I attempted to cross an entire country in a straight line. PART 4

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I attempted to cross an entire country in a straight line. PART 4

Oh God fucking scared welcome back everyone you’ve joined me on the fourth day of my mission across Wales in a pretty good position having conquered the farmland and the lake but I was yet to face possibly the biggest challenge yet the mountains madly enough I hadn’t actually reached the halfway mark yet and that’s why today I’d be attempting to carry out the impossible escape this huge uphill would and then walk 12 miles or 19 kilometres almost the distance of the first three days combined across the entire Aran mountain range of southern Snowdonia without using a single path or trail why well because waiting for me at the other side with vital recharged GoPro batteries and food supplies would be Joey subscriber of the channel musician and all-round bloody great guy I had arranged to meet Joey at a specific point at 8 p.m. giving me plenty of time provided our set off nice and early but there was a slight issue I hadn’t experienced phone signal for two days meaning I hadn’t been able to speak to Joey and confirmed that both parties were good to go if I couldn’t get phone signal today he might not even show up at all or worse he does show up but I don’t and there was a decent chance of that happening there were several things that could happen today that could easily end the trip there were steep gradients that I wasn’t entirely sure would doable and if there was poor visibility or strong winds it might be too dangerous for me to attempt for all I knew there was a foot of snow up there in which case it would be far too dangerous but this was all out of my power I had to presume that the weather would be kind and just give this my absolute best shot come on tell me boy you can do it keep watching to see how the day unfolds and this is what I’ve camped on that’s what I was sort of rolling down almost pretty steep there was lots to do this morning eat brushed my teeth tidy up wash the pans and redress the wound but first I decided to make another fire and burn my survival blanket this survival blanket it was literally a tiny little thing size of a playing card and now I can’t even scrunch it up smaller than that so going on the fire maybe not the smartest move but it looked nice all right let’s get this tin on at least I could have a nice hot breakfast full of the protein fats and oils that I’d need to burn out throughout the day she’s looking about turn now I reckon that’s the one but then things got a bit frantic guys I’m in a real predicament here I can’t find my phone the reason that is so bad well there’s many reasons the main one is I’m meeting Joey he’s meeting me about ten miles from here it’s quite a way I’ve been quite ambitious with where I’ve said I’d meet him I need my phone to let him to let him know that I’ll be there I didn’t even get chance to reply to him yesterday excited no signal the longer I look for my phone the less likely I am to make it to that point so I’ve got to find it quick I just hope to god it hasn’t fallen on the fire or something or down a hole where I’m just not gonna find it I’m seriously I’m panicking now it’s gotta be like half nine now my heart is beating so fast wait I can feel it oh there it is oh my god it’s only quarter past eight okay ah I’m awful for that just putting things in really obscure pockets oh that is pure relief man right I’m back at the spot where I have to cross I don’t know about this my backpack is the problem can i grab on to this yeah that’s pretty strong okay okay that’s decent I’m over that wasn’t so bad I want to get through this as quick as possible today what a dreamer Oh God and it starts again the reality was that this was one of the most brutal tests yet a permanently sod and endless pile of decay it’s so difficult so exasperating

to move through that I couldn’t once bring myself to admire its unique almost jungle-like qualities this is absolutely monstrous why did it snow where it wasn’t even raining in the night I even began to yearn for the Christmas trees of yesterday I just want this to end I want a good old pine wood back and he’s gonna be better than this I’ll update you when this bearded hellhole ends oK we’ve got this sort of weird tree at the moment which to be honest I’ll take I feel like there’s a river valley coming up okay the sound of water definitely getting louder I’m wondering how big this river is and whether I can even cross it you just don’t know with all the rainfall we’ve had how steeper the bank Stoke will soon see oh the rivers over there bak it looks big Donal I’m being held back quite these oh okay not any more this is an interesting one I don’t know how I’m gonna do this here everywhere is so slipper let’s do it my Palance it’s got to be unbelievable here quite worried about going over there very worried one slip and I’m gone at all but made it across and then I noticed something where am I gonna put my shoes on oh it’s hard enough to get them um while standing up in a field let alone crouching on slippery rocks and in fast flowing water but this beautiful branch made the ordeal possible that wasn’t so bad now I’m going to get through this okay my technique here I think is to climb on top but I anticipate that branches will snap and I’ll possibly get stuck forever thankfully that didn’t happen though branches did snap but much to my delight I remained on top of things what can I do to get through this swamp it I’m hoping now we’re into the pine trees welcomed me back into your loving needles okay what have we got okay I think the pine starts there getting my prayers were answered I was entering a normal dry pine forest what is that something over there looks like a safe or something can you imagine if it was a big safe full of war cheered big safe full of gold we’ll never know because it wasn’t on my line but I did pass a stream that was flowing underneath a tree look at that it’s cool through there I can see grass or at least sort of ground where trees have been chopped down which basically is equivalent to grass for me right now and then there’s the fir trees at the top just there see come on last horrible bit now my balance has become extraordinary from stuff like this how do I get at that I think I use these maybe not and I use that yes I can always look up you never know what you might find please just get me out of here now please mr. twig okay kind of is over yeah no words really thank fuck the only ones I can think of okay when I described this section as grass and may have been being a slight optimistic that was an understatement in fact right in front of me was the most unsafe tree related obstacle yet now that is so that goes down so far okay that log there I think I can use that to get across possibly I’m just trusting being same balance that I’ve gained I don’t wanna say why am I saying that can you see down there it’s about nine foot down there so that would hurt I don’t know how you’d get out to be honest shit me man what am i doing it’s so slippy I just feel like my chin would bash off something if I went down there okay I might go up these now probably about five meters off truck okay will these take my weight yes so I can go up

there now Oh God but finally I was back on solid ground home and right right let’s get up this Bank after a quick bit of improvisation I assess the situation right it’s 10 o’clock now as the Sun pokes its head up lifting my morale so I’ve got 9 hours which is quite a lot of time to get to the meeting point but it is a long way and there’s some big mountains to get over some of them look worryingly bouldery so without any more delay let’s get to the top of this forest yeah and then it’s just a blitz through the the moorland the mountains I think I can do it this is a bit closer to the grass I was alluding to wouldn’t want to mow it though would you oh that’s nice as heartbreaking as it was to have to walk past such a flat straight piece of ground I couldn’t grumble at my situation two days ago this would have horrified me but I’ll take this any day over that mangrove shit or whatever you want to describe it us I had to keep a lookout for forestry workers and hidden slippery patches oh okay maybe ballons not so good the GPS struggled at times to find signal piece of shit but on the whole it was one of the more pleasurable pine plantations that I passed through little animal trail here look it’s where I’d set my traps if I was really desperate and I needed to hunt an animal the moment that I’m gonna challenge today yeah those tests go hard guns would be paramount to my survival later that day but right now it was the mountains that I could taste it’s coming it’s getting lighter and lighter increasingly stubborn branches only spurred me on to reach the final row of trees I’d made it out but the immediate sight of a blind drop tooked away on the hillside right in front of me was an unsettling indication of what the mountains could have in store for me this is what I’ve got to be careful with today this sort of 20 foot drop especially if there’s a mist and a fog at the top of the mountains which they’re often it one bang of a head on a rock and it’s over and I ain’t got a helmet as you can see so we’re right but we’re up on the moors so let’s see what see what there is over the crest of this a lie I’m very glad the wind isn’t that high as well strong winds and poor visibility Plus that equals game over but apart from a few small rocky outcrops fairly early on the first mile or so was quite manageable meaning I could enjoy the feeling of passing this remote farm without giving a second thought to farmers you can pretty much walk wherever you want out here and you’re more likely to encounter a river than a fence trying to cross a river without getting your feet wet or falling in had become one of my favorite pastimes at this point that’s well slipping on using the thin branches from two different trees to try and balance I managed to spread myself over to the middle where I was able to then bridge my way over to the other side and moreover but now I was beginning the two-mile gradual climb into some of the most remote barren more lands in Wales Oh completely unaware of the important milestone I was crossing the pipe dream of phone signal was the main thing driving me on in this taxing ink line so alone up here scary yet so beautiful then a heavenly sound came from my pocket finally I’d been able to make the rendezvous with Joey concrete and let my family know I was still alive I had a new lease of life that is until I stopped to change the batteries in the GPS system and have a snack only to make a stark discovery how’s it going so I’m making steady progress along these heathlands here but the other thing is is that I’ve got hardly any food I stupidly after eating those kippers left my bag of couscous buried it in the fire pit so I won’t need that you know I mean all I’m left with now is this bag of wine gums hard gums even that’s it so I think what I’m gonna do is just take it

easy not rush up any of these hills and hopefully by the time I get to Joey at 8 o’clock I’m not in too much of a state I guess I’ll see what happens it’s an interesting little twist so zapping walking on it really does up your energy after a while and I’m worried my sugar levels are gonna drop to make matters worse I was now completely wet through as long as I kept moving I could avoid getting dangerously cold when the winds picked up but that involved burning off lots of energy which thanks to my slapdash approach to food stocks was in very short supply I’m looking over to those mountains over yonder and I’m sort of wincing really because I don’t know what kind of state I’ll being by the time I get to them that’s a bit worrying especially as I fried my survival blanket the best thing for me to do now was just to take it easy concentrate on the upcoming descent and ignore the absolute wall of Bracken in the distance my god I’m curious I am curious as to what’s coming up here my goodness it was a wonderful sight if nothing else the gradient of the grass did raise questions at times but it was mostly really good fun descending down here this is incredible haha until I got a bit further down that could be impossible there that looks bad the closer I get and then I’ve got even closer to it now I can’t get of that that is crumbly as fuck slippy as fuck I’ve got a backpack on I ain’t getting up it I can try and be a hero and try and get up it but I can’t so I’ve got to go just there some things are more important than this and that’s staying alive look at that absolutely no chance mate even where I am now is pretty gnarly pretty gnarly mate glad the wind isn’t strong 15 20 meter drop onto rocks so no thank you to be honest I can’t feel too disappointed by that at all I only went 20 meters off and I’m right back on again why am i running why am I wasting energy a sterling question because judging by the size of the mountain that lay ahead I’d need it I was also hoping that I’d be going just to the left of that massive waterfall – one thing I did know though was that in this valley there was a farm and that I was going straight through it right obviously we’re coming up to this farm now to be honest I’m just going to go straight through it and just be like hi mate look I’m doing a straight-line walk across Wales I’ve come this far it’s been an absolute ordeal do you mind if I just go up that one field of yours there you know oh yes absolutely go for it yeah do you want some food yes yes I fucking do now get in that kitchen shit I can hear dogs oh no this is bad and I’m definitely in view as well okay I’m just going for it I’ll talk my way out of it there is a farmer over there he hasn’t see me yet okay that’s quick I’m gonna hide in these bushes here okay shoes back on it’s an engine running okay time to go I think I tried to time it so that the farmer in his machine were up out the way to the left somewhere I only had a very small window of time before he came back it’s coming back down you must have seen me then shift we definitely saw me then but as soon as I’m on for that bit on there you can’t really touch me something run no no I’m gonna have a heart attack he’s a hedgerow at the end there it’s

quite tricky hopefully it doesn’t get in a car or a quad bike and I’m away okay got away with that one now this my legs are burning already only come that far it’s just so steep that’s why they have passed it zigzag you’re not meant to walk up some witnessed in this is gonna fuck me right up and then I’ve got to go down the steepest thing you’ve ever seen then I’m gonna go up again over this huge Ridge probably 600 metres high there he is look still working away like a busy bee I honestly think he was clueless okay we’re coming up to the bit now looking over at what’s to come from here it doesn’t look too bad does it but I don’t know what’s around that corner isn’t it wonderful look at that waterfall my god that looks dangerous there’s the scree bank long as it doesn’t all come flooding down on top of me I think we’re good yeah no fucking problem Mike these elastic bands are wreaks havoc hello like the Michelin Man does it look like we’ve got a bit of a sheared sheer cliff face here okay that’s not too bad I think I can get up there first so I’m gonna drinks with this beautiful freshwater okay good of climate this now right I’m not quite sure what came over me here ordinarily I’m very scared of heights but for some reason I must have thought that this wouldn’t be that bad could go up there but I think I got there my plan to scale the channel over to my left was halted by a dead end in the rock oh hello in hindsight I probably should have skirted back down and found another way up it okay but clearly feeling invincible I chose to keep climbing bit dodgy please to get firm footings every time I don’t like that drop see anything every time I tried to get over to the safety of the grass on the left I was forced back over to the right but the further up I went of course the more terrifying it became fucking on a bit scared now that’s a hell of a drop all I could do was make sure every hand and foothold was as secure as possible one foothold there one here and try not to panic know what there it’s the bag as well having the bag on rush no you might you can get here and get a haircut right now you can get here Oh God fucking scared freezing up now okay then mercifully grass started to replace rock and it looked like I was over the worst of it okay there you go that’s what I’ve just come on I’d risk my life again but how many meters did I actually stray from the line that’s not that bad astonishingly 10 meters was the most are deviated and the stupid thing is that was at this very moment after the actual climb perhaps even more surprisingly my zigzag route through the farm had only taken me eight meters off track but all of this would be irrelevant if I couldn’t successfully make it over the biggest mountains by nightfall I had miles to go even until the next terrifying obstacle a 320 meter tall 52 percent gradient mountainside was that actually too steep for a human to walk down without using climbing equipment the top answer on Quora reckon sir beyond that an absolutely monstrous slab of Welsh earth followed by areas of mountain that seemed to be very rocky but doable I definitely didn’t want to be stuck there when darkness started to fall and then it was all downhill

another two miles all the way to meeting point Joey for now though look at that ten past two that gives me six hours sounds like a long time but still got a long way to go absolutely beautiful weather’s boil put landscape beautiful ah I’m really struggling for energy at the moment and the hard guns they’re not they’re not doing anything for me now my stomach is rumbling and it doesn’t want hard gums anymore it wants macaroni cheese or something but my fantasies of pasta were soon overwhelmed by the anxieties of what was just over the horizon this is the drop the steep drop the one that’s been giving me nightmares now it might be fine it might just be like a really steep constant grassy thing with no rocks or there might be a 20-foot rocky outcrop tucked away down below I prayed for breaks in the clouds so that I could actually see down there that is colossal can you see that massive valley that is really humbling let’s take a look at the edge okay it might look worse than it is let’s have a look okay I’m starting to see it I’m starting to see it I can do this I might go flying a few times but I can do this I want to hold this for a laugh I’m going down fully handed here we go okay still haven’t fallen here we go sound it’s quite a peaceful drop wasn’t it next to this dead bird we’re doing this man we’re doing it do you know what I might just slide on my ass fuck it it’s gonna get me drenched it’s gonna get me drenched it’s gonna get me more views oh we’ve got the way sheet I’m going through all my sports oh god oh god oh no oh no rocks okay well now I’m wet and we just pull these gore-tex army trousers out my ass crap blimey that is an absolute wedge of land that I’ve got a walker did it DD wait I feel a life and I feel happy and I feel on top of the world and that’s how I feel right now except I’m not on top of the world I’ve got to get up that okay I have a couple of hard gums hard goons yeah I’ll have a hard gum so kind of hard gum put up ever preferably not reshape shit and then we go up there just do it come on son come up actually don’t I’m gonna be roast him I’m fucked already I’m naturally pulling off to the left all the time so just my feet don’t want to face reality that it’s there so I keep peeling off to the left oh oh mate this is absolutely brutal my right leg is having to do all the work I’m just trying to realize why they make paths flat oh my God look how much I’ve got to go come on Tommy Boy you can do it she’s raped brutally no what I was from Yorkshire I’d toughen up here hey lad come on no one got anywhere by morning a good point might well Marvin to keep stuff in regular Lakers my right leg my right leg is getting me up this hill my left legs out here wait Hey I don’t know if you can see that but I’m half way up I don’t know what to make of that to be honest I don’t even want to think about the upper half of this wretched wedge in fact even at the time I don’t think I’ve filmed much of it because it only made me aware of my sorry existence 3 as I climbed higher and higher into the clouds the mountain side over to my left started to disappear and steep and dramatically don’t like the look of this one bit if I’m honest I’m hugging tight to the

hillside all I could do was hope that the drops remained to my left but I don’t generally tend to get that sort of luck in situations like this and a couple of hundred metres later I was meeting them head-on what is this I can’t go down there this is a real significant point in the trip guys because I’ve reached this I’m gonna go up there and have a look look at that it can’t be done guys and if it can I’m not gonna be the one to do it not on a wet cold day when I’m hardly functioning I think I’m gonna try and go up there and round it might be off by 50 100 meters but I ain’t going down there and that’s that I’d rather be safe okay so up here we go a point in perpendicular to the line which is heartbreaking hopefully fingers crossed we can actually get round yes yes this is doable oh thank God I can go round that ain’t so bad that’s about 40 meters out the way for Team 8 is well spent to be honest because that was lethal I just hope there ain’t much more of that sort of blunder Asst error coming my way but there was worse to come oh my god oh my god feeling really weak man look where I am it’s gonna be dark enough it’s gonna be getting dark in an hour I need to get out of here mate