ENG SUB 正片FULL【2020中国好声音】EP4: 史上最强车轮抢位战!李宇春一个转身引发大戏 谢霆锋气到打李荣浩屁股 Sing!China 20200911 第四集

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ENG SUB 正片FULL【2020中国好声音】EP4: 史上最强车轮抢位战!李宇春一个转身引发大戏 谢霆锋气到打李荣浩屁股 Sing!China 20200911 第四集

This is the large-scale music reality show that has attracted the most attention of Chinese globally “Sing! China 2020” Since 2012 “Sing! China” has been with you for 9 years Every year will bring you a different surprise This year we ushered in new mentors and a new lineup of players And new sponsors I ordered a song by a singer I like very much He’s the lyricist, composer, and original singer of this song Pu Shu Age of Innocence Come on My name is Wang Tianqi 27 years old From Bozhou, Anhui I’m a music teacher My hobbies are singing, playing guitar And sharing music with my husband I was actually influenced by him in music I used to sing more casually and freely But now I’m able to understand more deeply I think music is a kind of companionship like storytelling A comfort This year I’m going to sing Pu Shu’s ” Age of Innocence ” His song is about “Growing Pains” At first it was about his age of innocence Then later he experienced something But he can still keep his heart pure Hope I can sing this song well Sing it calmly Thank you

Introduce yourself first Hello everyone My name is Wang Tianqi 27 years old From Bozhou, Anhui Anhui Correct What kind of work do you do? I am a music teacher Actually I only listened to this song once or twice It didn’t impress me very much Including the original singer Let cut off this part Pu Shu should be looking for me But when she sang the chorus At least twice, she sang to my heart Wow Thank you I’m the opposite of Li Jian Because I actually listened to this song a lot Pu Shu’s songs are actually not easy to sing It is not easy for others to sing Because he has his own style, so do his songs It’s not easy for anyone to sing them well But when she started to sing, I realized it was a girl singing this song Actually I didn’t expect it No special skills But I don’t know why she kept attracting me, making me want to turn around and want to see what she looks like Just because she sang beautifully She integrated herself with the song I want to ask, are you a music teacher in elementary school or middle school? I am a teacher who teaches music in a training institution -So your students are music teachers? -No, I teach younger children or middle school student Music training institution For example, she teaches children to play Erhu or piano Right -Is that it? -Yes, of all ages -This is very popular in Anhui, isn’t it? I am not in Anhui now I got married and went to Shaoxing You are married Correct To my husband is a jazz guitarist That’s good This combination is good It should be a happy marriage Thanks, I am happy Next, it’s up to you to choose, girl We have no advantages this time We all have to PK Let me express my love for Li Jian From the university I have been hoping to sing with Li Jian one day since 2012 I finally see him now This sounds a bit Is there a “but”? I didn’t ask her what the next sentence was Were you disappointed when you saw me? Very handsome Hmmm Anything to say to Chunchun? I think Chunchun I actually know Chunchun from her fans Then I feel that Teacher Chunchun is very real Very sincere So your final choice is

I choose Chunchun Li Yuchun, I think she is younger Because I don’t want to sing this way all the time I also want to make some changes Facing the situation I have to be chosen by students I am almost getting lost I feel that sometimes I am totally at a loss You don’t know who he will choose in the end My team now has 5 groups of people So you figure it out You can choose whoever you like I don’t want her to choose Pan Hong I like her singing and performance I think she has great potential So I can only pray in my heart Like this If she chooses me to PK Then I will accept gladly Just come Then I choose Zhizhi Zhizhi OK Well prepared Their voices are similar I am not afraid of PK I think this golden seat belongs to me Let them give “declaration of battle” to each other The declaration of battle is actually a ruthless talk Then come on Young girl, I’m a little If there is nothing to say then we sing I hope both of us can sing well Thanks Ok Come on I think they have their own advantages It means We have to give up the impression that their previous singing gave me Is it difficult? I am nervous Jian Ge Talk about it? I want to say In fact Actually choosing this song is more ingenious Because this American ballad is very popular So the audience quickly entered a scene from the beginning Tianqi took out the guitar in this PK session Her smile was tinged with cruelty What happened to Nicolas? Why did you always say idioms? What he said in this episode are all idioms This is a matter of course You said I judge people by appearance Don’t get into trouble Jian Ge, Thank you so much for stepping in He can only say idioms now

He can only speak idioms Naturally He really can’t help it Because the two students brought me different feelings Correct Let’s discuss again Discuss privately Turn off the microphone I think from my point of view The second contestant’s voice can be remembered Correct I was moved Because there is a “dark” one, a “lit”one There is still a good wife and mother What? That tall woman Like a model Oh that Pan Hong She performed very well in the first episode It depends on what your team needs My team has distinctive styles now -On the contrary, it does not have a simpler singer -She can also be simple and unadorned, you can put her hair down You change her look Find her two guitar accompaniments, try A capella, she will also be very simple and unadorned So I think Right? Is that the case? So I think it’s all about you, who do you want to stay? If you want to adapt your stuff to her later When they’re going to sing four or five songs Can they sing the song you adapted? Ok You have your choice now Ok Come Next, Li Yuchun, take the hand of the contestant you want to keep For Tianqi, she can sing a song in a simple and impressive way Zhizhi she has potential And she is so young She has her own taste in music Keep going Alright I sang two songs I’m satisfied I haven’t thought about whether I can keep my spot In Chunchun’s Team Since I am already here. I will make the best of it Does any mentor want to keep Zhizhi in his team? Let’s countdown Ten, nine Eight Seven Six Five Four three Two One Ok Next, another original song The song is called “Really Forgot” Hello Here is “Sing! China” Congratulations on entering the audition session Wow Really? Hello there Let’s go, to “Sing! China” Right now? We are “Zebra Forest” Band In order to be able to make music together We live in the same building Except sleeping, we almost do everything together Being a band is not just for writing songs The most important thing is that everyone trusts each other I used to sing alone Now, I will work with everyone to fulfill a common wish This is much better than singing alone In 2017 I participated in the “Sing! China” competition in our province And I got a 4th place Since then I started my vocal training “Sing! China” opens the door to a new music world Come on Our goal is to be on the stage of Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium Isn’t it demolished? Demolished? Then “Bird’s Nest” My goodness, why are you here?

Hao Ge I know this person very well Nothing You introduce yourself first Hello everyone We are “Zebra Forest” Band I am the lead singer Li Jiahao My name is Cao Ning I am the guitarist 22 years old My name is Cai Xinhao 24 years old -Do you know them? -I know one of them He was a bass player in my previous show He was the best bass in that show Nicolas, I think the three of them are exactly the same Yeah The one on the right seems to be slightly different These two look more like brothers How long have you been in the band? A year and a half The three of us are in the same school You are all classmates Correct We all live together Sometimes I get up in the morning I have an idea Then I just ask everyone to come here to write a song Ok I actually have been trying to find one boy for my team But I didn’t expect it to be three when I turned around

Your team is a bit complicated Yeah But during that song, I can hear that there were some “immature” parts -I do want to give them another chance -Their voice are very good I just hope Chunchun, if they can keep going I hope they can write more distinctive works in your team Let’s talk about the current thing first Jian Ge The present is the future What do you think is the biggest advantage of your band? I actually still have a lot of great songs I think my next song must be my ace in the hole Looking forward to it Then welcome to join Li Yuchun’s team -I find Chunchun looks like a lead singer of the band -Maybe it’s a good idea I found one thing What happened? Just this Cai Qinghao And this “Dragon Girl” in your team They two know each other Both of them were in that show So do you want to choose them or not? We have to discuss I don’t know who he will choose I don’t know who they will choose I feel that the PK is coming I thought they might choose me Because they are song writers, song writers versus song writers It makes sense As a guy Guys want to fight with guys Damn It seems something is going to happen We guys don’t fight with girls We fight with guys Ok The two groups are not comparable This guys is also amazing Yes, this guy is quite “fierce” I think the biggest advantage of our band is originality Because we are actually quite confident in our works There should still be a little chance of winning Since he chose me Maybe later I will also choose something I wrote For everyone So what you are going to sing is your own song Exactly Great Since you have chosen your own song I also choose my own song Then one of our songs… I hope you can do your best Your song is called “I hope you can do your best”? No -I’ll tell you the name of the song later -Okay, then please get ready for the competition now A PK between original singers Great Ok This is the first “original singer” versus “original singers” on stage I am very confident of the uniqueness of my music Because I’m not imitating others I think I should not lose I am very confident about this song

Because I wrote it myself It’s easier for me And it fits the actual situation in my life Li Yuchun, what do you think? What should I do? What do you want to do? I think the three of us can talk about it first Then give Chunchun more time to consider OK Like this Qian Jiangtao Yeah You are also the lead singer of your band, right?

Correct So one is to engage in a band for a while Which is a very good band Yeah The other one is a group of ordinary kids who yearn for music with pure motivations When they were singing Chunchun and I have been watching each other from time to time I broke into a sweat I kept breaking into a sweat Great Idiom king, Idiom king -Idiom king, say an idiom -New “Idiom King” is here -Xie Ge, come on -Nicholas, tell me Come on The three kids are still young I think maybe their song is simpler At the age of 19, your voice can have such an emotional expression In the end actually You shaked yourself Took a deep breath Actually those are very precious Because maybe when you grow up After you have a little more experience These will disappear But I really like the feeling of that breath just now Let me say something to “Zebra Forest” If you sang this song during “blind selection” Maybe I have turned around It’s the same for me; the theme of this song is very good It may become an extremely great original work in the Mainland But you can modify it a little bit I want to give you a suggestion Being together is the most difficult part of being in a band There will always be a compromise between each other Even a little grievance It can happen; It’s very, very difficult Have you ever quarreled? The three of you We quarreled But Finally we settled it peacefully That’s for sure You wouldn’t have come here together if you didn’t solve it I think the most important thing is to be friends, then a band Our hearts are together Then our music Because our music ideas can definitely be negotiable Friends will be together forever Those days won’t come back I think you actually have something I value You are supposed to be quite shy at your age You formed a band Then wrote songs by yourselves Even if there are differences between each other Like you wrote this song, I don’t like this lyrics You don’t like that lyrics If we think about it now These quarrels were actually very beautiful at that time, Yeah The explanation of our three mentors undoubtedly made Chunchun even more confused Yes, we said so much mainly to make her more confused No matter how much time you have, it’s hard to choose Might as well give her a short time Ok It’s really hard for me this round Because The three kids are To be frank I also think that their song is better than the “blindly selected” song So I think it’s even more difficult for me to choose Then Qian Jiangtao, From the “blind selection”, I can still remember his tone Because he is so special The song he sang today His singing made big auditory and visual impacts Because He didn’t sing his own song last time Qian Jiangtao, how many original works do you have? Well, of course there’s a lot No I think these songs that can be dedicated to you may be less than that Maybe he has enough songs even for next season What I mean is that when he was in the first round There was no sign that he can play guitar or write songs In other words, there’s a possibility that he may add dancing to his next performance You know? It’s very likely he will Ok Next, Li Yuchun, name the contestants you want to stay on this stage please If she didn’t choose Qian Jiangtao, I will save him Because I think he has a very special voice Their opinion is still a key message to me Although I don’t know if they did it on purpose Some are like “smoke bomb” Qian Jiangtao can stay in Li Yuchun’s team temporarily Thank you Oh, thank you for your hard work I have to say I really like them I really like a band like them They are young Talking about the songs they wrote, there is still room for improvement Then if the other three mentors want to press the button again You have 10 seconds If any mentor wants to keep this band Please press your button within 10 seconds 10 The moment she took Qian Jiangtao’s hand

I think Xiao Cai should also mine Just He can’t go I have to save him Wait I pressed too Wait a while Nicholas pressed You also pressed I don’t know you pressed I don’t know you pressed I did not see I thought it was only me I saw I saw him I didn’t see you pressed you guys I was the first one to press, you just counted to 10 When I counted to ten, I pressed I see, it’s okay Go back It’s not done yet Not finished yet You two continue to fight Oh, I and Xie Ge have to snatch again The problem comes again Bring it on Ok Because I have known Nicholas for so long Never seen Nicholas became blushing Even showed a fierce look For the three of you I have never seen him like that either In fact, when I said “Last 10 seconds” I was looking at him So actually I didn’t see you pressed the button No -Listen to me first, it was like… -I felt Listen to me, Chunchun I’ve been speaking for you since yesterday You know You are now in alliance with him No, I’m not helping him Because Nicholas is always doing the band stuff I know And I think I have something in common with him I can’t tell But he understands me So actually The moment I was on stage I really asked him for help with my e yes I saw Then he took it and I was really happy I haven’t turned around since yesterday Actually, it’s not that our contestants are not good enough Because I have already decided Just these 5 kids in my team Even if there are better contestants in the future, I won’t change If they lose, it’s my fault Blame me But why I pressed today Because Xiao Cai should also be in my team I like him Yeah And also What impressed me more was your second song Yep Actually you didn’t sing that well But what I value most is You’re still young I think you If you are in my team I don’t want to brag You will be something I’ve actually been doing band shows for the past year I’m recording for them recently Help them to look for a variety of concert, performance even sound engineer I will find the best Even someone who won a Grammy Award I can only say one thing I will help you release your album Both of the mentors pressed the button To save them So you face another choice But remember You also need to PK So you are the only singers who are going to sing the third song on this stage so far I’ll give you three minutes to think about it, okay? Ok The choice is also particularly hard I’m very struggling My favorite mentor is Nicolas Tse He likes bands too I highly recommend them to choose Li Ronghao I like him; he is really professional in music Then He has great control over music OK Time is up So your choice is Ok Ok We choose Li Ronghao Again Thanks Hao Ge Very good Nicholas’ blood pressure is still high In fact No matter which mentor’s team you are in We can still share our good things in private So if you have any needs, you can also find Uncle Nicholas through Rong Hao I didn’t expect it was a matter of connections So today I can only say that I was a bit unlucky I didn’t meet anyone I know Bro My bad It’s my bad Oh no What is this called? There will be a hash tag called “Nicholas Tse hit Li Ronghao’s ass” Anyways, I’m very happy Why am i still here? Who do you choose? You still have things to do Oh Did you think that’s it? OK I am embarrassed to look over there

You choose Let me tell you If they have any problems Like if other mentors want to save them You have to PK again Their team Wow I’ll be honest; people in my team are pretty nice It’s okay, you can think about it I’m so worried It’s hard to choose too Bro, it hurts me no matter who they choose -I guess he still chooses that one -Have you thought about it? Then I will announce the result of our discussion It’s Li Ronghao never turned around I was so touched He also gave us a great sense of security But when “Zebra Forest” was saved by Li Ronghao I felt so nervous Very nervous Because I know it must be a particularly strong contestant Actually I was suffering This PK made me realize This is really a cruel game Just like the college entrance examination Yeah We discussed and we decide to challenge Zhao Zihua Come up Also an original song writer Yeah Rong Hao’s expression on the stage Was exactly my expression of last round It seemed that they chose a player he loved very much He was like that Zhao Zihua He is actually a famous musician They also know that I like him very much Yeah Then they picked this person, that’s the young guys It doesn’t matter who he is, just do it It’s too exciting, my heart beats faster It will be a fierce competition Because this person is awesome, he is amazing Yes, this person is incredible Anyway, we have already made our biggest decision We think it’s worth it I think they are brave They dare to pick him Yes, they do You know So this is going to be a big show Called “Scarlet Heart” I don’t know what will happen next At first this was a good part It turns out everyone has to PK now It has been triggered like this Yeah So I don’t know how many PKs there will be Zihua is older than them

So somewhat open-minded I like what you wrote Two sentences One is the “recollection of the heart” The other one is “Try to live on the cause without asking the effect” You experienced a lot in the beginning Some frustration He’s in a calm mood Calm and peaceful And “Zebra Forest” Vigorous like your names Keep going Two groups of people Not only to bring good original music to us They do have a good voice too Yeah Actually, when the two groups were singing, There were a lot of pictures in my brain and it will make me feel so moved Especially Zihua Your song

It stirred up my memories of seeing you on stage for the first time I can feel your persistence in music for so many years Then And there were many, many difficulties in this journey But There’s still lyrics like “Don’t forget to follow the sun” in your song So I am so moved Then three kids who like music They had an unnoticeable eye contact Which also moved me So actually I already have an answer in my heart But I really want to say that no matter who I choose I sincerely hope the other mentors Can help me keep them Because To be frank -Is it a series? -No They have to stay To be honest, none of these people should leave “Zebra Forest” Their music is actually very good But they don’t understand the perspective of a music producer How can the audience understand the essence of this song better? Then Xiao Zhao is indeed a very good contestant So I believe that the other mentors Can take in the students who have to leave my team tonight After listening to these two songs If we don’t analyze it from the perspective of music I think Xiao Zhao, even if he goes to another team He knows himself very well He knows his arrangement and singing well The band “Zebra Forest”, they do have something “young” So I think I have to keep them and help them So My choice is “Zebra Forest” Band I just want to help them to find a team You know, Xiao Zhao, in my mind Even if he is not in my team, someone else will keep him I have confidence in him He won’t be eliminated This is for sure Zhao Zihua, he is actually a musician who already has his own fixed style So I think no matter which team he is in He is always a very tough student Yeah So I hope the mentors Think carefully Thank you all Let’s countdown Ten, nine Eight Seven, six, five Four Standing there while counting down Actually, I I almost can’t hear anything at the scene Three Two One I thought that everything was almost over Because I have a thought in my heart Because previously you almost chose him I think it’s fate You guys can “start over” Chunchun, tears filled her eyes Yup Should we swap places now? I’m going there You should come here What will happen next? Who will he choose? Will he choose my favorite student? But at that moment I want to say We should keep someone Who has the ability to be on this stage Let me explain a little bit The passed 10 seconds was extremely hard for me -I understand -First of all, I have to say sorry To the 4 remaining groups of students Unfortunately You are going to have a lot of pressure Only 4 of them can be selected from now on? Yeah Because that guy just be selected in the previous PK So He is safe now Ok Ok Kind of scary Zhao Zihua, who has experienced two PKs, came down to choose I can feel the sweat in my hand I feel like I’m going to be eliminated soon The battles started, one by one

A stone was thrown into the water, causing a thousand waves I choose the group of two people When I first heard “Flying Elephant and Dragon Girl” The four of us all turned around Actually I really hope to hear The second song of the two of them Sorry for putting you under pressure Ok Then please get ready for your performance Cheer up Ok Ok Beautiful So good Zihua sang really well

I think And I like this song better than the previous one Correct This is his best song I think so This is his ace in the hole I think the last sentence is very well written I miss me I think this is a Unexpected finishing touch Yup I really want to cover it That’s great, Jian Ge Good songs make people have the urge to sing In such an era A beautiful song Is so scarce Although there is a lot of songs Actually, I think this song seems to be like Jian Ge’s style Feels beautiful and graceful Actually, I am rarely able to write such kind of beautiful songs Especially the bridge part I think your singing skills are better than before You didn’t sing that well I’m more relax now Your voice will get better as you get older What? I actually Knew “Dragon Girl” But today I have to say Because The high-pitched part You were not on the beat Because the pitch was high So it was not easy for you This also reminds all the contestants no matter which team you are in You will face PK from time to time So don’t feel “safe” while sitting there I think if “Dragon Girl” has been practicing This pitch should be easy for her What does the student want to say to the audience or the mentors? I feel pretty dumb all over First experience of “live or die” Then I was saved “All of a sudden” Very happy I sang another song as well In fact, I have been very obsessed with electronic music for a long time Actually “Dragon Girl”, she chose me Let me be her partner Thank you very much When I was questioned a lot You still trust me I am very touched You are my biggest gain from this show

We will be more determined And Keep making your music I’ll be your wings Cheer up Then Li Yuchun Go to the stage and choose the contestants you want to keep “Dragon Girl and Flying Elephant” I know their music style I think especially on a stage like “Sing! China” You will especially want to give them some encouragement Give them some confidence Talking about Zihua, there were several breaks in the middle of his song I was very impressed Because of these breaks Will make you sad This is very moving Shall we start? Ok Cheer up Keep going Today is too tortuous I think only myself Can feel this excitement I’m almost numb from stimulation Oh my God Ok So if any mentor wants to keep “Dragon Girl and Flying Elephant” in his team Please press your own button Countdown starts Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven Six, five, four Then Let’s count down Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five, four, three Two One I didn’t expect it to be such an ending Another song “Bu Xiu”, an original s ong Ah, It’s my turn now Hello Hello there Stop scaring me Did you write this yourself? Correct I wrote this song of Mount Huangshan Where are you from? I am from northern Anhui Very unique Ok Not bad This is a pass card Thanks, thanks Thank you Hello everyone I am Fang Tianli from Huangshan, Anhui You can call me “Pineapple” 24 years old I am a vocal teacher I usually teach children to sing I sing in the night market at night Actually I also have a dream I just want to find a stage to show myself Eventually I’m going on stage Excitement and tension times four Because usually most people only have one mentor There are 4 mentors waiting for me I will try my best Go as far as possible I look forward to everyone’s recognition of me I also look forward to everyone’s recognition of the beauty of Mount Huangshan Cheer yourself up A little annoying If all 4 mentors turn around I don’t know who to choose Come on This is a young man

I thought he might be a 40-50 years old Me too, hello Introduce yourself please Ok Hello, everyone I Are you from Huizhou? Written in the lyrics I was born in Huangshan, Anhui, Now I live in Huangshan too I am from northern Anhui 24 years old I’m a music teacher who teach children to sing Teach children to sing You haven’t told us your name Too excited Sorry My name is Fang Tianli Everyone can call me “pineapple” Fang Tianli I was impressed Because he was on my “caravan” Wait a moment, When you heard his voice, you know he once was in your caravan? The chorus Reminded me If you did not cultivate in the previous life, you will be born in Huizhou Because these few words are very good It was Zen-like So I am very impressed Yeah When I was in the caravan, I sang the chorus Then I sang one octave higher Then Li Jian said “Hey young man, too noisy”

Yeah Too noisy And I sent you here Thank you Li Jian While in the caravan Li Jian gave me this opportunity So I can be here today Yeah Because I really don’t want to miss any talented young people Because of your lyrics Bu Xiu Can you tell me what it means? It sounds like what a tourist would say What do you think? This song mainly describes the beauty of Huizhou before and the beauty of modern times If you did not cultivate in the previous life, you will be born in Huizhou, There when you are at the age of thirteen or fourteen, you have to make a living yourself It is an old saying in Huizhou Because there used to be very little land for planting So when children grew up to 13 or 14 years old, they had to go out to learn some living skills So from then on, a very splendid culture in Huizhou was created The second part means If you don’t cultivate, you are in Huizhou, and after you come, you don’t want to leave It is talking about the current Mount Huangshan Huizhou is very beautiful Very beautiful The scenery is very charming Make people linger I see Tianli, in this song I personally think it’s a song With a new poetic expression You shared a view of current events Use your own folk songs Things have changed The world has changed It is totally different from Other popular music performances I think this kind of courage or this kind of confidence Is worth encouraging So I turned around In fact, many people say they need to be confident in themselves In fact, he should first have confidence in his culture Because we have a splendid culture His song is very interesting It is a very humorous song Maybe he doesn’t know It was like the way he talks to the children That feeling plus Our folk songs in Anhui This is Real Chinese local music It’s pure and native music All right Let’s make it short We still have to PK Welcome Pineapple to join our team Thank you Very happy and excited Today, Li Jian’s affirmation has strengthened my conviction in music Because I want to see more possibilities on a bigger stage This is what I want Now there are 5 people in our group Choose whoever you want I don’t have any hints for you Who will he choose? Probably Song Yuning, their styles are similar I don’t want him to choose Song Yuning Because this original singer, I like him very much I think Fang Tianli wants to challenge me Because I think A young guy who wrote an original work And there is something unique in his music style He will definitely pick someone who has similar style If he wants to PK with me, then I will face him Actually nothing And I can sing one more song on this stage Why not? Now there are 5 people in our group Who do you want to choose? Gao Rui He chose a girl Hope you can succeed I also want to keep my spot Bring it on OK