【Eng Sub, Vietsub, Indo Sub, Thai】Sing!China 2020- Ep1|Nicholas Tse, Chris Lee, Li Jian, Li Rong Hao

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【Eng Sub, Vietsub, Indo Sub, Thai】Sing!China 2020- Ep1|Nicholas Tse, Chris Lee, Li Jian, Li Rong Hao

The reality music show, which received a lot of attention from all Chinese audiences around the world, is back The show “Sing! China” 2020 Started in 2012, “Sing! China” has been with the audience for nine years Each season, we will bring different surprises to the audience, This year we have invited a brand new group of coaches, and a completely new line-up of contestants “Sing! China” 2020, globally broadcasted This program is exclusively sponsored by the Wine Manor, Wine Manor, the destination of wine lovers Good teachers create good students, online classes select good students Download the app to get the most attractive deals Thanks For Your Love 1999 Say goodbye not forever Goodbye won’t be forever Say you love me, don’t promise Love me without commitment No backing down will make his heartbroken, I’d rather be alone The most pitiful one is the one who is not understood To be in love or not is a sin If I want to leave, I will have to dry the tears Don’t ask how many people I’ve loved, or how many people I’ve been with, just ask how much I love you Don’t ask how many wounds I have suffered, if you don’t understand how deep that wound is How did the person who loves me most hurt me? The reality has always been cruel, I have already given my soul away Legend Think of you, but you are so far away Think of you, hope I can see you in my eye Think of you, you are always in my mind Think of you, you are always in my heart Since I saw you in the crowd one day I can never forget your face Dreaming about we may meet again by coincidence someday My longing for you would never fade away Think of you, but you are so far away Think of you, hope I can see you in my eye Think of you, you are always in my mind Think of you, you are always in my heart Believe that we had our promise in our last life Our love story will never change in this life I will wait for you in my whole life,

Wish you know that our hearts have been always together Floating Subway Half an earth away, you are there, When the world is raining, I am here Traveling among the crowd, I don’t care about the weather But our past days become a memory How much energy should love take away from the heart? God asks me to see more different things Wandering around in the future, I am aimless I’m only left with a drop of tear held in my heart We are half a world away Let me sit on the floating subway and move on And still think of you We are half a world away The time takes away everything, but leaves behind a riddle It wants me to ride the wind We are half a world away Let me sit on the floating subway and move on And still think of you We are half a world away The time takes away everything, but leaves behind a riddle It wants me to ride the wind What Do You Want Me To Do? Hahahaha, hahahahaha, Hahahaha, hahahahaha, Hahahahaha, Hahahaha, hahahahaha, What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? Hahahaha, hahahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha, hahahahaha What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?

What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? Let’s give them all a round of applause And now, let’s welcome, the first candidate of “Sing! China” 2020 I will choose the first song We have a new coach this year, we have to treat her with dignity I will choose a song of Escape Plan, named “Start Again” Fighting! I’m Cheng Xin, I come from Ning Guo, An Hui I’m 23 years old My daily routine includes restocking the shelves, delivering, collecting money My mom can’t look after the business on her own Ma’am, I need two cases of milk Ok Xin Xin, two cases of milk OK Here Santine organic milk is the best-selling, it is also very nutritious I also drive the cargo tricycle with my mother, going around the roads and alleys, we deliver the goods to supermarkets and grocery stores Whenever I have free time, I will wear headphones and watch “Sing! China”, and practice singing Xin Xin This June, the director of “Sing! China” invited me to the show Excited At this moment, I deeply feel that, the music has pulled me back, it didn’t give up on me Fighting! I didn’t think twice when deciding to come here Start Again Silence is the night I’m humming the melody alone Why does it dark? Why do people shed tears? The snowflakes are flying Even if they are pure, they can’t help melting It can only be like this, so people can feel them Stay, I’ll be behind you Stay, waiting for the next rainbow The paintbrush in my hand, I draw the loneliness on the wall Why does it dark? Why love changes? The river of happiness is rising I want to swim toward freedom Dust and dawn Who will I fall in love with, and who will I leave next time? The smile on your face yesterday, disappeared in an instant

Stay I’ll be behind you Stay waiting for the next rainbow Start again Like overcoming the utter helplessness Start again Like seeing through the black and white of human nature Stay I’ll be behind you Stay waiting for the next rainbow Stay I’ll be behind you Stay waiting for the next rainbow 4 coaches turned around Teacher Li. 4 coaches turning around Teacher Li Have to turn around Why not turn around? Let the candidate introduce herself first Hello, coaches My name is Cheng Xin, I’m 23 years old this year I come from An Hui Which place in An Hui? Ning Guo, An Hui Ning Guo You know, I’d lived on Ning Guo street, He Fei for 3,4 years Really? So do I I studied in He Fei Really? It’s OK, I can be comfortable now Your major is music, isn’t it? You are a (student majoring in music)? I studied music But I’ve graduated Now I’m a salesman in a small supermarket in my mother’s mart Everyday I help my mother ship goods There’s a sharp sound in her voice Supplementing her voice I think she has a very magnetic voice She can sing very lustily Take her innate voice to sing, like echo effects This physical feature belongs to you It belongs to your music background An innate talent Cultivate a talent, very good We really like you Thank you, teacher I’m very happy I also feel I can imagine I see you appear in many music shows and maybe many people, about 10000, 20000 people cheering because of you I think everyone will have sympathy I also feel very happy when standing here A while ago the enthusiasm that the audience gave me that gave me a lot of strength I’m sorry Do you want to make singing as your main job? Actually, I used to think of giving up It was last year Why? Because actually, I didn’t have any achievements, neither my own song My mother hoped that I could have a stable life My mom told me to come back home So I didn’t want to struggle with life outside anymore So I decided to come back and transport goods in my shop and collect money Actually, it was also joyful Because I always believed in a saying that a stupid person has his own joy Living anywhere is the same Parents hope that their children can have a stable life But I just heard her say that I’m very emotional Very emotional We all chase the dream of music Maybe in our family, someone will support us and someone will object But I think she never have a particularly intense attitude Right. She is very tolerant I think her indifference makes me feel maybe makes me emotional Thank you Actually, each coach has their own unique and precious resources But I can say that apart from the stage of “Sing! China’, I also have more shows, or films, etc I mean that if you truly want to

make singing as your main job, I’ll have a lot of things to share with you So are we fighting to wrest her? It started at the moment we turned around Always He always likes to talk about his resource We have to learn from him Brother Tse, what other resources do you have, or share with three of us? Money is also fine Right Actually, money is quite Money We truly don’t have as much money as Nicholas Tse No I want to say that luckily you come back Luckily you come back on our stage I want to repeat the reason why you singing can make us emotional It’s because I don’t feel you have an ambition It’s the thing that touched my soul A stupid person has his own joy You’re such a stupid person, so you need a stupid song to sing But being stupid doesn’t mean performing in a stupid way Right. I don’t say you’re truly stupid I’m truly stupid Right So you just keep being stupid. Right OK. She has responded Responded Got it back Sometimes, like when we sing rock, you should have that silly momentum I truly think that she’s the best amateur to sing this song Right, so I want to say that you’re such a silly person, so just do what you want At the age of 20, 30 years old, you can be dreamy If your ideal is music, and you really love it, you pursue music, I think it is a good ideal It’s worth support You should do that at your age I think music is very beautiful It brings me happiness Right. She really likes music She doesn’t like vanity Thank you So each of us uses a sentence to sum up Have we finished yet? No, we can continue You can continue saying if you have more words to say Right. You can say I really like her Finished Thank you So she has said for a long time but forgotten the most important point Right Let me talk first OK Your resources No And your money Nicholas’s taste It’s neither my resources nor my money It’s seniority This is exactly our senior Right, also beauty Right Because you’ve said a silly person has his own joy So you truly need a “not silly” coach He’s “taunting” us Keep it in your heart Don’t speak out, Chris No Of course, 4 people here are not stupid But actually, I’ve been working in this industry since I was born If we talk about seniority I want to say that If you think you’re quite silly, very good Let me protect you Thank you Really. Initially, I wanted to be humble a little bit But it has reached this point, I don’t need to do so. Come here When it comes to protecting you, I may be stronger than coach Nicholas Just kidding So I don’t need to be humble anymore as I reached this age Because last year I couldn’t become a coach for “Sing! China” But that year Although the hero doesn’t mention the bravery in that year I hope that because in my three-month experience, I made several songs for the students Some people have remembered them until now and are also willing to sing them I think this is the most important thing Thank you Brother Jian has said in his first part The hero doesn’t mention the bravery in that year Right. And Mention it You have mentioned it, I won’t Right. And Before being a singer, actually now too, I use the money from writing and editing songs to pay for housing rent I can help you choose some songs, help you form a band, do whatever you want and eat delicious food in our An Hui Food has appeared No This is love for her hometown They’re not the same An Hui The taste of her hometown Right No matter what happens, if An Hui can produce a singer, I think it’s not an easy one Whichever team you are in, I hope you can reach the final and get the glory for our An Hui Do you want to say anything, Chris? Does she have to make a choice now? I think you have some words to say Three of us start to say, like, if you come to my team, how can I help you But maybe it’s I think maybe I think maybe she wants to hear something like if we cooperate with each other, how can we light our fire? Or some sort I think first of all I have experience I am similar to her Because when I was 21 years old, I was forced to make a choice like her It is being seen on the stage,

receiving attention from everyone So I know the next path, I know what you will have to face up to next If I have this chance, have this honor, I’m willing to go on this path with you And another thing is that we aren’t wresting a champion but at least I know that today we are wresting one of the Top 3 I’ve finished This is also a canvass Thank you, 4 coaches Then I also think teacher Li Rong Hao is the pride of our hometown Thank you I really like you Done Not sure When she finished, my heart, my position suddenly goes down to a half Chris If a candidate wants to say which coach she wants to choose, before that, they’ll be ceremonious with other coaches They will say to other coaches, like, I like you or my parents do Then she will choose the nearby coach Done Because after that, there’s always a “but” OK. Have you thought about it clearly? Actually today I, yesterday I thought I would choose the coach who would turn around first I would choose him Finished, it’s finished So it means you will choose me, right? Then now I’m a little hesitant Right. You see Because I really really like 4 coaches I can’t make up my mind You don’t need to hesitate I tell you, you know what? The first feeling of humans is always correct Never change, after your first feeling, there may be some bad changes He is leading you Sometimes it can change Not always the same Yes, of course, it can change The situation is different No. Of course, it can change Of course, it can change But I think I don’t know you, but for me, when listening to choose a song, if I hear this song, I will choose it No other reasons That song is always the best one that I’ve chosen I feel that every time I dare to bring out the work, it’s always my first choice We talked a lot OK Please choose one out of four of us She’s an innate singer She can adjust the vocal range very widely Whichever team she’s in, she’s an important student For me, I really appreciate such a tone I really want to wrest her to my team I’ve never seen Rong Hao so positive Furthermore, he’s also sincere Other coaches are very strong, so I don’t know the candidate will choose whom I choose teacher Li Rong Hao Very good Excellent I can feel the “stupid” state in her stupidity she can put every word, every sentence into her song I think this is an innate ability I believe she could have some good songs Wresting candidates with others is very difficult for me Furthermore, to be honest, I felt a little nervous Because after all, it was my first time Let me choose the second song “Crystal Sky Of Yesterday” of You Chang Jing Fighting My name is Cheng Mo Han From Zhe Jiang, Yong Kang This year, I’m 24 I’m a junior I like playing basketball, and exercising Organic milk gives me a better state Each 100ml will contain a 3.8-gram protein Provide me with more nutrition But I also like eating Now you see, I’m very fat Santine organic skimmed milk is very nutritious Milk box with a screw cap for easy carrying Every time I go out, I bring one with me I start to like listening to music when I was a little kid When I went to high school, I took part in a competition and “carelessly” got the first prize I thought I sang quite well I really want to try being on the stage of “Sing! China” Because I think when people sing on this, it’s like levels in a concert I really want to sing on this stage Cheng Mo Han, fighting After singing, I’ll go to play basketball “Crystal Sky Of Yesterday” Suddenly grew up in an instant Like a drawing that got blurred by the hands of time

Where do we each want to go This question is silly, but who can answer it? Reminiscing but never saying anything Goodbyes that could not be said in time are so loud Stay with me and watch the rain falling A damp heart is dripping Bringing tenderness, I think of you again I miss you so much on windy nights I miss you so much in the gaps in the crowd Did you hear me saying “I like you”? Did it ever catch up to you? Those names we yelled loudly The promises we couldn’t fulfill All hidden at the bottom of my heart, blossoming into flowers of loneliness How are you? Why must we go our separate ways when we grow up? Where are you right now? How far are you from me? Do you dare to fly, is there anyone loving you? Whenever I think of you, the world suddenly gets quiet Is it the same for you? You appeared in my youth Wasn’t so you could disappear I want to chase you madly along with our memories The crystal sky of yesterday Along with you, waves its hand and disappears into the crowd Are you there? Can you hear me? I miss you so much I miss you so much on windy nights I miss you so much in the gaps in the crowd Did you hear me saying “I like you”? Did it ever catch up to you? Those names we yelled loudly The promises we couldn’t fulfill All hidden at the bottom of my heart, blossoming into flowers of loneliness How are you? Why must we go our separate ways when we grow up? Where are you right now, how far are you from me Do you dare to fly, is there anyone loving you? Whenever I think of you, the world suddenly gets quiet Is it the same for you? You appeared in my youth Wasn’t so you could disappear I want to chase you madly along with our memories The crystal sky of yesterday Along with you, waves its hand and disappears into the crowd Are you there? You have to be happy I miss you so much I’ve tried to suffer it until the last minute That’s right. Almost at the same time Because I wanted to wait until he finished to turn around I think so too Thank you, coaches, thank you Please introduce yourself Hello coaches, hello audiences I’m Cheng Mo Han I’m 24 years old I’m from Yong Kang, Zhi Jiang I’m a 4th-year student in Sichuan Conservatory of Music Hello You too, right? That’s right Same Same university Same university That’s right. Which faculty do you study at? Modern Performance Modern Performance? Actually, after you had finished the first part, I wanted to turn around His sound is very clear Moreover, some of his lines make me miss a good friend Jason Zhang He’s a little bit Brother Jason True, there are some of his pronunciation make me think of Jason But the next part

is not really similar He still has his own specialty That’s right Listen to his way of singing, and that sound, I think he’s like Tom Chang of Taiwan That’s right In the middle of Tom Chang and Jeff Chang That’s right. So much alike Thank you, coaches After turning around, actually, I was much more surprised Because I didn’t think that his appearance is like this His appearance? I didn’t expect it Is it good? I think it’s OK OK I think it’s really good Coaches, thank you Actually, when I listened to him When he’s just finished part A, I wanted to turn back Why? No, I want to say Don’t ask me You make me scared I think he has a voice that can make other people remember Because he can give us a feeling of youth It’s a young sound When singing the low key, he has to release it to create that kind of sound When singing the high key, he can reach it firmly I think that he’s a singer who can go up and down He is not only gifted but also a skillful one Thank you, coach After turning back, I thought that you have eyes that are not different from me So I think that That’s right Actually, I think that he’s likely to choose me Why? Because there are some times, it’s destiny How to say? Maybe we’re like other people, so sometimes, it’s easier to play with them Not sure Sometimes we need compensation No, there are some points that I can compensate for him I think it’s so uproarious Really? Let me ask you an irrelevant question Before coming here, did you like any coach? Actually, when I’ve come here, I wanted to choose Li Jian But he didn’t turn back Are you blaming me? No, no I’m just kidding Actually, it was so close It’s destiny Because I think that Li Jian is a really gentle coach I want to be gentle too Let me give you a sentence When you reach my age, you will be gentle like me Yep Chris, do you have anything more to say? I have to make use of this opportunity to pull schoolfellow to me, right? That’s right What skill can I use more? Nothing My senior It’s I Who’s your teacher? Teacher Du Chen Chen It’s over No acquaintance That’s OK I wanted to ask whether we are students under the same teacher “Third Prince” is my teacher Ne Zha? That’s right. Ne Zha is his teacher Start to use slang Actually, I had to learn again Then I did the test to enter the Sichuan Conservatory of Music It means that at first, you didn’t learn music, right? That’s right In high school, actually, I studied another field Then when I went to university, I studied another field, too I’m looking for similarities I didn’t study music In high school, I didn’t study music, either Do you know that when I was small, when I played guitar, I played guitar solo song by brother Nicholas? It was my friend in my childhood, do you know? When I turned to adolescent, I copied his appearance in the MVs everyday I just imitate them to play guitar It may be true that I didn’t make it as good as in the CD, but then, I listened to that CD every day I really wanted to play the guitar the same as in that CD So you based completely on listening ability, right? Yesterday, I practiced for 3 hours, I’ve practiced playing guitar for 26 years But I don’t know any music score That’s true. I’m based completely on listening ability It’s also a way That’s right. I’ve been used to listening to music Because actually, brother Nicholas is one of my first teachers So touching Seriously I fail Just continue So shy After entering Sichuan Conservatory of Music, actually, I was still vague But my luck was quite good I could meet my guiding teacher who has helped me to improve a lot I think that I’m so lucky He and I are really alike At the first year, I was really dreamy Really dreamy Because of piano practicing class, or some lessons about music theory, musical notation When attending these lessons, I could feel a really clear space with other classmates So when just entering the university, I doubted myself whether I went to the wrong place That’s right Because our classmates had practiced for many years That’s right For example, they started to learn about music from secondary school So there will be a time that we doubt ourselves My reason was also because of my guiding teacher That’s right, at this time You and I are really similar So choosing a coach is really important You have to be careful You can see two teachers with the Li surname are really sincere They all like you That’s right. So what’s your dream? Actually, I’ve completed one of my dreams It’s singing in the stage of Sing! China That’s right And I have a second dream I really like your song, “Parents” Thank you Actually, I want to collaborate with you to sing that song

Alright If you join my team, I can sing “Brothers” with you OK? That’s OK True, true It’s so clear now That’s right. So clear Really clear But there will always have surprises That’s right. It hasn’t been sure When it comes to the last moment, it will be the clearest Before that, we can only try our best to express our interest to him So your choice is…? Please give me some time to think My interest in him is not because we study at the same university Personally, I simply just like his song today The image and feeling that he has brought here, I think he will be a singer who attracts people I think he’s a person who has the ability to fight He can stay still, he can move I want to choose coach Li Rong Hao Great. Excellent Excellent Thank you Actually, there are a lot of songs which are suitable for you A lot of songs which are suitable for you You’re so good Alright I’m so delighted My heart has nearly jumped out He said: “You join my team, even it’s “Parents” or “Brothers”, I will sing with you.” I think that boy, when we look closer, he’s a bit more handsome That’s right I think that I’ve used too much of my strength Really? About persuading, even when it comes to experience or technique, I’m still a new person I still have some differences I think so I think still have to learn more from them Alright So let’s start to choose a song I choose a song that our coach Chris Lee wrote and performed “Old If Not Wild” On the stage of Sing! China, they sing my song I can’t confirm 100%, but at least 80%, I think they will choose me Hello, I’m You Xiang Nan This is the first time that I and my partner Flying Elephant (Zhang Ya Ting) meet each other I’ve waited for 2 hours I’ve waited for 2 hours We haven’t met before But we have prepared 2 songs I think it’s so magical We haven’t met, but we have had a good agreement At that time, she prepared a performance herself Then, she wanted to try the electronic music style a bit Then she wanted to find a collaborator Intense in a weird way It’s like from online love to real life Hello Have you seen her? At last, we’ve gathered We have to depend on each other Listening to her music, I’ve really liked it Then I think that we match really well In numerous people, she has chosen me Online friends meet each other The first time of collaboration is Sing! China Is it crazy? Old If Not Wild Coffee cup to be refilled Bookmark still intact Summer days sneak away from us Leaves still green, hair still dark The past never comes back, your vividness saddens me I dread losing such beautiful moments Your tranquility assures me What it means by love Old if not wild No memories, no reminiscence What could last forever? Miss you, there’s nothing more Old if not wild There are so many faraway destinations waiting to mist Be together, be separated, it’s impermanent Should I be crazy or collapsed?

All my fantasies take you as the center, Stretching my wings, we call the wind together Our destination is the red carpet, No matter how much difficult, the more patience, the more it hurts, I will become the phoenix Charmingly fire the gun in front of you All my fantasies take you as the center, There will be confusion, but I won’t be disappointed I want to be with you in the future We haven’t counted the stars together, I will hold your hand until dawn Your eyes are the most beautiful scenery in my heart Sunny days after the rain won’t end You are the last decision I made Old if not wild No memories, no reminiscence What could last forever? What lost is gone forever Old if not wild No memories, no reminiscence What could last forever? What lost is gone forever Old if not wild No memories, no reminiscence What could last forever? What lost is gone forever Gone forever (How much expectation turned into mist) Gone forever (Being together or apart) We grow old (Should I be passionate or should I lose it) We grow old (All my fantasies take you as the center) We grow old (Stretching my wings, we call the wind together) We grow old (Our destination is the red carpet) What could last forever? (No matter how much difficult, the more patience, the more it hurts,) What could last forever? (I will become the phoenix. Charmingly fire the gun in front of you.) What lost is gone forever (All my fantasies take you as the center) What lost is gone forever (There will be confusion, but I won’t be disappointed.) What lost is gone forever (I want to be with you in the future) Old if not wild Two of you, two of you are a group, right? Hello, coaches Aiz my voice is rough now I yelled so much We are Dragon Lady and Flying Elephant We are a group Welcome I’m Flying Elephant (Zhang Ya Ting) I’m Dragon Lady (Long Xiang Nan) I’m quite interested in your instruments, did you play it yourself? Yes. Because I’m a producer, I created the music for this song There are some electronic part in the song, I want to show it to you The part which needs the computer’s effect, needs the control tab, did you do that live? True Great It’s quite interesting and amazing, you know, it was 2012 when I released this song Han Han and I wrote two lyric versions His version called “Years Like Fire”, mine called “Old If Not Wild” However, I have never thought that I could listen to an electronic version, also, there are many rap lines in the middle of the song Am I right? Could you tell me your feeling when you re-create this song? I’m a producer with electronic specialization, I work as a DJ every night Therefore, electronic is my permanent style However, Dragon Lady’s music style is diverse Normally I like electronic but I also like rock I like every good song Actually, I also really like electronic music I covered the song “Baikal Lake” of brother Jian, in an electronic music style I have always remembered that That’s because electronic music has defeated one of my beloved students But this proved that your cover song is very successful It’s thanks to coach Nicholas No, it’s not Hey, why do I have to give you a compliment? I though I’m the only one that prefers electronic music I follow electronic music You follow rock music, aren’t you? True But I have always looked for a husky female voice, who will collaborate with me in electronic music If you say so, I was a producer When I was young, I have to do the job to earn money, to pay the rent I couldn’t set a permanent style for myself Fixed to a style True. For example, when Tse wants to sing a song, I will write that song for him When coach Chris wants something, I could reach to many aspects Talented No, it’s not. Specialty speaking, I was not as professional as Chris Lee Chris Lee You must notice that we are fighting to take the candidates now Although everyone is giving out their comments, actually, they’re trying to make the candidates happy I got it You got it? Yes Remember it I had to use all of my bravery to turn around when you guys were still singing You know what I’m saying? Yes I just need you to understand

I don’t get it Yeah. What do you want? What do you mean? Because they sang the song of coach Chris, she also turned around If other coaches wanted to turn around they must have great courage to do it That’s because you sang the song of Chris, so she must be your first choice We’re not sure about that I’m sure it is Whether their answer is yes or no, it won’t be appropriate Isn’t it? So you guys should consider carefully, three of us have turned around already The more sincerely we show you, the bigger our love for you When I listened to your song I truly didn’t expect that “Old If Not Wild” will be covered in electronic style I truly didn’t expect that But this also a trend that people usually do in their album recently I think the other three might not used to it isn’t it? Hey hey, don’t tell me you guys are so old-fashion like that? This is not related to high or old fashion No, it’s not It’s not about whether you are trendy or not I want to say about “that” feeling, you get it? I mean the “feel” I get it It’s complicated, we can’t speak it out Very complicated So I feel that, we are going to be a good match May I say something? When making a cover song, the probability of creating a bad cover is very high, but today you guys did it so well I have to tell you that True Thank you I’m not saying this to persuade you, I’m giving you my compliment, musically speaking Actually, I have said many things relating to EDM Obviously, I could not be an EDM master just like Chris But I know many people, such as Alan Walker or other world-famous experts, I can make a call and ask them for references So do I You are dumped, Jian, do you know these people? I have never heard their name That’s right Jian, look at her hairstyle I can do that style too How about you? Of course I Can’t wait to look at it Of course, I can’t However, you guys must carefully choose your coach Sometime The coach who doesn’t talk much is the one who has more chances for you I always think that choosing a coach is like choosing a lover, both of you must love each other True Therefore, when you choose your coach, in the last moment, you must look into their eyes Because their real feeling, whether they like you or not, will be shown by their eyes Hey, it’s not fair for me at all Actually, I think many people think that your eyes are small Yeah But they don’t realize that Rong Hao’s eyes aren’t small at all Is it? He has such a wide vision, how could a person with small eyes have that? Yeah He is talking about your vision If I close my eyes like this, will I have the same vision as yours? No, it’s not. Actually, we have the same vision We really have the same vision It’s not related to how big your eyes are My point of view is similar to yours I can’t look behind my head either OK, stop talking I haven’t done yet You need them too? I do I really want to collaborate with you When I hadn’t turned around, I felt that it was such a good electronic cover But after I turned around, I felt and there are two of you as a group Creative ability is unlimited The most important point is I have already known which song I will help you choose That’s it I’m finished. Bro, I have finished my summary The coach that you guys want is Coaches, please give us a minute Just think about it When they said they need some time to consider, suddenly, my confidence is fading This is normal It’s normal. It’s OK Later, when they are back, they will say something like: I really like all of you But the percentage that they don’t choose you or me is extremely high Normally, when they mention about you first, later they will say “however”, isn’t it? Right I’m losing my confidence Hey hey, both of them looked at me Let’s do rock, paper, scissor There is a disagreement here Each one has their own choice Our final decision is People at their ages, It will be good for them if they could meet many people in the music industry, as well as collaborate with others, this will be count on their coach I really like the main vocal, she is really stable, really confident All of her sounds are strong I really like her I think Dragon Lady (Long Xiang Nan) will choose me However, the other girl will choose Chris Lee They did rock, paper, scissors Dragon Lady (Long Xiang Nan) loses, I’m sure that they will choose Chris Lee Looking in their eyes, I think they definitely choose me But when they do rock, paper, scissor, I think maybe there is something wrong here Our final decision is Satine organic milk is really delicious

It’s nutritious and good for your health Our final decision is Coach Chris Hi guys I felt so surprised 4 chairs turned around for us Last night I dreamed that 2 chairs will turn around for us Safe Do you know the anxious feeling that you have after you get hurt? Sorry, it’s not like I’m talking about you guys No, no. I just think that there’s more later on this show Alright Not bad, you see I think both of them are quite good They’re quite good I felt a little bit touching I believe that the charisma of “Sing! China” around me It has a special touch We have “The Best” by Joker Xue I have to go over there now? I’m Pan Hong, I’m from Gan Zhou, Jiang Xi, I’m an actress of the Caicha Song And Dance Theater in Hui Chang I have learned about our local plays, the Gannan Caicha plays, since I was in grade 12 About our Gannan Caicha, it is a national-level intangible cultural heritage Every year in summer and winter, we will try hard to prepare for the stages to serve the people in our town, to bring joy and happiness to them Although I learn about the Caicha plays, personally speaking, I still really like singing To be honest, I joined many singing contests when I was a kid Although they’re just small competition, I still won awards from them When joining “Sing! China”, I know many new friends who share the singing passion with me, they are all very talented However, Pan Hong also can be very talented I think, if only just 1 coach turns around for me, I will be very satisfied with that Because that will say, Pan Hong is talented, is the best In my opinion, music is like Cinderella After become pretty, I just want to find out my true love “The Best” It’s best that this way I can forget you It’s best I’m able to not think about how much trouble there still is These complex emotions running towards me, are so far not enough, or I’m already incurable Already gave you all the best, you don’t want it My best friend said that I’m too bored The best way can also only be this way Anyhow, you didn’t want me, it’s alright Can’t tell if she’s more suitable than me, these things depend on the moment Or that he understands better than me how to make you happier Maybe I’m not qualified And I can only miss you I understand, there isn’t hope Maybe she’s more suitable, and has these worthy qualities She said she knew better than me how to make you happier It’s for the best, don’t remember me

The best of me has been given to you but you rejected My best friend said I was too bored The best way can only be this Anyhow, you don’t want me, that’s also fine Can’t tell if she’s better Better to fit at this moment Or if she knows more about how to make you happy Maybe I don’t deserve you Besides yearning I get it, it’s not a surprise Maybe she’s better Better to deserve it Or if she knows more about how to make you happy Best not to remember me Best not to remember me Thank you Thank you, coaches You two are so When Chris turned around, how could we sit still? I felt that this was great, you know? No one turned around I thought it was great But life always keeps you in suspense Please introduce yourself Hello coaches I’m Pan Hong, 21 years old I’m from a beautiful small town, Hui Chang, Jiang Xi I personally think her voice is very clear Yeah There is something special in her She touches other people’s hearts Actually I I was the first one to turn around She made a profound impression on me This is the first time I didn’t dare to look at the contestant What do you mean? This song, you have to pour your emotion into it You have to submerge yourself in it I was afraid of bothering her So I could only hang my head like this I didn’t dare to look at her It was not until the breakdown started did I dare to sneak a glance Are you showing off your thoughtfulness? Let’s be honest This is a very talented person, she sings well The scale, the measure, the emotion, everything was well-controlled Our team is missing a singer like you Now I’m calling you a singer Thank you But you have to remember this Nicholas turned around today because of my encouragement So that’s what happened I’m kidding I still haven’t told you the reason I turned around The song “The Best” you have sung, I could feel so much emotion in it My heart hurt, listening to you So I turn around So even the man of steel has shed tears Thank you, coach Your job is I work in my province’s tea-picking theater play You are an actress in the tea-picking plays Yes Tea-picking play is our local play in Gannan It has a history of hundreds of years Can you show us some parts of it? We have never watched this type of play I’d like to apologize to my teacher because I didn’t really learn it properly It’s fine We don’t know anything, so whatever you can do is OK Then I’ll sing a short part of it

OK, show us What is singing in the spring? The turtledoves are singing in the spring Calling out to the turtledoves What a beautiful song Where are you calling from? I’m calling from here Calling out to the turtledoves What a beautiful song Nervous but quite cute Adorable Yeah How are you feeling right now? I’m really excited Coaches, do you know? Before coming here, I was so nervous, so I put up images of you as my phone wallpaper I looked at it every day Then It’s pretty effective Effective It’s a practice Looking at you turning around, I feel so familiar Feel like her wallpaper is here The wallpaper has come alive Actually, I’m quite curious You study opera, so did you hope that after this performance, it would become your career? I think it’s already my career So did you hope to play in a movie? If I have the chance I have many chances No, I’m being honest Chris is also an actress Think about her, don’t you think she has the qualities of an actress? She is good-looking Her appearance Let’s focus on singing well first We have 3 months to test this Teacher Nicholas is very resourceful We can’t compare I’m really not Personally, I believe you have heard me singing before You must know, so I won’t say too much I just want to say that if you want to fulfill most of your dreams in three months, if you join my team, I think you can do it Actually, I think I made it clear Because I, this time, I pushed the button really quickly I think my speed has shown how much I like her Really Yeah OK So your final choice is? Thank you, teacher Li Jian Thank you, teacher Nicholas That’s great! I’m so happy I was pretty confident Especially, when I turned around, I could see her happiness and surprise I know that I didn’t push the button wrongly, didn’t turn around to the wrong person I have never stopped affirming my choice Yeah Our Sing! China this year has a completely new format that has never happened before It’s original song performance Yeah I think that since we doing this, let’s invite them to the stage Because song-writing is very appealing Everyone wants to hear a melody never heard before, lyrics never known before I’m quite fond of literary lyrics I think song-writing is a growing trend these days So I hope to hear a song that speaks to me, to the audience at the scene, or to the coaches We will promote it together I think I really want to do that In 2009, I started writing songs Because at that time, I could feel that I had so many things I wanted to express But other songwriters didn’t understand I hope that I will get to see many newly written songs, or even masterpieces Then I’ll choose a self-written song It’s called “Three Rounds” Fighting I’m Song Yu Ning, from Harbin, Heilongjiang A songwriter I think my parents give me enough Logo What are there beside the logo? Confidence and microphone This is Little Prince My mom said my “humility” is similar to him

I also have an unrealistic dream like him Even though my achievements are pretty OK, but I still hope to have more time to travel and see the world more I introduce to you, the app GaoYuKeTang They have excellent teachers graduating from Tsinghua and Beijing University teaching online classes They will help you improve your performance This year, I come to Sing China with the song I wrote, “Three Rounds” I’ve written and finished this song during this pandemic I want to give this song to the overseas student that can’t return due to various reasons, and all the incredible people that are risking their lives Don’t let yourself down Don’t forget to be grateful Three Round (Original) Another three rounds of alcohol There’s a group of teenagers looking at the stars Another long night Another cup full of laments Let’s vent it once and for all You have done your best To be an incredible person Don’t dare to go home again Am I good now? Did I let down anyone? Don’t let yourself down, don’t forget to be grateful Another gathering, another three rounds Another lie to your heart A little unwilling A little plaintive Once again, you compromise You have done your best To be an incredible person Don’t dare to go home again Am I good now? Did I let down anyone? Don’t let yourself down, don’t forget to be grateful You are chasing desperately Chasing the one you love Even if someone gives you the whole world, you won’t need it I’m searching desperately Searching for someone who loves me Search for them today Until the moment the sun sets Search for them today Until the moment the sun sets Another the night, another three rounds

Other sleepy eyes It’s getting dark A little bit panic The morning arrives in the blink of an eye An apology, a blink of an eye Turn around Alright Please introduce yourself It’s a pleasure to meet you, coaches I’m Song Yu Ning I’m from Harbin city, Heilongjiang province What is your job? I’m still going to school About my major, I can be an independent music producer in the future I hope that you’ll listen to my song regularly if you like it You can also listen to other songs If you don’t like them, please wait for my next songs Despite not having many listeners, I will keep on composing You wrote this song? Yes, I did Great I really like its lyrics They’re quite literary Really Thanks, coach There is one line I don’t know if anyone notices that Desperately Want to be an extraordinary person Tell you this, this line has won many people’s hearts You just said that your song might not have many listeners But if you choose to be in my team, I’m sure that many people will listen to it Thank you It’s a kind of confession But sometimes it’s just coming from his mouth, no more I can listen to it first I’m a human too Look at all the coaches, it’s because of you We usually talk nicely to each other We really respect each other Right But we’re fighting when we stand in front of you What is your major? Actually, the time when I pursue music My music journey is quite tough Because at first, I got into the Central Music Academy majoring in Vocal Bel canto? Yes, Bel canto After graduating, I became a singer But I thought that what I knew was so little, nearly nothing I thought that I was lacking something Then I thought that even if I had to spend many more years, I must study about professional music and composing Then I got into Berklee Music Academy, majoring in Design and Compose Electronic Music Then, today is 10th, I will graduate from Berklee in 3 days I think I will study Music Technology at New York University and focus on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality You can’t say that your journey is tough It’s really abundant Yes But in general, it’s quite tough Because if you want to come there, it will be really hard, for now The airline ticket is expensive now Right, I know that with a man coming from Herbin, this is a tough journey This is supposed to be a normal thing But because of its geographical location, people tend to be more consistent You want to become a professional singer and producer, right? Yes My dream is, I want to thank my parents Because their educational method is that our family might not buy a house or a car or any expensive things, but they always took us to travel My parents have helped me form a kind of habit When I grew up, I’ve been traveling by myself whenever I have a chance When I traveled around the world, I’ve got to see a lot of new things I felt like “Ah, that’s what the world looks like” I want other people to know about that too Actually, I think that his parents are great people They’ve given him a strong sense of feeling He is more delicate and sensitive than many other people, just like his songs I don’t care about how many people listen to your song today You’re a talented person A talented music composer and lyrics writer Whether you choose my team or not, I just want to tell you that don’t change anything You might think that three rounds of drinks, eating skewers on the sidewalk while drinking wine, three rounds of drinks are relaxing But someday, when you grow up well, you can’t eat skewers on the sidewalk anymore There won’t be many people who empathize with you You have to keep your current mindset forever Because I think that you’re the one who can easily stand out Yes, let’s see Because I don’t know if you choose my team or not So I’m not sure if I’m saying the right thing No Coach Rong Hao is really kind Right He said you could easily stand out wherever you were You can go far But standing out is not enough You have to go to the next round If not, where can you go? We really appreciate everyone’s creativity Especially someone who can try many styles of music

If you choose my team, what will I do to help him? Because I think that there’s something else you can do to improve the song you’ve just performed For example, in the beginning, it felt like you were talking like Jonathan Lee Rustic Right Something like that It would be better if you reduce the chorus If you choose my team, I won’t change anything about you Yes, because your spirit and enthusiasm are the things that attract me I believe that you can do it Different coaches have different methods What is your decision? I can give you a piece of advice, just for reference I suggest you choose coach Li’s team What coach Li? Right Three of us are coach Li It doesn’t make any sense Right Actually, I’ve had my own decision Did that person choose you? Yes Right I don’t know if he chooses Li Rong Hao or me We must congratulate him first Right It’s like talking to a family member He is a We are the same We both sit by the Songhua river writing lyrics My final decision is the coach whom I’ve admired for so long Teacher Li Jian He still chooses his compatriot I’ve been waiting for you for so long Congratulations Really excited, really honored I couldn’t imagine that I’m the first self-composed contestant to be chosen in “Sing! China”‘s history I will keep on producing my own music At present, coach Nicholas is the only person who hasn’t got any members in his team Brother Jian, don’t throw stones into the well Ah, he is competing against brother Jian in idioms Long time no see (idiom) Still good (idiom)? Of course (idiom) Three days ago (idiom), I looked at it with new eyes (idiom) But I want to remind two coaches that, with my previous experience, when Nicholas steals others’ members, he will be really skillful Careful deliberations (idiom) He can be at a standstill (idiom) But after that, he gains mastery by counterattacking (idiom) Overcrowded (idiom) Gossiping all day about the things in the sky or under the sea (idiom) Let’s come to the next contestant Turn the chair The origin, lyrics and beat of the song I choose are from the same person named Shi Lei from 4 ROCK The song’s name is “The Song At The Top” It’s my turn Hello everyone I’m Mu Su, I’m from Fuyang, Anhui I’m currently working at a university in Huangshan, Anhui Everyday I mainly manage the main hall and do some administrative work At night, my friends and I hold a Live House (A kind of small live performance) I’m in charge of the job there Because of the disease, we’re temporarily closed But in my free time, I still come there to clean up and sometimes sing some songs for myself Some time, my friends and I come there to eat, talk and sing I heard that Langjiu manor brews tasty wine It’s a good wine farm Mu Su, fighting We have to go there when we have the time I think music is like a bowl of beef noodles Different people have different tastes When I come to “Sing! China”, I hope I can try out many different music “tastes” Fighting Life is too hasty Drink organic milk from Satine Say hello to Satine The Song At The Top Life is too hasty

Free to come and go Sorrow is worse than wine Willing to live arrogantly Thirty years of traveling, thirty years of roughness Travel thousands of miles, serious life Sitting in the corner where no one can see, looking at the houses where the lights are on Light a fire, burn the loneliness Life is too hasty, free to come and go Sorrow is worse than wine, willing to live arrogantly Life is too hasty, who will be with me forever Three bowls of wine don’t win the sorrow, I choose the right time to go Let’s go and see the vast Great Wall Let’s go and see the towering Himalaya Life is short, but the mountains are still I don’t expect anything in life, just don’t need enemies Life is too hasty, free to come and go Sorrow is worse than wine, willing to live arrogantly Life is too hasty, who will be with me forever Three bowls of wine don’t win this sadness, I choose the right time to go Let’s go and see the vast Great Wall Let’s go and see the towering Himalaya Life is short, but the mountains are still I don’t expect anything in life, just don’t need enemies Life is hasty, free to come and go Sorrow is worse than wine, willing to live arrogantly Life is too hasty, who will be with me forever Three bowls of wine don’t win this sadness, I choose the right time to go Life is hasty, free to come and go Sorrow is worse than wine, willing to live arrogantly Life is too hasty, who will be with me forever Three bowls of wine don’t win this sadness, I choose the right time to go Hello Please introduce yourself Hello, 4 coaches Hello And the audience here I’m Mu Su I come from Fuyang, Anhui My compatriot Alright Anhui has produced many talents How old are you? I’m 23 years old 23 (years old) What is your job?

I’m an administrative employee at a university in Huangshan, Anhui My friends and I also have a Live House Great I turned my chair because I thought your performance was really “straightforward” There weren’t many cumbersome tricks I really appreciate this simplicity Thank you I don’t know this song well When he sang some first words Arrogant? I felt like, listen to me Arrogant or not, it doesn’t matter He really took it to another level What level? When he sang, I felt like I was listening to my favorite singer Leonard Cohen An old Canadian singer He’s gone A legendary man When it came to the chorus, he showed the roughness This song is like a story told while drinking wine When wine is in, wit is out People are talking and having fun, that’s what I think of He has two voices that I really like One is the deep voice coming from his throat It’s very thick Free to come and go The other is the rough voice from Northern people Life is too hasty Who will be with me forever? There was a moment when I felt like I was standing on a steppe He has two voices that both touched my heart Thank you I found out that brother Jian and I have the same taste Actually, you two really look alike I don’t deserve that praise Be brave You said you owned a Live House, right? Yes There are many underground music bands in our country If I have a chance, I hope that I can come and enjoy that atmosphere, enjoy your music You want to buy his Live House? No I just want to show my support for those musicians Nicholas is really… really sincere If you choose my team, I hope I can add a little affection Or even make it deeper and more attractive Thank you But I think he is a simple and rustic man He’s only 23 years old He should live up to his age, no problem Do you have anything to say? Actually, I think that I’ve already said what I want to That’s all you want to say? Only a song is enough No If I have a chance to go to the next round, I hope that the coaches can see more and more of my potential Because a song can’t define a person A piece of clothing can’t define a person Well said You can’t use a song to define a person Well said You’ll have many songs associated with your name Thank you Our two coaches have finished talking, right? Who is the coach you want to choose? The coach I want to choose is Two of us again It’s really stressful when we’re both here this year It’s always stressful when there are two people Who is the coach you want to choose? The coach I want to choose is Nicholas Tse