Из Европы в Ср.Азию – ВОКРУГ СВЕТА часть 1 | From Europe to Central Asia – Around the World part 1

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Из Европы в Ср.Азию – ВОКРУГ СВЕТА часть 1 | From Europe to Central Asia – Around the World part 1

This is the story of our two months long journey on two motorcycles from Europe to Central Asia during which we covered 12,000 km When we were leaving Riga, we couldn’t imagine that the road would bring us this far and that we would return from the trip radically changed “Towards the rising sun” Motorcycle adventure from Europe to Central Asia It’s our third day in Romania. Today we covered another 250 km Kind of slowish due to the fact that we were driving along winding roads We found a comfortable place to rest overnight by the dam of a big lake We are heading south and tomorrow we are planning to hit Transalpina road We just got to Transfagarasan mountain pass Now it’s foggy up here, but we enjoyed beautiful views on the way Sometimes you get a little bit scared but it’s cool, actually! We came to Buzludzha Monument quite by accident This building was constructed by the Bulgarian government in 1981 with the aim of holding important political meetings there When the USSR has collapsed, the memorial fell into disrepair and today it is only an echo of the bygone era We have left cool mountain areas and now we are somewhere in Bulgaria in 35°C heat We are heading towards the Turkish border and hope to be swimming in Turkey tonight In my school days I had a dream I wanted to travel around the world on a motorcycle with my husband I got my driver license just two weeks before this trip, and I had no driving experience at all That’s why it was so hard for me to drive on some sections of the road especially on sandy trails or dirt roads At the beginning of the trip I was feeling very uncomfortable – Promise me if I will fall you won’t be angry?! – Ok I promise! Go for it (…at the very beginning of the journey…) Many places we have visited were not on our initial itinerary One of such places was Cappadocia. It is well known not only for its magical views Every morning at dawn hundreds of air balloons rise and float in the sky This amazing spectacle lasts for several hours We find ourselves on the Georgian border The queue is not too long We are already out of Turkey, no big problems so far Now we need to cross this border we are in yet another country This is federal highway Makhachkala – Astrakhan The road seems to be better in the left lane, but there are a lot of large sharp-edged rocks that is why we choose to drive in the right lane We are having Enduro bikes, after all! As soon as we hit bad road, the first car coming from the opposite direction stopped the guys started to ask where we were from and where we were going Before saying goodbye, they gave us two melons as a present We have no place to put them, so we are going to eat them right away This place does not resemble Europe one little bit

Here you do not feel safe, and there are no wayside hotels to stay a night The closest town is more than 100 km away, which fact scares you a little Along the road there are a lot of heavily guarded territories, lots of armed people in military gear We chose to stop and hide in the bushes for the night I hope nobody visits us while we sleep – Where are the mountains? We were supposed to be in the mountain area… – I have no idea where we are, but it must be a desert. I never saw anything like that before There is nothing here. Thank goodness, there are these bushes. But on that side there is nothing We stopped at a supermarket to buy a spare fuel can A local motorcyclist we met on the road explained where we can get it and offered his help We are fine so far and there is no need for help at the moment, so we are heading to Kazakhstan Volga river One of the signs that we entered Central Asia is the presence of camels They graze by the roadside, and it is very peculiar We drive further east. Today we plan to reach the city of Bukhara We are driving along the great Amu Darya river and one of its dried-up tributaries Yesterday we have camped in this beautiful canyon, and now we are all set to go In Bukhara we stayed in a small guest house owned and managed by very friendly hosts We parked motorcycles in the yard. Now we are going to have some breakfast And today we need to be in Samarkand where a little gift is waiting for us World-renowned Enduristan Company gladly agreed to be partner of our adventure and sent us a parcel with these amazing motorcycle accessories Now we are going to check what the parcel contains During the trips like this one we oftentimes come across something unusual One of such unusual things was hay lying on the roads in Tajikistan At first we couldn’t understand the reason for that It turned out that local people dry hay in such manner then press it using the wheels of the passing vehicles then they mix it with clay and form bricks for construction of their houses At last we are in Tajikistan. I visited this amazing country two years ago These are the magnificent Fann Mountains, and they invariably sweep you off your feet with their beauty Just look at this beautiful scenery! I don’t know who compiles rankings of the most beautiful roads in the world but those guys should by all means visit Tajikistan Enormous rock slides are commonplace on the mountain roads in Tajikistan Sometimes they are insignificant, and sometimes they are up to several hundred meters long The locals use bulldozers to plow through the rock slide and then drive on new road as if nothing happened Local children are so friendly and welcoming that they always run to the road just to wave to every person who drives past

We were absolutely unprepared to realize that throughout our journey we would never experience any problems with local inhabitants Quite the opposite – all people were very friendly and hospitable They always offered their help and invited us in for tea. Their hospitality made our journey special and unique experience We cannot go fast, and to be frank, we don’t want to because we need to have a close look at all this beauty and to keep it in our hearts forever Hello there, cows!!! This is what we have undertaken this trip for! Magnificent views, interesting dirt roads, hospitable people and tasty food. We are heading to the Pamir Mountains!!! This is another road from my own rating list of the most beautiful roads in the world This is how the local shepherds live And we descend heading towards the Afghan border If I had told Nastya one month ago that we’d be driving along such roads we wouldn’t be here now… Road surface appears to be decent on some sections of the route and we can go faster Surrounding mountain scenery makes a very deep impression on one’s mind! Now we will have to show our documents to the border guards, they are going to file our personal data. We are about to enter border zone with Afghanistan Khalai Khumb is a town situated on the banks of the great Panj River where there is one of the scanty number of bridges connecting Afghanistan with Tajikistan The mountains that can be seen across the river are on Afghan territory It’s nice to be able to speed up a little bit Yesterday we spent the night in a decent guest house We can see high mountains and riverbank on the Afghan side. Elevation above sea level is almost 3,000 meters

And I have to check on fuel cans if we don’t want them to burst open, as they are exposed to the sun We are in the Pamir Mountains, 3,000 meters above sea level Gigantic mountains and white glaciers are all around us. We go further and further along the road We see this kind of sceneries in every valley on our route We continue driving up into the mountains It’s beautiful up here! Wakhan valley The river can be seen at the bottom of the canyon below us. We are surrounded by high and picturesque mountains The place is so beautiful that we decide to stay for the night here We hope to god it won’t be snowing at night… Good morning! And good morning it is. We woke up in such a wonderful place The night was cool and we feel a little cold 3650 meters above the sea level But it is worth it, because you are able to see such beauty around you in the morning Such machinery is used for road clearing job up here, but even these machines can get broken Afghanistan is very close and, if desired, one can cross the river on foot But soon the road will lead us away and we will leave the border zone territory The last 80 km seemed like hell It was the most difficult part of the entire journey I’m very tired and I hope we will never experience anything like that again in this trip… Elevation above sea level is 4,320 meters. It’s the first time I find myself at such high altitudes It is difficult to breathe when walking. But the view is incredibly beautiful! We have covered 11,000 km already and visited many countries And we were able to have just a glimpse of several countries without entering This fence is the Chinese border. I’ve never been closer than this to China – Do you understand Russian? – How is it going? – How are you guys? – Fine! Traveling by motorcycle brings us to wonderful places, and we are able to quickly reach these places one after another Behind me is Karakul Lake, and among those snow-covered mountains you can see Lenin Peak, one of the highest mountains in the former USSR We stopped by a canteen, and now we are going inside to check it out If you think our journey is something extraordinary and super difficult, consider this these guys from Brazil are on their cycle trip for two years now and they will be on the road for another two years As they said: Honeymoon took longer than expected… Hey donkeys, give way Thank you!!! This is Lenin Peak!

We are heading to the base camp to have some rest and take in the mind-boggling views It’s the most beautiful road I have ever driven along, no doubt about it We are in the Lenin Peak base camp, and the summit of the mountain is over there Now it is quite warm here, it’s over 20 degrees Centigrade We are going to have a walk, as there are a lot of interesting things to see Today we are going to have soup with yak meat for supper I wonder how it tastes Actually, it is yummy. But we will have to see the result tomorrow Good morning! Let’s see what we have outside Wow, isn’t it Lenin Peak?! We reached the end of the road. There is a precipice ahead We can see the edge of a large glacier which descends from this high mountain This is just unbelievable! The scenery is stunning! The motorcycle journey was all Nastya’s idea which I wholeheartedly endorsed I set out on the journey hoping to find happiness. And I did find it! Speaking about future plans, we will definitely go further east This summer we plan to visit the Altai Mountains, Mongolia, Lake Baikal and if we have enough time and strength, then we’ll go all the way to Far East!