Kulich Country Crochet Adult Beanie

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Kulich Country Crochet Adult Beanie

Crochet Adult Beanie Hello everyone Today we are going to crochet an adult beanie with an interesting pattern I used Elian Country, newly released yarn in 2019 This is a yarn of the Czech Yarn Producer consisting of 80% acrylic and 20% wool 100g/190m 100g/207y Recommended hook is 4-4,5 mm G/6, US7 I usually use bigger hooks then recommended so I took 6 mm (J10) for the hat body and 5 mm (H8) for the brim This is one skein with nice color gradients And this is the rest of the yarn from one skein This is and adult size hat 55-56 cm (21.5 in) Width of this hat 22 cm (8,6in) Lenght is 19,5 cm (7,6in) You can add extra few rows of the brim This pattern has ribbed effect Tha is why the brim is so simple The very last row of the brim are back post single crochet which makes very nice ending This yarn is very soft and it stretches a little bit Despite the wool content it does not itch at all So if you are not alergic to wool this is a great choice I srtarted crocheting out of the skein But the color gradients repeats regularly It depends on you which way you start We will start from the magick circle with the hook 6 mm I tried the pattern several times and this is the easiest way how to widen the pattern It is widening wihtin the pattern itself by adding more stitches Here are only two half double crochet (HDC) and then I add three HDC Be carefull thre are only two rows of the patter but it changes the position to make this zig zag look I started simply with few rows of the HDC which will be covered by the pompom anyway and from now on I started with the pattern It would be probably different if you start from the brim and try decreasing towards up Lets start so you can wear it from the fall to the spring This patter would also look wonderfull on the neckwarmer You would need 2 skeins for the adult hat and a simple neckwarmer For a bigger size of neckwarmer you would need at least 2 skeins We will start with a magic circle There is a separate video o how to crochet a magic circle on my website www.krampolinka.cz It is nice yarn to work with and despite the slightly hairy yarn surface it is quite ok to frog it Chain 2 as a substitution for the first HDC stitch We will crochet HDC Yarn over, hook to the magic circle, pull the yarn yarn over and pull all together We need 10 HDC, substitution included that is CH2 plus 9HDC If you want a bigger hat, you can add one HDC If you want a smaller hat, you will crochet either only three rows of HDC or four rows of HDC but less pattern occurance We end with a slip stitch

Now HDC into loops CH 2 as a substitution for the first HDC stitch Insert the hook to the same loop where the substitution is We will doubble all loops in this row and we will end with 20 HDC substitution inc Slip stich at the end of the row First rows are only HDC so we will meet when the pattern starts Written instruction at www.krampolinka.cz This yarn VSV Elian Country was presented by e-shop www.mojegalanterka.cz Thank you very much and you can find the yarn over there Country has very nice color selection Everyone can pick one This yarn is very pleasant and perfect for one season We end with a slipstitch Ch2 as a substitution of the first HDC stitch Insert the hook to the loop with a substitution. Crochet scheme is 2 HDC in one loop, 1 HDC into following loop, repeat. More in the written instructions Four rows of HDC and we will start with a pattern CH 2 as a substitution which is the same all over the work till the brim From now on the substitution is not a part of the pattern count Yarn over, insert the hook to the next loop pull the yarn, yarn over, insert the hook to the same loop, pull the yarn yarn over and pull all of them together Chain We will cross the stitch now. Yarn over, insert the hook to the preceding loop pull the yarn, yarn over, insert the hook to the same loop, pull yarn, yarn over, pull all of the together We have crossed HDC2tog Two HDC in the following loop Skip one loop and repeat crossed HDC2tog Do not forget to insert a chain in between the crossed HDC2tog Finish the crossing and again two HDC in the following loop We should end up with 13 columns of this pattern And this is the final columns count to the end of the hat If you need less than that, you need to make less columns in this row for example if you want to crochet a baby hat the pattern crossed HDC2tog and 2 HDC is the same but it varies with the number of the skipped loops for example you skip two loops and start the pattern again and this way you regulate the number of the columns in this row

Now you can try on you own Do not forget to end with 2 HDC in the last loop The pattern is the same, onle two rows repeat We end with a slip stitch Ch 2 Now is the change to make the zigzag look you need to start with two HDC under the chain in between the crossing and you crochet crossed HDC2tog over the 2 HDC from the previous row And again over the crossing from the previous row you will have 2 HDC under the chain and here goes the crossing again And that it is the color gradience and yarn intself makes the magic We will only widen the pattern with adding extra one HDC in following rows to make tha hat slightly bigger just to tell you that we will make a little change to the patter but the number of columns (13) will be the same In this row we will make only 2 HDC and crossed HDC2tog As you can see I insert the hook to the gap HDC2tog and chain and come back to the preceding gap and again HDC2tog Here is the crossed HDC2tog from the previous row insert the hook under the chain 2 HDC This is the pattern for this row We will add one more HDC in the following row We end with a slip stitch Just check that you end with crossed HDC2tog to make the zigzag look Ch 2 crossed HDC2tog over the 2 HDC from the previous row

here we crochet 3 HDC (insted of 2) under the chain And that is all about the pattern Please not to forget the chain And we meet with the brim Wait for the bending downward For the brim we change the hook from 6 to 5 mm and we start crochet the brim We use only simple crochet CH 1 as a substitution for the frist SC We crochet SC in every loop Five SC per a column For the very last row we will crochet back post single crochet Ch 1 for back post SC insert the hook from the back to front around the SC from the previous row and from the front to the back so the SC is visible from the back side pull the yarn yarn over and finish SC This way we make ribbed row Looks like two rows in one To add extra look you can doubble the strand for this row and insted 5 mm use 6 mm. It would be more distinct If you do not like this brim you can use the patter whole through but you need to change the hooks from 6 to lets say 4 mm for the last row

And that it is. We used Elian Country which was presented by www.mojegalanterka.cz I used one skein for this adult size hat Good luck, thank you for watching and we will meet at the next project