【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP41 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang| Chinese Drama 2020

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【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP41 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang| Chinese Drama 2020

Why come again? I knew you’d come If I don’t come again, I’ll have the strength to get up and eat at home Stop looking! My mother went to the student’s house for a home visit What if she lied to you? How is it possible! Come here I haven’t seen you for so many days Look, you losing weight again Didn’t you have a good meal? My stomach has been bothering me these days A little acid regurgitation Did you go to the doctor Yes The doctor prescribed me some medicine Let me eat for a week If there’s still no relief, I should check again What it caused? Nothing serious I don’t have a regular diet And I tired before Mental stress is also high Darling! Seeing my mother was a real pain in the neck You are wronged If she treats me differently I’ll take it I’m just afraid will that no amount of effort I make make her indifferent Qin Qing Let’s get married Are you ready? Yes Not a day for two days We fall in love and get married That’s our business I know it wasn’t easy for my mother to give birth to me But she can’t decide everything for me I don’t know why my mom’s been so controlling lately She wasn’t like this before I feel I’m also to blame for this I can’t just let her do everything There’s nothing wrong with us being together You’ve done so much for me whatever involved and wronged Is it time for me to do something Do you agree? Yes Oh! It has to register to get married Then do! Household register is required Mine is here Where is yours? This is a problem Do you think I was too impulsive How lucky to meet someone who impulsively asks you to get one right away Just married It’s going to have to anyway You really think so? Yeah But the aftermath Have you decided how to deal? It’s not a small thing to ask questions before you answer them! I think so It’s not good to keep it from Miss Tian But there’s really nothing else we can do

Well, yes But I think you can go from passive to active It also can remind Miss Tian Not everything is under her control The pencil boy is an adult now He has his judgement and decision right? Go for it. I’ll back you up It’s good that have your support Then you can count on my good news I’m surprised that a celibatarian could get a license before me If in the past, I can’t even imagine I don’t marry because I haven’t met anyone I want to marry But now is different I’ll marry him whoever people stopped Alright It is lucky to meet someone that can make you risk in your life You must be happiness The same to you! Congratulation! Ok, it’s too late today Tired to sleep Drink the milk, please Mom Got it, I’m not a kid When are you going to work? Don’t you have to work today? I do I can go later I tell you Don’t eat at outside all the time The food you eat at outside are neither nutritious nor clean Did you get it? Yes, I know, Mom Drink up quickly! Mom, let me clean it up You just go to work You’re going to be late No You are an excellent teacher for ten years You should never be late! Come on, I’ll clean it up Mom You just go Go! Hurry up! Why are you so diligent today? You are saying I was not diligent before Give me my bag Your bag Okay, I’m leaving Okay! Okay! Mom Be careful Hello, Xiaofei What? Qin Qing, ZuoYuLin Qin Qing and Zuo YuLin Come to here? Sorry, he will be here soon I’ll rush him again Fine Zhang Xu and Zhao Yafang Why doesn’t he answer the phone Where are you? The Civil Affairs Bureau is almost off duty You also don’t answer the phone either Hurry up! At present, users have reflected the most on this issue Haven’t you investigated the main cause? We can only wait until the test is over to check the cumulative results And then we can find out how to solve it It seems that there are more problems than imagined If it is not resolved as soon as possible hours the user spend on the APP and registration amount will be affected Right! Are you busy? Why don’t you go first? I’m not leaving It’s fine until the test is over Are you sure? All right, it’s almost there anyway Dear, please wait me for some minutes I’ll be ready soon You must not leave Sorry We’re leaving work Please come back tomorrow! Thank you Darling! You haven’t left work, right? Yes I had a hard time to make my mother out I looked for the household register at home for a while I have something to deal with now in company I went to deal with… Then I arrived here It’s fine Go Why are we leaving? The workers are off duty Let’s come back another day

No way! I can’t wait another day Hello Excuse me Can you hold up for a while? Would you help us to register? Sorry We are off duty already Come back tomorrow I really can’t wait till tomorrow Are you in special circumstances? It’s really not easy for the two of us to come to this point You didn’t even know I wait for this day for such a long time I really don’t know what will happen tomorrow Just do me a favor Help us to register It seems that you are play the part of the Tale of the White Serpent Is there still Fahai? Fahai? There is really one You should answer the phone They’ll find out sooner or later See We have brought our household register here Your families don’t agree with this, do they? How about this? I can help register today But I have to make it clear to you The marriage will last for a lifetime It’s not a joke If you can’t get the blessing from your family, the road ahead will be very hard to hit I’ve seen for many couples like you You two have to think it over Getting married is about us, and we have already thought it over Help us to register! All right then if you’ve made up mind I’m sorry, we don’t register any more You don’t? Qin Qing Sir Your household register Thank you Qin Qing Zuo Yulin Are you showing off your ability? Right You really are! Let me tell you If you dare to carry me on your back to get this certificate, you will never enter this house again Do you understand? I am so disappointed with you Too much disappointed! Darling! Why not register? This is really not open and aboveboard for us the get married We obtain the certificate surreptitiously What is that used for? We’re sorry to Miss Tian and to ourselves You know my mother Now if we want to get her permission It’s too hard Then we can’t get married secretly The marriage certificate is just a paper We don’t need a piece of paper to prove our love I think it is more important to get the blessing of my family I am afraid of losing you No one will let us lose each other We just want to get married fairly Mom, you’re at home! Why don’t you turn on the light at home? I’m not your mom Mom I was wondering why you tried hard to get rid of me early this morning I thought my son cared about me so much It turned out to be you wanted to secretly take the household register to get registered Do you still remember your mother in heart? Mom It’s my mistake! But we didn’t get the license You didn’t? You’re lying to me again Don’t make it up! For Qin Qing How many times did you lie to me? Mom, I really didn’t get the license Qin Qing suddenly felt it inappropriate We felt sorry to ourselves and you I cannot believe she is so considerate Take out your marriage certificate Let me have a look and appreciate it Mom, I’m not married How can I get marriage certificate for you? Why don’t you believe me? I’m sleepy, I’ll go to my room This is the household register Let’s call it an early night! This is how it happened

When you did these, why not discuss it with me in advance? Miss Tian know this now, doesn’t she? Zhou Fang, let me tell you this It’s for half-half you are right or wrong I’m not saying Why do young people do things so impulsively Pencil boy Pencil boy No matter who he is He is the son of Miss Tian He talked back to his mother But it was between mother and son You are different Miss Tian would think it was you encouraged he son… Pencil boy Alright! Alright! We are in a more and more passive role now More and more passive! If I had known, I would not have agreed I regret myself now You know that, huh? Xiaoqing, I’m not blaming you I always thought you were quite clever, quite smart before Why do you do things like this without considering the consequences? Let me think! Let me think about how to break this deadlock Are you scalding yourself? It’s fine Is it time to give you a holiday again? No How can you do this in poor health? Be careful! Dude Why don’t I run business for you! You just let me go You just have a good rest Hello, Miss Tian Miss Tian Can you stop following me? Miss Tian Just listen to me I came here expressly to apologize to you Sorry part of yesterday’s incident also on me I And on… I can get it that you’re living on me while helping others outside here, right? Qin Qing I’m telling you I had a better impression of you I was thinking that you have grown up now and have been mature and know what you should to do What you have done for me has touched me a lot But I never expected it Yesterday, you let me down again Yes It’s really like what you said that I don’t understand you I really don’t I really didn’t think of it You will play this trick with me Sorry, Miss Tian Don’t explain any more Without the instigation of others, Linlin couldn’t talk back to me It was more likely for him to do something strange and bad Miss Tian After signing the contract with Mo Yang I feel at ease Right! Mr. Song Mr. Su Long time no see Right! I also registered a piece of your software How does it feel? Do you have any suggestion? Would you please give the grant instruction This is not grant instruction Your application is indeed much better than Chuangpin website But this also gives us a chance to improve We are very honored that Mr. Su says so But it’s just beginning, we’ve got plenty of time He has always had a personal relationship with Mr. Mo, so he must have also know that Zhou Fang helped us with this I’m worried about whether he will against Zhou Fang for this No, I don’t think so Zhou Fang is now the talent he needs most He will not do that Then I’m relieved

We have made another breakthroughs Next, let’s wait for the last moments Welcome Where is table 2? It’s over there Here! Here! Miss Ruhui Sorry I’m late because of the school business It’s okay It’s okay! Miss Ruhui I asked you out for dinner Because I just want to thank you for the information you gave me It was really great help to me Yes That’s good And I’ll find you more later Thanks a lot! It’s okay It’s okay! Miss Ruhui There is a lot I can learn from you Again! What can you learn from? You are going to be dumb after learning Let’s often get together and play with each other Get together? Often? It must be done! Miss Ruhui We really hit it off in the aspects of eating and chatting When I first met you, I felt that we both felt like old friends Me too! Me too! I really I really mean it It’s not beautiful words I really mean it, too That’s great It’s near your school, isn’t it? Is it right here near the school? Yes The environment is really good Yes? Look at these Trees outside… Who is she? Why does she look so familiar? Look at her Is it Qin, right? What a coincidence! Is she walking towards here? Hey Qin Qing When I was traveling, I thought she was especially enthusiastic She is especially good I like her very much There you are Aunt Li, Miss Tian How come you are here? I was just passing by Have you eaten? Not yet You are at right time Come on, come on, sit down and eat with us Let’s eat together Sit here Quickly! Hurry up Waiter Waiter, a set of tableware please Okay This is all Miss Tian’s favorite food Have a taste! We were talking about you just now about how enthusiastic you are and how good you are How come your skin is so good? Look at your rosy cheeks! What a charming girl you are! Then I’ll eat Try it. Try it now Come on What? Don’t force yourself to eat if you don’t like it You can order something else No! No! I like It’s delicious I like to eat, I like… Then have more! Have more! Don’t just eat that pellet Have some shrimp! Come on! I…I’m going to the washroom What’s wrong with she? Why did you refuse when Xiaoqin wanted to take you home? I’m asking you!! What are you thinking about? At the beginning, I thought you and Xiaoqin were very strange I always thought that she seemed to be deliberately, uh, badgering with you! What is the relationship between you two? Don’t you want to tell me? You don’t want to say? You don’t want to say? It’s not like what you think, Miss Ruhui I really didn’t treat you like an outsider But I don’t know what to say to you She hasn’t lessened my worry these days Do you know that? It made me really upset Do you have anything to do this evening? Nothing! Then go to my house to claim kin! And how nice it would be we can have a chat Ok

Go! Go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Are you here to accompany me or to play chess? Of course you Although I’m busy with work I have to accompany you I can’t neglect it! Is that the way you accompany me? I’m talking to you! Is that the way you accompany me? Uh, no Last time I played chess with your father This is the only move I could not take I have to go again in a couple of days I have to work out quickly Otherwise, it will happen to me again You have an appointment with my dad, haven’t you? When did you keep his phone number? It is easy to build a friendship between us men The key is not my father but my mother Now it’s always good to make up anyone of your parents What the hell! Working makes you so tired, you still have to think about how to win my parents I think you are tired It’s OK Anyway, the final beneficiary is me Right? After you talked to me, my thoughts were completely cut off Let me help you Do you understand? I don’t But I can upset it, and carry you on my back Miss Tian Have some fruit! Thank you! Thank you! Okay, you guys keep talking Okay They got the marriage certificate secretly Let’s leave this aside I’m thinking about that now why were they in such a hurry to get it? Is there anything else behind this? Do you remember on our trip that Qin Qing suddenly vomited? And so she did at dinner this evening Is she pregnant? Could it be? As you mention it, I think it is true It seemed that she had no appetite for food that day and was a little nauseous When she saw the dish, she thought it had a strange taste Isn’t that what it feels like to be pregnant? I… When I was pregnant with my daughter That was the kind of feeling As you said so It was the same when I was pregnant with my son There forms a link between this They secretly obtained the marriage certificate It has something to do with this No wonder our Linlin has been so abnormal recently He never talked back to me If we think about it That’s really the case But it also seems wrong Then why didn’t they just tell me Yeah! Why? Will you make decisions on everything in four family? Of course, I am his mother I worry more about him He can avoid detours Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! This is what parents do We hope they will take fewer detours But sometimes we think about it We have a bitter conscience about this They accepted it totally on the surface But they aren’t necessarily grateful They think we may be dictators After a long time, they are even unwilling to communicate with us and don’t want to tell us anything If they really tell us the truth What will you do? Then I don’t know What should I do? Mr. Su Take a seat, please You should have already known about financing by Mr. Song Lin, right? Yes, I already know I recommended the software to Mr. Mo I think you’ve already know Yes, I know But don’t worry I can understand why you did so I just want to tell you There are no permanent friends or enemies in the business, but permanent interests that are bound up I tried their APP that Song Lin recommended It is indeed better than ours in experience I cannot ignore this Chuangpin website is still in the process of debugging I believe we will get better and better in the future I hope so TKYSHOP

does well in online selling It should help with your customization line, right? Now the business of the experience store has also been fully launched I interviewed several designers And I prepare to sign several designers and boards with them Not bad! Now you are a popular designer That’s not true It’s just that the situation is open now This is also thanks to your help and my team They are really working hard Don’t say that Don’t be modest either The customers only choose you That tell all However, your development is not as expected It’s already much faster Do you have any new plans next? Next, I want to design and organize some series with concepts and themes What about the future? I hope my works can also be exhibited I’ll wait and see I believe you won’t let me wait long Aunt, I’m downstairs Then you can go up But you haven’t told me why Miss Tian suddenly called me over You just have the guts, do you? I am giving you a chance to get along with each other Be brave and go up I tell you Your future mother-in-law is very cute Okay, then I’ll go up Hurry up Come on! What’s the matter? Why are you so happy? Xiaoqing I heard that Song has become your chess friend The Go skill of Song is really nice and better than me If he hadn’t been busy, I have to take him to play the Go game with me every day You were bought off with Go game He didn’t buy it The playing quality is just like one’s character You can understand what’s the man’s moral quality by playing the Go There is a difficult philosophy question At the beginning, I remember that it seemed that you said you opposed the relationship of them Then you admit it now your own eyes are blind, don’t you? Then this is not me alone that have blind eyes What do you mean by this? You…you… What are talking about me? I didn’t You also think I was blind? I’ll cook! Go ahead! Look at you How dare you now You are getting more and more guts Yes Miss Tian Come on! Come on! Come on in! How come you bought so many things? It’s just a token of our regard I asked you to come over today just to ask you You need to have a good observation and you cannot ask directly to let them suddenly understand Miss Tian You are not angry, are you? See Yesterday, I was a bit rude I talked a little bit harshly You don’t take it to heart It’s okay I’m used to it I mean it is natural for you to be angry In fact It doesn’t matter what you say about me as long as you don’t blame Zuo That’s okay! Yesterday, he has already apologized to me There’s nothing wrong with my own boy OK I saw you are doing cleaning Let me help you No, thanks No It’s okay I do so to lose weight How can you lose weight at this time? You just rest Then I saw you are washing dishes Let me help you with the dishes No! You can’t touch cold water You just have a good rest Have a good rest! You are kind to me suddenly I’m not used to it I see you are not very well today Ah? Maybe I am tired these days Have you been feeling weak or nauseous recently? I vomited several times You vomited? Then Have you been to the hospital? I went The doctor said it was hyperacidity of stomach acid I am taking medicine now Hyperacidity of stomach acid Are you sure? Absolutely! It’s okay. Don’t worry about it She said it was gastric acid reflux that caused vomiting Can you believe it? I am not sure about this

No Then why would she lie to you? I was wondering they didn’t intend to have this child This is not going to work The child is innocent He did not make any mistakes That’s right Then if they secretly hide it from me to get rid of this child That is too irresponsible, isn’t it? Tian I have to criticize you on this This responsibility is mainly on you For… For your firm attitude at the time to oppose the two of them being together Qin Qing would think she could not make it though when you opposed How will the future be? What if she has a child? Do you think it is right? I’ll call her now Hello, Miss Tian The appointment of gynecology at 2: 00 pm Qin Qing You can’t do anything silly What are you talking about? Miss Tian I’m in a hurry You come to my house But I am in the hospital now I just registered No! You should come to my house right now Hurry up! Ok! What? What happened? What happened? Miss Ruhui, I’ll go home first I’ll go first Okay Quickly! Slow down! Slow down! Thank you You’re welcome Registered users have increased significantly Keep going! Brother Chen, why are you unhappy? Is that you haven’t signed the contract? No Why are you upset if you signed? In order to compete with Su Yushan, Mr. Song has invested a lot of money We can do nothing about it Both platforms have such great influence Only by getting more resources for promotion and publicity can good results be achieved Let me tell you something happy Our registered users have obviously increased OK I hope we can catch up with and surpass Baisai Group as soon as possible Hello, mom Now… Darling! It’s okay! Don’t be nervous! You made me a little nervous Miss Tian Why did you call us back in such a hurry? Why? Mom There are a lot of things for me to go back to deal with You just say it out You want to get married in such a hurry because you are…? You… You are? Are you alright? What do you want to say? Even now, you still pretending To be honest, are you pregnant? Pregnant! Miss Tian Are you mistaken? Is it because I always throw up? You just I really just have a stomachache Lin, why didn’t you tell me earlier about the pregnancy? It’s such a big deal! I didn’t Mom Qin Qing Now that mom has guessed that Then let’s confess it! Mom Qin Qing is indeed pregnant All right He confessed everything What else do you have to hide? Miss Tian, in fact, I really Actually, mom Qin Qing wanted to tell you before But she thought that you have always disagreed with us being together In case you reject her even more because of this So I was thinking about getting the marriage certificate secretly Then Be responsible for Qin Qing And then to come back again to make up to you I didn’t expect this to happen We also don’t know what to do So You want to give up your baby? Do you have any sense of responsibility? Mom, we don’t want to give up But I also can’t let Qin Qing be an unmarried mother Who made her an unmarried mother? Am I such an unreasonable person? Do you mean you agree that we can be together? I have told you

I am not unreasonable If you have anything, you can communicate with me and discuss with me You suspected me That’s why this unnecessary trouble appears Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I told you our mother is the most reasonable woman Mom We know we are wrong Ok Now that the matter has been made clear I know what to do You just have a good rest Don’t let your imagination run away Mom, don’t worry! You let me go My mother has already agreed to our relationship Are you not happy yet? Is it useful to be happy now? Where’s the baby? After a while when your mother finds it Then… What shall we do? So long as we try hard before she finds out the truth Do you think it’s that easy to be pregnant? I work out every day I’m physically strong No problem I just haven’t decided whether to have a baby So what’re we gonna do? Anyway, what is said cannot be unsaid It all depends on you now You’re playing tricks I’m considering our future Darling! If I don’t take my relationship with Zuo Yulin seriously How would I take great pains to make myself suffering We have deliberated on each other’s future We were not acting on impulse Neither were we pursuing fresh excitement