Top Mexican Riviera Excursion Tips

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Top Mexican Riviera Excursion Tips

hey cruisers welcome back to vlog Tober fest today we’re gonna be talking all about shore excursions the best shore excursions that we and our subscribers feel are available right about now this is 2018 if you’re watching this in the future in the Mexican Riviera Puerto Vallarta to Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan there are a few other ports that are considered Mexican Riviera ports but those are the most common so those are the only three that we’re gonna cover today but if you have any questions about other ports like La Paz which is technically the Sea of Cortez or Laredo also the Sea of Cortez or Mons neo or Ixtapa Zihuatanejo places like that message me on Facebook and we can always help you out today’s episode is sponsored by where you can find reviews tips and photos from real everyday cruisers if you’re researching shore excursions you definitely want to check out Cruise Line comm you can research the port’s that you’re going to be visiting you can visit the forums and ask questions about the port’s you’re going to be visiting and you can look at a ton of photos of the places that you are going on your cruise be sure to check that out there is a link in the description there is also a link you guys this is so cool today we have made a list that lives on our website of all the excursions that we are going to be talking about today so rather than taking furious notes you don’t have to do that you can just click the link in the description the link is actually in the body of the text where we kind of explain today’s live stream so if you have to leave early or you don’t want to write things down you can reference that anytime yay for lists also if you are a student in our master class we’re going to be uploading it as a PDF in that in the resource section so look for that within the next week if you are a CTTV Academy member so yay let’s get right to it let’s start with what our subscribers feel are the top excursions in Puerto Vallarta I am going to start with one of my favorites which is is not something that you would book through the Cruise Line this would be a self booked excursion and this is with Los Veranos canopy tour for those of you who saw the thumbnail today’s image that is my little son about a year and a half or two years ago flying through the canopy of the jungle in Puerto Vallarta like a boss it was probably one of the most fun family adventures that we have ever been on they allowed children who are 5 and up and if you have a ride-along guest who doesn’t want a zipline but wants to go hang out at the restaurant that’s there it is a wonderful excursion for someone who doesn’t even want to go on the zip lines but wants to sit and watch a beautiful waterfall there’s actually a river that runs through the restaurant on the property and it is spectacular we absolutely loved it now couple of things you need to know about this there is tequila tasting after the ziplining which is really great so you don’t get your liquid courage beforehand but you certainly get a nice little reward as soon as you take off your harnesses they walk you straight in and you get complimentary or included tequila tasting loved that so much fun they also have some animals on site a little zoo that you can see some really unique and beautiful animals and birds really really cool they also have a delicious restaurant that you should not miss the prices are reasonable and while you’re sitting at the restaurant you want to pack a swimsuit because they have crazy water slides that go into a moving waterfall it’s just unbelievable really good adrenaline rush kind of an excursion but again if you don’t want to zip line but you want to go along they do have ride-along prices so word of advice for you if you are going to Puerta Vallarta and you’re going to book this tour you must be very careful about the difference between ship time and Shore time forgive me guys I have something in my eye and striving me a little bit crazy okay ship time versus short time usually in Puerto Vallarta there is at least a one hour discrepancy so you need to be very careful about what time you register for this excursion they have several times available every day but do not book it too early or you will not make it when you get off the ship you walk to a little a little grocery Plaza and the lowest verrano’s office is in the same strip mall as the grocery store so you need to allow time for your ship to clear because you’re docked but you can’t just walk right off so a good thirty minutes to pull up an anchor and then you need to allow another 20 or 30 minutes for the walk over there it is it seems like it’s gonna be five minutes but it’s a little bit longer than that you could take a cab although if you’re fit and able-bodied with the walk isn’t bad you just need enough time to do it so please communicate with Los Veranos about what time your ship is coming in watch that ship versus short time but by all means book it book it

book it the maximum weight for that excursion is 285 pounds and it does include transportation to the jungle so check that out it’s a wonderful one all right here is a subscriber favorite and I know that a lot of you have already heard about this but lost collect us is probably one of the most well regarded excursions in Puerto Vallarta according to our subscribers there’s something to do for all ages you take a boat to this beautiful secluded beach and the southern area of the Bay of Banderas it’s absolutely and totally isolated from the rest of the world in fact you can only get there by boat there’s so much to do you can do absolutely nothing lay in a hammock sit in a lounge chair all day you can get a massage they have special activities for children they even have some snorkeling and swimming with sea lions in the ocean types of add-ons that you can do you can swim in the beach walk on the beach there is just a ton to do and one of our subscribers who has her own YouTube channel Sharon at sea said that the best thing about Lost colitis is there something for all ages and that is so very true in fact we took my mom when she was in her 70s and my son when he was maybe three or four and so proof that there is something for all ages it is a wonderful tour it will cost you somewhere around 135 dollars per person and listen to this guys please listen you must book loss collect us through your ship you cannot book it independently with fire two adventures if you’re visiting by ship they do not allow it if your ship is if you’re not on a ship if you’re going to port about a tunnel and vacation by all means you may book directly with fire two adventures and the link to fire two adventures that we’ve put into the description here for you on the website will tell you all about the excursion but know that you must book it through your website ok another one from the same company fire two adventures which you do need to book through your cruise line again but you’re not gonna you’re really not gonna be paying more necessarily for these particular excursions through your cruise line they aren’t more expensive which is very interesting this one is called the outdoors zipline adventure your cruise line may call it something different but this one also goes to that southern area you take a speedboat to a private beach area again you take a 4×4 to an awesome ziplining experience and you rappel down a waterfall this is one of the coolest high energy fun super active excursions that you can do and again you have to book this one through the ship it’s about 119 per person probably less for kids and the minimum age on the outdoors if adventure is eight years which is really reasonable another one from fire to adventures that again you have to book through your ship is called the sea Safari and I know that we’re going for really high adventure guys really active excursions here today but there are some other things that we’re gonna go over in a minute that aren’t as high adventure but bear with us some of the best things in viata are really outdoorsy the sea Safari back to that one is a speed boat ride again to another isolated beautiful area in Vallarta in that southern Bay Area you go horseback riding you go snorkeling you go kayaking and you have a lunch at a completely isolated and private beach this one is pretty this one’s pretty physically intense the snorkeling you need to be able to possibly swim to shore so this one I’d say be a little more cautious if you’re not comfortable swimming to shore I think it’s I think it’s something that we did with my mom well I don’t think she did the horseback-riding component I can’t remember but it can be done with people who are maybe older but very very very physically fit but be aware read the instructions again you have to book that one through the ship and that one’s about 119 per person and the minimum age is actually 10 years so that’s a good one when we did that excursion I got a little horse named Diablo and y’all know what that means a horse was feisty and wanted to take off on his own and I think we actually switched Diablo and put my husband on Diablo didn’t we put you on Diablo yes Diablo was a Diablo so anyway all right so let’s talk about a few more tranquil things to do in Puerto Vallarta we have a long list of things to do in via because Vallarta is a very beautiful port there is just so much to do there now if you wanted to do nothing you certainly could you could take a cab to downtown and just walk the malecon or you could take a taxi cab to the zona Romantica which is a nice beach area instead of a restaurant all day there’s a lot of things you could do that aren’t structured that are really fun but we’re going with more structured things now we’re going to talk about three hotels you can visit in Puerto Vallarta that are de Paz hotels they’re varying prices and varying experiences one of our subscribers told us over this past week when we asked for information about this that the day pass at the Marriott viata I think it’s by the marina it is wonderful you take a taxicab there it cost you about $10 and it’s about 25 bucks to have access to the property and you get some drink credit so we’ve got that website linked

in the article that we’ve written about this and we’d love for you guys to check it out I might actually try that one next time because I’ve never been it sounds good now you if you’ve been watching our vlogs you’ve seen us do day passes at the now amber resort one of the reasons we like now amber is it’s relatively close to the to the cruise port it is not walking distance but it’s about a 5 maybe 10 minute cab ride and we’re just really in love with the waterslide there it’s all you can drink all-you-can-eat probably around $65 per person less for kids and you need to email the cone sea air at the now amber in advance just to make sure there’s availability but you can do that by accessing the website and the link that we have provided last thing that we’re gonna recommend today for Puerto Vallarta is actually add a pass at the Hyatt Ziva our port of eret of logs from Carnival Splendor this last April May June whenever that one was released show us going to Hyatt Ziva for the day I personally prefer now amber but Hyatt Ziva is good if you want to get a little farther away from the cruise ship it is a beautiful resort just for us it was a little crowded in the beginning but it is all-inclusive about the same price as now amber and definitely worth checking out okay so how’s everybody doing I see that William Andrea Schultz has anyone done rhythms of the night experience in viata I haven’t done it but everyone who’s done it raves about it rhythms of the night is held at La Scala to us which is one of the best excursions in Vallarta and I heard that it’s absolutely spectacular so if your ship is docking into the later later hours you can book that one through the ship but I think that’s really unique and beautiful way to get out and see part of our tour later in the day okay Rebecca I’m not sure if it’s part of now Jade and now sapphire but it probably is because that sounds like the now resorts are kind of clustered together in that way but we’ve linked directly to the now amber website the resort website is now Resorts comm forward slash amber if you wanted to look at that okay let’s talk cabo guys we are going to first start with one of our personal favorite excursions in Cabo and that is Cabo sailing you can research them at they have snorkeling day tours you don’t even have to get off the boat and snorkel if you don’t want to you can literally lay or sit on the boat the entire time and not move and be served food and drink the entire time or you can be active and jump in the water and swim whatever you want to do the price is amazing you are responsible for getting yourself to their a little dock but it is walking distance but it is a good 20-minute walk so you must allow ample time to get from your ship to the Cabo sailing dock at the marina they’ll tell you how to get there but again do not expect it to be a 5-minute walk expect to need 30 minutes to get there you can’t take a taxi because it’s in the marina so you’re basically walking from one end of the marina to the next the reason I say 30 minutes is only because it is very very hot in Puerto Vallarta I’m excuse me in Cabo and I don’t want anyone to be rushing in that kind of heat you could get there faster we had to do it really fast I have my son on my back half the time because we were running late but don’t do that it’s wonderful the service is excellent the groups are small and this is when I would book on your own I wouldn’t bother booking it through the ship because they will allow you at Cabo sailing to do that when you go to Cabo sailing calm what you want to do is click on cruise ship guess they have a special section on the website for cruise ship guests click on that and that’s where they’re going to tell you what’s available for you and I love that they do that alright next up another very very popular excursion so to speak in Cabo is just to go to Medano Beach on your own you can do this by taking a water taxi we have a complete video guide on how to do this and it’s in the description with the the link that has everything in it we’re gonna show you how to get there so watch that video another very popular one is the dolphin swim with Cabo adventures be aware though that if you book the dolphin swim you can probably book it on your own outside the ship no problem but you cannot take your own photos and the photo packages are expensive our subscribers warned us about that this week they said make sure you tell people that those photo packages are expensive and you don’t get to take your camera so that’s something you have to be aware of that’s one of the reasons why we’ve never done it because we want our cameras with us at all times another one that’s great with cabo adventures is the zipline they start at one hundred and twenty nine dollars and you have to be eight years of age to do that one but people really like ziplining in Cabo it’s much more of a hot and desert experience to zipline in Cabo compared to feira de but it’s a good one so last up we’re going to talk about Mazatlan for a few minutes and the top excursions there I am going to suggest for those of you who are going to Mazatlan I’m in a strongly suggest that you look into using ship mate app to book your excursions I found that this week when I put out a call to action two people to tell me how they booked their excursions in Mazatlan they said I did it through shipmate and some of the excursions that they liked on ship mate were the tequila Factory and villages the ziplining and a tour called

highlights with lunch so those are the three that most people said they would recommend in Mazatlan so again use the shipmate app we’ve got a link to download it on our website in the little article there you just go to the shipmate app you click on Explorer and you go to shore excursions and you click Mexico and then you choose Mazatlan and you can book those there they’re reasonably priced they have good reviews and people are raving about them so I highly recommend that another option for Mazatlan is a website called Mazatlan tours org and it’s run by Johann and Sandra they’re very well known down in Mazatlan if anybody’s booked with Johan and Sandra I’d love for you to let me know in the chat they have on their website as well at Mazatlan tours org they have a section called cruise corner so again there they understand that cruise passengers have unique needs and they’re there to kind of help you with that so click on cruise corner and then they will show you the ship price for that tour versus their price so you can really compare and contrast I think that’s awesome I love that feature and there’s a ton of options they’ve got a wild dolphin adventure they have stone island which is a really fun thing to do if it’s your first time in Mazatlan it’s a really cool big beach they have horseback rides private catamaran tours things like that one thing you should know about Mazatlan is the beaches are okay but they’re not super pretty don’t expect that caribbean tropical look really anywhere in Mazatlan you’re not really gonna get that envira or cabo either but of all three ports Matalan just kind of has this brown feeling at the beaches it’s fun it’s great but just wanted to let you guys know that so that rounds out our top Mexican Riviera excursions and hopefully you guys will check out the the link so that you didn’t you know you didn’t have to scribble all of this down it’s got all the web sites in it that you could possibly need so now I’m gonna jump in the chat and see how everybody’s doing I think David said has anyone been to the ocean Grill restaurant in Puerto Verta I guess you take a boat to get you – yes David I’ve heard of that we’ve never been but you do have to make a reservation you take a boat and then it’s up on a cliff I’d love to try that sounds wonderful okay Zachary said what is there to do in the Mexican Riviera for young adults that does not involve drinking and partying I think a day pass Zachary could be amazing for you maybe go with something like the Marriott where it’s not all-inclusive so you’re not paying for alcohol that you’re not going to drink we don’t drink a lot or party a lot either and we really like des past resorts for swimming and relaxing also there’s a lot of good food in the Mexican Riviera there’s a lot of great active excursions basically all the things that we’ve talked about today aren’t really about drinking and partying so I think you’d love a lot of those things okay John said are there any cruise ports on the Baja side of Mexico yes John there are so if you’re thinking about the Baja Peninsula that kind of just sweeps down underneath California you’ve got Cabo resting at the tip of that Peninsula bright and then if you go up to sea of course Tezz side because the the the Baja Peninsula has the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other side on the other side on the non Pacific sides of the Sea of Cortez the waters are very calm and you have la paz and Laredo there John and those ports are spectacular Laredo and the islands of Laredo are one of the most majestic places I’ve ever seen we have a vlog on our tour in Laredo that we took to Isla Coronado there were dolphins swimming alongside of our boat we plunged a GoPro into the water and you get a good three minutes of solid dolphins underwater following the boat it is the most moving it’s one of the most moving days of my life we didn’t swim with the dolphins you can’t really do that but it is spectacular and the landscapes are very different they’re very much in a way they’re kind of like Cabo where it’s the desert meets the sea in Loretto and la paz if you get an opportunity to go there on a cruise if you ever get to do a ten nighter up to the Sea of Cortez you got to do it it’s spectacular so hopefully hopefully answered your question Luce said I’ve never been to the Mexican Riviera what is the itinerary the most common i-10 where I lose is a seven night or a five night the seven nights are Mazatlan part of our de and Cabo San Lucas some of them will omit Mazatlan and spend two days in viata or two days in Cabo so that’s the general idea area some of them will go to Acapulco ik stop as you watch nei home ons and neo ports like that but most of them don’t okay lose let’s see which one is the best to go to loose it really depends on convenience the nice thing about Carnival is they sail year-round and they’re year-round is that one I just mentioned to you so that’s a good one okay um Brooke yes mister cruisetipstv can you search for that video for Brooke just search Laredo lor ETO and posted

per book uh-huh Brooke I love that video so much don’t laugh though you guys we were early in our vlogging days then and mr. cruisetipstv wasn’t doing the editing yet I edited that video on my phone and then I transferred it to the computer and he cleaned it up for me but that is terrible editing where the music is loud and soft oh it’s horrible he did what he could to fix it but we weren’t really vloggers then so you’re gonna see a little bit more of a raw style but yeah Brooke I’ll get that for you okay yeah Jane the Mexican Riviera is really fun it’s it’s fantastic I love it I want to grab some more questions mr. Chris tips TV are there any more questions or is that is that everything or can I should I no questions okay if I’ve missed your question please go ahead and retype it now before we get started on the giveaway I want to make sure I can see the questions because the chat will go crazy when we start the giveaway Rebecca said best cruise line for that Mexican Riviera trip they’re all great because they and they all do different things the nice thing about Carnival as they go year-round a nice thing about princess is their princess I don’t like the ones that do really short days in Cabo so I would watch for that if you see a port time in Cabo that’s 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. to me that’s a nun I’m not gonna book it I love the 10 night princess cruises that sometimes go to all of those ports plus Laredo and La Paz those are spectacular ten night cruises they’re not that expensive they’re more expensive than a seven night but they are spectacular okay Thank You Seth for letting us know that Seth said that regarding last night’s livestream on the ultimate Shore day bag that you can buy rash guards in both compression and non compression styles so you can wear them loose or tight thank you so much Oh big p35 to the best food in the Mexican Mexican Riviera in my opinion is the chips and salsa they call them Toto pose down there but they’re just basically tortilla chips with the best pico de gallo you’ve ever had in your life everything else is just always good to me but fish tacos are always very good so yeah yeah Gail they do make plus-sized rash guards and we have a ton of them in our shop look in the fashion area of our shop we put a load of them in there Luis yeah it’s really good for kids lots of fun Beach days the ships are really good for kids so anything you book to the Mexican Riviera you are going to be just fine Norwegian bliss is doing a quick run this month to the to the Mexican Riviera too but that one might be a little bit too last-minute but maybe you could do maybe you could do Norwegian bliss next season that will be really cool if they come back I think they’re coming back a Mexican Riviera Rebecca said what’s the best time of year to go to the Mexican Riviera to me I really like November and December and January and February I like December early December like the first three weeks because the prices are great the weather is good and for some reason the water is still warm the water gets pretty chilly in my opinion in January in February and in April it can be breezy and cool down there in Cabo but it’s great oh thank you so much Tania I appreciate it thank you thank you for the super chat okay ms Mary said have you heard anything about the new cheers package on Carnival starting in December no Mary all research that I promised Lyndsey said do they still have Senor frog’s in Basel on I think that they do Lyndsey I’ve never been but I’m pretty sure that they do yeah okay looking for more questions crazy can’t traveler what active things can you do if you can’t swim don’t like Heights and have never been on a horse you can go to the beach for the day and not go in the water you know what I do though I would absolutely consider okay you don’t like Heights so a camel ride wouldn’t be good for you you could do if you want to do something really crazy active you could do an ATV tour there’s a lot of ATV tours in Mexico that’s something you could research or if it was me I’d go to a day pass for the day so yeah okay yes Sonya we have lots of plus-sized v-neck shirts in our shop on Spreadshirt you just have to kind of look at the different designs and see what size they go up to if you’re having trouble would you email me Sherri SH Eri @cruisetipstv comm and I’ll make some recommendations for you Enochs and I’ve been to Acapulco it’s been a long time it’s kind of off of the list right now because of safety reasons for the cruise lines for for a variety of different reasons but we went and we did the shotover jet with my mom before my son was born a man it was good mm-hmm it was really good all right looking for more questions Fatima you’re sailing in December on anthem of the Seas how can you get sushi without going to a zoo me there are definitely Asian food restaurants and Japanese restaurants in those ports so I would get onto Trip Advisor or something and just research them Oh Gail I probably wouldn’t take water shoes just for snorkeling unless I was gonna have contact with the rocky beach but if I was gonna have contact with the rocky beach I would yeah okay looking for more questions here what I don’t want to miss anybody no more questions okay sounds good and let’s

talk about the giveaway so we’re gonna wrap up today’s livestream at 12:30 and I’m gonna answer your question big P in just a moment I see it and I would love to do that I’m doing three giveaways today guys these are all international you can enter from anywhere yes Peggy the giveaway is international I would like to invite everyone to enter right now we’re going to be giving away three different types of things that you could take on a shore excursion to keep your valuables safe I’m gonna randomly pick which one goes to who they’re all basically neck wallets to keep your stuff in this one is a cell phone neck wallet right here but you can put other things in it this one is a locking little waterproof case and this one is called a dry pack so here’s how you enter tell me what country you are from and tell me your favorite shore excursion ever go you have two minutes we’re gonna close it off at 12:28 okay best fast snorkeling in Cabo I would book a snorkeling excursion in Cabo because you don’t want to really do it right off the beach it’s just not worth it Pelican Rock is okay but I would do something through your cruise line we really liked the Aqua trio adventure through carnal that had some great snorkeling and it was a lot of fun and then big P have we been to the Rio in Cabo yes we have been to the Rio in Kabul we stayed there as part of one of my companies corporate incentive trips probably three or four years ago it’s a beautiful property if you’re considering a day pass at the Rio I do highly recommend it the food is good but it’s not exceptionally good the drinks are fantastic and the pools are lovely so go for it if you think it’s worth spending the money know that that Beach is absolutely not swimmable you cannot get in the water up there it is very very dangerous so please know that you’re going to be in the pool not in the beach okay excuse me yes pool not beach okay got it all right let’s see we got here Scot what to do in Mazatlan Scot we just listed off a bunch of things earlier go back and watch the replay stone Island Deer Island a city tours great get on to shipmate app and look at all the awesome tours that they have there they have tequila factory tours so many great things okay looking for more questions while the giveaway comes in mr cruisetipstv is gonna pick three winners you can be from anywhere in the world just let us know where you live okay yes Melanie said shopping is a sport Melanie shopping is a sport and you guys I really have to emphasize all of these ports that we’ve mentioned today truly you could go shopping all day in every single port and have a blast if you’re into that there are so many good ones okay yes Rochelle de said you wanted to share something you learned today ask a cruise employee about the best Wi-Fi places in ports they call those spots their second home isn’t that the truth save yourself a lot of money by doing that that is such a good tip thank you so much for sharing that so what we’re gonna be doing tomorrow for those of you who are wondering haha day pass and chill set that’s cute we’re coming back and we’re gonna be doing this same themed type of video but we’re gonna be talking about the best Alaska excursions and in a week or two not sure when we’re gonna be doing this with the Caribbean but because we’re creating a little list of all of these excursions we need some more time to do the Caribbean one because that’s gonna be a big list but tomorrow noon pacific times sunday we’re gonna be doing that for those of you who follow us on our other channel cruisegear i want to let you know that we have some fun things coming as soon as well Oktoberfest is over and I can catch my breath a little bit we’re going to be doing some more unboxings and I am going to be doing my first cruise haul video I’m going to show you guys some of the things I’ve been shopping for for my cruise to Asia coming up and we’re gonna do a cruise haul somebody asked me to do it I said why didn’t I ever think of that yeah let’s do it I even left the price tags on everything so that should be good alright has everybody entered okay we’re one minute over semester cruisetipstv I’m ready for the three winners you can pop up there while I answer Lucis question would you do Caribbean or Mexican Riviera are they pretty much the same they’re not the same at all loose if I had a choice for a first time cruiser and it’s easy for you to get to Florida or anywhere that sails to the Caribbean I would totally recommend the Caribbean over the Mexican Riviera do that but then if you live on the west coast of the US and it’s cheaper for you to do the Mexican Riviera the Mexican Riviera is awesome it’s just not it doesn’t have that tropical feel the water does not have that Caribbean blue so you have to know that it’s historical it’s beautiful but it’s not as warm in fact almost always the sea day is going down and up you’re gonna be chilly at least on one or two of those days so you have to consider that as a factor okay oh I’m glad you guys like the cruise haul okay thanks for the feedback you guys I appreciate it huh I can’t hear you so sorry do you have the winners ready for me you’re

working on I can’t see anything oh it’s a question random question princess has the cool scrapbooks you can purchase for each itinerary just carnival do that I don’t know if they do that I’ve seen them do something similar but I’m not 100 sure sorry sweetie I didn’t know you were directing me to the to that okay great we’re almost done pulling the winners haha that’s a cute idea Seth de Paz and chill I’m gonna write that down I like that alright everybody we’ve got some winners let me see here okay all right our first winner tonight is Melissa roll for those of you who are winners email me your physical address at Sheri SH er I at cruise tips TV dot-com our second winner tonight is e Nixon congratulations a Nixon email me and again you guys don’t leave your address in the chat and our third winner tonight is the gal can’t help it I think that two of those people might be from Canada – I think Enoch send in the gal can’t help it might be from candidate from Canada congratulations to our winners so happy for you email me your address and I’ll get these mailed out to you this week so happy for you so yeah everybody we’re gonna wrap it up we’re gonna go get some lunch do some shopping and prepare for tomorrow’s Alaska livestream we’re so excited about it can’t thank you all enough for joining us right smack dab in the middle of a Saturday that shows that there’s a lot of love in the room for cruisetipstv thank you guys for showing up we really really appreciate all of you if you have any questions that I didn’t get to today it’s simply because I missed it and I apologize but you can message me on Facebook and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible usually I get back to people within one to two days no problem thank you all so much again for being here and until next time we’ll see on the high seas Hey click me to subscribe