Why NY Chinese Consulate Shreds Docs; US Sanctions HK Officials & Releases Their Private Information

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Why NY Chinese Consulate Shreds Docs; US Sanctions HK Officials & Releases Their Private Information

First off the United States has sanctioned Carrie lam the chief executive of Hong Kong for her role in undermining Hong Kong’s freedom And president trump has banned Tik-Tok and Wechat from conducting business in the United States Also the Chinese consulate in New York has been destroying documents on a large scale. We have exclusive footage of this Welcome back everyone first off some breaking news The department of treasury has imposed sanctions on Carrie Lamb the chief executive of Hong Kong and 10 other individuals, for quote undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy and restricting the freedom of expression or Assembly, of the citizens of Hong Kong. Now these new sanctions are happening under trump’s executive order on Hong Kong normalization Which he issued back in July, that had already sanctioned CCP officials involved in undermining Hong Kong’s freedom and autonomy But these new sanctions go a step further and directly target top leaders in hong kong now The treasury department stated that carrie lam is quote directly responsible for implementing beijing’s policies of suppression of freedom and democratic processes Secretary treasury steve mnuchin said quote the united states stands with the people of hong kong and will use our tools and authorities to target those undermining their Autonomy now in addition to this the treasury department actually published the passport numbers and even the home addresses Of carrie lam and these other officials who’ve now been sanctioned This means that their private information personal identifying information is now publicly posted for the world to see which could really impact them One if they want to travel and want to use their passports and to even within their own countries Now that people know exactly where they live possibly for protests now This is a major development in the united states taking a stand against the chinese regime’s abuses Of its own people and we’ll be following this closely And in other news the u.s ban on TikTok is now going through and will now include a partial ban on WeChat as well president donald trump signed executive orders to ban u.s companies from transactions with the parent companies of these two chinese social media apps That is byte dance for tik tok and tencent holdings for wechat respectively on the grounds of national security concerns Trump has given tik-tok and wechat 45 days to end their business relationships in the united states very simple. I mean we have We have all the cards because without us you can’t come into the united states trump’s executive order on wechat states this quote To protect our nation. I took action to address the threat posed by the mobile application tik-tok Further action is needed to address a similar threat posed by another mobile application wechat now it states this quote Like tik tok wechat automatically captures vast swaths of information from its users This data collection threatens to allow the chinese communist party access to americans personal and proprietary Information in addition the application captures the personal and proprietary information of chinese nationals visiting the united states Thereby allowing the chinese communist party a mechanism For keeping tabs on chinese citizens who may be enjoying the benefits of a free society for the first time in their lives Now tik tok denies the accusations that user data in the united states could be sent to china And it is also now threatening legal action against trump’s executive order Now by banning these companies ability to have business relationships in the united states very likely. We’ll see them lose advertising And very possibly they could be removed from the apple and google app stores In other news a third floodway vest formed on the yellow river on the night of august 6 videos from the ground show heavy rains in xi’an of shanxi and mountain torrents in and gansu According to the yellow river conservancy commission website between august 4th and august 6th heavy rains led to peak discharge of the yellow river of around 16 600 cubic feet per second In other news floods are continuing also along the yangtze river And satellite images are now showing that chinese cities are flooded by the waters And in other news the top seven ccp officials in the Politburo bureau standing committee have again Disappeared from the public eye reports from chinese state media showed that ccp leader xi jinping and another party had Li Keqiang Stop public activities on july 31st this happens as well as chinese police have strengthened security checks in public transportation stations different parts of china at the same time the seven Politburo bureau standing committee members have not made any appearances on cctv since august 1st Now the disappearances from public attention have led analysts to speculate the ccp leaders may be holding their Beidaihe meeting secretly now this is being taken in context that the fact that the ccp is struggling both internally and

Externally and the power struggles and infighting within the party are fears Now there were reports that top ccp officials have conspired to hold xi jinping accountable During the Beidaihe meeting but it is still unpredictable what will happen Now on this meeting it has always been regarded as the venue for the ccp elderly members intervention And is generally held between july and august. This year’s Beidaihe meeting also raised attention from the outside world The ccp is facing unprecedented crisis of domestic and foreign challenges The united states has gradually tightened its grip on sanctioning the ccp and has gradually formed a unified anti-communist front with the international community in china The virus epidemic has continued to spread floods Meanwhile in the south have caused unprecedented economic loss and as a result the internal power struggles of the ccp Have become more fierce and xi jinping is being attacked from both inside and outside And now for the broader stories for today first off the chinese regime has an insurgency on its hands that is blocking its ambitions To establish a key route within the one belt one road initiative. This is the China-pakistan economic corridor that was aimed to connect xinjiang with pakistan’s gwadar port in Balochistan Now the problem however is that many groups in Balochistan don’t regard themselves as being part of pakistan And given that they see the ccp’s actions as direct incursions on their interests and their territory They’ve now united in an insurgency movement against the ccp Now just recently the various separatist groups in pakistan announced they are forming an alliance To attack chinese interests in the region putting a large dent in the ccp’s trade agendas at a time When its economy is unstable now in a recent suicide attack by the Balochistan liberation army insurgents targeted the pakistan stock exchange on june 29 Killing four and losing four of their own and adding to this conflict pakistan prime minister Imran khan is accusing india of being behind the attack furthering another conflict where the ccp backs pakistan To also undermine india now following this recent attack The chinese communist party is pushing pakistan to also push the united nations To label the balochistan liberation army as a terrorist organization But pakistan has been wary about this allegedly because it fears that it will Internationalize the terrorist group now so what are we seeing here? The chinese communist party’s interests are being directly attacked one of the main ports it wanted to have for the one belt one road initiative connecting to pakistan Just so happens to go through an area that is regarded as a separatist region of pakistan And the individuals there have made it their focus To attack chinese nationals passing through that area and at the same time this is happening Pakistan is being used by the chinese communist party in proxy attacks on india for example pakistan was recently exposed as being behind a ccp information war around the india-china border standoff So it’s a complicated situation here the chinese communist party if it wants to protect its own interests Would very likely need to get directly involved in these quote end quote security operations if it does So then the chinese communist party is going to be one of the images of the oppression of these different muslim groups And could also bring in say attacks from other terrorist organizations Now pakistan is no stranger when it comes to terrorism They understand how these groups operate if this Balochistan liberation army is listed as a terrorist organization by the united nations then the image of the united nations getting behind this and say going against this group will Internationalize the balochistan liberation army among other terrorist organizations Meaning that it may have win the support of terrorist groups such as isis or others If that happens Then the chinese communist party becomes the focus Of a new terror war and the chinese communist party would have to deal with that or make pakistan deal with it for them If pakistan has to deal with it, then pakistan becomes a target of these groups and they’re very unlikely to do that But if the ccp fails to do anything about it and doesn’t protect say different convoys heading through this area trade convoys Then they’re going to be attacked by these groups that are very recently united and are focusing specifically on attacking chinese interests The ccp has two choices at this point one get directly involved in this and become the face of the new terror war essentially Or two they allow these attacks to continue on their own assets, which will undermine its one belt one road initiative Meanwhile, the Epoch times has published an exclusive story Finding that the chinese consulate in new york is destroying documents on a large scale Around noon on august 6 two shredding trucks from a company called Usa shred were seen parked in front of the gate of the chinese consulate in new york

Several large plastic buckets of documents were seen at the gate and company personnel were monitoring the shredding process An Epoch times reporter who was on the scene witnessed the shredding taking place for two hours Before leaving the scene and during that time the shredding was still ongoing Local residents living nearby said in interviews that they had never seen before the chinese consulate Hire shredding trucks to destroy documents like this typically consulates will have their own paper shredders inside the buildings But the pace of these is much slower the use of these large shredding trucks rather than the use of these small indoor shredders Suggests that the consulate was willing to risk being seen destroying documents in order to more quickly destroy the documents again Suggesting they were in a hurry Now its use of a professional shredding company rather than burning documents like was seen at the chinese consulate in houston before it was closed Also suggests they were taking some steps to avoid drawing too much attention Now the incident takes place following the forced closure of the chinese consulate in houston and the closure of the u.s consulate in chengdu China questions have been growing as to whether additional consulates will be closed in the u.s and in china and now the u.s consulate in beijing Recently held an auction for furniture and other goods and now the chinese consulate in new york is destroying documents If the houston closure was about espionage and we closed Our console in houston because it was a den of spies the consulate in new york could easily be closed under the same reasoning Now the chinese ambassador to the united states and a chinese diplomat in new york was Accused by the fbi last year facilitating the ccp’s recruitment of scientists in the united states Given this finding china expert gordon chang questioned on twitter on june 25th quote Why haven’t we expelled Cui tiankai and the other diplomat? and let’s close the new york consulate while we’re at it Now the Epoch times had also exposed previously how the former chinese consulate general in new york peng keyu Had been involved with united front operations including and encouraging violence meant to suppress chinese dissidents on u.s soil peng keyu was recorded in a phone call admitting his involvement. This was back in 2008 And as this is happening as a chinese communist party is being locked in border disputes with most of its neighboring countries And as india and japan are now paying companies to leave China The chinese communist party is trying a softer approach when it comes to individual japanese companies Nikkei reported that ccp leader xi jinping compared the founder of japanese electronics company panasonic to thomas edison Soon after the ccp vice minister of industry and information technology recommended that reporters Visit now soon after the ccp vice minister of industry and information technology recommended that reporters visit the toyota motors facilities when they visit japan and said they quote Continually innovate and also raise their product quality. Now, what is it? What’s happening right now? The chinese communist party is showing its many faces right diplomatically They’re very harsh that this wolf warrior diplomacy when it comes to direct attacks on businesses or threats of sanctions at the political level They’re very aggressive as well if these countries even criticize the ccp They will threaten them with economic sanctions as we recently saw them do for example against australia But at the same time when it comes to individual engagement with businesses themselves Not on the political level the ccp is trying to show another face this old friendly face And it’s trying to lure them trying to get them to stay in this country now We saw something similar to the chinese communist party’s relations in australia Where despite this whole diplomatic conflict they have right now. They’re still importing iron Australia, of course is part of the new quad alliance india Japan Australia, the united states challenging the chinese communist party’s claims of the south China sea At the same time. Australia was calling for investigations into the origin of the novel coronavirus ccp virus Now the ccp when that happened threatened australia with trade sanctions, but despite all of this The chinese communist party is still being engaged when it comes to iron imports and why is that it’s because they need it Just like the chinese communist party needs high-tech manufacturing These are the multiple faces the chinese communist party is using depending on where their interests are Now in other news the chinese regime is waging political warfare against taiwan using five main strategies This is according to a new paper from j michael Cole chief editor of taiwan sentinel and a former intelligence officer for the canadian security intelligence services in ottawa Now he says the first strategy of the chinese communist party when it comes to political warfare focused on taiwan Is to corrode or manipulate the country’s institutions its elections and public trust The second is to weaken morale of the people in the country and to manipulate them Emotionally in ways that benefit the interests of the ccp

The third is to sow confusion in order to widen divisions in the society. This could be information campaigns for example The fourth is to use methods to get elites in the country the business people the politicians retired military officers Civil society and media personnel working on behalf of the chinese communist party same types of operations do in other countries as well and the fifth is to coerce people in taiwan who may be opposed to the ccp or critical of it into then supporting the Agendas of the chinese communist party now cole states that through these tactics the ccp has tried to balkanize Taiwanese society in other words divide it and also its political systems He said this quote this strategy also involves the creation of associations via a multitude of local proxies with counterparts in china Linked to the united front other components of china’s sharp power, which is the term he’s using for political warfare sharp power Strategy include the co-option of local officials as well as deploying dis or misinformation campaigns Through traditional new and social media to increase polarization sow confusion And undermines support for taiwan’s elected government now He notes that the ccp doesn’t limit these political warfare tactics to taiwan It uses similar models targeting other countries including canada and australia and others Now he notes that the situation in taiwan And how the government there has dealt with the ccp’s political warfare given they’re aware of most of these things could help inform other countries that are facing these same tactics from the chinese regime now cole says this quote, however Despite mounting evidence of chinese interference in our affairs referring to canada countries Like canada have been reluctant to adopt laws and implement measures To effectively counter china relative newcomers to this game like canada have much to learn about china’s sharp power again The term is using for political warfare and the means by which to protect their democratic institutions when it comes to the chinese communist party and its political warfare operations or sharp power if you want to call it that It has many official branches focused on this on the military side. There’s the general political department. Liaison department This is a branch of the people’s liberation army the chinese military focused on political warfare actually The liaison department is even publicly listed on some of the websites of its consulates The other one on the government side is the united front work department Which a chinese communist party runs through its different consulates again and even are sometimes publicly listed The united front work department through these operations Will basically run a local consulate like a foreign branch of the chinese communist party like a local government branch And it will then try to subvert the local community One of the main targets are the tongs these fraternal organizations are front operations When cole talked about for example these secret societies or different organizations in these communities That is a reference to the tongs These are basically the unofficial governing bodies in a lot of chinatowns If the chinese communist party can gain influence over them or direct control over them through the united front Then the people in charge of the tongs become the de facto local government officials When it comes to the ccp’s operations to spread its influence into these different countries Now when it comes to the broader picture of political warfare this ties to the basic model of soviet-era ideological subversion tactics this basically focused on Demoralizing a society and corroding that society from within This would create then the fertile ground for takeover by the soviets The chinese communist party have basically taken a soviet model of ideological subversion Altered it a bit and created their new methods for front operations and for unrestricted warfare Now in other news the new york times quietly removed all paid propaganda It had published from the chinese regime a spokeswoman from the new york times told the washington free beacon that quote We made the decision at the beginning of this year to stop accepting branded content ads from state-run media Which includes china daily now china daily is a state-run news of the chinese communist party In fact one of its main ones in english it publishes also paid inserts and several legacy news outlets under its quote china Watch label china daily is a registered foreign agent of the ccp and more recently was even designated as an official foreign mission of the chinese government and that designation means That it’s basically regarded as a branch of the government itself Now the free beacon had previously reported that china daily failed to disclose required information About its relationships with the u.s news outlets and the findings suggested It had been violating the foreign agents registration act or FARA through these relationships and through these advertisements

Now this led to a group of 35 lawmakers calling for an investigation into china daily’s compliance With u.s law now afterwards china daily released its required financial information And that information revealed that it had been paying large amounts of money to american news outlets to directly run ccp propaganda This included more than one hundred thousand dollars a month To washington boast and wall street journal fifty thousand dollars in 2018 to the new york times to run ccp propaganda on its website And hundreds of thousands of dollars to other news outlets and similar deals Including to the los angeles times chicago tribune the houston chronicle and others. Meanwhile youtube has banned over 2500 chinese accounts that it determined were part of a coordinated influence operation now the exact channels were not Identified so it’s unclear Whether these were actual say disinformation programs of the ccp or just chinese language channels in general But it noted in a previous move against chinese influence operations back in april. That was when it deleted 186 channels linked to china the quote these channels mostly uploaded spammy non-political content But a small subset posted political content primarily in chinese similar to findings in a recent graphika report Including content related to the us response to covid19 And in addition to this as president trump has now banned u.s companies from transactions with tik tok Secretary of state mike pompeo is also threatening to put an end to the ability of chinese tech companies to access u.s. Data This could include a larger ban on chinese apps overall now What are we seeing across the whole board here when it comes to the different censorship techniques? The state-run propaganda being published in american news outlets and also chinese apps using the app market to access data on americans Now in the chinese communist party’s phrasing they would call us the borrowed boat strategy They talk about using the outlets of other countries using the quote unquote boats of other countries In order to access their different audiences or information when it comes to for example publishing these paid inserts in american news outlets It is manipulating taking advantage of the established credibility of these different publications And their readerships in order to push chinese communist party propaganda directly to their doorsteps and directly to them say on their apps or smartphones and so on now when it comes to disinformation tactics, this is a Well-established method when it comes to the soviet union, for example, one of the main methods they had in disinformation was to establish front groups, for example non-profit organizations or research organizations in the united states Published papers on say different topics and to try to get those topics published directly in u.s news outlets The idea was this If they were to publish these things directly in russian state news outlets, it would be seen as foreign propaganda But if those same stories were picked up by these different news outlets and used roundabout ways to get them published Then it was seen as legitimate by the many readers of these different publications And they found something interesting when it came to disinformation using these tactics Which is that the stories would often take on lives of their own within their respective countries And it does seem that something is now being done about this when it comes to for example The new york times deleting these different paid articles from the chinese communist party Now it was known that it was doing that before they was taking money from the ccp in order to publish these articles But also the bigger picture of this is interesting because now we have secretary of state mike pompeo going after things just like this And we also see now google’s youtube Taking a much larger stance when it comes to deleting channels that are allegedly tied to chinese communist party information operations It does appear to be a larger push taking place whether these are coordinated It is not known but what we can say is that the u.s government is pushing much harder To crack down on the ccp’s use of propaganda in this country and also subvert our institutions Using what they would call again the borrowed boat strategy And cracking down on that preventing the ccp from pushing its own messaging on u.s soil With that said folks we’re again broadcasting five days a week. Monday through friday Also, if you want to support us, please join us on patreon The link is in the description below if you haven’t already, please also don’t forget to like and subscribe It really helps this channel grow. And if you want to go the extra mile, please tell a friend or family member about crossroads With that said, please take care of yourselves. Stay healthy and stay free