7 Earthquakes Hit China;College Board's CCP Ties Exposed; Deep Dive Into Houston's Chinese Consulate

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7 Earthquakes Hit China;College Board's CCP Ties Exposed; Deep Dive Into Houston's Chinese Consulate

Tibet has been hit with seven earthquakes in a single day as natural disasters continue to battered China We also have an in depth look the closure of the Chinese Consulate in Houston And the US College Board is being called out for its ties to China Welcome back, everyone First off some breaking news Tibet was hit by seven earthquakes in a single day on July 23, mainly ranging from 3.6 to 4.8 magnitude, but with the highest being a 6.6 magnitude earthquake This follows two recent earthquakes in Tibet and one in Xinjiang. in Jiangsu Province Meanwhile, homes were damaged by level eight winds officials and xiangshui county of Yancheng said more than 200 homes were damaged 21 people were also injured and power lines were also damaged in some areas and video show doors of homes were broken and car windows were cracked by the powerful winds and Meanwhile, with the new Coronavirus, the CCP virus and the new outbreaks in China an individual confirmed have contracted the virus reportedly had contact with 572 people, and among these 572, 12 were found to be asymptomatic The city is under partial lockdown Currently the city’s metro station is closed and four stops of two bus lines are temporarily canceled locations including movie theaters and museum Cultural Center and sports stadium are also closed And in other news CCP leader Xi jinping, has finally made a public appearance on July 21 It was during a symposium with business leaders now Xi hadn’t made a public appearance for around 20 days prior to this and other top level CCP leaders have similarly seemed to have disappeared forums like the one Xi has appeared at however, have in the past been used by CCP leaders to break rumors so called and his appearance also does not dispel beliefs that he and other top level CCP members may have left beijing to escape the new CCP virus outbreaks happening there Now similar anomalies have been seen with other top CCP officials recently, as we’ve shown in previous episodes, the CCP officials who have not really made any public appearances And in this forum this recent one, Xi emphasized the need to stimulate the vitality of the Chinese market to promote entrepreneurship and to urge enterprises to play a greater role in better development Now, high level CCP officials have recently attended these entrepreneurial symposiums with the last eight days and the meeting hosted by xi jinping on July 21, included state owned businesses of the CCP and several foreign companies regarding Xi jinping His reference to internal economic cycle, which he’s referring to, analysts believe that the CCP does not want foreign companies to leave China for the sake of keeping his political power, and he also desperately wants to keep the CCP state enterprises up and running However, the current economic decline in mainland China is inevitable based on the current appearance of things now companies attending the forum on July 21, included Chinese state owned company hik vision and Japan’s Matsushita Electric now the CCP intensively hold seminars for entrepreneurs and then mentions, quote, internal economic circulation It’s kind of a few different meanings within China One, as we mentioned before, maybe the need to keep these companies in China as Xi Jinping is likely trying to do the other big part of this is internal circulation of money They want to have a middle class in China, they want money to circulate internally, not to have people either save money or spend it abroad And so for right now, this is a major focus of the CCP Also in relation to the US government ordering the Chinese Consulate in Houston to shut down President Donald Trump said during a press conference on July 22, that quote, it’s always possible that more of the CCP is diplomatic outposts in the United States could be closed President Donald Trump said during a press conference on July 22, this as far as closing additional embassies it’s always possible now for the broader stories for today Now, as reported yesterday, the Chinese Consulate in Houston was ordered to close by the US government on July 22 It was given 72 hours to do so Now I wanted to give a bit more detail and why this may have happened Now official details are somewhat slim A State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus sent a statement to the Epoch Times, which said quote, the United States will not tolerate the PRC, People’s Republic of China’s violations of our sovereignty and intimidation of our people and also said quote, we have directed the closure of PRC Consulate General Houston in order to protect American intellectual property and Americans private information Now Ortagus also pointed to the laws that diplomat should respect local laws and should not interfere in the internal affairs of the host country Now, based on this statement, we can assume the Chinese Consulate in Houston was taking actions that endangered us intellectual property, the private and of US citizens, and was involved

in activities that interfered with the US internal affairs, at least based on the statements now for the Chinese consulates, none of these practices would actually be unusual The Chinese regime is known to run subversive operations out of its consulates In my own investigations Actually, I’ve exposed how Chinese consulates are directly involved in campaigns to surveil and even violently suppress Chinese dissidents on American soil Now, among the operations run through these Chinese consulates are united front work for espionage and subversion and also political warfare work through the ccps liaison department Now the United Front, this united front work department often works with Chinese associations typically found in China towns, and aggressively uses these networks to compromise local officials subvert local institutions, and to also surveil and harass local Chinese communities The consulates also finance and direct the Chinese Student and Scholar associations at universities that work to push them The ccps agendas on college campuses Now when there were violent attacks on the streets of New York by groups tied to the Chinese tongs, targeting dissidents from 2008, and sporadically onward even somewhat now, then New York Chinese Consulate General Pang Keyu was recorded in a phone interview admitting his involvement and encouraging the tongs in their attacks One woman I spoke with in my own reporting, was a 55 year old Taiwanese woman, and a US citizen, notably with a son in the US Army She shared something that many Chinese residents in New York also told me, they are threatened by the CCP on American soil Chen said quote, they say they can make me disappear And this isn’t just in New York or even just in the United States This actually takes place in just about every country of the world And these operations have been ongoing A former Chinese diplomat, for example, Chen Yong Lin, who defected to Australia in 2005 exposed operations that he was Actually directly involved with at the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, Australia And he also released several documents from that consulate to prove his claims Chen explained that the CCP was using its consulates, to control Chinese language media overseas to use local front groups, like I mentioned, to carry out its operations in foreign soil to influence government officials in the host countries, American officials, Australian officials, you name it, and to intimidate Chinese dissidents living abroad, as I also encountered they were doing now he told the Epoch Times back in 2007, quote, the control of the Overseas Chinese community has been a consistent strategy of the Chinese Communist Party and is the result of painstaking planning and management for dozens of years It’s not just in Australia It is done this way and other countries like the US and Canada to now in the recent order on the CCP is consulate in Houston Senator Marco Rubio emphasize this point as well He wrote on Twitter quote, China’s consulate in Houston is not a diplomatic facility It is a central note of the Communist Party’s vast network of spies and influence operations in the United States Now, the building must close and the spies have 72 hours to leave or face arrest He also said this in an interview with Fox, it’s kind of the central node of a massive spy operation commercial espionage defense espionage also influence agents to try to influence Congress And meanwhile, the CCP is pushing a new program in academic control through China under the banner of the quote for history’s China’s scope reports that quote the Chinese Communist Party has once again launched a brainwashing campaign that is requiring its members in school students to study the four histories, which refers to the quote, history of the CCP, the history of new China, the history of the reform and opening up and the history of socialist development It adds that official state media have pushed a new Political drive for the four histories as a, quote, key task to promoting colleges and universities It also says this quote, East China Normal University in Shanghai is incorporated the campaign materials in the school seminar series so that these students will be learning and also preaching to people outside of the campus And so what are these four histories? Again, it is this the history of the CCP, and what is the history of the CCP This is the reinterpretation of Chinese history in accordance with the CCPs own narratives, instead of these history of a totalitarian regime that destroyed Chinese culture doing things that the Cultural Revolution during other movements like it, that under Mao Zedong alone killed 50 million to 70 million Chinese people And that continues as we speak, to carry out atrocities against the Chinese people which talks about the history of new China This is a political slogan of the CCP It claims there be no new China without the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party claims ownership

claims responsibility for the technological developments that pretty much took over every country in the world It says this is done because of the CCP, not because of something that happened in the broader world, but it talks about the history of the reform and opening up it’s talking about Deng XIAO PING and the narrative that the Chinese Communist Party have lifted the Chinese people out of poverty What did it really do? Under the Chinese Communist Party, there was no such thing really as independent business Everything was controlled by the military When Deng Xiaoping created this new reform and opening up, he took out those say state run businesses from the military created the State Council and made these semi private semi state run businesses the Chinese Communist Party still controls them Many academics even in the West believe the CCP is narrative on this The Chinese Communist Party claiming that it liberated the Chinese people from poverty that it up lifted them is equivalent to a person holding someone’s head underwater and when they lift them out of the Water claiming they save them from drowning All the CCP did was lifted some of its own totalitarian laws that were suppressing the Chinese people merely let go of some of those, and the Chinese people rebounded to some extent That’s what the CCP did And when it comes to the history of socialist development, this is the CCP talking about socialism with Chinese characteristics its own brand of the communist system that is instituted in China and is now trying to spread around the world And Hong Kong Meanwhile, also on this issue of academia, the CCP is forcefully expanding its programs for academic control The Wall Street Journal is reporting this quote, teachers who backed anti government protests in the city by taking to the streets or supporting the demonstrators on social media are being reprimanded and in some cases fired as China’s Communist Party increasingly moves to stamp out dissent Again, the CCP is narratives on Chinese history and its destruction of Chinese culture during the Cultural Revolution Is something it is trying to say rebrand for the Chinese people It is trying to find ways to justify its abuses of the Chinese people saying that it was necessary to do that, that the killing of again close to 50 million to 70 million Chinese people under Mao Zedong alone was somehow necessary if the Chinese Communist Party was somehow justified in doing so, this is the narrative the CCP feeds to people This is the narrative it is pushing in the West in order to justify its own totalitarian nature, in order to justify its abuse of the Chinese people Part of its narrative control on this is what it calls the century of humiliation And what is it it is the rebranding of the story of China as being a country that was facing humiliation, say lost wars and so on Are the Chinese people were cornered by the world and helpless, and the Chinese Communist Party came down as the great savior that that lifted them out of that This is the narrative of feeds to its own people, and it’s also the narrative talk to many academics even in the West, many of them believe this And again, this is used to justify its foreign aggressions, and also used to say dissuade criticism against the CCP Because many academics in the West many people say even military leaders, sometimes even in the United States, believe this narrative And what the Chinese Communist Party uses us for, is they say that we are afraid of losing face and if you humiliate us, it brings back all those bad feelings of the century of humiliation, and it’s offensive And so many academics, many different leaders are afraid of criticizing the Chinese Communist Party or the totalitarian communist leaders of the country who have been the greatest abusers of the Chinese people very likely in history, just based on numbers And so what are we seeing here? The Chinese Communist Party is reinstituting these narratives, it is doubling down on these narratives It is increasing the spread of these narratives within its own borders, and it’s also pushing these narratives abroad The Chinese Communist Party very likely through this is trying to reinstitute some of its own holds on power to justify its own rule And also In related news to this in the United States, the College Board which develops the SAT test materials is being called out for its ties to the ccps Confucius institutes The national pulse published an exclusive story on this and it says that the US college entrance exam board is quote, helping to embed Chinese Communist Party funded Confucius institutes in American high schools, granting the Chinese government the ability to dictate what is taught in classroom It states of the College Board which quote receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the US Department of Education offers a Chinese guest teacher program for K to 12 institutions in partnerships with the Confucius institutes, the CCP funded controversial operation that purports to be a language and culture initiative every year It says the program serves hundreds of K to 12 schools and districts nationwide and reaches

10s of thousands of us students, and even quotes from a Chinese state run report in China Daily One of the CCP is main state run news outlets were College Board President David Coleman praises Hanban which is behind the Confucius institutes stating this quote, Hanban is just like the sun It lights the path to develop Chinese teaching in the US The College Board this organization is the moon I am so honored to reflect the light that we’ve gotten from Hanban And so what’s happening here? the Chinese Communist Party is paying us schools and universities to host these programs The CCP gives them money to host these programs In other words, the CCP goes to colleges goes to different schools even K to 12 programs and tells these universities and schools we will pay you money If you let us teach these programs at your schools Sometimes this may even include a separate building that the CCP will pay for and run on the campus The Chinese Communist Party then does language and culture programs And just like we just mentioned with these four histories, this is the culture that they are teaching in these schools And the CCP also has altered much of the Chinese language and its altered version of the Chinese language so that it also teaches at these schools It means that kids being taught at these schools, even college kids who become future Chinese linguists, for example, in government, intelligence agencies, military, its businesses, so on, they have been indoctrinated and they are being indoctrinated with the Chinese Communist Party’s narratives and worldviews, so that when they go into these positions, and you think they’re China experts, what they’re promoting is something in the interest of the CCP, because it’s the CCP is narratives that have shaped their views of China Meanwhile, the news on the Chinese economy the local markets experienced a boom After the state run media pushed a campaign to lower foreign investment, and while the boom has now slowed, and many institutions if you’ve been warned about it because it was a boom, there are some interesting anomalies now taking place Reports are now saying that while the markets are allegedly doing well, some of China’s richest tech billionaires are selling off their shares Why would they be doing that? And while there’s an alleged surge in the property market, rents are falling And this is while there were floods in 27 Chinese provinces there are various lockdown still for this virus And there were other disasters, the Chinese Communist Party is struggling to keep its supply chains flowing So what do we have here? While the Chinese Communist Party is claiming that it has a financial boom and even many Western news outlets have been reporting this just parroting what the CCP is saying And because they’re parroting this investors are actually pouring their money to China what is really happening here? Well, let’s look at a few points on this Why would Chinese tech billionaires be selling off their shares? We could look at the reasons ban on the sale of chips to Huawei for example, and we can also look at various actions being taken against Chinese companies such as bytedance, which runs Tik tok, the Chinese Communist Party’s entire high tech industry is under assault right now If they say for example, Huawei is no longer able to push 5g, for example, this means that one of the core components of the One Belt one road initiative is disabled If the Chinese Communist Party’s apps and it’s different products in the international software and technology markets get hit or even banned from different countries What does that mean for the Chinese high tech industries? Well, just the ban on the sale of chips to Huawei alone could be something that very much cripples the Chinese high tech economy because a lot of its products cannot function without these chips The Chinese Communist Party its various companies are not able to develop modern generation chips by themselves They import them from countries like the United States, South Korea and Taiwan Without these chips, the Chinese Communist Party and its various companies cannot manufacture current generation tech products, they need these chips And so taking away these chips it’s it’s I’ve done the equivalent like this before Imagine for example, you poured all your money into developing iPhone apps, and suddenly you no longer allowed to use the iPhone What value are the apps without the phone in the same light, these different Chinese high tech products are very much nothing without these advanced chips It’s like selling for example, an iPhone five when you’re dealing with a market that has the iPhone 11 It is a technological product that is several generations behind And when it comes to technology and international markets, you need to be close to the cutting edge at least to even compete And another big question on this is how much damage will the floods and landslides cause to local real estate we saw for example, the real estate costs are going down even on the CSP claims there’s a boom in it’s real estate market Now when it comes to these floods, one of the big issues are facing what they call tofu buildings when they were different earthquakes in China different people talked about this a lot of locals in China were concerned about it because they found that local official

Had embezzled funds when it came to construction, the buildings were so weak that construction was so weak that people showed videos where they could take their thumbs and scrape it off And we’ve seen pictures and videos of Chinese buildings collapsing because of this For example, even right now, as we speak, one of the largest buildings in China currently has leaks taking place just about through the entire building And this building That was the pride and joy of the CCP is now being made fun of by Chinese netizens, because they know about the shoddy construction techniques that are a result of the political corruption in the country Now taking this into broader context, what does this mean for areas that are suffering heavy flooding, where these buildings are going to have water damag In addition to that? what does that mean for local real estate? What would the value of these homes be when they already for example, might have had problems with say construction when they have water damage, in addition to that very severe water damage In some cases, even in Shanghai, even in Wuhan even in some of the major cities in China They have floods right now What does that mean for real Estate and again when it comes to news of the Chinese market rebounding, we can look at potential issues of income in China Now locals have been out of work for months with the lockdowns, but this virus with little or no financial help from authorities, this is now being followed by additional lockdowns and also natural disasters Now, Chinese people who just went through these previous lockdowns who know that they, they’re not going to have a way to pay rent, pretty much they understand this Now they’re going into new lockdowns, they see this looming on the horizon What are they going to do? Are they going to go buy products? Are they going to go blow money at restaurants? Or are they going to keep that money in case they needed to pay rent, because they did not receive any relief previously And this is in addition to other countries making efforts to pull supply chains and manufacturing out of China, Japan and India are even paying companies to leave China What does this mean for local manufacturing? What does this mean for jobs? What does this mean for supply chains? What does this mean for the companies that are the backbone of the Chinese economy? Well across the board manufacturing high tech industries, what do all these factors mean for them? And what does this tell us about the real financial situation in China? Not what Chinese state media are telling people and not what a lot of media in the United States are parroting What does this really tell us about the state of the Chinese economy Now, that said, folks, again, we broadcast Monday through Friday, five days a week, so be sure to tune in Also, if you want to support this channel, we do have a Patreon you can find the link in the description below And also for our Patreon supporters, I’ll be doing a live q&a every Sunday And also if you haven’t already, please don’t forget to like and subscribe It really helps this channel grow If you want to go the extra mile please tell a friend or family member about this channel as well With that said, folks, again, please take care of yourselves stay healthy and stay free