Donkey Kong Country 4: DEMO FINAL! Greenleaf Grove | Entrevista com a Equipe de Desenvolvimento

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Donkey Kong Country 4: DEMO FINAL! Greenleaf Grove | Entrevista com a Equipe de Desenvolvimento

Alexsandro: Hello, people.What’s up? Before we begin, I’m gonna warn you that this interview was recorded via Skype conference So not all microphones have the same quality and it might contain some background noises This is a video that I wanted to make from a while and since I was aware that the project’s last demo would be released, I decided to call everybody at once to record with everyone And this was a video that took a lot of work to make Because as you’ll notice, we had to be aided by translators to interview Molly The edition task also took a little longer than usual because, in the end, the recording was 2 hours and 10 minutes long and you’ll see 1 hour with the best parts and all the answers to your questions And for those that don’t want spoilers about the new stage and want to listen while play it the download link is already in the descripion, ok? But I ask you to please leave a Like and subscribe if you aren’t subscribed already because this video took a lot of work to be made. So, let’s go Hello, folks! Are you allright? I am Alexsander Magalhães and you are in Conhecendo e Desvendando Jogos (Knowing and Unraveling Games) channel As I promised to you, Today, friends, we have here in the channel an epic game I must confess, I’m uneasy, I’m very uneasy but at the same time I’m very content because I’ts a project that I wanted to put into practice for a while and I got these beloved people’s collaboration to be able to show you exclusively today The last Donkey Kong Country 4’s demo Exactly, people! And we’ll not only have the demo but also a very good interview with part of this project’s development team that is in production for years And that’s why I call here and bid welcome to Leonardo Sargaço, who’s the main engineer programmer and level designer We also have Buiu Alves who’s programmer and spriter Lucas Rangel who’s spriter and level designer We also have here Rodrigo Boechat who’s composer, level designer and we also have our foreign guest, Molly or better, Phyreburnz who’s spriter and level designer So, sincerely thank you very much, folks, for giving this space here in Knowing and Unraveling Games channel And I’d like you guys to introduce yourselves saying who you are your age, describe better what you do in the project I think we can begin with Leonardo Leonardo: Well, folks, I’m in the project since the beginning, almost since the beginning It started in Orkut with me and Fernando I’m 43 years old, I think I’m the people’s grandfather and I’m on the team as programmer and level designer I kinda do everything here I’m with the guys After me and Fernando, the rest of the team came along Alexandro: So, Buiu Buiu: So, I entered in the project in August 2015 and as always, I make characters not only for Donkey Kong Country 4, but also to Mortal Kombat Project and I also began in 2015 to 2016 but back to the project I was invited by Leo. I was in Facebook then I received an invitation from the page asking if I was interested in helping the project If I would like to make a character’s sprite or scenery and I accepted And a group was created I met the people, introduced myself, and it was very cool I was well received I was born in Florianópolis I’m living in São José, Santa Catarina state. I live here for 19 years and I do anything because for me, there’s no bad weather So what I can do, I do and sprites mean a lot to me because it’s an experience it’s something very pleasant. It might be a little hard in the beginning but when you get used to it, you can feel pleasure you may feel like creating something, making concepts also teaching, creating tutorials, so it’s very cool and that’s it for now Alexsandro: Lucas Rangel, the guy that people who follow the channel should already know because of the Donkey Kong 2’s hack, Lost Levels Lucas Rangel: Hey, Alexsandro! A pleasure to be here with you So, like you said, I’m the team’s youngest member

I’ve met those folks through this hack that I created And since then, it’s been a good learning for me to be with these cool guys being able to help out I also do kind of what Edu does, I’m spriter, also level designer but since I joined, it’s been a very cool experience I think it was in 2017 if I’m not wrong that due an invitation that I offered myself to help out in Facebook so I could be joining and since then, we’ve been trying in our free time it has not been so easy to produce what we can to help this project that is so cool Alexsandro: And we also have Rodrigo Boechat. Composer and also level designer Rodrigo Boechat: Hello. First, thanks for the interview’s invitation I’m working on the last demo’s soundtrack I joined the project in about 2017 and I’m with the team until today and with level designing, I started to design some stages but not to this demo, so it’s still in stand by Alexsandro: And we also have our foreign guest who’s spriter and level designer her name is Molly who also stands for Phyreburnz and we also have two translators who cordially are helping us out to talk to Molly They are Rodrigo Pimentel and Elder I’m gonna ask them to pass the floor to Molly so she can introduce herself So, my first question is obviously the most basic and predictable question ever but in this case, I think that the answer will be very interesting How did the idea of creating a Donkey Kong fangame come up? All of you knew each other. You told me now how you joined the group but some of you knew each other before, how did this idea come up? Only one of you had this idea and kept handing on or it was a group that had the idea and kept spreading to other people? Leonardo: Well, let me speak because who started this was Fernando in Orkut I also had a Donkey Kong fangame project when I knew his project, we started to talk Each of us was doing our own In the end, we did the junction. We joined the projects and started to work together And we had the same reason to do it We weren’t so satisfied with the new generation’s Donkey Kong Country. Got it? So, we liked the 2D more, the Rare’s So that’s how we began making it, with this idea in mind Alexsandro: And your idea since the beginning was making something similar to Super Nintendo or you had other ideas to put into practice? Leonardo: At first, it would feature only 2 characters Only Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong After this, the idea of including Donkey Kong and Diddy, or Diddy and Dixie And then, Kiddy From there it was evolving to what we have today, with 4 Kongs you can play with them simultaneously Now I can say: it will be 5. Tiny Kong will join as 5th character and thanks to Edu, Buiu Alves, Buiu: Thanks! Leonardo: He created Tiny Kong. He was the responsible for creating all the sprites He was the one who programmed her to add the new templates So, at the moment, it will be 5 playable Kongs Alexsandro: Since you mentioned Tiny Kong, I’m gonna open the game to show you The download link is already in the video’s description Don’t forget to download if you want to play it while you listen to this interview. So, the game’s link is already available and we have here the last demo with a new Donkey Kong Country 4 stage, made by the team. I tried it before quickly

But my desire now is to play the whole stage because I am aware that it contains some secrets and this is so beautiful But I’m gonna focus more on the stage itself and then I’ll go back with the questions to you The following is: obviously, the great inspiration to the game is the Super Nintendo’s trilogy but technically talking, what are your inspirations? Some franchise’s producer some level designer, some other game that maybe have inspired you to create this game? Leonardo: Folks, feel free to answer because I’ve already answered the first part this way, everybody will be speaking Alexsandro: Yeah, the questions have no specific person to answer. You can freely answer If you wanna talk between you during the answers Buiu: So, I’m going to begin Inspiration from me: at the time I was following the page and the project’s videos, I didn’t participate yet I follow since 2011 Since 2011 I follow and at this time I was wanting to make a DK game You know, mix the elements, make characters and at this time I already worked with Fusion but I wasn’t so well qualified so, after I realized that it wasn’t making sense, I filed it, I stopped with it And then I started just following it, and meanwhile I saw other games I followed groups and also old game sites I love I have a Super Nintendo here. I have all 3 Donkey Kong cartridges, Super Mario and it’s an inspiration Another fun factor is the soundtrack it’s something that delights it pushes us forwards even further and it’s fascinating, very fascinating because when someone feels like doing something for a game that one had played in the past wants to make a sequence from one’s own creativity from one’s own thoughts that someone will want to put it into practice but, if you make it all by yourself, it might be hard but if you have determination, if you have commitment, you’ll succeed Of course, if you ask for help, it won’t cost you. That’s important So, what I say is: never give up. Always persist in something If you feel like creating something, go ahead Alexsandro: Yes. My next question is just about it Because I believe that you all live very far from each other, right? Some are from other states How’s your working process? Each one of you do your part and then you gather up to assemble everything or you evaluate everything little by little What is this process like? Leonardo: Boechat, your turn Rodrigo Boechat: So, I’m from Rio de Janeiro but currently I’m living in Belo Horizonte and like you said, each one of us are in a different corner of the country And the whole process is done online We are always in touch with each other our communication is pretty good, it has a good frequency and we communicate through WhatsApp groups and everytime a stage is in development the people developing already go sharing the files with the rest of the development group And we already do some beta testing and report: Hey, there’s a bug here, another there, and so on so we help each other like this In my particular part, which is the soundtrack, whenever I have some new material or, even if it’s not ready yet, I start submitting the ideas and usually I send to the group or when an idea is still incipient, I send to Leo and say: “Look, I had this idea. What do you think?” He gives his opinion and I keep following the process but the dynamic is always like this a constant communication Sometimes each of us focuses on our own project so the group really cools down but we are always in touch with each other somehow especially when the production is more active, the contact is very intense Alexsandro: How many demos have been released since the beginning until now? Rodrigo Boechat: Leo can answer this question better than me Leonardo: Countless demos. Well, you caught me by suprise Alexsandro: I have three with me, not counting this new one Leonardo: Right Alexsandro: You don’t have to answer precisely, just an average Leonardo: Right. This year were 6 demos and 3 demos in previous years So, 9 demos in total I need to comment here,

I lost the barrel I wanted to get but anyone watching the gameplay will notice that: One of my biggest childhood dreams since I played in Super Nintendo was playing with all 4 Kongs simultaneously not the 4 on the screen but being able to choose between them And this was for me the best attraction in your game Being able to choose between the 4 Kongs Playing with Donkey Kong and Dixie simultaneously was a dream From the beginning did you have this idea of including the 4 Kongs as playable or was it something that came up? Leonardo: Sorry. From the beginning we had the idea to include the 4 Kongs? Alexsandro: Yeah, or if it was an opportunity that came up and you found it interesting to do? Leonardo: So, as I told you before, at first, it would only be 2 Kongs then it kept evolving let’s make a pair of Kongs DK with Dixie and in some stages, Diddy with Dixie, got it? At first, it was like this But it kept evolving and evolving the mechanics, we were adding more programming and we thought: Let’s create interaction between them That was where Molly Snyder had a fundamental participation in this process because Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Country 1 has no horizontal ropes so it wasn’t possible for him to move there Even Fernando tried to do the animations but it was horrible So this is when Molly Snyder came in, firstly with this She created the horizontal rope animation perfectly And then she also created his celebration playing bass And then they were having more of these additions and also this interaction between the Kongs kept growing Team up, that is a Kong carrying the other in the back the partner swap When you swap the Kongs, there’s an animation So, Molly Snyder had a fundamental participation and the game wouldn’t be like this without her Alexsandro: Yeah, that’s what I was about to comment here We can see that there’s a big difference in the character’s animations because of these new sprites For instance, the first demo that I played I played as Donkey Kong and Dixie that was my childhood dream playing with both So far I didn’t complete any stage and I thought: How does Donkey Kong climb a rope? How does Donkey Kong complete a stage since it has the same system as DKC2? and I think that if Molly wants to talk a little about her work, about how it was the making of these sprites Leonardo: Ask her where from did she draw inspiration how did she come up with of Donkey Kong’s celebration playing the bass Alexsandro: I’m playing here and dying because I’m paying more attention on what you’re speaking than in the game The people who are about to play will notice that this stage has a path above and a path below at least a short snippet You can tell by the other demonstrations that there’s a lot of inspiration in the exploration of the original games A question that goes more to level designers: What is the creation process like? Do you draw inspiration from the original stages or you kinda follow up your own ideas and create from it? Leonardo: Lucas Rangel Lucas Rangel: Let me try to answer this question Well, this specific stage I tried making it by merging some elements present in more than 1 Donkey Kong game Because Donkey Kong, for being such an awesome game and who is his fan always gets this feeling Don’t be satisfied with just what the original game brings to us

We always want to see something new, some new combination a different enemy in a place where he has never been seen before Or having access to a new are using a Buddy that wasn’t in the original games, got it? So, my inspiration when I’m creating a stage I always try to follow the Donkey Kong’s standards in how to explore the stages, but trying to come up with something new For instance: this stage, at first we thought to leave it to the final version as the first stage So you can notice that this stage has a very balanced difficulty really looking like a first stage But our idea is: as you progress through the stages, we’ll go adding more elements present in the trilogy to try to bring some more difficulty without leaving that feeling of something very difficult, something frustrating, got it? When you merge the 3 games in one, the range of possibilities to create stages is immense, really immense So, me as a fan I always wanted to be in the game something else that isn’t present, the possibility of exploring scenarios and different places with merged elements that by limitations of the original games weren’t possible I try to basically explore it the best way possible Because I don’t know if everybody has this technical knowledge cause in the original Donkey Kong, because it has a very limited sound sometimes there were some Buddies that for making some specific noises, it couldn’t be added to some stages For instance, in Donkey Kong Country 3, if you observe, Squitter, the spider, only appears in wood stages, the shed-like stages And, If I’m not wrong, the factory stages cause when the original Donkey Kong game was made, it was separated the instruments to those songs So the Squitter’s sound effects were only added in those specific stages it would be featured in So it wouldn’t be possible, for example, you see Squitter in Donkey Kong Country 3 appearing in ice stages, got it? So, man, when we have the possibility of using the elements of all Donkey Kongs to create stages, I, specially, have this to show you: the mechanics of the 3 games in a way you’ve never seen before Alexsandro: Interesting Leonardo: May I say some things about the level deign? Alexsandro: Of course. Speak up Leonardo: I don’t know if you played the raft stage Alexsandro: Yeah, but I didn’t finish it yet, but I played it Leonardo: Lake, right? Alexsandro: Right Leonardo: So, that stage I made that stage with the help of Douglas. He made the raft sprites both worked together, Douglas and Buiu Alves Buiu: Yeah, it was me and Douglas Leonardo: they made about 50 raft versions and I was never satisfied I apologize to this day I was very annoying with this so the raft would be perfectly aligned with the water And there, I tried to draw inspiration like this: I was figuring out, realizing that level designing can’t be frustrating and can’t be boring, got it? Alexsandro: Uh huh Leonardo: It has to be interesting, dynamic A good stage to me is the one that you play and you almost don’t blink, you almost don’t breath Alexsandro: Like the one I’m playing right now Leonardo: But without parts in the stage that will frustrate you a very extreme challenge, got it? I have to find the balance between all this and what Lucas said is very important that is this exploration dynamic that’s why there are many paths, from the underground, from above, got it? For what? To increase the replay factor Suddenly you go through the surface and get to the end of the stage And then you recall: there was a path underground I’m gonna play again to see what happens, got it? Alexsandro: Yes Leonardo: And taking the opportunity to talk about Lucas Rangel He is the one responsible for this stage’s level design spetacular Lucas Rangel is very, very talented just like Rodrigo Boechat everybody thinks we hired David Wise, got it? Because, usually it’s like this: I post the stage in the page and they quickly say: whoa! Look at this soundtrack! Look at this soundtrack! I’m waiting the gameplay feedback and everybody is like: Look at this soundtrack! Look at this soundtrack! So, he is fantastic

Alexsandro: That’s what I was about to comment right now I’d like to call Rodrigo Boechat to talk the following: The soundtrack is very good, man! Since most of the demos I’ve played I don’t know if you composed the soundtrack of all stages since the project’s beginning But I like it a lot, including this stage’s I liked its style a lot It’s something really forestry You can get stuck all the day long in the stage and the soundtrack will still hold you It’s a relaxing soundtrack, a calm music that captures the stage’s environment tell us, Rodrigo, how’s your soundtrack creation process Do you really draw inspiration from David Wise? Rodrigo Boechat: Firstly, thank you very much for your comments I’m composing the soundtracks of the latest released demos As I’ve told you, I joined the project in about 2017 That’s when I started working on the soundtracks And my inspiration is always David Wise And to be honest, like everyone here, I’m a big fan of the game And this game, for a long time, drew my attention to the soundtrack I’ve spent many, many hours playing and the soundtrack was very present Like everyone in the team, I love the game I’ve spent many, many hours playing, obviously And the game’s soundtrack that drew my attention to music itself So, since I’ve listened those soundtracks so many times the soundtrack started drawing a lot of my attention and my interest in music was arouse a lot by this game So, the game’s soundtrack always inspired me a lot even out of the context of the soundtrack creation for those demos For instance, when I started playing the first soundtracks I got to play just by listening to them, instrumental, were the Donkey Kong’s So they were always very present to me So, David Wise’s influence is direct Both in the game’s soundtrack production and in my personal life as an artist, as a composer The composing process is just like any other music The only difference is that I follow some Donkey Kong’s soundtrack characteristics specially from David Wise because in Donkey Kong Country 1 and 3 he worked together with Eveline Fischer it was a partnership so my inspiration is drawn mostly from Donkey Kong Country 2 Alexsandro: And that’s the soundtrack I personally like the most Rodrigo Boechat: And for the composing process I always try to bring musical elements from his musics, his compositions Wise and in relation to sounds What most attracts attention to resemblance are the used instruments the sounds Most of them are sources that are like the instruments that David Wise used to compose the original frachise’s soundtrack So I merge between those source sounds and also some sounds I get from the sound matrix David Wise used to build up his instruments it was a line of mixers of a specific brand So I also use those instruments that is to try to get to this result as close as possible A soundtrack very similar to the original franchise’s Alexsandro: These days, about 2 to 3 weeks ago maybe I was recording a live stream here in the channel And it was a Donkey Kong Country 1’s live stream And it’s very common here in my channel Because of the Donkey Kong videos People comment: “Play Donkey Kong Country 4” “Have you heard about Donkey Kong Country 4?” And I always tell them: “I want to make a Donkey Kong Country 4 video but in a different way” And that’s what is happening now And in the latest live stream, some guy commented: But man, you gotta play it! Because the guys hired David Wise! I’m gonna tell this to the composer he’s gonna cry Rodrigo Boechat: I won the year with this comment Alexsandro: Your work with the soundtrack is very cool It is appearing here on the screen that I completed the stage And the folks told me that there would be a surprise at the stage’s end Here says: If I collect 2 bonus coins and the DK coin I can play as Tiny Kong The DK coin was missing Can someone explain what’s going on here? Leonardo: Exactly Alex, that’s the surprise This stage was made by Lucas we were about to release it without Tiny Kong

that’s when Eduardo rushed the sprite editing And included her in the template I said: Hey, cool! He sent me his templates I got his templates, removed Tiny copied his programming and moved into Lucas’s stage and inserted this menu at the end If you complete the stage collecting the bonus coins and DK Coin, this option to play as Tiny Kong will be available Then you will begin the stage again playing as Tiny Kong, got it? But since Eduardo isn’t done with all of her programming and animations In the final game, she will be present in barrels to be rescued and it will be possible to her to interact with the other Kongs Like the 4 original ones do She will have all interactions By this time, it will be possible to play with her Man, you were very close to collecting the DK Coin Alexsandro: But I’ll play again and I’m gonna complete it Leonardo: You are doing two things simultaneously interviewing, listening, answering and playing But when you’re close, I’m gonna help you out and you’ll get the DK Coin And then you’ll be able to play as Tiny Kong Alexsandro: I’m gonna play the stage again so I can complete it and play as Tiny Kong And now we have Tiny Kong Are there plans to include other Kongs in the game? Buiu Alves: Tiny Kong was, as far as I remember, Douglas’s idea it was in 2017 Because he was looking for some concepts in a site on DeviantArt and he ended up finding some Tiny Kong concepts and he aksed me if I found this interesting and he suggested: If you want to create Tiny Kong, I can help you out I told him: you don’t have to help me. I’m gonna make her sprites I began using Dixie Kong as base It was initially Dixie with Tiny Kong’s colors It was very weird in the beginning it didn’t match then I got the concept that Douglas had sent me and as usual, I ask the concept’s original creator I thank them, give the credits and then I remake them and I used this concept to create In one week, I drew more than 100 frames I’ve made them very quickly I’ve created many things at once, so I was imagining the animation, in my head and I started to put into practice by hand, I drew her with the mouse and my left finger, I drew her In 2 months, I already had 250 frames after that I took a break because I was soggy, I was tired I got kinda upset because it had an incredible progress but I had to stop because I had to make a Mortal Kombat project on Mugen I even stopped following the group There was a time when I had no contact So it was pretty hard to me In the middle of 2018, I went back to the sprites and by that time I had already 320 animations for her By now, currently, I have about 500 sprites for her almost 500 Since 2017 I have almost 500 frames right now I have the saved files here On the page, there were some folks asking if the game would feature the DK64 characters besides Tiny Kong I answered: If it’s to do, I’ll have to create 400 more frames and it’s such a hard work and it won’t just depend on me Douglas: May I complement? Buiu Alves: Of course Douglas: So Leonardo: Douglas didn’t introduce himself because he came in later Alex, if you wanna let him introduce himself Alexsandro: Yeah. Douglas, please Leonardo: Sorry, Doulgas Alexsandro: Yeah, it’s true. We introduced ourselves previously But for those following the interview, introduce yourself, Douglas. Your age, your participation in the project Douglas: Firstly, good evening. My name is Douglas Gonçalves, I’m 26 years old and I joined the project in around 2016 This is when we created the WhatsApp group and started to get closer to each other We began to talk more and knew each other better Before the group, we kinda had no place to talk So I think from 2016, at the beginning of the group

I was one of the first to enter and then Leo brought everyone who created sprites he included them in one single group I think this was the beginning So, we always talk in the group about when Donkey Kong Country 4 is featured and it’s almost decided that it will be featured between Donkey Kong Country 3 and 64 So probably the other two, Chunky and Lanky if they won’t be playable, they will be kidnapped So Tiny would be the one to warn the 4 main Kongs And the two would be kidnapped Like Donkey and Diddy in the 3rd game that would bridge the gap between 3 and 64 Alexsandro: And in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, for instance, for WiiU and Switch Cranky Kong is playable just like Funky Kong Did you think about to include them at some point? Buiu Alves: I thought about including Cranky Kong as playable But I didn’t think it would necessary because He’s more like a helper who gives you advices who aids the Kongs in their quest He’s more like a wise elder It would be better for him to aid than being playable He’s more useful like this Alexsandro: Yes. I remember in one of the first demos I played I had a minimap, Super Nintendo style Will we have this minimap in the final version of the game? Are we going to have Cranky Kong’s advices? Or Candy Kong’s save point? Will you follow the line of the original games? Leonardo: Yes. We intend to follow up, keep that (I would tell you that you don’t need to beat the bonus, but ok.You passed) We intend to keep up that line of including Candy Kong Each world has its own minimap, got it? We have the general world map following (The DK Coin will be there) (keep going from above, you have the right Kongs) (You’ll have to team up now. You have to run, jump on that hill) Alexsandro: Allright. I came here before and I thought it had something in here Buiu Alves: You got it! There’s nothing else Leonardo: Nothing else now Alesxandro: Here’s the Donkey Kong’s native curiosity Leonardo: You’ve collected all the coins, and now you just need to complete the stage So, we intend to follow up this same line, got it? The original trilogy’s line With Candy Kong, Cranky Kong, he’ll give you advices or talk silly like he always does to keep this same line Alexsandro: Scold the new generation youngsters Buiu Alves: Yeah, scolding Leonardo: The game will have all of these elements present in the original trilogy Alexsandro: When I knew your project I thought it was a foreign project I thought it was a North American project featuring Brazilian participations and when I found out, now it has Molly’s participation, but when I found out it was a natively Brazilian project, I was very happy but it’s repercussion out there is very big Did you ever think that this project would become so big that it could be embraced by foreign Donkey Kong players? Leonardo: Pimentel, can you please ask Molly how the project is seen outside Brazil Alexsandro: Look! Tiny Kong! Still asking her, here in Brazil, Donkey Kong Country’s trilogy is much loved by fans until today If you post anything about Donkey Kong one of the main comments will be: “It was part of my childhood” or “I was longing for a sequel” Can she see in the United States this affection for the franchise to this day, like in Brazil? Leonardo: Or how’s the current generation Donkey Kong games seen by the fans in relation to (There are no bonus barrels, ok?) in relation to Super Nintendo’s Donkey Kongs What is most loved there? How is this seen? It was a, quote, “evolution” from 2D to 3D?

Alexsandro: Look at how cool is her celebration! Buiu Alves: Xylophone Alexsandro: Very cool, folks! Very cool, really! But it is as follows: There is a subject I wanted to bring here for you about the production I’m not gonna play it anymore I’m gonna use the gameplay as background because I think it’s more important to pay attention to what I’m gonna say Many people ask you if this game is a Super Nintendo’s hack if it’s a Super Nitendo ROM, or if it’s just a PC game and I see that you have this struggle to explain to the public because there are people who understand and there are people who don’t how it works I’d like you to explain in detail to the people If it’s just a PC game, if it’s a Super Nintendo ROM and if there’s some possibility, in the future, to make a multi plataform version, maybe for some modern consoles, or something like that Leonardo: Alex Alexsandro: Yeah Buiu Alves: Can I answer part of the question? Alexsandro: Each of you can answer a part Leonardo: Right. It’s not definitive because there’s always somebody asking this question The engine we use is ‘Fusion’ Fusion exports, builds only for Windows and Android So there’s no possibility of the game to be released in other platforms. None And also not for Android because we use many custom resources in this game many extensions not supported to build for Android and also many shaders that Pedro, NecroToad, he isn’t here in the interview but he programmed many shaders that aren’t supported by Android, got it? So it’s impossible, impossible building it for Android And as it doesn’t build to other platforms, our engine, Clickteam Fusion, doesn’t build for other platforms only exclusively for Windows Porting it into a cartridge, Super Nintendo’s SMC format, impossible Even if it was possible, Super Nintendo doesn’t have enough hardware to run this game if it was somehow possible to port it, do you understand? So, for instance, it would be necessary to create like Mortal Kombat Trilogy Ultimate for Mega Drive Buiu Alves: MKTX Leonardo: Right. They had to create a new emulator version to support the game I’m just talking about the emulator Although currently it’s being possible to port it to cartridges But the question is the engine we use, Fusion, it doesn’t port to any other platform it only builds for Windows and Android And it will never be built for Android because it’s not fully supported There are many extensions, many custom resources, many shaders we use that are only for Windows Alexsandro: I don’t know if you are up to the homebrew universe and Super Nintendo hacks Couple days ago it was released a Super Nintendo homebrew I even played it here in the channel Some guy remade Gameboy’s Super Mario Land for Super Nintendo Using Nintendo DS’s New Super Mario Bros graphics he managed to export all sprites, pre rendered All the scenarios, all soundtracks He managed to get it all into Super Nintendo If by chance, some fan shows up who’s interested in adaptating your game into a homebrew Super Nintendo ROM Would you accept? Would you make this partnership? Leonardo: Alex, we would accept the matter is:

It’s a matter of sprites, sounds, graphics and programming The game’s engine, the game’s programming are made in Fusion’s programming language There’s no way to port it for anything There’s no possibility to port it for another platform that’s the matter Graphics, sprites, sounds, anything audio-visual from the game we can give away, got it? But the guy will have to have an engine that builds, got it? An engine that lets you build for other platforms But about programming, Nintendo has copyrights about this game are the graphics and sounds But the engine is ours We could make another game like this, swapping scenarios and characters The engine was programmed by ourselves Alexsandro: Since you touched the subject ‘copyrights’ I think this must be a doubt that a lot of people must have Because all of us know that Nintendo is the most annoying company when it comes to copyrights I’ve already seen people losing pictures on Facebook because they did a Super Mario editing It’s even worst when it comes to fangames They’re always taking down Pokémon game hacks, Super Mario Hacks There was that very popular Metroid fangame case they took down And then they announced a new Metroid game Have you ever had some copyright issues, be it with Nintendo or Rare? Elder: Sometimes I do think Nintendo has an exclusive department dedicated only to take down things their fans make Alexsandro: So do I. I believe they have an office just for that Buiu Alves: So do I Douglas: But it’s hard to know their priorities, right? What’s the criteria, because there are fangames that stay online without being taken down And some others that are taken down before even being born. It’s hard do know Buiu Alves: I will give an example about a taken down fangame and came back Super Mario Bros X This fangame was made in Fusion as well Two years ago, the game had been banned disclosing it was forbidden because Nintendo didn’t want the game to be disclosed It merged graphics from Super Mario Bros, Classic Super Mario, even Famicon’s Classic Mario were in the game as well as Super Mario World’s And the game was giant it was barred but last year it was back online Until then there was no news but as far as I remember, I visited the Super Mario Bros X’s site and the game was still being updated I kinda was taken by surprise It had been banned, but it came back Alexsandro: Folks, talking about the finished game Those things we saw and people downloaded and they must be playing right now while they listen to us It was the last demo. Now talking about the finished game that you’re going to release How it’s gonna be? How many world it will have? Do you have a prediction of release date? How’s gonna be your work now that you’re in final development stage? Leonardo: Well, now we have a finished template just for maps I have templates for ‘Castle Crush’ stage style Do you remember that stage? It’s like an elevator It goes up I didn’t have it so far but now I got templates for it I have a template, like a structure, where you can create any kind of map, it’s already finished So we already have the structure where we’re already working on the finished game development About the amount of worlds and stages, it’s not defined yet probably we’re gonna take like Donkey Kong Country 2, I don’t know I can’t remember the amount of worlds but for instance, 8 worlds each world with 6 stages something in these standards and also a secret area Buiu Alves: From my part, a secret world must be something exciting The player must want to explore something else in the game having a second ending it should be exciting, nostalgic for the player something that reminds the player about the previous games the original games And it must be something else the secret world should have harder stages it must have a level of difficulty that makes the players push themselves to being able to complete They have to try harder There are many players who love it, so There are stages that we end up detailing it

We think about this scheme difficulty so in the finished game there will be this difficulty scheme It will be balanced. At the beginning, it will be easy when you arrive in the middle to the end, it will get harder So, this balance will be present in the game Lucas: Now just complementing what Leo and Edu spoke about the game’s currency Our first focus we had and what we had to do in the last years was more into the game’s physics Let’s say, it’s the hardest part ever Now that we’ve polished the physics we have very close physics to the original Donkey Kong games this would be the longest part about the plot, the worlds, the secret world We’ve been talking about this, but this is going to be done very fast we’ve been talking about many ideas lately so we have many thing in mind For instance, the plot happening between Donkey Kong Country 3 and 64 So I believe when the project enters this final development stage Where we’ll focus on creating the final version of the game it will be really fast something we’re predicting the release date for next year Alexsandro: There’s another question that people frequently ask specially those who played the previous demos about the physics I’ve played the first demos, the ones that featured minimap I commented before We felt that there were some differences compared to the original games Some weight, some lightness at some parts But playing this new demo anyone interested in playing may download it through the description link we feel a sharp difference on physics, for better I felt like I was playing the Super Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Countries, for instance And who will talk about these changes in physics will be Fernando Kalango one of the programmers, level designers, main engineers He couldn’t participate this talk but he sent us an audio file explaining everything how it worked but the guys here are free to complement his speech let’s listen what he has to say about the physics changes Fernando Kalango: Well, to explain the way the old physics were made let’s say it was universal All characters had the same gravity, speed and configurations acceleration, slowdown after the new physics were made We had to separate by groups each character would have its own physics So the configured game has the down speed advance the climbing speed of each character, gravity So now it’s a matter of being compared to the original game side by side I’ve included a very similar stage into our game And then I booted the emulator side by side for comparison with this I was setting up the gravity jumping the speed they go up, and the speed they fall their acceleration and the slowdown. That’s it, basically Another detail: when we began creating the first game physics we played an original Donkey Kong Country stage shut down the emulator, boot it and we had some notions about the speed logics, stuff like that we didn’t compare and even comparing to a blank template you can’t notice the speed they go up, the speed they go down from the moment you copy the emulator stage and place it side by side, you can compare It’s a hard way to copy the physics but this was the best way we found out Actually, who did this first was JP João Pedro compared pixel by pixel Of course, the way it is today isn’t perfect, but we tried to make it as close as possible Jumping, falling, advancing speed when a Kong rolls on the floor It’s kinda complicated Leonardo: Alex, I’ll complement like this: You should have notice some sharp difference from the previous demos to that one What happens? Every Kong were the same in matters of physics and gravity Since lighter Kongs fell slower, heavier kongs fell faster

Not just that, there were a lot of discrepancy they fell like rocks everybody complained, this was one of the complains another complain was the lack of absolute control for example: you were running and everyone were holding back holding back if you jumped over an enemy a Kremling or a baddy you flew 200 meter ahead and sometimes fell off a pit so people played in tension, in fear Not anymore. Now it’s very balanced it’s very smooth Fernando placed it side by side He was refining it, polishing it the physics programming So he polished where he equalized so they wouldn’t What happened was as follows: When a Kong fell into a pit, it fell like a rock it will gain acceleration as it falls now they don’t have acceleration, they have a constant speed that’s why you can see this smoothing Alexsandro: Yes, yes. Compared to the original games, I would say it’s identical It was a very cool evolution, congratulations for your work But folks, we’re talking here for quite a while I believe there are other questions the public would like to be answered But, so the video doesn’t get too long I’m gonna finish here For those who don’t know, go there and know the game Download not just this demo, but other demos as well because it’s a wonderful work I can tell you You are realizing the dream of many Donkey Kong fans Making what Nintendo, Rare or Retro, or any other company could and should be making your work is very good your commitment We realize you love what you do You dedicate yourselves a lot to the project and it becomes clearer each new released demo each new sprites revelation scenarios, soundtracks such a wonderful work and I can’t wait to play the complete version and I can say: take the needed time to deliver us a cool work I’ll be here waiting like I’ve been waiting for all this time and I only have to thank you so I ask you to leave a final message to the people Leonardo: Alexsandro, I thank you on team’s behalf I’m sure the folks will also thank you so much for the disclosuring opportunity you’re giving us To give the project more visibility to spread the word for more people knowing the game so I thank you immensely for this opportunity you gave us it was very cool I never had this kind of reunion with almost everyone of the team an interview, along with a gameplay, along with a stage we are providing to your channel first hand The download link will only be available in your video In addidion, I would like to thank the folks for the feedback everyone provided constructive criticism Based on your feedback, we were able to get where we are today Buiu Alves: Firstly, I would like to thank the invitation you sent us That’s something important not just for the team, but for the people understanding we are dedicating ourselves to the project we are improving many game aspects I would like to thank for the public feedback on Facebook page and in the channel because I follow the people’s comments on our posts a lot mainly I really thank the people there if it wasn’t for the constructive criticism there, on both page and channel we wouldn’t be improving we would be, maybe, in the same situation as 2nd demo’s probably we improved a lot so this is very gratifying for us we thank you from our hearts and whenever we can, we will do it better and we can make the game incredible So, thank you very much I also thank the team, on team’s behalf because If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be making sprites for the team and this is very important Another thing I want to point out If you feel like making a fangame if you have inspiration, if you have examples go ahead if you want contact, you can do whatever you want

because freedom and inspiration are very important So you can make it come true A game you dream of making that’s something I value a lot I like it a lot so I support the cause, I like it So, that’s all. Thank you Douglas: I would like to speak to the channel subscribers to never give up your dreams I always dreamed of making a Donkey Kong Country fangame since I was a child I’ve created Paint editing and after many years I’m along with a lot of talented people and we’re realizing our own dream which is also many people’s dream So if you have a dream to do something, don’t give up even if someone tries to discourage you or something like that go forth and believe in your potential Lucas: I would like to thank again for the opportunity Alexsandro gave us, to disclose our work here Alexsandro is someone I know from some time ago he helped a lot to disclose a Donkey Kong Country 2 hack I created This even was my gateway to the team I just have to thank everybody in the team everybody is very dedicated, very talended Edu, Leo, Douglas, Rodrigo, Felipe I’m sending ‘hi’ to Fernando, to JP, to Toad too because he is part of the team to Leandro and also to Molly not everyone is from our country, but it’s part of the team anyways everybody contributes in a spetacular way because everyone is very committed I would also thank for the fans feedback they’re the main factor that pushes us forwards to make what we make we make it because we like it, we earn no cash for this although time is short sometimes sometimes we delay the deadlines a little and if we take longer to deliver something, we do it because we really like cause it’s a fan to fan work so thank you very much everybody for the opportunity Alexsandro: I’m gonna ask Molly I’d like to thank a lot for her presence congratulate her work as spriter and ask her to leave a message to the Brazilian players and I also question the following: I don’t know if she has any contact with Brazil somehow besides the project but if she feels some difference between Brazilian players and American players in a matter of affection, mainly because everybody says that we Brazilians are more affectionate, heartier and when it comes to nostalgia, we are way more emotional than them That’s what they say If she feels this difference Elder: I would like to thank you for the opportunity Thank you Leonardo Sargaço for it I really enjoyed it One way I like to think is: Companies make games they think their public will enjoy But fans make games they’re sure their public will enjoy I really love fangames They end up, if not in all, but in many situations, better than the ones made by companies themselves Rodrigo: My main message is always being thankful for the support the folks are always very receptive in our page they’re always active, very active commenting interacting and this helps us a lot with the process I want to thank everyone for understanding because it really takes time it’s a pretty hard work You need to have a lot of patience and we’re always working to make the game as better as possible mainly the programming guys

spriters, and everything else that’s my main message thanks for the encouragement and we’re always releasing new stuff keep following the project’s page and there will always be new material flowing for those who follow Alexsandro: That’s all, folks. Thank you very much, really, for your participation thank you for willing to share with the Knowing and Unraveling Games’s subscribers with exclusivity this game’s last demo Thank you very much Leonardo Sargaço, really thanks Molly, Phyreburnz Thank you Buiu, Lucas Rangel, Rodrigo Boechat Thanks to Douglas Araújo thanks to the translators who helped us out thank you guys, really Reminder: if you ended up here by YouTube reccomendation, don’t forget to leave a Like, subscribe if you’re here by the Donkey Kong Country 4 team’s reccomendations don’t forget to subscribe here in Knowing and Unraveling Games the download link is in the description and we’re expecting the final version of the game Once again, congratulations for your work I wish you total success and I hope you can give the best of you so you can release the game as soon as possible because I’m gonna devour this game once it’s out that’s all I have to say. Thank you very much, guys Buiu Alves: You can count on us, friend your channel is top! It’s dedicated to old games and video game curiosities That’s the channel’s main focus, right? Unraveling a beta game or a secret that not many people had discovered so far so that’s why your channel is so good I really love this stuff unraveling things Alexsandro: Thank you Elder: I would like to say a final thing, ok? It’s a Shigeru Miyamoto’s quote “A delayed game has the chance of being a good game but a rushed game, will always be a bad game” So, what I mean to say is: For me, you can take the time you need, ok? Buiu Alves: Very well! Leonardo: Thanks, Elder! Buiu Alves: Thank you! Alexsandro: So we finish the video with this Miyamoto’s quote Don’t forget to leave a like, subscribe if you’re here by reccomendations And, of course, download the last Donkey Kong Country 4’s demo A hug for everyone! Until next time!