40+ Proofs India Is Not Like Any Other Country

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40+ Proofs India Is Not Like Any Other Country

hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and today we’re going to be looking at 13 strange things you’ll only see in India but first why not subscribe and press the notification bell to coming up first let’s look at cow ID most people around the world have some kind of ID cards whether it’s a driver’s license or a passport everyone has one but in India it’s not just the people with ID cards cows have them too that’s right I’m not joking cows actually have ID cards this happens in the Indian state of West Bengal where every cow should have an ID card by law so far over eighty eight million cows have these ID cards and they’ve been given out since 2016 the cards have a unique 12 digit ID number and they were introduced by Prime Minister Modi but what’s the reason for this well the animals are actually being placed on an online database we’ve all heard of online movie databases but now it’s time for an online cow database this is so that farmers can track info like their breeding cycles and also other things which increase milk production cows are sacred in India so it only makes sense that they take care of them just as well as their people next up is six seasons if I asked you how many seasons there were around the world he’d likely say fall well he would be right if you said that except in India in India there are six seasons as well as the normal summer autumn winter and spring they have two extra ones those two which four seasons are called the monsoon and winters II is quite self-explanatory while the normal four seasons are but what are monsoon and winter Z well monsoon is where it rains very heavily across much of India it begins on June to first and ends on August 23rd and what is winters Eid well when disease is said to be the nicest time of year across India this season begins on October 23rd and ends on December 21st this is where the temperatures are much cooler than normal and it’s also where the short to stay up the air is there are also various Hindu festivals during this time including Diwali and Baja dudes next up is police mustache payments if you go to any country around the world all police are paid the same the only way they be paid differently as if one of them was a senior ranking police officer but in India police can simply skip that step by drawing a mustache that’s right in India police who have mustaches are actually paid more for example a police officer without a moustache may be paid 900 rupees but if you have massage she might get 950 rupees but why would this possibly be well it’s said that men with mustaches are more respectful and manly there has actually been studies to show that men with mustaches are more trustworthy than those without that’s why sometimes advertising at the advertising characters will have a moustache not only that having a moustache is also an essential part of Indian folklore as it’s said to be very manly many gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim India’s number one most wanted man also a famous for their moustaches next up is currency departing when people travel they often take back some currency from the country they were in to have as a souvenir if you’re well-traveled you may have dollars pounds gyros and other currencies but one currency you should not have unless you’re in India is their currency rupees it’s actually illegal to take rupees with you if you leave India this goes for any tourists who go to India go for rupees and then try and leave with now of course they can’t always stop you but it is actually illegal and you’re not supposed to do it now they have this rule for various reasons but it’s mainly because there’s so much big money in India India really tries to control how much money is actually in the country they often have to discontinue an update cells of banknotes has there’s so many counterfeits out there they’re said to be billions of rupees out there which are totally fake so that’s why if you go to India make sure you don’t take any rupees back home with you next up is air pollution India is a very beautiful and magical place to visit or live it but one thing that isn’t so magical is their air if you go up to the rural mountains this obviously won’t be a big problem but India like many other countries with big cities has very bad air for example if you go to Delhi or Mumbai for just a day that’s equal to smoking at 100 cigarettes this is mainly due to smog and lots and lots of car exhausts this can actually cause breathing difficulties among people living there and even people just visiting many cities like Shanghai in China have similar problems but nowhere on earth is as bad as Delhi or Mumbai next up is Cola farms if you go to any country you’ll have a lot of farms and

of course India is no different but it’s what the farm is actually used which makes India very unique most farmers around the world are required to use expensive pesticides to get bugs off their crops but in India there’s not as much regulation when it comes to farming and also expensive pesticides are not what people like to buy there instead in India they actually use coca-cola and Pepsi to get rid of bugs on their crops farmers have started doing this as it’s far cheaper than buying pesticides and also it works very well it’s kind of scary though should we really be drinking these drinks if they can be used to kill bugs from plants next stop is uncontacted tribes in a world with foldable phones and cars being flown out into space you may assume everyone is pretty civilized but if you go to some parts of India this actually sells some uncontacted tribes who have rejected civilization now you won’t find these guys in major Indian cities or even out in the countryside instead you’ll have to visit a place named Sentinel island this is an island which is actually controlled by India however India prohibits anyone from going there as they want to respect this tribe recently an American man did actually try and go to Sentinel Island to talk to this tribe however before he made it to the island he was shot at by Spears and he did not make it and India also said that the American was in the wrong sing he seems to serving this uncontacted tribe this tribe is totally untouched by modern civilization and they’ve never even spoken to someone in the real modern world tribes like this are fascinating and there’s very few of them left in the world so it’s good we leave them alone and let them do their own thing next up we have population there’s over 7 billion people in the world and a big chunk of those people are in India India’s population is 1.5 billion which is higher than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere China is number one with a population of 1.6 billion but according to the UN India will soon overtake China next up is no divorces now it’s no secret that today many many people get divorced in fact 46% of all marriages end in a divorce that’s the case in countries like the USA and the UK and that’s pretty sad but in India that is not the case instead only 1% of marriages end in divorce in India that’s right only 1 in 100 marriages end in divorce which makes it the lowest deport rate in the world but unfortunately that does not mean all Indians are happily married one factor in this is the curse this stigma around of in India is quite high if you got divorced in India this would be very taboo and uncommon not only that many women don’t have the same financial freedoms they have in other countries unfortunately India is the worst g20 country in which to be a woman this means women is still very dependent on their husbands which leads to much less divorce so one less divorce does sound like a good thing not everyone in India is totally happily married next up is English speaking if you think about english-speaking countries he likely think of Canada Australia the USA and obviously England the Diddy knows that India is the largest english-speaking nation in the world the two main languages of India are Hindi and English there are actually 19 languages in total which are spoken throughout India and in addition to that there are over 1,700 dialects but the two main languages are Hindi and English and sega’s they have such a big population that that means they have the most English speakers and finally on the list of amazing things you’ll only see in India we have Spice Central if you open up your spice cabinet and see where the spices are from most of them are likely from India that is because is known as the land of spices 70% of all spices across the world are all made in India if you go to many Indian markets you’ll see tons and tons of spices as far as the eye can see which is an amazing so those are some amazing and sometimes strange things you’ll only see in India 12 reasons India is different from the rest of the world first off we have world’s largest gathering think of a place where you’ve been with a load of people maybe it was a party or big concert you went to well any of that stuff pales in comparison compared to come mela this is the world’s largest gathering and it takes place every 12 years the Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith seeing a 70% of India is Hindu this makes a lot of sense the main festivals located on the banks of the river Ganges and in 2013 it broke records for having the most people at a gathering ever 120 million people were at Carmel at one given time the

gathering was so huge it was actually visible from space if you have bad social anxiety then this is not the place for you is it’s absolutely packed and the reason it’s only held every 12 years is because it takes absolutely ages to plan an event for 120 million people it’s estimated that people from every country on earth actually attend this but around 70 percent of attendees are actually Indians next up is elephant spa there’s nothing better than a spa day right who wouldn’t want to kick back relax get a massage to put those cucumber slices over your eyes well if you go to India you can do that but you can also see elephants get the same treatment that’s right if you head over to the elephant yard rejuvenation Center in Kerala you can see the elephant spa at this spa elephants receive baths massages and food the full name of this place is the pond of Thor quarter elephant yard rejuvenation Center and by the looks of it it’s any elephants absolute paradise elephants in Hinduism and Indian culture are a symbol of intellectual strength they believe elephants have a sturdy earthy mental strength and what better way to make an elephant chill out and get totally Zen by taking it to an elephant spa next up is the most remote polling station if there’s one thing India prides itself on its democracy many Indians are very political and have strong political opinions India also wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to vote and everyone gets a say in what happens in the country the Election Commission of India actually has a rule that there has to be a polling station within a few kilometers of every Indian so that’s why the Indian government actually set up a polling station for one person and to make things more amazing it’s actually 40 kilometers into a line sanctuary a team of two cops and five city officials have to travel along with voting equipment they do this to register the vote of guru bharata’s – angus he’s the priest of a local temple in the very remote area and that’s why india actually have the most remote polling station in the world for just one man next up is rich women we all know that India is quite a rich country however there are some parts of India where there are some very poor people but despite this many Indian housewives are actually very rich did he know that Indian housewives owned 11 percent of all the world’s gold that’s more than the stocks of the USA Switzerland Germany and the International Monetary Fund combined but why is this well gold is a very big part of India’s culture this is saying in India no gold no wedding gold is often given as a gift in many celebrations during India over 900 tons of gold was consumed only this year just before Diwali and india imports 900 tons of gold every year in India gold is a symbol of status and wealth but don’t think it’s superficial it’s also a big part of their tradition worship and culture it goes back thousands of years and is used to celebrate birth passing on and more for men and women and believe it or not it’s also used among the rich and poor despite it being expensive but all of this gold is actually quite bad for the Indian economy according to an Indian economist the USA has 72 percent of their reserves as gold however in the USA forty five percent of people pay income tax but in India only three percent of people do so apparently all of this gold is actually a net negative for the Indian economy next up we have drinking do you like to go out on Friday nights to the bar or a pub well in India you may not be able to do this because many parts of India are very hot you can buy bottles of water all over the place but if you want to find a beer or some spirits then you’re going to be out of luck unlike some other countries alcohol is not banned in India however it is frowned upon as it kind of goes against in new culture and in some Indian states it is actually bad however it is possible to buy it illegally in some hotels and restaurants these places know that tourists will want to come in and have a drink but typically drinking is not a big thing in Indian culture which is probably good for their health instead Indians may opt for something named masala chai masala chai is a tea which is kind of like a spiced milk you make it by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices in India they often drink it out of small clay cups but it’s so delicious it’s now spread to the rest of Asia and the rest of the world so when in India swap out that glass of wine for a cup of masala chai next up is floating post offices did you know that India has the largest postal network in the world in India there’s over one hundred and fifty five thousand post offices and just one of those post offices on average serves a population of over 7,000 people this means the lines some post offices can

get absolutely crazy not only that this post offices for absolutely everyone in India remember India is very inclusive to people even those in very very remote places that’s why a floating post office was built on Dal Lake Srinagar in 2011 thousands of people used this post office every year but not all at once otherwise it would sink and it’s actually now become a tourist attraction as its on the edge of a gorgeous lake next up is vegetarianism did you know that India is the largest vegetarian country in the world over 60% of Indians are vegetarians and that’s because it’s a feature of Hinduism cows are also sacred in India so they’re not eaten if you’re American this may shock you as only five percent of people in the USA are vegetarian but because that number sixty percent in India don’t expect to get much meat in the stores instead you’ll enjoy something nice like a salad or other vegetarian foods India is world famous for its delicious cuisine but much of it does not include meat and India also has the lowest percentage of meat consumption per capita out of every country on Earth coming up next we have Children’s Day in the USA in European countries we have Mother’s Day Father’s Day but no day for the kids well in India things are a bit different as they actually have something called Children’s Day this is celebrated on November 14th that’s exactly nine months after Valentine’s Day many kids are actually conceived on Valentine’s Day so this does make sense nine months after Valentine’s Day is also the day worldwide which has the most births this day actually dates back to India’s first-ever prime minister and children say also raises awareness for the rights care and education of children in India and around the world and finally on the list of reasons India is different from any other place on earth we have elephant clothing clothing is not most universal thing which every human is interested in but did you know that some Indian elephants actually wear clothes this may sound kind of weird but an Indian group named wildlife SOS actually knitted gigantic sweaters for elephants this was to help them keep warm during a very very cold winter these sweaters were made in beautiful Indian traditional style and they look absolutely amazing you may think an elephant wearing clothes sounds strange at first but it looks amazing and wonderful when you see it and I’m sure any elephant would be very very pleased to have this sweater at the 8 biggest unsolved mysteries of India coming up first we have the floating pillar very near to the city of Bangalore India there’s a place called la patrie and in la patrie is Veerabhadra temple this temple is very beautiful and many Indians and people who come from other countries love to visit it but if there’s one really amazing thing about this temple and it’s one of its pillars the most famous pillar of this temple is called our Casa Stamper this means floating pillar and that’s because this pillar is suspended in midair you can pass the cloth or other objects underneath the pillar but nobody knows exactly how this pillar appears to float in midair when the British were in power of India they were fascinated by this pillar nobody understood how it seemed to be suspended in the air today it’s a very popular tourist attraction people love to put their hands under the pillar to show it’s floating scientifically this shouldn’t even be possible due to the weight of the pillar unless it was actually touching the ground it should pull the temple down but for some reason this does not reach the ground it’s not bad architecture as every other part of this temple is perfect and you can see by the stonework that the ground never touched it it’s not like the ground just pulled down or rotted away so how exactly is this pillar of this temple floating in mid-air this is an Indian mystery which may never be solved next up is Prahlad Jani what was the last meal you consumed chances are you can remember it pretty easily but this is not the case for a man named Prahlad Jani in India he said the last bit of food he ever ate was near the early years of ww2 and he says it was such a long time ago he can’t even remember exactly what it was but despite not eating or drinking for 70 years this guy’s 82 years old and healthy and he’s not lying either this guy’s been watched and he hasn’t eaten or drank anything for years for normal people if they didn’t drink or eat within a week they would have passed on but mr. Jani is completely different and he says he’s never felt better you may think that due to his lack of food and water he’s got no energy but he actually walks around 20 miles a day in the jungles he says he never sweats and doesn’t feel tired or sleeping he says he can also meditate for a very very long time he says he sometimes spends his days meditating for three eight or twelve hours and the longest he’s gone while just meditating has been two months in that time he didn’t eat or drink some say the guy’s just crazy and is full of nonsense but this man says Hinduism and holiness allows him to do this he spent 15 days at the State

Hospital in Gujarat in that time he was monitored around the clock and nobody saw him consume any food or water whatsoever no human should be able to survive this but mr. Johnnie does and with no ill effects doctors run many tests on him and they found he doesn’t need food to be healthy instead he says he gets energy from the sunlight much like a plant does with photosynthesis but how do you think this guy survives without eating or drinking anything in 70 years do you think he’s playing some kind of trick on everyone and really is drinking and eating and if so how is this possible seeing as he’s been monitored around the clock by so many people next staff is yetis I’m sure we’ve all heard the urban legend of yetis it’s basically india’s version of the us’s bigfoot legends well every year india gets many reports of people seeing the abominable snowman aka the Yeti these yetis are often cited in the Himalayas in India the Himalayas are a giant snowy mountain range and because yetis often have white fur this means they can blend in and camouflage yetis is described kind of like prehistoric bears add many skeptics say those who think they see yetis are actually just seeing bears however many natives to the Himalayas and those who live there say they see yetis quite frequently one witness said it was around 6 feet tall and weighed around 400 pounds their hair is light gray and very shaggy and the area around their face is hairless there are even very famous legends of yetis taking humans off and them never being seen again for example one Sherpa girl was apparently once taken by a Yeti and her family never saw her again but do you think these people claiming to see yetis are just seeing bears or are they just making it all up next up we have the Jodhpur boon the Jodhpur boom was a deafening sound which was heard in the skies of Jodhpur India on December 18th 2012 at 11:25 a.m. people are going about their day the citizens of Jodhpur were getting ready for the day in going to work that was when all of a sudden in the sky was a deafening sound it sounded like some kind of super sonic boom and was very and everyone in Jodhpur heard it some thought it was some kind of ginormous explosion or a meteor hitting earth but no damage was seen anywhere near the area some connected it to the main calendar which predicted the earth would be destroyed in 2012 but of course seeing as I’m recording this in 2019 that didn’t happen at first some people said maybe it was an Air Force test in the region but the Indian Defense spokesperson said this was nothing to do with the Air Force so what was this supersonic boom which caused windows to shatter and everyone to be deferred well still no one knows and it remains a big Indian mystery to this day geologists in the USA in UK reported seismic readings which they’d never seen before some say this must have a connection to the Jodhpur boom but no one sure really it’s just an incredibly loud noise heard in the sky but nothing’s been known about it since some say it could have been aliens tried to make contact with humans but they fail leave a comment down below letting me know what you think went on in Jodhpur that morning next up is the lunar crater lake the lunar crater lake isn’t massive hash for a one of the largest areas in India it’s a very beautiful Green Lake but there’s one big mystery surrounding it that is how it remains full 24/7 all throughout the year this Lake remains full but no one ever fills it up a sculpture in one of the temples near this lake tells the story of a demon this demon named LaVon sir apparently wants to cause trouble to mother earth and some say this Lake could have been cursed by love answered the demon the lunar crater was created by a meteor or thousands of years ago some said the meteor has some kind of effect which makes this Lake never dry out all through the year it’s also the only known hypervelocity impact crater ballistic rock anywhere on Earth so if you live anywhere near the lonar crater lake I suggest paying it to visit as it’s amazing next up is ghost soldier every country has their fair share of ghost stories and India is no exception with this story of the ghost of Baba harbajan Singh harbajan Singh was an Indian soldier who passed away in 1962 this was during the china india battles he actually passed away on a glacier but at the legend of his ghost goes like this he apparently led the search party to his body in the water then through a dream he instructed one of his colleagues to build and maintain a shrine after him the shrine was built in the Samadhi Hills and ever since then his ghost has apparently been seen around the shrine tonight his boots are left by the shrine and cleaned every night but every morning they’re crumpled and muddy people say this ghost soldier continues to patrol the Arians and a legend also has it that in the event of another battle between India and China Babar would warn the Indian and Chinese soldiers days in advance and finally on the list of India’s biggest unsolved mysteries we have UFO base have you ever heard of the conquer pass the Conqueror pass is one of the least accessible areas in the entire world it’s located on the Himalayan mountains between the border of India and China well because it’s such a no-man’s land many say that’s why UFOs have chosen to

make it their underground base reportedly the conga pass holds a massive underground construct of UFOs an online search can see many UFO sightings around these areas the reason why is because this part of the world’s crust is twice as thick as other places and some say the UFO bases are deep underground into the world’s tectonic plates in 2004 a UFO sighting was investigated by a team of geologists they were able to capture on film a robot like figure standing around a mountain edge and then disappearing upwards it’s being confirmed this footage hasn’t been faked but no one’s sure exactly what it is maybe it’s simply army testing that’s because many say China and India use these remote areas for testing out their military operations but who knows maybe it really was a UFO located in this is what 1 million dollars gets you around the world so coming up first we have Dubai now when one thinks of money one has to think of Dubai sure not everyone in Dubai is rich and there’s actually quite a lot of poor people there but the ones that are rich are seriously seriously rich they make every other country’s billionaires look very cool so what some of the stuff you can get for 1 million u.s. dollars in Dubai well first off we have a cop car now you may be saying why would a cop car cost a million dollars well unlike in the USA these cops in Dubai are not traveling around in Toyotas or Ford’s no no no instead they’re travelling around in Lamborghinis Ferraris and Bugattis the average cost of a USA cop cars around 20 to $30,000 but in Dupuy they can go all the way up to one a million dollars now you may be wondering why would the cops need a Lamborghini but think about it it’s pretty smart to catch all those people in super cars you’re gonna need some super cars yourself that’s exactly what the Dubai police thought and now that’s why they have a million-dollar police cars another thing you can get in Dubai for a million dollars is 42 days at a hotel everyone knows that the burj al arab hotel in dubai is one of the best hotels in the world it was built in 1999 at a cost of six hundred and fifty million dollars it has been cool that the epitome of luxury and on the 25th floor there is the best room this room is absolutely ridiculous and documentaries happy made just on this room but it’s gonna set you back twenty four thousand dollars every single night so guys if you have a million dollars to glow you can spend forty two nights at this hotel room and finally another thing you can buy in dubai for a million dollars is tires after all with all those million dollar cars you’re gonna need some million dollar tires to match these tires are called z tires and they’re the most expensive in the world they’re made of gold and diamond and look absolutely amazing and they’re also said to almost never go flat now let’s head down to Russia what can you get in Russia for a million US dollars well first off you can get a watch but not just any watch a watch owned by Russia’s richest man I am of course talking about Vladimir Putin the president of Russia now we all know PTIN for good and bad reasons and I actually have an entire video all about crazy things he owns but one of those things is a 1 million dollar wristwatch this is the Patek Phillipe perpetual calendar this is a crazy expensive watch and no one knows how Putin has made all the money to buy this if you want to own one it’s gonna set you back 1 million dollars but good luck finding one as they’re super rare but if you want something even more rare then why not treat yourself to a Russian submarine after the Cold War Russia had a lot of submarines left over some of these were sold to international criminals but some have still not been sold such as the Whiskey class submarine this is a submarine you can buy for a million dollars and it was decommissioned in 1991 it can go to a depth of 200 meters underwater and it can also carry over a thousand tons next up is the USA so a big chunk of you guys watching are probably watching within the USA so what can you get in the USA for one a million US dollars well one thing you can buy if you’re into real estate is a New York City apartment everyone knows New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the USA and these apartments really do prove that this one-bedroom one-bathroom apartment sets you back a million dollars we do get amazing views of downtown Manhattan the Hudson River and even the Statue of Liberty and you get floor-to-ceiling windows to show off that amazing view to guests however this will cost you a whopping 1 million dollars just for an apartment in some areas of the USA you can get massive mansions for that price but you wouldn’t be finding anything like that for a million dollars in New York City but let’s say you’re super-rich and can’t be bothered to do things for yourself well for $1,000,000 you can get 2 years of service from a staff of five that’s right you can get a domestic staff of five to help you with just about anything around the house this includes a butler a valet a private chef a personal secretary and a housekeeper and not only if he is amazing stuff they’re actually the highest-rated stuff you could buy you can afford to pay these five staff

members for two years for $1,000,000 so let’s hope you have many millions so you can keep these guys around for a long time to make your life way easier and finally one thing you can buy in the USA for a million dollars is a beauty Veyron who would want to rival the two by cups and right around in an amazing supercar well the Bugatti Veyron is the world’s fastest car that you can buy and drive on the roads and it’s also one of the most expensive and will set you back 1 million US dollars next up we have India so India is thought of around the world as a pretty poor country but really it’s just uneven there are many poor people but there are some super rich people in India too but what do be millionaires of India spend their cash on well one thing you can buy in India for a million dollars is an iPhone 5 black diamond you may not have heard of this and that’s because it’s a custom-made iPhone 5 it’s got gold and diamonds plated onto it and costs around 8 crores this is equivalent to 1 million US dollars but let’s look at a real example of an indian millionaire splashing his cash data tray fouché is an indian businessman and millionaire he made headlines a few years back when he ordered a shirt for him to be made purely out of gold he got the nickname the gold man and where’s his gold shirt with pride however it’s said to cost him up to 1 million US dollars it’s not exactly what I would spend a million dollars on but whatever floats your boat I guess now let’s head over to Scotland what can you get for 1 million u.s. dollars in Scotland well Scotland is known for its rich history and what could be more rich and historical than buying a castle well that is exactly what you can get in Scotland for a million dollars and that’s actually pretty cheap seeing as this is a 40-page rune castle that’s right this Scottish castle costs less than a one-bedroom apartment in London the castle is said to be called the castle of spite it was built in 1905 but why is it called the castle of spite well that’s because it’s the Duchess of was not left it in the will of her husband this was a very spiteful thing to do when it turned into be very long historic legal battle she did end up getting the castle but fast forward to right now and you can bite yourself for 1 million dollars another thing you can buy for a million dollars in Scotland is one of Scotland’s most famous products that is a bottle of whiskey but not just any old bottle of Jack Daniels instead this is traditional Scottish whiskey made 60 years ago it’s called the Macallan valerio atomic and only twelve bottles of this whisky are known to exist in the world next up we have burly’s so what exactly can you get in the tiny country of pearlies for a million dollars well you can almost buy your own country if you don’t get what I’m saying you can actually buy a private island which is connected to Burmese for a million dollars that’s right this private island is under the jurisdiction of Bernie’s but if you have a million dollars handy you can buy the island for yourself and create your own paradise this is a pretty awesome thing to spend a million dollars on and also crazy luxurious but if you guys are in the mood for privacy and luxuries and I highly suggest buying this private island next up we have Somalia so Somalia is a very poor African country and that means you can buy a whole lot for a million u.s. dollars in Somalia in certifying just one luxury home in Somalia you can actually get 10 luxury Somalian homes for a million US dollars the average cost of a luxury home in Somalia is $100,000 so you can actually buy ten of them for a million dollars that’s right you can buy an entire street of luxury homes for a million dollars in Somalia another thing you can do is buy a farm in Somalia for a million dollars 1 million dollars we’ll get you up to 50,000 goats in Somalia so if you feel life is getting too complicated then move down to Somalia buy some goats and make your own farm just make sure you have 1 million dollars handy first so guys that is what 1 million dollars gets you around the do you think these things are good things to spend your money on or do you think that’s the big weights also comment below what country you’re from and what you can get in your country for a million dollars and let me know if you guys want to part two to this video as this many countries I did not cover I was surprised at how much awesome stuff you could buy for a million dollars around the world it’s so crazy that in some countries you can get so much and in others not so much and if you guys want to see what you can get for one dollar around the world I also have a video on that I think one of the best things was the gold plated shirt sure it’s impractical and doesn’t look that good but it is pretty hilarious if you’re a millionaire to be honest oh I think I’d have to be a billionaire before I even considered buying anything gold