Dinotopia | 2002 Adventure Fantasy | PART 1

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Dinotopia | 2002 Adventure Fantasy | PART 1

Oh my dearest granddaughter by the time you read this he will no doubt have grown into a confident and beautiful young woman your journey will not be an easy one you will be expected to show courage and face many challenges which may threaten to destroy our world but you were not alone Marian and health will come in unexpected ways and from unfamiliar faces and as the darkness descends around Dinah topia never allow it to overwhelm you instead follow your heart and prepare to fulfill your destiny as Maitreya find the light I hate flying so be a treat David we’re gonna go island hopping you’re gonna love it I promise let’s just leave him behind dad he’s gonna be like this all day I agree with Carl that was happy you’re reading back at the villa you’re not gonna be sitting in your room reading David you be out doing something there we’re all set come on Carl fly the plane it’s very important to keep your air speed above 140 okay so cool sliding the plane yeah see you wake me up 20 minutes before that what it’s all right there think I know what I’m doing is that what that what is that that come from

where are we what is this place I don’t know baby I don’t know well what are we doing you should just stay with the plane we could have a choice David we would have drowned we just left him I tried there was nothing I could do what happened happened now if we can find some help a phone where do you think we are Islands that the same to me they don’t believe this we’ve been walking for hours and nothing no people no houses not even a road to follow let’s keep going ground is fine stuff up somewhere do you see that what the hell is that I don’t know whatever it is looks kind of creepy [Applause] I’m permission from the volcanium council to explore ancient sites the hope of planning on you Sun stones it’s all in our did I have the papers well hello boys sorry you’re gonna be a bit to the flight there oh we gave you afraid unless I’m very much mistaken you’re something of a rarity we just arrived yes splendid I knew it a newcomers so where are we exactly Oh Dinah topia oh you’ll be the talk of the place it’s not every day we get new arrivals where is that listen can I use your cellphone what you know telephone we need to call a Coast Guard right away we’re under storming our plane crashed our father he’s missing we’ve got to get some help you’ll want a Paschal bird I’m afraid I can’t help you there Oh stubborn Oh what we’re doing up there anyway oh just a

bits of archaeology you’re the first archaeologist I’ve met who uses dynamite yes well I have a number of occupations to be honest with you I’m something of an independent spirit which can get a man into trouble around here all fancy live now no thanks going well for what it’s worth I’m at no extra cost I offer you the eternal friendship of Cyrus crab that’s mate well wasting my time here this place has been picked clean with a fine-tooth comb the only thing you want to swap rings watches no well if it’s any use to your boys I’ll escort you to the Chandeleur bus depot I’m catching a bus there myself in about half an hour fancy that all right follow me so how big is Dyna topia not that big a couple of hundred miles across 200 miles how come we’ve never heard about it before a little bit cut off from the rest of the world [Applause] look at this place I mean these people this is really weird well no just you don’t think this is weird besides what kind of marking stuff what’s that sound it’s an animal Scalia talk it’s going on I can calm down happiness over mr. standoff millions of years ago if only my boy if only it’s coming right for us time to say farewell I think oh I thought she’d turn up at a time like this who was she come on boys don’t she do mums over she must be crazy what’s wrong it was amazing he’s diameter peon xx generate I’d love to spend more time with you but have to catch a night bus to volcanium very important meeting if has anything you need don’t hesitate to call it’s no bother at all crabs curios waterfall city that’s restore the finest in antiques and antiquities and listen don’t waste your time in the provinces go to waterfall city I just pick up your tickets over there maybe we’ll see you there oh you can be shorter it I know future friends when I see them yeah I’m not sure I trust him why not this is the weird old guy with a limp a few sticks of dynamite I wonder if there’s a map around here look let’s try to find Waterfall City maybe we can get

tickets here I guess that means it’s closed excuse me we need to get to a place called waterfall city waterfall city the next bus is a door John great now what David you asleep what do you think how can a place like this really exist without everybody knowing about it it’s mind blowing I don’t know David I don’t have any answers but I do know we have to get out of this dump get to that city crab talked about Waterfall City exactly we can find some help there get search parties out call home do you really think some place called waterfall city’s gonna have telephones what do you mean I think the rules here are different and we better start learning them no no screw the rules I’m not forgetting about dad nobody’s forgetting about dad it’s just that there’s nothing we can do right now not until we understand this place I don’t want to understand this place I want to get home look right now we sleep okay then tomorrow the city we do whatever it takes to find someone in charge eleven better hurry over there great thank you hi my name is Carl this is my brother Davey it’s David hi my name is Marion you were pretty impressive yesterday dealing with that whatever it was ankylosaurus weren’t you scared I’m training to be a leader I must be calm in a crisis if I’m expected to inspire others you are not from around here are you no not exactly we had an accident we swam ashore now we’re trying to get to waterfall city oh that’s my destination oh now I understand what’s happened to you but don’t be afraid you’re not the first when you arrived in water cool city everything will be explained just as soon as you register register we don’t want to register for anything we just want to get home I imagine that so this way this is the bus he’s a Brack Brachiosaurus but we’re traveling with him across the rainy base what’s that for um that’s to stop you from getting killed he says much appreciates the protection the bus is secure we will be leaving in five minutes Waterfall City direct you want us Willie racks are plant eaters to get to waterfall city we have to cross the rainy Basin it’s the domain of the carnivores we only cross when it’s

absolutely essential and then only in convoy but don’t worry we carry extra food to appease them appease them the carnivores aren’t evil they’re just hungry by nature so do you have any weapons we won’t fight the carnivores he means of they attack us I understand Dyna tokens don’t carry weapons weapons are enemies even to their owners third code of Dyna topia wait a minute you have a law that says you can’t defend yourself there are ways to defend yourself without using weapons besides it’s only 1 in 5 convoys that are attacked I’ve just complete this hideous picture for us exactly what kind of dinosaurs are we likely to encounter Tyrannosaurus Rex of course what’s happening why are we stopping the Brax something’s scaring them where’s she going what is it Tyrannosaurus these droppings are fresh and the tracks there are hundreds of it never seen anything like it tamanna sores never hunt in herds these ones did there’s a small outpost at the edge of the forest we’ve got to make sure they’re safe come on where is everybody look what is it Sunstone has failed what’s a Sunstone it’s our source of power it keeps the out person settlement safe this one’s dead quiet what’s going on must have been de Thunder we should get back to the barracks we can’t the next outpost is more than five hours away the brats will never carry us through the storm then we’ll have to find shelter here would you like something to eat that’d be great yeah I’m starving any chance of a steak burger or some chicken

you want a bird eat we eat any fruit or vegetables in dinah topia and you do you eat meat as well me no no I’m a very strict vegetarian thank you oh it’s bitter you’re supposed to paint it first see you haven’t lost your touch Carl has a restless spirit has he always been that way yeah I guess so I’ve never spent this much time alone with him before you bothers but you don’t live together no no we are at least see each other at all we have different mothers see my father he led a very active social life we’re bored just a few months apart but we didn’t grow up together we just don’t have anything in common so we’re not exactly best friends I’m sorry about your father David thank you did you hear that they’re harmless creatures of the rainy Basin well something’s making them panic something’s making me panic we should all try and get some sleep Carl right what is it now I swear I heard something it was like a rum ball coming through the floor just go back to bed let’s check it out you see anything no nothing my jungle out there well I thought well no I not thought out t-rex was coming to get you yeah [Applause] [Applause] help us [Applause]

I am you know Squadron Leader Skye best core I think you just saved our lives yes this time you were lucky I’m gonna recommend this bus service be suspended until further notice we cannot guarantee the safety of the passengers on you stop no one but a writer ever approaches a spider these are not tame Birds if you value your life stay back I will provide you with an airborne escort for the rest of your journey what happened to everybody here we rescued the rest of the staff earlier we flew them out before the storms came in but three people and the Triceratops Patrol are still missing as yet we’ve had no sightings I fear they are dead okay let’s go right come on follow us it’s the best way to fight those things we don’t approve of violence in dine Autopia even when it saves your life that t-rex almost killed us back there our lives are no match for Tyrannosaurus come on Marion eat or be eaten killer be killed that’s the law of the jungle we’re human beings that means at the top of the food chain we owe recent guests on this planet the dinosaurs have been here for 160 million years mammals like hello sir only reads like my dog back home he’s not getting a driver’s license I’m saying you feel superior to them well yeah you better but you’re not Col feel superior to everything if dinosaurs are so smart then how come they’re doing all the manual labor dinosaurs take pride in history well they’re still carrying us around on their bats there’s many things you can learn from the Brachiosaurus oh yeah like what like humility [Applause] welcome to waterfall city I’ve never seen anything like it beautiful city it’s like something out of a fairy tale Marion your world maps a little bit off America isn’t joined to Europe at the beginning of the Triassic period all the continents were joined together in one huge supercontinent called Pangea surprised you didn’t know that David [Applause] where they are looking at us there haven’t been newcomers in many years you’re celebrities the Mariposa cities come as greeting this is the palace [Applause]

who’s that guy was like a clown with all those rogues attack I’ve been so worried I’m fine there’s nothing to be frightened of but I would like to address the Senate on what I saw oh yes plenty of time capacity dinner’s at 8 o’clock what to 9 but the time the speeches have dragged on now on behalf of the people of Dinah topia I Waldo Saville the 207 mayor of waterful City and speaker the Dinah tow peon Senate extend to you our warmest welcome and hospitality a plane crashed into the sea David and I we escaped but our father was trapped in it what we need is a search bar don’t worry dear boys now the Senate awaits you and we will address all your concerns recorded on this scroll you can see the names of those shipwrecked souls whom destiny has delivered to our land they number thousands from all corners of the earth forgive free century those poor unfortunates cast away on the winds of misfortune only to find a better life a life of Harmony and fulfillment here on the shores of dinah topia and we are their descendants welcome [Applause] [Applause] welcome to waterfall City David Scott very warm welcome to you too Carl Scott [Applause] we would like to formally accept you into the water Felicity Academy where you will after training be given the chance to become full dine at opium citizens and to find your saurian life partner saurian you mean one of those scalese views that ugly term here but yes you will be paired with a dinosaur there’s a ceremony and we take a vow it’s like a marriage well thank you for the offer but we have to get home our dad’s still out there there’s no way we can stay here we understand that you both must be upset but many dilute opions have lost their friends and families in the shipwrecks that brought them here but I’m afraid your past life is gone this must be a big shock to you but when you understand the truly wonderful life marrying here we have to get off this island I’m afraid that’s impossible over the centuries of you have tried but they’ve all perished on the Razr reef well wait a minute how do you know no one’s ever made it had you ever heard of dying at Hope here before you arrived no exactly now you can’t imagine how exciting this is for us you’re the first new arrivals for many a long time and we’re all waiting to hear of the changes in your world world we’re shipwrecked in 1944 so what has been the principle changes in your society since then what oh yes I used to have war with the Germans no no we won that one Intel is about the significant historical events that are followed significant events there was the war in Vietnam and Watergate to go for the Cold War and that’s when they knocked down the Berlin Wall they knocked down a wall right there’s something wrong with it that’s that’s a little hard to explain let’s see what else over the space program Apollo 11 that’s when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon technology’s very advanced these days we all have mobile phones and DVDs and laptops everybody’s on the Internet I’m sorry I think little confused I thought you said that someone walked on the moon the most significant event in my history is falling out of the sky and watching

my father swept away to drown welcome to dine Autopia it’s just incredible isn’t it you’ll get used to it that’s for sure I don’t understand how a place this big hasn’t been found before or isn’t on any Maps is that so surprising what do you mean are there no mysteries left out there where you came from well no there’s a lot of things we don’t know about Nora well then this is just another one this is the ancient library of Dinah topia this is your library must be centuries old could all these schools I’d love to read some of them you might find that a little bit difficult seeing as they aren’t with me in English oh what’s he doing dinosaurs hate turning pages they do their best thinking when their feet are moving dead ha ha ha gosh I’m sorry it was completely my fault this dinosaur can talk data Kalamata dare talk our murder marionette David in Carl’s Scott right and yes I can speak English and French Bonjour Mon Ami I can understand 17 major human and saurian languages and imitate many natural sounds I was top of my class so how many dinosaurs can talk mmm all of them but very few allowed to speak English properly if that’s what you mean very exciting to meet you you know I I just love mammals I have to leave you now I’m going to speak to the Senate goodbye wait a minute where are we supposed to go where we gonna sleep oh I’m sorry I thought you’ve been told Zippo has kindly agreed to give you temporary accommodation in his house yes goodbye you mean we’re staying with a librarian right librarian yes delicious calm very kind to put a sub suppo Ono knows war I find you very interesting species I just love the way you jump above very quick reactions and the way you eat with your little knife and fork cutting up all the food first he’s so funny so do you ever a human partner I was partnered facility of the hatchery but I’ve never sought another after my slow maids death Wow I just squirt baby like that God what babe any colorful language it’s a spiritual union I don’t think you quite understand yet nope I’ll never meet another like her mother Thomas or soups getting cold darling I thought you spoke beautifully to the Senate I couldn’t believe my little girl looks so grown up the debate was very interesting but the next meetings not scheduled for another month well the Dinoco peon way is the reasoned way good mind is a calm mind Daniel is a father this isn’t the first time the Sunstone was failed and I’ve never seen tyrannosaurs running in herds perhaps the outer settlements are being attacked because the Sun stones are failing that’s an intriguing idea I shall send out skybox patrols to confirm the reports before the next meeting Wow we are in the nuthouse yeah I know what a place I mean it’s just incredible and I’ll not talk about partners does that seem a little creepy thing we’re talking about lizards here no I mean this is this is some kind of utopia where everyone lives in harmony yeah well there’s no way I’m gonna ever be walking around a lizard girlfriend as for studying it’s Orion whatever that is

you can forget it why do you always turn against everything before it even started what’s the point when we’re going home anyway oh and how are we gonna do that I mean you saw what the razor Reef did to our plane right you know the more I listen to you the more I think you want to stay here of course I want to go home but we don’t know how to right now so all I’m saying is we should try and make the best of it you really don’t want to leave do you go I can’t believe it think about it Carl don’t you see that something absolutely amazing has happened to us no I think watching dad die is kind of ruin it for me you know I didn’t mean that well I think I know what Dad would say you know he’d say this was a great adventure we should be exploring and seeing things that no one’s ever seen before maybe we should stay just for a little while see what life is like here maybe that’s because you don’t have a life back home well I do and I want it back [Applause] before your grandmother Arianna died she gave me this she said wasn’t to be passed to you until after your 18th birthday what is it open it what does it say find the light huh Sunstone this was her greatest treasure the Explorer Arthur Dennison found it and gave it to her at least a hundred years ago it’s almost perfect apart from the Prime Sunstone I’ve never seen is he home Arianna knew you were special even as a baby Marion I would like you to lead the Sunstone parade next week Oh father that would be the greatest honor I tell you my dear there is nothing could make a father prouder he’s very nice to look at isn’t she don’t let the mirror catch her staring at alai that he’ll run you out of town he’s not for the likes of as ordinary people I was just having a look around of course you were no wardens on a wonderful night like this Oh Karla but we don’t mind me saying but brother of yours spectrum our sort isn’t he oh we’re only half brother’s we’ve never really been that close I’m sorry that your father’s gone yeah so Mike I’ll be saying a little prayer for him tonight if that’s all right with you sure find a new call on the other shop sometime whenever you get tired of the scale is trying to change it breathe deep seek peace can’t believe you just said that seek peace give me the creeps are all grown up it’s a greeting do one thing at a time here are your two new classmates David and come seek peace no way I’m not staying here this schools for little children then he should be a writer though oh yes it’s a beginners class forget about a zip oh I thought you’d be delighted visiting to Eternity this class is your traveling companion Miriam this term we will be studying saurian at the end of the term you will sit in examination and write your answers in footprint language now who can tell me the first code of Dinah topia one raindrop raises the sea very good I will now read to you all the codes of Dinah topia one one raindrop raises the sea to

survival of all or none three weapons are enemies even to their owners for give more take less five others first self last six observe listen and learn 7 do one thing Carl that is unnecessary destruction of public property and that is not how stegosauruses reproduce 8 sing every day 9 exercise imagination 10 eat to live don’t live to eat now who knows where we would find all the codes of Dyna topia really live in Fountain Square very good David eridan suppose city guy and a very special significance to all Dyna tope Ian’s ancient legend tells how it was brought up from the world beneath tens of thousands of years ago oh it’s the world beneath it’s a mythical place where dinosaurs were said to have found sanctuary at the dawn of time rule 4 give more take less very good you can see down near the bottom here that the very last code is missing all that can be made out of the first three letters F I n nobody knows what the 11th code is anyone like to guess what the 11th code might be find a way out of here Shh did you say something called yeah I have to go to the bathroom do I need a pass no but tonight’s homework will be on the codes homework forget it cow shouldn’t you be at school yeah I quit oh dear perhaps is something else you’d like to do nothing come on there must be something you like to do care for the infants may be property that’s not how you read scrillz no Zippo it’s a game a game oh oh can i play sure okay we’re ready now what do I do you’re at that end right I’ll grab your bag grab the bat hold it like this like this that’s it mmm-hmm okay so you’re clear about what happens when I hit the ball over the net I hit it back you’ve got no questions about the rules nope okay nothing Hey yes yes Hey – nothing try again Zippo don’t worry Zippo you’ll get there I’m upset that Carla’s left my class did I do something wrong no no it’s not you Karl quits just about everything he doesn’t know what he wants I mean I think I know sometimes but sometimes I’m not so sure you seem pretty sure what you’re doing my mother’s a matriarch it’s my destiny is that what you want how can you want anything other than your destiny you do ask the strangest things well suppose you don’t know your destiny it knows you you find each other that’s all Marian if I would you like to see the Prime Sunstone what I sure yeah I’d love to let’s go come on great very good that’s it that’s it how many points did I school none 21 zero I win well I didn’t understand it usually I have excellent hand-eye coordination now there you go when can we play again I’m sure I’ll be able to beat you at this game I can honestly say that humans will always be dinosaurs at ping pong oh let’s play again I creamed you I wouldn’t I don’t mind this is fun I haven’t had so much fun in a long time you know what suppo me neither big fast

oh yeah gonca will have to race already got about ten minutes as 361 come on David I’ll race you slow down I’m dying here don’t be silly this is nothing maybe for you this it you’re right it’s my husband I suppose they sell inhalers in waterfall city I had no idea you don’t have cities like this where you come from [Applause] we’re a lot farther up than I thought this is what powers the whole of diner topia it’s the most powerful Sun stone ever found it’s almost flawless whatever do every evening the prime Sun stone regenerates all the other Sun stones across diner Tokyo come on it’s almost time we can watch it from here Sawada Singh stairs come through all we know is that they’re very old legends say that they were mined from the world beneath at the beginning of time they’ve been found all over dinah topia but for many years breathe deep what are you reading one of our course books why what’s it called the care and teaching of humans you don’t find that sick no it’s a very interesting book another week and then I’m leaving yeah and what’s the plan I don’t need a plan to know I have to get out of here you got week to decide whether you come with me or not I mean what are we doing here well Karl I’m trying to study for graduation graduation what are you talking about graduation we don’t belong here we’re not dying at opions you’re getting brainwashed can’t you see that look I don’t have time to argue with you okay are you insane there’s a dinosaur sleeping in the Nexus exactly Karl this is the chance of a lifetime we are the first in our generation to see anything like this there’s screwing with your head David you just don’t get it do you why are you so negative about everything you know this is always what happens with you you’re stuck and for the first time in your life no one’s going to bail you out why don’t you stop being so selfish and at least get to know this place before you condemn it I’m going and you’re coming with me look Karl not that you bother to ask but I kind of like it here I can’t believe I’m stuck here with you well it wasn’t me who was flying the plane before what happened to you love me let go of me if you ever say that again I’ll kill you David I swear I will mammals oh come in come in I was just closing on

the show for the night you got a long face um yeah no I’m fine what is this oh that’s augs ah if you believe the legend they ruled over a mythical place called the world beneath some say to exist to the search just stories to children what do you think how can I help you my friend want to get off this island let’s see I’ll take a seat I was just on a bite to eat everyone says it’s impossible to believe they certainly want you to believe that it’s impossible they don’t want the rest of the world knowing about their little paradise I don’t care about their little paradise can I get off this island oh I’ve spent the past 20 years collecting ship’s logs chars maps of the times and reefs that surround this island there’s only one more thing I need to buy my own ticket down to there but we’ll never see it it’s the captain’s log or the Rebekah’s volley well versus captain’s log and the archives of the ancient library but the only one who’s got the keys is that scaly they’re stuck here with zip oh yeah so why don’t you get it no no they’d never let me near that library yeah on account of an incident to do with one of my relatives small fire a long time ago nothing to do with me but just another example of scaly persecution now come to think of it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to get over that you mean steal it I don’t know it doesn’t seem right and the scaly sir I mean they haven’t done anything to me this is what they did to me I was exploring a sacred temple and one of the ugly buggers took a great big chunk out in the leg that’s what they do when they don’t agree with you I think about that you get one of these what’s it say it’s an invitation from married great what for though can’t you read it you got a big mouth anyone ever tell you that only you Carl there you go Thanks welcome it’s quite fantastic isn’t it you scarcely believe your eyes the theme this year is the world beneath so the world beneath that really exists according to legend it was the place where the Sun stones were originally found the heart of Diamond topia where’s Carl sorry Zippo excited oh this sermon is about to begin long ago a terrible darkness struck the earth the seas churned and the skies turned black and the light of the Sun was lost from the land our ancestors

sought refuge in caves deep below the earth where they found food and shelter and magical stones which brought light a younger breath the safety of the world beneath and climbed up to the surface a Sunstone illuminating her way higher and higher she climbed in the darkness not knowing that this was night [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] centuries passed and a great civilization evolved but no one had ever seen the Sun then the dawn came and she saw that the skies had cleared and that the Sun Sean once again our ancestors followed her from the world beneath and they brought with them the magical stones and they built Dyna topia the world beneath wehre seal the great ruler Akbar decreed that it should remain a sacred place undisturbed forevermore [Applause] hi I really enjoyed the show it was a ceremony thank you yeah well whatever was the saurian spectacular Karl I won’t need to come back and finish the course is that why I got an invitation fuck I can’t do school never had why should I start now because you’re not the person you want to be oh you are you know it all to you if you can’t bear school I’ll spend an hour a day teach me personally really okay deal and in return you’ll fit for your footprint exam your graduation question is how are we to live you have an hour to answer in any way you wish you may begin Zippo you look upset what’s wrong terrible thing has happened a book has been I can’t bring myself to use the word the book has been stolen oh really well maybe it just got lost somewhere every hinge of the library has been searched I’ve been through antiques and take with his doesn’t you think looks if all books get stolen from libraries all the time not in Dinah topia it’s inconceivable to still knowledge that should be for all it has to be here somewhere

stop writing fees you said you’d help me get off this island yes yes I’m a man of my word I just need to study this now this captain’s journal charts the cost of the two ships I told you about a little bit of patience I find the wreck of the one that didn’t make it through yeah but I thought we were trying to find a way out of course we just need to get something from the wreck wait a minute you sort of way off the island that was the deal they wanted to come with me be here tomorrow at midnight I can’t go without my brother yeah brother let me show you something horrible when it happens to kiddin isn’t it seeing them subpoena still my brother I can’t just leave him here it was here bro no they don’t be able to trust him so are you looking forward to graduation yeah sure okay wait here with the thirty or five minute answer the question we asked was perhaps the most important question any dinah toe peon can be asked how are we to live David yours was possibly the longest answer we have ever had at 17 pages your argument was an exhaustive one and you’re clearly not frightened to say what you believed many times within the same document but perhaps the finest on so we have ever had was written by a car a Marion were now read Karl’s answer allowed for the entire assembly is this the real life or is it a fantasy caught in a landslide no escape from reality open your eyes look up to the skies and see [Applause] was very inspiring yes it was quite special zipper I mean it was the way he combined fantasy of reality and then compared it with the lands have you ever done anything in your life when you haven’t cheated always been a sore loser David Haye I worked hard to get through that exam taking this Dinah topia stuff way too seriously what is it you’ve got against this place I wouldn’t know where to start I think you’re still trying to blame dad’s dying at Dinah topia is that it hey leave dad out of it I’d be glad to let’s face it he pretty much left us out of his life don’t talk about him like that least you two had something in common he didn’t have the time of day for me wonder why that was well he dumped my mother then he did the same to yours but you still worship Him don’t talk like that you know what without dad around I feel free kind of makes you think doesn’t it I’m almost glad he’s gone My dear those two were just never suitable for a diner to be in education but father I really do feel it’s my duty to look they’ve gone now we have

searched but nobody’s found any sign don’t forget that tomorrow you travel to Vidarbha your jutsu starts were habitat training now that I really do feel that I shouldn’t marry me I feel like I failed the birth I should never know how about they were my charge Miriam it is I who have failed them I must go and find them what about this I have no choice my father’s going to be furious that couldn’t be grossly understating his reaction suppose I should go and get my bag why you don’t think I’m letting you go alone do you well do what falsities central post office and messenger bird 371 and toward service now I must remind you that our new wait are ineffective from today sorry three seven one there was there come on David talk to me it’s apparent Miriam keep up zipper could they be do you know I have never been so far from waterfall city in my life Bravo Marion you put a postal bird there whenever a purpose behind you that there was a surcharge for deliver your messages outside water North City how can I help message reads a you Karl or David destination of message follow the river as far as you can until sunset follow the river no responsibility can be taken for delivery of messages without precise destination I understand I want you to fly as fast as you can and ask anyone you meet go so what do we do now wait okay [Applause] hello [Applause] no back to look the river could be anywhere yesterday they call that it all looks the same from up here anyway remember when we drank is 1918 port his last bottle $1,300 worth the port in one afternoon but didn’t like the taste so next up with coke it actually made it better remember that’s a great Christmas wasn’t didn’t come here what was that say it again Sanna didn’t come that here oh he did

it’s just that he was awful pissed Davi hey come on Davi stay with me can you hear me don’t fade on me okay I can’t do this on my own are you cold all day curl that’s me end of message hose dish has been prepaid baby are you there this one’s here over here well coming stay where you are what’s happened he feels really cold he’s very far away what’s she doing well she’s listening come back David David [Applause] do you have another message yes now you must fight a Vidarbha and tell them to send a rescue party as soon as possible don’t stop for anyone or anything now go go they’re usually quite reliable what a marvelous find this temple has been lost for centuries look here Aqsa the grave king of the world beneath the legend says he was half man half dinosaur and quite remarkable I do believe you have confirmed my research this must lead to one of the entrances to the world beneath but once ago the legend has it that all the entrances are guarded by carnivores lutea if this is an entrance the carnival’s will think we are violating their sacred space well don’t worry I haven’t seen any carnivores lately oh my god we have to get out of here and fast come on but David can’t walk David we have to leave now I’ll get zipper away for you nope I’ll take David and go lip oh yeah after that now really must see these carvings are quite unique Zippo we must go come on hmm what’s wrong Marion

[Applause] come on you can make it come on come on you can make it he was eating me I hope you choke on it you