to cook him three meals a day and refuses to help I’m tired of it, so I want to sit down with Dr. Jessica and get some help with our communication – What’s your married life been like? ♪ – It’s more up than down ♪ – I think we’re just learning to live with each other – You know, everybody sort of expresses and receives love in different ways What helps you feel most cared about? – You don’t want to hear that answer – Yeah, I do – She doesn’t want to hear that answer either – What’s the answer? – It’s food ♪ – Oh – See? I told you – So food? Okay – Our disagreement was, like, over food the other day – Okay – Surprisingly enough, but it seems to be the only thing he really relates to Yeah, doesn’t like to cook at all – Have you tried it? – It’s rare – So what we settled on was me doing all the cooking and him doing all the cleaning, and then he complained about the amount of cleaning he had to do for the amount of food he was getting and decided he wanted three meals a day, and I wanted to strangle him – [laughs] – You know, food can represent different things to different people There may be certain dishes that you remember from your childhood that are really important to you and they’re comforting to you, especially when there’s a stressful time You’re kind of going through a stressful experience right now, so it wouldn’t surprise me that you want to have that sort of comfort – I came from a house where I’m in an all-female house and I didn’t have to cook I grew up with just me, my mom, my aunt, but mainly my grandmother My grandmother is my everything, really I didn’t have, like, a father figure to show me, “Hey, this is how to be a man.” Growing up, I do have, like, a scenario I think I was 13 My dad got drunk He was like, “All right, drive the car home.” So I’m driving around North Philly

Don’t know which way to go on Broad Park the car, and I called my grandpa “Hey, can you come get us?” He’s like, “Where your dad at?” “Oh, he in the car He asleep.” “So who’s driving me the car?” “It’s me, Pop-pop Just tell me which way to go.” And, you know, I was just like, “Okay, this is bad,” you know, so – You just described–and thank you for sharing that, by the way You described a kid who had to grow up too fast and what we’d call a parentified child, and what that means is, you are put in the role of a caregiver, and it does affect the way in which you relate to other people That’s exactly what we’re seeing here today, the way in which we heal from adversity that was caused within our own relationships growing up, so with your dad, for example It’s through other relationships in which actual healing can occur Your mother and grandmother helped you through food and were able to create a safe space for you – Oh – Does that make sense? – That makes a lot of sense – Okay – I never thought about it like that – And so having a supportive, consistent, reliable, predictable relationship and marriage can actually hope to promote healing from what you’ve gone through before with your dad [dramatic music] – In that moment, I definitely gained a lot more empathy for my husband, Keith I really took a step back, took a look at the overall picture, and I can see where he was affected, and I can see where all the women in Keith’s life showed their love by taking care of him because he was so busy taking care of his father So I need to just have a lot more patience for myself and with him, you know? But mainly with him, knowing that he feels love through food – He made you breakfast, is that right? Was it all right? – It was good – Aw, thanks – ♪ You just got what it takes ♪ ♪ I’m thinkin’ we could make this happen ♪ ♪ Are you thinking we could make this happen? ♪ – Hi – Hey – How are you? – I come bearing gifts – [laughs] – I am at my Aunt Susie’s house, and Will is actually here for the first time, so I cannot wait for him to see where I spent a lot of time with family – You like to eat? – Oh, definitely – I like to feed. Come on [laughter] – When I come to Aunt Susie’s house, I really feel loved I feel family, and it’s just somewhere that’s familiar, and I just feel comfortable I feel home Even though we only have been married 3 1/2 weeks, I want Will to be able to look at my family as his family now too Well, Aunt Susie, Uncle Joe, I brought Will here So I wanted him to know how important that you guys are to me and that your home is to me – Sometimes she was here more than home, and I’d usually get tired of her – No, you didn’t – No, not really. Not really – We want to welcome you, Will – Thank you, thank you – We are a very close family – Jasmine’s family seems very inviting It just seems like a very cozy and old-school value type of place where they want to just stuff with you food, which isn’t a bad thing [chuckles] It’s a place that she feels safe at It helped mold her to the person that, you know, stood before me at the altar, and I can see what makes it, you know, special to her – She was a good child She really was – I know. I was an angel – I didn’t say “angel,” now – She didn’t say “angel.” – I didn’t say “angel.” – [laughs] – What type of marriage advice can y’all give us? – Not a disrespectful thing, but, Jazzy, you have to listen to Will ♪ Be respectful of each other – Mm-hmm – Because he is the man of your house – I’m feeling a little betrayed They’re supposed to be my cheerleaders, so I don’t need to listen to Will Will needs to listen to me What defines man of the house? – Because he’s gonna take care of most of the bills – No. See? We don’t agree on that ♪ – Here comes the topic of money and finances again From the honeymoon, Jasmine and I have been in disagreement No, I don’t believe in traditional gender roles – Oh, you don’t? Okay – I mean, I will do certain stuff Like, I mean, I’m gonna take out the trash and What else is manly? Taking out trash – Paying bills – No, that’s 50/50 ♪ – 50/50? ♪ – You don’t think so? – No – Jasmine and I have the fundamental differences, and I’m still trying to figure out how a marriage can work or if it can work with those fundamental differences – Will doesn’t feel that way He’s like, “50/50.” – You have to work together What you put into this marriage, you will get back If you put nothing into it, you get nothing back – You need to come up with a solution together – Right, that’s for both of you ♪ – What do you think? ♪

– What defines man of the house? – Because he’s gonna take care of most of the bills – No. See? We don’t agree on that ♪ – You have to work together ♪ Communication is the most important thing you guys will ever have – Mm-hmm – That’s how you’re gonna learn each other – I’m taking the advice very, very seriously Having a couple that has 58 years of marriage under their belt giving advice is amazing I mean, they’ve been married longer than I’ve been alive, so you just want to soak up all the knowledge that they can give I appreciate you guys for opening your home to me I definitely feel welcome, and I thank you guys for that – Yeah. Well, I’m glad to hear that He can be officially accepted as our nephew – Yay [laughter] – I take Aunt Susie’s advice very seriously I am learning that you have to compromise I am going to listen to my husband It might be hard at first, but differences will happen I won’t always agree with you on everything, but we have to come together as one – All right, now – I’m gonna push you out the door like I did before – Oh, no. No, no – Go, go, go [laughter] – That’s how you got ran out when you was a kid? – Yeah Y’all kicking me out again – ♪ Don’t stop looking up ♪ ‘Cause the sky’s not coming down ♪ ♪ And you might not see the sun ♪ – Yay – Today we’re going to see Stan and Kay, Stephanie’s parents Family is a big deal to me, and I do want to make a good impression – [knocking] Hello – Hi – Hi – Hey – Hello – Hey, Stephanie And my new son-in-law – Hi – A goal for me in marriage is to be just like my parents My parents have been married for over 30 years and they’re so cute together and they still do the little things every day to make the marriage last and they are definitely my role models for marriage So this is my parents’ place – Our parents’ place – Yeah, yeah [laughter] Duh – Nice to be considered your parent. I’m happy – It feels so good to bring AJ to my parents’ house, but I’ve had ex-boyfriends that my parents did not like, so I hope that he fits in and he loves my family just as much as I do – I want to sit down and talk with AJ for a little bit, if that’s all right – Dinner’s not the only thing getting grilled here [laughter] – Exactly, exactly – In past relationships, looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever felt 100% comfortable with the other person’s family, but I’m married now Obviously, I want my wife to love me I want her to like me, but I also want her parents to see the relationship that we build and the bond that we have, and I want her parents to feel that same type of affection towards me as their son – We’d like to know about your background: where you went to school, what did you major in, what kind of work you do – So you just want me to bring you up to speed on my life? – Yeah. Like, in other words, who is AJ? [laughs] – So born and raised in Long Island and went to college in Connecticut, in New Haven, for criminal justice I always wanted to be a police officer, so I went that direction, and then I ended up getting in a bad motorcycle accident after college Three screws in my shoulder, and that ended that vision of that career And then one day in 2012, I woke up and I said, “You know, my career, it’s going well, but it’s at a standstill.” I wasn’t being challenged So I put my nose to the grindstone and just learned every aspect and ended up opening my own staffing agency the last year – Getting married at first sight was a big risk for Stephanie to take Sitting with AJ today, I need to get to know him I need to get to see what his past was, what his interests are, his background, so that I could feel that he’s a little bit more of a fit for Stephanie The reason I have my own business is because I didn’t want anybody telling me what to do – What to do – You and me both – [laughs] Uh-oh – Now I got married, so She’s allowed She’s the only one that’s allowed to – She’ll tell you what to do – Literally, I mean, we do nothing but laugh You got a pretty funny daughter – Well, I’ll tell you, I have to really thank you for, you know, the one or two times that we were on a conference call with you on speakerphone, and to actually hear her laughing and you laughing, you know, just over conversations, you know, is just something that– She’s had some very stressful times – It helps to relieve some of our concerns – Growing up as an only child, I’ve always dreamed about marrying into a bigger family Ask my imaginary friends from when I was young, Joe and Mike Mike was who I always blamed stuff on so I didn’t get in trouble, ’cause I didn’t have a brother or sister, and Joe was kind of the best friend that I didn’t blame anything on I’m right at her height maximum You know, she said she doesn’t want anybody over 6 foot I think I listed myself as 6 foot and a 1/2 inch, but once I took my shoes and socks off and measured myself, I’m, like, 5’11”

and, like, 15/16ths, so I’m good Having Stephanie’s parents welcome me into their family and support us in this crazy thing we’re doing, it means the world to me It’s just one more step to getting everything I’ve ever wanted out of life Even with decision day still four weeks away, I feel like I’m gonna be calling Steph my wife for the rest of my life I could not be any happier right now – Let’s go get some appetizers and– – Yeah, get some appetizers and find out where Stephanie ran off to – ♪ Lean in a little closer – [chuckles] ♪ Take my hand – In less than four weeks, it’s going to be decision day, and any successful marriage needs to be incorporating their family into it Our couples have been spending time with those that are closest to them in order to decide whether they should stay married or get a divorce – Why don’t you come sit next to me and have my dad, like, sit across from us? – Okay – Today Kristine is meeting my dad for the first time Couldn’t have him at the wedding because it would’ve caused friction between, you know, my mom and his mom, and, you know, I just wanted everybody to have a good time And I’m a little scared for him to meet Kristine, because he’s my dad You only get one dad, so it’s kind of important that he actually gets to meet her – What are you looking at? – I am looking at the chicken and waffles – Ooh, really? You should so I can eat some of yours – [chuckles] [dramatic music] – So we’re here at the restaurant We’re sitting, and we’re waiting ♪ And we’re waiting, and we’re waiting, and we realize he probably should have been here a little while ago Yeah, you want to call him? – Sure ♪ [line trilling] ♪ – Please leave your message [beep] – Hey, Dad. Give me a call It’s Keith – If Keith’s dad doesn’t show up, I’d be really heartbroken for him – Let me call my grandmom He’s probably over there – Yeah, that’s weird. Thought he would have been here by now – Yeah, me too – Because you can tell it’s something that he’s used to, just constantly being let down by him, and I don’t like to see him like this because I have so many feelings for him now and I don’t want to see him hurt – Hey What’s up, Mom-mom? – Did you talk to my dad? Is he over there? ♪ – Oh Do you know if he came in or not? – Wow – No, that’s okay ♪ – So he just never showed up last night? – I don’t know – Wow His father told him he was coming for him, and it was really just a big letdown, but it definitely gives me a lot more insight into Keith and how he grew up So I’m gonna help him get through this the best way I know how, and that’s really just being by his side It’s a little frustrating It’s a letdown – It’s not the first time [sighs] – I thought I was on there – No – No? – [groans playfully] You worked to get off, though – Oh. [chuckles] Honestly, I don’t know why my dad didn’t show up, but I do feel like Kristine understands my struggle You know, we’ve got bigger and better things to work on and to look forward to So I believe she’s got my back all the way – It’s okay – ♪ We’re right at this perfect time ♪ ♪ It’s us against the world ♪ – Look at hubby washing clothes He’s so nice He washed both of our clothes – Yeah, yeah, yeah [dog barks] [growls] – You ate that whole thing so fast? – What, my– – Your ice cream bar Hey. No, you’re too tall – Can you reach–are you gonna reach it? I don’t know if you can reach it Look, you can’t even get– [both laugh] See? This is why you didn’t want anybody over 6 foot [laughing] ♪ – [laughs] [laughter] – That’s how the kids would make you stop talking, just shove food in your mouth – That’ll work There’s a lot of things you could shove in my mouth to make me stop talking – Mm – [snoring] – Y’all hear this? [snoring continues] This is what I have to decide to keep [chuckles] After decision day Oh, don’t stop snoring now I got to decide if I want to live with that ♪ [giggles] Oh, hey, baby. You’re up? How are you?

I was just talking about how much I adore you – I heard you – [giggles] ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ – Hello – Hi. How are you? – Kate and I arrive at my parents’ house I’m very excited to finally let Kate into that part of my life And these are the most important people in my life, so it means a lot to have Kate here – All right, so what are we gonna do? We grilling? – So I heard you have crazy knife skills – I don’t have crazy knife skills I just took a class once, but I heard you took one too, recently – Well, I think yours was better than mine, so – I don’t know. I don’t know – All right, we’ll have a knife-off – [laughing] A knife-off – So here’s my thought – Okay – Can you chiffonade basil? – I think we were matched because we share the same values in our lives, and that will drive us to make each other better people Like, family is something that Luke and I both value, and so coming here is really important for me I want to be close with his family, so, like, I’m really excited to spend some time with them – When he was in high school, he and his cousin decided they weren’t getting “real jobs.” They were gonna be–what did you call yourselves? – Entrepreneurs Little guys doing big jobs Since getting married at first sight, I definitely learned a lot about myself You have to admit, you know, you’re not good at communication and kind of have to work on getting better at tackling issues head on, ’cause they’re just–things are coming at you real quickly Looking at Kate, I can see why we were matched She’s very comfortable with my family, and that’s a big one for me So I feel like we’re definitely doing a lot better in our marriage than we were a week ago – I guess it was in, what, like, May or June, and all the sand was pushed, like, everywhere, like, so there was a lot of sand So they hired him and his cousin Michael to clean up the sand – And remove it – And remove it So Luke put something online Some guy came and bought the sand, so they got paid to clean it up Sold sand on the beach [laughing] ♪ – The house is beautiful His family is so welcoming The food is great, the weather is perfect, and as I’m sitting here, I’m realizing, like, this is exactly what I was looking for This is what I hoped that our marriage could be, and if nothing else gets in the way, I could see myself falling in love and being in love and having a happy marriage – We’re so glad that you guys are here We look forward to many wonderful times So cheers – Cheers ♪ ♪ – Thanks for having us today – Oh, I’m so glad that you came. I really am – Thank you I feel like, right now, Luke and I are probably getting along and happier together than we have been throughout this entire marriage so far, so I want to sit down with Luke’s mom She is very kind She knows Luke better than anyone, and I want to get some advice from her – What did you think about coming here today? – I think, like, this is exactly the kind of family that I was hoping that I would, like, marry into, that care about each other, that like to spend time together, and Yeah, this is great ♪ Why do you think Luke did this? ♪ – You know what? When I talk to him, I feel like he was looking for a commitment ♪ What would be the least you would want to come out of this with? [dramatic music] – Um Like, I want– whether this, you know, works out or not, I would hope that we’d at least be friends and remain respectful to each other – Mm-hmm – That’s the least I would want out of it – Yeah, I agree. I agree When Luke told me he was going to be married to a stranger, I was very surprised Luke wanted to be part of this process I think it’s a mockery of marriage So if this doesn’t end the way that you want it to, will you feel like you’ve done what you– ♪ like, put forth a good effort? Like, your best effort? – Yes, I do – Okay – I’m so committed to this marriage I want it to work more than anything, but I feel like his mom is kind of, like, just checking in, like, how I would feel after this ends So a lot of her questions are just like, “Well, like, what’s the worst-case and best-case scenario?” And like, “What if this doesn’t work out?” And all these questions, and it’s just like, “Okay, so nobody thinks this is gonna work out? Why are we even talking about this anymore?”

– I just feel a little– You look like you’re a little sad ♪ – I didn’t come in with any expectations, but [sighs] Like, if I did, this would have not met them, and I just feel like I’m putting in everything that I can and this is me and, I mean, I don’t– I mean, there’s really nothing else that I can do – ♪ When you are lost ♪ Know everyone lost is found ♪ ♪ – Next time on “Married at First Sight” – Hi, babe – With less than three weeks left until decision day, the couples celebrate a huge milestone: their one-month anniversary – A toast to us, our one-month anniversary This could be the night where we get intimate – And I would marry you all over again if I had a chance – That sounds like your problem, not mine – It feels like magic This is exactly why I got married at first sight – I made dinner – I don’t believe it – You don’t believe it? – Mm-mm – You got to taste it to believe it – Like, if he keeps doing things like this, then I just might fall in love with him – So what would you rate me as a wife? – 6.8 – Whatever I just feel a little shocked by this – I feel like, in every other relationship in my life, I’m at a 9.9, but with this one, I’m at a 6.5 I just feel like it kind of doesn’t feel like a marriage right now, but I am a fighter, and I’m 100% committed to making this marriage work