Sentences with Sight Words & Number Bonds within 5 | 1st Grade Reading & Math | Teaching In Room 9

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Sentences with Sight Words & Number Bonds within 5 | 1st Grade Reading & Math | Teaching In Room 9

(cheerful music) – Hi, welcome to Room 9, our region’s largest classroom I’m Mrs. Williams I teach first grade in the Windsor C-1 School District That’s in Imperial, Missouri This is – Miss Forth Hi, everybody I’m from the Rockwood School District, and I’m excited to be here with you today as we learn a little bit about reading and – Math – So before we start, we really wanna know – Where are you? Are you near the airport? Top Golf? Are you out at Six Flags? – That’s where I live! – Yay! Are you near the Magic House? Closer to the zoo? Maybe you are close to the Saint Louis Arch, or the Mississippi River It’s where I’m at I’m a little bit South of Saint Louis in Herculaneum near the Mississippi River – It looks like we have friends from all over Saint Louis joining us today – Thanks for joining us, guys – Very exciting Let’s go ahead and start with our welcome poem I’m going to point to the words Feel free to join along with me as I say them Ready? Welcome, welcome, everyone How are you today? We are so glad to be with you learning math and reading too – And speaking of how are you today, we need to do a zone check, because before we get ready to learn each day, we check in on our body and brain Really smart scientists that study brains know that happy, calm brains do the best learning If you are in the green zone, that means that you are calm, you are happy, and you’re ready to complete your work, help others, and reach your daily goals And this is the hand signal So if you are in green zone, show me your green and good to go If you are in the blue zone, you might be feeling a little slow and low today You might need to draw a picture, get a hug, or think some happy thoughts to be ready to learn Your hand signal will look like this If you are in the yellow zone, you may be a little frustrated, anxious, or maybe just really excited in a good way, but not ready to learn yet So you need to take some deep breaths, get a hug, or talk to an adult that can help you be ready If you are in the red zone, you have flipped your lid Your hand signal looks like this, and you’re probably not learning with us right now You’re very angry or upset about something You need to stop, get help from an adult, take some deep breaths, and check the size of your problem So show me your hand signal Are you green zone and good to go? I hope you are If you are blue, yellow, or red, choose one of her strategies to help you get ready to learn – You guys ready to get started today? All right, before we start, let’s do our Room 9 chant Can you read this along with us? Okay – [Both] I am smart I am kind I am brave I am me – Okay, this is our last day for this week, which means we’re gonna take all of the things we’ve been learning together and bring it all together We spent a lot of time exercising our reading and writing brains We’ve been talking like a robot to help us hear all the sounds in a word, and now we’re gonna try to use that as we write words Okay, so do you remember these boxes? Now if you were with me the other day, I had those boxes, and we were using the Legos to help us hear all the sounds in the word like kuh, ah, tuh Do you remember that? Okay, if you weren’t here, that’s okay You can help us as now what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna write letters in the boxes to write the words Instead of just listen to the sounds, we’re gonna listen and write Are you ready for the very first word? I want you to get your magic writing fingers out or a piece of paper and a pencil if you have it Remember your magic writing fingers You can write in the air You can write on your hand You can even write on the floor or a desk in front of you All of it works All right, so the very first word is rat Say rat Okay, now slow it down and listen to the sounds like a robot, rer, ah, tuh Great

Okay, let’s start writing the words Get your magic writing fingers out Rer An R, yeah Now what? Rer, ah A Rer, ah, tuh T Great work, readers and writers You listened to the sounds that you heard and you wrote all three sounds by showing the letter that makes that sound Good job Do you want to try another one? Let me erase my board You get your paper and pencil or your magic writing finger ready? Next word is mad, kind of like our friend Hayley in the book, “First Grade Stinks.” She was mad about being in first grade at first, wasn’t she? Say mad Okay, say it slowly And you tell me what letter should I put in the boxes? How many letters are we gonna have? Okay, three There’s three sounds Are you ready? Mad Mm, ah, duh M? Okay, I’m gonna write it What should I put here? Yell it loud, so I can hear you An A? Okay What about here? Mm, ah, duh D? All right, I did what you said I’m gonna go back and check it Mm, ah, duh Mad You did it Good work Air high five! Woo! Okay, let’s try another one I’m so impressed with how you’re already using those reading and writing muscles in your brain Okay, next word Tap Say tap Say it again Okay, now say it slowly and listen to every sound and tell me what letter I should put What letter makes those sounds you’re hearing? Tap, tuh, ah, puh T? Okay What comes next? Tuh A Tuh, ah P We’re gonna check it Say the sound with me as we check it Tuh, ah, puh Tap, tap Tap You did it You wrote the word tap, because you listened to all the sounds that you heard, and you wrote a letter for each of those sounds Let’s do one more The next word is hmm, let’s do can, our sight word, can, yeah Can Say can Okay, say it slowly I’m gonna point to the box, and you tell me the letter Are you ready? You want me to write a C? Okay Cah, ah, uhn A Cah, ah, uhn N Are you using your magic writing fingers and writing along with me? Oh, good Okay, I’m gonna check Cah, ah, uhn Can, can, can You did it You wrote the word can Good work, readers and writers Remember, when you wanna write a word, all you have to do is exercise those reading and writing brains, those muscles, and slow down like a robot, listen to all the sounds that you hear, and then write the letters that make those sounds Good work, guys Okay, we’ve been working really hard on our sight words Remember, sight words are words that we know in a snap That’s right And they’re important, because we’re gonna see them in books all the time So let’s really quickly practice our sight words And then I thought maybe we can practice writing our sight words and sentences So I’m gonna share my screen And as I put a sight word down, I want you to say it See The I Me At Can A

Look Okay, see, the, I, me, at, can, a, look Okay, let’s look carefully at these words and let’s think, can we put some of these words together to make a sentence? So last time we did I see the I see the I see the Hmm, are there other things that we can look at? Look at Look at Ooh, I’m liking this Look at the Look at, Look at the Look at the Look at the can Actually that’s a sentence, isn’t it? Do you wanna write that down? Okay, magic writing fingers or pencil and paper I got mine right here Let’s go ahead and write this first sentence Ready? Look, and remember when I start a sentence, I start with a special letter, a capital letter So I need to change my L to a capital when I write it Wanna watch how I do that? There you go Make sure you do that too Even if you’re writing in the air, make sure you turn it to a capital Look at the Whoops Look at the can Good job Okay, let’s write another sentence This time, let’s change the last word So we’re gonna keep saying look at the, so we can keep practicing these sight words, but let’s think of some more words that we can write instead of can And maybe let’s think of some of the words that we just wrote in our sound boxes You ready? Look at the rat No, (laughs) ew Okay, let’s write it Look, you tell me how to spell it Say the letters, and I’ll write it down Capital L- O-O-K Look at, A-T, good job, the Check if you need to T-H-E Look at the rat Okay, remember what you did Exercise those muscles Rer, ah, tuh Rer, ah, tuh Look at the rat Good job Let’s read another one Look at the can Look at the rat Look at the cap, like would you wear on your head, a cap? Wanna try it? Okay Look Spell it for me L, I hear you, O-O-K Put a space, so my reader knows there’s a new word here Look at the cap Cap, help me out Cap Cah, ah, puh Cap Okay, let’s do one more Let’s think of one more word Look at the can Look at the rat Look at the cap Look at the, hmm Hat, you wanna do hat? Okay, I like it Hat, hat Look at the hat Look at the hat You wanted to write cat? That’s okay You can write that too This is your sentence Okay, now that we wrote our sentences, we’re gonna go back and read the sentences So I’m gonna put my marker cap on, and I’m gonna use this as a pointer Are you ready? Read nice and loud Look at the can Look at the rat Look at the cap Look at the hat Great job, readers and writers You did a really good job of thinking about all the sounds that you hear and using your sight words, those words we know in a snap to write sentences

You can write more too So when you have time, get out a piece of paper and a pencil, and think about those snap words that you know, and write some sentences with them And, remember, slow down and talk like a robot to help you hear all the sounds in words Thank you so much for joining me again this week I know you’re gonna have a great time over in math with Mrs. Williams See you next week – Thanks, Miss Forth, and thanks for teaching us today It’s time for us to get started on math So, you know the first thing we normally do is do a little counting to warm our brains up We’re going all the way to 20 And, let’s see Uh oh Get out your disco moves, guys It’s time to count Here we go One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. 20 All right, disco it up on the other side We’re going backwards Here we go 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Hoo! Great job, guys Okay, by the time we’re done learning together today, you’re gonna be able to say I can You say it Make numbers You say it Within five Yes, you will All right, so here’s the deal Super clever kiddos, just like yourself, that know a lot about numbers, know that there are a lot of ways to make each number Let me show you what I mean This thing that I have right here is a number bond, and we’re gonna use it to make numbers today So let’s just get out our handy dandy little dice and find a number Our number is Can you count? One, two, three, four, five So our number is five I am gonna put our number here in our number bond This is where the big number goes So we can put our big number here I like to call this the belly The belly is the big number, and these are the parts So I call this the belly, and these guys are feet, ’cause the feet always have to add up to the belly All right, so now how are we gonna make five? If you said, “Mrs. Williams, we’re making numbers to five “I’ve never manufactured a number before.” This is what I mean There are lots of ways to make five Here are one, two, three, four, five magnets How many magnets could I put into one of my parts? Did you you see five of them? We could put all five into one part One, two, three, four, five But then how many does that leave us over here? If you said zero, you are correct So we have five and zero as one way to make five Do you know that there’s another way to say that Oh my goodness Right now, you’re probably saying, “Mrs. Williams, “I know the number five and I know the number word five “I can make 10 frames “I can use tens and ones discs “I can now make a number of bond of five, “and you’re gonna tell me there’s another way.” Oh yes, my friends There’s another way to show five It is called adding Let me grab my handy dandy addition symbol, and show you what I mean This is a plus sign And here’s the word for plus, P-L-U-S This little handy dandy sign lets us show people that we are putting two numbers together So we could also write this as five plus zero equals five Wow, cool But wait, there’s more It’s okay, don’t look afraid I see your face right now You’re looking afraid There are more ways to make five Now we put all five of our magnets here last time What if we only put four?

How many magnets would go in our other group? This part is how many? Four This part is? One Did we just find another way to make five? Four plus one gives us five, because we know part part makes the whole Remember when I told you the feet had to add to the belly? So four plus one equals five Do you know something else? I could even say it the other way One plus four gives us five, because it does Oh my goodness But wait, there’s even more Right now, you’re saying, “Mrs. Williams, “you are making that up,” but let me show you Let’s just get our four and our one out of the way What if we only had three in this group? How many would be in this group? Two So three plus two equals five But I could say it the other way Two plus three equals five Oh my goodness, guys This is amazing So we have one, two, three different ways to make five And remember, we could say the opposite, two plus three equals five, one plus four equals five, and zero plus five equals five Oh my goodness Are you ready to see another one? Let’s roll our handy dandy dice and find our new number It’s three All right, let’s get our friend five out of the way and see how many ways to make three Let’s put our big number in there What was their big number? Right now, I want you to write a number bond and put your three in as your big number Oh my goodness, guys You are so smart You’re growing your brains so much today You’ve learned equals, you’ve learned plus, and now you learned different ways to make a number I just want you to guess, and it’s okay if your guess ends up not being correct Guess how many ways you think we might be able to make three Okay, let’s see if you’re correct Write that number down in the corner of your paper and circle it See if your guess was correct So we have three magnets here Let’s see how we can group them We could put all three here in one group So we have three and zero So, three plus zero gives us three That’s one way Could we write it the opposite way, zero plus three equals three? We sure could It means the same thing How else could I group them? How else could I make three with our three magnets? Did you say two in this group? Then how many would be in this group? So we’re saying the feet have to add up to the belly, two plus one equals three Could we do it the other way, one plus two equals three? We can, because it means the same thing Oh my goodness, guys How many ways do we have? One, two, three, four Did you say four? If you did, good for you We’ve got time for one more number Let’s move these guys on out of the way and see what other number we’re making today Here we go

All right, we’re making four Now there were four ways to make three How many ways do you think that we can make four? Write it in the other top corner of your paper and circle it Let’s see if your guess is correct All right, so this time we’re making four Well, we know we could put all of them in one group And if we put all of our magnets in one group, we have how many here? Four Plus how many here? Zero Equals Four plus zero equals four Can we write it the other way? Could we put the zero in front? We could We could say zero plus four equals four All right, we’ve got two ways so far Let’s see what else we could do What if we only put three in this group and moved one over? Do you know how to write the addition problem? Show me I’ll give you a second Three, two, one, show down If you said three plus one equals four or one plus three equals four, you are correct But what if we moved one over? (gasps) Write it Two plus two equals four Is there another way to write this? No, because they’re the same So we have one, two, three, four, five ways to make four You guys did an awesome job today of learning new ways to make numbers and adding within five I’m so proud of you Our time is over for today I want you remember to be safe by washing your hands Be respectful by using nice words Be responsible by helping out and doing your work I hope you have a fabulous day, and I can’t wait to learn with you again soon Bye (cheerful music) – [Announcer] Teaching In Room 9 is made possible with support of Bank of America, Dana Brown Charitable Trust, Emerson, and viewers like you