[LUC1] Adventure – EP1 Indonesie

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[LUC1] Adventure – EP1 Indonesie

Here we are in the first episode of LUC1 ADVENTURE Ok, you were saying that LUC1 is a SUPERMOTO team, so it will be 22 min of SUPERMOTO So what is LUC1 ADVENTURE ? Ludovic Lucquin and myself, was watching day by day that it’s financially more and more difficult to do mechanic sports So we had an idea to go to the small known country in motorsports, to find new talents, and to give them a chance to participate the SuperMoto, Enduro or Rallye Raid races on small CC bikes Because in Indonesia, they usually ride SMALL CC bikes and they didn’t avoid the year, CC, and level of the motorbike The most important is to ride, and get pleasure !! Before we are going to the volcano, we have a little bit presentation with the French crew Ludo Lucquin, LUC1 Motorsport team boss, pro former supercross riders at the end of the 80’s Jean-Yves « MARIO » Lamoureux, who is the chief mechanic of the team and also Champaign maker in the « REAL LIFE » And this is me, Greg GILSON, communication manager of the team I’m passionate of 2 wheels, adventure and love to ride on SMALL CC It’s 18h flight between PARIS and JAKARTA the Indonesian capital city with 36 million inhabitants. (with suburban) Then go to MALANG, « small » city with 3 million inhabitants MALANG is at the foot of the volcano BROMO and SEMERU, no doubt about it that it will the best enduro session of our life !! But before we go to the volcano, we have to pass across the city Some numbers to understand the traffic in Indonesia 270 million inhabitants and 115 millions of motorcycle is active They should put a holeshot for money as a prize because there are so many people at the traffic light !! Let’s go under the sun, its 35º To pass across the first road, you need to be focus Greg : ” Berry How much for 1 liter of gasoline? ” Berry : ” 9000 Rupiahs so its 0,6 €uro ” As you can see, lots of public works are made by hands They usually use motorcycle, they also use it for a big charge, so they don’t need a truck When you see these images, you will think of a mess but we didn’t see any accident at all during our trip The main rule is really simple : RESPECT !! It replaces all the rules like traffic light, stop etc Oh I forgot !! We went there in the middle of rainy season So every day around 1.30 pm, it will be rain Motorcycle is the main transportation, people use it even under the rain and can adapt with a hard conditions The guides are used to riding in the city so they will not wait for you !! So if you have to wait on a cross road, go faster to catch them again We met the Indonesian riders who brought us our motorbikes This bike is an HONDA CRF 150 L, made by HONDA INDONESIA ( PT Astra Honda ) It’s 150 cc four strokes injection, air cooled and electric start Suspensions are low cost SHOWA but the efficiency is incredible !!! Something important, here the most of enduro riders use TRAIL TIRES. You will see why is that So this guy is BERRY, his job is motorcycle/4×4 guide around MALANG « I’m BERRY, 35 years old and I live in MALANG CITY » Greg : « How was the young BERRY start on a motorcycle ? How was the story ? » « When I was young I loved to ride BMX and 10 years ago, I bought a KAWASAKI KLX, it was my first motorbike Then I updated it to make it more efficient for Enduro ride » To see how Indonesian people practice Enduro, we decided to organize an open tour with Berry We asked some local riders to come to share a session with us for 1 day Louis is a young rider who come from MTB, and he is really smooth on the motorbike Trivie is our girl rider of the day She works as a motorbike guides all the year The tires slide a bit because there is too much pressure But they are a bit heavy so it’s ok !!

It’s really important to keep the trail tires and to not use MX or Enduro tires If we use cross/enduro tires, the trails will be damaged, and we couldn’t continue to ride to the volcano And you will see in the video that enduro riders not alone to use the trails, and why we have to keep it in a good state After pass across all the traffic, we thought that the most difficult part of the trips passed BUT the trail tires and the humid forests make us slides a loooot Dominique, a French expat and friend of Ludo, is the first candidate that fall the ground !! He’s not fail, but he’s disappeared ! ha ha Jean-Yves « MARIO » continue and lose the front wheel Mario : « Woooo but the front wheel doesn’t grip at all !! » Greg : « Yes you have to take the normal trail tires, we have to ride like these here » Dominique is a ROAD RACER and look like the single tracks are too narrow for him Ludo take a little break I was following Gerry to get close with him and when I brake, it’s like ice ! How to test the solidity of the engine and chassis of a CRF 150 L in less than 3 seconds ! Another small breaks for Ludo before we go up Where is Gerry Or WHO IS GERRY ?? So while MARIO is laughing again about someone who fall and disappear I introduce you to GERRY SALIM Future Moto 2 Indonesian hope RedBull rookies cup racer, and some Moto2 races in 2019 It’s his first off-road experience So we had some hard moments, but 8 hours of enduro in volcanos at 2000 m high, it couldn’t be easy Mario : « The chain is out » Greg : « Oh nooo » I thought the tough session finished for me Greg : « Hope it will not happen again » « Fuck » What is crazy in this country is that you can be in the middle of nowhere and see noone When you stop because you have an issue, there is always someone who comes to help you !! « Ok it will be really difficult » I thought Gerry was in difficult time because it was his first time But when I start, I saw that you can try all, like jump on the seat, push on your foot-pegs, it changes nothing you don’t ride !! « make roll the front wheel » You lose your speed until it stop You have to push and we are at 2200 m high so you will be exhausted for few time At least, we are 100% confident in the CRF engine ! Greg : « We are almost arrive ? » Berry : « NO » Greg : « F… » Now you will ask : Why this big mark in the middle of the trail ? Who make it ? Off-Road riders ? There are many Off-Road riders yes, but not just them, there are some other people who go to the top of mountain on motorcycles In the next chapter you will be really surprised to see who pass the trail Gerry « Now slick tires » Mario arrives at the end and he still in a perfect physical condition champaign maintains in form haha We move to another landscape to pass across a river So I called this guy « PHONE MAN », because without having a GoPro, he rides with one hand and the phone in the other hand since the beginning of the session So yes, pass across a river is easy Except when you choose to pass the quicksand !! Was watching them that they don’t succeed to take off the bike I decided to help them out If I can give you an advice how to take off

a motorcycle from difficult situations : MAKE ROLL THE FRONT WHEEL It’s useless to pull the fork, handlebar etc MAKE ROLL THE FRONT WHEEL Greg : « This dirt is incredible, you can’t go out If you are alone, you come back home in socks !! If you succeed to come back home !! » Now you will see that, in this country people use motorcycles a lot for many activities In Europe, when we want to deliver or bring something, we think directly to a van But here, there are 3 reasons why you can’t use it 1st, too expensive 2nd, the fields are not possible to join by 4 wheels 3rd, the traffic Tree on the scooter, now imagine to drive and go down in the mud with road tires and 100kg of woods with you ! Do you want to take this kind of trail with a van ? You meet a lot of riders with guides We saw more than 100 riders in this session So when we finished the difficult part then we go up with a long time pushing, we’ve met 2 farmers on the top of mountain Greg : « OK !! How it’s possible to go to the top of mountain with this kind of motorcycle » Farmer : « We both try to work on it and we try to keep the most speed as possible, and when we stop, one of us will push the motorcycle. » Berry : « And they do this everyday, they come and come back !! » Greg : « NOOO !! Everyday ?? » Berry : « YES » Greg : « Champions » Yes I think they are REAL champions Now we are in a wedding ceremony, and for this, people use motorcycle to bring the cakes You understood that they don’t have to wait until 16 years old to get the 125cc driver license They don’t need an instructor to learn how to drive, no need CE certificate approved gloves And the kids are really happy ! I didn’t understand why this guy wanted to pass this steep muddy trail with this motorcycle but after that he told to me that this is the only way to come back home ! Everyday this guy cross this road with this bike and road tires So we had the young version with the stylish helmet and waterproof vest Now the old version with scooter 100cc, cap and slippers This guy put the perfect torque, really calm Look at his position It’s not a pleasure of course, but he can load a lot of things in his bike So they used motorcycle in hard conditions, and they need someone to maintain it When Dominique had a problem with his front tire flat, we thought that the session will finish But no, there is a repairman in every villages Greg : « Berry what are you doing ?” Berry : « I’m looking for the valve remover. » Mario can’t wait someone to help, and Ludo who ride only one time per year needs a big break « Don’t worry Gerry the race will restart again soon » We wanted to know more about those repairmen Berry could you ask to them what is the main thing they have to repair/change on this kind of bike ? So it’s not a reparation, it’s often happen, people ask about a bore up kit to get more powerful to get more powerful « Ok, and how many motorbike per day that you fix it ? Repairman : « 4 or 5 » Just for your information that the shop of this guy is in his house,

and the only way to tell people that this place is exist are the two banners in front of his house So make a note, that we didn’t change the air tube, he just repairs by melting rubber in the hole !! This two wood parts were too big to go in a van !! For those who ask if it’s nice to ride there For me one of the best spot in the world Here you can see the BROMO and SEMERU volcano You can ride on the ridges Semeru is 3600 m high, Bromo 2200 m high and both are still active What you have to remember about this trip is the people are always really really friendly Even when they work hard in the fields, they always say hello with you with a big smile When they have a wedding they do it on the road so you have to pass on the sides of the road And they love BIG SOUND SYSTEM !! I think they count 1 or 2 kw per person !! We almost lost Ludo !! This is the last road before Bromo, it will take us the ridge Look at the incredible slope from the fields !! Greg « this cliff !! » Berry told me that I can pass before because there is many bumps You can make a note that for a 150 cc, this bike works really well We totally changed the ground We arrived on a volcanic dirt, and even its under the rain, its totally grips !! Greg « Put the GAZ » You don’t have to tell to Ludo « PUT THE GAZ » for two times !! At the same time, we see something important, because if we are 50 cm on the side, we could be fall in a hole Greg : ” Holly sh…” We came here to discover new talents and during our break before go down to B29, we met KHOLEC At the beginning we saw a farmer wide open on a single track we just took in 2nd gear just before So I try to follow him !! Greg « This guy have a big bag on the rear fender, and I’m at the full speed try to follow him !! Incredible !! » On the GoPro it looks easy but trust me it’s not, it rains, it slides, and we are with trail tires and there are ravine of 150 m high The white bag on his rear fender, I thought it was the fruits that he took from the trees but no its’s not, it’s his tools Greg : « S…, he knew the trail by easily » « F….K » It rains, it slides a lot, and also you can not see anything,

so you will fall a lot easily When I told you it’s 150 m high, you see that it’s not a joke I was asking why there rides without goggles, but I understand now. With the rain and the 35º, there’s a fog and you will see nothing To meet KHOLEC who come back from his field wide open with his waterproof clothes and rubber boots, try to ride really fast to follow him and share with him a pure enduro session at 20000 km from home ! I think i just lived the best motorbike moment in my life And this is exactly the goal of LUC1 Adventure Share motorbike session, learn the different kinds of using in all the world and find a new talents In the next episodes we will try to find another riders, where noone can replace them, and make them race a rally raid like RALLYE DU MAROC on SMALL CC that they usually ride DON’t hesitate to help us to grow the community, because the more people we have, the more we wil have a chance to deal with some famous brands to reach our final goal