Бежим из Европы в Россию как можно скорее!!!

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Бежим из Европы в Россию как можно скорее!!!

About a month ago we bought here medical masks for our video about virus that must not be named No one wants to waste money on good masks, huh? Everyone is hoarding toilet paper And what do we buy: prosciutto and wine That’s it, zombie apocalypse has come I just can’t get it, how toilet paper will help them? You can scrunch up a newspaper, just in case. Or use water from the tap How do you like my hairstyle? We are just from the shooting and we’re quickly solving some problems, because we have to run away to Russia: borders are being closed one after another Friends, help Ilya find his way home We’re right here, in Montenegro. We need to get there, home How do you think, would it be easy? Italy – closed. Austria – closed. Slovenia – closed. Slovakia – closed. Poland – closed Ukraine is always closed for us What shall we do?? We have no chances to get home through Europe anymore We’re lucky to have Turkey Serbia is still opened for today Bulgaria is still opened Turkey is opened. Georgia is opened So, we’re planning to get home this route I estimate our chances about 50/50 What might happen? We might not be able to leave Montenegro We will stay here then The next option: we might be stopped in any other country Then we’ll go home from that country by plane If we’ll get to Turkey, there are direct flights from Istanbul to our city every Tuesday and Thursday So if we’ll get to Istanbul, from Istanbul we could directly go home by plane Generally we have two difficulties – the car and Din Even though Din is a star, he has to, like ordinary people, like ordinary dogs to get all the paperwork done We had been at the vet today, produced all the paperwork and everything is cool with documents now, Din’s healthy, everything is great But now, the next red tape – veterinary inspector must make out another paper This inspector doesn’t work at weekends, nobody works here at weekends Another thing is, as I understand, he’s not even in Montenegro all the time We had written him and we’re waiting for him to answer. But not giving in the universal panic and not running to buy toilet paper, we will work and film new videos for you We’re packing our stuff, with the help of Din. Yes? We agreed with the vet inspector that he’ll give us the certificate afternoon and we immediately take this certificate and go by the loaded up a car Ira, why we had given up the idea going by plane? Then how we would bring our pillow? That’s right It’s so pleasant to sleep on it We don’t have a vacuum cleaner in this apartment, so we can’t blow out these vacuum bags like in the manual Now I’ll show you what Russian savvy can lead to Close up the bag as usual, open up the valve This tip’s absolutely not for smokers and those who have virus that must not be named See, turns out pretty passable We’ve just taken the Din’s certificate, we can go Now we’re throwing our stuff in the car and kicking off Goodbye, our dear apartment We will miss you very much We will miss this wonderful view Everything was great here, we filmed a lot of cool videos Awesome apartment We like it a lot And cutie likes it. Right, cutie? Cutie is already in anticipation of the road! Let’s go home Bye, apartment. Don’t miss us In Russia we have a tradition. To come back to this place we need to take a coin and throw it, usually in the sea. But we don’t have time to go to the sea so We will certainly come back here We start our escape from Europe We’re passing through the same border point through which we were going to Belgrade Although it’s not the shortest path, but we know for sure that this border point is opened because Serbia has already blocked several points with Montenegro I think the faster we’ll get in there, the better What’s up?

After 700 km our car must have scheduled maintenance 180 000 km But be strong, my little car! You’ll be fine When we get to Russia, I’ll buy you new wheels I’ll do you dry cleaning I’ll change everything. Liquids, everything will make for you Just don’t let us down. Come on You’re the only hope we’ve got Help us, honey Why I keep saying, that GoPro is awesome for filming in such weather, it brightens the image The points are sort of opened. Yes or no? Customs officers are in gloves and masks It has some logic, they’re touching the documents If I were them, I’d be wearing gloves too You’re hiding there again, yes, Din? Home, home To Russia That’s it, we left Montenegro Some leaflet When we were on our way to Serbia, we were given this leaflet about virus that must not be named In general, we have to reduce social contacts in the next 14 days after arrival, if any symptoms are detected, the symptoms are listed, we need to get to medical center, according to this list Look at this mountain road, serpentinous road Make a screen-shot And they say roads in Russia are bad Actually, it should be beautiful here in the daytime It’s my phrase Bang! and there’s a horse We went on a normal road, we drove about 40 km along a mountain dirt road There was snow in places, overhangs. To be honest , I almost turned gray The problem is: I didn’t set up an option “Avoid dirt roads”in the Navigator I need to turn it on immediately Fog, foggage, like milk My parents just called, they’re surfing the internet, constantly keeping an eye on us and they say that Montenegro is closed for entry In other words, we have no way back If we are not allowed to enter Bulgaria now, we will remain locked up in Serbia 150 km are left to the border with Bulgaria it’s ok here, the roads are straight, there are no serpentines That’s it, we’ve come to A4 highway – Niš-Sofia. 100 km are left to Bulgaria I think we’re going to go fast on this highway We’ll come to Bulgaria and gonna sleep there At about 7 in the morning we’ll be going to Istanbul Sounds like a plan, huh? Or the border point is right there, after all? We left Serbia I hope now we’ll enter Bulgaria Hello We’re in Bulgaria I can’t believe, apparently we were on the line and we’ve passed because Serbia’s already closed for Bulgaria Montenegro is closed Probably Serbia is closed for Montenegro So we’ve apparently passed on the very last day Shell or Gazprom? Gazprom, of course We need to fuel And going to bed It’s already 4 a.m. We have to sleep Довиђења (Goodbye in Serbian) Yes Good morning Who got to me? Who pushed me out? I’m lying on the back seat. How can I push you out? Yeah, sure Rrr Let’s go? To Istanbul without stops So far, it looks like Russia, yes? Nature How did we get to Bulgaria in the first place? Because you have to have a visa to get to Bulgaria – Bulgarian visa But the thing is, if you have multi-Shengen, that is Schengen visa that allows you to get in and out an unlimited number of times then you can enter Bulgaria, pay attention to such things

Schengen visa opens doors not only to Schengen countries but also, for example, to Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia And as far as I know, even to many countries in South Africa So keep it in mind Look at the car after yesterday’s mountain roads in Serbia 95th fuel costs 2,13 local money And diesel costs 2,17 I couldn’t understand, what’s this strange sound that car makes. Look, the bolt is lost I tucked it like that, that will serve for some time Finally, we’ve found sanitizer We had to travel 3 countries to find it Are you all right? Now’s better? Sorry We are approaching the border of Turkey, 13 km are left I wonder, are the lorries standing in a queue all these 13 km? I feel sorry for them then Here are TIR, and here we are CAR So, we’ve come to the Turkish border There is a decent queue, to be honest I don’t know for how long we’re here Sweetie, standing on the border is tiresome, isn’t it? They keep the star waiting Here’s a serious border, not like the previous ones, that’s why we won’t hang the GoPro and film, what’s happening. These guys may not like it what if they’ll start to search us The point is, look, green traffic lights are on, which means that people are allowed to enter Turkey We are very, very close to our immediate goal We’re standing here for 1,5 hours, about 10 cars are to go Hey, your honor! We were waiting in this line. And after that we appeared in the second And it looks like endless We’re here already for 3 hours 10 minute Basically, we spent 5 hours in the queue and we are not allowed to go to Turkey because of Din They say, animals aren’t allowed to pass, they don’t care if he has all the documents It sucks, so we can’t come back… Well, we can, only to Bulgaria Not to Serbia or to Montenegro I don’t know what to do They said to wait here in the car So, we were trying to leave the security zone of Turkey for another 2 hours, I guess Thanks God, we left without problems. Bulgaria also let us in without any problems Thanks Bulgaria for that Now we’re going to the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia We’ll check into a hotel and think over I’m lost for words — this is We got over the initial shock and realized that we’re so hungry Din is lucky, he has a lot of food, more than enough. He had already eaten As usual, McDonald’s saved us The thing is, there’s post-apocalypse to the fullest in Bulgaria, all the restaurants are closed the only place we could buy food in was Drive In McDonald’s Thanks McDonald’s for Drive In We’re in Bulgaria, Sofia, in a hotel Look how cool the Elevator is here I’ve never seen anything like this before The wall is moving Ew, why are you touching this? There’s a virus in the world Here, sanitizer! Italian I need to change shoes I drive car in Crocs So, what have changed during the night? I couldn’t fall asleep until I make some plan What are we gonna do today, Pinky? Try to get home, Brain We bought plane tickets, March 20 from Bulgaria, from Plovdiv city I remind you that we’re in Sofia There will be a Charter flight That will take Russians home Through Moscow, Domodedovo airport We at once brought connecting tickets Plovdiv-Moscow, Moscow-Rostov-on-don We’ll spend 5 hours in Moscow Do you want to go by plane?

I’m busy Now we have to handle some problems to be able to go home 1 problem — Din’s documents. We need to make sure that documents will be accepted at the airport 2 problem — pet carrier for Din And 3 problem – we need to buy suitcases and repack our things So we can take maximum things with us It won’t be easy but it can be solved. It’s helpful that Bulgarian and Russian are very similar, we understand basically everything, what we are told. And we read very easily What complicates our situation: the fact that almost everything is closed A lot of stores are closed, so we don’t even know Now we’re going to some pet store that’s on maps. And we don’t even know if it’s opened Some suggested to send our stuff by post The post doesn’t operate There are people outside, but of course, not many of them. We figured that there is no direct ban on going outside Look: the traffic is really scant And here is an announcement on a supermarket: keep a distance of 2 m between people And don’t stay longer than 10 minutes I think when this video is uploaded, it will become such a commonplace in the world that they will be saying “what are they telling us?” Look, how different Budva is from Bulgaria It looks more like Russia: nothing is for people, for passengers So we have to go on the road, look, the dirt is all around But actually it’s cool, when would we ever have visited Sofia, right? We haven’t even planned it on the next several years This is fancy, I’m here and I have a feeling that I’m somewhere on the North or on the West, on Eremenko in Rostov-on-don This is local money, 10, 20 It’s written here “Leva” They say, ” Livy.” We took out 100 levs now. For some pocket money. I hope it will be enough It looks like the vet is working This vet doesn’t have the case we need We’re going to search further That’s it, sweetie! Oh, what is it? Bought me new thing. So cool! We bought new pet carrier, It’s the right size and looks very beautiful, we can use it in the videos We went with Din to the veterinary office and got a new flight certificate Now, yes. Now I’ll go home But sweetie doesn’t know, that something has changed in the world He’s still lying in the sun and warming up, as he used to. And the zombie Apocalypse is nothing for him We got in such a queue in the supermarket And before you go inside your hands are being sanitized Actually, everything’s fine There are food products, everything is very civilized, no queues at the cashier’s desk There’s enough toilet paper. But there’s a problem LiDL is a candidate for the title of the worst European supermarket Basically the food choice there is very shitty. Nothing to choose This is proven not for the first time. In Poland it’s the same And in the rest of the countries, where we were in this market – total crap Hardly gathered something There are also no suitcases in LiDL. That’s a problem. So we need suitcases to pack our things No idea where to look for it Right now I order some devices that we definitely can’t take with us to Russia For example, these stands It weighs a lot and it has a very long overall size, no suitcase will fit it So we have to replace it. We’ll leave it here Actually, we figured that we would take most of our equipment with us We’ll obtain 1 additional luggage But something we’ll leave here, of course So we have to order right now, so that by the time we arrive, all these would already be in Rostov So while we will be on quarantine We’ll definitely be on quarantine for 14 days So we could be at home and make new videos Look, coffee, that we tried so hard to get, is going to be left in the car How can we leave you here??? Now we’re gonna teach Din how to sit in the carrier Of course, he knows how to sit in the carrier. But he needs to get used to it -Come in! – Oh It’s not scary, it’s not scary! Oh, good boy! That’s the way! Great Feed me for it Good zipper, so you can open it like that And the face is out Say, feed me now! Good boy -Well done -Cutie, you’re such a good boy For what do we deserve such a dog, huh?

As you can see, it wasn’t hard – to teach Din, now he’ll just be sitting there and we will feed him sometimes So he would like the carrier as hard as he can Good boy Well, new day, new adventures? Thanks a lot to Sofia and its people which were helping and advising us Very very friendly people, thank you very much We’ve come closer to the center And it’s more nice and clean Starbucks If a city has Strabucks, that’s it, you can live there Actually it’s a pity that we’re going from Plovdiv, not from Sofia Because Din’s coach has found a parking lot for our car, through her friends, dogs owner and… well, some contacts at the account of international exhibitions and so on, she managed to contact a person at the Russian Embassy and negotiate with him, so we can leave our car here, at the Embassy in Sofia So, the car will come to Russia sooner than us It’s like we didn’t even leave it It means that tomorrow morning I have to go to Sofia, leave the car here and go to Plovdiv by public transport somehow But these are two big neighbor cities, so I think it wouldn’t be a problem as a last resort, I’ll take a taxi and go by taxi We’ve arrived to Metro Cash and Carry and we have to stand in such a line Tomorrow in LiDL we happened to make it pretty quickly. Let’s see, how’s gonna be here Actually the queue is moving pretty fast and you know, it looks more like the queues from the cashier’s desk are outside now The weather is good, so it’s not so terrible Look, I brought 2 suitcases, sticky tape, overwrap It’s all costed me 175 levs It’s approximately $100, there’s no point to talk about other currencies, because it all happens like that So we’ve spent $100 for all of this It’s a good price because 2 suitcases are at the price of one. There was a special offer Are we getting lucky indeed? Our new precious Here look, the sizes are noted here, it passes by size. One thing, it’s too heavy Not a big deal -How much does it weigh? -4 kg Now I’ll tell you about the most relevant test for mental stability If you come to the store and people in front of you are buying water, food – they are normal people If a person in front of you is buying 100 rolls of toilet paper STOP! The thing is, that the store is full of toilet paper, so there’s no deficit of toilet paper at all I think, that at the end of pandemic there will be announcements like: Zewa brought Apple, Disney, Microsoft and everything Now Zewa is running the world Folks, thank you very much for your words of support that you send us on Facebook and YouTube Din and I are reading all of it Unfortunately, we can’t answer to everyone, but thanks a lot, it’s really nice It really abstracts us, helps us Thanks for support We have to answer some questions that have already occurred, that are really serious The 1 question: why don’t we send Ira and Din to Russia, and I go by car the same way we planned through Turkey The thing is, Georgia has closed the borders literally tonight They’ve announced it later. When we were on the road we already knew it So, they’ve closed it, I have no chance to get to Russia through Georgia or any other country So this won’t fly 2 question: Wouldn’t it be better to stay in Montenegro? Also unlikely because yesterday all airports to Montenegro have closed They don’t allow planes to fly in and they don’t send people back So we would be trapped in Montenegro, we couldn’t go out not by car or plane And at the same time, we would have a Visa Run time coming up

So April 2 we would be illegal residents in Montenegro, we would pay a fine and of course, most likely we wouldn’t be deported because this is probably impossible But perhaps we would not be allowed to enter Montenegro And the 3 question: maybe it would be better for us to stay here in Bulgaria and wait? And again we answer no to this question Because our Schengen Visa is running out April 24 After that we again will become illegals here I’m not sure that until April 24 everything will fall into place This is one thing, the other thing is: houses and walls help, because we have relatives at home, our friends at home And of course we would go through everything better there, and for them it’s better because maybe we can provide some help And the 3 important aspect — currency fluctuation We earn money in dollars, luckily And now it is unclear what will happen next We need to tighten our belts, to accumulate some amount of money And in Russia due to current exchange rate (the ruble fell) it would be cheaper for us to live there Putting it all together summing it all up we decided that the best solution is to leave the car here and go to Russia Big Mac costs 5,90 levs — it’s about 3 euros Or 3,30 cents. Or 256 rubles Bon appetit Can’t believe that vacation is over, can’t believe I want more vacation That’s it, we’re in Plovdiv. We parked We decided that we won’t take our stuff to hotel, we’ll just load everything into suitcases here We lay out our things, so here it is Close the trunk Here it is, on the car roof Part of the things that we definitely won’t take with us I’ve put there – cushions, jacket, we’ll put something else there too So from all of these things we need to pack maximum in these 2 suitcases 1 suitcase is almost packed, there will be weighing soon This is my the most favorite T-shirt, I’ll never throw it away This shirt is more than 10 years old I love it It’s from concert Metallica in Moscow, I think Control weighing Can’t see 5, 8, 7, 6 Yes, 23 kg! Look, our things: 2 suitcases, Din, softbox and this hand luggage And that backpack is also the hand luggage In short, we will go like donkeys, to be honest We have breakfast in our hotel. But because of quarantine measures they bring breakfast straight to the room Do you feel panic here? Yes, I also think that it’s quiet here Yesterday someone asked me in comments: do I still believe that our video from the 1 channel about virus that must not be named By the way, watch it through the link is funny I think it’s not only funny, I think it’s awesome, it hit the nail on the head The video is not about the virus not being dangerous. Or something else This video is about the panic that was created by mass media And people with unstable mind You should definitely watch it So we filmed a video month ago that reflects the situation of present reality Everything’s fine, we have a seal for pre-flight inspection for Din She said everything is gonna be OK The last issue is — to take the car away and come back from Sofia to Plovdiv Look how pretty men are on the signs here Here’s already spring We got used to the fact that in Montenegro it’s endless, but here it’s only starting And there’s the smell of spring in the air Smells like spring Are you going to say bye to the car? Why? Because I’m gonna cry Yes? Ok, I’ll go In Bulgaria these things are everywhere now On the trees, perhaps they had some holiday Plovdiv I’m already approaching Sofia, look what a mess there is at the entrance That’s it, car, bye

Sorry that I can’t take you with me. I’m so sorry I kind of calmed down Here is the diplomatic territory of the Russian Federation, everything is under cameras, everything is guarded: patrols, police In case there would be some problems, the car will be taken away to the garage on the territory of the Embassy So no problem, very pleasant person, thanks a lot to our coach Ksenia who arranged all this If we had come here as simple Soviet engineers, I am sure we would have failed So thank you very much Here I am at home, came by taxi An interesting guy this taxi driver, the car is still there I didn’t experiment by going by public transport because the Embassy is located, let’s say, it’s not convenient. The bus station is about 4 km away And I decided that by taxi it would be faster. I’ve paid 130 levs to taxi driver I’ll say how much it is in other currencies Damn, what should I do, it said not to disturb You asked not to disturb? So why are you disturbing, yes? Why are you disturbing? I’ve come back Now he is going to kiss Missed me? You kissed me only 3 times, yes? Told you I’m busy And the last thing for today is to eat because breakfast was so long ago I haven’t eaten anything since Ira also says that she hasn’t eaten but I think she lies I haven’t eaten She was out scouting and found a kebab somewhere nearby The meat is very tasty, everything is tasty, except this sauce on the top Not very good, kinda sour Shawarma is not great, not even comparable to the one from Rostov, and even more so with the one we ate in Poland No comparison, at all The sauce is so sour, especially it doesn’t matches with tomatoes Tell me, do you want to go home? Home, Montenegro? Say, I want to Montenegro very much. To the sea I miss the sea so much, yes? My sweetie misses the sea Yes, yes No, we’re going to Rostov, sorry Mom, don’t forget about me Look, how many things we have. It’s just hell Летище Пловдив. Provdiv Airport Go for a walk, it’s not the time yet Today it will be only 1 flight here, it will bring Bulgarian citizens from Moscow and take us from here to Moscow, That’s why there are only Russians at this airport Run to me, border dogs barked at you, yeah? I heard There is such a small airport, about the same as the old airport in Rostov-on-don Oh, say, I haven’t flied for 10 years already Everything is open for airing and Din is cold, so we covered him You lost me? Why pointing your nose at the camera? Registration has started, everyone ran, stood in group, closer to each other, more crowded! Very clever, actually We’re sitting here, waiting for everyone to clear up And then we’ll go, yes sweetie? Well, of course Din will fly in the cabin, we would never send him to the baggage section Why are you so happy? -22,7 kg -No way 23,1 kg, I think it’s ok Sweetie, do you know how much do you weigh? 9 kg You pass That’s it, we’ve checked in luggage, registered Everything’s fine, Din passes, all our things passes by weight And the hand luggage too The only thing is we will receive our suitcases in Moscow, it doesn’t go in transit We’ll have 5 hours, basically it’s more than enough Again people gathered in crowd but we’ll sit here and wait for them to go away Look, Din doesn’t care at all. He’s sitting there and biting his new toy Good boy, sweetie, good boy We’re going to the plane by foot, it’s set very near

There are also some restrictive measures Do epidemiologists and governments think it’s better to put us in a can with 200 people, than if we would quietly drive our car and wouldn’t contact with anyone Let’s go It’s so cold Din? Welcome to Russia They packed us like sardines! So with such questionnaires, we were driven into another corral We’re standing, waiting getting infected bit by bit My advice to every traveler: be sure to mark your luggage with colored tape It’s very easy to notice I saw it from a long way off That’s it, they’ve checked all the Din’s documents and put seals in the passports We can go home now It’s like I’m about to give him something nasty. Barely came Who knows, mom? Look, this is the Domodedovo airport One of the 4 airports of Moscow city Say, I’ve already been here 10 years ago We checked our luggage, got tags Now we’re light-handed, yeah? What is good about this airport: major Russian airlines always check in for flights here, so our flight is still after 5 hours, but we have already registered and checked our Luggage This is super convenient The dinner is served Oh, what did you bring for me? Oh, Pepsi 4 hours are left before flight, 2 hours of flying, about an hour home by car, and that’s it, our trip is over Can’t believe it That’s it, sweetie, we’re in Rostov Where did you bring me? Let there be light And a kiss for Boe? Hello, Boe, hello -Boe, did you miss us? -We missed you 6 days and 133 000 rubles later… we’re home Subscribe to our channel, press the thumbs up! We have a lot of material filmed at the times when there were harmony and prosperity in Europe! It will be very interesting! Good night! Are you aware that you’ve just arrived? I, like my daddy, want to keep on traveling Get out if here Mom, let’s go to Europe Mom, I want to Rome and Paris