A Humble Journey – The True Story of MMS

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A Humble Journey – The True Story of MMS

We’re informed by the World Health Organization others that malaria is the single biggest killer on earth, – yeah and you’re saying that MMS cures malaria every time, – in four hours four hours from the time I give it to them, they were eating dinner why was it never adopted by the pharmaceutical industry’s and the health ministries of the world who are mandated to heal human conditions you gotta be kidding the drugs of course treat symptoms the drugs don’t treat the cause and MMS treats the cause chlorine dioxide emerges for you as the god particle it’s doing something extraordinary at every level every condition – that’s right the powers that be don’t like this kind of language apparently – no – it’s not good for business right, it’s not good for business A humble Journey The Story of MMS Jim I’ve really wanted to get together with you for a long time talking about well over a decade and I wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth the genesis of the extraordinary story behind n eyes this has been the first time I went to Africa Kenya I was just mixing up some solution to give some other people who were waiting I was working with some of the people who had arrived from the local areas this is Uganda and this is a headwaters of the Nile this is a picture of magazine just about the malaria solution and how to use it that was a picture that I made in Africa where I had it in in the local inventors magazine this is a picture of me and several other people in Malawi this is a picture of me in a prison in Malawi this is where I am showing the prison male nurses how to mix mms this is out in the village and the the man here on on my right in the picture is a guy I hired to help me in Malawi and we we treated 800 people for HIV 795 cures this was a family in South Africa I using MMS and the lady that you see is the lady who did prayers people like to hear her prey she treated people separately in South Africa this is me in Malawi the last time I was there I’m holding up a bottle yes I think this is me treating a little kid when his mother brought him in just a bunch of the kids coming to see what I can do for him I got along really well with the kids I got along Willer with me the people on both sides of me they’re the two guys they took over and they treated actually literally thousands of people after we left I might have mentioned that I got a couple of standing ovations in that in that speech this was in Spain I was staying with andreas kalcker and we we made a lot of videos together on MMS at the time and you know a lot of people got the wrong idea about MMS because there’s a lot of critics out there and the number of governments the insight saying that MMS is bleach and they pushed it so hard so I wanted to sort of straighten that out with you guys because it’s something that’s important in Jimmy Cayne 1996 I understand was when you were on a gold mining expedition in South America

alright and that was where you discovered the miracle of sodium chloride yeah I did several of my men couple of my men come down with malaria and we didn’t have any malaria drugs at the time and I asked the guys would you like to try some health drink from America it might help you and these are ways they were willing to try anything you know they had terrible headaches they were throwing up this was malaria yes okay they had a joint eggs they had they just had everything our whole body was aching their malaria is a terrible disease in any case I just wanting I am both 25 drops right stabilized oxygen which is sodium chloride which is sodium chloride in case a little in water sodium chloride in water that’s all and in about an hour one of them say you know I think I’m feeling better and in two hours they were both sat not in there on their hammocks saying well I don’t feel nearly as bad as I was failing awhile ago and you were thinking my god something miraculous just happened I was thinking that one of the one of the other guys there says don’t be ridiculous you couldn’t be that you couldn’t have had a change in that amount of time and four hours later four hours from the time I give it to him they were eating dinner and feeling perfectly no so for you that was a Eureka moment that was yes that was the amazing thing this will not produce chlorine and table salt over this forest but they’re both made from smells like it but chlorine dioxide smells exactly like wine but it has totally different reaction therefore I had a problem though because it didn’t always work well I didn’t know what to do I give him a one batch and they didn’t get well I didn’t know I should give him anymore or what yeah Helen so but I just worked with it until I realized that you needed to activate once I learned that you needed to activate it it worked it worked totally it got to the point where in a hundred people I was curing a hundred people so Jim why why MMS where did that name come from I first called a miracle mineral supplement and later of I got an indication that that the word supplement was shouldn’t be used so I called it as an American mental solution okay and then I got people who tell me that the word miracle was bad okay so it became miracle mineral solution that’s right the name listening you stuck with yeah okay and one of the things I’m most interested in is the fact that you’ve subsequently discovered that it had been around for a long time and could have been healing humanity of every known condition for a very long time that’s right and it had been patented multiple times that’s right what the hell is going on and how it was it never adopted by the pharmaceutical industries and their health ministries of the world who are mandated to heal human conditions you gotta be kidding they they wanted to make the maximum amount of money from from their drugs and the drugs of course treat symptoms the drugs don’t treat the cause and MMS treats a cause like anywhere from 15 minutes yeah to to two or three months but it gets everything I’m Archbishop Jim Humble of the Genesis to church of health and healing

he invented a chemical concoction called miracle mineral solution he claims that mms can cure everything from colds to cancer we’re trying to bring health but doctors and scientists here say that cure could actually kill believers call it a miracle cure others call it poison it’s real name is chlorine dioxide but in some circles it’s marketed as mms miracle mineral solution promoted by this man James humble he is a the Archbishop of the Genesis to church of health and healing the FDA’s talked about how there’s a there’s been one death associated with this for a specific chemical well I have a report here of the FDA I printed it out off of the site and I just wanted to read you something that the FDA has said on this report the FDA has received several reports of health injuries from consumers using this product including several nausea vomiting and life-threatening low blood pressure from dehydration well in the first place this product is sold widely in the United States for the last three and a half years and nobody has ever reported low blood pressure and dehydration only one person has reported that to the FDA and there’s no indication no proof no completely nothing that says that MMS caused that whatsoever and then of course I nazia vomiting happens occasionally what what he’s saying what they’re saying is several people that’s all it says just several people have reported a stomach that’s the most that has been reported to the FDA at this point in time well there’s 250,000 drugs pharmaceuticals in the PDR the physicians Desk Reference and if you take out the 500 antibiotics as still leaves 240 9500 drugs there’s not a single one of those designed to cure anything they’re all designed to milk your insurance policies their own designed to milk Medicare and Medicaid they’re all designed to milk your your wallet because there’s no laws requiring the pharmaceutical companies to manufacture drugs that cure even though they could but because there’s no laws requiring them to do it they don’t serious side-effects may happen including pancreatitis common side effects are nausea diarrhea vomiting decreased appetite chest pain shortness of breath diarrhea severe stomach pain or tenderness tiredness loss of appetite stomach pain and bleeding or bruising more easily than normal aggression hostility education depressed mood asinus con wrong theories mr. ingles well other side effects include gas stomach area pain sleepwalking were allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening blood clots that can lead to death have also occurred extreme fatigue constipation excessive thirst through your soul and ankles loss of appetite rash itching at a confucian hallucination infections tiredness nausea sore mouth abnormalities in liver blood tests diarrhea hair thinning or loss vomiting rash and loss of evidence if you go back in time in the 1800’s and early 1900s electromagnetic therapies of a variety of forms were commonplace but that changed in about 1910 when Andrew Carnegie and john d rockefeller decided to become the major investors in the pharmaceutical industry and so they had a report written called the Flexner report which they then took to Congress at that time there were I think 13 homeopathic medical schools in this country and again most physicians were

using some sort of electromagnetic therapies well the flexeril report got Congress to forbid the use of any federal money for anyone to anyone who said there was energy in the body so that that closed the thirteen homeopathic medical schools and then for any physician who was using an electric electronic device to treat patients got put in jail well that set up pretty much of a chilling effect and that’s how our country stopped looking at energy in the body no other industry is more controlled than the practice of medicine now even though most medical schools now have a division of Integrative Medicine where they teach this it puts a physician in a very difficult position because the physician comes out of medical school knowing that that’s a useful thing to do but the state medical boards won’t allow it so let’s get this in context the World Health Organization which is the biggest multilateral Association in the world that deals with all matters relating to health Maran it publishes figures every year which demonstrate that the biggest killer on earth is malaria mm-hm and a couple of decades ago you came up with you rediscovered a very simple very cheap formula for eradicating malaria in a couple of hours exactly get someone off their deathbed in a cup of hours that’s right and you proved it out with many thousands of cases and apparently you did it under the aegis even of governments in some cases or authorities so-called authorities and then it was crushed you went to the UN you tried to deliver this gift to humanity and it was crushed that’s right all right and it does work and we know it works and I know it works because humanity my organization but over a decade has been receiving testimonials from people around the world who’ve been cured of every known condition from MMS it was long ago as I think ten or twelve years that we first knew about you and we started getting involved in in writing certain letters to protect certain doctors in different parts of the developing world because they were being harassed because they were curing people of hiv/aids and of malaria let’s call it out for what it is yeah it’s a damn cure okay it heals but you quite rightly couch it in a different way you say it doesn’t cure or heal anything in in in effect the mechanical level what it’s doing is simply oxidizing and eradicating pathogens and every right and destroys the pathogens and oxidizers poisons and allows you to heal yourself and the body heals herself her body heals her body well now that’s pretty elegant but Jim the powers that be don’t like this kind of language apparently no it’s not good for business all right right that’s not good for business so Jim this is a beautiful cameo which describes the treachery facing humankind today when it’s trying to face off overreaching government Big Brother these authorities that have been imposing themselves on the human story for far too long they’ve got to a point now in the 21st century where they’ve dreamt up millions of statutes and ordinances and provisions which are self-serving and allow those corporation governments and agencies and their Lobby groups all of which are financed variously by the big oil and gas and by the big pharmaceutical and petrochemical interests so we’ve got this terrible standoff between these corporate fictions which are you serious money-making genocidal agendas and common living men and women of the living soil that’s the standoff I’m seeing today would you agree more or less with that absolutely yeah absolutely if I was been a really great common-law lawyer and all of that kind of stuff I might have done it differently but bins that it wasn’t the whole idea was to get the word out you know and so for 20 years I was going under the awareness of governments for the most part right and so it got out pretty much even a lot of people know

about it you know well I can give you I can give you the entirety of natural law in less than 60 seconds so this is your tutorial starts here you you can move around the surface of the earth unmolested Jim so long as you cause no harm loss or injury to another living soul and conduct no fraud in your transactions and if all human beings simply lived according to that we’d be living in the paradise but that would prohibit the bankers and the wankers from fleecing us and being able to exploit us manipulate us my name is class proof months and the CEO and founder of the water Reference Center affiliated with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent we came across a number of interesting technologies always in the field of water health energy we came across one of those purifying systems that already existence probably a lot over a hundred years and it’s a purifying system based upon sodium chloride and the first records of use of this sodium chloride was actually in Flanders like maybe 20 kilometers from my hometown in Ostend where we have a spa and in that spa before the first world war 1914-1918 they were able to help people with skin diseases small infections always with the use of sodium chlorides it has been said and written that the use of sodium chloride cleans the body within one hour to four hours of the malaria parasite and that was too good to be true not to go further and into investigation we identify a village actually it is a National Society who identified a village they chose the Ganga what we actually want to do in this month of December is look at the effect that sodium chloride has on the human body after being offered a glass of water we started with mobilizing local population we had the use or the cooperation of the National Society lots of volunteers went on a fight with icicles cars motorbikes whatever you have all around the streets we do a little blood test just a little prick and then we do a quick strip a malaria test the positive ones are being sent to the lab for throughly under the microscope test and those ones are being offered one glass of purified water the same way as the national authorities market and then we ask them to come back the next day for double check the next day early in the morning I think when we arrived at the hospital that we identified there must have been like 200 fresh new patients already we have some test results and the most amazing test results are coming from the prisoner present here and the karna and so yesterday we did some blood proofs and the prisoner and all of them were positive and now we did a second blood test and all of them chose negative so you can see that’s a very amazing result because there’s only 24 hours between it so all of them were posted easily every other day we had around 150 to maybe 200 patients every single day and totally identified 150 for malaria positive patients together with the local health authorities and the doctors all of them were treated all of them were between 24 hours and 48 hours malaria negative without any side effects someone who can be just briefed within a few minutes can we try to measure the the chemical it is incredible unbelievable to see that some retested of malaria positive yesterday turns out to be negative today and feels quite

extremely better and more happy and Olivia we close the operation well enough to report back to the secretary-general here in yoga nice Red Cross Society and to report back to the waterfront center about the results of this field test now all in all a hundred percent cured people less than five days all within 24 hours to 48 hours that asked for further investigation you’ve heard the expression that you’re never a prophet in your own home yeah right that’s probably got a bit of a meaning for you yeah that’s true how has your mission been received over the years by your family not at all my my family that I was born into you know and their relatives all that Oh pretty sure I was nice it took him a few years to get used to me after they were born have they warmed to you over the years yeah they have I’d say that’s a success 50% I wanted to ask you about the happiest time of your life when when was the happiest time of your life or when perhaps it’s now yeah I would say now his main time because I’m doing what I came to do and it took me a few years to get that pretty much in mind but it’s been in mind for maybe 50 years you know I’ve been thinking about it and realizing that eventually it was gonna happen and now it’s happening what people like you an obvious question the Great Spirit the divine the Godhead I’m interested to know a little bit about your connection your your sense of religiosity or spirituality well I have to say that mine a little bit different than most i believe that all life is a manifestation of God in God the whole of God not not part of God but the whole of God is here and here and the whole of God is playing the game from this level in this case and playing the game from that level in that case and the most important thing I think that people have a mistake with is they don’t believe their God that’s that’s the whole problem okay so we’re talking about this is what brings you and me together the actualization of self full self accountability in this world stepping into your skin and owning your divinity yes exactly right until we take responsibility for it until we take responsibility for having created all of this it isn’t going to be handled as long as we say somebody else has done it it ain’t gonna get done okay we’ve got accept it ourselves and curiously that worldview of yours is commensurate with the most advanced quantum mechanics because that teaches us that we do affect the outcomes by simply placing attention on things but mostly we don’t own it and so circumstance prevails in the world ends up being completely maligned into and fashioned into the vision of greedy and ruthless minds and hearts but when humans can step into that sovereign space as you suggest and and recognize that we are an extension of the divine then we can actually project that beautiful vision into the field and manifest heaven on earth except you say just a little bit different than I’d said I would say we are the divine we aren’t an extension of you’re more of a puritanical than I am

what is your view of humanity what is your most productive view of the human family from your vantage point all right I think at one time humanity was that human was the greatest race in the galaxy maybe in the universe but at least in the galaxy and it it lost his way and now we gotta find our way back we lost our way Jim or we dived into the void knowing that we were going to participate in a great cosmic experiment and one day be rejoined to the Great Spirit as I believe we are today the point of it is is that other races like alligator race and other races has been involved in bringing mankind down now whether we decided to go ahead and do it or they did it to us in the long run it was our own doing it couldn’t be any other way we had to do it or it don’t wouldn’t get done and do you have any distilled wisdom any central tenets or principles by which you live that if you were to dispense wisdom to to the world you could give them two or three principles I think most and best overall idea or overall concept is always do the right thing right action the right action you can there are others that go with that but I think that’s the most important and at some times it takes a little while to figure that out obvious question Jim any regrets in life I have a few yeah but I ain’t gonna talk about it you’re not gonna break into song like Sinatra well Jim you know we’ve spent the last five days together and we’re planning some pretty wonderful stuff in the in the next year greatly greatly looking forward to the next chapter in your remarkable life and just thrilled and and honored that you’re letting me participate somewhat in that well let me let me say the same thing to you I’m amazed at what you’ve done and are doing far surpasses what I’m doing let’s stir up as much trouble as possible shall we yeah thank you Jim you