Film Action China Special Female Force Full Movie

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Film Action China Special Female Force Full Movie

Alpha team! Are you ready? Macy is ready margiela is ready Why did you swim so hard? Are you trying out for the Olympics? Captain, she is warming up as Hong Kong’s elite special female force we should always be in peak conbat mode and not be warming up just before a mission our new captain has quite an attitude, madam fong our target is the terrorist code-named “president” it’s not a pool party what’s to discuss? This is a critical mission focus, everyone. Stop arguing after today they won’t be able to argue any more I’m just staying home with my daughter it’s not like I’m dying or something if 1 didn’t retire, you’d never make captain hey! You sound like you gifted me the job it’s harder to be a singe mother than a special agent I give up, you’ll just argue all day long who’s the daddy? She won’t tell, on pain of death on pain of death, why must you know? Hey! Don’t keep talking about death Attention all units, the suspect has arrived Michelle, Bo get ready We haven’t confirmed he is “president” shall we take action? Be careful! The suspect may have a signal scrambler fong, you’re in charge the special female force will identify “president” the thai police will assist in arrests don’t make any rash moves hi, honey! You are his cup of tea he has great taste fong, what are you waiting for? If “president” escapes again who knows how many more will die we’re going per the plan, all in good time let me approach the target what do you think you’re doing? Hey! Sir leave with the children, now, it’s dangerous here fong! He is “president”! – Action! – Yes sir! That old man is “president”, everyone be careful I’ll chase him down

Macy! – Be careful! – Help! Help! I’m scared be brave! Little girl, hide here Why isn’t backup here yet? Sorry sir! Get him! Watch out! Ambush, it’s a trap retreat! Whoever can get out, leave! Margiela! I want revenge! If you died too, how can we face the team? And your daughter? If 1 left now, I will never be at peace! I’ll get him Macy! Macy! Help me! Fong! Fong Macy! Macy! Macy! Macy, are you all right? Macy I know I will take care of your daughter You again? What more do you want? There is a concept you don’t understand: Distance! Do you get it now? How annoying! Stop calling me stop calling me! Hi, nice to meet you hi!

I’m fa – I’m cat you look terribly pale did you just break up? It’s just an argument see? My grandma is a fortune teller here’s some free advice let’s see: Your romance line is darkened it really is – hi, I’m honey are you reading palms for free? I thought you’re going back to the farm no, we’re all here, so our fates are linked, right? That means we’re almost sisters so I have some great deals for you we’ll be training in the sun, right? This sunscreen has uv protection and whitens your skin and, if your body hair gives you trouble and grows like wildfire, what can you do? Fear not, with this handheld shaver you can shave anywhere, any time buy now and get 20% off! Everyone gets 20% off! This shaver can shave any hair! Including armpit hair! I guarantee you won’t have Bo afterward! Please remove your hand sorry no need to be so mean she just touched you, don’t be so high and mighty what business is it of yours? Of course it’s my business we have to see each other every day come on we’re all classmates, stop fighting classmates? You think we’re still in the academy? This is a special training camp! Attention! Get down here! Stand up straight I’m madam fong, chief inspector of this training camp my assistants, madam kwong and madam tong in the police force men play the leading roles and women are facilitators does anyone know why? Sexual discrimination – wrong! Women are physically weaker than men, but win at enemy contact, monitoring and investigation some of you are working police, some fresh graduates I don’t care, I just want the best fall in 8729, octb 9527, also octb we came with our team leader 9823, mongkok triad bureau 7667, yaumatei transport division you were chosen for your various skills but now you must start from square one from now on, we will train you rigorously in areas like physical, 1q, eq, etc You will be the new special female force in 20 years the best cadet will get the red whistle lanyard prize I’m glad to see that you have made friends so soon but you look like you’re here on vacation you must have a lot of time on your hands give me ten laps now! Whoever cannot complete 10 laps in 20 minutes your team will go without dinner carry all your luggage with you – yes madam! – No way can you help me take some? I’m glad I didn’t buy anything from you run faster! It hurts I’ll help you sdu! So cool! Attention! How cool! You’re flirting, so you must not be too tired let me step it up Attention! Put it in! Remove your acrylic nails, vanity contacts, eyelashes and makeup how can I face anyone? – Or you can leave – That’s not necessary those boys haven’t even seen this yet! Remove those fake eyelashes now no! The 24 of you will be in 4 teams

for rewards or punishments all 6 of you will take it as a team step out when you hear your name a team! D team! Ho pui-si – Lee tung Lee kit – wong nga-fa wong fong – tang oi-yin wong lai-yee – au pui-ling coco yuen – jenvine leung law choi-man – kwan wai-ho – b team! – C team! Chiu lai-ling – ng oi-yee chow lai-kei – wong nga-wai yeung suk-ham – cheung ka-yee lau king-yin – cheung sin-man wong fung-ling – cheung ka-man wai pui-kwun madam! I request to change teams disciplinary forces are all about obedience if you don’t like this you may leave now or you can step back yes madam! A, b and c teams, go to dinner d team, three of you didn’t finish 10 laps no dinner for the whole team tonight but we can have supper, right? Are you hungry? I am exercise is the best way to forget about hunger you must all thank d team 100 push-ups, now! Au pui-ling! No cheating chin on the ground – they’re in the way! – Pull out your bra pads I’m not wearing pads is that so? Nonsense! 100 more for you honey the compass says this northwest position is best for me, let’s trade you’re unbelievable all right, give me a complete fortune-telling for free Iris I wonder if madam is playng a joke on us we must share the camp with these jokers we’ll just excel on our own, ignore them silk pajamas, comfy and a great deal try them on, it’s relaxing sleep in them, it energizes you stay away sorry Victoria’s secret? Sexy baby ling-ling, if you’re afraid of the dark I wouldn’t mind if you join me in my bed no need, thank you you’re welcome – come on you take the cake, ling-ling no one wants to buy my pajamas! No, I can’t wear store-bought ones they’re too narrow, I have sleep apnea What is she doing? What? What’s the big deal? I like to sleep naked she’s even more incredible Tang oi-yin! What’s wrong with you? Cowards! Sorry, madam – what are you doing? – Sorry – Let me help you – Don’t feel me up don’t be polite Whoever cannot make it, pack up and leave let’s go down together, cutie ready, go! Madam, I’m scared! Do you want to jump, or shall I kick you off? Jump or leave no Madam, I was terrified! My heart is still racing I quit – come down – That’s enough from you madam, let me down, I quit madam! Are you done crying? You’re here that was easy

What now? – Get out of the way – Are you all right? – Pay attention! – Keep it up! Hurry Yeah! Hi, I want more sausages, more beans And more bread, thanks are you with the special female force? How can you run after eating so much? I don’t want to be emaciated like you wow must you be so over the top? What’s over the top? I didn’t eat dinner yesterday I’m just making up for it, I’m entitled take my sausage, too you’re not qualified to eat that put down your knife and fork now! You! Eat these what is this, madam? An offering to the gods? Don’t be upset, it’s for your own good eat these, too thank you, madam! Work hard, you all thank you hey what’s with all the pretty policewomen today? I know: They re-formed special female force I see this table has hot girls this table has hot girls 10 o’clock direction go! You so desperate hello, young lady hi What are your names? Hi Hello, I’m ling-ling ling ling! Hello, ling-ling I’m Owen, what’s your phone number? I’m honey you handle her he hung up you’re so cool, what’s your name? Her name is flower let’s trade Facebook, Instagram And whatsapp, what’s app? I’m on all of those that’s fate! Special female force? We’re the sdu let’s talk about it sometime you boys calls yourselves the special duties unit? You’ll shorten your lives by firting with those you shouldn’t out of the way! For a pretty girl like that, I don’t mind giving up a few years hey that’s enough, you think I can’t see what you’re doing? Leave my teammates alone! Are you throwing a tantrum because I didn’t flirt with you? Yes, let’s go mano a mano! With you it’s a sumo match all right, stop fighting anything except fighting, you choose we can swim across oceans singlehandedly defeat a leopard in 10 seconds, catch bullets with our toes it’s all a piece of cake you look like you can eat a lot I’ll send our “Hong Kong takeru kobayashi” to compete in eating with you sure, let’s eat eggs whoever vomits first loses are you ready? Get set 3, 2,1, go! Come on, honey! Disgusting you win you’re amazing, you win! Let’s go don’t waste food intelligence gathering is the sff’s main job part of that is to deal with gangsters we’ve invited two retired gang lords they were the scum of the earth now they’ve reformed, they’re pillars of society they are Alec, ceo of gangland graphic design

and master pi, director of triad retirement homes I’m not master pi in front of the gods just call me Pierre you’ve both worked hard these years I’m a stage designer, call me for event planning I can’t shake hands I killed too many people, it’s Karma I have frozen shoulder now d team, try to make contact with gangsters get information from them us? What’s up! Give me five! Won’t you take me to funky town? Yes, yes stop! Transport division I suspect you’ve done some illegal alterations – you’ve changed the gear box – Bye – you’ve enlarged the backl – I’m ling-ling are you driving under the influence? Why don’t you go back in line? We need you police quite badly to act as our undercovers, are you interested? How much does it pay? Pay? We’ll have sex my grandma is a popular fortune teller I’ll give you some free advice you will marry a beautiful wife and you’ll have two kids, right? Why all the talk? Start fighting what shall we do? All we can do is our best moves Pierre, don’t worry about that frozen shoulder I’m here I’ll massage it into a chilled shoulder – you’re that good? – Yes, I am – can you make it into – a hot shoulder? – Sure I think a warm shoulder would be best Pierre, you’re so hard madam, this team is great the last team said they wanted to escort us get rid of all of them, we like this team attention, everyone! Combat is not about theory practical experience is key we have here the martial coaches of various disciplines to teach you a combat style designed for women d team, honey and ling-ling choose one of them to challenge okay It quivers Be brave let’s pick her in the movies the smallest ones can really fight you’re nuts, we’re not making a movie we can crush her to death madam, we choose her – Hang in there! You can do it – Tag! – Hang in there! – Tag! Tag! – You got it, honey – Hang in there! – Tag! – Hang in there! What kind of hero bullies two weaklings like us? Fine, fa, tung, ho you three fight her yes madam! Don’t waste any more time the whole team, attack! This Russian military combat form is about instant, explosive force pay attention and learn it well The water isn’t warm enough, is it? Try my shower gel – it’s good! – Nice your skin becomes really smooth it smells nice! Wonderful! – Use more! – Sure don’t be upset, tung – lend it to me – No one wants to lose try harder next time it’s clear she wants the red whistle lanyard I was hit so hard by thar coach it still hurts come on, I’ll wash your hair for you is that okay? – They shake it like this – Do it again

in the music videos shake it hard! Like this shake it with everything you’ve got! Wet firewood what did you say? Nothing, just 6 pieces of wet firewood, that’s all we went running when we had extra time you were in the shower and playing fashion show like I said, wet firewood – who are you talking about? – Whoever answers me don’t force me to fix your makeup with my shoe freeze! Don’t force me to kick I know Ken low! – You want a fight? – What did you say? – Don’t touch me! – Stop honey madam! D team d team, come with me [T’s not all our fault, why is only d team punished? Tip the buckets and no dinner for the whole team have you thought of why we didn’t punish a team? We don’t know, madam because I’m extra tough on you give up and you’ll always be losers think, why did I put you six in one team? Why do you want to join the special female force? What now? No dinner again? Huh? Who did this? Macy? Hey our team captain Iris thinks you’re good come over to the a team d team members are imbeciles, but you’re different I know madam fong doesn’t want to waste a good candidate for a bunch of idiots at the elimination test tomorrow, get rid of them and we’ll help you come to our team so you want me to betray them? I would never do that with Iris’s leadership a team will defeat all our foes we all know whether d team can stay to the end think carefully about this Today is our elmination test the test is orienteering and capturing flags I’ve hidden colored flags in the hills green flags are worth one point yellows are worth 3 points reds anre worth 5 points the higher the point value, the harder the flag is to locate there is one black flag, worth 10 points its location is not marked in the maps the clue is, “dark and stormy night” bring back the flags you find within a set time the team with the lowest points will be sent home yes madam! Action! Let’s go this way, okay? Let’s split up into three groups – our goal is one red flag per group – Yes! In 30 minutes, we’ll Where are you going? I’ll go off on my own, just keep talking – we’ll gather at 5:00, okay? – Sure! Sure – then we’ll go that way – We’ll go this way – “dark and stormy…” – Wait for me! – Found it! – Great – over there! – Hurry – over here! – Quickly! – Captain! – The next one is there Over there! Great! That’s better wonderful Here you go

Over there! Hey! Take it! It’s yours let’s go – thanks Tung is back they’ve outnumbered us it’s made me so hungry you don’t even look like you know what you’re doing it took all of you to find just one flag we’ve tried as hard as we can – to get this one red flag – Fine say no more – I can’t be bothered – Stop shouting! We must stick together we must team up and catch up on points I wonder where that black flag is the clue is “dark and stormy night” is it part of a couplet? To tell us to fight crime? Do we need to use swords? The opposite of dark night is bright day, stormy, high winds, low water I got it come on, follow her – I have a cramp! – Let me help you I’ll help you Yes! Help! Tung! Help, hurry cat, hold on! Tung! So annoying, where did you go? Fal hold on tight! Ho! Honey, let go of your backpack no! The stuff inside is important I can’t hold any longer hold on, everyone here throw it over here, tung Let’s swim to it – yes! Are you all right? I’m so glad you’re okay – honey! – I’m fine, go over there honey, why wouldn’t you let go of your backpack? What’s so important inside? I cannot lose the pictures of my two sisters this is bearable all because of the pictures and there are some instant noodles – scumbag – You’re something else – how can you love eating so much? – Miss appetite – instant noodles – Miss appetite get over here, tung – what? – Tung – you’re not righteous! – You almost drowned us don’t go! Don’t think you can avoid water don’t go! You’re not faster than I any more Go get other flags you’re almost late again we will score the test now hand over your flags d team b team – c team a team Thanks, teammate

a team has another flag a team, 23 points b team, 9 points c team, 11 points d team, 10 points b team has scored the lowest, go pack your bags a team leader Iris has done the best so far she is a hopeful for the red whistle lanyard – look again the low-scoring teams, you may lose your jobs we were first to get this flag how did it end up with them? It flowed down the river when we fell they picked it up? You can say anything now why didn’t you flow down the river? You’re talking nonsense – I have a request – What does she want? I want to change teams – change teams? – Give me a reason you know my abiities I’ve spoken with a team, they want to to change, too Iris, did you discuss this is private? I don’t know what she’s saying I’ve never done that you should know our rules you deserve this – sold out! – I hate people who betray their teams tung did you give them the black flag? You should believe that we would win! Shut up! This team will be your comrades in life and death when there are problems, don’t look at them as a burden you must focus on their good points go back and think about that I don’t want to see another farce Dismissed tung Why are you following me? Tung I don’t know why you did that are we really that bad? Just tell us any problems you’re having drop your act how can I redemm myself after this? What’s the big deal about making mistakes? I know you like to win but you wouldn’t cheat we are in the same team we came in together, we’ll leave together we haven’t lost yet but if we’re one teammate short we will lose I’m different from you in what way? D team is made up of all kinds of people: A tomboy, a fat girl, a chesty idiot but we all came to win you’re not the only one who can’t afford to lose ling-ling was always molested in school she wants to arrest all bad men for the sake of the women ho wants to prove she can do anything a man can honey has to provide for her family working hard to improve their lifestyle cat’s sdu boyfriend doesn’t think of her as police she wants to let him know that without him, she is not a failure cat, do you want to be a policewoman so you can go to work and come home with me? Being a policewoman is not a joke go home and think clearly about this I’m not like you I’ve only seen my father 5 times 5 times! He caused me not to have friends he doesn’t care what I want to do he just minds that I’m his love-child and that I may embarrass him the more he hates cops, the more I want to be one the more he wants me to fail the more I want to show him my red whistle lanyard so what? Everyone has a secret I’m an orphan all my life people have bullied me but I continue to hang on till today! Tung, listen to me the six of us are a team we came here together, we cannot afford to lose anyone today, without you we could have drowned as long as you’re alive, you have a chance to change there is nothing you can’t turn back from true, I keep messing you up but would you really blame it all on me? In any case, I want to succeed in something have a job I’m proud of do you know who is the most disappointed? Honey I’ve done you all wrong

I was so selfish, in wanting to win I almost really messed up the 5 of you I know apologies are no use now I deserve anything you give me, hit me, yell at me I won’t hit back I’m really terrified of failing I am so angry at you because I thought of you as my own sister a sister who knows she’s made a mistake shouldn’t I forgive her? From now on, we are a family if we work together, we can surely beat a team soon, we’ll walk out of here as the special female force this is a scored test, fall in and you’re eliminated the later you fall in the higher your score and you will have a chance at the red whistle lanyard yes madam! Goodbye, my sisters! Only 5in a team and 4 in d team are left get ready for round two Only 4 are left now Stop fighting when you’ve fallen To be the last one standing you need personal strength and strategy that is the winning way bullshit! Iris of the a team continues to lead with a 100% score you must instantly recognize the enemy’s characteristics I’ve done it You must remember we love you very much we just show it with cruelty and your wills must be strengthened with pain do you understand? Faster honey – come on, honey honey honey – you got it! – Come on, honey great – you made it honey – you’re great After these 26 weeks of rigorous training and tests you have arrived here the final elimination test is mock counter-terrorism your teams will enter pre-set areas to execute amock counter-terrorism mission a team, go yes madam! You will gain points with your paint pellets on the targets we will score you per how well you do on the mission, how well your team works together and accuracy in shooting the highest scoring team will be the special female force

A team is doing very well d team, go The closed circuit cameras cannot locate d team I suspect they’ve strayed from the premises honey, did you take us the wrong way? I cannot see any targets quch! Honey, are you okay? Don’t be so serious, it’s a joke someone is up ahead what? I didn’t realize real people were involved in the test they take it seriously, follow him maybe we’ll get a really high score if we shoot him hurry up here’s your late night snacks! Let’s eat what took you so long? Shut up and eat great! Pay me back with this snack you wish! We’ll continue after we eat kidnapping? It’s so realistic! We can surround them I wonder how many points we get for shooting them take back the hostages a pair of sevens pair of nines pair of nines! Pass! Put your hands up freeze come out we’ll get a high score with this! We’ll have something to be proud of are you kidding? You’re eating here? Don’t waste this food this is a professinally-tied knot kid, you’re a good actor help! These robbers are vicious! You’re a great actor! Which extras company are you with? They are real kidnappers that’s cheating! You’re dead they’re real guns! Paint guns? Grab your gear! Give the child a bullet-proof vest Let’s split up Shoot now, fal! You’re with the special female force! Focus! Protect the hostages, take them away, can you do it? Yes dead end! Climb to the top of the containers I’ll fork lift you up there to hide, go! Can you drive that? I can drive everything! Hurry let’s go Go Let’s go, cat his gun is jammed stop stop Don’t die, mommy! – You said you’d take us home! – Ma’am, are you okay? – Let’s go home! – She’s been shot I told you not to fight sorry, I didn’t know this would happen don’t move her, put the mother down we’ll protect the sister and go seek help let’s go – agreed a signal from d team! D team, what’s your position? We ran into real kidnappers they’re heavily armed, with real guns those are real guns call the police! – Notify sdu for assistance! – Yes everyone, retreat – yes madam! Come this way, everyone – yes madam! – Hurry I’ll distract them! Take the girl to safety don’t let anything happen to her let’s go tell the guys the hostages are gone can you call the police for us? It’s them! Madam – take the boy to safety

yes Madam, are you okay? I’m fine let us handle that catpain, let’s get to area d5 there are gunshots Are you all right? Catpain, gunshots in area d Cat! Hand over the hostages Sdu a and b teams, clear the site Please tell us what happened the five of them are my students we were conducting an elimination challenge and suddenly lost contact with them I have no idea what happened in the meantime what are you doing? You don’t even know your basic responsibities how can you be a policewoman? How many people do you want to harm? What are all of you doing? Is this cosplay? Don’t think wearing a uniform makes you a policewoman it’s not that simple so, the sdu is all that? Who do you think you are? You dare bully us? That’s your boyfriend at sdu? You think you’reso hot? Girlfriends are for loving, not abusing do you know how hard we worked? If cat hadn’t saved the hostages, where would you be? Would you have come in at the end and taken the glory? Have you ever supported cat? Let’s go – out of the way! – Out of the way! – Go! – She told you to go don’t look any more, go! Go! You’ I – you’re so embarrassing shut up! D team, you didn’t complete the mission, disobeyed orders and seriously violated regulations per police rules, your whole team will be eliminated it was an emergency situation at least we rescued the hostages I told them to rescue the I take responsibility for my actions cat cat do you remember you said we are a team since we came in together, we’ll leave together so what if this happened? You will have to leave the mother is stil lin intensive care have you considered if anything happened to her, what would her children do? Diid you consider the safety of the civillians? Good speech! Without a mother, a child really wouldn’t know what to do 20 years ago, there was a girl an aggressive policewoman disobeyed orders and a little girl lost her mother such a little girl, no one cared for her

her grandma told fortunes to make ends meet so the girl vowed to be a policewoman to find the policewoman who was the murderer because she has never forgiven her not now, not ever! Madam fong I believe you know this best you’re Macy’s daughter? You don’t deserve to say her name a teammate like you don’t ever say her name! You’re not qualified to teach the special female force your mother was one of them? I know you hate me and want revenge but do not insult the special female force I did everthing I could for your mother a policewoman must be ready to sacrifice you cannot belittle the hard work of anyone, including yourself What nonsense! Honey, don’t seeing you like this makes me want to cry she’s crying because she’s lost a steady job no Don’t you get it? We worked our hardest but instead of success we failed it’s such a pity it’s all right, we may no longer be a team but we’ll always be best friends it’s not over yet I’m with the operations branch of police headquarters, the highest commander of ctisd wong yuen-fai you may call me wong sir – wong sir? – Ctl what? It’s the counter-terrorism and internal security division ctisd are you here to arrest us? I’m here to tell you you’ve been chosen as the specal female force b team that’s a dramatic turn no, we’ve just been thrown out yes – that’s right that was a show for others to see the special female force is the department’s secret only the police coommissioner and I know about it you have been fired so the department will no longer have your files you’re the best choices for our deep-cover missions that’s great! Wong sir, is this the secret base? Careful, don’t break it I am hungry, is there any food? How about hot pot? I’ve seen this picture it’s in madam fong’s office that’s right they are the special female force 20 years ago this is madam fong she was team captain for the first time in the mission 20 years ago it was also her last time out of the team, only she survived It was a trap we cannot blame it all on madam fong fong and your mother were very good friends like you all are now your grandma never wanted fong to find you but you must let it go or you can’t move on per our analysis, the man in the picture is at least a 95% match in facial features and pupils to the “president” of 20 years ago but it looks like he didn’t age at all they kidnapped a Korean virus expert and made him create a highly contagious human body-spread virus I was ordered to re-form the special female force to go to Malaysia to capture the “president” this mission is extremely dangerous are you confident you can help me take revenge? Yes sir! I thought we’re staying at the shangri-la

– what happened? – I knew it uncle lam is our best cover uncle lam! There’s a fire upstairs! Thank you! And come back soon! You see he’s deaf and mute he won’t leak info on our secret mission We have all kinds of weaponry and other gear here check it out – I’m going to get some information – Sure everyone I have a gift for you I made you these bracelets one each put them on, money can’t buy these personality did a death-roll? Shut up, that’s bad luck thanks this good luck charm will bring us safely home yes! Get ready, I have reliable info a club near the petronas towers has a new owner the registered name is the same as the hotel 20 years ago: It is kuk jun I believe this person is closely related to the “president” go find some information yes sir! This door is broken, too – My foot is asleep – Let me help you this is is beauti-ful – it is wong sir is so nice to us this car is so cool he must have said this is the best cover car in spite of which we get to go clubbing in Kuala Lumpur let’s go Gin and tonic, please – what would you like? – Shooter, please another one, thanks I want a beer sprite milkshake, please no problem we cannot get any information standing here why don’t we split up girls, it’s show time Look at ling-ling she’s doing very well all those men standing around her we really need our man-trap ling-ling It seems that old man like ling ling a lot my boss wants to meet you hello! We got something doesn’t that guy look like the “president”? Hey! They want to take ling ling out follow them – hello, beauties! – What do you want? Leaving so soon? Have a drink! What’s the rush? – No rush, we’re still here – Cut the small-talk Let’s go I’m going to bash you silly! Go to hell! Bash! Let’s go, cat! Hey! Transparent straps? Watch this! The nude bra slingshot thanks amazing There’s a traffic jam ahead we can still catch up ling-ling got into that car don’t let her get lost trying to leave when you’ve beat me up? Ling ling! Hurry! The car is there You must have a death-wish

come forget the shoe it’s expensive! Well? Get in, girls! Hurry – go! – Drive! Fa, here’s your shoe – you picked it up? – It’s expensive – I know! – Thank you we lost the car, can you hurry? I wonder if ling-ling will be in danger she doesn’t have a location device relax, I said this bracelet will keep us safe since when did you become so superstitious? I’m not, this is high-tech, okay? I’ve installed a GPS in each bracelet high-end discount parts see if she turned left or right This is gorgeous! So luxurious! Today is my son’s birthday I’m busy, keep him company for me we’ve just met why don’t we go out and get a drink? I want to stab something what do you want to stab? Lung, you can play later, we have a meeting now Thank goodness honey gave me this master key I’m honored everyone can take part in this mission our virus is more lethal and works faster than h5n1 it can be injected into humans and transported and will spread after 24 hours the virus carrier will not have any symptoms no customs health check will pick you out all you warriors who have volunteered for sacrifice meet at the airport tomorrow inject the virus and enter three diferent countries – to complete our mission – Yes, “president” 20 years ago, the special female force killed father For all these years I’ve been disguised as him to continue to bring his vision to reality I must avenge my father the special female force will stop us in kuala lumour I will kill every one of them that I see yes, “president”! What are you doing here? She would surely swim back to shore have that woman stopped at the pier we can’t let her escape According to the incoming signal, ling ling is now trapped at the pier let’s bring all the weapons and go to find her Here’s ling-ling – hide! – Help! Help! We must rescue ling-ling she must be terrified in there! Take a gamble listen, everyone we’ll cover for one another and get over there ready? – Yes! – Go! I’m here, help me! Sister, I’m picking you up from school

Honey hang in there! Please be all right hang on, honey honey honey honey honey you’re fine honey don’t sleep, honey you must hang on I can’t pick you up from school any more We must get honey out! Let’s go Let’s go Dinner time, honey get up stop it, this joke is not funny get up, honey she’s just asleep yes, and I’m telling her to get up, you know her Sorry buthis is not the time to be sad according to ling-ling, kuk jun must be “president’s only son if the infected people board their planes the virus will be spread throughout southeast Asia so many people will die that’s right we must not let them board their planes we must capture kuk jun, stop the “president” we must avenge honey before we go I want to tell you smething Attention I am the deputy commissioner of the Hong Kong police interpol, Malaysian police and I want your immediate surrender put down all your weapons you must have made a mistae hands on your heads, walk out slowly there must be some misunderstanding we ar Hong Kong’s special female force we don’t have files on you five I warn you, do not impersonate the police our commander is wong sir wong sir, please explain this to them the commander of the special female forces is not wong-sir but madam fong wong was fired from the force 20 years ago I have wronged you I wanted to take revenge, I’m sorry The real sff will send you back to Hong Kong don’t you know we’re about to capture “president”? That’s enough the police will take over now only I can recognize them I said, enough! All five of you impersonated police officers and had a gun-fight in another country Iris, there is no more time help us before it’s too late president’s volunteers will spread the virus in other countries only ling-ling recognizes them we must stop the “president” I have to tell you something the key is on the back of my hip do what you will

freeze! Sit down! Catch, ho! Stop the Van let’s go now let’s go allow me Hello? Madam we’ve done everything you asked us to do great, thank you please arrange another gun for me you want a gun? Relax I’ll take full responsibility for all this I’ll meet you at the Malaysian airport Here the most dangerous place is the safest place I always have plan b ready get changed and go to the airport This is not a big airport, they shouldn’t be hard to find ling-ling – yes we’re relying on your memory now it’s critical that they don’t make it through the gate cat and I will stand guard there – we’ll watch from above – Stay in touch Is he one of them? No A big foreign man and a tattooed girl are at your 1 o’clock that’s them copy, we’ll handle them I see another couple, we’ll follow them – we cannot use guns in this busy place – Let’s go Don’t let him get away He is “president”‘s son Protect the deputy commmissioner, I’ll guard the rear I’ll show you Gun Don’t be afraid, miss

Catch! I’ll go help Roy! Are you okay? Slowly… here sit here are you all right? Are you in pain? I never imagined my girlfriend would be my backup don’t say that I’m sorry I didn’t supprot you hurry, go help your teammates go help your teammates now! I’m fine go Go! Put down your guns okay Get behind me Iris! Madam fong! I’m fine, go help your teammates capture “president”, fulfill Macy’s last wish but you must remember the sff’s mission:

Protect and do no harm yes madam! Police witch! Are you flirting with me? I will eat you up Dyke! That’s all you got? That’s all you got? Let’s go That’s the only way, chase them Out of the way! Useless! Over there Stop, why are we running? Can’t you see? It’s just two little girls come on!

Go to hell! Cat Cat! – Help! – Cat don’t let go! Hang on tight, don’t let go Pull harder! Even harder! Cat thank god for you President is there block his way! Fal But you must remember the sff’s mission: Protect, do no harm Congratulations, special female forces b team congratulations on getting your job back congratulations well done

my good sisters in arms This is for you