Meat on Monday: Bacon Talks and DIY Flavored Bacon Flight

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Meat on Monday: Bacon Talks and DIY Flavored Bacon Flight

and your lives hello everyone welcome to meet on Mondays we’re back I hope everybody enjoyed our sausage edition laughs we had a sausage disposition a couple weeks ago and we decided to based on y’all’s interaction go with a bacon edition so first things first my name’s Rhys Lawrence I am the state 4-h livestock specialist here at LSU currently Home Office thing and one of the best things that y’all can do for us during his life is be super interactive ask a lot of questions and also share this video so I’m going to give you about 30 seconds right now that I want you to click the share button on this video and hear to your pain teeny groups that may be interested any pages you manage and let’s get a lot of these that wasn’t a lot of interaction so any shares that you can do for this that would be wonderful so a few minutes and while you’re sharing or if you don’t want to share we’re gonna pull up the screen that hi they also share this video we’re gonna pull up a picture that has different parts as that pic on it and I want y’all to tell me in the comments where do you think bacon comes from on a pig just type the number in and tell us where bacon comes from on the pig could we share button and where does bacon come from I don’t know about y’all but it is raining in batteries today okay I mean get everything open so I can see everyone brian says for any other guesses okay we’ve got some smart people you’ll know where your baking comes from so yes bacon comes from that number four location on the pig and if we look a little bit further into what bacon is we’ll see that there’s a lot of different types of bacon and we want to make sure during this this session you understand where your banking comes from what it is and how to pick the best bacon for yourself so we’re going to go over what bacon is exactly and I have a slide for you that is going to give some definitions and a little bit more if you logged in last week you know that value-added products or anything that we add value to it’s anything that would change cut add ingredients to do something to to add value to that product bacon falls in that category it also tends to be a smoked cured product that comes from yes number four the belly of the pig we’re not kidding when we first harvest that belly area we call it fresh side and if you have any questions at any point please pop them over in the chat so when it’s not cured or anything like that it’s just fresh side and it’s just Billy it’s fresh Billy once we secure it that’s when we start talking about bacon there’s a lot of different types of bacon there is streaky bacon which is what we know here in America that very normal everyday bacon there’s also pancetta which in other places pancetta is cured but not smoked typically the belly is gonna roll up them to around same thing but it’s not smoked and then of course there is Canadian bacon so Canadian bacon is actually not from the belly so like we said bacon comes from the cured belly of a swine animal Canadian bacon actually comes from that yellow area on the pig known as the loin that’s why it’s frowned similar to a pork chop that cut of a pork chop is the same as the cut of Canadian bacon but Canadian bacon just had other things added to it and get through a process of curing and smoking to make it Canadian bacon so what do we add to bacon to make it bacon well I think everybody knows what’s probably the biggest flavor that you know about bacon salt and smoke so

if you look at those baking ingredients we have salt and sugar as some of the first ones and then from you there why do we have salt and sugar salt is known as a preservative it’s we’re baking came from originally bacon has a lot of salt in it because salts as a preservative and an antimicrobial so it’s necessary for for making bacon and helping it stay good longer extending its shelf life sugar also has some antimicrobial properties in it but really we use sure to balance out the flavor we want to balance out the flavor of that salt and so the other thing that bacon has in it is known as nitrates nitrites are both unnaturally and artificially occurring compound so we can find it in nature we can also create it and it’s very very essential to the shelf life and answer microbial properties of bacon specifically it inhibits Clostridium botulinum and forfeit her vengeance greatly and so those are two major bacterias that can cut a lot of food poisoning and by using my tracks we are able to inhibit and control the production of those two things from there the last two that are on that list or sodium arathor Bank which is simply a cure accelerator it allows us to there’s different types of curing so in production we can inject cure into a product we can emerge in something so we can soak it in a cure or we can do a drag trigger and so all of those take different amount of times obviously if we inject it we get a faster time and if we still get it takes a little bit longer of a cure accelerator in it makes that process happen faster so that we can shorten the time that takes to cure and compounds to create we can make that whole process a lot smoother and faster so sodium arathor Bay is often on the back of all ingredients baking and then lastly sodium phosphate sodium phosphate helps with Lindsay says yes contracts okay yeah totally like it here and so that last one is sodium phosphate sodium phosphate is sending a lot of produced meat products especially when they’re processed but even when they’re not processed you may find sodium phosphate even in different homes chicken breast or other things because it helps us retain moisture when we combine sodium phosphates in salt we’re able to increase water holding capacity and increase the moisture in that product so what questions you all have from here because from here we’ve already talked about the types of bacon we’re gonna bring those types of bacon back up one last time and then we’re gonna start talking about how you can actually pick the best bacon for you what do you see on the grocery store shelf again we’re getting a lot of people joining us I want you to share this video give us a like and ask us all the questions you have I have some set questions to go over today we’ve already covered what bacon is as a value added product that’s cured and what ingredients are found in it but from here we’re gonna really well how do we pick the best bacon for your experience so going back and looking again at traditional type bacon it’s the streaky bacon we onthe Canadian bacon comes from the loin and then you start seeing things on the shelves that say things like onion cured I’m cured versus cured bacon so we already said USDA defines bacon as it cured Billy of the swine carcass so how is something uncured and you’ll notice I put that in quotes well I put that in quotes for a reason when you see an unsure and I have a great hook or healthy living specialist is with me today so if I call out of Claire’s name to have her she’s helped me pull up different slides so Claire if you could go ahead and pull up the uncured pictures specifically the ingredient level way so we flared you that pulled up you’ll be able to see on the ingredients label of that unsure product you should be able to see and I keep moving my phone sorry Instagram is there another picture that has the ingredient label hope that gets permanent perfect there is a delay between some of our stuff so bear with us but when that picture comes up you should be able to see you can see right there that I believe this one says celery powder you see that ingredient celery powder so where you would see on other ingredient statements it would say

sodium nitrate uncured bacon does not have the artificial form of sodium nitrite added like traditional bacon it has celery powder because most of the nitrite that we consume actually comes from vegetable sources celery being one of the highest containing nitrates and so there’s a conversion process in match in natural sources actually not traipse but as soon as that hits the enzymes of our saliva or other items are added in the process of making bacon it converts to night track the whole process but always know that uncured bacon is still cured bacon it has just heared from a natural form of celery powder now I would not say that either one is better or worse than the next it depends on what your priorities are if your priority is that you’re looking for a more natural source but you still want to enjoy bacon then unsure maybe where you want to go if you like traditional bacon as is or maybe the price point is a little bit better for you you’ll want to go with that traditional bacon and so a cleaner if will switch back to those types of bacon one last time and we’ll finish up talking about bacon and of course that last one on the list is the bacon that is not bacon that is oh so popular which is turkey bacon turkey bacon is not by definition real making because as we said what is it cured product from the belly of a swine carcass so turkey bacon is actually made up of a form product from mechanically separated chicken or turkey sorry um mechanically separated chicken or turkey I keep saying chicken mechanically separated chicken turkey it’s great for this product because when we use mechanically separated turkey it means that we’re able to use as much of the carcass as you possibly can it allows us to take the little bits of meat off of the bone that can’t be consumed in that any other form and ground or whole product and it allows us to still utilize that turkey bacon as an outlet for that it can have less fat and less cholesterol and British will make in so sometimes people will gravitate towards it if still smoked it’s still cured is is tastiest pork bacon you let us know in the comments what is your preference are you gonna go through the turkey bacon or the red again every time let’s see those and so we showed you the uncured bacon the other thing about uncured bacon is that it’s considered a natural product which that’s a whole conversation in its own but typically those natural products and uncured products have a high price point and they may not be exactly what you’re looking for clear if you will you can close out that selecting bacon and pull up the traditional bacon picture and the center cut bacon pictures does that fatter or skinnier Pig make better bacon that’s a great question so as Claire is pulling up the picture of our traditional making it nursing they’re coming in I’m going to answer that question for Sophia so the fabric in your Pig make better bacon that is really going to depend on what kind of bacon you like and so a skinnier Pig is going to have less fat within their bacon which can mean a couple of things it really depends on a lot of genetics and nutrition as to the quality of bacon but you really want that in between but the purpose of eating bacon is to eat something tasty and it’s gonna be a little fatty because of that so a skinny your baking is gonna have a firmer smaller cut to it whereas a fattier piece of bacon it’s gonna have a lot of fat on the outside we may have more loss and shrinkage to that which is why we want to find it in between so if you look at the picture there of the original black label versus the center cut you’ll see both of these on the grocery store shelf does anybody ever look for one type of making over the other like when you’re shopping what do you look at D look at flavor do you look at just any bacon whatever you want the center cut and you’ll also notice the center cut says it’s 30% less fat well is it actually 30% less though how do you make a pig 30% less fat in the next day right so what that actually means is you’ll notice that the bacon is a short piece of bacon so what they’ve done is they cut off the fatty ends of the bacon to make it a really pretty square so you’re actually getting less of the bacon itself you may get an

extra strip or something like that any one of those packages to make the one-pound package but all the center cut slice means is that it’s the firmness part of the belly and that Sophia is what makes high quality bacon the firmer the bacon is that’s how we determine if it’s high quality or not and firmness a fat often is dependent upon the nutrition man was given less though about the leanness or the fattiness the fattiness of mammal is just measuring how much fat it actually puts on the bacon I’ve heard wonderful question though and so there’s your picture of your Center cut slice and you’re Vishal again Skinner cut slice is probably going to be a little bit more expensive why is that back to value Adam we have cut off something and we’ve picked it out for you specifically therefore we’ve added value to it and we’ve marketed it to have more value so it’s going to cost more so if that’s something you’re looking for just keep that in mind so what do you look for once you actually get there so we can take these pictures off and pull up the two evaluation pictures so now I’m going to actually tell y’all how to pick your bacon we’ve had some comments everybody likes their regular bacon Kindle doesn’t like bacon at all so we’re just not going to talk about that so actually Kindle my sister awesome doesn’t like bacon I don’t get it y’all are weird we won’t talk about it but what we’ve actually learned with my sister is that it’s probably not that you don’t like bacon bacon is a fantastic product but let me ask you this do you like ham so my sister found out she also relies on like ham and what we learned is she doesn’t like cured products sure it’s the curing that she didn’t like because if she has fresh bacon that’s or she has fresh side just as fresh side and she slices a slice off of that and cooks it she loves she loves pork belly she just doesn’t really care for bacon so you may actually just not like victory product more than the bacon Lindsay thick-cut smoked Center cut and a good amount of red ink rather than white there you go that’s we’re looking for so how many of y’all actually turn your bacon around and look through the windows have you ever wondered why these are here even on a box if you look at the bacon that comes in the box if you turn it over there’ll be two flaps that you can pull down and it allows you to view your making how many of you actually view you’re making a purse this work or you just pick up the package closest to you if you do actually view your bacon you’ll see comparison of two pictures right there so we’re going to call the package in the blue the blue package is number one and the yellow package is number two which package would you pick up in the store are you going to purchase package one the blue package or package – the yellow package bonny always looks at the windows good you should always look at the windows and here’s why bonnie is right you should always look at the windows because when you buy bacon if you’re buying a fab your piece of bacon if that is your preference then that’s okay but you need to know from a value standpoint fatty your bacon is gonna have more shrinkage so once you cut up it once you cook that bacon if you’re going to have a lot of bacon to eat you’re gonna want bacon with more lean into it and less fat so we’ve got some ones some twos Kindle is still going with he’s not buying any bacon he’s going three but mostly ones and if you picked that blue option you’re probably similar to what I would like I would prefer that blue package because if you look at it you have a very very good ratio of lean which is the pink portions of the bacon so that’s the actual muscle reaction meat the bacon versus the white portions the white portions of the bacon is the fat so if you do like fatty or bacon or you’re buying vacant for seasoning purposes or something like that maybe packaged one is something that you want to know this but if you’re just going to be cooking it up and eating it as a slide for bacon I would really suggest that one start looking at the windows of the bacon if you haven’t been doing that before and two I would go with those packages that have that good ratio of pink red lean meat to the white fat question is organic bacon as free of antibiotics and preservatives as they claim and is better for us great question so is organic better for you well let’s start there

when you get you can we talk about health everyone has a different definition of what health is so to me organic pork belly and conventional pork belly nutritionally have the same calories they have the same amount of fat and saturated fat and cholesterol so is it better from you from a health perspective maybe not because it’s identical and that it’s the same product when it comes to the organic side of things does it have less antibiotics and less preservatives so if it is marketed as antibiotic free or never given any antibiotics yes there is a possibility that it has less antibiotics but let me ask you this whenever you go to the doctor and you have to get antibiotics it’s sometimes expensive right do you ever take antibiotics when you’re not supposed to take care of Mike’s or you don’t need them doctor hasn’t acquired them well we don’t do that in the agriculture industry either because antibiotics search then there are times where maybe we have to use a broad spectrum but we’re not going to do it unless it absolutely required and a veterinarian has told us that it’s necessary for that that group of hops so there’s a good chance that whether it’s labeled antibiotics free or not that the making you’re eating from its initial producer has never had any antibiotics in it but without putting that label on it we’re able to say that we were able to treat this animal with antibiotics when it was needed and when an animal is treated with antibiotics there’s a withdrawal period that is stated on antibiotics and we cannot harvest that animal until that withdrawal period has completed to make sure there’s no antibiotic residue left in that meat so there’s the answer to that and then on preservatives just no salt can be organic and salt is a preservative same thing with sodium not track sodium oxide is the chemical version is that man-made version but we talked about celery powder is a naturally occurring product that has sodium nitrite in it and can be used to cure so if it’s an organic product they will probably bet it’s considered uncured they’ll just use an organic celery powder so just keep in mind that whether or not you go with organic it’s really more of an ethical and choice decision on your own because they can be very comparable but yes there is a chance that the animal was given antibiotics and a conventional operation now is a wonderful question would it be okay to eat bacon every day well maybe I should learn our healthy living expert talk about this we were actually talking about this earlier today so I’m gonna let her jump around here and she’s gonna tell you if we should be eating bacon every day hey hey I’m Claire Zack I work with 4-h in the Healthy Living Program so personal oh no we’re talking about this earlier so pretty much the big thing about bacon is that it’s high fat and it’s high in salt and if that doesn’t make it an evil food I like to say that there are no Aspen’s their disputes that we should only eat sometimes so I would probably from a healthy living perspective tell you to only eat it as a sometimes food I really liked it on Saturday mornings when you get to sleep in you make some pancakes and have some bacon that’s okay it’s okay to eat it sometimes but every day it’s probably gonna be a little high fat and a little high in salt for every day eating but I’m not gonna tell you that you can’t eat it because I love baking that I love to eat some bacon so I’ll come back soon but I was a little pop in for ya perfect absolutely right everything in moderation right everything up is low duration okay so we’ve had great questions you’ll now know how to kick out your bacon you know which bacon fits you personally and if you’re wanting to eat that bacon every day maybe you need to find some turkey bacon or some lower so you bacon and maybe you can get it in a little bit more through those formats because they’re there but let’s talk about the thing that everybody’s here for now bacon is great on its own and you don’t have to do anything to it nor should you but if I’m gonna show you all how to put cheese and fruit and peppers in a sausage a couple weeks ago I’m definitely going to tell you how to spice up your bacon if you want to so there is a waiver to slide on baby flight with the ingredients and a picture so the bacon fly has anybody ever heard of a bacon flight anyway

anyone Lindsey says just say no to turkey bacon honey I can’t blame her we did play with some turkey bacon today go so I’ve known very well in the office as kind of the bougie foodie and I wear that at crown with pride and so as I was looking into what we could do with bacon to spice it up a little bit I decided did some research on baby bites so basically what a bacon flight is taking additional flavors that you can actually bake on the bacon so this would be a thing that you could do if you were waking up on like Claire waking up on Saturday morning she’s gonna put her bacon on uh she try and put it in the oven to bake while she’s making her pancakes instead of typically frying Kindle software crispy bacon is totally personal preference no pros and cons from me I’m a crispy bacon kind of girl but I don’t like it burn I just like it crispy enough um and so oh yes so Bonnie’s heard of those bacon flight so we have a little fun with some bacon and we added some flavors so if you want to do a bacon flight like I said it’s one of the best things you can do to just wake up fancy up your bacon make it a little bougie definitely unnecessary but a little bit of fun and definitely a treat it’s not something I want to do every time so you pre-heat your oven to about 375 400 on a sheet pan put a rack and then place your banking on top of it if you don’t have a rack that’s okay I would not have a rack I just use my sheet pan it will get a little crispier a little faster if you have a sheet pan pick out your favorite bacon I actually picked out some very thick bacon and learn very quickly I would prefer regular thickness on bacon the thicker the bacon the longer it’s going to take to crisp up and we’re going to be adding things that have additional sugar in them so if that sugar crystallizes and formalizes before your bacon is crispy you’re gonna have some issues Kindle Britney says soft bacon all the way and so so take out your bacon put it on your baking sheet and then come up with the flavors you want here are the ones that we play with we couldn’t do bacon flights without a chocolate and bacon probably the easiest of the munch and honestly probably one of my favorites I hadn’t had chocolate it bacon until I did this and on online it’s pretty delicious but I don’t know that I need to pay $5.00 strip for it at the local fairs so we did chocolate dipped peach pie flavored so what was that and how do we make some of these basically you’re going to need some sort of sugar neuter ones brown sugar works a bit I find and all I did was take some brown sugar um on that one I did brown sugar and I chopped up frozen peaches with my mini chopper I just took frozen peaches in here along with some pecans and brown sugar chopped it all up and then when you talk your baking you just put a tablespoon or two on it you don’t want it too thick this is not one of those places more is better this is a place where you want it just covering it so that’s the peach pie line we you can ask these things as you please if you want to do cinnamon nutmeg cardamom even if you’re one of those really fancy people praline has probably been my favorite making slight flavor Claire gave me this suggestion that ones that also the simplest equal parts brown sugar to chopped pecans then and I wanted to have a little fun with some flavors peaches and blueberries are both in season coming into season in Louisiana around this time of year so with the blueberry we just did some blue blueberry correct you’re right and we soaked the bacon in it for a few hours so you were doing this on a weekend make your blueberry puree soak your bacon in it the night before waked up put it in the oven here’s the thing about a blueberry one it makes it like black so it’s not super appealing I wouldn’t say at all so this one didn’t turn out to be my favorite the coffee glazed one was great I found the way I liked that best was mixing strong rude coffee with brown sugar to a paste and putting it on so there you can see pictures of the raw ones and then and then lastly also when I was very surprised at what is an earthy bacon so I took rosemary thyme and garlic salt and mix it in with the brown sugar at flavor ratios that matched me if you like a lot of herbs put more if you like other herbs change it up this is not meant to be exact recipes because this is where you get to have fun in the kitchen so we have the herbs the crawling the peach pie the coffee glaze chocolate-dipped

are all the one that I could not best yeah I did also try turkey bacon people and treaded it looks like leather this one is a teriyaki glaze one it’s not great it’s too salty it’s like a Salt Lick but the one that did turn out pretty good I did a promise on one so I just put Parmesan cheese on turkey bacon and baked in all of this should take about 25 to 30 minutes in the oven perfect amount of time for you to create the rest of your breakfast and we’re gonna I’m gonna let Claire give you her honest opinions on all of these things so of the ones that we made which ones are you most interested in and making what flavors are your favorite ideas turkey bacon really if you’re gonna eat bacon please eat bacon there’s a lot of dietitians that will tell you that really and truly there’s not a huge fat difference and you’re still getting some salt there so if you’re the flavor is so different just go ahead and try some try some bacon have some regular bacon but now I’m going to try it and the one that I am I just talked about turkey bacon so let me go ahead and try the cards on one I’m gonna try that real quick it’s good right now I’m fine I’m good and I don’t feel like I’m sad that I’m not anything regular bacon yeah the cheese cheese changes things people we know that well I really have it’s good so we got on the same thing all right we’re gonna try next so let’s do that so remember the early one was just rosemary thyme garlic with brown sugar it’s so good right it’s a little savory a little sweet savory sweet rosemary I like the rosemary a very cool to add your breakfast your shirt don’t you turn this one okay this one will it be on try that piece this one you might be a bigger fan this is the coffee blaze one I like coffee that’s good it’s but it’s better yeah it’s gotta I mean it’s not an almost burnt flavor but didn’t like the best way possible yeah yeah so good peach pie Kindle sis’s no okay crystal wrongly probably Oh so if yo didn’t know I’m not from Louisiana I am whoops speaking of rolling maybe we should go ahead and give that commentary that’s peach pie oh that’s be fine this one’s problem is probably and this will be my favorite okay there’s something about nuts on bacon this one’s not too sweet this is good in the pecans very good way Mendon hey let’s try the peach pie I’ve been pleasantly surprised yeah take a good business there we go the topping comes off a little bit on that one you kind of get it right mm-hmm it’s kind of nutty and then it’s not that good like a hint of peach and you can try this with any flavors pork and apple makes sense so he doesn’t know applesauce that’d be a great one our last one who tries to chocolate dip it’s probably good I’ve been so excited about this one we saved this for last for a reason I need to probably one me quote of the days cheese changes things people that’s true it it does holy cow and just you know we just use regular her she’s not from this one dark chocolate makes it even better but it’s so simple and it’s such a fun thing to do I will honestly say for me my favorites of the day are the chocolate the problem I really like the peach that the problem still wins everyone what it what’s your favorite I would say chocolate and the Irby and then I’m gonna throw in the cheese okay I’m drunk I made turkey bacon good people yeah if that’s not a reason to try they can play what else is it’s perfect so got any other baking questions we haven’t made on Monday event that you can go and just say you’re going to and you can post your questions in there and look follow up with any questions think chocolate and crawling oh I like that hey yo I wonder and I did wonder like white chocolate white chocolate cookie

different okay here you go miss Bonnie we’re gonna try that chocolate prolly I maybe can go wrong now you have a nutty bit to your shop almonds good mm-hmm I’m down with some dark chocolate Oh Kendall’s on the baking tray he’s getting there how do we do it so you watched the first part of this live little post the video again essentially you just put it on a sheet tray bake it in the oven how would you bakers orange release 375 degree whatever I paid 375 because I had thick bacon and was gonna cook it’s gonna need to crisp longer and I didn’t want to burn my sugar too much so I said I would use regular bacon but 375 to 400 it’s gonna get a lower your heat when you have sugar yeah and then it took about to get to the crispness that I like to get just about 25 minutes okay yeah that’s pretty good you need to flip your bacon oh I did not so this format by making your mixtures by just mixing up a mixture and pouring it on your baby it makes it where you don’t have to flip it you can just simply put it up in and let it go and Brian sees a food truck idea and I think he’s onto something I’m down yeah he loves your Anna names okay well thank you so much for joining this has been such a fun face to fly again me Monday’s is going to become a monthly event for us Louisiana 4h and we would love to have y’all join but here’s the thing we want to make these what you want to hear about so shoot some comments about ideas or neat bitch things that you might hear about whether it’s beef cuts we’ve had some suggestions of boo dead I’m not Louisiana Cajun but I do know how to make food in and I will definitely bring in a guest who does even more than I do tag people in these videos if you think they’d like to have fun and ping along a join us along this path and we’ll keep doing it on Monday as long as you keep enjoying them thank you so much have a great Monday