North Korea Patrol Boat Fired At Chinese Fishing Boats; Richest Woman in China bought $2.5M Passport

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North Korea Patrol Boat Fired At Chinese Fishing Boats; Richest Woman in China bought $2.5M Passport

The floods in china show no signs of stopping as a sixth flood develops on the yellow river after continuous rainfall The ccp announced it is launching a purge focused on rectifying corrupt cadres in the communist party But it’s also being interpreted as Xi trying to establish absolute power over the country’s systems of law enforcement meanwhile, the natural disasters in china are taking a heavy toll on the economy with an estimated direct economic loss of around 25.9 billion dollars this year Just according to the ccp’s numbers and the amount of money the ccp is giving in aid is being criticized by chinese citizens We’ll be taking a closer look at this Welcome back everyone first off some breaking news a north Korean patrol boat has fired on chinese fishing boats killing three people the story was reported by Daily NK which recently exposed the incident that took place back on august 11 It cited an unnamed source requested to remain anonymous for security reasons It states there were around 10 chinese fishing boats illegally fishing in north korean waters And says three of the chinese fishermen were killed on the spot The ship that was fired on was towed away by the other fishing boats the source believed the attack was in retaliation for an incident that had taken place in july When chinese fishing boats rammed a north korean patrol boat in the yalu river delta The story also notes that chinese authorities have reportedly been trying to ensure news of the incident does not leak now What does this tell us? The chinese communist party does not want to criticize north Korea But when it comes to things like this being exposed chinese hardliners chinese citizens would expect the ccp to criticize north Korea, just as it would any other attack on chinese citizens will the chinese communist party do that? Probably not and why is that? It’s because the chinese communist party knows how sensitive north korea is and a single move against them could easily break the fragile alliance They currently have. this also suggests though that there are tensions between north Korea and china It’s unclear whether this firing on these fishing boats was allowed by the north Korean regime But we can expect it in a country with such tight controls over incidents like this that it may have been directed by north Korean authorities. Now that said we’ll keep updates on this as they emerge Meanwhile floods in china are showing no signs of stopping the yellow river the second longest river in the country Now has a sixth flood developing from continuous rainfall The announcement of this new flood was made by the yellow river conservancy commission of the ministry of water resources on august 25th It issued a low-level blue alert. Again, this is with the chinese communist party and they’ve been playing these things down But it asks local governments along the river to continue monitoring the situation In addition to this there is continuous heavy rainfall in northern china with the arrival of typhoon Bavi Which is causing strong winds and downpours in liaoning province shandong province and in eastern inner mongolia Meanwhile, hong kong police have arrested two opposition lawmakers in the pro-democracy party the legislators Lam Cheuk-ting and Ted Hui Chi-fung were arrested on august 26 on charges that they had joined the pro-democracy protest last summer Now, what does this show us? The chinese communist party is demonstrating the extent demonstrating the reach of these laws It’s showing that even top top-level officials in hong kong can be held to them It also shows that it can reach down to the very bottom of the society as well now in old school chinese military code This was also one of the principles it is a demonstration that law can reach the top and the bottom It means that even top-level generals could be punished for example under that code and with the chinese communist party applying this to hong kong It means that no official no individual in hong kong is outside the reach of this law The chinese communist party is taking a hard-line approach with this law is what this shows us And it means as well that anyone who had joined these protests And again, there are about two million people in hong Kong had joined them and gone out directly on the streets to protest Anyone who had participated in that is now at risk of being arrested Meanwhile secretary of state mike pompeo issued a statement that designates chinese national zhang tao tao and his hong kong-based company Allyrise technology group co limited under the foreign narcotics kingpin designation act for their roles in International drug trafficking pompeo described this as a quote whole of government effort to combat the illegal production and trafficking of fentanyl And other synthetic opioids from the prc That’s the people’s republic of china. He notes The united states is looking to disrupt and deter drug traffickers from buying precursor chemicals from china I’ll be explaining why that’s significant And also from using chemicals to manufacture fentanyl and also from trafficking the finished drugs to the united states

He also notes the united states is asking for cooperation from china to help stop the drug supply chain And is also calling on the chinese regime to quote accelerate efforts to regulate its chemical industry and reduce diversion Of precursors into the international black market now i’ve reported on this before The chinese communist party is the top supplier of precursor chemicals to the drug cartels It also supplies most of these synthetic drugs to the world when it comes to fentanyl these drugs killing hundreds of thousands of americans These drugs are coming from china and it’s not just fentanyl either when it comes to things like Methamphetamine and other key drugs that are manufactured even in mexico by the cartels and shipped into the united states The chinese communist party is providing those chemicals you might remember in a previous episode as well We noted that a lot of the cartels were having trouble Manufacturing their drugs for a little bit at least because they had been getting their supplies from wuhan which was the epicenter of the virus Their chemicals were coming from wuhan and so now the united states is going against Individuals and companies that were involved in that trade one individual one company named directly The us is holding individual companies accountable if it can find the chemical companies involved in this trade And in another blow to chinese companies and to the ccp the us commerce department added 24 chinese companies to its entity list For their roles in helping the chinese military build its artificial islands in the south China sea This designation will put restrictions on the ability of these companies to trade internationally Commerce secretary wilbur ross said in a statement that the companies quote must be held accountable the statement notes that since 2013 The chinese regime has dredged and built more than 3 000 acres across seven features in the south China, sea it has also militarized the artificial islands that it’s built including with air defenses and with anti-ship missile systems Among the chinese companies that were named are major state-run enterprises that play key role in the ccp’s various programs They include various branches of the china communications construction company beijing huan jia telecommunications co and others now What are we seeing here? Not just with this story, but previous ones you mentioned as well The united states is sending a message that individual companies and individuals in china Can be held accountable if they follow the directives of the ccp to carry out illegal actions If for example, they’re involved in the fentanyl trade something the ccp has not really stopped They can be held individually accountable if they’re involved in helping the chinese communist party with military programs To build artificial islands that violate international law. The individual companies can be held accountable What is it showing as well? The chinese communist party is not listening. The chinese communist party is not obeying international law And so the us is bypassing the ccp and it’s targeting the individual businesses and officials who have been carrying out its orders This is sending a message to ccp businesses and also the communist party officials that if they follow the directives of the ccp If those directives violate human rights, or if they go against international law they themselves could be punished for it And in related news the u.s Justice department has arrested a nasa researcher for alleged wire fraud connected to the ccp’s talents program the individual Zhendong cheng was a professor at texas a&m university in texas and he was leading a team conducting research for nasa An official statement says that over the years. He quote willfully took steps to obscure his affiliations and collaboration With a chinese university and at least one chinese-owned company u.s attorney ryan K patrick of the southern district of texas said in a statement that the ccp is building its economy and its academic institutions with quote Bricks stolen from others all around the world and he added that the ccp’s talents program quote Exploits our open and free universities Now we’ve mentioned a couple of these talents programs on the show. One of them is the thousand talents program The other is the hundred talents program These are programs launched by the ccp with the purpose of recruiting Overseas experts including professors including researchers including others who are targeted by the ccp for their expertise There are different ways they’re exploited. Some of them could be for example inviting them on trips back to china where they indoctrinate them They could be for example coercing them to steal information on behalf of the ccp. What does this tell us? It means a large number of academics and researchers have been compromised by the ccp And are very likely on this program acting on behalf of the chinese communist party in their research And their statements and in their other works And in other news al jazeera published an exclusive story showing that cyprus had been selling passports to criminals and fugitives

For more than 70 nations among these individuals It says were ccp officials and also wealthy chinese business people Among the people allegedly on this list was Yang Huiyan. asia’s richest woman also Lu Wenbin, a representative of the chengdu municipal people’s congress As well as Tang Yong, president of the state-owned china resources power and other ccp officials as well were included on this list Under the ccp’s laws dual citizenship is not recognized If a member of its national people’s congress has foreign status They can also be disqualified and there were several of them named the same restrictions on foreign passports apply to people Who hold positions in chinese state-owned enterprises at least among the higher positions of those companies And so what are we seeing here? Top-level ccp officials and also wealthy chinese are looking to get their money out of china Some of them may also be looking for contingency plans if there are problems in the ccp And as the chinese communist party is moving for this party purge again purging Undesirables from the party many of them may be likely looking to get out of china while they can And now for the broader stories for today first off the large-scale protests in belarus are continuing and pressure on president Lukashenko known as the last dictator of europe is also growing and as the situation develops in belarus Chinese leaders are increasingly seeing it as a threat to their power They’ve reacted to the incident in two ways on one side the ccp directed its state media to spread news about belarus this has included altering images and videos and spreading rumors both inside china and abroad that the numbers of supporters for Lukashenko outnumber the opposition and on the other side The chinese communist party is directing its propaganda campaign that’s pushing the need to obey the communist party’s leadership Unconditionally now this reflects concerns that they have with what’s happening in belarus but also goes beyond that To include the various states of crisis the regime is now in bitter winter reports that for ccp leaders The change is now taking place in belarus hit a deep spot for the chinese regime Many of them watched the soviet union went from being seemingly indestructible to collapsing almost overnight They previously claimed that belarus is the only country in europe that still holds on to its soviet past And the change is now taking place there Bring back memories of the fall of the berlin wall and the ships in poland and hungary that began the chain effect That collapsed the soviet union This is how they’re analyzing it. and it also knows that as this takes place as ccp announced that it plans to remake mao zedong’s rectification campaign which was the party’s bloodiest internal Purge on august 18 chen Yixin, secretary general of the central political and legal affairs commission Who also directs the national political and legal affairs team education And rectification pilot office that one of the ones being used for these purges Announced that the first stage of the campaign had already been completed this moved it from the stage of quote studying and learning To the next step of quote investigating and correcting problems. I’ll be going in depth into this so stick around Now when it comes to what’s happening right now in belarus The chinese communist party is very likely viewing it similar to how they viewed the arab spring The revolutions with those stopped in libya and egypt and also in syria And russia and china were also heavily involved in trying to stop the spread of those That was seen as a direct threat to their power And now it’s happening in belarus could have the same effect The difference again as we mentioned previously when it comes to how the ccp would view belarus They view it as their gateway into europe. They poured a lot of money into it It’s one belt one road initiative and the chinese communist party would view belarus very similar to say venezuela when it comes to latin america Or when it comes to syria egypt and libya when it came to the spread of the arab spring But the chinese communist party would have a much more difficult time intervening In belarus because this is a european country and intervening there would mean bringing the attention more heavily from the rest of europe The chinese communist party views us again as a threat to its power And this also relates to the talk of purges in the party that are really a show of insecurity about the party’s stability Again, i’ll be going in depth into this so stick around And also it’s important to note that with belarus again The chinese communist party’s paid internet trolls are pushing fake news around what’s happening there, but the chinese people are not buying it They’ve reacted to the propaganda on social media by ridiculing it openly and this actually brings something important into question Would the chinese people follow the chinese communist party in another mass campaign? another mass purge? The chinese communist party can do it to an extent, right? The chinese communist party can use all of its systems of authority to roll out these campaigns But if the chinese people do not participate in that campaign as they did during say the rise of the chinese communist party in china

It would be very difficult for the ccp to carry it out and we’re seeing the chinese people now calling out the ccp Openly they no longer seem to fear the ccp and this ties into one of the foundations of what government is Authority is granted to its leaders by the governed the chinese communist party’s other propaganda line emphasizing how people should follow the party leader Is again a sign that the chinese communist party fears losing this authority As I mentioned just a bit ago The chinese communist party is also now working on an internal purge now a new document from the ccp reiterates The ultimate authority of party leader xi jinping and it also describes the extent of control He has over the apparatus of justice This is important in context because this purge is going to target the justice systems that are in china the official announcement for this new purge cites former communist party leader mao zedong and states The regime has again started a campaign to purge quote corrupt elements in order to create a quote iron-clad army of law enforcement Agencies as I mentioned just previously as well, the new campaign will be a remake in the communist party’s own words of mao Zedong’s Yan’an rectification campaign. Which lasted from 1942 to 1945 And focused on internal indoctrination in the communist party to quote unify their thinking And killed an estimated ten thousand people and purges that were mainly focused on communist party members Anyone who deviated from the official line of the ccp at that time was subjected to expulsion torture and sometimes death Now the ccp campaign this purge appears to be focused on rectifying corrupt cadres in the communist party and it’s being taken in context of the corruption threatening the legitimacy of the chinese communist party But it’s also being viewed at the same time as a political purge within the justice system under the banner of fighting corruption And for Xi to also establish absolute power over the country’s systems of law enforcement The campaign will look to ensure that police judges and state security agents in china stay Unconditionally loyal and in line with the chinese communist party and to xi jinping And while it will function as a party purge It will also be viewed as Xi proactively fighting against corruption in china’s systems for law and order The official announcement has several threatening slogans and it’s also filled with ccp language which you know once you get used to it You start to recognize as you see it It says the party aims to quote turn the blade inward and to quote Scrape the poison off the bone of political and legal systems in a quote self-revolution that needs to purge two-faced officials who only pay lip service to the ccp Now the head of the central political and legal affairs commission, I mentioned previously Said the party needs a quote a radical cure to get rid of these stubborn poison and tumors in the apparatus So what types of behaviors are going to be seen as tumors among ccp cadres? What actions will be used to justify the purges what will be illegal and what effects does the campaign aim to achieve? These are questions that are sending chills through the ccp and especially through its law enforcement agencies These types of maoist or stalinist purges are meant to keep the ccp members in a constant state of fear and also crush Any forms of dissent before they can emerge And for the chinese communist party to even feel the need to create an environment to fear like this among its cadres Suggests that the chinese communist party is facing internal problems When it comes to the possible problems the ccp is facing, the timing of the announcement may be telling This came right after the chinese communist party’s top leaders had their Beidaihe meeting Rumors were spreading for the top ccp officials expressed during the meeting that they were unhappy with the way xi jinping Has been handling tensions between the u.s and china and that the results of this have gone against the interests of the party many China watchers also noted the meeting lasted longer than usual And so this combined with the announcement of this purge raises questions of whether the ccp is preparing for new political threats Or whether it’s a signal that the political infighting behind the scenes in china when it comes to the ccp Is actually more intense than it appears on the surface Another important point in the timing of this is that the campaign starts with a three-month pilot that covers five cities and four counties After this trial period the purge will launch across all of china in 2021 It aims to complete by 2022 and that would be just about the time for the 20th party congress where xi jinping hopes to extend his tenure As general secretary of the ccp Now the way the campaign is being framed on the surface again is to purge corruption from the political and legal systems in china And it means that thousands of ccp cadres could likely be targeted

Now so far under the new purge more than 30 political legal officials have been investigated And since the 19th national congress of the chinese communist party in october, That was 2017 five central management cadres and 124 bureau level officials in the political and legal system have been investigated and this continues xi jinping’s quote anti-corruption campaign, which saw the purge of some top-level ccp officials including the former security Zhou Yongkang and more than 10 high-ranking officials in the country’s top security bodies And meanwhile the floods and other disasters in china are taking a heavy economic toll the ccp’s ministry of emergency management Is reporting that the floods caused a direct economic loss around 178.96 billion yuan, or about 25.9 billion dollars this year. It’s mouthpiece news outlet xinhua reported that the ccp allocated 460 million yuan or about 66.5 million dollars for flood relief it notes the money will go for flood control rescue operations and also reconstruction after the disasters This happens after the ccp is now warning that the coming floods may be even worse Than disasters that have already struck throughout central and southern china now the money the ccp is allocated for disaster relief is Comparatively very little but we look for example the amount of money It pours of its foreign ambitions to build infrastructure and conduct aid programs for the ccp virus in other countries And also through its one belt one road initiative in august alone The chinese communist party approved 200 million dollars for programs in uzbekistan the Kyrgyz republic and in fiji And the chinese people are seeing this they’re seeing that the chinese communist party is pouring money into its programs for debt traps and medical Diplomacy. These are programs that are not seen as benefiting the regular chinese people and while it’s doing that while it’s pouring money into expanding Its own interests. It benefits ccp leaders It’s giving very minimum help to its own people and this is something in china that’s going to create additional risk for internal instability Which is one of the main concerns of the ccp right now And also again on the note of infighting within the ccp’s leadership Premier of the state council li keqiang who has been seen as having a direct conflict with xi jinping the head of the ccp Visited a flood disaster area the same day that Xi made a visit to a disaster area as well. And this is a telling sign Chinese state media did not cover li keqiang visit to the flood area in chongqing city News of his visit was only posted on the official website of the state council Which he’s in charge of and which is also technically the government of china, but is still under the control of the ccp While Xi was accused of his event of staging photos for publicity And was seen in clean clothes and standing in an area that had already been restored after the floods Li was shown wearing rubber boots and stepping in the mud And the relative silence among ccp’s state news outlets is again being seen as a sign of political infighting between Li and xi as we mentioned previously as ntd china expert tong hao noted in his analysis on this the Ccp’s system for state media is led by wang hu ning who was a close aide to xi Now these silence in that regard among state media could be seen as a sign that Xi has decided to isolate and marginalize Li when it comes to public perception and meanwhile the Epoch times reports that in areas throughout china chinese citizens are criticizing ccp authorities for negligence when it comes to the pandemic lockdowns One of the individuals who spoke with epoch times a mr Liu from fujian newtown said that quote during the lockdown many residents tried to call local authorities But to no avail those people seemed to have vanished now this is in addition to the disasters This is in addition to the party purges This is an addition to people say standing up against the ccp and cursing the ccp and calling it out This is calling into question One of the main foundations of government again, we can look to Rousseau’s ideas of the social contract when it comes to this How does this work? It’s the idea that people sacrifice some of their basic rights to an extent in order to give power to government in exchange for protection And this is part of the belief right when it comes to the social contract that in exchange for sacrificing those rights They get something in return it can be protection. It can be the idea For example that the regime whatever it may be may be setting aside money allocated that can benefit you in times of crisis It’s the idea that they can use the funds and use the authority you grant them To benefit all of society and to make decisions that benefit not just you but everybody Now there have been debates over the course of history as to how much authority people should give to government

And also how much of their own rights they should sacrifice When it comes to china and the chinese communist party They have sacrificed just about every one of their rights the ccp controls everything And so when it comes to issues like this The legitimacy of the chinese communist party is based on the idea that the party can make better decisions than the people can And if people see the party making poor decisions if they see the communist party say laundering money if they see the party misusing funds this calls into question again this basic idea the basic social contract of the Legitimacy of the party and of its ability to rule And we also see the chinese people beginning to stand up against it because they no longer believe the party has their interests in mind The social contract is breaking With that said folks we’re again broadcasting five days a week. Monday through friday And also if you want to support us, please join us on patreon You can find the link to that in the description below Also, if you haven’t already, please don’t forget to like and subscribe. It really helps this channel grow And again, if you want to go the extra mile, please tell a friend or family member about crossroads With that said, please take care of yourselves. Stay healthy and stay free